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Title: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on February 14, 2018, 08:05:20 AM
We had a thread in 2017 so now we have one in 2018 for music that comes out in the year of this one year right now.

Scandal, Honey 

On Valentine's Day Scandal are back with a 10 track album, full of rockin' and sweet elements. Their previous release Yellow took on many American styles and was a great step forward. Scandal are a band that evolves, they are past their old days while still keeping the spark alive, Honey continues to find new ground among the classic Scandal rocking. Right away on "Platform Syndrome" we hear a drum sound like the indie era, but with a much more refined tune. Rina's drums sound awesome here, and Mami is always ripping some new tones. Tomomi's basslines are popping especially on "Electric Girl", their are some crafty grooves like the verses of "Midnight City".

Haruna sings almost everything like on Yellow, but Mami gets a song with the energy filled "Oh! No!" and Rina does the verses of "Midnight City" an almost great song that is let down by the chorus. "Madwoaketara" is amazing, the best song on the album. It's a wonderful lovely R&B tune. Scandal take on the sound so well, it's great when they try new things, this track comes as quite the surprise and I instantly clicked with it. The same with "ShortShort". The album takes off in it's last half, with 5 really excellent songs. The old single "Take Me Out" is still great also and fits in well on the album. "Koisuru Universe" is mad fun also.

The group still rocks and by now they are much better at their craft, to my ears they are vastly improved from the beginning. The spirit of Scandal is high. Ever since Hello World they evolved into something of their own, Honey is another fine effort. With many fantastic new songs, it's less varied then Yellow but it's no problem as all 10 tracks do something interesting. In many ways it's a more consistent album. Good stuff!


Band-Maid, World Domination 

DAMN BAND-MAID STEPPING UP THE GAME! My God, their last release was good but they sound even more fired up with higher aims. Some of the riffs are pure 80's thrash, but in the same song it will explode into fast and hard rocking alt. rock goodness. "Domination" showcases this in the amazing lead into the chorus with some really great guitars. This is the kind of album where a song will start and I'll just raise my hands like, dude another awesome track. It just rocks, there is variety to and a mix of styles. The album takes a refreshing break near the end with the slower "Daydreaming" and the very great power ballad "Anemone".

The melodies and Saiki Atsumi's vocals are so good! On that song and on the whole album, Saiki is such a powerful rock vocalist but she shows range on this album. I love "Anemone"! It's my favorite on the album along with "Domination". Band-Maid take on J-Rock styling but add thrash, heavy metal and other elements of American rock music, mostly on the same song! It makes for a pretty great sound, and the band is much improved from before. This is their first great album. The group is a lot more then a gimmick. The gothic maids make for an interesting band dynamic, their music holds it's own very well. This album is cool.


Palm, Rock Island 

I don't know what's more surprising the music or the fact that a modern day indie album can actually be this shocking, interesting, creative The songs are just wild, build on a lot of looping glitchy sounds and uncertain progressions. This album is actually kind of alarming and it instantly is gripping and sounds like something I need to buy and listen to a lot. It's actually a new sound to my ears, and the style is just so perfectly strange in a way that is unexpected. As the album goes on it creates a tone of it's own, it's certainly a nice sounding record. I quite like the sounds and the world it creates, it's so unique and actually good to the ears. This is a very fascinating and compelling record.


GARNiDELiA and fhana are also releasing new albums on the same day next month. I hope that GARNiDELiA make a better album then Violet Cry which was a bit of a letdown after how good Linkage Ring was. Some singles like "Error" have been fairly good. and fhana, well if they can have one song as great as "Relief" on the next album then it's fine. Normally their album songs are better then the singles it seems. 

The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby have split..they are releasing a full length of all the singles and a few new songs, I had to order it for the nice slipcase packaging and because it's their end! Utada has a new album coming as well, pretty cool. Her music is on Spotify now! Well aside from Fantome it seems. She's also doing a domestic tour! It's nice that she is really back in business. I can imagine Seiko Oomori will have something new, if it's a full length with draw(a)drow I can only imagine what else it may hold...I imagine BiSH will do an album at the end of the year unless they split as well.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on February 21, 2018, 07:52:52 AM
Kero Kero Bonito, TOTEP   

The group goes the right direction after Bonito Generation with something different but still familiar. This four track EP has a lot of messing around. With guitars in the mix and new synth sounds. "Only Acting" is a highlight for it's glitch ending and mad tricks. "You Know How It Is" is my favorite track here, an awesome rock sound that's short and to the point. The vocals are still very melodic, Sarah's voice works really well with the music, especially on "Cinema". It's great that the group is looking for new ground, and I hope this short EP is merely a teaser for a full length like this, because this is very enjoyable.


Also Band-Maid's new album is just so good, on second listen it was like wow they really got it this time. So many just great songs! Scandal's Honey however, is not so good, it has 2 great songs and mostly good ones, but it just kind of stands as a decent album, not amazing or anything, like World Domination is.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 13, 2018, 07:28:46 PM
The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby, Beside U   

The first and last album by the hard rocking idols. With Ladybeard they where a funny novelty gimmick, but Rie and Rei stood their own very well as high energy and dynamic idols. What separates them from a pure Alt group like BiSH is their earnest idol spirit, not unlike Momoclo. The choruses are explosive, the vocals solid, and the music rather well done. There are some plot twists, like the change up in the second verse of "Polo" and great composition work on tracks like "Easter Bunny". My only issue is the use of screaming voices on the a-sides, it was like an attempt to have that Ladybeard growl without him. It's not bad but gets a little tiring. The group's b-sides where far better anyway, and that is where some really amazing songs lay on this collection.   

"Generation Hard Knocks" is a top notch mid tempo rock song with a catchy riff and 2000's feel. "Lady Baby Blue" is their best, and a song I love very much. I always knew it had a final sense to it, like it would end an album well, the vocals and general mood. The tracks are good here, it's just long enough. Techically it's not an album of 2018 as none of the songs where done this year but you know...release timing. The packaging is awesome, like a smaller DVD boxset with stickers, a nice photo booklet and a poster/lyric sheet. I love when effort is put into these things, it makes it all the more worth having. The group had a good run as a duo, Rei still has her rock band BRATZ. Rie is trying to continue the group with 3 new members, now flat out called Ladybaby. I wonder how they will do...still The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby was good while it lasted.

Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 28, 2018, 08:40:14 PM

The Ani-Pop duo are back at it again with a new set of tunes. With a variety of sounds from classic anime themes, 80's, house, hard bass, dubstep, tradition Japanese, Kyary/Perfume and so on. Their style is well established, and Toku continues to find neat things to put in the songs while Maria sounds great as ever. Many of the songs are based on her dance and fashion, with every single having it's own style. Some of the more interesting works are "Error" with a unique beat and synth. "Speed Star" does some cool tricks in the verse and "Love Swing" is just a full on jazz song, which breaks up the tracklist. "Tougen Renka" is the group's attempt to recreate "Gokuraku Joudo" which was a big success in the J-Dance world. It has a wicked keyboard effect with is also used on "Kureha Itoshiuta". The singles are very strong, "Desir" is a great ballad that gets loud. HEAVYGRINDER who did "Bad Boy" on the last album returns for "Poppin' Trip". Also there is a song called "Jesus" because why not. Toku continues to use the take off sound effect in virtually every track, which I never get sick of, it's GARNiDELiA's signature sound. In every verse of chorus it just takes thing off, a clever bit.

G.R.N.D. is a stronger and more consistent album than Violet Cry. The group expands a bit while keeping to the same style. The singles are strong, and there are some choice album tracks. GARNiDELiA is firmly in the Ani-Pop realm, but they are a strong enough unit to get by nicely. All this album lacks is a really good song.   


It must be only a matter of time till Carly Rae's next album now, I expect a surprise release. Before July would be nice. Also Scandal's "Madwoaketara" has to be the song of early 2018 for me, I love love love it. Amazing track that is everything I want! Honey is actually a good album, third album confirmed it. But man "Madwoaketara" is seriously so good, like it's one of those rare songs I hear and instantly it's a 10/10 and makes a connection before the vocals start. I was hoping for a track like that on G.R.N.D.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 29, 2018, 10:25:17 PM
fhana, World Atlas   

The whole time I was listening I was waiting for each song to start, hoping to find atleast one track as good as "Relief", the golden standard by which to judge fhana. Like their last two albums, it's long at 14 songs and there are plenty dull and formulaic tracks. But when things gets good and the group does new things, it's real good. "Do You Realize?" is a great track, the first real rock song by the group with the guitar as the leading instrument, it's followed by "Watashi no Tame no Monogatari" which is the strongest single from the album. "Reaching For The Cities" is a fantastic track, Towana tries kawaii rap and it's very successful, especially with the great electro sound and melodies. "Star Chart" is really great, fhana is their best when they make songs like that, I never get sick of that lovely airy J Pop sound, "Rebuilt World" is even better, really like that one. I love the way the guitar is used along the keyboards and of course the fine melodies and Towana's great singing. I didn't get one song as good as "Relief" I got a bunch of songs that are collectively as good! "Moon River" to! "Hello!My World" is a fun tune with the best chorus. This album just takes off starting with track 4, it gets a little meh by the end though.

fhana is as strong as ever, the album has a bit of a meh start. "Aozora no Rhapsody" was good in Kobayashi but it's a bit of a plain track aside from the "Ju-Ju-ya!". "World Atlas" is also a tame opener. But as with their other albums there are many great tracks here that will make way to my morning playlists and J-Pop mixtapes. The beef of the album is good. The best track is "Reaching For The Cities" closely followed by "Rebuilt World". Of course they can never again make a song as good as "Relief" which was just a perfect song in every way, one that ranks very close to the top of my favorite songs of the last few years, but there is a lot of good stuff here.

Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on March 30, 2018, 03:12:29 PM
Keiji Haino x Sumac -
American Dollar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On

Free improv/noise/noise rock guitarist Keiji Haino teams up with sludge metal band Sumac for one of his most pummeling releases yet. Between Hainos guitar work and vocal shrieks and the heavy rhythm section, the ensemble achieves something that rivals their career bests. Very good stuff if you're into the style. (
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on April 25, 2018, 11:36:59 PM
New albums from my top 2 J Pop artists this year, yes...

Utada's is Hatsukoi, to go with the 20th anniversary of her debut First Love. It's simply the same title in Japanese. She's had 6 or so singles from it so far, and I didn't really listen to them, as I can just wait, but it seems like she's making music for her times. Someone called it Mom Pop, it pretty much is. "Play A Love Song" is the latest, this is the only bit on YouTube, it's the best I've heard because it's just fun. But man every single she's been doing has been for a product or some tie in. Still I think it will be a fine album. Mom Pop, that works. Utada didn't just come back for a one time deal, she's back in business.

Seiko's is Kusokawa PARTY coming out in July. If this things includes draw(a)drow then Jesus. There is one new song, though not from the album I believe, "Tokyo To Kyou" which is back to her psycho acoustic days. It's actually posted on the official Tokyo channel, the video is great, Seiko looks cool and there are plenty great shots here. I always say it, but if there was one artist I wish I could understand it would be Seiko, it's like listening to Bobby without knowing English, you would miss nearly everything. I'm sure this album will be different from her last two, which where different from each other. I hope for more crazy antics and man...please put draw(a)drow and songs like it on there...that was one of the most hype singles I've witnessed ever. When I listen to it now I still go man. Love her.   

Still things have been quiet on new albums...waiting for something interesting to come out. I'll just keep waiting for Barry Goldman's next one.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on April 26, 2018, 12:01:13 AM
If you feel your in the mood for some really heavy noise rock, that Haino and Sumac album is good.

Also, I would have thought I'd be over Father John Misty. I never really checked out his last album and nothing he ever does is really stylistically all that interesting, but, man can he write and arrange a tune, and he's always got good engineers on board. His recent singles just hit the spot. "Just Dumb Enough to Try" is a really beautiful and surprisingly earnest ballad for him: (

An internet friend from another life released this pretty bonkers album. Don't go into it with any expectations. They'll all be defied. (
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on April 26, 2018, 11:25:18 PM
The rest of the album isn't quite as good, but this track by 90s power pop band Sloan feels like a lost 90s classic: (

Also the new Ariana Grande single is good stuff: (
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on May 03, 2018, 05:49:29 PM
......... , [         ]

I love this. Dots are the mystery shoegaze idol group, and man they are so good. Right away "Hey" kicks off with literally every single thing that is good about shoegaze music, the guitars, the effects and unlike boring ol' stuff CLEAR VOCALS WITH GOOD MELODIES. This is the recipe for BRILLIANCE. It takes what I love about shoegaze and removes the elements I don't care for ( boring vocals with too much reverb, unless it's Loveless or Souvlaki) and adds idol elements I l love. "Hey" is just MAN I love this song, it's the dream fusion of two favorite sounds. This song is so good. "It Depends On You" has such a great vocal melody and IT HAS THAT SONIC MEGA COLLECTION PLUS MENU SCREEN STYLE KEYBOARD THAT I LOVE SO MUCH. "Soda Float Mood" is also amazing with it's keyboard sounds. "Cider" is as Loveless as it gets with that heavenly Jazzmaster grime and the whammy use as means of riffage. Then it has a mad bass popping talking breakdown and a wicked turn back to the chorus. The compositions on this album are just ace. Song after song this thing surprises. This is what I like, these kind of awesome guitars that do anything, they don't just do shoegaze a whole song, they can do anything and it's awesome. Then the fricking vocals are great and the melodies. This is just perfect, no band should ever do shoegaze again because they can't beat this record in today's day and age. The guitars on "Satellite" have defeated me, I can't even right now. 

Alt Idols man, most exciting scene in music today if you ask me.This is not just Loveless with idols it has elements of it's own. It's such a perfect blend but also with some cool keyboard sounds, and just...awesome melodies. Many claps for Dots debut record, if this is just a one time thing then damn they did well. Best album I've heard this year so far, EASILY. This album just WORKS and it works so well. Frick man. This is so good. This is too good. This is what I want to hear man, it's melodic and it's badass. It's not boring and plain, it's not depressing or downbeat, it's not all weirdo and lamely experimental (Rock Island was awesome though), it's uptempo and fricking awesome but has emotion still in the progressions and guitar. I can likely write on forever about how awesome this album is and why I instantly clicked with it, but such a thing is not necessary. 


Below are boring albums in comparison. Who even cares about this stuff now that I listened to that album...fricking frick man.

Kimbra, Primal Heart   

Her new album, and the first I've heard from her. Primal Heart is a rather enjoyable set of pop tunes. It has good sounds, and good vocals with some catchy bits. It's not the most creative, but I quite enjoy it. It takes some modern styles and does decent things with it. Straight forward, which is not bad, and the airy production with occasion 80's elements is good, "Right Direction" mostly with the keyboards. Kimbra's vocals are good, I really like "Top Of The World" with her fast delivery, it's the best song on the album.



One of pop's newest stars and her debut album, with all the new sounds and production elements of this era's chart toppers. With the upbeat club songs and many spacious ballads. A tint of Latin music is over tracks like...obviously "Havana", it's not as upfront as I imagined however. As if putting some horns or whatever is suddenly "embracing Cuban styles". This style doesn't last very long either. Camila sings in that sort of annoying voice at first, seen right away on "Never Be The Same". I do not like this style of singing, I actually prefer the ballads, they are very bare with few instruments, and no clicking hi-hats. Her vocals are much stronger on these songs, but it's not like the other songs are that bad. I quite like "Real Friends" with it's casual mood, not dramatic just a nice easy going drumless tune. It's ballad heavy, but not too bad of a listen. Some good tracks here and there.

Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: legomaestro on May 03, 2018, 08:32:19 PM
Wait is dots there really shoegaze? I thought this was shoegaze

Damn, how do you go through so many albums at once anyways? Ipod? Car radio?
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on May 03, 2018, 08:57:56 PM
Dots has the shoegaze style in the guitars, not the vocals, some songs more than others. The most obvious shoegaze is "Hey", the album opener that obviously lifts the snare hit from "Only Shallow". I love the guitars on this album, especially here as it packs a mighty punch. Then the clear vocals with tight melodies just make everything great for me.   

I listen on Spotify or whatever, some days I just like to listen to a ton of albums, it's a nice way to just chill out. I like to chain my records as well if I get a good time to do so, I always go album to album, sometimes I think what I want to hear next while the album I'm on is only halfway done.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: legomaestro on May 03, 2018, 09:07:54 PM
Okay hell yes now I understand.

How do they make the guitars sound sound soul-pulling and far away?
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on May 03, 2018, 09:31:45 PM
The magic of like 10,000 effects pedals. Get that reverb, delay and chorus going. Also there are a lot of tracks at once. It's a mighty sound I wish I could pull off as well, the guitars on that song say so much to me. 
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on May 03, 2018, 11:03:39 PM
Sounds like the lead guitar is a delay before a fuzz. Signal chain is a big thing in shoegaze.

Here is a pretty great American Primitivism record released this year: (

Like John Fahey with the prettiness of Robbie Basho.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: legomaestro on May 03, 2018, 11:23:36 PM
What in the name of haruhi is a 'signal chain' ?
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on May 03, 2018, 11:43:14 PM
You play electric guitar and it sends a signal through the cable. You put it into various things like guitar pedals, an amp, etc. Signal chain is the order of those things. If a guitar goes into a fuzz pedal and then a delay pedal, the fuzz pedal alters the signal first and the delay alters the already fuzzed out signal. If the delay pedal goes first, the delay alters the dry signal and the fuzz alters the delayed signal. They sound different. Typically, on most pedalboards, the fuzz goes before the delay, but it's not an uncommon trick to switch them.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on May 04, 2018, 05:54:52 PM
Watching some Palm live stuff, particularly this video. "Heavy Lifting" (9:58) is amazing. If they aren't the best rock band going right now... (
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on May 18, 2018, 08:09:43 AM
Courtney Barnett, Tell Me How You Really Feel 

Remember everything that made Courtney seem interesting on her debut? Her second album is not that. It's 10 mopey grey songs firmly in cased in the generic indie sound. It does the slow thing, the noisy thing, but only in a couple moments does it do a good thing haha. Certainly it's an album meant to feel this way to reflect it's themes, but it lacks any real bite, even in it's most aggressive moments. Much like the dull album she did with Kurt Vile last year. She just kind of Lou Reeds a good chunk of the thing, especially with her very predictable rhymes. The song with Kim & Kelley Deal is the best. On her debut there was an interesting character with her lyrics, very detailed and rambly. If one wants a very rainy album then it works, but for me it's just boring. A typical modern indie bore.


Kero Kero Bonito's latest single "Time Today" is good, the music video especially. This new aesthetic is kind of trendy with the VHS quality, but the concept and all the shots in this video are so...unsettling. There are actually a lot of really cool shots here. Musically I really like this track to, the upbeat drums and all the details instrumentally. Of course Sarah's vocals are great as normal. This next album will be very different...I hope it'll be interesting.
Also what, I didn't think Palm could even play their songs live. You mean to tell me those crazy tropical sounds are guitars? Jeez, I finally listened to the album again yesterday and ya it's just mad. It's so new. "Composite" is definitely my favorite track and watching it in that video is just...what is this band man.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on May 19, 2018, 06:40:08 PM
Jonny Greenwood's soundtracks for Phantom Thread and You Were Never Really Here are quite nice.

Tropical F*** Storm's A Laughing Death in Meatspace and Elza Soares' Deus é mulher are two neat, gritty art rock albums.

Tetuzi Akiyama & Noël Akchoté's Tetuzi & I is good duo guitar free improvisation.

Also that last Ariana Grande song was kinda nice.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on June 09, 2018, 06:36:10 PM
Pusha T's DAYTONA is getting a lot of hype as one of the best rap releases of the year. I can recommend with a couple caveats: 1. it's mostly about cocaine, 2. it's a bit too short at 7 tracks, 21-minutes, 3. "Come Back Baby" is kind of a weak track and is 1/7th of the album. It's quite good otherwise, though. I can't pretend that I haven't replayed "If You Know You Know" upwards of 15 times.

Father John Misty's God's Favorite Customer is a pretty solid addition to his catalogue. A few of the ballads fall flat for me, but the first trio of songs is unimpeachable.

Iceage's Beyondless sees the band expanding their stylistic and sonic palette for what is perhaps their most musically interesting album. Production is a bit cluttered and muffled, as usual, but it's still probably one of my favorites of theirs.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on June 14, 2018, 11:05:13 PM
SOPHIE's (finally) debut Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides is pretty wild. Post-industrial bubblegum bass for the new millennium. Moments of heavy distorted bass and bizarreness aside sparkly pop hooks.

Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on June 22, 2018, 09:08:41 PM 


This album is going to be fricking good and it's going to be the opener!

What an awesome song, sounds soft and has a really neat verse melody, but that chorus is nasty. Such an aggressive and mature sounding song. Even her look, she changes in little ways so much and it's not even been that long since she took off. What a build up as well, with such an explosive pay off. As a PV before the album this is a lot different than "Dogma Magma", an actually mighty ballad. It takes a lot for me to like a J Ballad but if it's Seiko that's not hard at all. Man oh man, what is this album going to be jeez. I just keep playing the song, I love the tone. This is a fricking good song. and a really depressing song to. Man this is good. 

First there's Utada's album next week but's not even going to be close. I just hope it's enjoyable. 

I missed this song when it came out, it won't be on the next album. This is really good to! Man. 

This one is on the next record. This is just not going to be a good time. That Tokyo PV song will be on here as well, hopefully in a full band version. I mean it's fine as it is, but Seiko needs backing to make her songs pack a full punch for me.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on June 27, 2018, 08:12:02 AM
Utada Hikaru, Hatsukoi

20 years in the music scene Utada follows her return album Fantome with...a lot of quiet dramatics. Things start rough with a trilogy of ballads upfront. They are rather uninteresting and not very good melody wise, in fact Utada's high singer does no favours. "Forevermore" is when things get better, a good tune with strategic jazz cymbals and keyboard. "Too Proud" is neat, though the random UK guy rap cameo is weird. "Good Night" has nice guitar, it's a slower song but with more going on and in general a stronger tune then the opening chunk. "Pakuchi No Uta" is a simple but catchy tune. "Ozora de Dakishimete" is a really good tune, it has classic Utada instrumentation.

This is the album I thought Fantome would be, but wasn't. Much slower with lots of string ballads. The album has some good moments after the first bit, it's really just a quieter softer sound. Fantome had more songs that stuck out, Hatsukoi is more low key. I don't think anything after the first 4 songs are bad, now that I know the feel I'll see how it is after more listens. Right now I'm feeling pretty much how I thought I would. It's alright but nothing amazing. Utada is just making the music of her times. She's done so many amazing songs in the last 20 years and it's great that she is still at it making very sincere and honest music.


Also I'm still rocked how good "Shinigami" is. Fricking hell it's just such a ripping track, it has that helpless and hopeless feeling like a movie where everything goes wrong and is unfixable by the end. It's a feeling I've got from Clannad, Little Busters and White Album 2. In fact the track reminds me a bit of "Song For Friends" but way more explosive. I love it so much, Seiko just rips it up. The song is way too good. First I was like "oh this is a balla-oh my God". It's great that she was able to nail this emotion, it's not one I hear too often. The song just creeps up, and when I listen to it I can't stop replaying it because the payoff is so mighty, and the build to it from that piano intro that feels just a little off. It's even better than "draw (a) drow". The melody just gets in my head.

BiSH dropped a new single and video, "NON TiE-UP", without warning. Wow they are good and just getting better and better. The video is awesome, great visuals. They look so cool.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on June 28, 2018, 08:15:57 PM
Wednesday Campanella, Galapagos 

An 8 song mini album, the group add some more jazzy elements to their sound, still expanding on their trademark tricks. This album has a lot of sounds but it often lacks tune and catchiness like Superman. There are a couple really good songs like "Melos" and the opener "The Bamboo Princess". "Melos" is actually a really really good song. The last two tracks are slower and don't really do much "The Sand Castle" feels awkward melody wise. This set of songs isn't so grabbing right away, but the group continue to do cool things. KOM_I only falters in the before mentioned last songs. It's alright.


Mondo Grosso, Attune / Detune   

Producer dude who gets a bunch of people to sing. Very contemporary chill electro songs, low-key instrumentation that is led by the vocalist. I listened for "False Sympathy" a good song which features BiSH's star member AiNA THE END. Not everything is good, I couldn't wait for the rap in the first song to end, and the piano instrumental is bland. Etsuko Yakushimaru saves the day in the last song because of course she would. The vibe of the album is not bad. There are good elements and the production is varied. A lot seems to depend on who buddy is collaborating with however, it's not surprising the two best songs by far are Etsuko and AiNA's. Worth it for those two tracks alone.

Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on July 06, 2018, 10:46:14 PM


Oh God oh my holy my God wow. Seiko's new album is going to be great oh my oh Jeez oh yes. Lay it on me.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on July 10, 2018, 09:12:48 PM
Seiko Oomori, Kusokawa Party 

She's at it again with another album. One that doesn't feel overarching or overly important, but still explodes with song after song of random cool things. "Shinigami" is nothing short of a Seiko masterpiece, a totally amazing and powerful song that kicks off the album on a depressing note. I raved about how it blew me away the other week, and man is it quite a song. and for the opener it's just a kick in the feelings. Easily one of Seiko's most emotional songs for me, it's just violent and massively sad. I love the hell of it, the more I listen the more it just hits me. The album then does a fast rocking song and a classic upbeat but demented Seiko track with "Reality Magic", slightly let down by it's chorus. "Girl's Girl" is fricking great, with the fast verses, great instrumental and out of nowhere chorus. I love this song, it just goes mad then the chorus is a complete roof raiser. "Ameba no Koi" is also fricking hella good. "7:77" rocks like mad, with a mad run away Ani-Pop chorus. Sure enough "Tokyo to Kyou" is just tossed on as a solo acoustic moment that comes in with no real purpose or reason in pacing. "Watashimi" has a good build and "Kimoi Kawa" is monstrous.

As a whole Kusokawa Party feels like a cool selection of songs just tossed around. It's not an altogether epic so much, Seiko just kind of does whatever she feels like. It feels significantly scaled back from kitixxxgaia. "Shinigami" is it's best moment, it remains solid throughout aside from "Tokyo to Kyou" which is just placed near the end because why not. The flow and pacing doesn't feel like it matters. This is really her first big album that feels more like a collection of tracks then anything else. I'm a little let down since "Shinigami" made it seem like this would be an important record, instead it's a good fun quick release, with some amazing songs, Seiko is throwing things out there. Unlike her last three releases it doesn't do anything as a whole and feels clumsy at points. It proves that even the best of artists can't keep such a streak of gold albums going. Songs are great I just hope the album gets better the more I listen, sounds like Seiko still burning to make music but cooling her ambition for a bit.

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Post by: Manimal on August 16, 2018, 07:26:43 PM
Perfume, Future Pop 

Back again with a new album, Perfume are in stronger form than their previous release Cosmic Explorer. Since Nakata has written and produced so much music between all the groups he works with he has his craft done to such a perfection that Future Pop feels like a Perfume trick book put together. It has some great tunes, especially in the last half. "Tokyo Girl" was a very strong single and I kinda love "Tiny Baby" because the English in the chorus is so catchy. Also it uses the phrase "teeny weeny" which is amazing. Future Pop is nothing new, but it's not bad.


Ghost, Prequelle 

"Rats" has been driving me crazy all year, playing on the radio so often I went from hating it to liking it very slowly. Now, Ghost is not a band with any draw to me, but on a listen I find the band is less an 80's metal throwback and more a mix of old styles with a taste for pop. The vocals are softer and melodic, and the okay. The riffs are basically and often the big epic songs don't match their ambition. It says nothing profound to me like it seems to want to say. The songs aren't bad, but it's not an album I need to go back to. "Rats" is good though, even if the chorus is just "RATS! Wooo-wooo-wooo-wooo-whoooa". 


My mid-way 2018 list is light, not enough great records.
1. Seiko Oomori : Kusokawa Party
2. Band-Maid : World Domination 
3. ......... , [         ]   
4. Scandal : Honey
5. Palm : Rock Island
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Post by: Manimal on September 18, 2018, 07:20:40 AM
Holy, Seiko is starting an idol group ZOC (Zone Of Control or Zone Out Of Control). They don't have a single yet, just a video with one of the best songs from Kusokawa Party, but already they are amazing. The dancing in this video is mad, that bit of Seiko flicking her tongue at 1:11 would make a great I love this idea already, 7 members like 7:77. I have a feeling this group is going to be pretty great, Seiko never stops doing cool things, I think she is like...the coolest Mom in music history by now. We just need some new tunes to hear what kind of vibe they'll have and how the other girls sound.

DAOKO is releasing a new album in November, pretty soon after Thank You Blue so the tracks should flow together a lot better. I haven't heard any songs after that album, I didn't even think she had any singles. Will be an album worth getting anyway. Kero Kero Bonito have a new single "Make Believe" which seems to carry a lot of similar themes to "Time Today" which was a great tune. Likely they will surprise drop an album some point this month or next. I think it will be better than their last if the singles indicate anything. Bonito Generation was good, but it didn't hold up after a while and I never went back. But these songs have been fantastic I think. 

Also I listened to Kamikaze just for kicks, lol all it felt like was an old bitter Eminem complaining about how no one liked his last album and whining about the state of rap. It got really tired early on, everytime he mentioned Revival was mad cringy, he just never stopped bringing it up and being all "2017 was a hard year". It was like, dude stop. He still had some great flow and rhymes, but so many of the phrases where just awful. One of the worst is when he calls to "Humble" by going "REVIVAL DIDN'T GO VIRAL". It was like holy dude, get over it. You made a record that people didn't like, you've done it before, move on. The album wasn't just "take downs" or whatever, but I didn't think it was good at all, even if Eminem still brings it when it comes to his impressive fast raps and lyrical flow.   

Also why isn't "I Love It" a terrible song? My friend played it in the car twice yesterday and it wasn't awful at all. Lil Pump is a pile, but Kayne's verse was...actually pretty unique and great. Like I was disgusted that I was enjoying it than I was just like whatever. The "I'mma sick f**k I like a quick f**k (whoop)" was so ridiculous yet catchy that I couldn't help but be like...fine.
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Post by: Manimal on October 04, 2018, 03:04:24 PM
Kero Kero Bonito, Time 'n' Place

Putting the J-Pop and cheery elements of the last album aside, the group return with a wack new sound. Taking on Internet age vapor with a bit of game music, shoegaze, indie and all sorts of styles in one. This is an awesome record, there are so many odd and cool bits. In general it's a lot more indie, even with Sarah's vocals which become secondary to the music in some songs. But she's a good enough singer to make things stand out, and plus this album does so many things. The songs are varied yet consistent. They flow together so well! I can't pin down the sound but it's very contemporary, in a good way. This is a better, and much different, release than their last, and it's generally a cool creative piece with plot twists, new tricks and not a bad song.

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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on October 19, 2018, 08:04:50 PM
Here's a roundup of what I've listened to so far. I felt like alphabetizing them rather than ordering them because it's less effort, but I made sure to bold and asterisk the highlights.

Maurizio Abate - Standing Waters (8/10)*
Tetuzi Akiyama & Noël Akchoté - Tetuzi & I (A Tokyo Evening) (9/10)*
Anna & Elizabeth - The Invisible Comes to Us (6.5/10)
Death Drag - Shifted (7.5/10)
Elza - Deus é mulher (8/10)*
Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer (7.5/10)
Filho da Mãe - Água-Má (7/10)
Jonny Greenwood - Phantom Thread (8.5/10)*
Jonny Greenwood - You Were Never Really Here (8.5/10)
Keiji Haino + SUMAC - American Dollar Bill - Keep Looking Sideways, You're Too Hideous to Look at Face On (8.5/10)*
Tim Hecker - Konoyo (8/10) *
Hontatedori - Konata Kanata (7.5/10)
Iceage - Beyondless (7.5)
Iglooghost - Clear Tamei (8.5/10)*
Iglooghost - Steel Mogu (6.5/10)
Induction - Concomitance (6/10)
Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place (7.5/10)
Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts (8/10)*
MGMT - Little Dark Age (7/10)
Toshimaru Nakamura - Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9) (9/10)*
Haru Nemuri - Haru to Shura (7.5/10)
New Optimism - Amazon to LeFrak (7.5/10)
Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch (7.5/10)
Palm - Rock Island (9.5/10)*
Panda Nurse - Panda Hearse (6.5/10)
Pusha T - DAYTONA (7.5/10)
Ricarda Cometa - Ricarda Cometa 2 (7/10)
Snail Mail - Lush (6/10)
Stern - Missive: Sister Ships (6.5/10)
SUMAC - Love in Shadow (7.5/10)
Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling (7.5/10)
Szun Waves - New Hymn to Freedom (8/10)*
John Tilbury + Keith Rowe + Kjell Bjørgeengen - Sissel (8.5/10)*
Tropical *censored* Storm - A Laughing Death in Meatspace (8.5/10)
Twenty One Pilots - Trench (6.5)
Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love (7/10)
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Post by: Manimal on October 19, 2018, 10:39:39 PM
A mighty list. Unlike mine. In order of goodness.
Kanttila : Post America (9.9/10)
BAND-MAID : World Domination (9.5/10)   
Seiko Oomori : Kusokawa Party (8/10) 
......... , [         ] (8/10)
Palm : Rock Island (8/10)   
Kero Kero Bonito : Time 'n' Place (Unsure as of now, 8 to 7.5) 
Scandal : Honey (7.5/10) 

Wednesday Campanella : Galapagos (7/10)     
Ghost : Prequelle (6/10)
Perfume : Future Pop (6/10)
fhana : World Atlas (6/10) 
Utada Hikaru : Hatsukoi (6/10)
Mondo Grosso : Attune / Detune (5/10) 
GARNiDELiA : G.R.N.D. (5/10)
Kimbra : Primal Heart (3/10)
Camila (2/10) 
Courtney Barnett : Tell Me How You Really Feel (1/10) 
Eminem : Kamikaze (0.5/10)

Not a lot of killers this year for myself, but also not a ton I've listened to compared to last year. Not much I wanted to listen to. Short of DAOKO's next and maybe if BiSH drops a new album I don't see anything else exciting coming out. 

World Domination is 1000% my album of 2018. Fricking wow did the band deliver and I just can't get enough of the songs. Just another awesome song after the another and the two in one of "Daydreaming" and "Anemone" is the factor that makes the album a complete self classic. "One And Only" is a big time highlight as well and Miku's song "Rock In Me" is great. Not to mention "Spirit!!", "Turn Me On", "DICE" man every song is good, not a single bad one. BAND-MAID is only a band that could happen within J-Rock as well, the West world would never spawn something like this. They are just perfect and the exact thing I need. BAND-MAID is better than every single band/artist I got into post Sonic Youth aside from Seiko and The Smiths.

I'm so happy TO FINALLY have found a good straight on rock band that is newer. Straight on rock is desolation in the West world, it's horrific bands like Greta, The Struts and them. BAND-MAID have finally brought my favorite music of all to me as a new band that I can follow. I can't stress how great it is to finally come across a super good band that does my favorite music ever but in a FRESH AND NEW form and feeling. A band that feels brand new to me, a band that is just so fricking good. I mean you just hear "Secret My Lips" and you know this band is special, they are not just some boring rock band. This kind of music is my heart and lifeblood and BAND-MAID have become great with World Domination this year. At last my favorite album of the year can be from my core style of music.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on October 20, 2018, 10:03:08 PM
I have heard a bit of BAND-MAID. Not bad, but not so much what I'm interested in atm. Something to come back to when I'm in the mood for riffy alt-metal.

I think you might get something out of that Haru Nemuri record. She's got an interesting style that's not unlike Seiko's, but it's noisier and punkier with more rapping. (

And you might possibly like Tropical *censored* Storm as well. Also noisy and punky with some pseudo rapping. (

But, of course, I recommend all of the bolded stuff.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on October 21, 2018, 04:30:48 PM
Now I'm mostly in the mood for that kind of stuff! Because it's the season of course and ya, it's like I said I'm just so happy for a band to finally do my kind of music as well as BAND-MAID do. I find 2018 to be less ambitious for me, I'm not so much looking for brand new music worlds now that I'm pretty settled in what I like from how busy 2016 & 2017 where for new to me stuff.

