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Title: Ao no Exorcist - Renzo Shima
Post by: Ogawa Setsu on April 29, 2016, 04:00:57 PM
Warning: Text contains spoilers from both manga & anime!

Renzo Shima was a very carefree Exwire and childhood friend to Ryuji Suguro and Konekomaru Miwa until his affiliation with the Illuminati was brought to light.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 176 cm (5'9")
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs.)
Birthday: July 4th
Hair Color: Black (dyed Pink)
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O
Title: Re: Ao no Exorcist - Renzo Shima
Post by: Ogawa Setsu on April 29, 2016, 04:06:39 PM
Renzo has natural black hair, which he dyed pink. In the anime he has typically been seen with a open white button-up layered over a t-shirt as part of his school uniform, as well as the True Cross Academy blazer. He seems to take his uniform a little more casually. In the manga however, he has been depicted with the True Cross Academy's dark sweater vest, a white long-sleeved collared shirt, and an undershirt. Later on in the Manga he wears the Illuminati uniform with the jacket opened and his staff strapped to his back. Renzo typically carries around a K'rik, which two of his brothers also have. He bears a scar near his left eyebrow.

Renzo is the most carefree character out of all the other Exwires and it's shown that he doesn't act as serious as the other Exorcists in serious situations, but yet has a fear of many things, mainly bugs.

He's friendly and is one of the few people who befriended Rin after finding out he was Satan's son, saying that he didn't care about it since Rin was a good person. Though he grew up in the same "cursed" temple as Ryuji and Konekomaru did, he doesn't have the same goal as Ryuji or seem to be that interested in its business. He refers to everyone, even his teachers, casually, and even teases them. He loves women and has a big obsession over them. He is also a pervert. He is the 5th and youngest son of his family, and tells Konekomaru he's glad of this because it means he has less responsibilities, unlike Konekomaru who's the eldest. This shows that he isn't willing to take on his responsibilities and prefers to be carefree. He plans to become a meister in Aria. However, Konekomaru thinks he is best suited to be a Knight and is wasting his talent by just lazing around all the time. He refers to himself as "The Epitome of Cool".

enzo, along with Ryuji and Konekomaru, were born in the same temple. Growing up, the three were childhood friends. When Renzo and Ryuji were younger, Renzo's eldest brother, Take Shima, died protecting them during the Blue Night. At some point, the trio decided to attend the True Cross Academy to become Exorcists.

Renzo became a spy for the Illuminati just before his admission into the True Cross Academy, claiming that his hatred for the people in his life and their expectations drove him.

Power and abilities
Renzo possesses powerful Tamer abilities, and has been able to summon a high-level fire familiar, Yamantaka, since childhood. The Demon is able to pressure the summons of a high-level Exorcist, and is able to manipulate rare black flames that burn spiritual entities and souls, yet leave physical vessels untouched.

Using Yamantaka costs Renzo a great deal of energy, to the point where he blacks out after a short battle. Curiously, Renzo does not appear to use a summoning circle or blood offering to summon him.

Renzo is training to become a Knight with his K'rik, which he can recall to his hand.

Flame Manipulation
In conjunction with Yamantaka, Renzo is able to manipulate the Demon's rare black flames with his K'rik. Described as flames similar to those found in Gehenna, the Exorcist can improve the flames through chanting Buddhist scriptures.[5] Whereas normal fire removes Demons by destroying their physical bodies, black fire completely destroys Demons without harming the possessed object.[6] When used on a human, these flames are able to burn the soul, effectively killing someone. Alternatively, Renzo can change the potency of the flames to merely knock a person unconscious.

    Flame-Tipped Vajra Spear: Renzo recites, "Daiitoku Fun'nu Youketsu"), and creates a black-flame spearhead at the top of his K'rik.
    Ground Crawling Flames: Renzo recites, "Daiitoku Fun'nu Youketsu", and touches the top of his K'rik to the ground. Black flames run along the ground and consume the target.
Title: Re: Ao no Exorcist - Renzo Shima
Post by: Ogawa Setsu on April 29, 2016, 04:09:00 PM
× Renzo enjoys all types of western cuisine.
× His favorite manga genres are comedy, love and daily life stories that have a lot of girls.
× His favorite types of music include Rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, western music, traditional japanese music and anything that is popular at the moment.
× When asked what type of girl he prefers, he answered that there were too many qualities to count.
× In his free time he enjoys going on dates with girls.
× The thing Renzo wishes for the most right now is a cute girlfriend.
× What he buys most often in convenience stores are porn magazines
× When he's unable to sleep at night, he usually watches late night programs as well as looking for idols that catch his interest.

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