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Title: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Hasith on July 03, 2017, 02:53:35 PM

So it's the 10th Anniversary / Birthday of Mangaraiders. We have started this forum in 2007 and survived 10 years and several generations of Artists & Writers went through this forum.

Those oldest members are now adult and some even married have kids. Imagine where you guys were when those first generation of MR were doing what you do today in these forums. Today you guys are here and they have faded away and have gone their separate ways.

Anyway MR has become part of our lives for most of us and even most of those old members cherish those good times. I'm so glad that we do have a great regular member base who need very little moderation. So I thank all our ex Member's and current members for their contribution and keeping this place live and kicking.

 :cake: :cheers: :birthdaywish: :cheer: :ninja:

Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Coryn on July 03, 2017, 03:00:52 PM
We've certainly come a long way for a long time. It's important to remember that. We are still here, after so many other sites just like ours crashed and burned. I like to think that's because we don't lose sight of what we are. We are a community that concentrates above all else on creating a welcoming and safe space for people to express their work.

It's not about getting the biggest numbers, it's about making sure that everyone who comes here has a good environment and a good time. If we maintain our quality, then we will never regret our time here.
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Vio on July 03, 2017, 03:04:40 PM

Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Manimal Claus on July 03, 2017, 03:34:32 PM
I certainly didn't know what I was getting into when I joined at the end of 2013. Last year of high school, a Manimal at 17. I was like whatever, I'll just post some of my art and see what happens. I really didn't think anything of it.

It's amusing that the biggest thing this forum has done for me is with the help of one piped, pickled, peppered and planeium platypus, is expand my music tastes past my box and in a domino effect get me to start recording music. I mean this is manga artists & writers community, and yet it is more then a one purpose thing here for me.

This is the spot on the internet where I just come in and go in my corner and vomit things out. Sure I might get more people to listen to my music elsewhere, discuss anime with more people elsewhere and so on, but like...I don't know the forum just has a vibe for that you know, it's odd. When I look at my post history it's literally me changing, not by much, but still. No other forum has had this effect, I've been posting online since I was 10 and no one ever liked me before. I was an annoying kid with a scale of two extremes for opinions, this sucks or this is the greatest thing ever since ever.

Everyone was always older and they either made fun of me or said "he's just a kid guys". Fortunately I had skin of steel when I was that age and ignored those people. On every forum I've been either the joke or the wallflower. I don't know what I am here, probably still a joke, but this is the first place where people weren't rude to me. Naturally because I'm not that age anymore and gradually my aggressive negativity calmed down, but it's still worth noting.

and then Vacant and NO1SY come in and are like, hey guys we're going to do a podcast and my God, for a show I was like "eh I'll come on if they ask me" to become sometimes my only social interaction in a week, like that's a whole another story. I am grateful to them for starting this and enjoying being a goof and talking to peeps like those two, Coryn, Nair, Lego, Mahlua, Paipis, Sherbs and so on. But again, that's a whole other thing all together.

For this site to still be here a decade later I think that's very cool. It's insane to think of all those older members who are literally all adult age by now. Technically I'm adult age but I'd never dare to call myself an adult, I'm just another whatever. Literally people a generation or so ahead of me who's youthful dreams and ambitions only exist in the backlogs of their forum profiles. It does make me feel weird to look back at that stuff it's like man. 2007, I will reflect on that in a more fitting thread but for now...

I don't know, 10 years. That's cool.
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: MahluaandMilk on July 03, 2017, 04:19:00 PM
I'm certainly proud to be a part of it. I really wanted to do something big, but I actually have errands to run today since class starts on Thursday. I'll maybe at the very least try to write something out, probably for MRverse. If anyone has any ideas, look for my thread on the Develop Your Story section!
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Hasith on July 03, 2017, 10:22:56 PM
I was checking early posts of that photo thread in PUB. It's one of the oldest threads which has survived till now. Sadly most of those old pics are no longer visible. Well after all those were posted like 10 years ago. I should have preserved those pics. )))) Good ole times.

The breakroom has become a big part of the forum and this is not something we expected in early days. I remember some members those days recommended to dismantle is coz members spend too much time there. But we thought to keep it as a place for any of our members to vent real life stuff. We always get all sort of people from all around the globe and I don't know now but those days it helped many to get through troubled times. It made them no longer felt alone. This is the main reason why we couldn't close the section. Members needs it as much as those Art sections.
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: MahluaandMilk on July 03, 2017, 10:28:03 PM
Amen to that. Granted, I still talk more than I art here, it seems, although I did just have a lovely idea for a short little doujin...but that would have to go to our sister site.

I love the community and all it has done. Besides, now we really can't break down the break room because that's where writers may get ideas for new stories (or research for MRverse stories).
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Forlorn Serpent on July 03, 2017, 10:59:59 PM
I just hope i don't end up looking like this when i'm old and still here.
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Vacant on July 04, 2017, 08:57:26 AM
First off...Congrats to you Hasith and Cory!!! Lord knows the amount of work that goes into maintaining the forum and withstanding the spam. 10 years is like 100 in internet time, so it's incredible to think how long Manga Raiders has been around for. Of course, hats off to all the moderators too for their voluntary and tireless work.

Like Manimal said, I had no idea just what I was coming into when I joined in Feb 2014. It was the first forum I'd ever participated in. Sure I'd joined overs in the past, but the people there were always standoffish to one another and the whole vibe was generally cold and unwelcoming.

However, MR was the complete opposite. It was an exciting first year. Soon as I hit up the welcome topic I knew this was a different kind of forum. I've learned so much here and grown as a writer. I've learned to take critique and harsh feedback, something I admittedly wasnt the best at looking back to the early days  :blush:. I've shared my writing and had the pleasure of (hopefully) helping others with advice and feedback, as well as seeing some incredible stories.

It's the only online community I'm part of and I like to think I've made some good friends here. Hell we've even had meet ups! If someone had told me I'd travel to meet people from the internet in 2014 I'd of laughed in their faces. But I did and I hope to do it many times over!

In short, though the sites been quiet recently, I'm glad its still around and I'm happy to see the regular cast of people. I say this a lot but I promise I'll try and get more involved! So Manga Raiders, you've given me much more than I could've ever imagined, so thanks for everything. Happy 10 years and here's to another 10!  :cheer:
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Hasith on July 04, 2017, 02:00:06 PM
@Forlorn : That's a one scary thought.

@Vacant : Thanks, and indeed we are having a quiet time here now. It happens time to time. There are lots of things to do including a big server upgrade. I have been postponing it a while but It had to be done in this summer. Also there are few other changes which need to be done.
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: legomaestro on July 05, 2017, 11:41:19 PM
Really is a moment for celebration methinks. Hitting the decade mark in the speedy life of the interwebs is no joke no matter what community or platform you have. I only have thankfullness for getting to be a part of this forum. I`ve been swamped to all hell, but I intend to be festive about this milestone for as long as I can push it. The number 10 deserves something special.

Thanks Hasith and Cory, for making this place, and thanks to the raiders that make it an even more special gathering of odd minds from across the planet.
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: S8N on July 05, 2017, 11:54:28 PM
Even though I've only been here for a short while, this is definitely a moment to commemorate! Hopefully I'll eventually become a veteran member here and can fully appreciate milestones like these!
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: MahluaandMilk on July 05, 2017, 11:56:37 PM
It all goes uphill from "Hero Member" kiddo ;)
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: Walter B on September 22, 2017, 06:21:15 PM

Lets go for 1000 years and live forever
Title: Re: Mangaraiders 10th Anniversary !!!
Post by: NishimuraTaira on March 18, 2018, 01:09:18 PM
I dont see this site dropping for a while. Congrats on 10 man!