I figure I outta listen to some of those albums, Tropical F*ck Storm seem a lil too wack lol, see how it is. But you know the traditional 12 days ep is coming up, so soon enough like middle of next month we should make those playlists, because you know how long it takes me to get to that. I suppose it was last year you talked about the album with guy playing his dead wife's instruments? My friend showed me some songs of that recently and it was like, wtf stop playing this it's too brutally real.
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on November 01, 2018, 10:08:53 PM
Manimal alert: new Carly Rae Jepsen single.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on November 01, 2018, 10:16:24 PM
I happened to see that when I was making a playlist earlier. I was like, did I really miss this? Than I realized it only came out today. You know it's a fun tune, it seems like it's building on the Emotion sound a bit. The chorus has some cool sounds, I would call those night drive in the big city keyboards. I like that part a lot. I think it's a fun single, the video is um, it has it's very unneeded moments for sure. Let's see what albums songs we get this time. If this is the vibe than lay it on me.
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Post by: Manimal on November 07, 2018, 07:56:45 AM
Haru Nemuri, Haru To Shura 

So this is one of those shocking eye popping albums after all. Sure enough as listened to this album last night I was left wide eyed and staring at nothing as this album hit me track after track. Haru has the violence of Seiko and Mariko Goto (well no one is as wild as her but you know) with the amazing to listen to flow of early DAOKO, yet the style is so much her own. Her rap singing is passionate, and real. Her delivery is wild on so many songs and it feels so real. The instrumentals can be so alarming at times, the Sonic guitars and wack plot twists. There where so many parts I was left going "no way", because of how fricking perfect it sounded. Haru's vocals are just amazing and it all works together in such a violently expressive sheer rock n' roll spirited album.

Now the remixes at the end felt pointless and skippable, sometimes the drum sound was a lil weak but I have very few complaints. Haru's expression is so visceral and I just loved listening to her yell it out. It really took many things I love and put them together. Now a few more listens will tell me how great it is, but this was really quite a stunning listen. It was already better than everything besides World Domination for me lol. This is the kind of album that makes me question what I'm doing in my music. Gave me a real kick.


Oyasumi Hologram, 4 

Finally I got to this album, Oyasumi Hologram are a great duo that have a lot going for them. They are rooted in that Alt J-Pop scene, kind of like an edger Puffy. The music is great and the album really gets good in it's last half. The two sound great and the songs have solid instrumentals with some really cool bits and guitar tones. Man that guitar sound always drives me mad in J songs, I don't know how they do it. The last song "Angel" is really good! This is a very enjoyable album, the duo have been cranking song after song this year! It's fun Poppy rock.


Wytch Hazel, II: Sojourn 

If you played this album to someone they wouldn't be able to guess it was a 2018 record. II: Sojourn is a full blown early 80's NWOBHM album through and through. Like 70's Priest, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden's first two albums with more laid back vocals. Instead of ripping off older bands, they sort of feel like another group of the era, even down to the production. This is actually a solid album, the guitars are really great with some fantastic melodic dual guitar solos. The singing is decent, it's not too aggressive and in your face. As the album goes on you get the point, it puts the good songs up first. You don't get anything new with Wytch Hazel, but the album was a decent listen.


BAND-MAID's latest single "glory" is quite good also. Love the chorus beat and, well it's just another awesome high energy and ridiculously well put together BAND-MAID song. I can't say it enough how much I love this band.

DAOKO's newest single is pretty awesome as well. If we get an album of songs like this it may well be better than Thank You Blue, at least it should feel more like an album and less like a compilation since it was all done in a shorter period of time.
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Post by: Manimal on November 14, 2018, 09:04:05 AM
Litku Klemetti, Taika Tapahtuu, Prog Pop? Early style Post Punk? Let's just call it Indie but actual good Indie. This is a catchy and fun set of melodic tunes with a classic Halloween store keyboard, nice clean guitar, energetic drums and a quirky singer. It's really pretty good, a lot of charm. Litku is a great vocalist and the music is excellent, there are so many plain fun songs. The organ and guitar are a great combo and the drums really keep things up. This is the kind of Indie I like and this is the kind of Finnish music I've been looking for. Very fun album and another one to add to my favorites of the year.


Judas Priest, Firepower     

Old guys try to recapture their past glory and it's...not bad. Rob Halford is in great form and sounds like he hasn't aged much since the 80's, but the songs are of so-so quality. "No Surrender" is an awesome classic Priest song, but otherwise the riffs are kind of dull. Without K. K. Downing Priest is running at 75% power and Scott Travis has never been a favorite drummer of mine. He is good but kind of dull, to be honest Priest has always been this way but the drums used to be simple and keep groove. Firepower is an album to please older fans, for me in a world where we have BAND-MAID this album is certainly not so exciting. But it wasn't a bad listen. I liked the Remembrance Day song "Sea Of Red".


I tried to listen to Tropical F**k Storm's album but I didn't like it at all. Honestly it's kind of everything I dislike about Indie music. Politics, and the tones where waaaay off for myself. Now that I've listened to Haru To Shura 3 times I can say this album needed like...another song or two. Cut out the remixes and beef it up a little bit.
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on November 14, 2018, 05:06:35 PM
TFS is not really a band I'd consider a poster child for indie rock. They're a good bit weirder and darker than most of that stuff coming out these days.
Title: Re: 2018 In Music
Post by: Manimal on November 14, 2018, 07:32:44 PM
True enough, but to me it's like there is that kind of spirit in Indie Rock that I just don't like at all. It's hard to define because it's not the noisy guitars or anything, it's more the singing, lyrics and delivery of it all that make me go "no". Which is why I've turned away almost completely from "English World" Indie music.
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Post by: Manimal on November 23, 2018, 12:42:52 PM
Seiko Oomori and Aina The End performing Tokyo Black of the best videos I've seen in a bit. It's so out of tune and wack. Than at the end they just yell at each other and hug, it's great I love it.         

Aina sings all smooth, love her voice, than Seiko just belts it out. Every live video of Seiko I've seen from this year has been wild. This is cool, Seiko and Aina are the perfect duo. BiSH's latest single "stereo future" is alright. I haven't been too excited on their singles this year, NON TIE UP had a really great and neat music video but the song I haven't even listened to since.

