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Title: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Book of Revenge soon, comrades!)
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on February 12, 2016, 02:10:34 AM
Hello and welcome to DEATH BY EX-GIRLFRIEND, where all your dreams and spare time come to die!

This is a very, very, VERY long story, making it seem like a daunting, herculean task to even get into it. But fear not, Raiders, I shall guide you in this post. Below is a short description, general synopsis of the story as a whole, arc-based synopses, and other information you'll want or need in order to get into the story. Please do enjoy.

If you want to review this story, you can either post an arc-by-arc review, or give your thoughts on the tale as a whole.

About Death by Ex-Girlfriend
Death by Ex-Girlfriend is a Romance/Harem series imbued with comedy, drama, and action. It may sound vain, but I'd like to believe that DbEG succeeds in areas where the common Harem doesn't; the characters. Of course, the girls involved are eccentric and colorful, but the MC has his own brand of personality and development. Being a very character-driven story, DbEG is divided into arcs rather than a continuous, arching plot line.

There are currently 10 arcs, two of them being side arcs. I'll walk you through them shortly.

General Synopsis/1st Arc Synopsis
Meet Osamu Ashikaga. He returns to Kyoto after 4 years away, expecting a short trip down memory lane...only to be kidnapped by one of his ex-girlfriends. But it's not just one, Osamu has several crazy dames vying for his heart, and sometimes his blood.

Despite the obsessive, psychotic, and sometimes violent behavior of his exes, the simple fact of the matter is that a web of love binds them all. As they all begin to live under the same roof, is it possible for Osamu to reconnect with his exes and rekindle the flames of painfully lost love? Death by Ex-Girlfriend is ultimately a story of how far Osamu and his crazy little family of exes are willing to go for themselves and for each other. This long story begins with the first arc, Aika Crisis.

In Aika Crisis, the star of the story is Aika Mihara, one of Osamu's exes. Things have changed dramatically in the 4 years Osamu has been away, including Aika's heart. How much anger, love, and misery can be bottled up in just 4 years? Enough to kill you.

Osamu and his not-so-sane exes try to save Aika's life before it can ever be in danger. But sometimes, love stops giving you things and begins taking them away, without mercy.

MR: Aika Crisis (1st Arc) (,15620.0.html)
Medibang: Aika Crisis (1st Arc) (


It's funny, it's crude, it's sexy, it's endearing. It's Death by Ex-Girlfriend.

2nd Arc: War Cloud
After having saved Aika Mihara's life in Aika Crisis, the story of Osamu Ashikaga continues in the new arc, War Cloud. This time, Osamu is reunited with yet another ex....who happens to be a WAR GODDESS?!

Tsukiakari Senkumo returns after many years apart from Osamu, hoping to rekindle a warm, lost love during the cold, bitter winter. However, Tsukiakari holds a terrible past within her, a bond of sorrow with Izanami, as well as a very uncertain near-future.

The winter is the season of love, and also of harsh lessons. Osamu must decide, more than ever, what is truly important to him.

MR:War Cloud (2nd Arc) (,15620.msg256999.html#msg256999)
Medibang:War Cloud Part 1(2nd Arc) (
War Cloud Part 2 (


(Make War, not Love)
(Give War a Chance)
(Peace is Over)

3rd Arc: Dawn and Dusk
Death by Ex-Girlfriend returns in a new arc, Dawn and Dusk.

Dawn and Dusk continues the tale of Osamu Ashikaga, his ex-girlfriends, and the many friends they've made along the way. In an embarrassing series of events, the Shoku Twins are separated, bringing about a countdown to the end of the world, and it's all the fault of Rei Goukan, a former classmate of Osamu and Isabella. However, that's not the only problem that presents itself to the group. Something terrible is happening inside of Isabella, something that will ultimately put an end to her life.

It is a tale of friendship, love, memories, and tragedy. Just as this happy family of former lovers and friends came together and grew together, there must also be a time when one leaves, and sometimes, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

MR:Dawn and Dusk (3rd Arc) (,15620.msg259069.html#msg259069)
Medibang: Dawn and Dusk (3rd Arc) (


Laughs and tears are promised in this heartfelt, 20-chapter addition to the Death by Ex-Girlfriends series.

4th Arc: Satori no Akuma
A young, dashing diabolical man named Satori approaches you, invites forces you to his extravagant mansion, dances as he shows you the corpses of your parents, and makes an ultimatum with you: Help me find the cure for my affliction, or die along with them.

In the 4th arc of Death by Ex-Girlfriends, that is exactly what Osamu Ashikaga and his band of wives must go through. Not only must they deal with a madman, but their dreaded task also forces him to face yet another goddess, one who is unable to stop cursing those she loves. She is the source of Satori's affliction, but also a person who is dear to Izanami. Just what is her name? What is her affiliation with Izanami? How can Osamu bring an end to this curse so everyone leave satisfied?

MR:Satori no Akuma (4th Arc) (,15620.msg261643.html#msg261643)
Medibang: Satori no Akuma Part 1 (4th Arc) (
Satori no Akuma Part 2 (


Come one, come all, the attractions are all set.

5th Arc(Side Arc):Himushi Redemption

Himushi Redemption is the 5th arc in the Death by Ex-Girlfriend series.

Taking place shortly his ordeal with Amatsutsuki, Osamu Ashikaga embarks on a peculiar adventure with his newfound pal Shinju Miyakawa, who receives a mysterious letter by one calling himself Total Occupying Forehead. The letter gives hints to clues to the sender's identity, what they want, and exactly where they want Shinju to go. Shinju is about to discover that two people she thought were dead are still very much alive.

A journey of rekindled friendship and bitter antagonism begins with this letter, and ends in blood and tears.

MR:Himushi Redemption (,15620.msg266659.html#msg266659)
Medibang:Himushi Redemption (5th Arc) (


6th Arc: Letting Go
Osamu Ashikaga finally catches a break and gets to spend most of his time absorbed in the daily shenanigans of his wives and new housemate Amatsutsuki Sentani. With all of his problems taken care of and a few babies on the way, life seems to finally be taking a kind turn for Osamu. However, trouble appears at Osamu's door. Literally.

In comes Rousoku Himawari, Osamu's ex from long ago, after he had left Kyoto. The gap in time between them makes it hard for them to reconnect like they did so many years ago, but that's the least of their problems. Rousoku has no memory of where exactly she was before she suddenly showed up in Kyoto, on Osamu's doorstep. Sensing a supernatural ailment that's blocking her memories, Osamu and the gang offer their help, but learn the awful truth behind Rousoku's sudden arrival in the process.

As such, Osamu and Rousoku are put at odds. Can they reconcile, or will they miss their final chance to be at peace with each other? At the same time, Yoko also receives a call from a person in her past; her mother. As Osamu deals with Rosouku, Yoko has to reconnect with her mother, in spite of their rough relationship throughout her childhood.

In the end, both parties will have to let go of something.

MR:Letting Go (,15620.msg267102.html#msg267102)

7th Arc: Inari Standoff
With his heart burdened by the ordeal with Rousoku, fate was about to force Osamu into another tragic situation. The fox goddess Inari Ookami has been on the run, hunted by her fellow gods and their legions of exorcists for centuries. Now backed into a corner, she prepares to stand her ground and fight off her pursuers, knowing full well she may not make it.

Fate ultimately brings Inari Ookami and Osamu Ashikaga together during this time, both of them suffering from years of pain and heartache. Though the fox goddess is resentful of humans, she teams up with Osamu to fend off the pursuing exorcists, thus beginning the pivotal event that would be known as the Inari Standoff, putting Osamu at direct odds with Heaven itself.

This is a tale of tragedy, blood, and love. A tale of two people, one human, and one god, finding themselves in each other, and vowing to stay by each other until the end.

MR:Inari Standoff (,15620.msg268419.html#msg268419)
Medibang:Inari Standoff (7th Arc) (


8th Arc: The Corpse's Romance
7 Years after Inari Standoff, Osamu is forced into a very complicated situation. He is the most wanted man in all of Heaven, and he has no choice but to take refuge under a vampire's roof. That's right, a vampire.

Hima Chinagaregawa looks like a little girl, but she is a 100+ year old descendant of Count Dracula himself. This little girl just might agree to help Osamu, but only if she entertains him by sharing the story of his past, the story of how he first became suicidal.

Osamu wasn't always the brave, lady-magnet and protector we all currently know him to be. There was a time when, like you and I, Osamu was a just a normal, cowardly, scared, and fragile human. His original decision to leave Kyoto many years ago was one plagued by tragedy, depression, and an urge to escape certain suicide if he stayed.

The Corpse's Romance is a look into the future after Inari Standoff, and a bittersweet tale of the past, Osamu's decision to leave Kyoto.

MR:The Corpse's Romance (,15620.msg269272.html#msg269272)
Medibang:The Corpse's Romance (8th Arc) (


9th Arc: The End of Osamu
Osamu leads a relatively normal and relaxed life 7 years after the events of Inari Standoff. However, it seems Osamu's luck is returning as a deathly miasma. Only too late has Osamu realized he has been played, led to the slaughterhouse by Amaterasu. He must give his blood and his heart, two gifts from Inari, over to Amaterasu one day, and his children may be the ones who grow up to do the deed.

Because his involvement in the Inari Standoff made him and his family enemies of Heaven, Osamu will have to rely on a very unlikely kind of people to help him during the greatest and final crisis of his accursed life; the vampire queen Hima Chinagaregawa, and her vampirical nationalist partner, Annabel.

With the sands in his hourglass reaching their last grains, we begin The End of Osamu Ashikaga, the final tale of Osamu's long and eventful life.

MR:The End of Osamu (,15620.msg270228.html#msg270228)
Medibang:The End of Osamu Part 1 (


10th Arc: Senkumo War Stories
Very long arc, longer than The End of Osamu Ashikaga, even! I'm running out of space here so I'll just link it. The arc is split into three parts or "books".

Book of Blossoming (,15620.msg275812.html#msg275812)
Book of Betrayal (,15620.msg276074.html#msg276074)
Book of Vengeance (,15620.msg278391.html#msg278391)

Have you ever had your ex girlfriend try to kill you? Well, you're about to find out what that's like.  :hmm:

This may or may not turn into a thing.

Day 1: My Ex Girlfriend Called An Airstrike on My House

(To whom it may concern...)

(My name is Osamu Ashikaga. I don't know what time it is, and I don't know where I am. When I opened my eyes, I was tied to a chair in some abandoned bowling alley, and the only person there....was my ex girlfriend. She's honestly beautiful.)

*R O U G E*

(She had me falling in love with her blue eyes and red hair so many years ago. She was cold at first, but she'd always gave you this sweet look, like the kind of look your mother gives to you when she tucks you in for bed. However...these days...she's nothing but a rotten, violent psychopath!)

The sweaty and struggling Osamu bore wavy, shoulder length hair as black as night. He usually wore some sweatpants and a black thermal with a golden peace sign necklace. Osamu's wicked, devilish ex, Yoko Akiyama, emerged from the darkness with the scent of strawberry perfume, vexation, and vengeance around her. She pressed the heel of her stiletto against Osamu's chest and pointed her glimmering katana at his frightened face.

The only light in the room was an electric lantern she brought with her. Her raised leg meant that Osamu caught a glimpse of her panties, since she was wearing a skirt. She wore a denim vest and a white shirt with the kanji for "Love" printed on it, because certainly, someone who would kidnap another person knew what love was.

(There we go...those eyes again...)

Yoko: Now then, are you ready to talk?

Osamu: T-talk? Talk about what?!

Yoko: Oh, I don't know, maybe why the hell you decided to come back to town after what you did! Do you have a deathwish?! You do, don't you!

Osamu: Yoko, darling, please listen to me-

Yoko: Shut up.

Yoko slowly moved the sword down from Osamu's lips and to his chest, stopping at his groin. Lovingly, of course, because everything Yoko did was an act of love, no matter how insane it was.

Yoko: You're still as handsome as ever. It's too bad you're nothing but a filthy insect. Where would you like me to cut first? Your face? Your biceps? How about your-

Osamu: Don't cut me anywhere! I don't understand! Why do you hate me so much?!

Yoko stabbed the katana down into the ground. It stood perfectly still and upright without her holding it.

(That was almost my manhood!)

Yoko: Why?!?! Maybe because you suddenly moved away from Kyoto without saying anything to me!

Osamu: I never....oh wait!

(Damn this Hostage's Haze. I moved away from Kyoto for a few years and left her and all my other exes behind...I must really look like an asshole...)

Yoko: Oh? So you remember?

Osamu: Of course I do! But I left partly because all my exes are insane!

Yoko: What the hell did you just say?!

Yoko picked up the sword again, pressing deeper and deeper into Osamu's chest.

Yoko: We're crazy? Hahahaha! Crazy?! After dating you, there's no such thing as crazy! All of this is perfectly normal to me!

Osamu: This is exactly why I left!

Yoko: So then? Why did you come back?

Osamu: Because...I wanted to see someone...

Osamu turned his head away as he said that.

(What? Why doesn't she say something? she crying?!)

Osamu looked up, and those sweet eyes that he remembered returned, adorned with tears of happiness. Yoko hugged Osamu, bringing both of them to the ground and knocking around a few of the bowling balls laying around.

Yoko: Osa, you sweetheart! You really did miss me all this time?

(I didn't mean you, damn it! But if I say that, she'll cut off something very important to me!)

Osamu: Uhh..well...

Yoko: I won't lie, I hated you for leaving all this time, but if you want to start over and turn a new leaf, I'd happily do it with you! I love you, Osamu!

(See this crap?! This is partly why I left!)

Yoko stood up, her skirt dangling over Osamu. In a moment that deserved to be filmed and preserved for all eternity, Yoko's hands traced up the skin her soft, milky thighs, lifting up the skirt. Her thumbs dug themselves underneath the waist straps of her pink and white striped panties. With a slight bend of her back, Yoko lifted one of her legs out from the confines of the underwear, followed by the other leg, and let her sacred, soft, slightly wet pair of panties fall onto Osamu's face. Oddly enough, Yoko's underwear had the sweet aroma of blooming flowers attached to it.

Osamu: Holy crap! What are you doing, Yoko?!

Yoko: Stripping! I want to make love, right here and now!

(Do you see why I left yet?!?)

Yoko took off her vest and lifted her shirt to reveal her pink, see-through bra adorned with ribbons at the top of the straps. Her underwear depicted the kanji for ocean, since the "Yo" in her name was written with the character.

Osamu: Yoko, wait, I'm not ready for th-

Yoko abruptly pressed her finger against Osamu's lips, silencing him as her tongue ran across her top lip.

Yoko: I want you to be rough with me tonight. Even if I tell you it hurts and beg you to stop, just keep going.

(M-maybe this situation isn't all that bad...)

Yoko pressed her finger past Osamu's lips and into his mouth, for reasons that surely only had to do with love.

(What is she doing?!)

She removed her finger and sucked on it, her face blushing at the taste.

Yoko: You're so delicious, love! I'm starting to get really hot now! Let's do it!

Osamu: Wait!

An explosion through the wall rocked the bowling alley and disrupted them. Osamu began to cough as smoke filled the bowling lanes as well as his lungs.

Osamu: Oh no, it's-

Yoko: "Her"...

A well armed squad of mercenaries stormed the bowling alley and pointed their guns and blidning, flashlights at Yoko, casting her shadow upon the dilapidated bowling lanes behind her. A rather familiar voice rang out from the smoke.

Voice: Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Yoko Akiyama and Osamu Ashikaga. My rival and my first love, both in one place. Perfect...

(No, why did she have to be here too?!)

Yoko: Damn it, and I made sure I wasn't followed!

Out from the smoke came Isabella Bailey, an American girl with long, blonde hair decorated with metal beads, blue eyes, and quite the nice rack. Her nails were each painted red, white and blue, in honor of her home country.

(Yoko, you're so stupid! You can't forget her father is a US general! She has connections to the US military and even more connections to mercenary groups across the globe!)

Yoko: How rude of you, Gaijin. We were just about to make love after four years apart.

Isabella: L-love?! Osamu, you cheating bastard!

Osamu: How is it cheating?! We already broke up!

Isabella: But I still love you, you dummy! How could you just leave like that?!

Yoko: Osamu loves me more. Your affection for him means nothing. Now scram, Gaijin.

Isabella: Don' me...GAIJIN!

Isabella pulled out a glorious, golden desert eagle and aimed it at Yoko. At the same time, Yoko grabbed her panties and katana off of the floor, pointing the latter at Isabella. The two were locked in a deadly, jealous standoff.




Yoko: So? What happens now? Are you really ready to die?

Isabella: Please, you crazy bitch. I'm the one with the gun here.

Osamu: Both of you, stop this immediately! This is cr-

(Wait a minute! This is the perfect time for me to get out of these ropes and escape! They might kill each other, but I can at least be free! Just gotta work these ropes off...)

Yoko cut the gun in half with her katana and kicked Isabella into the squad of mercenaries. She dashed back to Osamu, quickly cutting the ropes and taking his hand.

Isabella: Damn you! Kill them both!

As they ran out of the bowling alley and out into the empty, dark streets, they avoided the storm of bullets behind them that tore apart the walls and shattered the remaining glass of the abandoned building. They kept on running, refusing to even look back.

Osamu: I knew I should've just stayed home! This is all your fault, Yoko! Why did you have to kidnap me?!

Yoko: My fault?! What am I supposed to do against her?! She has too many connections! If anything, it's your fault for making your return so high-profile!

Osamu: What the hell do you mean?!

Yoko: I saw you posting photos on Twitter, you jerk!

(She stalks my social media?!)

Osamu: Argh! This is bull*censored*!

Yoko took Osamu into an alleyway, where they could hide from Isabella's army of mercenaries. Even if just for a moment, the darkness and silence of the alley offered them a sense of peace after all of that chaos.

(I can hardly catch my breath! I know we're in danger, but how can she run so fast!?)

Yoko: We lost them for now.

Yoko held up her pair of panties, remembering she still hadn't put them back on. Of course, any normal girl would recognize it if it felt a little too breezy between her legs, but for Yoko, it always felt like that when she longed for Osamu.

Yoko: Oh, did you want to have a lick before I put these back on?

Osamu: No, that's fine! Go ahead and put them back on!

Yoko: Okay then, don't complain later.

Osamu: Believe me, I won't!

(Hmm? Did someone just tap my back?)

Osamu turned around and saw yet another ghost from the past before his eyes.

( no no no! This can't be happening!)

Out from the darkness of the alleyway came a beautiful girl with black hair, pale skin, and lips stricken with cyanosis. Indeed, she was dead. More specifically, she was the one and only Izanami, an actual, living goddess. She wore a summer dress with cherry blossoms on it, and her large, brilliant eyes were a bright red.

Yoko: You?! Coprse!

(Damn it, Yoko! Stop calling her Corpse! You know damn well who this goddess is!)

Izanami: Corpse? Why would you say something so hurtful?! What have I ever done to you?

Yoko: You are Izanami, after all.  I assume you're here because of Osamu as well?

Osamu: Hold on, since when do you two know each other?!

Yoko: It's a long story, Osamu.

Izanami hugged and held Osamu from behind, refusing to let him go as he resisted.

Izanami: I heard the noise up ahead and knew what Isabella was doing. The only thing that drives her crazy enough to use deadly force is Osamu! Why didn't you tell me you were back in town, Osamu?! Do you wanna come over to my place and watch movies? There's no hard feelings between you and me, I promise! You left without any warning, but I forgive you! Let's catch up and talk, okay?

Osamu: Listen, I've had the worst night so far!

Yoko: Osamu is coming home with me, and we are going to have rough sex until the break of dawn!

Osuma: Like hell we are! I just want to get home!

Those words echoed through Izanami's precious heart. Shebegan to cry and fell to Osamu's knees, hugging onto his leg as she looked back up at him with tears running down her cheeks.

Izanami: I-is that true, Osamu? Do you still love Yoko?

(Crap, if I say I don't she'll cut my balls off! If I say I do, Izanami will feel terrible! She did so much for me before I left, so I can't just hurt her feelings. What do I do?! Maybe I should just kill myself!)

Yoko pointed her sword at Osamu, her blue eyes shining fiercely in the darkness.

Osamu: What's that for?!

Yoko: Well, Osamu? You DO love me right? Tell her. Tell her how much you love your beautiful, precious darling, Yoko Akiyama. Tell her you love me, we're getting married soon, and we're going to have twenty-four babies.

Osamu: For god's sake, twenty-four?!? Are we starting a clan?!

Yoko: We're revitalizing the Akiyama and Ashikaga clans, to be precise.

Izanami: Well?! Who do you love?

(I'm dead either way!)

Voice: Let him go!

(You've got to be kidding me...Aika?!)

Aika stood just outside the alleyway, her long, brown, wavy hair flowing in the wind. She wore a floral t-shirt with a leather jacket over it, depicting thorn-covered roses and tiny hearts broken in half. Her brown eyes matched her hair, and her black, torn jeans matched the darkness of her jacket. The shirt was a little too short and didn't cover her pierced belly button. She was Rock n' Roll personified.

Yoko: Seriously?! You too? I'm gonna have to kill three harlots tonight.

Aika: Izanami, let him go! I still owe him a fist up the ass for breaking my heart!

Osamu: How does everyone know I even-

(Wait, Yoko said she saw me post pictures on the internet! Does that mean they all stalk my social media?!)

Yoko: You should really just throw all of your electronics in a river, Osamu.

Izanami: No way! Osamu wants to watch movies with me!

Yoko: He wants to make love to me and rebuild our relationship!

Aika: Shut the hell up!

In a bought of callous hatred and possible insanity, Aika threw live fireworks into the alleyway, and the fuse was almost completely burnt out.

Yoko: That...that crazy bitch...RUN!

Everyone ran out of the alleyway and back onto the street as the fireworks splashed inside the alleyway and flashed blue light all around, accompanied by explosive blooms and ear-ringing whistles. Once again, everyone stopped to catch their breath, unable to believe that the night could get any worse.

Osamu: Maybe I really should just stay with Yoko...

Izanami: Osa! I thought you loved ME!

Yoko: I don't like repeating myself, Corpse! He loves me!

Aika: I don't give a damn who he loves! He's dead! Osamu!

Osamu: Aika, baby, lets talk about this! There's a lot that none of you guys know!

Yoko: "Baby"?!

(I'm dead!)

Yoko: Oh, I see what's going on here. This Rock n' Roll whore is your mistress!

Osamu: How could you jump to such an insane conclusion?!

(Someone please just nuke this city!)

Aika started running towards Osamu with the intent to punch him, but...

Osamu: Aika, wait!

Aika: Don't tell me what t-

Aika fell face first on the pavement. She tripped on her shoelaces, of all things.


Osamu: You were never good at tying your shoes...

Aika, with a bloody nose, started crying like a baby.

Aika: Don't look at me, I'm hideous!

Osamu: You were always a crybaby too. Here.

(Thank god I'm one of those assholes that always carries around a handkerchief.)

Aika: F-for me? Really?

Osamu: Come on, go ahead and use it.

Aika: Osamu...

Yoko: Keep staring at him lovingly like that, and I'll gouge your eyes out.

Aika: You don't scare me, bitch!

Izanami: I want a handkerchief too...

Isabella: Ah-hah! Found you!

(There she is again! And she brought her troops with her!)

Isabella: Oh, so it looks like all of the exes have come out of the woodworks! It's time to die, everyone! Are you ready, boys? Fire on my mark! One! Two! Three!

(So this is how I'm going to die, gunned down in the streets like some animal. Here I come, Death. Embrace me gently.)

Suddenly, one of the mercenaries' digital watches started beeping.

Isabella: What the hell is that?! That's not gunfire I'm hearing!

Merc: Alright, pack it up folks! This is all the time we got paid for. Have your father wire the money whenever he can.

The mercenaries all dispersed and headed back home, leaving Isabella by herself. It was a beautifully euphoric moment for Yoko, who erupted into taunting laughter as Isabella's face turned beet red.

Yoko: Oh look at that! Gaijin is all by her poor, lonesome self while I have my man and my blade! What are you going to do, Gaijin? Will you run and cry back to the United States of Crybaby Land?

Isabella: Damn you, Osamu! Why did you come back here?! You should've stayed gone!

Izanami: Don't talk that way about my eternal husband!

Osamu: Husband?!

Izanami: You don't want to get married?

Suddenly, the sound of a jet flying overhead roared through the sky. Isabella's phone rang in her pocket, and she hesitantly answered the sudden call.

Isabella: H-hello?

Fox 1-9: Isabella, this is Fox One Niner, target in sight and JDAM being released in 5, 4-

Isabella: Oh my god! Duck!

Osamu: What's happening?!

Yoko: Just duck!

Everyone huddled on the sidewalk together as a fighter jet released two JDAM's in the direction of Osamu's house. The explosion and subsequent tower of black smoke was visible from their position, rocking the entire neighborhood like Godzilla's footsteps.

(No way...that's in the direction of my house!)

Osamu: Izzy! Did you call an airstrike on my house?!

Isabella: I'm sorry! He came late!

Osamu: That's not the problem here!

Fox 1-9: Isabella, this is Fox One Niner, good effect on target. The building is completely destroyed. Returning to base, over and out.


Yoko: See? You always mess everything up.

Isabella: Crap...

Osamu: Now I have nowhere to live...I'm homeless! I'll have to beg for money and dig for food in trash cans!

Yoko: Save your tears, my love. Tears do not belong on a man's face! Until Isabella can find you a new place, you can come live with me! It works out great, because now I can massage you to relieve you of your stress! You know, down there!

Osamu: I hate my life...

(I way...I'm so angry...that I'm starting to lose consciousness...)

Osamu blacked out right then and there just from the sheer anger and stress of it all. The girls shrieked and huddled around him in the middle of the street, each of them wearing oddly angry expressions on their faces, as if they felt it was unfair Osamu was able to fall unconscious instead of being awake to comprehend their rage and psychotic love. Despite their attempts to keep him lucid, Osamu fell into a sleep-like darkness.

(That was her...the one I wanted to see. I mean, I wanted to make amends with all of them, but especially with her...with Aika. I wonder what she's been up to since I left. I wonder how she's been. I wonder...if it's too late to say that I'm sorry for her loss.)

When he awoke, he was in a bedroom, laying in a king-sized bed. A blue lava lamp on the table next to the bed provided a ghostly glow of ocean-colored light.

(What is this? Was it all just a bad dream? Did I die? Or...)

He turned to his right and saw a naked Yoko cuddling with him, half-asleep and softly breathing onto his chest.

(No no no no no! This can't be real! This is Yoko's place?!)

Yoko: Mmmm. Osamu, you beast. That felt so good.

(Dear god, was I molested while I was unconscious?!)

Osamu: Umm..did we...

Yoko: No "we". You were still knocked out. Stop talking now, we should sleep.

(I don't know whether to be aroused or to call the police...but I guess...this is how my first night back starts, huh? This is going to be one hell of a ride..)


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What's this? A new piece from OGHM that I've yet to read about?  :hmm:

I guess it's time to brew some coffee 8)
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I really don't know if I'll go anywhere with this concept  :clapping: Figured it wouldn't hurt to try though since 6 Cataclysms is consuming my life
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I'd say go for it! It's only been the first chapter and I'm already hooked!  :biggrin: All I can think of is how much of a yandere harem he's got himself into, which quite frankly you don't see much of around these parts ('cuz you know, the whole "kill everyone he looks at" mentality...  :sure: )
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In that case, I think I'll continue with this one  :clapping:
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Oh God help me, OhGodHelpMe has another story! Ha ha, let's read.

Chapter 1

Yoko stood up, her skirt dangling over Osamu. She took off her panties and let them fall on Osamu's face.
- I'm beginning to understand your stories a lot more now.

