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Title: Game Reviews/Recommendations
Post by: Carshald on November 17, 2016, 06:53:42 AM
Have you recently played a game, that really caught your attention? A game so good you'd recommend it to others? Then why not do it?  Share your thoughts on your recent/favorit game(s) with your fellow MR's, tell us why you love it, what you personally think about it. Give us a little review, give it a rating on the 1-10 scale.

As a hardcore gamer, I personally feel having a thread about what games we're recently playing doesn't quite do it. Having a thread where you can express the pros and cons of your recent/favorit game(s), it's not just about sharing your thoughts on a game. One thing i've learned over the years is a personal review on something like games/animes/mangas/tv shows, doesn't just tell something about the said game/anime/manga/show but also on the reviewer. It tells us what they like, what they don't like, what they're opinions are, how they think. Personally I believe this is one of many ways to get to know people. So let's get to know one another :clapping:
Title: Re: Game Reviews/Recommendations
Post by: Carshald on November 17, 2016, 06:53:58 AM
I've always been a sucker for old school dungeon crawlers... good ol' DCRPG without modern animations always are very special to me because they're the games i grew up with. Because of that I just had to replay the game "Stranger of Sword City" which is a game I highly recommend for anyone who likes dungeon crawlers AND anime. It's very unique from what you see nowadays in terms of RPG. You ofcourse create your own character, but then after the "Intro/Tutorial" is over you only have your own character, which makes you wonder... "How do i recruit characters?"Simple... You don't... You create and fill your remaining 5 character slots with characters YOU create. This is one of the things that really caught my attention. Unlike other games you just wonder around and boom you slowly recruit a variety of characters, but in SoSC you don't. You basically create more characters for your party, you run throught dungeons, level up. Whenever one of your characters gets "knocked out" or runs of of HP they loose a life point, and depending on the character's age they have from 3-1(18-60+) and when the said character runs out of life points, they die and are lost forever. Then to refill the now open slot you now create a new character and level him up.

This whole aspect of creating your own party and maintaining a party of purely custom characters is really one of the games unique aspects compared to common RPG games these days. Now that was just the game itself. Let's talk a bit about the graphics themselves or rather art style. The other aspect of the game that caught my attention was the ability to switch art style. I mean I've always love anime themed art styles in RPG and dungeon crawlers, but this one really was unqiue in my taste. Below is a added screenshot from google showing the two art styles you can switch between.


I personally just love this, and I highly recommend anyone with an xbox 360/one, vita or a pc to give this game a go. It's a well done game and all aside from the difficulty/learning curve of the game, the game in my opinion deserves a 9,4 on a 1-10 scale.

Title: Re: Game Reviews/Recommendations
Post by: Misyne on January 02, 2017, 09:52:07 PM
That's a really cool idea. Makes you wonder why they'd go through with all that extra work, though... It seems twice the work for a feature most people probably won't even use! o.O