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Title: Endless Sanctuary (Discussion)
Post by: HunterNComics on July 09, 2016, 07:56:12 PM
Chapter 1 Eyes So Big

nce upon a time a great land was forged and with it Man was born. From the ground they were born they prosper, and grew. But this didn’t came without hardships. Beasts known as Shadows arose from the depths and sought mortal kind as food, attacking all with no remorse. Mankind was for the first time shrouded in fear and darkness. But even light can be born from dark as man soon discovered an energy source so powerful it helped combat the Shadows. Angel’s Tears as many would call it, allowed those to wield magic, power their weapons to greater efficiency and give rise to new technology. With this two groups were formed, The Hunters and the Knights. The Knights protect the people of villages and cities from danger as the Hunters faced the beasts head on. For a time peace was known in the land of heroes and legends. But such as time, they too begin to fade. Perhaps one day new heroes will arise in our time of need.

A new day is dawning on a small village already bustling with people going to shops and jobs. At the entrance of the village a young man covered in a cloak approaches. As he walks into the market plaza he lets down his hood, revealing his face, young with short blonde hair.

“Looks so lively here. It almost puts the Farron City a run for its money.” the young man says with a smile as he gazes around. “I wonder if they have any refreshing drinks here, I could really use one.”

As he walks past a few stalls he notices a woman getting harassed by some well armored men. Being cautious he walks close to see what’s going on as other people look with disgust and worry. A young woman with hooves for feet, on the ground, dirt being kicked at her by one of the three men while the other two hold a young man down.

“Shouldn’t have bumped into us you filth. Who gave you the right to even walk our path?” The armored thug screams as he grabs her by the hair.

The young man held by the other two men tries to break free. “Let my wife go you bastards! She’s done no wrong to!?” Immediately punched in the gut by the thug and drops to the ground groaning.

The thug laughs but quickly changes his expression from laughter to disgust. “You married an Oni?! You make humanity weak you little piece of *censored*!”

The young blonde hair male steps forward. “Leave them be and leave this village.”

The thug looks at the blonde hair male and smirks. “Leave them be? She’s an Oni boy. Should be on a leash instead of roaming free.” He lets go of her hair and walks toward the male. “And who gave you the right to talk to me like that boy? I have full authority arrest you.” The three men show the emblem on their chest plate. “We are Knights.”

The young blonde glares at them with disgust but also sense something odd. “Somethings off. Does one of them have AT weapon?” he says to himself then exclaims to the men. “Knights? More like cut throat bandits.”

The Knight winces angrily and reaches for his weapon though something very quick darts past him. Wondering what just happen the knight then notices his weapon missing. The other two notice and reach for their weapon but they too were gone.
“Knights huh? Even you guys should have honor.” Says a young blue long haired male holding the men’s weapons. “Why don’t you go? While you still have a chance.” He smiles softly tossing their weapons to them.

The three knights back a bit in shock. Grabbing their weapons they leave though grunting and cursing beneath their breath. The villagers around sigh with relief and continue their day. The Blue haired male smiles and notices the young blonde man, astonished.

“Wow you’re pretty quick.” He says with still in a bit of shock.

The blue hair male chuckles a bit. “Heh thanks. Hey you’re new here too huh? What’s your name?”

The blonde male smiles softly. “My name is Nier. And your name?”

The blue hair male about to say his name but is interrupted as the young woman from before hugs him out of nowhere.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” the young woman exclaims in tears. Gives the male one more hug then let’s go to stand by her husband. “My name is Felch and this my husband Wylie.”

Nier bow softly and the blue hair male nods smiling.

“Will you two be alright?” Nier asks concerned about earlier. He turns to look back at the way the knights went.

“We’ll be okay. These things will happen. It’s the hardships we have to endure together.” Wylie calmly says as he holds his wife close. “Oni and human are the same. Appearances don’t mean a thing.” He reaches in his bag and hands both Nier and the blue haired male a jar of liquid. “Here you two look thirsty, drink this. It’s my wife’s mixed fruit drinks. You guys can have mine as thanks.”

Nier looks at it and smiles happily. “Oh thank you. I’m quite parched and this smells amazing.” He clings the jar against the jar the blue haired male is holding and smiles at him. “Cheers!”

As the both about to put the jars to their lips a clocked person knocks into both of them, knocking the drinks out their hands and falling to the ground spilled. The cloaked person gets up slowly then runs off.

“That was odd. I hope that person is okay.” The blue hair male says as he watches the mysterious person run off. He turns to look at Nier who is staring at the spilled drink. “You alright Nier?” he asks.

Nier softly sighs and nods. “I’m fine… But I was hoping to enjoy a refreshing drink. I’m sorry about that.” He says as you looks up at Felch and Wylie.

“Oh it’s okay nothing to pout about. Eh heh” she says smiling softly.

The blue haired male softly taps Nier’s shoulder. Hey I was about to get a bite to eat. Want to join me? My treat.” He asks with a smile.

Nier softly shakes his head. “No I’m fin?!” stomach conveniently growls. “Eh well I guess it wouldn’t hurt for a bite. Thank you two for your gift though it was ruined. Regardless be safe.” Nier bows to the couple and follows the blue hair male while waving good bye to them.

A bit later at a food stall Nier and the young blue haired male eating together. Nier happily enjoying a tall glass of lemonade. The blue haired male smiles as he eats a large bowl of rice and stew.

Nier sighs in content as he begins eat a sandwich. “Thank you for this meal. Um? I don’t believe I received your name.” he says as he looks turns his head to the blue hair male.

“Oh right heh. My name is Aidan. Aidan Nox.” He says as he continues to eat.

Nier looks at him. “Nox? As in the Nox family? The well-known family of Hunters Nox? Are you a Hunter as well?” He asks curiously.

Aidan nods as he finishes his meal. He then turns his back, move his long hair to the side and show the emblem on his long coat. “Since I was 5 I was made a Hunter by my brother.”

Nier gazes upon the emblem in awe. “At the age of 5? Then you must of fought many Shadows and other beasts.” He says placing his hand on his chin thinking of the battles.

Nodding softly Aidan pays the cook for the meals and stand. “Only a few Shadows. Mostly just great beasts and a few bandits. Though I had to stop about 6 years ago. I…I needed to train a lot more.”

Nier looks at Aidan curiously. “For 6 years huh? How old if I may ask? I turned 16 a few months ago.”

“Cool! I’m 15.” He says smiling.

“Only 15? He moved like the wind.” Nier says to himself as he then compares heights. “He’s also a bit taller than me.” Aidan looks at him confused as he does the height comparing. “Though I must ask Aidan if I may.” He asks while looking seriously at him. Aidan nods for him to ask. “Why help those two. The couple. And why let those so called Knights go off so easily?”

Aidan stops and looks at Nier. “My brother taught me to do the right thing and that everyone deserves a chance at happiness. Oni, human, and even Augmented deserve it. And as for the knights? You must have not noticed but they were in danger too.”

Nier gives Aidan a confused look. “What do you mean in danger?” he asks.

Aidan scratches the back of his head softly. “I heard a bow being drawn. I assume whoever was waiting for them to strike at someone, like you and kill them. So I stepped in since killing those guys weren’t needed.”

Nier thinks back to the incident. “He’s right. I felt a magic serge in the area. And there is no spell to increase speed so it couldn’t been Aidan.” He says to himself till he then realized something. “Wait a moment!”

“What’s wrong Nier? Is something up?” Aidan, concerned, looks at Nier.

Nier places his hand on his chin. “Knights are required to be trained and carry an AT energized weapon at all times. Those supposed Knights’ weapons…they weren’t AT energy based.” He says.

Aiden looks at points to man walking by with an AT gauntlet equipped. “AT? You mean Angel Tears? That stuff that powers the lights and magic wielders?”

Nier nods in response and shows his AT gauntlet. “Yes and it even powers certain weapons to buff them and gives power to Augmented. So I think those men weren’t Knights but!?” Nier is interrupted by a familiar voice shouting.

“You two!” A familiar man shouted as he runs up to them then falls over tired. Panting tiredly trying to grasp for breath. “M…my...My” he pants heavier. Both Aidan and Nier recognized him. It’s Wylie.

“Wylie?! What happened?!” Nier asks as he helps Wylie to a chair. The villagers around look with concern. “Take a deep breath and tell us what’s wrong.”

Aidan looks around and notices something. “Wait Wylie? Where’s your wife?” he asks carefully.

Wylie looks up at Nier and Aidan in tears and shouts. “Those Knights! They kidnapped my wife!”

End of Chapter 1