Yoko took off her vest and lifted her shirt to reveal her bra. It wasn't taken off, and rested on her breasts. It was just so that her stomach could be bare. She had a belly button piercing depicting the kanji for ocean, since the "Yo" in her name was written with the kanji.

She removed her finger and sucked on it, her face blushing at the taste.
- and you lost me...ew.

An explosion through the wall rocked the bowling alley and disrupted them. Osamu began to cough as smoke filled the bowling lanes.
- Now it's getting wild!

Voice: Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Yoko Akiyama and Osamu Ashikaga. My rival and my first love, both in one place. Perfect...
- You are always gonna be my love! This is amusing.

Out from the smoke came Isabella Bailey, an American girl with blonde hair decorated with metal beads, blue eyes, and quite the nice rack. Her nails were each painted red, white and blue, in honor of her home country.
- Could an American girl in these stories ever not have blonde hair?

Isabella pulled out a desert eagle and pointed it at Yoko. At the same time, Yoko grabbed her panties and her katana, pointing the latter at Isabella.
- Now this is an epic showdown.

Out from the darkness of the alleyway came a beautiful girl with black hair, pale skin, and lips stricken with cyanosis. Indeed, she was dead. More specifically, she was a zombie. She wore a summer dress with cherry blossoms on it, and her eyes were a bright red.
- It gets even more crazy.

Yoko: Osamu is coming home with me, and we are going to have rough sex until the break of dawn!
- She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean...

Voice: Let him go!

(You've got to be kidding me...Aika?!)
-Oh no not another!

Osamu: Izzy! Did you call an airstrike on my house?!

Isabella: I'm sorry! He came late!
- make me Dizzy Miss doesn't work that way.

Osamu blacked out right then and there.
- Oh no.

(Dear god, was I molested while I was unconscious?!)

Osamu: Umm..did we...

Yoko: No "we". You were still knocked out. Stop talking now, we should sleep.
- Jeez dude.

So this was um, not a bad read. It was pretty entertaining and like Anzu it was pretty easy to read and keep focus on. Again you really went all out here with the raunchy stuff. Your set up is decent, introducing all the ex girlfriends at once, but it really seems like Yoko is the only option here know raping Osamu! Imagine if the roles where flipped and Osamu kidnaps and rapes Yoko. That's just a strange observation from any kind of harem or  ecchi, not a mark against your story because I know exactly what you're going for here and you have pulled that off well. I don't have much to say in the way of critique, it was an amusing story and the set up was crazy so keep the yandere antics coming I suppose. Yoko is giving me Yuno vibes though and I don't like that personally.

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Actually I was thinking it might be fun to draw these characters. If you'd like that (keep in mind my art style!) could you give some more detailed description specifically on Yoko?
Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
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Do as you please, Manimal  :clapping:

Yoko Akiyama has:

-Strawberry-red hair, usually just has it down

-Peachy skin

-Ocean-blue eyes (Fits with her name!)

-Kanji for Ocean on her belly button piercing

-Wasn't included in this chapter, but her nails are painted blue (Yes, like the ocean)

-Has a host of different weapons at her place (this is a bit of a spoiler), like the katana, tanto, folding iron war fan, chakram, shuriken, kunai, and a bunch of other stuff any Yandere, murderous ex girlfriend would have

-Does boob size matter? They're pretty average, I imagine  :hmm:

-Despite her personality, she dresses like a sweet girly girl, hence the skirt in the first part. Skirts, spring dresses, frilly stuff.

That's all I've got on her for now  8) This story is a huge work-in-progress
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I pictured her with long black hair and straight bangs! But alright dude I will draw her and maybe some of the other characters. I'll post it in my gallery when I'm done (and if it works out...) so keep on eye out for that.
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Oh my god, I don't know what I'm doing anymore  :(

Day 2: My Ex Girlfriend Shot Me With a Sniper Rifle

(Last night was my first night back in Kyoto. Despite all the trouble I got into in just that one night, it really did make me feel like home. Still, I hope I don't forget my purpose. There's someone here that I'm dying to see. Maybe I should take some time to get settled in, since Isabella called an airstrike on my house! Yeah, I guess that sounds alright. Okay, Osamu. Time to get up, big boy.)

Osamu woke up alone in Yoko's bed, his head throbbing from the events of the night before. The cool, morning sun radiated through Yoko's silky, red curtains, converting its light into a dreamy, crimson aura that gently veiled everything in the room.


(All things considered, Yoko's bed is really comfortable. I actually slept like a log...despite being molested...)

Osamu: Yoko? You out there?

Osamu opened the door and ventured out of the room. Only now did he realize how large Yoko's house was. It was certainly better than the little house he had...before it was blown up. He proceeded downstairs, fluffing out his frizzy bed hair, and landed right into the kitchen, where he could see Yoko preparing a meal. She kept her hair tied and wore her shirt from last night over and a pair of underwear.

(Oh baby, what a beautiful kitchen! Seasoning racks! Granite counter-tops! Polished wooden cabinets! Look at that knife collection, sharpened to perfection for clean, even cutting! Am I in kitchen utensil heaven?! Ooo! And look at that stainless steal fridge! It's spotless!)

Osamu: Umm, good morning.

Yoko smiled and turned her head around.

Yoko: Good morning, Osa! Sleep well?

Osamu: Yeah, I did actually. I...don't really remember you living in a house like this when we first went out...

Yoko: Yeah, well, a lot of things change in four years, right? My father passed away while you were gone, and he left my mother and I a lump sum of money.

(I missed something like that in my absence?)

Osamu: He passed?! I knew he was sick, but...I thought...

Yoko: Yeah, don't worry about it. I've already cried like a baby over it.

(Now I understand why she wanted to kill me at first.)

Osamu: So... you live here by yourself? Where did your mom go?

Yoko: I'm old enough to take care of myself, so we went our separate ways after Dad died. Last I heard, she moved somewhere in Hokkaido.

Osamu: Well, at least it's nice and peaceful there.

(I can't believe Yoko went through all of that after I left. Damn it, I should've at least said goodbye...)

Yoko: Did you want some food? I've got some cold somen here.

Osamu: Really? I'd love to, but I should really get going...

Yoko: Going?!

Her facade of politesse intanstly shattered as her uncontrollable, wild anger possessed her. Yoko threw her knife just past Osamu's cheek, striking it into the wall.

(Holy crap, is she strong!)

Yoko: is rude to refuse something your host wants to give you. It is especially rude to excuse yourself out of their home so carelessly. Where did your respect go?

Osamu: Whoops, you're right, Yoko! My bad! I was being stupid, yeah! You have my sincerest apologies! Please forgive me!

(God I hope she doesn't kill me!)

Yoko: Just so you know, the only way you will ever leave this place is with me. Either we go on dates, or our bloodied bodies are collected and bagged by a crime scene clean up crew!

(Totally not a psychopath...)

Yoko: Food's ready darling!

(I can't believe how quickly her personality changes...)

Osamu and Yoko sat together as the kitchen's center counter that doubled as a sort of dinner table, the former on the verge of soiling his pants.

(I wonder if I'll soil myself or sweat myself to death first....)

Yoko: Thank you for this meal.

Osamu: Thank you for this meal.

Osamu dug into the cold somen, served with an ice cube. It was a perfect dish for the summer heat, and not surprisingly, it tasted really good.

(I should've known. If she's been living by herself this whole time, her cooking is bound to be good. She really has changed since then)

Yoko let down her hair and smiled at Osamu.

Yoko: Is it good? I made it with all of my love for you.

Osamu: I-I-It's really good! As expected of someone as independent as you!

Yoko: Really?! Yes! I'm so happy! Let me know if you want seconds!

(Ah, the sun is so bright today. The sun looks so beautiful on her face. Especially that red dot. Wait, red dot?!?)

As those two lovebirds ate their breakfast togehter, a vengeful Isabella laid down on a nearby rooftop, armed with a hot pink Dragunov sniper rifle fitted with a laser sight attachment to its side, and stabilized with a bipod. Happiness, for her, was a warm gun. It was fair to say that Osamu was sweating bullets.

Osamu: Uhh, Yoko!

Yoko: Yes, love?

Osamu: Let's take a bath together!

(Of all things, why the hell did I just say that?!)

Yoko: A bath? Okay, can it wait until we're done eating?

(No good! If I don't hurry, Yoko will get shot!)

Osamu tackled Yoko onto the ground just before Isabella pulled the trigger and shattered the window with her shot. Yoko immediately knew that it was that accursed, blonde, snivelling, little harlot known as Isabella that threatened to ruin her morning with the love of her life.

Yoko: It's her again! That bitch! Trying to kill me in a bowling alley is one thing, but damaging private property is a whole different kind of offense, especially when my husband is with me!

(Is there some sort of marriage form I filled out while I was unconscious?!)

Isabella: Damn it! Why are you protecting her?

Yoko: Osa, thank you for protecting me, but I need you to move.

Osamu: What the hell are you going to do?

Yoko: I'm going to grab my weapons, and then I'm going to cut her legs and arms off. After that, I'll sew up the wounds to stop the bleeding and leave only a little opening in the sutures so I can hang her from my ceiling and laugh at her as she slowly dies from hunger, dehydration, or infection! Then I'll feed her corpse to the vultures!

Osamu: Absolutely none of that is happening!

(I've got to stop this!)

Osamu: Wait here!

Yoko: Osamu!

Osamu ran through the house and barged out the front door, hoping to find Isabella perched on one of the rooftops. As soon as he stepped out, a loud, explosive bang overwhelmed his ears. His body went numb, and he was brought to the ground.

(I don't understand...what is this?! Why did I suddenly fall?)

Osamu guided his trembling hand to his stomach, realizing he was exsanguinating through a bullet wound above his belly button.

(Oh god, no! Please no! I can't die like this! Damn it, Izzy!)

Isabella: Damn! I thought Yoko would be the one to step out!

(Izzy, you idiot! Don't you check your targets before you pull the trigger?!)

Yoko: Osamu!

Before Yoko could get to him, Izanami abruptly appeared out of a vortex in front of Osamu and immediately rushing to his side. Her beautiful, white kimono, adorned with cherry blossom patterns on the back, wrinkled and folded as she knelt by his side.

(Izanami? How did she..)

Izanami: Osamu! What happened?! I suddenly felt your life start to drain!

Osamu: You can feel that?!

Izanami: Of course I can! I'm the goddess of death! Kiss me!

Izanami held Osamu up and pressed her lips against his. The sight of their locked lips caused both Yoko and Isabella to stop in their tracks, petrified in awe and boiling anger.

(The bleeding ceased...and I can't feel pain anymore!)

Osamu was able to stand by himself. The hole through his shirt revealed a small part of his abdomen that was covered in dry blood, but the wound was perfectly healed.

Yoko: I.Za.Na.Mi!

Izanami: What? I just saved his life! It's Isabella that almost killed him!

Yoko stepped outside and stared at Isabella from the front of the house. She stood frozen on the nearby rooftop, blushing and crying as she hugged her hot pink Dragunov like a child.

Yoko: For once, I agree with you.

And so the afternoon came. Yoko and Izanami brought Isabella into the house, where she bowed as they scolded her. Osamu had just taken a shower and had to wear one of Yoko's shirts.

Izanami: What do you have to say for yourself?!

Isabella: I'm sorry! I thought it was you, Yoko!

Yoko's eye twitched in anger.

Yoko: It would be a real shame if you were to never come out of this house alive! Maybe we should start by ripping off your fingernails and plying out your teeth! Would you like that?! Maybe my crawlspace would make a nice grave for you!

Isabella: Y-you wouldn't!

Yoko suddenly grabbed Isabella by her cheeks and kissed her, deeply and profoundly, as if the two were in love. The seemingly random move left Izanami speechless.

Isabella: W-w-what the hell was that?!

Yoko: I can tell exactly what kind of person someone is by kissing them. Isabella Bailey, born in the state of California, loves sushi and hates veggie pizza, has a collection of Yaoi manga under her bed, prefers Maybelline to Covergirl, wears frilly panties just for the fun of it, perfectly memorized Hiragana and Katakana but still has no idea what kanji Osamu uses for his name, 18 years, 4 months, 28 days, 17 hours, and 4 minutes old, always breaks the yolk when she tries to make fried eggs, scared of insects, has a tough exterior but is really a dimwitted fool who uses too much force and realizes it too late, excellent at mathematics, especially in polynomials and complex equations, and dries with pink towels after taking a shower!


Izanami: A-amazing! You can seriously do that?!

Yoko: Well? Did I get that right?

Isabella: This is so embarrassing! Just kill me already!

Izanami: Not until you apologize to Osamu!

(I thought I heard noise downstairs. Turns out they invited her in so she can apologize. Lo and behold, Isabella now bows before me.)

Isabella: Osamu! I'm so sorry for sniping you in the stomach and calling an airstrike on your house! Just so you know, I had also arranged for a SEAL team to conduct an operation to kidnap you, but I cancelled that as well!

Osamu: Stop using your connections to burn down the order of this country!

Izanami: Please, as much as she's done, go easy on her. I can tell that she really does feel remorse for her actions.

Osamu: Fine. I forgive you, Isabella.

Yoko: Now that you've apologized, you can go home.

Isabella: Hah....about that...

(Oh man, here it comes...)

Isabella: See, I spent a lot more money than I should have on those military services, so...

Yoko: You racked up a large debt and now your life is in danger because you owe vicious mercenary groups money?

Isabella: Haha...yep...

Yoko: Yeah. Get out.

Isabella: You can't just kick me out on the street like a cat you don't want anymore!

Yoko: Of course I can. It's my house. Unless you'd be willing to lend me your spine to make a nice necklace out of, you have no value in this household.

Izanami: Now, now, Yoko. I know Isabella has done some horrible deeds today, but it's not right to turn away someone without a home. Besides, this could be an opportunity for her to pay back what she caused in damages.

Yoko: Hmm....Well, you did shoot my husband, and you also broke a window. Letting you go now would just be letting you off the hook...fine. You can stay here. But if you don't want to die, you will wash my back every time I bathe, you will handle the dishes and most of the housework, and for every time you so much as glance at Osamu...I will kill you. Slowly. With a spoon.

Isabella: F-fine...

Yoko: Oh, really? That's fine to you? My, my, don't tell me you LIKE to be abused.

Isabella: That's not true! I was just agreeing to the terms you witch!

(Actually, as her ex, I can tell you personally that it really is true. Isabella may be a brash girl, but that sense of power is really only due to the fact that her father is influential. Take that away, and she's just like most other girls.)

Osamu: Isabella, there are dishes to wash from the meal Yoko made earlier. You should go ahead and do them.

You could almost hear a water drop as Yoko's face blushed and her eyes widened. Almost...

Yoko: Osamu! That's so manly of you, telling a woman to piss off and do the dishes!

Isabella: O-okay! If you say so, Osa!

Isabella went right to work, leaving Osamu in the room with Yoko and Izanami.

Osamu: Izanami, there's something I want to ask you. In private.

Yoko: I'm not included?

(There are those sweet puppy eyes again...)

Osamu: Sorry, Yoko. Just wait outside for a bit.

Yoko: Fine. Only because I love you. Don't touch him while I'm gone.

Izanami: No promises.

(I see that rivalry isn't going away any time soon...)

Yoko left the room and shut the door.

Izanami: What is it?

Osamu: I came back to Kyoto, because there was someone I wanted to see.

Izanami: Hmm? Who?

Osamu: Aika's mom passed away shortly before I left, but I didn't get to burn any incense for her. I originally came here because I wanted to visit her grave and give my condolences to Aika. Maybe we could even be friends again. But then, I also learned that Yoko's father passed away after I left. I really did leave at a horrible time, didn't I? And I'm sure that you were lonely because of my absence. No offense, but it's not like you can just walk into any public establishment and be friends with anyone.

Izanami: No offense taken. If there's one thing that hasn't changed about you, it's that you're too sweet for your own good. You came all this way just to visit some graves and console a past love. That's noble, Osa.

Osamu: Thanks. I really needed that after the crazy things I've been through already.

Though Izanami looked like a dead girl, she still had an absolutely precious smile, one that made roses bloom in Osamu's chest.

Izanami: Ah, I see why you told me this. You want me to point you to the grave?

Osamu: Yeah, if you can do that for me, that would be great. You are the goddess of death and creation after all. It's getting late, so let's go out tomorrow and get it done. Is that okay?

Izanami: Works for me Osa!

Osamu: I appreciate it. You know, I really missed you too, Izanami. I'm sorry for just leaving so suddenly, especially after everything you did for me.

Izanami patted Osamu's head, her soft smile holding no grudges against him.

Izanami: You made the choice you felt was best for you. As someone who loves you, how can I argue against that? It's alright. You don't have to apologize.

(Doing this, even though they all tried to kill me....well, except for Izanami....)

The moon's light dominated the night sky asIsabella was given her own room. Osamu wanted to sleep in his own room and bed as well but...

Yoko: Sleep in your own bed? Sure, I can arrange that...if you want to wake up and find a knife plunged into your heart!

So, that was out of the question.

(Thankfully, there's no molestation this time. She's sleeping, but I really want to grab some mochi! Quietly, Osamu. Quietly!)

Osamu could be quite light on his feet, and was able to sneak out of the house by himself. The convenience store wasn't too far away. It'd be nice to grab some snacks and get a good walk in as well. However, on the way there, Osamu heard music coming from underneath the bridge built over the river. Following the tune that caressed his ears, he stepped off of the sidewalk and walked down the slope. When he got under the bridge, he saw Aika sitting on the grass, playing the guitar. She only had her cellphone flashlight to see.

(I see. When your mom passed, you did this to cope. I'm really sorry, Aika.)

Aika was always a mystifying woman, one that was so fascinating to watch because you could never truly decipher what was going on in her head. All you could do was wonder and dream, and so, people's perception of her was based on those dreamy falsehoods, like travelers disillusioned by a siren's song.

Osamu: Uhh, hey Aika.

Aika was startled by Osamu's appearance and set aside her guitar. No matter what, she always wore a leather jacket when she went out.

Aika: What do you want?

Osamu: Can I sit next to you?

Aika: What if I say no?

Osamu: I guess I won't mind. You don't have to if you don't want to.

Aika: Then go away. I don't ever want to see you again.

Osamu: I understand. I came because I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for your loss. I mean, I know it's 4 years late, but...I just hope you'll forgive me.

Aika: My loss? mean her.

Osamu: That's right.

Aika: Why would you care? You left so easily and didn't say anything to anyone. Did you date anyone else in that time?

Osamu: I met a few girls, sure. It never quite worked out.

(I've already figured out by now that I'm no good with women, but Aika can be quite the hurdle)

Osamu: You still play guitar?

Aika hesitated for a moment.

Aika: Yeah.

Osamu: Get into any new genres?

Aika: Jazz and Classical.

Osamu: Wow, the complicated stuff, huh? How about singing?

Aika stood up as soon as the word "singing" came out of his mouth.

Aika: Y-you know that I'm no good at singing! I'm only good on guitar, piano, and the koto.

Osamu: Okay, okay. Fair enough. But I do hope to hear you sing some day, Aika. How about it?

Aika: It's not like I owe you any promises.

(Stubborn as always.)

Osamu: If I can't sit with you, can I sit behind you?

Aika: What a stupid question. Fine...but you have to sit 5 meters behind me.

(What kind of command is that?)

Osamu: Alright. I'll compromise.

Aika sat by the water, continuing her melancholy instrumental as Osamu sat on the grassy slope behind her. She never looked back at him, not even once.

After a short while, the music came to a stop, and Aika put aside her guitar. Osamu was unable to see that Aika had withdrawn a tightly folded piece of paper from her jacket. Slowly, with trembling hands and cloudy eyes, Aika unfolded that small piece of notebook paper, reading the only line written on it to herself.

"Confront Osamu".

Aika: I wonder...if I can cross this out now...

(She's still like that too, huh? Still hiding away whenever she's sad. She thinks I don't know that she's crying right now. I have to make everything right while I still can. Just hang on until tomorrow, Love Song. It may be too late, but I'm going to give my proper thanks to the both of you.)

Meanwhile, back at home...

Yoko: He's not here?! That sneaky little man-whore! I'll be sure to cut off his feet next time!

(If only I had known, that even when you try to make things right, there's always going to be that one girl who tries to kill you...)

End of Day 2

Sounds good Manimal! Bangs would probably look good on her, actually. I might work that into the story now that you mention it.
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Schiesse, it's only been a day and you already have the 2nd chapter out!?  :confused:

This gonna be 'gud  8)

I noticed you been giving days to these pieces. Are you perhaps planning to go a month's worth of this? Or perhaps... all 365 days~!  :dance:
Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on February 13, 2016, 02:30:45 AM
Things progressed quite quickly and I'm making a one shot manga out of the 1st chapter with someone from here

Pretty cool for me since I literally only came up with this two nights ago and I didn't think anything would ever come of it  :clapping:
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Dude the story is awesome. The first two days you put up are amazing~.
Honestly though Yandere FTW
Oh and good luck on the rest, cant wait for its completion  :clapping:
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Post by: legomaestro on February 14, 2016, 04:16:24 PM
Another story from oghm! I am so ready for this haha. Really enjoyed your last story, so will also definitely be reading this one.

Chapter 1
1. My name is Osamu Ashikaga. I don't know what time it is, and I don't know where I am. When I opened my eyes, I was tied to a chair in some abandoned bowling alley, and the only person there....was my ex girlfriend. She's quite the beauty if you ask me. She had me falling in love with her blue eyes and red hair years ago. She always gave you this sweet look, like the kind of look your mother gives to you. However...these days...she's nothing but a rotten, violent psychopath!)

- That's one hilarious and great beginning there. As always you're really good at putting the hooks in there.

2. Osamu's ex, Yoko Akiyama, pressed the heel of her stiletto against Osamu's chest and pointed a katana at his face. The only light in the room was an electric lantern she brought with her. Her raised leg meant that Osamu caught a glimpse of her panties, since she was wearing a skirt. She wore a denim vest and a white shirt with the kanji for "Love" printed on it.

- That scene fits so perfectly in my mind. I imagine an anime starting like this so clearly and I want it!

3. Yoko: You're still as handsome as ever. It's too bad you're nothing but a filthy insect. Where would you like me to cut first? Your face? Your biceps? How about your-

- Yes please!

- I mean not that last bit!

- I wish I had a yandere after me

4. Yoko: Osa, you sweetheart! You really did miss me all this time?

- Hahaha.

5. Yoko: Stripping! I want to make love, right here and now!

(Do you see why I left yet?!?)

- No. Shut up Osamu I'm busy reading a story here.

6. Yoko: I want you to be rough with me tonight. Even if I tell you it hurts and beg you to stop, just keep going.

(M-maybe this situation isn't all that bad...)

- You think!?

7. Out from the smoke came Isabella Bailey, an American girl with blonde hair decorated with metal beads, blue eyes, and quite the nice rack. Her nails were each painted red, white and blue, in honor of her home country.

- Haha, this story seems like something Gainax would come up with too. It's so random, but I don't care.

8. Yoko took Osamu into an alleyway, where they can hide from Isabella's army of mercenaries.

* they could

9. Yoko: Oh, did you want to have a lick before I put these back on?

- Eh.

10. Out from the darkness of the alleyway came a beautiful girl with black hair, pale skin, and lips stricken with cyanosis. Indeed, she was dead. More specifically, she was a zombie. She wore a summer dress with cherry blossoms on it, and her eyes were a bright red.


Yoko: You?! *censored*ai!

- You what?

12. *Hint: *censored*ai means "Dead Body" in Japanese)*

- Ah

13. Izanami: I-is that true, Osamu: Do you still love Yoko?

- Poor Izanami

14. (Crap, if I say I don't she'll cut my balls off! If I say I do, Izanami will feel terrible! I really don't want a deity to be mad at me! What do I do?! Maybe I should just kill myself!)

- Wait calling her a goddess is not just a compliment? She's legitimately a goddess? Wow.

15. Yoko: Well, Osamu? You DO love me right? Tell her. Tell her you love me, we're getting married soon, and we're going to have 24 babies.

Osamu: For god's sake, 24?!? Are we starting a clan?!

- I laughed out loud at that one.

Voice: Let him go!

(You've got to be kidding me...Aika?!)

- And they just keep on coming.

- Feels like a horrible hilarious reverse Scott Pilgrim. Such a great concept

17. Aika stood in the alleyway, her long, brown, wavy hair flowing in the wind. she wore a floral t-shirt with a leather jacket over it. Her brown eyes matched her hair, and her black, torn jeans matched her jacket. The shirt was a little too short and didn't cover her belly button.

- Aika is my waifu.  Currently competing with Yoko because Yoko is yandere and yandere is life.

18. Aika: Izanami, let him go! I still owe him a fist up the ass for breaking my heart!

- What.

19. Aika: I don't give a sh*t who he loves! He's dead! I'm gonna shove your head into your ass so hard it opens a supermassive black hole! Prepare to die, Osamu!

- I suppose the vulgarity thing is more the narrators' fault than the characters >...<. Like how Tarantino has gratious amounts of blood in his movies with little to no reason the same happens in yours! You're the Tarantino of vulgarity! I shall not comment on it again!

Yoko: Keep staring at him lovingly like that, and I'll gouge your eyes out.

Aika: You don't scare me, bitch!

Izanami: I want a handkerchief too...

Isabella: Ah-hah! Found you!

(There she is again! And she brought her troops with her!)

- While the beginning and the introduction of the characters is hilarious, I feel something needs to happen next. The shenanigans can only go so long before the story stagnates.

21. (So this is how I'm going to die, gunned down in the streets like some animal. I always wished I'd die in a sea of mochi, or maybe in a sea of boobs. Here I come, Death. Embrace me gently.)

- I don't understand how mochi is any comparision to the other option...

22. Merc: Alright, pack it up folks! This is all the time we got paid for. Have your father wire the money whenever he can.

The mercenaries all dispersed and headed back home, leaving Isabella by herself.

- Hilarious. It's amazing that the mercs were willing to take on this job despite the actual things it concerns.

Osamu: Husband?!

Izanami: You don't want to get married?

- Whoa, future tense marriage proposal. It's amazing how she can act like the one being wronged. She's asking 'you don't want to get married' as though it was already on the table!

Osamu: Izzy! Did you call an airstrike on my house?!

Isabella: I'm sorry! He came late!

Osamu: That's not the problem here!

Fox 1-9: Isabella, this is Fox One Niner, good effect on target. The building is completely destroyed. Returning to base, over and out.

- Wow, just wow.

25. (Dear god, was I molested while I was unconscious?!)

Osamu: Umm..did we...

Yoko: No "we". You were still knocked out. Stop talking now, we should sleep.

(I don't know whether to be aroused or to call the police...but I guess...this is how my first night back starts, huh? This is going to be one hell of a ride..)

- Wow. Just wow. I have no words.

Chapter 2

1. Osamu: He passed?!

Yoko: Yeah, don't worry about it. I've already cried like a baby over it.

(Now I understand why she wanted to kill me at first)

- Wow.

2. Yoko: Did you want some food? I've got some cold somen here.

- don't even know what somen is haha.

Yoko threw her knife just past Osamu's cheek, striking it into the wall.

(Holy crap, is she strong! Why did I say that?!)

- The yandere-ing begins. I was wondering how things were so peaceful for so long.

4. Yoko: Just so you know, the only way you will ever leave this place is with me. Either we go on dates, or our bloodied bodies are collected and bagged by a crime scene clean up crew!

(This is exactly why I left!)

- My word. My word.

5. Yoko: Food's ready darling!

(I can't believe how quickly her personality changes...)

- Because Yandere's are just so... Full of life! You're so lucky you bastard.

6. Yoko: Thank you for this meal.

Osamu: Thank you for this meal.

-  The tension  is Death Note level.

Yoko: Yes, love?

Osamu: Let's take a bath together!

- My my my.

8. (Is there some sort of marriage form I filled in while I was unconscious?!)

- Izanami seems to think so.

Yoko: I'm going to grab my weapons, and then I'm going to cut her legs and arms off. After that, I'll sew up the wounds to stop the bleeding and leave only a little opening in the sutures so I can hang her from my ceiling and laugh at her as she slowly dies from hunger, dehydration, or infection, and then I'll feed her corpse to the vultures!

Osamu: Absolutely none of that is happening!

- Wow. I wonder why the exes didn't attack eachother during his absence, or at least come to form some alliance or something.

Before Yoko could get to him, Izanami appeared out of a vortex in front of Osamu and immediately rushed to his side. She was dressed in a beautiful white kimono with cherry blossom patterns on it.

- Supernatural being confirmed.

Izanami: Osamu! What happened?! I suddenly felt your life start to drain!

Osamu: You can feel that?!

Izanami: Of course I can! I'm the goddess of death! Kiss me!

- Wow.

Yoko grabbed Isabella by her cheeks and kissed her. The seemingly random move left Izanami speechless.

Isabella: W-w-what the hell was that?!

- Fanservice *nosebleed* Fanservice


Yoko: I can tell exactly what kind of person someone is by kissing them. Isabella Bailey, born in the state of California, loves sushi and hates veggie pizza, has a collection of Yaoi manga under her bed, prefers Maybelline to Covergirl, wears frilly panties just for the fun of it, perfectly memorized Hiragana and Katakana but still has no idea what kanji Osamu uses for his name, 18 years, 4 months, 28 days, 17 hours, and 4 minutes old, always breaks the yolk when she tries to make fried egg, scared of insects, has a tough exterior but is really a dimwitted fool who uses too much force and realizes it too late, excellent at mathematics, especially in polynomials and complex equations, and dries with pink towels after taking a shower!

- What in the world!? That is some impressive stuff right there.

14. Isabella: Osamu! I'm so sorry for sniping you in the stomach and calling an airstrike on your house! Just so you know, I had also arranged for SEAL team to conduct an operation to kidnap you, but I cancelled that as well!

- Now Isabella is quite impressive. Anyone willing to go as far as that is worth something.

15. Osamu: Stop using your connections to burn down the order of this country!

Izanami: Being a god, I can tell that she really does feel remorse for her actions.

Osamu: Fine. I forgive you, Isabella.

- Man, how am I even accepting this character base. Serious props on this front.

16. Yoko: You racked up a large debt and now your life is in danger because you owe vicious mercenary groups money?

Isabella: Haha...yep...

- I knew it.

17. Yoko: Of course I can. It's my house. Unless you'd be willing to lend me your spine to make a nice necklace out of.

- Wow Yoko. Just wow.

18. Yoko: Oh, really? My, my, don't tell me you LIKE to be abused, my little submissive.

- my little submissive what?

19. (Actually, as her ex, I can tell you personally that it really is true. Isabella may be a brash girl, but that sense of power is really only due to the fact that her father is influential. Take that away, and she's just like most other girls.)

- I'm impressed in the first place at the dating base you have man. Teach me your skills, Osamu. A harem king if there ever was one.

Izanami: No offense taken. If there's one thing that hasn't changed about you, it's that
you're too sweet for your own good. You came all this way just to visit some graves and console a past love. That's nole, Osa.


- I should say, the centers of harems are already on my blacklist by default. I expect a real flat character or someone depending on the colour of the girls in the harem, but Osamu seems really interesting. It's amazing how you can blend characters like this.

21. Though Izanami looked like a dead girl, she still has an absolutely precious smile.

- What the hell fetish are you trying to awaken in me darned narrator! I avoided that zombie anime for several reasons!

Osamu: Yeah, if you can do that for me, that would be great. You are the goddess of death and creation after all. It's getting late, so let's go out tomorrow and get it done. Is that okay?

- Dude dated a goddess of death. There is no higher game than that.

Yoko: Sleep in your own bed? Sure, I can arrange that...if you want to wake up and find a knife plunged into your heart!

So, that was out of the question.

- Wow, just wow.... I love Yandere! The commitment man! *cough* I mean how terrible. Crazy Yoko

24. (Thankfully, there's no molestation this time. She's sleeping, but I really want to grab some mochi! Quietly, Osamu. Quietly!)

- Dude really loves his mochi.

25. Aika was startled by Osamu's appearance and set aside her guitar. No matter what, she always wore a leather jacket when she went out.

- Aika chaaan

26. (I've already figured out by now that I'm no good with women, but Aika can be quite the hurdle)

- Define 'no good'

Aika: Y-you know that I'm no good at singing! I'm only good on guitar, piano, and the koto.

- Hm, what is the koto.

Aika: What a stupid question...fine...but you have to sit 5 meters behind me.

(What kind of command is that?)

Osamu: Alright. I'll compromise.

- Haha

29. (She's still like that too, huh? Still hiding away whenever she's sad. She thinks I don't know that she's crying right now. I have to make everything right while I still can. Just hang on until tomorrow, Love Song. It may be too late, but I'm going to give my proper thanks to the both of you.)

- Touching.


Meanwhile, back at home...

Yoko: He's not here?! I'll cut his balls off with a dull blade!

(If only I had known, that even when you try to make things right, there's always going to be that one girl who tries to kill you...)

- Terrifying. A great juxtaposition

General Thoughts
What can I say? I must clap hands. You've done it again, and it's quite clear you're in your element with comedy and character building in stories. And don't think I don't see the pointers to music and food in here! It all works so well. What should be a cliche cast of characters actually turns out to be interesting in its own right. You strike such a good balance between the craziness and the meat of the story that I can't help but like it. Slapstick comedies always fall flat for me when they go on endlessly without any actual content to support them, but I already have so many questions that I'm hooked into the story. I mean, other than the immediate things that have happened there's the question of 'how did he meet all this girls and when? Were they always like this or did Osamu bring out the craziness in them?' So much potential for exploration here.

Really nicely done. There are some instances where present tense is used (Izanami smiling.) and well there's that thing which I promised I won't comment on again, but at least it's a bit toned down.

And you're having a one shot made from the first chapter? Awesome! That is well deserved methinks. In fact, this would work as a manga quite well. Honestly, it would be an anime I'd watch for sure too. [
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Thanks for reading  :dance: I'm definitely gonna continue this one then. I expect it to be crazy, funny, and hopefully touching
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I myself am discovering what exactly this story is about as I write it  :hmm: I'm starting to see a theme pick up here (I'm gonna start throwing in sassy lines with the chapter names, like the ones you read in these kinds of stories on the cover page)

Day 3: I Visited My Ex-Girlfriend's Mother
Deadly? Sexy? I want you to love me to both ways!

Yoko arrived at the bridge with fury in her heart and a katana in her hands. She was still dressed in her nightgown and didn't even bother wasting time to look decent enough to go out. Truly, she was raw hatred personified. With vengeance in her eyes and cold, hardened nipples beneath her gown, Yoko pointed her blade at the two.

Yoko: Osamu!

(Oh no, it's Yoko! She's going to have the wrong idea! I can't believe I'm even talking as if we're dating again!)

Aika and Osamu jumped up, with Aika remaining behind him.

Yoko: Explain yourself! Maybe you'll stop me from skinning you alive!

Osamu: Well, uhh, you see, I walked out to grab some snacks, but then I heard Aika playing guitar under the bridge!

Yoko: I see...prepare to die then.

Yoko pointed her sword in their direction.

Osamu: Wait a minute, we didn't do anything, I swear!

Yoko: It's not a matter of you having done anything. It's a matter of you possibly doing something. That is something I cannot allow. Now then, Aika, are you ready to be punished for daring to lure my husband out here when he should be laying in bed with me?


Aika: Osamu...move aside.

Aika had her electric guitar in her hands as she stepped in front of Osamu. She wielded her Gibson Black Beauty as if it were an axe, and she was a viking ready to destroy her opponent.

(Why are you encouraging her!?)

Yoko: Oh? So you've chosen to fight?

Aika: I don't want to, but you're really pissing me off. Osamu is not your husband, yet you insist he is and you think you can dictate where he should be at all times. Do you know what that makes you?

(Oh no, she's going to say it!)

Aika: Clingy.



Yoko's eye twitched as that word rung out into the air, echoing infinitely within Yoko's soul.

Yoko: Osamu...

Osamu: Y-yeah?

Yoko: Forgive me. I'll be sure to wash Aika's blood off of your clothes after this.

(You what?!)

Aika and Yoko charged at each other like two overpowered characters from a shounen manga. For Osamu, this moment moved in slow motion. He wanted to stop them before they could kill each other and ruin a perfectly good guitar in the process. Thankfully, a familiar vortex appeared between them, and Izanami restrained the both of them. The guitar and the sword, along with their owners, were pinned to the ground.

Osamu: Izanami!

(You always save the day!)

Yoko: Damn you! Why do you always get in my way?! I'm going to rip her open and sew her heart to the back of her head!

Aika: You couldn't kill me if I let you jump first!

Izanami: Enough!

Izanami grabbed both of their heads with her cold, dead hands, and their eyes rolled back into their heads. They fell unconscious under Izanami's power.

Izanami: You okay, Osamu?

Osamu: You saved me, Izanami! Maybe I really should marry you!

Izanami: Oh love, don't tease, don't tease. They're unconscious for now. Do you know where Aika lives?

Osamu:, I actually don't.

Izanami: Well, I hope Yoko won't mind having another guest in her house. I'll carry Yoko.

Osamu: I've got Aika.

The two of them carried the girls back to Yoko's place, the streets empty and peaceful.

(Finally, things calmed down again. I guess it's not surprising that Izanami is so responsible. She is a goddess, after all.)

Izanami: Say, Osamu?

Osamu: Yeah?

Izanami: How did you meet someone like Yoko?

Osamu: What's with the curiosity?

Izanami: It's because Yoko is such a curious person.

(Yeah, you've got a point there.)

Osamu: Well, she was the first girl I dated when I lived here. I believe we first went out 8 years ago.

Izanami: Wow, so she was just 13?

Osamu: Yep. Believe it or not, she was the most gentle girl you could've ever met back then. She was just also incredibly lonely. I still remember how I'd often see her eat lunch by herself. Nobody sat with her. People said she was weird and not to go near her.

Izanami: And so naturally, little Osamu did the opposite thing that everyone told him to do, right?

Osamu: Yeah. Besides, what do a bunch of idiots at school know? That day, we sat down together, and I let her have some of my rice cakes. We hung out and talked every day since then and started dating pretty soon afterwards. I lost all my friends in the process, but I didn't really care since I was with her. I still think she's the one of the coolest girls I've ever met.

Izanami: So, where did it all go wrong?

Osamu: My parents were strict, and when they found out about our relationship, they didn't approve of her. They didn't like anything about her.

Izanami: Poor girl...

Osamu: I had to break up with her. It wasn't something I wanted. Despite that, I still wanted to be friends with her, but we didn't talk as often as we did back then. I'd see her every once in a while, but she'd always run off and say she had something else to do. I think she became the way she is now when I left and she lost her father. Maybe it's how she copes. She appears to guard her heart with every step she takes, but she's still the little love bird I met years ago.

Izanami: You're such a sweet guy, Osamu.

Osamu: Speaking of which, how did you two end up meeting? You seemed to already know each other when I came back.

Izanami averted her eyes from Osamu and delayed her answer.

Izanami: Sorry, Osa, but...Yoko asked me not to tell you that. Rest assured though, Yoko and I more or less get along with each other! At least she doesn't flat out hate me.

(Well, it helps hearing Izanami say that to me.)

They were finally back home. Aika was laid next to Isabella, and Yoko was returned to her room. Izanami left the rest to Osamu, who, after tonight, still decided he wanted to sleep next to Yoko. The next morning, however...

(Ah, I can hear birds chirping. Looks like it's morning already. Why does my stomach feel so heavy, though? Is there something dripping on me?!)

Osamu opened his eyes and found Isabella sitting on his stomach and pointing her desert eagle right at his face. She only wore a white tank top and her American Flag underwear.


Osamu: Isabella, what are you doing?!

Isabella: Yoko left for work and Aika is still sleeping. You know what that means.

(Oh no, I'm not ready to be molested again! Anything but that!)

Isabella began crying like a child, which only made Osamu fear her more.

(There's nothing worse than an emotionally unstable person with a gun!)

Isabella: C-c-can you please make me breakfast? I don't know how to cook!


Osamu: Come on Izzy, still? How old are you?

Isabella pushed her gun against Osamu's cheek and screamed like a harpy.

Isabella: Don't judge me!

Osamu: Okay, okay! Let me up and I'll make you breakfast!

Isabella: You promise?

Osamu: Of course I do!

Isabella: I don't believe you!

(What is with you?! That's your own fault!)

Isabella: If you're serious, touch my boobs!

Osamu: What?! This old thing again?! Why?!

Isabella: Touching a girl's boobs is a symbolic pact of friendship and promises!

Osamu: There's no way I'm doing that!

Isabella: Then I'll just kill you! I know exactly how to get rid of a dead body! I learned it in my Black Operations manual!

(You have one of those?!?)


Osamu: But then nobody will be able to cook you breakfast and Aika would just be mad that you woke her!

Isabella: Then touch my boobs! Squeeze them as hard as you can and show me you're serious!

(Damn it...)

Osamu gave up the fight and grabbed both of Isabella's boobs.

(S-she's not wearing a bra?! I'm even stuttering in my own head!)

Isabella moaned and blushed as her soft, sizeable breasts were groped exactly to her liking. For her, and perhaps any girl with such fruitful breasts, feeling the strength and grip of a man's hands on her chest was a ticket to heaven.

(This is so inappropriate! She could at least keep the moaning to a minimum)

Isabella: Osamu, both hands? You beast!

Isabella accidentally shot off a round from her gun in her excitement, putting a hole in the ceiling and scaring herself and Osamu.

(I don't want to think that was symbolic of something...)

Isabella: Holy cow, that was amazing!

Osamu: The gunshot or the groping?!

Isabella: Whichever you want it to be.

(Still a tease, I see)

Osamu: A-anyway. I touched your boobs, so can we please get on with it?

Isabella: Yes please, I'm starving!

(God bless America...I wonder what she wants to eat.)

The two walked downstairs and into Yoko's beautiful kitchen. The window Isabella shot through was still broken. She sat down at the counter like a little princess awaiting a meal from her servant.

Osamu: Uhh, Izzy, do you want out?

Isabella: What do you mean? Help you with what?

(Was she always this stupid, or is she just pretending to be an idiot?)

Osamu: Never mind. How about some cold somen?

Isabella: I want pancakes!

Osamu: Well, we do have the ingredients to make pancake mix, but I'd rather not use the last of the sugar. It's rude to do so without asking or being able to replace it.

Isabella pouted like a sad dog.

Isabella: Somen is fine. Hold the green onions.

Osamu: Got it.

(Hey, I just remembered, I have to go with Izanami to visit the grave of Aika's mom. It would be pandemonium if Izzy was still here when Yoko got home. Maybe I should take her with me.)

Osamu: Hey, Izzy. I'm going to visit a grave today. Wanna come along?

Isabella: A grave? Whose?

Osamu: Aika's mom.

Isabella: Oh...

Osamu: What's the matter?

Isabella: N-nothing! I was just surprised! You know, you never make such mature decisions. I mean, if you were capable of wouldn't have left the way you did...

(Unfortunately, Izzy has a solid point...)

The meal preparation was finished and they both sat down to eat. Since Isabella thought it was okay to eat without saying proper thanks, Osamu slapped her hands away from her bowl.

Osamu: Not only are you a guest in someone's home, but you didn't help the person who cooked the meal despite you being the one who pressured me to do it. Let's not forget that this is food that Yoko works to pay for. Don't just dig in without saying proper thanks.

Isabella: I'm sorry! Thank you for this meal, from the animals that died, to the farmers who produce the vegetables, and the psycho who pays for it all.

(Close enough, I guess...)

Isabella: Hey, Osamu? What kanji do you use to write your name?

Osamu: That's a random question. Where did that come from?

Isabella: I just think it's weird that I've known you for so long but I still can't write your name. Forgive me, I'm kind of slow when it comes to kanji memorization. It wasn't written like Osamu Dazai, was it?

Osamu reached for a napkin and pen, stopping to write out his name. He slid the napkin over to Isabella, who held up closely.

Osamu: There you go. It's written as "discipline", like the "shu" in Shugendo, but read as Osamu. You really should just ask people how to write their names if you aren't sure.

Isabella kissed the napkin and kept it in her pocket. Her face was pink and radiated with joy.

Isabella: Thanks, love.

(It meant that much to her? Guess I can understand since she wasn't raised here.)

By the time the meal was finished, Izanami appeared in the kitchen out of her usual vortex of darkness, and was ready to take Osamu to the grave site. For this trip, she dressed in her traditional clothes. Isabella panicked and grabbed her gun, pointing it at Izanami. She was so scared she couldn't even look down the sights as she yelled out and fired at her. Four shots rang out, leaving the barrel of the desert eagle smoking hot.

Isabella: D-did I kill her?!

Osamu: Don't you know better than to fire at a deity?!

Izanami simply brushed the bullets off her pale skin and onto the floor as Osamu bowed to her in complete, total, humiliating remorse.

Osamu: Please forgive my idiot ex-girlfriend, Izanami-no-Mikoto! Please don't take our souls!

Izanami: Oh no, please! It's okay! I understand I'm kind of scary. I'm sorry, Isabella.

(The fact that she's so remorseful over something she can't help is really painful.)

Isabella: I-it's okay! Just...maybe next time, you should try opening a door instead opening a vortex of darkness and ominous screaming, you know?

Izanami: Oh! Okay! Well, shall we go?

Osamu: Will you be joining us, Izzy?

Isabella: S-sure...

The three left the house together and walked, like normal people, to the cemetery. They took the back road behind the house instead of the main streets, since walking around with a very clearly dead Shinto deity wasn't a very wise decision. Along the way, Isabella had trouble keeping up with the pace, as she got too distracted by the wisterias overhead.

(That's Isabella for you. Attention span as deep as a puddle after the rain...)

Osamu: Izzy.

Isabella: What's up?

Osamu extended his hand towards her. Isabella blushed and covered her mouth, completely misinterpreting the gesture.

Isabella: Oh gosh! Yes! Yes! I do!

Osamu: What? What are you talking about? You're having trouble keeping up, so take my hand.



(I can almost see the heartbreak in her face.)

Isabella: F-fine! You jerk...

Osamu led Isabella down the road with Izanami, a walk she enjoyed very much. It reminded her of the times they'd walk the same way during the cold winter, the season they started dating. Osamu would always lead the way when he walked her home, because he knew it got darker sooner in the day.

They finally arrived at the cemetery, with Izanami leading the way the grave they were looking for. When she saw it, she simply stood and pointed at it.

Izanami: Kiyomi Mihara. I took her soul from this world just before you left, Osamu.

(You sound awful when you say it like that, but at the same time, it's the truth. Izanami is the goddess of creation and death. It's her duty to give life and take it. It always has been.)

Izanami: She was a gentle and kind soul who loved her daughter as fiercely as she could. She lived a good life.

Osamu felt a sorrowful burn in his heart as he gazed at the tombstone, and the name engraved on it.

Osamu: How did she die?

Izanami: Complications from Lymphoma. Aika prayed a lot during this time, which struck me as odd. She's not the spiritual kind of person. She gave her all, but it just wasn't meant to be. Kiyomi knew this and made peace with it, but Aika saw it as her giving up and gladly leaving the world of the living.

Isabella: Poor Aika, I didn't know she went through that by herself...

Osammu: I really made a mess, didn't I? I left without considering what any of you were going through. Izanami, you especially must've been lonely.

Izanami: Oh no, please! It's okay, really! I'm used to it.

Osamu: I don't want you to be used to solitude. That's the thing.

Osamu pressed his hands together and prayed. Izanami and Isabella joined him in silence.

(Forgive me, Aika. Next time I see you, feel free to punch me as much as you like. When you fall apart, I'll do my best to pick up the pieces.)

End of Day 3

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Dude this is awesome! It gets better and better throughout the chapters :)
I especially liked the part where Isabella fired the gun when asking for breakfast, it was so funny :thumbsup:
Keep up the good work and im looking forward to reading more!  ;D
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Thank you thank you! I think I officially know what I'm doing with this story now. Glad I started writing it.  :thumbsup:

Next chapter!  8)

Day 3 and 1/2: Today, I Was Interrogated By My Ex-Girlfriend
Which is sweeter? The apples? Or her lips?

Osamu, Izanami, and Isabella went back to Yoko's house by the time the sun began to set. They all stretched and yawned as the climbed up the steps past the front yard and opened the door. The commotion inside told the story of what was happening in the kitchen.

(Oh no...someone is fighting again! I need to do a roll call! Izanami is right here and she's not quite the fighting type. Isabella is next to me too. Yoko should be home by work now and....crap! I forgot! We left Aika here!)

Izanami: That doesn't sound good!

The three of them ran into the kitchen, and their fears were confirmed. Aika stood atop the kitchen counter with her body and hair wrapped in towels, having just come out of the shower. She wielded her electric guitar as Yoko pointed her katana at her.

(What...the hell?)

Aika: Give it up, Yoko! I was just taking a freakin' shower!

Yoko: You used up all of my shampoo and left the tub full of dirty water!

Aika: I was going to pull the drain plug before you walked in and went ham on me!

Yoko: That's besides the point, you street-wandering bum! What are you even doing in my-

Yoko turned her head and noticed Osamu and the others had come home and were watching the episode with puzzled expressions.

Yoko: Oh hey guys, welcome home! Don't worry about me, I just found a rat in our bath tub. I'll make sure to kill it and throw it a-

Aika picked up a lemon and chucked it at the side of Yoko's head as she spoke, knocking her down on the ground and concomitantly pissing her off.

(Now you've done it, Aika!)

Yoko: You...are so dead!

Yoko swung at Aika's feet with her blade, but missed as Aika jumped to dodge the swing. With her feet still wet from the shower, however, Aika's feet slipped off of the counter when she landed, and she came crashing down on the ground on her back, along with her guitar.

Yoko threw her sword to the side and ran on top of the kitchen counter. She grabbed some apples from the fruit basket and jumped down on top of Aika and she groaned in pain.

Yoko: You want to just waltz in and make yourself at home?! Fine! Eat these!

Yoko began shoving the apples into Aika's mouth, gagging her as she tried to speak.

(This is...kinda Osamu! Don't think like that!)

Yoko: You like that? Huh? Do you like my apples!?

Aika: Hmmm! Hmmm!

Yoko: Tell me you like these apples! Say it loud and proud!

(Look at that...the perfectly sweet juices from the fresh and succulent apples flowing off the side of Aika's mouth and moistening her soft, perfectly shaped lips...this...this is glory. This is beauty achieved in a form beyond art! This is divinity occurring on our kitchen floor! Thousands of years of human evolution of kinks and fetishes have culminated in this one moment, like the release of infinite magnitudes of energy after the Big Bang! Is this love?!)

Osamu: Stop this right now!

Aika and Yoko immediately ceased their fighting, the latter taking the extra step and properly bowing to Osamu.

Yoko: My love, I'm sorry to be so violent and unladylike in your presence. If you wish, I will gladly perform seppuku to maintain the honor of our household.

Osamu: Don't bow like that in your own house and don't commit seppuku!

Osamu sighed and helped Aika up. Both of them stood before Osamu like children who were caught doing something they knew was wrong.

Isabella: Good grief. I'll clean up the mess.

Osamu: What do you have to say for yourselves? You wasted 6 apples and made a mess in the kitchen when Isabella works hard to keep it nice and tidy!

Both of them also mumbled like children who got caught doing something they knew was wrong.

Aika: Sorry...

Yoko: I didn't do it...

Osamu: I don't believe either of you. As punishment...

Osamu pointed to the remaining apples in the fruit basket.

Osamu: You two are going to finish those apples! Izanami, grab the apples. You two, come upstairs with me.

The next thing they knew, Yoko and Aika were taken up to Yoko's room and sat in chairs with their hands tied behind them. Izanami set the basket of apples down next to Osamu, who stood in front of them with his arms crossed.

Izanami: Here you go. Will that be all?

Osamu: I've got it from here, thanks.

Izanami: Alright. I'll go help Isabella clean up. You two behave yourselves!

Izanami left the room and shut the door.

(All alone. Finally.)

Osamu: Now then, since you two have no appreciation for the food in this house, I'm going to force you to recognize just how much it's worth! Yoko, there's nothing worse than someone who can provide for themselves and still wastes the things they have to live on! Aika, you should've asked if you could take a shower in someone's home!

Aika: Osa, for god's sake, I'm sorry! Let me go already!

Osamu: Be quiet!

Yoko blushed as Osamu asserted himself.

Yoko: Wow, you're amazing, Osamu! Tell me to be quiet too!

Osamu: Shut up!

Yoko: I'm in love!

Osamu picked up two apples, one green, one red. Yoko and Aika looked very confused.

Osamu: Aika, you'll be eating the green apple. Yoko, you'll eat the red apple. Neither of you can leave until both apples are finished! Don't waste a single drop of the juice either!

Yoko: A-are you going to feed us the apples?!

(Mwahaha! So you've finally found out, haven't you?! That's right! I'm going to indulge in the wonders of girls eating apples!)

Osamu: Yes. I don't trust you to eat them by yourselves.

Aika: F-fine...let's just get it over with.

Yoko: I guess it's okay...

Osamu held the apples to the mouths of each of them, and they both took the first, crunchy, juicy bite of their fruits.

(I see...this is what it feels like when you're holding the apples!)

Osamu: Big bites. Don't be shy.

Yoko and Aika kept taking bites from the apples as Osamu rotated them so they could eat around the core. With every bite, they were learning their lesson.

Osamu: Good job. We've got 2 more for each of you.

Osamu picked up 2 more apples and held them up.

Yoko: Dear, I'm already getting full! I think we've learned our lesson!

Osamu: Be quiet! Eat.

Yoko reluctantly began eating the next apple, as did Aika. On Aika's side, juice from the apple began to run down Osamu's hand.

Aika: Oh no!

(Crap, I knew this would get messy! she...)

Aika licked Osamu's hand from the knuckle of his middle finger up to his fingernail, successfully saving the drop of apple juice before it could fall to the ground.

(She's skilled!)

Yoko finished her apple a little sooner than Aika, but now there was only one pair left.

(This...this is glorious! Pristine, high quality apples being eaten by two beautiful women! The human race survived countless wars, climbed the food chain, survived severe winters, and bent nature to our will so that amazing things like this can happen! Yes...I feel it! I feel the light shining on me in all of its eternal glory! Our ancestors would be proud at the evolution of such degeneracy!)

Osamu: Ahem. How are you both feeling?

Yoko: So...full...

Aika: Just one more. We can do it!

Osamu: Alright. Last round.

Osamu held up the last two apples, and they started all over again.

(I feel like my heart is going to burst! This is just too hot!)

Although they ate the last apples slowly, they were able to finish them all. They're lesson was definitely learned by now.

(My god, that felt like a rush of power that no man has ever felt before! Is this what it feels like to climb a mountain, or go skydiving?! This is pure bliss! If only more people knew of the delicate bliss that is making girls eat apples out of your hands!)

As Osamu rocked his head with his eyes close, lost in momentary bliss, Yoko's voice softly rang out to Aika.

Yoko: T-there...there's still apple juice...

Aika: But we just ate all the...

Aika turned to Yoko and saw that she was already looking right at her, her lips in particular.

(I can't take it, this is too much!)

Yoko: W-we have to get all of the apple juice! Osamu said so! It's already dripping to your chin!

Aika: I guess you're right...

(This is so good it's almost diabolical...)

Yoko and Aika leaned in towards each other, seemingly in slow motion to Osamu.

(Should I stop this?! This is too good!)

Both of their faces were as red as the apples as Yoko kissed Aika's chin and traced the stream of apple juice back up to her lips.

(Here it comes!)

Yoko then kissed Aika directly, absorbing the remaining apple juice off of her lips. Osamu fainted with a smile on his face.

Yoko: Osamu? Osamu!

Aika: What happened?!

(This...this s a good way to die. Izanami, take my soul, for I have lived a full and great life! Goodbye...beautiful world...)


(What's that? Isabella? She sounds so angry...can't...move...)

Indeed, everyone was due to learn a hard lesson. Now it was Osamu's turn. The voice of Yoko rang into his right here, as did a very loud sound that overpowered her voice. Whatever he was laying on felt hard and was rocking side to side.

Yoko: Osamu! Wake up!

A splash of cold water immediately woke him up, and Osamu was able to see that he was laying inside of a cargo plane along with Yoko and Aika. Isabella stood with the intent of murder in her eyes, along with a team of 4 paratroopers armed with hand guns.

Isabella: Make him spill it.

Paratropper: Right away, ma'am.

Osamu: Izzy! What the hell is this?!

Isabella: Open the rear loading ramp!

Pilot: Loading ramp opening!

The loading ramp opened and Osamu could see they were flying thousands of feet above the ocean. A drop from this height would kill him instantly.

(You've got to be kidding me!)

Aika: This is all your fault, Osamu! I told you to stop!

Osamu: What the hell even happened?!

Yoko: Isabella caught us when you passed out and thought you were just using us to fulfill some kind of wild fetish involving apples!

(Damn it...)

Aika: Next thing we know, she makes one freakin' phone call and a Special Ops team storms our house and takes us away! Then we were loaded onto the plane! Gosh, you're such an idiot!

Isabella: I had to have Daddy clear my debts and give me more money to afford this. You better give me an honest answers or learn how to swim with your hands tied!

One of the paratroopers knelt down to Osamu and held his gun to his face. Osamu couldn't see inside his oxygen mask, which was tinted to protect his identity.

Paratrooper: Did you or did you not use these girls for your fetish!? Answer the question, maggot!

Osamu: No! I didn't do anything like that!

(Why am I lying?!)

Paratrooper: Don't lie to me, you pathetic sack of crap! Do you want to die?!

Osamu: I don't want to die!

Paratrooper: Did you or did you not use them for a fetish!?

Osamu: I did! I'm sorry! It just looked so hot!

The paratrooper had one of his teammates hold his gun as he slapped Osamu around with one hand while holding his collar with the other.

Osamu: Stop it, please!

Yoko: This is insane, Isabella!

Isabella: It's still not enough! Initiate Protocol 48!

Osamu: Protocol 48?!

Two of the paratroopers each took out one item. A carton of orange juice, and a tube of toothpaste.

(What the hell is that for?)

Isabella: Do it. Show no mercy.

Paratroopers: Roger!

First was Yoko. The paratroopers propped her up and forced her mouth open. They gave her a sip of orange juice and then forced toothpaste into her mouth. The combination was a nightmare on the taste buds.

Yoko: Ah! That's disgusting! Why would you ever do this!? I'd never even do this to Aika!

Paratrooper: That's for messing with Isabella's man!

Yoko: Isabella's man?!?

Then, they did the same thing to Aika, who squirmed and tried to spit out the awful combination.

Aika: Isabella stop!

Isabella: If I ever see you two getting it on with Osamu in any kind of way, believe me, the next time a Spec Ops team barges through your door, it'll be to put bullets in your wombs so you can never bear him children!

Osamu: That's so evil!

Yoko: Okay, okay! Just get us out of here!

Isabella: My my, even the great Yoko Akiyama is scared!

Pilot: Wrap it, Chief! The drop zone is coming up!

Osamu looked back from the ramp and saw they were flying over the neighborhood again.

Paratroopers: Chutes! Get em on!

Everyone had their hands freed as the paratroopers got their chutes on. They attached themselves to Yoko, Aika, Osamu, and Isabella.

Yoko: What the hell is going on?!

Pilot: Approaching drop zone, lowering altitude!

Paratrooper : Check your gear!

The paratroopers all checked each others gear and masks, making sure there was no room for error. They all lined up and readied themselves for the drop.

Paratrooper: Chutes are good, masks are good! No tears, rips or tangles!

Pilot: Copy! We're closing in! Green light in five, four, three, two...

Aika: This can't be happening!

The loading bay lit up with green lights, the signal for the troopers to jump.

Paratroopers: GO GO GO!

While Osamu, Aika, and Yoko screamed on their way out, Isabella was the one who couldn't stop laughing as they descended and made their return back to the ground. The neighborhood appeared tiny but got bigger as they fell closer and closer to it.

Paratrooper: Deploy chute!

The chutes were opened, and everyone made their slow and soft descent into the front yard. Isabella was still laughing, Osamu was able to calm down, Yoko was still screaming, and Aika was practically dead by the time they landed. The backpacks were removed and the four of them were detached from the paratroopers. They took up defensive positions and confirmed that the perimeter was cleared.

(Finally...back on the ground!)

Paratrooper: Perimeter cleared and cargo in one piece! Mission successful!

Isabella took of her oxygen mask and let out a loud, excited yelp.

Isabella: Good work, boys! Pack up and go home!

The paratroopers packed their guns into their bags and took off their uniforms and gear. They were wearing normal clothes beneath all of it, allowing them to pack away their stuff and disperse about the neighborhood without drawing any attention. Yoko and Aika looked like they just got back from a tour in Vietnam.

Isabella: So? What did we learn here today?

Yoko: N-n-never trust Osamu with apples!

Osamu: More like we should never trust Isabella with a phone and loads of money!

Yoko: Wait...what about Aika?

Isabella pointed over to Aika, who fainted in mid air.

Isabella: I think she's gonna need some rest. I'll get her up.

Izanami opened the front door to check on all the racket outside, dressed in casual clothes and a cooking apron. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and bangs parted to the side of her face.

Izanami: It's about time you guys got home! I was worried you'd be late for dinner!

Isabella: We got back in under two hours, so don't nag! We did pretty good!

Osamu: Are you congratulating yourself for kidnapping three people and forcing them on a plane to interrogate them?!

Isabella: Yep! You guys better get inside! Dinner smells good from here!

Isabella and Izanami helped Aika up and walked her inside the house. As Osamu got up, he wobbled a bit, and Yoko grabbed onto his arm.

Osamu: Ah, do you need help too?

Yoko: Osamu...when I kissed her...

Osamu: Hmm? What is it?

Yoko:...I think it would be better if we kept her close. She can stay here.

(What? This is so unlike her...)

Osamu: What caused this change of heart? You were ready to kill her earlier.

Yoko: If she leaves and continues to wander, we may never see her again.

Osamu's eyes lit up in a fearful sense of curiosity. Osamu and Yoko stood up together, the former helping Yoko walk.

Osamu: What do you mean by that? Like, she'd run off from town or something?

Yoko: It doesn't matter why. She's welcome. Just tell her that.

Osamu: Oh...okay...

[Thinking back, I wish I had taken Yoko's words much more seriously. Yoko's kiss allowed her to know nearly everything about someone. It's just a gift she was born with. I should've considered what Yoko might've learned from kissing Aika. But I was too stupid...and eventually...the happy, crazy home we made together...would be filled with sadness.]
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Hi y'all,

OhGodHelpMe and I are collaborating on this story for a one shot. :)

Here are some of the character designs:






and AIKA


I will be posting the other two designs soon. :)

Please give us feedback.

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My word, why isn't this an anime already!?  :ohmy: The artwork is outstanding han!  :thumbsup:
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I'd be vexed if some half-assed idea I came up with while I was sitting at my desk dying of boredom became an anime  :clapping:
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Jeez dude, why did I even try. Good stuff.
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Oh my god, this is outstanding! Great job on the drawings there really cool!
Honestly though, I think I may be addicted to this...  :thumbsup:
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That was really good. Very funny and it kept getting crazier. Looking forward to more art!  :D :D hope hankitae gets those panty-shots right haha

It also has a catchy title. Makes you interested right away.

Yoko took off her vest and lifted her shirt to reveal her bra. It wasn't taken off, and rested on her breasts

Isn't that redundant? if it was taken off, it would be reveal her boobs instead of reveal her bra.

Great Job OhGodHelpMe!!  :clapping:
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Thank you thank you   :thumbsup:

New and lewd chapter coming up

Day 4: My Ex-Girlfriends Have Declared a Boob War
Wipe it? Scrub it? I'll make it sparkle for you!

And so began another day in the wonderful home of Yoko Akiyama! This time, Aika was a guaranteed guest. It was the weekend now, and on this morning, Yoko lined everyone up in the kitchen like a squad of able-bodied soldiers. Isabella tied her hair in a double side ponytail and wore her usual tank-top and underwear. Aika had a pair of black pajama pants with lightning bolt patterns on them and wore whatever shirt she could find. She tied her hair in a messy bun. Izanami didn't quite have the same sense of fashion and wore her traditional clothing around the house. Osamu just wore his thermal and sweatpants, staying faithful to the "dopey schmuck" routine. Instead of a sword this morning, Yoko held a mop.

Yoko: Alright. Since we're all officially living here together, we'll all need to take responsibility for the house. Isabella, your horrendously ugly and I hate your guts, but you clean like a housewife. For that, I commend you.

Isabella: I'll accept that. I'm too tired to be angry right now.

Yoko: Izanami, normally I'd be very adamant on letting a Shinto deity and god of death stay in my home, but you're very responsible and independent, as expected. When I saw you cooking, cleaning, and peacekeeping around the house, my worries were dispelled. Even though I'll stab your heart if you ever try to take Osamu away from me, I want you to know that you are very welcome and appreciated here.

Izanami bowed graciously.

Izanami: I thank you very much.

(She's too kind for her own good.)

Yoko: Osamu?

Osamu: Yes ma'am!

Yoko blushed as she spoke.

Yoko: You could be the dirtiest, laziest, nihilistic, alcoholic, abusive husband who screams at me in front of the kids every New Year's, and I'd still love you and accept you. My house, food, bed, and body are yours for all eternity.

Osamu: Don't say that in front of the other girls!

Aika: What about me?

Yoko stared at Aika for a few seconds, as if she was gazing into the cosmos.

Aika: Umm...hello?

Yoko: As I've said, you're welcome here too. Just uphold your responsibilities and you can live here rent-free.

Aika: Good enough for me, I guess.

Yoko: Ahem! Now then, let's get cleaning. Isabella, you handle the kitchen counters and the dishes. Izanami, mop the floors. Aika, make sure the bathrooms are spotless. Osamu, you can lay down and relax.

All the other girls looked over at Osamu with stink eyes.

Osamu: No way, I want to help too!

Yoko: Oh gosh, you're so responsible! Okay! Get to work, everyone. Osamu, come upstairs with me so we can tidy the room.

Everyone got to work taking care of the house they were all living in. Osamu walked in the master bedroom with Yoko, and she shut the door behind them.

(Hmm? This place is pretty clean already. We'd do better starting somewhere more filthy than this.)

Osamu: Hey, Yoko, maybe we should...uhh...

Yoko was standing by the door, her legs squirming and her face pink.

Yoko: Osamu...I kind of have a problem...

Osamu: W-what is it?

Yoko held her hands to her heart and closed her eyes, speaking quietly so nobody could overhear.

Yoko: I threw out all my old underwear and replaced them with new pairs, but I forgot to wash them before putting them on and they feel really itchy!

(Are these the woes of being a woman?)

Osamu: So what, just put another pair on.

Yoko: Idiot! Those pairs will most likely be itchy too! They were all made in the same place by the same manufacturer!

Osamu: Well, what the hell do you want me to do?

Yoko: Let me borrow a pair of your underwear, just for today!

(Ah, what the hell...)

Osamu picked out another pair from the drawer and handed them to Yoko.

Osamu: Here.

Yoko: Thank you! You're a lifesaver.

Osamu: Yeah, no pro-

Osamu turned his head and saw Yoko taking off her pair of panties right then and there with only her nightgown covering her.

Osamu: Y-y-y-yoko! Maybe you should change in the bathroom!

Yoko really looked genuinely perplexed by Osamu's statement.

Yoko: What? But married couples change in front of each other all the time. I don't mind if you see me naked or anything.

Osamu: I know, but there's only so much temptation a man can take!

Yoko: Temptation, huh?

(Crap, did that trigger something worse?!)

Yoko pushed Osamu onto the bed and pinned him down. Her face was just mere centimeters away from his.

Yoko: You're a temptation everyday, Osamu-shujin


*Shujin is a family title for husband*

Yoko: Or maybe you prefer Anata?

Osamu: No, no. Osamu is fine...

Yoko rose up off of Osamu, the sun shining brightly on her confident and flirtatious face.

Yoko: Oh well. You'll have plenty of years to decide, dear.

Yoko continued changing in front of Osamu, but he didn't seem to mind now. There was something else on his mind.

(I wonder what she saw...when she kissed Aika yesterday. It was something so urgent that she completely flipped the switch on her usual behavior and accepted her here)

Osamu: Yoko...

Yoko was now tying her hair into a ponytail.

Yoko: Yes, love?

Osamu: What exactly did you learn when you kissed Aika?

Yoko stopped tying her hair, letting it fall back down. She stared blankly at Osamu and then continued to tie her hair.

Yoko: Listen, Osamu. It's best not to pry.

Osamu: But it concerns me too. I want to know what-

Yoko yelled out in such force and assertion that it startled Osamu.

Yoko: Enough!

A very uncomfortable silence fell upon them

(Why did she get so defensive?)

Yoko: As I've said, you should never pry into a woman's problems. Let Aika be, okay?


Yoko: I'm gonna go help out in the kitchen. You can rest if you want.

Yoko left Osamu by himself. He sat on the bed wondering what Yoko was hiding, and if it was wise to ask Aika directly.

(Does it have something to do with who she loves? If it's me, she wouldn't invite her into the home like that. And as far as I know, Aika isn't interested in women either, so...just what is it? I'll probably just drive myself crazy trying to wrap my head around it.)

Osamu closed his eyes and let his mind drift away. He thought about the night he heard Aika playing guitar under the bridge.

( that I think about it, we met the same way too. After my ordeal with Yoko, I often spent my time walking around at night, and I just so happened to walk by that bridge and heard her playing. Back then, she snuck out at night just because she liked being a rebellious spirit. I still remember the blush in her face when I told her how awesome it was that her name meant Love Song and she just so happened to love music. If there's ever such a thing as love as first sight, I think that night would be it. We spent a lot of time together back then, until...she suddenly stopped showing up under the bridge. 4 weeks or so later, she appeared there again just to tell me she wouldn't be able to show up anymore, but she still wanted to continue the relationship. I was young, stupid, and childishly possessive, and got mad at her for it. Then we just sort of...went our separate ways. Now, I know that she didn't show up because her mother was sick. But, like she does now, she hid away the source of her pain, and I was left in the dark regarding the reason for her strange behavior. If only I'd been more patient and understanding back then...)

Osamu stood up and shook out his hair.

(Well, not like I can go back in time and fix all of this, right? No use sulking about it now.)

Osamu opened the door and immediately bumped into Aika, who almost dropped both the candles she was holding.

Osamu: Crap, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were out here!

Aika: What if I had gotten hot wax all over me, you clumsy schmuck!

Osamu: Uhh...what are you doing with those candles anyway?

Aika: I just finished cleaning all the bathrooms, so I wanted to put candles in each of them so that they smelled extra nice.

Osamu: Wow, as always, you commit your heart and soul to everything you do!

Aika: W-would you relax! It's just candles. You're acting like I'm marrying Yoko or something. I just don't want her hounding my ass after she let me stay here. Which reminds me. Why aren't you paying or helping out? Oh're screwing her, aren't you?

(I forgot, she can ask very bold questions sometimes...)

Osamu: Oh come on, I'm not that type of guy.

Aika: Sure, sure. But I do know that Yoko is honestly quite gorgeous, and you're not a very difficult man to charm.

(Have more faith in me!)

Osamu: That may be true but I have self control.

Aika: Except when apples are involved, huh?

(She went there!)

Osamu: Whatever! I'm going downstairs.

Aika: What an idiot.

Osamu went downstairs into the kitchen and saw that the floors had been mopped, the counters were wiped, and the sink was free of dishes. Izanami sat down at the counter with Yoko and Isabella after a job well done.

Osamu: Wow, you guys really went at it.

Isabella: A clean house is a peaceful house.

Izanami: And I'm a goddess, so hatred of filth is practically hardwired into my psyche.

Yoko: You both did well.

Isabella: Hey, Yoko. I don't mean to be a nag or anything, but shouldn't we make plans to do something fun? It is summer, after all.

Yoko: Hmm? Fun? Like what?

Isabella: Like getting ice cream, going shopping, hiking, or going to the beach!

Yoko: And just who do you expect to pay for all-

Yoko's mind immediately flashed towards Aika, and she quickly took back her point.

Yoko: Actually, that would be a great idea.

Isabella: Huh? Were you worried about who would pay? Don't worry! Instead of spending my money to terrorize you and Osamu with the shock and awe of modern day military prowess, I'll put some to the side and dedicate it to having fun!

Izanami: That sounds like quite the fun idea!

(It's gotten quite peaceful here. Though, I think it's due to Yoko holding back ever since she let Aika stay.)

Yoko: Well? What do you think, Osamu? Any of that sound fun to you?

Osamu: Well, sure. Why not?

Yoko: Very well then. We'll start making plans. I'll go get some paper so we can make a list.

Izanami: Hey Aika, come down here!

Aika: Coming!

Aika came downstairs and Yoko came back with lined paper and a pencil.

Aika: What's going on?

Yoko: Sit down, we're having an intervention for your addiction to painkillers.

Aika: What?!

Osamu: What she means is, we're making of list of fun things to do during the summer.

Aika: Oh, really?

Yoko: Going to the beach is a given. I want to be able to undress in front of Osamu and show him that the fruits of my body are sweeter than any of yours.

(Still so competitive even in this situation!)

Isabella slammed her hands on the table.

Isabella: You what? My body is twice as bangin' as yours! You may have the ass, but you lack the sass!

Aika: You may have the boobs, Isabella, but you lack the moves.

Isabella: And you may have the hips but you lack the quips!

(Are we making a list or writing a song)

Yoko: Fine then. I guess it's declared.

Isabella: What's declared?

Yoko: Oh, you know.

Yoko had the most power-hungry expression on her face, as fierce as the raging ocean.

Yoko: Boob Wars.

Isabella gasped in horror and Aika covered her mouth and blushed.

Izanami: What's Boob Wars?

Osamu: I'm assuming they're going to compare breast sizes.

Izanami: Why?

(I forgot. Izanami doesn't have much of a sense of sexuality, does she?)

Osamu: At least you're too innocent to be involved in their misc-

Izanami: I wanna participate too!

(You've gotta be kidding me! They even got my sweet, innocent Izanami?!)

Yoko: Alright, ladies. Shirts up.

(You what?! This is indecent!)

Osamu covered up his eyes as the girls lifted up their shirts and revealed their fun bags to each other.

(I can't see a thing and I honestly don't want to! Apples is one thing but Boob Wars are different!)

Isabella: Hmm...

Yoko: Izanami is definitely the smallest.

Izanami: Really?!

Isabella: Yep, by far. They're cute though!

Yoko: I agree, they're quite cute and nicely shaped despite their lack of size. I would be proud of them.

Izanami: Ah! Thank you!

(I kinda wonder what a dead girl's boobs would look like...)

Isabella: Mines are definitely bigger than Aika's too.

Aika: N-no way!

Yoko: Yeah, they are, you just have larger areolas.

(What even is that?!)

Izanami and Aika put down their shirts. The final battle was between Yoko and Aika.

Isabella: No good, they need to be right next to each other!

Isabella and Yoko put their boobs together for the other girls to judge, making the comparison easier.

Izanami: Isabella is bigger.

Aika: Yep, she's bigger.

Yoko: Are you blind?! There's no way she's bigger!

Isabella: I totally am though, look. Our boobs start and seem to end at the same point if we measure them on an Y axis, but mines reach further out on an X axis and take up more space in the quadrants.

(She turned boobs into a geometry lecture?!)

Yoko: I...I can't believe it...

Isabella: Yay! I won!

Aika and Izanami clapped for Aika as she put down her shirt and jumped up in the air. Yoko kept her breasts exposed and rushed over to Osamu, grabbing his hand and placing it on her chest.

Yoko: Osamu, are my boobs really smaller?!

(This is not happening! Don't open your eyes Osamu!)

Osamu: Uhhh-

Yoko: Don't "uhhh" me! There's no way her boobs are bigger right?!

Osamu: They are though, they really are!

Yoko let go of Osamu, covering both her eyes with her hands and slouching against the fridge in shame as Isabella continued to cheer.

Isabella: Thanks Osamu! Just for that, I'll let you touch them later!

Yoko: Do it and I'll tie you to an anchor and throw you into the river!

Isabella: Don't be a poor sport just because you lost. Izanami is the smallest of us all and look how well she took it.

Yoko: Fine...

Yoko put down her shirt, and Osamu was able to open his eyes again.

Yoko: Everyone, get dressed! First thing on our list is heading to the beach! We'll have a Swimsuit Battle next!

Isabella: Oh yeah, baby! It's on now!

Aika: My skin could really use some sun, so why not.

Izanami: Count me in too!

Osamu: I think I'll stay home, you guys can go without m-

Isabella pulled out her gun, Yoko, pulled out her sword, and Aika pulled out a guitar string, ready to be used as a choking wire. Izanami just gave him a really sour look.

(What the hell...)

Yoko: You're coming with us, whether you like it or not.

Isabella: You're going to look at and judge our swimsuits.

Aika: Or you'll die and be fed to wolves.

Izanami:'ll be a real stinky face if you don't come and enjoy the time with us!

(I guess that's the best she can muster...)

Osamu: Alright, fine. We'll go to the beach.

Everyone cheered once more, and the date was set. The family of little lunatics was net dead set for the beach of singing sands and sparkling water!

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Oooh you got some nudity... I like
This gets better and better, so awesome!  :thumbsup:
Anyway I love the story, keep at it
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Last Ex - Izanami.


I hope OhGodHelpMe likes the design. :)

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Excellent timing, HKT, I was just about to drop a chapter too  :clapping: Loving everything about it! The hair is wicked and you did good work on her weapon. I don't think I've shown her being very deadly in the MR version of this story, as she's set up to be the sweetest, innocent, and most rational of the exes. I'll have to edit in some fierceness for the one-shot version though. Gonna be sick to see her in action  8)

New chapter!

Day 4 and 1/2: We Had to Walk Home Because My Ex Girlfriend Pissed Off the Bus Driver
A woman's bathing suit is a woman's pride!

What's the best part about summer? Waiting in the heat for the bus to arrive! That's exactly what everyone was doing. It was a beautiful day, but the heat was just something else. Izanami especially hated it since her skin was pale and cold.

Izanami: Is this "swimming"? It's kind of miserable.

Yoko: We're not at the beach yet, genius. We're waiting for the bus to get there.

Izanami: There's a beach in the underworld! It's so pretty!

Isabella: Really?!

Izanami: Yeah! It's filled with blood and skeletons and-

Isabella/Yoko/Aika/Osamu: No thanks...

Izanami: Oh...okay.

Yoko: Osamu, what time is it?

Osamu checked the time on his phone.

Osamu: 12:59. It should be here any minute now.

Isabella: I wonder if the bus got hijacked or something.

And so they sat in silence for a few more minutes before the bus finally arrived. The good news was that the driver had just returned from a stop, so the bus was empty. He waved them in and closed the doors, beginning the drive to the beach. As they were on the move, Isabella checked her bag to make sure everyone would had enough sunscreen when they got there. Yoko looked ahead at the bus driver's direction, Aika stared out the window, and Izanami pressed her face against the glass in excitement, since riding a bus was a rare experience for her.

Driver: Sorry I was late! There were lot of people wanting to go places during this season, you know? Just like my wife and child, the loveable little muffins! I've been married for over 10 years and every summer since then has just been hectic, you know? So, I'm guessing you kids are going to the beach?

Yoko: Nobody's talking to you, just drive the bus, Bus Driver.

And that was the end of that.

Finally, they arrived at the beach! They were dropped off near the stores close to the beach, where they'd be able to buy swimsuits. Yoko was the last go get off the bus.

Driver: Have fun!

Yoko bowed and smiled.

Yoko: Thank you! I'll be awaiting the inevitable divorce that your kid will spend his whole life blaming you for!

The bus door closed and they ran off to the store. The beach was lovely, lively, and sunny today. Everywhere they looked, people were in bathing suits and swimming trunks. Needless to say, the girls dragged Osamu into the store against his will as they picked out bathing suits.

Isabella: Oo! This one has cute frills on it! Don't you love it, Osamu?

Osamu: There's nothing I love more than cute, frilly, girl crap.

Isabella: Okay, but imagine cute, frilly, girl crap adorning a nice set of knockers!

Osamu: Still not enough. Knockers and frills can't survive on their own, they need context. A perfect body and a perfect girl to go along with it. Otherwise, it's all meaningless.

Aika: Spoken like a true harem hero.

(Can it, Aika.)

Aika picked out a boringly black bathing suit and held it up.

Aika: Would this look good on me?

Yoko: It fits you quite well, bland and boring.

Aika: I'm not trying to impress anyone! You on the other hand can't stop thinking about Osamu!

Yoko: Yeah I love my man and he loves me, what's the problem with that?

(Catfights, anyone?)

Osamu: How about this, I'll go set up our spot before the beach gets too crowded. You guys hurry and decide what you're gonna buy.

Isabella: Alright, get a good spot for us! Take my bag, it's got everything.

Osamu avoided that bullet waiting to strike him in the head and went out towards the beach. The smell of sea was a wonderful change of pace, and so was the warm feeling of the sand. He found a good spot to set up the 6-foot umbrella in Isabella's bag. Now he just had to wait.

(It's nice to have some peace. It's been a long time since I went to the beach here...)

Yoko: Yoo-hoo!

Osamu looked behind him as he heard Yoko's voice call out to him, and he saw all the girls in their bathing suits.

(Look at them go! Isabella was right to choose something blue and frilly! And I see Aika broke out of her shell and chose a white bathing suit with lace! Yoko stuck to strawberry red, with a little bit of black thrown in for the extra sexy effect and....what in god's name is Izanami wearing?!)

Izanami wore a helmet in the shape of a rubber duck, a school-style bathing suit, arm floaties, and a rubber duck inner tube.

(They did this to her on purpose, didn't they...)

Osamu: did you guys do?

Isabella tried to contain her laughter.

Isabella: Nothing, Osamu! We just..pffthaha...we just helped her choose something that fit her!

Izanami: Ease up, Osa! Aren't the rubber duckies cute?

Despite looking stupid, Izanami really did look happy wearing everything.

(Well, as long as she's happy I guess.)

Yoko: Alright! Let's hit the waves!

Osamu took off his shirt and jumped in with the girls into the sparkling blue waters. Yoko, Aika, and Isabella led the way and deliberately began splashing the water at each other as Osamu helped Izanami ease in to the ocean. Surprisingly, she was pretty nervous.

Izanami: It's so cold! I'm scared!

(Has she never been to a beach before in her life?!)

Osamu: Izanami, didn't you create the sea a long time ago?

Izanami: That doesn't mean I'm not scared of it!


Osamu: Alright, let's go in together. Close your eyes and hang on to me.

Izanami held on tight to Osamu, and she could feel the shill of the water beneath her feet slowly climb up to her stomach. Before she knew it, she was in.

Osamu: Alright, open up!

Izanami opened her eyes and smiled like a proud child.

Izanami: I did it! Thank you Osa!

(Has Izanami always been this cute?)

As Izanami and Osamu seemed to lock eyes under the bright sun and sparkling waters, the other girls were so angry the water was steaming.

Yoko: The only reason why you're not drowning right now is because I wouldn't do that to a traditional deity. But please...get off my man.

Isabella: I think you mean MY man, Yoko.

Yoko: Oh really?

Yoko tackled Isabella into the water, splashing some on Aika.

Aika: Great, now they're going at it!

Isabella and Yoko popped up out of the water, each taking breaths as they rose up.

Isabella: You bitch! Give me back my top!

Yoko dangled Isabella's top as she laughed.

Yoko: Why are you guarding your chest, anyway? It's not like anyone can see through the water!

Isabella: Because I...they...

Yoko: Hmm? Spit it out already, what is it?

Isabella: They'll float in the water if I let them go!

Izanami: Whoa...

Yoko: T-they really are big...take this back then!

Isabella: T-thanks...

Aika: Hey, Osamu, that reminds me. Which one of us has the best swimsuit?

(Damn it, I knew this would happen.)

Osamu: Uhh, well...

Isabella grabbed hold of Osamu's arm and put on her best, blushing puppy face.

Isabella: Osa, my swimsuit was the best, right? Right?

(It's so hard to resist those blue eyes...)

Yoko: Osa, since I am an ocean child, it only makes sense that I would naturally win at something like this.

(Just because your name means Ocean Child, it doesn't mean you can just declare victory!)

Izanami grabbed Osamu's other arm and spoke with a determined voice and face.

Izanami: Rubber duckie, feelin' lucky!


Osamu: I think it's quite obvious.

The suspense killed the hearts of the girls as Osamu took a deep breath and announced the winner.

Osamu: Izanami wins the Battle of the Swimsuits!

Izanami gasped and covered her mouth as she blushed, and even the people around them clapped for her.

Yoko: What?!

Isabella: RIGGED!

Aika: I'm not even competing and I'm kind of mad too.

Osamu: Step right up, Izanami-no-Mikoto!

Osamu walked her out of the water as more people crowded and clapped for her

Osamu: How are ya feelin' Izanami? You feel good?

Izanami was on the verge of happy tears.

Izanami: I feel incredible!

Osamu: Good, you should! As for your reward, you win... a new bottle of anti-solar elixir!

Izanami placed her hands on her cheeks in shock at the sight of this incredible elixir, which was really just a bottle of sunscreen.

Izanami: Wow! Thank you so much! I will honor it forever!

Isabella: Has she never seen a bottle of sunscreen before?

Osamu: Congratulations!

Yoko: I'd hate her, but it's wrong to hate gods.

The girls all dried off under the umbrella and laid down on their towels as they watched other people swim, walk, and talk around the beach. Izanami was still giddy about winning a bottle of sunscreen.

Osamu: Hey, Aika, didn't we go down to this beach once? It was a long time ago.

Aika: Hmm? Oh yeah, we did. I used to collect sea shells back then and I dragged you down here with me. It was at night though, if I remember correctly.

Osamu: Good times, huh?

Aika: Are you doing that thing where you bring up memories and it's supposed to make me remember my feelings for you?

Osamu: Of course not! I was gonna get to the point that I'm just, you know, really glad we all got to come here together and have a good time.

Aika: Well, that's true.

(As dense as ever...)

Osamu: Are you glad we came here too?

Aika: Yeah, sure. Why not.

Osamu: You don't have to be so cold about it.

Aika: Look, if you still think this place means anything to me beyond being a beach, I'll be glad to inform you that I wouldn't even consider dying here if I could choose to do so.

(That actually hurt...)

Osamu: Sorry.

Aika: It's fine.

Though they didn't notice, Yoko could hear the conversation go on behind her. She didn't say anything, nor did she look back at them. After a day well spent, the sun began to set. Aika helped Osamu gather everything up as the others shook sand out of their clothes and hair. Osamu couldn't help but notice that Aika, even when she was close to Osamu as they packed, didn't bother to look at him.

(Maybe what Yoko was hiding really did have to do with Aika's feelings. I wonder if she urged me to stay away so that I wouldn't get hurt. I can't say I'm sure, but it seems like she may have been trying to protect me.)

Isabella: Bus is here! Let's go home!

Everyone were about to get on the bus, but realized it was the same bus driver that Yoko had made the nasty remark towards earlier.

Driver: Awaiting my divorce, huh? I'll be awaiting the police report that says that all of you assholes died and your bodies were found mangled and stuffed in boxes! Get off my bus!

And so, the five of them had to walk back home. It was already dark by now. The good news was that they were already almost home. The bad news was that their legs were sore and their stomachs were cramped.

Yoko: Hey, the bowling alley is just up ahead. Let's stop there for a second and rest. Osamu, can you grab some water from the convenience store?

Osamu: Yeah, sure. You guys go on ahead.

It was a quick trip. Osamu purchased a few bottles of water from the store and stuffed them inside of Isabella's bag. He then walked to the bowling alley, climbing over the sign that told people to stay out. There was a row of columns of stained glass windows, each decorated with images of bowling balls and pins. Though they were multicolored, there was a unique primary color for each of them. Aika sat right in front of the far left column, which was primarily green.

 Next to her under the red column sat Yoko. The next one over from Yoko was empty, and the purple column after that was occupied by Izanami. The blue column next to Izanami had Isabella sitting by it. The moonlight shone through the stained glass and projected their color and patterns onto the large window sills and the dilapidated wood of the main floor of the bowling alley.

The bowling balls reflected the light in warped perspective, and some of the pins laying around also caught the light. Osamu walked in with the water, handed one to each of them, and sat down under the orange column, right in the middle.

Izanami: Thanks Osa!

Osamu: No problem.

Isabella: Well? Did everyone have fun?

Yoko: I'll admit, you have great ideas when it comes to this kind of stuff. Did you have anything else in mind for tomorrow?

Isabella: about a movie?

Aika: Sounds good to me.

Izanami: I'm in too!

Yoko: Did you have fun today, Aika?

Aika: Yeah, it was alright. Thank you for taking me with you.

(I wonder if my earlier guess was right.)

Isabella: Crap, what are we gonna do about dinner?

Yoko: I can make us some mean beef ramen if you'd like.

Izanami: Ooo! That sounds so good!

Isabella: Alright! I'm all rested up! Let's get on home.

Everyone stood up after finishing their water, rejuvenated and ready to make the final stretch home. Osamu held onto Yoko's arm, holding her back as the others walked on ahead.

Yoko: What is it?

Osamu: What is it about Aika that's got you acting like this? Were you trying to protect me from the fact that she doesn't feel anything for me anymore.

Yoko: As I've said, you shouldn't mess around with a girl's problems.

Osamu: Cut it out! How am I supposed to trust you if you won't tell me anything about this?

Yoko: The only thing that you need to know is that it would be the best for all of us if Aika was kept around other people. The one thing I can tell you is that Aika has been through crushing loneliness ever since you left. She doesn't have anybody to take care of her.

(That's definitely true...)

Yoko: What I'm asking for is faith. Have some faith in me, okay? I've got this.

Osamu: Fine.

Yoko and Osamu caught up with the others as they continued the walk home. The whole time, Osamu was gazing over at Aika, who still wouldn't look at him. Finally, they arrived in front of the house and walked through its front yard.

Isabella! Finally! I'll get into some comfy clothes and help out in the kitchen.

Izanami: I'll get the pots ready!

Osamu: Hey, Aika, can I talk to you for a minute?

Aika: Uh...sure...

Osamu and Aika stayed outside as the others went in.

(Maybe I should tell her...)

Aika: What is it?

Osamu: I...a few days ago, I went to visit your mother's grave. I felt bad about what happened to her while I was gone, so I wanted to offer my prayers and burn some incense for her. I'm guessing that my bad timing has something to do with why you won't look at me when you're reminded of things we used to do, right? So, I guess, that was my way of telling you and her that...I'm sorry. I'm sorry for leaving you to deal with something so harsh.

Osamu looked up and saw Aika's eyes sparkle with tears.

Aika: went to her grave?

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: Yep, sure d-

Aika: Why would you do that?!

(What? Is she angry?)

Aika: You're so full of crap! You think you can just walk over to someone's grave, pray about this, pray about that, burn some incense, and suddenly you're absolved of everything?! What am I supposed to do, forgive you? Congratulate you? "Hey everybody, Osamu finally took the time to understand what I was going through and visited my mom's grave! Isn't he great?!"

Osamu: Aika...

Aika: You're not sorry, and you'll never know what it means to be sorry because you never had to go through that! You can just come and go as you please and not feel like you're leaving anything behind, but what am I supposed to do when some of the people I love die here, and others just go away on their own without a care in the world?! What am I supposed to do, Osamu?!

(4 years of unexpressed must've seen this when you kissed her.)

Aika stood crying on the doorstep, and Osamu couldn't find any words to say.

Aika: I hate you so much. Don't ever visit her grave again.

Osamu: Aika, I'm s-

Aika: DON'T! Don't say you're sorry.

(Again. I was foolish.)

They both went inside the house as Yoko, Isabella, and Izanami were in the kitchen preparing the meal. Aika was the first to pass by.

Isabella: Hey Aika, you're not allergic to red meat or anything, right? Aika?

Aika covered her eyes and ran upstairs. Osamu walked into the kitchen next and sat down at the table.

Isabella: Is Aika okay?

Yoko: Damn it, Osamu! What did you do?!

Osamu: Nothing! I just told her I visited her mom's grave and she...she just got mad.

Yoko: Idiot. I told you to leave her alone.

Izanami: What's wrong with Aika?

The conversation had now roused Isabella and Izanami's curiosity about what Aika was feeling. It put extra pressure on Yoko to keep it under wraps.

Yoko: All of you listen to me, because I will not say this twice. Do not dig into Aika's personal matters. Let her focus on the here and now. Understand?

The silence was all that was needed to declare that Yoko's word was absolute.

Yoko: Good.

The cooking continued as if nothing happened, and all four of them ate well. Isabella cleaned the dishes, and the kitchen was tidied up before they all went upstairs to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

Yoko: Thanks for today, Izzy. I guess you aren't half-bad.

Isabella: Oh come on, don't tell me you're warming up to me now!

Yoko: As if! You're just not the raw sewage I thought you were, that's all.

(I'm pretty sure that still counts as warming up.)

Isabella: Good night you two, we'll find out what to do tomorrow!

Osamu: Sounds great. Goodnight.

Osamu and Yoko brushed their teeth in got into their clothes in the same bathroom, which had two sinks and a large tub. When that was done, Yoko climbed into bed and turned the lights out.

Yoko: Oh, Osamu, can you turn on the alarm? It's right down the end o the hall. The code is 1190.

Osamu: Ah, sure.

Osamu walked down the hall and did just that. When the code was entered and the alarm was engaged, a voice rang out from the alarm system, clearly belonging to Yoko.

Yoko: The alarm is now engaged. Intruders will be stabbed. Survivors will be stabbed again.

Osamu sighed.

(Of course she set this up.)

As he walked back towards Yoko's room, he passed by Isabella's room, where Aika was also sleeping. He could hear Aika faintly crying from beyond the door, and unpleasant feelings welled up inside him.

(Am I the source of all of this pain within Aika? I am, aren't I? What should I do? Is there anything I even can do?)

Osamu walked away from the door.

(Maybe it's best to leave it alone, like Yoko said. If I'm the problem, Aika can't heal if I'm constantly reminding her of the things that hurt her.)

Osamu climbed into bed with Yoko, who was facing him as he laid down. Her eyes were as blue as the moonlight spilling through the window.

Osamu: Yoko...

Yoko: Are you hurt?

Osamu: How did you know?

Yoko: Come on, we've kissed before. I know everything.

Yoko hugged Osamu.

Yoko: Let's sleep like this. It'll make you feel better.

Osamu: Thanks...

[All of my instincts told me to listen to Yoko. I could feel my bones screaming at me whenever I doubted her word. But there was a certain mystery that I needed to solve for myself. The mystery of Aika's heart.]
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I had an idea like this but let it sit in my head forever. Looks good. Keep up the good work.
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Dude, im really liking this so far!
Keep up the good work  :clapping:
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Meet the cast :)

MC is drawn. Now, time to work on the pages!!!


I was planning on doing this from the start. A little banner, OhGodHelpMe. Hope you like it. :)

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So many long hairs....  :ninja:
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I want to propose this little skit where Osamu cries because Yoko cut off his manhood and only left him with 1-2 inches max. When he finally reveals it and shows it to you, he was talking about his hair

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Great work so far, Han
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Izanami looks really cool. Thats a beautiful dress!

And thats a very nice banner!  ;D
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As the writer, Izanami is my favorite ex.  :clapping: Yoko's pretty close though
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Since this is now a thing, I just wanted to start off by saying...

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Yes I absolutely agree!  :thumbsup:
Since this is now a thing, I just wanted to start off by saying...

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Everyone wins  :ninja: What a way to end the waifu wars
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Took me long enough.

Day 11: Today, My Ex-Girlfriend Wore Samurai Armor to the Gym
A Girl's Passion Burns Hotter than the Summer Sun!

(One has to wonder sometimes, if there's such a thing as a love that should have never happened. Not because it was bead, really. But because the person you loved would've been better off without you. Why do I get the nagging feeling that this is the case with Aika? I wonder if it would be better for her if we had never met.)

(We never did do anything for the rest of the week. All of us stayed home, but it was still pretty fun. Although...)

Osamu remembered a moment where he went out to the kitchen and saw Isabella cooking naked. Well, she did wear an apron, at least.

Isabella: O-O-Osamu!

Osamu: Holy crap! I'm sorry Izzy!

Isabella: I thought I was the only one awake at this hour! Don't look!

Then, he remembered a moment when he came home late after taking a walk. The house was completely dark when he entered, so he was about to turn on the lights, but someone turned on the lamp in the living room first. A chair spun around to face Osamu, and it was Yoko sitting in it with her nightgown on, brandishing a knife in her hands and a smile on her face.

Osamu: Oh! Yoko! I didn't know you were up.

Yoko: Hi. Osamu. So uhh...where have you been?

Osamu: Oh, you know, just...taking walks, you know?

Yoko: Really? Because I think that you think that I think you're taking walks just to get some fresh air and not scout the streets for beautiful babes with curly hair and smooth legs.

Osamu: W-what?!

Yoko: Give me one reason I shouldn't cut off your feet so you can never walk again.

Osamu: Because I didn't do anything! I just took a walk! I promise!

Yoko: Kiss my feet.

Osamu: Are you insane?!


Yoko's voice immediately brought Osamu to his knees and made him kiss her feet. It was completely subconscious. Yoko put the blade of the knife under his chin and used to lift up his head.

Yoko: You look so cute when you're scared. But don't worry, Osa. I'm not going to hurt you. No, not at all. Instead, if you're truly sorry, you'll be hurting me tonight. Understood?

Osamu's face was red, immediately understanding what Yoko meant.

Osamu: L-listen! I don't-

Yoko put the blade against Osamu's lips.

Yoko: Shhh. Make sure you leave marks on me, my love.

The rest of the night was something Osamu didn't want to remember any further.

(Hopefully this weekend is better than the last.)

On an early Saturday morning, Aika and Izanami met in the kitchen before anyone else woke up. Aika sat down as she yawned and shook out her hair. Izanami was preparing hard boiled eggs for herself.

Aika: Morning.

Izanami: Morning, Aika! Sleep well?

Aika: I wish. I can never sleep well.

Izanami: Sorry to hear. Did you want some eggs?

Aika: I'm okay, thanks.

Isabella: Morning, sluts.

Isabella came downstairs and sat next to Aika, hair her tied in two long pigtails.

Izanami: Morning, Izzy!

Aika: Where do you get off calling people sluts in the morning, cow chest?

Isabella: Because today, we're going to see which of us is the strongest! Behold!

Isabella held up an all-day gym pass.

Aika: Seriously?! An entire day in the gym for free?!

Isabella: Yep! I got it a while ago but never got around to using it. I figured we could all go together and get a nice workout. What do you say?

Izanami: Sounds good to me!

Aika: S-sure! I don't mind at all.

Isabella: Sweet! I'll go wake the others and jump in the shower. Izanami, make me a boiled egg and put it on the side for me, babe.

Isabella ran upstairs, leaving Izanami a tad bit confused.

Izanami: Babe?

Aika: I think she's just on a high. You know how gym people get when it's time to work out. They always want to bring their friends and show off their big, oily muscles to everyone. Working out is a great, but to hell with people who do it with an attitude.

Isabella didn't even bother knocking on the door before barging into Yoko's room, waking her and Osamu as she gleefully shouted at the top her lungs.

Isabella: Good morning sleepy heads!

Yoko groaned as she got up and rubbed out her eyes. Osamu just tried to pretend she wasn't there.

Yoko: What the hell are you doing, Gaijin?

Isabella simply held up her gym pass. That was all Yoko needed to see to get hyped.

Yoko: You've had that all along and never said anything?!

Isabella: I had forgotten until now! You wanna go? It'll be a good opportunity to start the...

Yoko's eyes fixated on Isabella's lips as she anxiously awaited what she was going to say.

Osamu: Don't do it...let's just sl-

Isabella: Muscle Wars.

Yoko: I'm in! Let's go as soon as possible!

(Damn it...)

Yoko: Osamu, get up!

Osamu: I think I'll sleep this one out.

Yoko leaned into Osamu's ear.

Yoko: I wasn't asking. Get. The. Hell. Up.

Osamu sprung up like a plank of wood and immediately got into some workout clothes.

Isabella: That's the spirit!

And so, Osamu was roped along on another summer adventure. However, as they were all walking the sunny streets of the neighborhood to get to the gym, Osamu did notice an upside to all of this.

(I can't believe I'm eying them in their workout clothes like some perv! But can anyone blame me?! Isabella's butt look so big in those yoga pants! It's like watching balls of dough being kneaded as she walks! And those boobs, she knows they don't fit in that sports bra! It's like she's doing it on purpose!)

Then his eyes moved over to Yoko.

(Ah man, I never knew Yoko had such nice abs. They might even be better than mines...well that's not cool! I've got to try harder!)

Then, to Aika.

(Of course she wore sweatpants and a hoodie. What else was I expecting? She's so conservative, even when it comes to workout clothes.)

Then his eyes turned to Izanami.

(I badly want to ask why she's wearing a full set of Samurai armor and a suji bachi kabuto. No, scratch that. I'm more interested in where she got it. I wonder if Yoko gave it to her just to mess with her. I really hope she won't get heatstroke wearing it.)

Osamu: Uhh, Izanami...why exactly are you dressed in samurai armor?

Izanami's voice was a bit muffled past her kabuto and iron mask.

Izanami: Weighted training is the best training! The Way of the Warrior is resolute acceptance of the reality of death!

Osamu: We're only going to the gym, we're not raiding Himeji Castle!

(What am I going to do with you, Izanami?)

After a short walk, they all arrived at the gym. Isabella handed her pass over to the staff. Before them were the instruments of bodily vitality, the tools of burning calories and conquering fat. Treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and more!

Izanami: I call the bike!

Yoko: You don't need to call it when there's plenty of- oh never mind, she's hopelessly stupid. Hey, Aika, let's go lift some weights.

Aika: W-weights?! I've never lifted any weights before!

Yoko: No, but you can hold a guitar pretty well, right? We'll start with some 4.5kg weights for you. Easy as pie, right?

Aika: I guess so...

Yoko and Aika went off into the other side of the gym to lift weights, leaving Osamu and Isabella to choose what to start out with.

Isabella: Want to come on the treadmill with me? It's been a long time since we worked out together!

Perhaps it was largely thanks to her tight clothing and bold attitude induced by her own excitement, but Isabella seemed a lot more attractive to Osamu than any other day before.

(I think a new fetish may be arising...)

Osamu: Haha...yeah...sure...

(Here we go again!)

Osamu and Isabella got on treadmills next to each other, and they both started out with a simple walking pace. Meanwhile, Izanami was pedaling on the exercise bike as if she were trying to get away from the police.

Osamu: Uhh, probably shouldn't start out so strongly...

Izanami: There is no reward in doing that which is easy! Great statues are created through the tribulation of painful carving!

(This is certainly a side of her I've never seen before...)

Isabella sped up her treadmill and was now at a jogging pace. It certainly wasn't the bounce of her hair that caught Osamu's attention.

(Women eating apples has nothing on women running on treadmills! Look at her go! Her form is perfect for the most effective jogging possible! Her breathing is at a perfect pace, and she's taking in a good amount of oxygen within a good amount of time! Her back is as straight as a board, perfect posture! This is perfection, the pinnacle of the Homo Sapiens' Sapiens abilities over our ancestors! Millions of years of evolution led up to this one glorious moment of the godlike ingenuity of the uni-)

Isabella: Hey, what are you staring at?

(Damn it, Osamu!)

Osamu: Nothing! Your form is just good. I'm impressed.

Isabella: Aww, thanks! I used to run track all the time back in the States! My brother taught me all his good habits.

(Now that I think about it, the last time I heard of her brother, I believe she told me he was serving in the military.)

Isabella: Alright, let's kick this thing into high gear!

Isabella reached over to Osamu's treadmill and started increasing the speed, forcing him to catch up with it. She did the same with hers, but had a much easier time running at a good pace.

Osamu: What the hell, Izzy?!

Isabella: You're too slow, thunder thighs! We're gonna shave those calories off!

On the other side of the gym, Aika was well aware that it was a conscious decision on Yoko's part to isolate them from the others. They both lifted weights together, taking quietly amongst themselves.

Yoko: Feeling well, Aika?

Aika: Are you always this nice to people?

Yoko: I'd be lying if I said that were the case. I just worry about you.

Aika: Huh? Why? I'm perfectly fine, Yoko.

Yoko: No you're not.

Yoko and Aika locked eyes. Aika could see that Yoko already had her figured out.

Yoko: Honestly, it's not even due to intuition. I've always been able to know almost everything about a person just by kissing them. When I kissed you last week, I saw a lot of awful things. Why don't you seek help? Even I'd be willing to help you if you asked me.

Aika: I don't need help. Really, I'm fine, Yoko.

Yoko: That's what they all say. Next thing you know, they all kill themselves when nobody is there to look after them.

Aika: Does anybody else know about it?

Yoko: No. Osamu has been digging at it, but I've been trying to keep him from figuring it out.

Aika: Thank you...

Aika's face reflected a sense of sadness and shame, but Yoko gave her a smile.

Yoko: You know, ever since you, Isabella, Izanami, and Osamu started living with me, my life has been very different. That house used to be so big and lonesome, your voice would just echo through it if you spoke aloud. As much as I don't appreciate them trying to get their grubby little hands all over the man I love, what I do appreciate is that you all gave my home a beating heart. Even on days where you don't see the point of forging forward, you just gotta take a look at what's been done, and how we've all been brought together by a stream of unlucky coincidences. All of us would miss you if you suddenly left.

Tears were running down Aika's pink face before she could realize it. She immediately wiped them away, and Yoko put down her weights to rub her back.

Yoko: Did I say something wrong?!

Aika: Not at all!

Aika laughed and nudged Yoko on the shoulder.

Aika: I had no idea you could be mature and sincere, Yoko.

Yoko: Y-yeah, well don't get used to it! I hardly ever do this. The only incentive here is that your life is at stake.

Aika: The last person to talk to me with that much care was my mom. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Yoko: Anytime, Aika.

After a while, Osamu's legs gave out from the constant running. They felt like soft butter by the time he got off, but Isabella seemed to be doing fine. She took a big chug of water, sharing her bottle with Osamu.

Isabella: Woo! That was fun, wasn't it?

(I almost died!)

Osamu: Yeah, that was really fun. But how do you do it?! Aren't your legs tired?

Isabella: Man, you really are a thunder thighs, aren't you?

Immediately after she finished her sentence, a pair of shuriken flew by her, blowing past her hair and striking the punching bag behind her. Both Isabella and Osamu only realized what happened after the shurkien hit their target. They looked over and saw Izanami, who looked like she had just thrown something. She fixed her posture, stood up straight, and laughed into the air.

Izanami: Perfect aim! Not a single wasted movement!

Isabella: Did she just...

Osamu: Yeah...

Isabella: Was she always like this?

Osamu: Well, not really. She was always sweet and mature, but I have no idea what THIS is.

Yoko and Aika rejoined them all at the other side of the gym, sweating from their workout.

Yoko: You guys look like you had a good run.

Osamu: Yeah, but I think Izanami has us all beat in terms of exercising the hardest.

(Give a woman samurai armor and she changes into a completely different person.)

This day too, at least, ended with everyone smiling. They stayed in the gym as late as they could before it was time for them to close. Now it was night time, and the walk home was quick since the streets were empty. However, on the way there...

Isabella: Hey, Yoko. I'll race you to the house!

Yoko: What? No way, my body is sore after working out all day.

Isabella: Wow, I had no idea you were such a chicken.

Yoko: Do you really think that petty insults like that are going to rile me up enough to hurt my body more than it's already hurting now?

Isabella: Hmm...hey, Osamu.

Osamu: What?

Isabella grabbed Osamu by his cheeks and gave a nice, long, deep kiss right in front of everyone. The gasps were like the screams of eagles in the air.

Isabella: Oh Osamu, it's nice being close to you like this when this itty bitty little sports bra can barely-

Yoko: That's enough!

The plan worked. Yoko was no fuming.

(Why do I always have to be in the center of all of this!)

Yoko: Fine, I'll race you to the house. If I win, you're going to be my pet for the rest of the night.

Isabella: Pet?

Yoko: Of course. I'll have your hands and feet bound by chain, and you'll wear a collar around your neck with a cute little leash attached. You will do everything I tell you to, when I tell you to, how I tell you to, or you will die slowly and miserably.

Osamu: S-she doesn't actually mean that Isabella!

Yoko: That's not true at all.

Yoko's blue eyes shined like an angry ocean gleaming in the sun.

Yoko: Fail me in any way, and I shall force you to rip off all of your fingernails. Fail me a second time, and I will force you to rip off your toenails. Fail me a third time, and I shall whip you bloody. Fail me a fourth time, and I shall surgically sever your wind pipes so that you may never speak again.

(That's going too far!)

Yoko: Fail me a fifth time, and you shall be water boarded.

Isabella: You're on!

(I think you both need a long visit to your local mental health institution!)

Osamu: Isabella, don't agree to anything Yoko is saying! None of that is worth some stupid race!

Isabella: If I win, I get to sleep with Osamu and you sleep with Aika instead!

(What's the point anymore? They're just going to carry on despite my protests...)

Aika: Am I that unbearable to sleep with? I don't snore, right?

Isabella: On your marks!

Yoko and Isabella got into position.

Izanami: Woo! Go Isabella!

Aika: You're supposed to cheer after the race starts, silly.

Izanami: Oh. Really?

Isabella: Get set!

Yoko: Go!

Isabella: Hey!

Yoko cheated of course, and got a head start in front of Yoko. They ran so fast around the corner that Aika, Osamu, and Izanami had to start running just to keep track of them. From behind, it looked like they were neck and neck.

Izanami: Wew! Go Broncos!

Osamu: Who exactly are you even cheering for anymore?!

At last, it was the final stretch. Isabella and Izanami both pushed themselves to touch the front door first.

Aika: They're going all in!

Izanami: Isabella had a bit of an awkward start but has caught up with Yoko around the corner on the first turn! Isabella seems to be picking up her hooves now and taking this race seriously, but Yoko is speeding up and is clearly hoping to outclass the other horses in this race, Tom!

Aika: This isn't a horse race, Izanami!

Finally, the big moment! Isabella beat Yoko by just a mere second.

Yoko: Damn it to hell!

Isabella: Yes! I get to sleep with Osamu now!

Yoko: Osamu, forgive me!

