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Title: [Un-Paid] Looking for Co-Writer/Editor
Post by: Bito916 on March 10, 2016, 10:43:02 PM
Hello Writers!

     I have been trying to get more active in this community so I wanted to ask if anybody would be interested in Co-Writing or editing my content, it is a story i have been working on for a few years and really wish to see expand more. I have concepts in my mind but am not the best writer, plus other minds create a diversity! Honestly just feed back on this thread would be enough to keep me writing.
Short Blurb: Koi and Bito is a story about two lovers who live in a different universe. There are six "Disciplines" and while people usually only get one, there is a dimension reserved for powerful and unstable hybrid beings. Koi and Bito must train while trying to figure out what caused and explosion that orphaned many children from their village and whether or not Koi's mother is alive

Expantion: some background **spoilers??**
 Koi is an incredibly intelligent girl and is the granddaughter of two Gods (Baset and Halpas) , but she was left "orphaned" due to the explosion and events that killed many parents. Eventually finding her SoulMate and calling she discovers she posses a Mighty Spirit, a unique and powerful soul that nature designed to keep the world balanced between good and evil which may also have the ability to learn all 6 Disciplines. Her pent up hatred due to being abandoned caused to lash out at her Family in an epic clash that destroyed large parts of her personal world.. As a result her grandpa decides to drop her and Bito off in the middle of Mana-Infused forest which harbors many dangerous, mutated organism, in order to train, control her powers, and mature in general. A message reveals that Koi's mother is still alive and that the explosion was intentional. She sets off with Bito on an adventure to control her Mighty Spirit and learn the truth. Compared to Bito she is more delicate looking but can preform powerful and diverse spells.

Bito is one of the orphans that was forced to fend on his own, he dawns a gas mask that his mother gave him right before she set out to protect him, and is much more beaten up than Koi. He has a twin named Kemono who he must kill or die, the two share a singular soul due to some kind of genetic-magical birth defect and thus must absorb the other half in order to become a Champion of their Discipline. The importance of Champions are their use in Wars against other Disciplines.

For now I have most of the adventure Koi and Bito set out on to find her mother, in the end Koi and Bito realize they were pawns in a grand scheme to start a war that would split the Disciplines into two factions. Familiars are animals that reflect the soul of a person and play semi-important roles in the first part but will play major roles during the war. Bito is able to control Taka, a Legendary Lion that he later finds out is his father who was sealed inside his mask to protect him after the chaos, and Koi is uniquely able to control 6 wolves, each a different element, she can control up to 2 or 3 depending on the match up of the elements. I really have invested a TON of time into this, I'd love to see this become so much more. Thank you MR Community!:3
Title: Re: [Un-Paid] Looking for Co-Writer/Editor
Post by: Bito916 on March 13, 2016, 08:42:33 PM
I understand external advertisment is frowned upon so I think posting it here should be ok,
Title: Re: [Un-Paid] Looking for Co-Writer/Editor
Post by: Ser0ooo on March 14, 2016, 12:44:14 AM
I'm willing to help out with your story if you still need it.
Title: Re: [Un-Paid] Looking for Co-Writer/Editor
Post by: Bito916 on March 14, 2016, 02:25:16 AM
I'm willing to help out with your story if you still need it.
Sure Im always open for improvement, just PM me:3
Title: Re: [Un-Paid] Looking for Co-Writer/Editor
Post by: Action Animation on July 09, 2016, 06:24:50 PM
Romance may be a fault of mine but I may be able to assist you in other aspects of your story if Interested :thumbsup: