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Title: A Writer's expedition into Krita (Fortis' 'art')
Post by: Fortis Scriptor on October 12, 2017, 09:10:14 AM
So because I'm a huge world builder, and I have rather clear images in my mind of what things in my world look like, I've decided to expand my skillset by learning how to draw, not only that but doing it with a mouse (What balls of steel that is taking on my hand's part) Krita is a pretty cool free drawing program I found for this purpose, it's a bit like the classic SAI Paint which if I recall is a hugely popular program to pirate for artists of the manga and anime groups.

So playing around with it I'm trying to learn how to draw people, or for now really F'd up figures that somewhat resemble people. Baby steps are good steps in the right direction. I'll be honest though this doodle came out surprisingly good, I thought it looked far worse while drawing it. (Though the arms look really really bad)

Any advice, tips, tricks, and other hacks to help me improve would be much appreciated.

My thought for this was a US marine on an island in the Pacific like Guadalcanal calling in artillery while under attack. But mostly I was just trying to do a pose other than standing rigid  :D
Title: Re: A Writer's expedition into Krita (Fortis' 'art')
Post by: Ocky88 on October 12, 2017, 11:14:15 AM
I caught that same vibe but his right hand is at an awkward position
Title: Re: A Writer's expedition into Krita (Fortis' 'art')
Post by: suuper-san on October 22, 2017, 02:18:13 PM
if you want a good hack, you can always try tracing photos or other drawings to make sure the proportions are right. then try and draw it without tracing to see how you draw it differently, and you will see what your weaknesses are.
on digital you can make another layer with the photo so you draw on a separate layer.