Osamu: It's alright, Yoko. You actually did pretty good out there. You gave Isabella a run for her money!

Yoko: But I still lost and now I have to give up my by place alongside you in bed to that succubus!

Isabella: Oh, I see. Hate the winner, why don't ya.

Yoko: Listen, just don't mess around with him. If you do, I'll put cyanide in your tea and watch you die on the floor as your mouth foams up!

Isabella: Oh I promise, we won't mess around!

Isabella stuck out her tongue in jest, and Yoko bitterly accepted her defeat. But at least now, they were back home and ready to eat. Isabella, Yoko, and Izanami took their places in the kitchen and decided to prepare sashimi for dinner, since it wouldn't require much cooking. Izanami finally took off the ridiculous samurai armor and got back into her house clothes.

Izanami: Today was another great day!

Aika: I still can't believe you went out wearing all of that armor, Izanami. You really drew a lot of attention to us! Is it because you don't like the sun that much?

Izanami: Kinda. I mean, I don't mind it, but it feels extra hot to me because my skin is as white as snow, you know?

Yoko: I think you could use the tan.

Isabella: No way, Izanami is so cute with her white skin!

Izanami's eyes lit up like constellations.

Izanami: I'm cute?!

Isabella: The cutest little birdie I ever did see!

Izanami: I don't know what to say! Osamu, am I cute?

Osamu: Yeah, you're really cute actually.

Aika: I concur.

Osamu looked over at Aika, and this time, she didn't look away. Their eyes met for the first time in a week.

Aika: What?

Osamu: N-nothing! I just agree with you.

Aika:...I know you do. That's why I said "I Concur".

(Ever have one of those moments where you want to slap the you from just a few minute ago? This is one of those moments for me.)

The beating heart of the house always seemed to be in the kitchen. The meal was as delightful as the laughter that filled the house, and the night laid the excitement to rest. The only difference this night was that Yoko would be sleeping with Aika, and Isabella would be sleeping with Osamu.

Isabella: Come to bed, sweetheart!

(Relax Osamu. Its the same bed, just a different girl. Not much has changed.)

Osamu turned out the light and climbed into bed with Isabella, not nearly as nervous as he thought he'd be.

Isabella:...Hey, Osa?

Osamu: Hmm?

Isabella smiled, the blankets covering her up to her neck.

Isabella: Aika's birthday is coming up soon. Next Saturday I believe.

(Holy crap! I honestly forgot! You're a lifesaver, Isabella!)

Isabella: I was thinking we could prepare a surprise for her in secret, you know? We can get Yoko and Izanami in on it too.

Osamu: Yeah, that's not a bad idea. I'm sure she hasn't had a good birthday party in a while. Thanks for reminding me, Izzy.

Isabella: No problem! I'll probably sleep like a rock, but you should go shopping with Izanami tomorrow, see what you can find that Aika might like.

Osamu: Alright.

Isabella: Nighty night.

Osamu: Goodnight.

(Aika's birthday. It will be the first time we've ever celebrated her birthday together. Thank you, Isabella. I'll try and make it count.)

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Woah, a whole week flies by! For some reason I get a Monmusu vibe whenever I read these updates  :-X but perhaps that's only because I'm using that for comparisons  ;D
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Gotta pass the time somehow unless you want a lot of "Boring Summer Day and Shenanigans in the House" chapters  :clapping:

I personally wouldn't mind it, but the story needs to progress at a good pace
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Whew. Next chapter coming right up!  8) I fully admit to waifu-baiting with Izanami here.

Day 12: And so, I Went Shopping With My Ex-Girlfriend
She's Sweet, She's Sour, She's Gentle, She's Power!

(Remember when you were little and your mom had to take you with her whenever she went shopping, and it seemed like something that should be so simple ended up taking hours to get done, mostly because she ended up getting distracted from what she actually went there to buy? Well, I do. For that reason, I've never liked going shopping with girls, because the stereotype of them getting distracted while in a store has always rung true whenever I accompanied a girl on her shopping spree. I learned that much from dating Isabella.)

Osamu remembered the time he accompanied Isabella at the mall when he dated her. They originally went there to find some new shoes and a few clothing items, but things got kind of hectic. As they walked hand-in-hand, Isabella stopped when she saw a book store. Her face lit up and she tugged Osamu's arm.

Isabella: Let's go in there! I wanna find some books on the mechanical workings of firearms!

Osamu: I don't think you'll find anything like that in there!

(Then, the lingerie store...)

Isabella: Osamu, look! Maybe I can find some cute lace panties for our next movie night, huh?

Osamu: You already bought like 80 pairs of them at the last store!

(And then the donut place...)

Isabella: Osamu! You won't judge me if I eat a dozen of these, right?

Osamu: Have some self-control!

Isabella: You'll be happy if the fat goes to my butt!

Osamu: No, I'd still scold you for being a shameless glutton!

(Shopping really isn't my element. But, I wonder how it will go today with Izanami. She seems responsible enough. Well, guess I'll get out of bed and see.)

Osamu opened his eyes and sat up in bed, looking to his right to see Isabella just barely waking up next to him.

(Ah, I almost forgot. Isabella sleeps in here now since Yoko lost the race.)

Isabella: You up, Osamu?

Isabella couldn't open here eyes, still stricken by exhaustion.

Osamu: Yeah. I'll go see if Izanami is up and we'll go find something for Aika. You aren't getting up?

Isabella: I would, but....

Osamu: What?

Isabella: My body is so sore! I can't move an inch!

(Yep, that tends to happen when you work out too hard. Lesson learned, huh Izzy?)

Osamu: Serves you right, loser. That's what you get for speeding up my treadmill and slamming me into the wall!

Isabella: It's not my fault you've got the leg strength of a 6 year old girl!

Osamu: Whatever.

Osamu got out of bed and stretched his limbs, yawning as he did so.

Osamu: Just take it easy today, alright?

Isabella: You don't have to tell me twice. Have a good day with Izanami.

Osamu could hear water running in the kitchen as he exited the room and went downstairs. Turns out, Izanami was already up and had already eaten breakfast.

(An early bird as usual...)

Osamu: Good morning.

Izanami turned around and smiled at Osamu, the sun hitting her snow-white skin and red eyes.

Izanami: Ah! Good morning Osa! Sleep well?

Osamu: Yeah, I think I did.

It was only now that Osamu realized what Izanami was wearing. It was a one-piece pajama with a back flap and a hood. It was also made to look like whoever was wearing it was a penguin, and the hood was the head. It even had googly eyes on it.

(Maybe this day will be good for her! She can get a taste of fashion that won't make everyone think she's a psycho!)

Izanami: Hmm? Something wrong? You're just staring at me.

Osamu: Oh no! I've just never seen those pajamas before...

Izanami: Oh yeah! Isabella ordered those for me online! Pretty sweet, right? She said penguins are fierce animals and symbols of courage!

(It all comes back to Isabella...)

Izanami: Oh, sorry, I didn't make you anything. Did you want breakfast?

Osamu: Oh no! That's fine. Actually, I was gonna go ahead and get dressed so we could head to the mall. It'll be fast since you already ate.

Izanami: Ah that's right! You sure though? You shouldn't start your day without eating breakfast.

Osamu: I'll be fine, I swear!

(Now that I think about it, every time I've started my day without eating breakfast first, I've always been a royal wreck. But I already said I'm fine, so I'll look stupid if I take it back)

Osamu: I'll get dressed now.

Izanami: I will too!

And so, the two got dressed for their day out. It was bound to be another hot, summer day, so Osamu wore a white shirt with the Ashikaga clan crest in the center of it and a pair of light-blue jeans.

(Alright. Let's get this done for Aika.)

As Osamu walked down the hall, Yoko quietly snuck out of her room, being wary of waking Aika. Osamu and Yoko whispered between each other as they walked down stairs and headed to the front door.

Yoko: You guys leaving now?

Osamu: Yeah, I was going to let you know to lock the door when we leave.

Yoko: Nah, don't worry about it. I've got spare keys for you.

When they got to the door, they saw Izanami standing there waiting for Osamu. She wore a red ribbon in the back of her hair, which was used to tie it into a half-up. She surprisingly went with something really nice and casual, wearing a long, white dress with red polka dots on it.

Yoko: Wow, you actually look normal for once. I'm impressed.

Osamu: How exactly did we go from samurai armor to this?!

Izanami: I-if you don't like it, Osamu, I can always change into something else...

Osamu: No, that's not what I-

Yoko: What he means is that you look gorgeous, Izanami. Right, Osamu?

(There she goes, saving my hide again)

Izanami: R-really? I do?

Osamu: Absolutely! You look stunning!

The pale girl blushed and bowed. Yoko reached in the closet and handed Izanami a pink umbrella.

Yoko: Here. It's going to be hot today, so just in case the sun bothers you too much, you can use my umbrella. But since it's going to be a beautiful day anyway, you two should make the most of it. Don't just stop at getting Aika a gift.

(So weird...Yoko would draw her sword at the thought of me going on a date with anyone but her. But she's been encouraging things like this lately. Maybe I'm being too paranoid. This time around, it could just be because she doesn't want us getting home too soon, so we don't run into Aika in the kitchen or something.)

Izanami: Okay! Thanks Yoko!

Yoko: Ahem!

Osamu: W-what?

Yoko: What do you mean what? Walk the lady out like a gentleman!

(Your standards of me are too damn high!)

With that, Osamu took Izanami's hand and Yoko wished them off.

Yoko: Have a good day! Call me before you get back! I'll make sure the coast is all clear!

Osamu: Alright! See ya!

Izanami: Ba-bye!

(Yeah...I think that's it. Everything she's doing right now is for Aika's sake. Whatever she saw, I'm surprised she cares this much about it)

Osamu remembered Yoko's comment in the bowling alley the night they had to walk home from the beach. Whatever it was, it concerned Aika feeling incredibly lonely and isolated ever since her mom died.

(That's right. Maybe she's doing this because she's been down that road before. She knows, better than anyone else, what Aika is going through. She's the ideal person to handle it. I've just gotta trust her then.)

Osamu and Izanami walked together to the mall. Izanami kept her umbrella over her head as the sun beat down on the city. It was clear that people were doing double takes and looking back at Izanami as they walked by. Izanami didn't seem to notice or mind though. She happily walked the sunny, lively streets with Osamu by her side.

(What are they looking at, exactly? Her skin? Yoko was smart to give her an umbrella that would cast its own color on her if the sun shined through it. It the best we can do to keep eyes off of her. Not like anyone would suspect she's a deity, but I know Izanami can be self-conscious sometimes...)

Izanami: Hey, Osamu?

Osamu: Yep?

Izanami: Any idea what Aika would like? She's kind of a hard book to read.

Osamu: Yeah, that's a good question...

Izanami: You mean you don't know?!

Osamu: Heh heh...nope...

Izanami puffed her cheeks in anger at Osamu.

(Is this supposed to be her angry face? She just ends up looking really cute!)

Osamu: W-w-well! I do know that Aika loves music, sweets, and cool clothes.

Izanami: Hmmm...Okay! I'm sure we'll find her something then! We're on a mission, Osamu! We're going to give Aika the best birthday party ever!

Izanami's smile made Osamu smile. She was just like that, she always had high spirits.

(You know, Izanami. I'm really glad that we met.)

They finally arrived inside the mall. Izanami handed her umbrella over to Osamu. The mall was large, wide, and of course, busy. Izanami had never actually been to a mall herself, so the sight was quite breath taking to her. She was fascinated by the amount of stores, the smell of food, and the volume of people that gathered in one place. A constant noise of people talking, laughing, and music playing filled their ears, almost as if was just a homogenous and continuous hum instead of individual people simply going about their lives.

Izanami: Wow! I've heard a lot about these places, but to actually be in one is so cool!

(At least her ignorance of the modern world makes her incredibly humble)

Osamu: Well? I can imagine Aika wanting some music books. We should probably start there, on the second floor.

Izanami: Alright! Lead the way!

(Gosh, she's such a trooper.)

Even here, they held hands, as not to get separated from one another. And even here, especially with Izanami not using her umbrella, the stares continued. Osamu already knew why people would be staring at them, but still, Izanami herself didn't notice. She was too busy having fun, pointing out the direction of certain stores that might be good for a gift. The tension only made Osamu grip her hand tighter. They got into the book store and immediately went up to music section. Izanami was on her knees looking through the various kinds of books, searching for the most informative and comprehensive work she can find.

Izanami: Let's see...Aika likes Jazz and Classical...ah! I found a good Jazz book, Osa! It's got chord charts, samples, and everything! It's pretty cheap too!

Osamu: Great work! Now to just find something for Classical.

Osamu stumbled upon a Classical Guitar book with a collage of classical artists on it, including Sebastian Bach, one of Aika's favorite composers.

(This is perfect. She never did finish learning Bouree in E Minor. I'm sure she'll love to continue.)

Osamu: Found it. Let's get this and he-

Osamu's stomach began to grumble, and Izanami laughed.

(Great work genius! You knew this would happen and you still tried to play The Cool Guy! Damn it! Now I look stupid!)

Izanami: Hey, Osa, I think your tummy is mad at you!

Izanami began wagging her finger.

Izanami: If only you had eaten breakfast, right? Tsk tsk tsk. I always thought you were a smarter man than this.

Osamu: Believe me, I'm mad at myself too...


Izanami: Let's get some food! They have a food court right across from here!

Osamu: Yeah, I think that's a smart idea.

Izanami: Oh really?

(Don't make of me, I'm already suffering over here!)

They bought the books and carried the bag out with them. Izanami suddenly took charge and led the way to the food court. The whole way there, those ghastly stares greeted them again, and yet, still, Izanami didn't seem to notice.

(What the hell is wrong with people? I guess they can't help it if they see a girl as pale as Izanami...but still, how rude...)

Izanami and Osamu stood in front of Sakura's Sushi, running their eyes up and down the menu to see what they want.

Izanami: Hmmm...what do you want?

Osamu: I'm not sure.

Izanami: Well I don't know either, I was just gonna have whatever you thought of having.

Osamu: Alright, how about we order one item and share it?

Izanami blushed once she heard the word "share". She couldn't even look at Osamu anymore.

(What? Don't tell me she's too shy to share a meal with me.)

Izanami: T-that sounds perfect!

Osamu: Okay...

Izanami looked at Osamu once more, and flashed her smile of sunshine.

(I might die from just how cute she is...)

They ordered one tray of sushi and took it back with them to one of the nearby tables. They snapped apart their chopsticks and dug right in.

Osamu: Thank you for the food.

Izanami: Thank me for the food!

(Well, considering she practically helped create the world, I guess it's appropriate for her to thank herself.)

Izanami: So, we got the books. What else did you say she liked? Oh, that's right! Sweets! We should totally get her some donuts!

Osamu: "Totally"? That's unlike you. Since when did such a phrase get into Izanami's lexicon? And besides, we shouldn't buy her food a week ahead of her birthday.

Izanami: Well excuuuuse me! I was just trying to blend in with my boyfrie- I mean...uhh....sorry....

Osamu: Huh? Don't worry about it. I don't blame you, since, you know, we are technically on a date right now.

Izanami's face turned as red as blood from that statement and nervously began fidgeting with her hands.

Izanami: Dummy, we're here to get Aika her gifts!

Osamu: Yeah, but Yoko also told us to make full use of the day! So, technically, you and I are on a date!

Izanami covered her mouth.

Izanami: Does that mean we're gonna kiss and have babies!?

Osamu: Totally. I want 70 of them, okay?

Izanami: 70?! Why so many?! I-I'm not ready for that many children and my boobs aren't big enough for breast-feeding!

Osamu broke out in hearty laughter, and Izanami puffed her cheeks again.

Osamu: Relax, I was just kidding. Oh, you gonna eat that last roll?

Izanami: You can have it.

Osamu: Thank you!

Osamu met Izanami's eyes as she rested her head against her upright hand. It was almost as if he was rediscovering something.

(I think Izanami really did get cuter. Looking at her now honestly has my heart in a pinch...)

Izanami: It's rude to stare, you know!

(Crap! I've been compromised!)

Osamu: S-sorry! Let's get going to the next store.

Izanami: Yes indeedy!

("Indeedy?" Maybe she shouldn't associate herself with mortals anymore.)

Next up, they went and bought Aika plenty of graphic shirts with music-related designs, as well as a new leather jacket, beaded bracelets, and necklaces. It got much easier to pick things up. They could just look at an item of clothing and see Aika sporting it. For Izanami, it also felt like a chance to get to know Aika better. But, again, all throughout the store, people kept staring at Izanami. The space was so tight that it was impossible for Izanami not to notice. This time, she just ignored it. With the second store cleared, Osamu decided to spend the rest of the money he had on Izanami, but wasn't quite sure what to get her. They walked hand-in-hand through the mall, each carrying a bag of Aika's gifts.

(It's a stupid thing to do, but perhaps I should ask her...)

Osamu: Hey, Izanami? I was thinking of getting you something too, but I don't know what kind of gift you'd like.

Izanami: A gift for me? Oh, no no no! Please, save your money! I don't need any gifts!

Osamu: Are you sure?

Izanami: Yep! I'm fine just like this. This day has been pretty wonderful so far.

As they walked, Izanami saw a sample stand. Apparently, they wanted people to try out their new pretzel, dashed with sea salt and glazed with honey mustard.

Izanami: Ooo! I'm sorry, can I go try the pretzels?

Osamu: Of course you can. I'll wait here.

Izanami gleefully skipped over to the pretzel stand and approached the confectioner with a cheeky smile.

Izanami: Good day to you, ma'am! I'd like to try out one of your pretzels, if I may!

The woman looked at Izanami with an almost fearful expression. She collected herself and handed a cup of the pretzel sticks to her, her hand shaking as she reached out.

Confectioner: S-sure! Go ahead and have some...

Izanami bowed, always minding her manners.

As Osamu sat and watched Izanami indulge herself in the delight of the pretzels, he could hear the chatter of people behind her. Women, men, and children talking about her pale skin, how she looks like a corpse, and how off-putting it was.

Woman: Is she sick or something? She looks like she's dead...

Man: Did you see her eyes? What's with her?

(This can't be could they talk about her behind her back?)

Osamu: Hey, excuse me, but it's incredibly rude to point out people's appearances. You'd best shut up and go about your day.

The couple walked away, but onlookers still remained. Izanami finished her pretzels and dumped the cup into the garbage, but her movements seemed a lot less energized now. She walked back to Osamu with a smile that even he knew was fake.

Izanami: I'm done now. Sorry for keeping you. Let's go.

And so they continued walking through the mall together once more, making one last weep through the stores to make sure they didn't miss anything Aika would've liked.

Izanami: Hey, Osamu?

Osamu: What is it?

Izanami: I'm...I'm not embarrassing you, right?

(Oh no...I was so stupid. Of course she could hear what people say about her. Yet, this whole time, she was smiling...)

Izanami: I've pretended to brush it all off today, but I can hear them all talking about me...and you too. You can go home if you want. I don't want people thinking ill of you just because you're hanging out with me.

Osamu: I'm not going anywhere. I'm on a date with Izanami and no amount of rude stares or remarks is going to make me any less happy than I am right now. Alright? Don't think so lowly of yourself.

Izanami: You're right...

Time just seems to burn away when you're in a mall. The sun was already due to set in just a couple of hours. Deciding to wrap up the day, Osamu and Izanami left with their bags. On the way out, Izanami accidentally bumped into a child who was running off on his own. She bent down and reached her hand out to help the little boy.

Izanami: I'm so sorry! Are you lost? You shouldn't be running around such a huge place without your parents around!

The little boy was terrified of Izanami, refusing to take her hand. He ran away, back into the arms of his mother, who gave a snide stare before walking off with her sun. Izanami hung her head as Osamu tried to find a good string of words to say.

Osamu: know how kids are. They're adventurous, but they're always terrified of the things they find...Izanami?

Osamu could only see both her hands move to cover her face from behind. With a closer listen, he could hear Izanami faintly crying.

Izanami: I'm sorry, Osa...

Before he could say anything, Izanami disappeared into a vortex, wanting to be alone after the barrage of ridicule today.

(Damn it! Where did she go?!)

Osamu's first instinct was to call Yoko. He held both bags with one hand so he could reach the phone. Yoko picked up almost immediately.

Yoko: What's up? You coming home yet?

Osamu: No, not yet! Listen, Izanami...she just did that thing with the vortex! Did she go home? Is she there?

Yoko looked around and saw no sign of her.

Yoko: No, she isn't here. What happened? Why did she just disappear?

Osamu: Because people kept talking about her behind her back. I think the straw that broke her back was when she tried to help a kid who fell, but she ended up scaring the little guy.

Yoko: Oh you want me to look around? I'll search the neighborhood for her!

Osamu: Yes please! I'll be in the area shortly.

Yoko: Alright!

The call was ended, leaving Osamu to stand by the entrance of the mall.

(It's always been this way, hasn't it? Nobody ever accepted her when they saw her. Makes you wonder if she stayed away from this world because she preferred to reside in the world of the dead...or if being here among the living was too painful for her. Either way, I've got to look for her. That house wouldn't be home if one of us was missing from it!)

Osamu ran all around the neighborhood searching for Izanami, as did Yoko. They both ran around for what seemed like hours. Osamu stopped when he came across a flower shop that was just about to close its doors.

(Izanami...I know you didn't want one, but I'm going to get you something nice.)

Unsure of where to go, Izanami sat in the abandoned bowling alley, crying so hard she couldn't stand up. She sat right by the columns of stained glass windows as the sun shined through them. The sound of footsteps in the hallway alerted her, and she saw Osamu step into the room, knocking around the bowling balls on the ground in his clumsiness.

Osamu: Damn're here!

Izanami tucked her head into her lap.

Izanami: Please leave me alone.

Osamu took out his phone, sending a text message to let Yoko know that he found her in the bowling alley. He defiantly stepped closer to Izanami.

Izanami: My entire life, people have talked to me like I'm less than nothing. At the same time, I have to help those people when it's their time to leave this world. It hurts...being judged for things you can't change about yourself. Even Yoko called me Corpse when I first saw you again. I wouldn't mind it so much today if it was just about me, but I ended up dragging you down too. I'm sorry, Osamu. I'm so sorry.

(She smiles so often, you forget how painful it actually is to be her...)

Osamu knelt down beside Izanami and held her hand. Izanami was able to lift her head and look at Osamu with her tired and sad eyes.

Osamu: Izanami. Remember when you and I met, here, in this city, 5 years ago? I was so young, and so silly too. I ventured out at night and took walks around town all the time. One night...I decided I would take my last walk through town. I decided I'd end it all at your shrine, but you saved me at the last second. Even then, under the moonlight, I saw how pale you were, and how red your eyes were. I wasn't scared. I was mesmerized. I was so profoundly touched by how hauntingly beautiful you were. We sat together, ate, laughed, talked, cried...and we even shared a dance together. Do you remember what happened after that?

Izanami: I looked at you and I fell in love. So... I kissed you.

Osamu: Yep. I still think it was one of the best kisses of my life. I could feel how happy you were, and I was happy just to see you happy. I kept going to that shrine for a while so we could lean on each other, so we could love each other when we were both so miserable. But then...I left.

Izanami: And I missed you...Why did you leave?

Osamu: It was exactly because you saved me that I had to go. I broke apart in Kyoto, but I was able to rebuild myself when I left. I came back a stronger man because of what you did for me back then.

Izanami: I guess you got overwhelmed, huh?

Osamu: Yeah. I never got to give you anything before I left. So, please, accept this.

Osamu pulled out his gift, a bouquet of stargazer lilies. Izanami grabbed hold of it, shocked that Osamu bought her something despite her earlier protests.

Osamu: I know, I'm 4 years late. Better late than never, right?

Osamu stood up and reached his hand down to Izanami.

Osamu: Let's go home, beautiful. There are people who love you waiting for your return. You even got Yoko running all around the neighborhood looking for you!

Izanami grabbed onto Osamu's hand, laughing at the idea of Yoko caring enough to find someone else when they're missing.

Izanami: You're right. Let's go home!

They departed the bowling alley and made their way back to Yoko's house. She was waiting for them on the sidewalk, wearing a hoodie and yoga pants. When she saw Izanami holding flowers, she knew that Osamu had fixed the problem.

Yoko: My, my! Don't you look happy?

Izanami: Yeah! All thanks to Osa!

(You probably shouldn't give me credit right in front of Yoko...)

Osamu: Oh! These are the gifts.

Yoko took the bags from Osamu.

Yoko: Good. I can take these to the back and keep them stashed until the day arrives. Aika still doesn't know what's coming. You guys go on inside, you look beat.

Izanami bowed.

Izanami: Thank you, Yoko.

They both walked back inside and left their shoes by the door. Osamu sat at the counter as Izanami prepared dinner.

Osamu: Did you have a good day?

Izanami: I sure did! Thank you, Osamu. I love you.

(Crap! I want to return the favor, but let me just make sure that the coast is clear!)

Osamu looked around, making sure none of the other girls were around.

Osamu: I love you too...don't tell anyone I said that!

Izanami snickered with glee.

Izanami: Don't worry, it will be our little secret!

(Good. I'm glad the day turned out alright for her.)

Isabella: Oh baby, I'm starving! What's for dinner tonight?

Aika: Maybe you should go and help out instead of acting like that.

Isabella and Aika came downstairs, and at the same time, Yoko came in through the back door.

Izanami: Hey guys! I'm making grilled salmon tonight!

Isabella: Perfect! I'll help you out!

Aika and Yoko sat down with Osamu as the sky grew dark once more, and laughter filled the kitchen.

(All of them are like the ingredients we find in our kitchens. Spicy, sweet, sour, and salty. I think this house would be a lot less colorful if any of them were missing. Perhaps they realize that too.)

And so, the moon rose over Yoko's house, as beautiful as it always was. Back then, now, and in the future!
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That was amazing, OhGodHelpMe!
The story is getting better and better every time I read it!
Izanami, I felt really sorry for the poor girl, getting remarks and stares about her looks T^T
But honestly... I am honoured to be able to read you work senpai!!
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Thank you very much  :clapping: I was actually writing a chapter about the gifts being stolen and the girls going on a deadly manhunt to find the thief...but it got so whacky that it just seemed out of place and didn't align with the current mood of the story, so I tossed it all out and started anew  :unsure: It may become a chapter extra though, who knows.

Day 18: And so, We Celebrated My Ex-Girlfriend's Birthday
Is That the Rain I'm Hearing, or the Sound of your Heartbeat?

[That day...Aika's birthday. When I woke up beside Isabella in bed, it was raining. Not just some kind of 'thin clouds and 20 minutes of rain' kind of rain either. It was a real storm. Looking at the calendar, I realized it was already September. The fall equinox was just right around the corner. So, in was like the storm that declared that summer was over.]

Osamu and Isabella watched the rain from their bedroom window, both of them sharing the blanket for warmth.

Isabella: Summer is pretty much over now.

Osamu: Yep.

Isabella: I guess that means we can fool around now that it's cuddle season.

Osamu: Y-wait, what?

Isabella turned her head and smiled at Osamu.

Isabella: Oh come on. It's gonna cold both outside and inside. The only real warm place is going to be the bed, with just you and I.

(Not good! I think that rumor about girls becoming more amorous during the colder seasons is true!)

Isabella: Ah, I know what you're thinking. Don't think I don't mister!

Osamu: W-what? You do?

Isabella: Yep. You're wondering if women really do get more amorous during fall and winter, right?

Osamu: Yeah...damn it! How did you know that?

Isabella: Oh come on, I've known you for too long.

Osamu: So then? Is it true?! You guys turn into complete vixens during this season, right?!

Isabella: Calm down, horn dog. It's not true for every girl. Now, personally, I do get more of an urge to kiss and cuddle during this season.

Osamu: Great, but we're talking about being amorous.

Isabella: As for that...well...I certainly feel more "tense" during the cold, you know? Like I really, really need some release.

Osamu gulped louder than the rain hit the window.

(I don't know if I can handle where this is going...)

Isabella: I'd do it myself, but it's just not good enough, you know? It's like I need something...I don't know...bigger.

(It's starting to get a little hot in here...)

Isabella: I just want to find the biggest one possible and just let it release my tension, like a volcano finally erupting.

(Stop it Izzy!)

Isabella: And in the end, it's all just a beautiful, warm, moist finish. You know?

Osamu: What the hell are we talking about?!

Isabella: Hmm? I thought we were talking about going to the store and buying a nice, big can of cocoa powder for hot chocolate.

(Ah. That.)

Osamu: Thank god...

Isabella: Hmm? You didn't think I was going all Betty Dodson on you, right? I'm not that dirty! You know that! In fact, I'd argue I'm as pure as the rain.

Osamu: Who's Betty Dodson?

Isabella: N-nobody!

Osamu stared out of the window as the rain continued to pour.

Osamu: We're gonna have a lot of days like this, where we're stuck inside of the house.

Isabella: Don't be such a downer. At least today is Aika's birthday.

Osamu: Yeah...

Osamu/Isabella: Oh crap! The cake!

They both rushed downstairs into the kitchen, where Izanami and Yoko were already preparing the cake. Thankfully, they got up earlier than they did. Of course, Izanami had cake batter on her face, made to look like cat whiskers.

Izanami: Good morning! Sleep well?

Isabella: Yeah we did, thanks! I'm glad you guys got up early. We kind of slept in...

Yoko: Thankfully, Aika is still asleep too. We just have to put this in the oven now. I brought the gifts in too, so that they wouldn't get soaked out there.

Osamu: Awesome! Aika's going to be so happy!

(Last time I had this thought, I completely jinxed everything.)

Yoko: Now we wait for the princess to come down.

A couple hours later, Aika finally awoke and noticed Yoko was gone. There was a lot of commotion in the kitchen, and the rain still wasn't letting up. She yawned, stretched her arms, and tied up her hair. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Aika: Okay. Another day.

Aika walked downstairs, noticing that it was late in the day, but all of the lights were off and the blinds were closed.

Aika: Is everyone still asleep? Hello?

Osamu, Isabella, Yoko, and Izanami jumped up from behind the counter with candles in their hands, spooking Aika.

Osamu/Isabella/Yoko/Izanami: SURPRISE!

Aika screamed and fell flat on her butt as everyone laughed. When she realized what just happened, she only managed to stare at them blankly with a rosy pink face.

Isabella: Oh man! You got really spooked there, didn't you?

Aika: S-shut up, Izzy! It's rude to just scare people like that! What on earth are you guys doing, anyway? Why are all the blinds closed?

Isabella: Geez, you're pretty clueless, Aika.

Aika: Huh? I don't understand...

Yoko: Oh dear, you've forgotten a day like this?

Aika: What are you guys talking about?!

Osamu: It's your birthday, Aika. You're 20 years old now. Congrats!

Aika had seriously forgotten that today was her birthday. She was awe-struck at this realization.

Aika: guys know my birthday? But I never even told you...

Yoko: True, but we did kiss, remember?

Aika's pink face turned as red as a pepper at the mention of that memory.

Aika: Why did you have to say that in front of everyone, Yoko?! You did that on purpose just to embarrass me, didn't you?! How can I look anyone in the eye after you just blurt that out!?

Osamu: The point she's trying to make is that because her kiss lets her know everything about someone, she knew when your birthday was without you ever having to say a word.

Aika: Really?

Yoko: Really. Come on, sit down, Birthday Girl.

Izanami brought out the chocolate cake. It was topped with halved strawberries, icing, and 20 small candles. Aika sat down at the counter with the cake in front of her, and the light from the candles flickering in her eyes. Everyone began singing happy birthday to Aika as Yoko gave her her first present. It was a rhinestone birthday tiara, one that Yoko made herself in her spare time. She covered her trembling lips as it was put on her head. When the song was finished, she felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

Izanami: Make a wish and blow out the candles!

Aika: O-okay!

Aika took a few moments of silence to make her wish and then proceeded to blow out the candles. Every one clapped as all 20 of the candles were extinguished with just one blow. It was truly impressive.

Izanami: Standing ovation!

Isabella: You're supposed to do that at award ceremonies, not birthdays.

Izanami: Oh...sorry! Nevermind!

Aika: No! It's okay. I'd love to say something. I...sorry, I'm just overwhelmed. Now that I think about it, I never really celebrated my birthday since my mom died. I just didn't see the point. To think that you guys went through the trouble of doing this all for me...I'm really blessed to be here. Izanami, you've got to be the most cheerful and innocent person I've ever met. Just being around you makes me joyful. Your good energy is really contagious! Isabella, you're way too beautiful. You like to play it like you're a tough girl, but I know you're a real sweetheart on the inside. I thank you for doing this. Yoko, you're the one I hated the most. I thought you were cruel, crude, and controlling. Maybe I was right when it comes to Osamu, but you're not a bad person like I once thought. Getting to live here and spend time with you made me realize that you've got the biggest heart out of anyone I know. Maybe you don't always express your love the way you should, but it's there nonetheless. I'm sorry for thinking so ill of you until recently. Thank you for caring, and thank you for doing this. And Osamu...

(Huh? She's addressing me?)

Aika: I love you, and I forgive you. I'm sorry for holding my grudge for so long.

Osamu was shocked to hear those words, as were the other girls. None of them were certain if it was just intimate gratitude or a confession of undying love. The curiosity picked at them. Either way, everyone was happy for Aika, and most importantly to Yoko, Aika was happy for herself. She stood up, bowed, and was handed the knife to slice her cake. Aika cut herself a nice, big slice, to the applause of the others.

Aika: Please! Eat up!

Yoko: Oh wait, I almost forgot your other gifts!

Aika had just finished sucking chocolate icing off of her finger as she spoke.

Aika: There's more?! You guys, you shouldn't have!

Yoko pulled out the two bags, showing Aika the new clothes and the music books. Her eyes dazzled like stars in the sky.

Aika: Oh my gosh!

Yoko: Osamu and Izanami picked those out for you.

Aika: I don't even know what to say! Osamu, Izanami, thank you so much! You didn't have to do this.

Izanami hugged Aika and rubbed their cheeks together.

Izanami: Anything for you, buggy boo!

(Buggy boo?)

Izanami then proceeded to give Osamu the stink face. Though, it was a really cute stink face.

Osamu: What?!

Izanami: Don't be shy! You helped with the gifts, after all.

Aika: Really, I mean it. Thank you, Osamu.

Osamu: You're very welcome, Aika. We absolutely had to give you the best birthday we possibly could. Especially me, since...well, I haven't been the best person to you.

Aika: No need for the apologies, Osa. Hey, let me see your cheek. I think you got some flour on it.

Osamu: Seriously?

Osamu turned his cheek for Aika to examine, only realizing he was tricked when she kissed his cheek instead.

(No's taken all this time to remember what her kisses feel like. It's as warm as the summer that has passed us by. Warmer than the sands on of the beach we used to go to...)

Yoko and Isabella didn't mind the kiss so much, but it was the way their eyes locked after the kiss that troubled them both. It was the kind of stare that signified when two people rediscover each other. It was a lot more than just an innocent flirtation, which was common in the household. It was love beginning to sprout again. Knowing jealousy can only ruin a good day, they both discarded their emotions for now and celebrated with Aika. After having their fill of cake, and wasting the day away, everyone was just about ready to retire for bed. Isabella and Osamu brushed their teeth together in the bathroom as the moon rose over the city.

Isabella: Hey, why don't you use circular motions when you brush?

Osamu: What? Straight motions work fine.

Isabella: But they're not as thorough as circular motions!

Osamu: You can go up and down too, short bus.

Isabella: W-whatever! You know I'm right.

Osamu: Nope, I win this one.

Osamu and Isabella rinsed their mouths and made their final checks in the mirror. When they both confirmed their teeth were clean, the bathroom light was shut off and Isabella jumped into the bed.

Isabella: Hey, you don't mind if I sleep naked tonight, right?


Osamu: I'd prefer if you kept your clothes on.

Isabella: Oh come on. We could stay warm if we press our bodies together, Osa. Don't you think, Osa? Hmm?

Osamu: I-if you think calling me Osa will sway me, you gravely overestimate my bottom brain!

Isabella: Is that so? Well, I guess I can undress anyway and you won't do anything about it.

Osamu: Hang on, Izzy!

Isabella lifted her shirt, exposing only the underside of her breasts before stopping.

Isabella: Stop it? Why? I thought you said your bottom brain was more responsible than I'm making it out to be.

Osamu: It is, but there are limits, man!

Isabella: Oh, I see. Well, alright then. I won't put you through that.

Isabella let her shirt back down and wrapped herself in the covers.

(Today, my top brain was JFK, my bottom brain was the Soviet Union, and we narrowly avoided a nuclear strike on America...)

Osamu suddenly heard the front door close from the room. Either someone had just exited the house, or had just entered.

Isabella: What was that? Did someone just leave?

Osamu: I'll go check it out.

Isabella: Be careful. If it's a thief, choke him out!

Osamu: Violence is for savages!

Osamu walked downstairs, cautiously peeking around corners just in case it was somebody coming inside. The coast was all clear. He opened the front door and immediately saw Aika playing in the rain without an umbrella. She looked like she was in total bliss as she was being soaked under the street light.

Aika: Osamu!

Osamu: What do you think you're doing?

Aika: A rain dance!

(At least her spirits are up again. Dancing in the rain though? I hope today didn't break her.)

Osamu: What an idiot. You're gonna catch a cold.

Aika: That's fine. Today made me really happy. And also a little sad.

Osamu: Sad? Why sad?

Aika smiled at Osamu as the rain ran off of her hair and soaked face.

Aika: Because there's something I badly want to ask you, but I feel like I already know the answer.

(What is she...)

Aika: Osamu...

Osamu: What is it?

Aika: Which of us do you truly love?

The question hit Osamu like a bullet from a sniper rifle.

(I truthfully...don't know how to answer that question. What am I supposed to say to that? Ever since I got to spend time with all of them again, I remembered why I loved every one of them in the first place. Aika's no different...)

Aika simply laughed before Osamu could give her an answer.

Aika: Just forget it, Osa. I can see it in your eyes. What we had was great, but things can't go back to what they were, right?

Osamu: That's not fair...I didn't get to say anything.

Aika: You never had to. When we met eyes earlier, those were the same eyes you've given to Isabella, Yoko, and Izanami, aren't they? You can't choose. There's four of us, and only one of you. I really don't want you to have to choose, because I know it would hurt them.

Osamu: But what about you? How can you accept an outcome like that so calmly?

Aika: It's because I love you so much that I'm willing to accept a future where you won't be my sunshine. Maybe that's why I'm out here soaking in the rain, just to see what it's like. It's cold, but it's new. It's alright. It's fine. If you came, there would be a rainbow somewhere. But if you didn't? I wouldn't mind the rain. I'll let you shine somewhere else, Osamu.

(I know what this is, because I've felt it for you before as well. Loving someone so much that self-sacrifice becomes the priority when our connection is in danger. But for you to be the one to do that...)

Aika: Osamu. When the sun is shining, it's the clouds that have to leave and tug the rain with them.

Osamu: What? Come on, cut it out. Come back inside before you catch a cold.

Aika: Yeah, I guess you're right. Wouldn't want that, right?

[It was during the start of this cold season that it happened. I don't mean me and Aika reconnecting like we did that day. It was something else. As she alluded to that day, sometimes the sun is shining, and it's just the clouds that have to move out of the way. She compared someone like me, who couldn't even save a single girl, to something as magnificent as the sun. And she compared herself to the rain, something that comes and goes. Something people shy away from and don't understand. Something people hated but was all too important to lose. That's just how big her heart was. That cold took Aika away from us.]
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Day 19: Today, My Ex-Girlfriend Lied to Me
She Sleeps in Peace, Dressed in Black and Flowers

Yoko: Do you love him?

Aika awoke early in the morning to those words. The rain was beating against the windows, but the black blinds shut out any light and made the room dark. Their backs were turned to each other in bed.

Aika: Yoko?

Yoko: I asked you if you loved him.

Aika: Come on. What time is it?

Yoko: Just...answer me. You can go back to sleep after you answer me.

Aika: I don't know what you want me to say like this...

Yoko: The truth.

Aika closed her eyes.

Aika: Yes. I love him. Still, to this day.

Yoko: Sorry for bothering you.

Aika: It's fine. Really.

Yoko silently cried next to Aika. Feeling the convulsions of her back, the crying was no secret to Aika. But still, she did nothing to console her. Aika knew Yoko's pain, and knew there wasn't much she could do to stop it. Aika wondered, however, what could cause Yoko to cry? It wasn't the same kind of jealousy she usually displayed. It was deeper. So deep, it hid among the clouds that rained down on the city that morning.

An hour later, Aika woke up again, but Yoko was still sleeping. It was the first time Aika got up before Yoko. She went downstairs and met up with Osamu and Izanami, who were eating breakfast in the kitchen.

Izanami: Morning, Aika!

Osamu: Good morning!

Izanami: Hey. You guys are up as always. Where's Isabella?

Osamu: Ah, she said she's not feeling too well, so she's sleeping in.

Aika: Her too...

Osamu: Hmm?

Aika: Oh! Nothing...

Izanami: Are you hungry? I could make you something.

Aika: No, that's fine. I don't have much of an appetite today.

Osamu: No way. Believe me, starting your day without breakfast is suicide!

Aika: I guess it doesn't sound too bad then...

Osamu: What? Don't say things like that, you'll scare people.

[Death always strikes with irony first.]

Aika: Thanks for the concern. I'm gonna go check on Isabella.

Aika ran upstairs before Osamu could say anything.

(Something is off today...)

Izanami: Do you think she's on "drugs"?!

Osamu: What kind of question is that?!

Izanami: I heard that when humans act very strangely, it means that they're probably taking drugs!

Osamu: Yeah? And where did you learn that?

Izanami: TV of course!

(Her naivety is adorable sometimes...)

The seeds of worry were planted in Aika's heart as she knocked on Isabella's door.

Isabella: C-come in!

Aika entered, and she saw Isabella's smile fade away. More than ever, she was noticing the little things about the people around her.

Aika: You look like you've been crying...

Isabella laughed the comment off.

Isabella: Nah! I'm just tired, that's all! Why would I be crying?

Aika: I guess you're right. Sorry about that! Osamu told me you were sleeping in, so I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Isabella: Aww shucks! I appreciate it, Aika!

Aika closed the door, both of them reverting to the true emotions as it separated them. Aika's guess was right. Isabella was sleeping in because her heart was weary. But still, why don't they just come up with some elaborate, violent scheme to teach Aika a lesson like they did before? Why did they lock themselves away and cry instead? The truth is, it didn't find Aika long to figure out the answer to those questions, and that's when her heart began to feel torn.

Aika gathered up her strength and barged into Isabella's room again, confronting her troubled feelings head-on. Coming in so fast, she caught Isabella wiping her wet eyes, confirming her suspicion.

Aika: Izzy, you are crying!

Isabella: N-no! I-

Aika: Both you and Yoko! You're hurting by neither of you will be honest with me! You love Osamu, and so does Yoko! I should've thought more carefully before opening my mouth yesterday! I didn't consider your feelings, and I was being unbearably selfish. I thought, maybe I could be with him again, the first boy to show me what love was. But if I had recognized how hurtful it would've been to you-

Yoko: Stop it, Aika.

Yoko stood outside of her door just behind Aika with a very serious look in her eye.

Yoko: Don't you know to leave people alone when they're crying?

Aika: It's different when they're your friends! Yoko, you were in pain too just earlier today! When I said I loved Osamu, did I hurt you? But if so, why aren't any of you doing anything about it?! Yoko, you once got out of bed to chase me down by the bridge! The only reason we didn't fight was because Izanami stopped us! Aika, you kidnapped me and threw me on a plane once! Why is it that this time, neither of you are taking action?

Yoko: Aika-

Aika: Don't "Aika" me! Just tell me!

Isabella: Aika, please stop!

Yoko: It's not your place to know! Stop asking ridiculous questions and take the opportunity! He's wide open! Go for it!

Aika: I've looked at you every day for the past month and I know you don't feel that way in your heart! Both of you, your love shines beyond your eyes! You live and breathe for him, just like me!

Yoko slapped Aika across the face, bloodying the inside of her mouth and knocking her on the floor.

Yoko: You're damned right it hurts. I gave you a home, food to eat, a place to sleep, and a love to take. You already know why I've been so calm about it. Before you even arrived here, before Osamu left this place, even before your mother died, you've always wanted to disappear, haven't you? Even now, you still feel that way! I gave you those things because I've had days where I didn't want to wake up too! I've been scorned, repudiated, and laughed at like some freak at a side show! That man was the first person to understand me, to smile at me while everyone else walked away! My life is not the one that's in danger, it's yours! I'd gladly sacrifice everything I have if it means someone who had to go through what I had to go through doesn't end up killing themselves! Isabella doesn't even know you wanted to die, but even she saw that you needed Osamu more than the both of us! She didn't want you to disappear!

Osamu and Izanami ran up the stairs, alarmed by the commotion. Yoko only just now felt the warm streams of tears on her face, and ran back inside her room as Osamu came up. Isabella helped Aika get back on her feet.

Osamu: What the hell happened?

Izanami: Aika, you're bleeding!

Before Isabella could say anything, Aika smiled at them and lied.

Aika: I fell. I'm pretty clumsy when I don't get enough sleep.

Isabella: Aika...

Aika: Don't worry, I'll clean this out. I think...I think I'm gonna go out for a bit too, get some fresh air.

Osamu: Are you sure? If you need anything, just let me know, okay?

Aika: Don't make a big deal out of it! I'll be fine.

Aika cleaned herself up in the bathroom, leaving Osamu and Izanami to just return to what they were doing before. Isabella was the last one remaining in the hallway, until she too closed her door and her heart along with it. As Aika prepared to dress herself for her walk, she was very careful about what she would wear. Picking from among her gifts, her outfit consisted of nothing but black. Black leather jacket, plain, black long-sleeve underneath, black jeans, and a necklace with a black stone pendant. She noticed her birthday tiara, which was decorated with roses to look like a crown of flowers. She decided to wear it as she walked out of her room, through the kitchen downstairs, and out through the front door. Izanami and Osamu didn't think of bothering her.

Izanami: I think something happened...

Osamu: Yeah. It's probably best not to poke too much at it though. Aika is a really sensitive girl.

Izanami: I guess you're right. She can handle herself, right?

Osamu: Yep! No matter what, she always pulls through. That's just the kind of woman she is.


Aika, dressed in black and adorned with flowers, began a slow and thoughtful walk to the cemetery. She took the same path Osamu, Izanami, and Isabella took when they visited. It seemed some of the leaves were already changing color. The golden-orange cloak of autumn was almost draped over all of the trees in the area. The rain had let up and was reduced to a very faint drizzle, but puddles were left on the ground, reflecting the cloudy sky and the trees around them. Of course, Aika ended up right in front of her mother's gravestone, Kiyomi Mihara.

Aika: Hello, Mom. It's a cold day, huh? Autumn is finally returning, and the trees are changing color again. Save for this season and Winter, the rest of the year always seems bright and hot. I never really understand just how much time has passed until it gets cold like this again. Then, I know that the year will be over soon...and it would be another year without you here. I don't even know why I came down here. We're probably going to see each other soon anyway. I just felt like this was the only place I could run to if I'm lost. Besides...I'm sure you can use the company, right?

Comfort before the long journey ahead. Aika sat there for hours talking to her mother. It was actually a peaceful and cheerful talk. She told her mother all about how people who were once her enemies became her friends, how she was able to have fun being part of their antics and adventures, and how they even threw a surprise birthday party with them. Aika was already at peace. When she got up, she bowed to her mother.

Aika: Thanks for listening to me talk for this long. I think it's actually the most I've spoken in a while! Well...I'm off. Love you. Take care.

Late afternoon. The clouds parted, and the sun shined through. The puddles brightly reflected its light in a white glare that blinded Aika as she walked out of the cemetery, and to the bowling alley. It was a quiet place that hardly anyone ever visited. It was calm, and the light given off by the colored columns of stained glass made being in the place during the daytime peaceful. Dilapidated, yet beautiful. Aika sat down in one of the bleacher seats, the sun shining through the stained glass behind her. She just sat there and looked around, admiring the warm and soft light coming into the building. All of a sudden, she heard the meow of a cat beneath her feet. It seemed a homeless, black cat had also been using the bowling alley as its home.

Aika: Aww! Are you alone, little guy?

The cat took a liking to Aika, allowing her to pick it up without receiving scratches to the face. It's fur was warm and fuzzy, and its meows were faint.

Aika: You are so adorable! I guess you were taking shelter from the rain earlier, huh? Cats tend to really dislike water. I guess I'm taking shelter too, but not from the rain.

Aika wanted to say more, but a yawn and heavy eyes made her reconsider.

Aika: Oh man. I'm exhausted. I think I'm gonna take a nap, little guy. The rain has stopped, so you can go if you want.

Aika used her leather jacket as a pillow and laid across the bleacher seats. Her eyes were so heavy that going to sleep was completely effortless for her. Dressed in black and flowers, and with the multi-colored light of the stained glass shining on her and her surroundings, Aika drifted off into sleep.

Hours had passed by, and the sun was just about to set. Izanami prepared to cook dinner, but noted a very important person was still missing. Osamu and Isabella sat at the counter, clearly tired and bored.

Isabella: Aw man, these cold days turn me into a bear. I'm tired all the time!

Osamu: I can empathize.

Izanami: Quit talking about yourselves! Aika has been gone all day! Shouldn't one of you guys go and find her? She's gonna miss dinner!

Osamu: I want to believe she's fine, but you're probably right. We're not even sure if she's eaten anything all day.

Isabella twiddled her thumbs around as she spoke.

Isabella: Y-you should go find her, Osamu. She's part of this household, so none of us should ever miss a meal together.

Osamu:'ve gotten much more accustomed to Japanese manners!

Isabella: R-really?

Osamu: Yep! That was seriously something I'd expect Yoko or myself to say, but you nailed it this time. Great job, Izzy!

Isabella: Oh my, please, it was nothing!

Osamu stood up from his seat and grabbed his sweatshirt.

Osamu: Alright. I'm gonna go look for Aika now. When I get back, we can all eat dinner together!

Izanami: Good luck! Stay warm out there! Don't you dare come back here with a cold!

Osamu: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Isabella: See ya!

Osamu immediately noticed the position of the sun as he stepped outside in the chilly air.

(It's gonna be dark soon. Maybe in about an hour, probably even less. I should probably look at the bowling alley first.)

Osamu's head wouldn't stop throbbing and thinking as he ran towards the bowling alley, splashing in puddles as he went along.

(I didn't want to bug her about today, but maybe I should've been more careful and expressed deeper concern. Not only did Aika disappear from the house, but Yoko hasn't left her room all day and refuses to eat anything. I wonder if they actually had a fight or something. But about what? Was it about what she said at her birthday party? Hah, knowing the dynamics between those girls, it does make sense. I'm sure it's nothing. Once Aika gets back, they'll apologize and thing will go back to the way they were.)

Osamu finally arrived at the bowling alley. He ran inside and caught his breath for a moment before Aika's voice called out to him.

Aika: Osamu?

Osamu looked up and saw Aika sitting up with the cat on her lap. It was indeed an odd sight.

Osamu: Hey! Uhh...where did you get that cat?

Aika: He has a name! His name is Coco!

(Seriously? You named a stray cat?)

Osamu: Look, that's beside the point. Where have you been all day? Did you eat anything? Were you able to stay out of the rain?

Aika: You worry far too much, Osamu. I've been okay.

Osamu let out a sigh of relief and sat down next to Aika on the bleacher seats.

(All black and flowers? It's like she's going to a funeral or something. Then again, this is Aika we're talking about here.)

Aika: Hey, Osamu?

Osamu: What's up?

Aika: I want to apologize for asking you that question yesterday. I don't know what I was thinking, putting you on the spot like that. It only makes sense that you weren't able to answer properly.

Osamu: Don't worry about it. You do tend to ask bold questions sometimes. I've known you long enough to be used to it.

Aika: I see...

Aika ran her hand through Osamu's hair, gently feeling out all of the strands.

Aika: Geez, Osa, when are you going to cut your hair? This is way too long.

Osamu: W-what?! No it's not! Geez, it's like your my mother all of a sudden.

The cat meowed, almost as if it was agreeing with Aika.

(Remind me to dunk the little bastard in a bath tub!)

Osamu: Oh, I see. You and your little feline friend have conspired against me, have you?

Aika: And so what if we did, nyaa?

(Nyaa? Oh man, talk about cute!)

Osamu: Don't overstep your boundaries, Coco. I might have to call some of my dog pals on you.

Aika hugged Coco tightly, protecting him from Osamu's threats.

Aika: You wouldn't dare do that to my Coco! Besides, Coco is a pacifist. Violence isn't his game.

Osamu: Oh I'm sure you know all about him despite just meeting him.

Aika stuck out her tongue at Osamu, and at the same time, Coco licked his nose.

(So there really is a conspiracy!)

It had now gotten dark. Osamu used his cell phone flash light to see.

Osamu: Man, I knew it would get dark soon. Izanami is probably already done cooking. Hey, Aika. Did something happen between you and Yoko today? She hasn't even come out of her room today.

Aika dropped her head, and her voice became heavy and saddened.

Aika: She's still in there, huh?

(So something did happen.)

Aika: Osamu? Can I ask you one more time? Be honest. I don't care what your answer is.

(Is she going to...)

Aika: Who do you love?

Osamu: heart hasn't really settled yet. But still...I find myself thinking and worrying about you the most. I just feel like I should be there, that I SHOULD have been there. Maybe it's just me wanting to make-up for neglecting your situation all those years ago. I really do regret getting mad at you like that back then. So, I suppose...if I had to give you an answer...I...I still love you, Aika.

With those words finally admitted, love returned to Aika's eyes, almost bringing her to tears.

Aika: Thank you, Osamu. Thank you for everything. You don't owe me anything at all. We were both young and dumb, right? We both made our mistakes and we could've been better to each other. You don't blame me, so I won't blame you. We did alright, you and I. I'm proud you were the first one to teach me what love was.

(She...she really just said that. And I still love her...)

Osamu noticed something on the cat's neck now that her was using his cell phone flashlight. It was a black collar and a small silver pendant.

Osamu: Aika, that cat! It has a collar!

Aika: What?! Seriously? Aw! You're just lost! And you already have a name! Don't worry, little guy, I'll take you home.

Osamu: Uh, wait, Aika. You sure you don't want me to do it? Izanami is worried sick about you.

Aika: I'll be fine. His owner isn't that far away. I'm the one who found him, so I should be the one who returns him. Who knows? I may even get some money out of it! Unless you're trying to steal my thunder..

Osamu: No! It's not like that at all, I was just-

Aika: You were just what?

(She got me...)

Osamu: Alright fine, you win. But come back home immediately, alright?

Aika smiled and lied to Osamu once more, for the final time.

Aika: I will! Don't worry about me! I'll be back before you know it!

Osamu: Alright. Get going, Love Song.

Aika gave Osamu a thumbs up and ran out of the bowling alley. She had to go in the direction of the beach in order to return the cat, and Osamu had to go in the opposite direction to return home.

[That night...I painfully regretted that night. The next time anyone saw her, it wasn't eating her overdue meal in the warmth and safety in the home we all lived in together....]

As everyone prepared for bed after eating, Izanami felt a chill in her head. It was a sign she was very familiar with as the goddess of creation and death.