DAOKO did a song with Nakata Yasutaka and it's standard fare Nakata, which is well played out at this point. Kyary or Perfume could've done the track and it'd be no different. The melody sounds like "Tom's Diner". Thank You Blue had these kind of songs, and I like them but after listening to DAOKO's earlier work it really shows how all her strengths are being washed out for this more typical sound. I have come to really like "Owaranai Sekai de" however, it's excellent. I really like the video also.     
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Post by: Manimal on December 12, 2018, 08:15:02 AM
DAOKO, Sh!teki Ryokou   

On her third major label album DAOKO gives 10 cuts of enjoyable electro songs that incorporate some interesting sounds and ideas, most of the time. There is some good old DAOKO rapping on her along with the more contemporary J-Pop tracks. It's the songs like "Oide Oide" that make the album worth while. "Chouchou ni Natte" is great with a heavy classic Japanese music sound. The lead off song "Owaranai Sekai de" is fantastic! The album is a lot tighter than Thank You Blue, but for some reason it features "Uchiage Hanabi" again, but only with DAOKO's vocals. The song is great and while it works well on this album, it feels like a waste of a spot to feature the exact same song as the previous record, just without the great vocal feature. The album has some pretty good moments, "NICE TRIP" is neat, it gets loud then quiets down to a classic whisper rap and slowly builds again. The album is heavy on it's production and style. I like it, a lot of excellent tracks with a few meh moments like "Sunny Boy Rainy Girl" and "Bokura no Network". Not a bad album, but it feels a lot more "style" than anything at times.

PEDRO, zoozoosea 

BiSH's Ayuni D picks up bass and comes out with an aggressive 7 song rock mini album. Ayuni D spent a little over half a year learning to play bass for this project, so it's cool that she actually plays on it. The album is pretty cool, it's not unlike BiSH in it's aggressive approach, in fact a few tracks outright use near exact BiSH melodies. They aren't the best songs here, but as a whole this mini album is on fire. Focused on one singer there is a more direct energy, Ayuni D is not a great singer but that kind of works in her favour for this music. There is so much attitude and aggression on this project. I hope PEDRO continues and Ayuni D develops her abilities, because this is better than BiSH's output this year and certainly the most exciting solo project from the group yet. I like it!

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Post by: Manimal on December 28, 2018, 07:43:56 PM
Ending the thread with my top 10 albums, which me and Pipe already did in this fine ep right here ( My list is vaguely updated. 

1. BAND-MAID : World Domination
I've said my fair share about this band, the greatest straight on Rock band is such a long time. BAND-MAID is a true miracle and this is a smash hit of an album that finally kicks them off and shows everything great about them. I'll say it again, BAND-MAID make the grade.
2. Seiko Oomori : Kusokawa Party 
Another album in Seiko's yearly cycle, urgent, aggressive, and high energy. While it's scaled back from her previous 3 releases, Kusokawa Party is a powerful statement and more tune based than before, with each song feeling like it's own thing. Seiko continues to deliver ripping tracks like Shinigami, GIRL'S GIRL, Last Dance etc. Packing remarkable passion and energy in her delivery. But time will remember this as a weak album in her discography, provided her how her next ones are.

3. Haru Nemuri : Haru To Shura 
A great combination of J-Pop, Noisy Rock, Rap, Shoegaze etc. Haru makes a strong artist statement, the album is aggressive and full of fantastic songs. It's well put together and paced, Haru comes out as an exciting new artist with this album.

4. Palm : Rock Island 
I don't know how to define this album, one of the only times I've heard something recently and been truly confused and in awe of a new sound. Western Indie music is (for me) mostly the same old garbage over and over. But Rock Island is a truly stunning and gripping new sound like literally nothing I've ever heard.

5. Scandal : Honey     
[img height=150[/img]http://Over a decade into their career Scandal make their best album yet. Energetic garage rock feel with a sweet style. The band feels more raw then before and delivers both awesome rock songs and sweet breezy warm tracks. It's a to the point album of great tunes.

6. PEDRO : zoozoosea 
Aggressive Rock mini album from BiSH's Ayuni D. A really cool set of tunes with a lot of raw attitude. Ayuni D isn't a great singer and that works perfectly for the music she has a great sneer that is fully realized on her own. There are some really great songs on here. zoozoosea is a lot more exciting than BiSH's, not bad, but lesser 2018. I hope for more from PEDRO. 

7. Kero Kero Bonito : Time 'n' Place 
The group move into a more "vapour" sound with a lot of Indie Rock elements. It's a varied album where the group try a lot of new things and expand their sound greatly from the previous release. There are some fantastic tracks like Time Today and Swimming.

8. Litku Klemetti : Taika Tapahtuu
Weirdo Finnish Indie Rock album with some elements of 70's Post Punk. A very melodic album with great vocals and a fun Halloween keyboard.

9. ......... , [ ] 
Kind of cheating because this album has old songs on it, but it's finally an album from Dots, the shoegaze idols. I kind of love this album, it has powerful Shoegaze melancholy over idol singing, a great combo that makes for a very strong album of amazing tunes.

10. PassCode : Locus 
Also cheating because it's an Indies re-record album but man PassCode is awesome. A really unique and powerful group with a crazy blend of styles that's overwhelming and always changing even in the same song.

For 2019 I hope for another BAND-MAID album, they are releasing some new tracks in January. I think they might take a break after how World Domination was, but they haven't had an off year yet. I don't know what Seiko will do with ZOC and everything, she hasn't even released a single after Kusokawa Party so maybe we won't get another album from her? Likely a new BiSH album, which I assumed would of happened this year. One can assume 2019 will be the year for the next Carly Rae album.

I want to listen to more next year, since I've been lazy this year. There was atleast World Domination, the super star album of the year. Sometimes I feel Kusokawa Party isn't that good but it seems I like it a lot everytime I listen to it. I hope Seiko doesn't continue with songs like "Tokyo To Kyou" on her albums. I should look more into these music scenes I like so much. There is way more to the Alt Idol world than BiSH, Seiko and Passcode. I fixate on certain artists too much, but that's how I've always been. I like when I can connect with an artist/group like that.