Izanami: Someone...just died?

Izanami immediately opened a vortex to the source of this feeling in her head, and she ended up on the shores of a beach that was all too familiar.

Izanami: Someone died here, this late at night?

She looked around and around...and there she was. There was Aika. She was the source of the signal of one's passing.

[The next person to see her was Izanami. Her body was washed up on the shore at low tide, her skin cold and pale, and her body motionless. Dressed in black and flowers...]

Izanami:! No! No! Aika!

Izanami ran to Aika's body and cradled her. There were no signs of life to be found.

[Of course...that day...Aika dressed for her own funeral.]

The moon was reflected over the ocean as Izanami cried louder than the waves. This would be the most painful soul to take from the earth.
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Day 20: And So, I Shall Undo the Day I Met My Ex-Girlfriend
A Love That Lasts Forever is a Love I'd Sell My Soul For
The sobbing Izanami cradled a deceased Aika, the sea coming back to kiss her lifeless cheek and then pulling away again.

Izanami: did this happen?

Izanami checked Aika's pulse both on her neck and wrists. She had to be certain that she was dead.

Izanami: No pulse. Your soul has already left this world...I know where I need to go.

To the world of the dead. Izanami left the body where she found it. When her corpse was discovered, she would most likely be examined by a corner to determine the cause of death. It wouldn't help the authorities if they find sea water in her lungs but was discovered far away from the shore. Besides, there was much to be done. As the goddess of death, Izanami had a responsibility to see to it that Aika's soul is taken care of until it is properly judged. She opened a vortex to a special place in the underworld; The House of Souls.

It was a beautiful place despite its desolate, almost desert-like location. The house looked small from the outside, but once Izanami entered, the building was built like a massive cathedral. There was just one, long hallway that never seemed to end, and each side of the hallway had doors. Those doors led to rooms where the souls of the recently deceased where kept. Aika's door was easy to find. Izanami saw her designated room, and again, it was beautiful enough to match its occupant. Beautifully decorated stained glass windows took the place of plain walls, and the patterns depicted some of the last moments of Aika's life. The floor was made of stone, and in the middle of the room, there was a body of water, similar to a pool.

Aika's was laying on top of the water, her eyes shut, and the tiara of flowers still around her head. About a dozen multi-colored lotus flower lanterns floated on top of the water with her, and dozens more candles surrounded the floor around the pool and the four corners of the room. The very front of the room had a golden, life-size statue of Izanami with incense burning next to it. Looking at the stained glass, Izanami was able to determine what happened. It was clear as day.

Izanami: You found a cat in the bowling alley...then you saw left to return the cat...the owners thanked didn't come home...and sat on the beach...and you walked into the water and drowned yourself. You killed yourself. You really took your own life.

Izanami clasped her hands, and began a Kuji-in ritual. She began to perform mudra, which were hand seals and postures.

Izanami: Zai! Jin! Rin!

A vortex opened in front of her, and out of it came a pale figure in a black cloak, who bowed to her.

Shinigami: You summoned me, Izanami-no-Mikoto?

Izanami: As a shinigami, you've peered into the minds of all who have died. I'm curious about this one.

The shinigami looked around him to confirm where he was.

Shinigami: Ah, yes. Aika Mihara, age 20, died committing suicide. She's the youngest one we have here tonight, not counting the rooms designated for the unborn. What is it you would like to know?

Izanami: I would like to know her reason for choosing to die. Why would she do this? She had friends in the world of the living. People loved her...

The shinigami stood up, moving to stand right in front of the statue of Izanami.

Shinigami: As I understand it, it was not a singular event that caused this tragic outcome. It was a culmination of an entire lifetime of hardship. The paternal figure left her as a young girl. He never wanted to be a father. The mother worked hard to care for the child by herself, and so she was strict and usually stressed. However, she was a good woman, never abusive towards her. You should know that much, Izanami-no-Mikoto. Aika indeed found friends in you and the other women depicted in her memories. It is because she loved them that this has happened. Or perhaps, that is merely her justification.

Izanami: What are you trying to say?

Shinigami: As you know, every soul has a its root of suffering. I'm afraid, in order to understand why she chose to do this, you must look at what exactly the root is, my lord.

Izanami: Very well. Show me.

As Izanami viewed the origin of Aika's suffering, Osamu couldn't sleep that night. He stayed up for a while, Isabella still sleeping beside him.

(Has Aika still not come home? I didn't see Izanami either. Maybe she went out to get Aika.)

Osamu got out of bed and ventured outside and took a walk to relax himself.

(Aika still feels something after all this time. It's almost too good to be true. Still, I'm really glad. Maybe we can start things over. I just hope the others won't take it too hard if we do. I'm thankful to all of them, after all.)

He thought of Aika's smiling face as he walked. He thought of the moment where she finally said what Osamu had been wanting her to say all this time. As if fate was trying to tell him something, his long walk landed him right by the bridge where he found Aika playing guitar in August.

(This bridge again...I ended up here without even realizing it.)

It was here that Izanami appeared in front of Osamu, nearly scaring him to death. She came out breathing heavily, too heavily to talk right away.

Osamu: Damn it, Izanami! Warn somebody before you just open a vortex in front of them! It's horrible manners to just-

Izanami: Listen!

(That yell was serious...she doesn't look like she's in a light-hearted mood...)

Osamu: Are you okay? Is something going on?

Izanami: I'm going to tell you a lot right now, but I need you to stay calm. There is good news and bad news to all of this.

Osamu: All of what?

Izanami: Osamu.

Izanami looked Osamu in the eyes.

Izanami: Aika is dead.

There was silence between them. At first, he wanted to laugh it off and commend Izanami for her ability to scare people, but the look painful look in her eye told Osamu that this was no joke.

Osamu: You...but Aika was...she was just fine a few...that can't be right! Izanami, please tell me you're just joking? Pulling a fast one on old Osamu, right?

Izanami: I'm sorry Osa.

(Stop that...)

Osamu: Don't look at me like that! Tell me you're just joking!

Izanami: Osa...

Izanami held Osamu's hand. Both of them were trembling.

Osamu: She can't be dead! I don't...

(Please, just lie to me...)

Izanami: I'm sorry, Osamu. I'm so sorry!

Osamu: How?! How did she die!? She was smiling just a few hours ago!

Izanami: She committed suicide, at the beach. I found her washed up on the shore-

Osamu: Then bring her back! You're the goddess of death, aren't you?! If she's dead, then bring her back! If you're friends with her, then let her live again!

Osamu was crying angrily, not towards Izanami, but towards himself.

Izanami: That...that's something we can actually do.

Osamu: What? How?! If we can bring her back that why aren't we doing it?

Izanami: That's part of the bad news. We can bring her back, but Aika won't be the same. In order explain this to you, you need to see it for yourself. You're coming with me to where her soul is being kept. Prepare yourself.

(Is she taking me to the world of the dead?)

Izanami instantly took Osamu with her to Aika's room in the House of Souls. He was overwhelmed by his surroundings at first. The stained glass caught his attention until his eyes turned to the center of the room, where Aika and the lotus flower lanterns were floating on water.

Osamu: Aika!

Osamu rushed to the side of the pool, trying to reach out to her. His hand passed right through her body, no matter how hard he tried to grab her.

Izanami: It's useless. You can't touch her while she's in those waters. What you're seeing here is her soul, stuck in a mode of stasis until she can be properly judged and sent to where she needs to be. Normally, souls are either reincarnated or sent into a void of nonexistence.

Osamu: What's going to happen to her? You said we can bring her back, right?

Izanami: I've spoken with the shinigami about this. We don't usually bring people back to the world of the living, but for Aika, they're making this an exception. Her body is still in good condition since her death was recent, and she's a young soul that has not lived out her life yet. Under these circumstances, they were merciful enough to allow us to go back.

Shinigami: Indeed.

The cloaked shinigami appeared for Osamu, again, nearly scaring him to death. He backed up against the stained glass and caught his breath.

Osamu: Who are you?!

Izanami: This is one of the shinigami.

Shinigami: As Izanami-no-Mikoto said, we don't usually do this. It is a very rare case and the procedure differs from person to person, depending on how they died. For suicide victims, the body must still be in good condition, first and foremost. We can't return a soul to a rotten vessel. The procedure itself includes going back through the person's memories and altering them to erase a certain incident.

Osamu: What kind of incident?

Shinigami: When bringing back those who took their own lives, we must trace the origin of their suffering and erase it from their memories. Otherwise, they'd be doomed to repeat their attempt and they would just end up back here. In such an event, both the shinigami and Izanami-no-Mikoto herself would've all failed in their duties to protect and judge the dead.

Osamu: So, we just need to do that? We do that, and Aika will return?

Shinigami: Young one, you make it sound oh so easy. Do you not know what the origin of Aika's suffering was?

(Was it the fight between her and Yoko? Her mom's death? What could it have been!?)

Izanami: Enough. I will be the one to show him. Please perform the mudra and mantra. Osamu, take my hand. When he's done, we're going to jump in the pool.

Osamu: What? But-

Izanami: Just follow my instructions! It was irresponsible of me to even take you here for this, but this is something you need to see.

(I've never seen her so serious before...)

Osamu took Izanami's hand as the shinigami performed the Kuji-in and hand seals.

Shinigami: Rin! Toh! Kai! Zai! Zen! Sha!

Izanami: Now!

Izanami and Osamu jumped into the pool where Aika lied. Though Osamu expected them to pass through Aika's body and simply end up soaked in the body of water, he opened his eyes and found that he and Izanami were just a few blocks away from the bridge.

Osamu: What is this? We're right back in the neighborhood? Why are we back here?

Izanami: It is true that this is the same place, but it is not the same time. We are currently in Aika's memory, her root of suffering. The root of it all is apparently this specific night.

Osamu: What happened on this night? Just how far back did we go?

Suddenly, a young boy, about 13 years old walked right through Osamu. He instantly recognized the boy from his backpack and shoulder-length hair.

Osamu: Is

Izanami: Yes. You recognize this night, don't you? The clear moon, the cherry blossoms, even the very clothes you wore.

(She's right! This was the night I met Aika...)

Osamu: Izanami! Why?! Why is this night the root of Aika's suffering?! I thought she loved me!

Izanami: She did, so much that she couldn't stand it. Aika has always loved you, Osamu. Even when it seemed like she hated you. There is a reason why this night is the root of her suffering. She missed you dearly in those 4 years. She lost her mother and everything that belonged to her, but she mourned losing you the most. Not only that, but Aika has grown to love me, Isabella, and Yoko. The two, especially Yoko, worked diligently to make Aika happy to prevent this from happening. As a result, she was torn. Part of her wanted to love you like she loved you back then. She really did want to start over and accept your love into her life. But at the same time, she knew that doing so would hurt Yoko and Isabella. She couldn't do that. Aika was just too kind to hurt her friends, even if it meant she would have to live without loving you so openly.

Osamu: Yoko was proactively trying to prevent her it wasn't a spur of the moment...Aika...

Izanami: Yes. Those awful thoughts clouded her heart for a long time. But it all revolved around her love for you, the love that had gone missing. To her, this was the beginning of the pain she felt up until now. As such, this is the origin of her suffering. Instead of living a life where she could love you and hurt Yoko and Isabella in the process, she chose to die, to remove herself from the picture, thinking they would be able to chase after you and be happy. All of her thoughts, feelings, and actions revolve around her love for you.

Osamu: In order to prevent her from doing anything that could put her back in this kind of despair, we have to undo her love for me...

(I see're always acting for the sake of others. I'm the source of that drive to make me and others happy.)

Izanami: Just now, you couldn't interact with the properties of her dream. Let go of my hand, and you will be able to end this. Do you understand what you have to do?

Osamu did indeed understand. His heart and his eyes were heavy, but knowing that this would bring Aika back, he forged on and tackled the woeful task head-on.

Osamu: I'll be back. It won't take long.

As Little Osamu walked the streets alone, Osamu caught up with him through the alleyways.

(I remember needing to take this route to get home. He's going to pass by the bridge soon and hear Aika's guitar. Which means...)

Osamu walked out of the alleyway, cutting off Little Osamu's path. The two looked at each other for a moment.

Little Osamu: Hello...

Osamu: Hey. You by yourself?

Little Osamu: You're not a pervy kiddie diddler are you?

(Of course he thinks I'm pedophile, coming out the alleyway like that!)

Osamu: No! I'm assuming you live in the residential area just up from the bridge, right? That route has been cordoned off so that maintenance can be done on the bridge. You won't be able to cross there, unless you want to track fresh cement into your house and upset your mother.

Little Osamu: Really? So I have to go around? Man...that's the fastest route too.

Osamu: Yeah, bummed me out as well. I live in that area too and I use the same route when I go out for late night snacks.

Little Osamu: Oh, really? Well, if you aren't a creepy kiddie diddler, we could walk home together.

Osamu: Are you worried about being nabbed by a pedophile? The crime rate here is too low to be worried about that. Lighten up, man.

Little Osamu: Yeah, I guess you're right. Well? Shall we?

Osamu and Little Osamu walked home the long way, turning away from the bridge where Aika was playing guitar that night. Osamu's heart ached greater with every step that was taken. Still, he did not look back.

Little Osamu: Hey.

Osamu: Hmm?

Little Osamu: You've got long hair like me. Well, yours is way longer...

Osamu: Yep! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this style.

Little Osamu: Me too. My friends say I look like a girl at school though. One of them stole one of the girls' uniforms and stuck it in my locker and left a note saying I'd look cute in the dress.

Osamu had to contain his laughter as the memory of that event resurfaced.

Osamu: Seriously? What a dumb prank.

Little Osamu: You're laughing at this, aren't you! Whatever...

Osamu: Don't let the opinions of others bring you down. You're gonna look back at all of this and laugh some day. I promise you.

Little Osamu: Yeah? When will that be?

Osamu: It'll take some time. Until then, just laugh it all off. It's important to keep a clean heart and mind, you know?

Little Osamu: Hmm..not bad advice for a stranger.


Finally, they were in the residential area. Moths flew around the bulbs of the light posts, and crickets chirped in the distance. Realizing this was his stop, Little Osamu said his farewells.

Little Osamu: My house is just around this turn here. I can make it there by myself. I don't want my mom freaking out because I walked home with a stranger.

Osamu: Yeah, you're right. My house is close too.

Little Osamu bowed.

Little Osamu: Thank you for walking with me. I probably would've gotten lost without you. I'm very grateful.

Osamu: Of course, it's no big deal. You get home safely, alright?

Little Osamu: I will! Goodbye!

Osamu waved as Little Osamu walked the rest of the way by himself. As soon as he turned the corner, Osamu broke down and let out all of the heartbreak that was nesting inside of him during that walk.

(At least with this, Aika will still live...)

Izanami appeared and sat down on the sidewalk with him as he cried.

Izanami: It's done. Aika will have another chance at life.

Osamu: Aika...she's not going to remember me, is she? The shinigami said that the root of suffering needs to be that means...

Izanami: Yes. Aika will have no recollection of you, me, Yoko, or Isabella. But because she's no longer tied to you, she can have a fresh start.

Osamu: The others are going to find out about this. I'm going to be in deep sh*t. But I guess that's the price I have to pay. For now...I'd just like to go back and rest.

Izanami: We can go back now. You did a good job, Osa. Hold onto my arm.

Izanami performed the Kuji-in to get them out of Aika's memories.

Izanami: Zen! Sha! Zai!

And with that, Osamu and Izanami climbed out of the pool of water, completely dry. The lotus flower lanterns remained in the water, and Aika stood with the shinigami, soaking wet and covered with a towel.

Shinigami: Here she is.

Aika: Osamu?

Osamu ran to Aika and hugged her as tightly as he could.

Osamu: Idiot! You're so stupid!

Osamu stroked Aika's hair as she returned the hug.

Osamu: You don't ever have to sacrifice anything for me or for anyone. You've lost enough, Aika. You've lost more than most of us could ever take. Why can't you just be happy for yourself?

Aika: Yoko and Isabella...I couldn't let them get hurt. Not after everything they did for me. Yoko tried so hard to make me happy...

Osamu: Because she loves you! Isabella loves you! Izanami loves you! I love you! More than you could ever know!

Aika looked up and saw Izanami standing there, a silhouette among the bright, orange light of the stained glass.

Aika: Izanami...I'm so sorry.

Izanami hugged Aika with one arm and Osamu in the other, bringing them all together for what would be the final time. Izanami, with her gentle heart, was cried tears of relief and agony.

Izanami: Aika, you dummy! You're a big, inconsiderate, selfish, dummy!

Aika: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Please forgive me!

(After this...when Aika's soul is returned...)

The time came for all three of them to go back. The Shinigami performed one more Kuji-in set of hand seals to open a vortex out of the world of the dead.

Shinigami: Py?h! Rin! Jin! Zen! Sha! Zai!

A vortex was opened, ready for them all to step through.

Shinigami: Girl. When your soul returns to your body, you will have no recollection of Osamu, Izanami, or any of your friends associated with them. This was necessary in order for them to be allowed to take you back to the world of the living. You should say your goodbyes while you still can. This will be the final time you will see and recognize them.

Aika: I won't remember them? But that', that's insane! How am I supposed to-

Osamu: Aika.

Aika turned her head to Osamu and Izanami.

Osamu: I already know. I was the reason you were hurting so badly.

Aika: Who cares?! I did it for you! I don't mind the pain, Osa! I can take it, a thousand lifetimes over!

Osamu: No. You shouldn't have to. Up until you were an adult, you lived for your mother. Ever since we met, you've lived for me. You're always thinking of others, always brightening up the place by just existing as you are, and being as beautiful as you are. But now...

Osamu took Aika's hand into in his own.

Osamu: Please. Live for you, Aika. Live to make yourself happy. Go out there, make friends, have fun, get sad, get angry, get into trouble, and enjoy the things in life you weren't able to because of me. I want you to move on. Be born anew, and make your new life the best that it can be. You're free now, Aika. You've already lived and died for the sake of others. You can take that weight off of your shoulders now.

Aika: Osa...

Osamu: Make us proud, Aika. Maybe you should be a musician! You may not remember me, but I'll be sure to buy your albums!

Izanami: I will too!

Aika bowed to them and cried, and her trembling, yet powerful voice moved Osamu and Izanami.

Aika: Both of you! I love you! I love you so much! I would have fallen apart without you and the others in my life! I owe you all so much! When I return, I'm going to make the best out of my life! I'm going to laugh and cry, experience joys and sorrows, and die happily some day! I'll start singing, I'll start a band, and one day, I'll make that album! Even though I won't remember you or the things you've done for me, the things that moved me to my heart and my bones, I'll dedicate every song, every word, every note to how much I love you! Osa! I'll find a good man, have a good home, and raise good children! I'll live for my sake, and I won't shy away from the harder things in life! Izanami, we'll see each other again a long time from now, and you can be the one to lay me to rest! And if I reincarnate, I'd want to be friends with all of you again in the next life! I want to love you all again, and I want to live with all of you! There's so much more I want to say! So, so much!

Osamu grabbed Aika by the cheeks, holding her head up and letting their eyes meet.

Osamu: I'm looking forward to it.

Osamu stole a long overdue kiss from Aika, a sight so joyful that even the shinigami smiled. Aika didn't resist the kiss. She chose to embrace it and accept it as the culmination of feelings that it was. All of the apologies, I love you's, anguish, and joy that were stored up over the missing years between them were communicated with just one kiss.

Osamu: I love you! We all love you!

Izanami: I want a kiss too!

Osamu: Huh?! From me?!

Aika laughed so much she almost cried.

Aika: I don't normally kiss girls, Izanami. But for you, I'll make an exception.

Aika then took Izanami by surprise by kissing her. After kissing her lips, Aika kissed her cheeks and head in a series of rapid fire, tickle kisses. Izanami reacted like a ticklish child.

Izanami: Aika! Oh gosh, stop, I'm literally ticklish everywhere!

Aika: Ticklish people are so joyful though!

(That...was kind of hot...)

Aika turned to Osamu.

Aika: I know what you're thinking. You were thinking "that was kind of hot" just now, huh?

(She knows me too well!)

Aika took Izanami and Osamu by their hands, and looked onward into the vortex.

Aika: It's about time we went back. Let's all do our best! Be sure to tell Yoko and Isabella I love them. And...let them know that none of this was their fault. I had a fantastic time living with them!

Osamu: Yeah!

Izanami: We will!

Aika: Thank you. For everything.

The three of them disappeared into the vortex, going back to the world of the living.

[After that, Izanami and I went to the beach to see if Aika's body was still there. It appeared her body was discovered while we were gone, and she was taken to the hospital. Izanami didn't feel her life fade when she returned, so we were able to assume that she was recovering. Over the next few days at the house, Yoko and Isabella kept wondering where Aika was. I knew I'd be found out, but I kept a lie going for the course of those few days, just long enough for her to be discharged from the hospital and returned home. Aika was able to live with her cousins until she could afford to get her own place. The next time I saw her was after she had been discharged and began living with her cousins. It was down the beach we went to before]

Osamu stood with his arms resting on top of the stone wall along the edge of the sidewalk, just shy of the beach just ahead. He was simply watching the people, birds, and the sparkle of the waves ahead.

(I'm not going to be able to keep the lie going for much longer. When they find out about what I did, they'll probably get mad at me in their initial reaction. They might even blame themselves. I'll need to be very careful...)

The wind really picked up, prompting Osamu to cover his eyes to avoid any stray grains of sand irritating him. A crochet spring hat landed by Osamu's foot, blown towards him by the wind. He picked it up and heard the sound of a familiar voice call out to him.

Aika: Hey!

It was like he had fallen for her all over again. Aika wore a bright colored dress, sandals, and a golden necklace. She had cut her hair short, about shoulder length. She looked beautifully different, like a flower that finally blossomed after surviving a harsh winter. Her cousin and some of her friends followed behind her with towels, a beach ball, and various other items.

Aika: I'm sorry! May I have my hat back?

Osamu: Oh, yeah. Here.

Aika took her hat and held it tightly against her head.

Aika: Thank you! Sorry about that!

Osamu: No, it's alright.

And just like that, Aika and the others passed right by him, as that moment was now just a normal, daily interaction between strangers. Still, he watched her as she walked on, smiling and laughing with her new set of friends. That was enough for him. Osamu then made his way home, smiling as he walked.

(Aika really doesn't remember me. I'd just be lying if I said I wasn't sad. But still... I want her to go farther in life than she thought she ever could've gone. Love Song...make us proud.)
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So...I only have a Chapter Extra to share here  :sure: I'll get back to writing the main story again soon, but I hope this is as mind boggling and meta as possible

As it turns out, MR doesn't really like displaying foreign language characters. Hopefully the jokes and references relating to the kanji aren't diminished because of that

Chapter Extra: The Journey of Osamu and Yoko into Human Desires









Osamu and Yoko sat together in the kitchen, drinking tea together. Yoko, wearing her night gown, blew on her tea before every sip.


Osamu: Hey, Yoko.

Yoko: What is it?

Osamu: What does happiness feel like?

Yoko: What a stupid question. Why are you asking me this?

Osamu: I mean, for you. What does it feel like?

Yoko: It feels like throwing an axe in the face of another girl trying to flirt with you, accompanied by the brief sound of a squeal and the symphony of cracking skull.

(Only a serial killer thinks that way!)

Osamu: Right, so you get your happiness by defending someone you love, right? Is there happiness if no such situation arises?

Yoko: You mean a time where I don't have to half the face of some skimpy broad? I suppose there is still happiness even if I don't have to do that. To categorize something as irrational as happiness in such a logical manner is unlike you, Osamu. No...I'd say it's not even human. It's something that a cyborg psychologist would do.

Osamu: Hmm? But isn't that the job of someone of that profession? Isn't psychology all about looking at irrational things through an rational spectrum?

Yoko put down her tea.

Yoko: Trying to understand the irrationality of desires is irrational in itself, Osamu. The only way to truly understand why someone would want something is to interpret their own wants with the same senseless desire that drives you to attain the things that you want. Would you ever understand how badly I want you to spank me if you didn't already compare my desire to...let's say...your desire to take walks and eat mochi?

Osamu: Well...I suppose...wait a minute! Spanking?!

Yoko: Of course. It seems irrational to you, Osamu, but the way you look at me, even I know that I'm not a good girl. In fact, I'm a very bad girl. Traditionally, bad girls are punished, but my irrational desire seeks that punishment from you for carnal pleasure. When you look at what I want, and compare how badly I want it to how badly you may want something of your own, I don't seem so crazy anymore, do I? We're all avaricious in our endeavors to please ourselves, but it is that avarice that serves as the common thread between us all.

Osamu: Even so-

Yoko: Enough. Your questions are ridiculously stupid. Just for wasting my time, I'll have to punish you.


Osamu: P-punish?

Yoko: Yes. Since this is but a mere chapter extra, I have the ability to activate an instant scene change with just the snap of my fingers. Allow me to show you another one of my desires.

Osamu: Yoko, wait!

Yoko snapped her fingers, and everything went dark. A single spot light suddenly turned on, shining on Osamu. He was strapped to a spinning game wheel wearing nothing but his boxers. Different typical human desires were listed on the wheel, such as food, acceptance, money, love, peace, and sex. A second spotlight shined on Yoko, who stood by a table that held a pile of daggers.


Osamu: What the hell is this?! I don't appreciate this at all, Yoko!

Yoko: Relax! I'm pretty good at throwing daggers, so I won't hit your pretty little face. Let's see...which one will we hit first?

Osamu: Yoko! Stop this right now!

Yoko: Oh come on, we're about to have so much fun!

Yoko threw the first blade, landing just shy of Osamu's face as the wheel spun around. The blade struck "Love"

Yoko: Love it is.

The scenery changed again, and Osamu found himself in Yoko's room with a leash around his neck. Yoko held the chain and wore a leather corset and boots.

Osamu: You call this love?!

Yoko: This is the love I feel for you, yes. Now do you see?

Osamu: You want to treat me like some submissive pet because you have an obsession with power!

Yoko: Power?

Osamu: That's probably why you revel in hurting other women so much! It gives you a feeling of power! But you're even going as far as to want power over the one you claim to love!

Yoko pulled the leash, bringing Osamu down to the ground.

Yoko: And? What of it? Don't you think this position actually suits you well, my love?

Osamu: H-how is that?

Yoko: Isn't it just ironic that you're wearing a leash and the kanji for your name is written as "Discipline"? Even the kanmuri of the kanji means "to follow", and the radical can be found again in the ashi of the kanji for "Love". It's radical, "nomata" is often and easily confused with the radical "bokuzukuri", which means "to strike" or "hit". Being submissive is almost written in your very name, Osamu.

*OSAMU/Written as ?/Kanmuri ?/Kanji for "Love" ?*

(Crap! Not even I ever noticed that!)

Yoko: Unless...

Yoko snapped her fingers again, and the roles were reversed. Yoko was the one wearing the leash now.

Yoko: Maybe you'd like this situation better?

Osamu: Not a chance! I'm not into any forms of BDSM! Power isn't my thing.

Yoko: What if I want you to have absolute power over me, Osamu? How would you react?

Osamu: How could you...don't say something like that! We can both stand on equal ground.

Yoko: Hmm...I'm beginning to think that one's opinions on power may be representative of his sexual tendencies...I can't believe I never realized you were so vanilla, Osamu.

(A part of me actually takes offense to that...)

Yoko: If your desire for equity is something you consider right and reasonable, then what exactly is wrong with me wanting to trade off absolute power? Isn't such an exchange also a form of equity? Or rather...equality of opportunity?

Osamu: Hmmm... when you say it like that, it really does seem less crazy. Either way, we're both treating each other fairly in the end.

Yoko: Precisely!

In a flash, they were back at the dark room with Osamu strapped to the spinning wheel.

Yoko: Alright, here comes the second blade. I have to warn you, I may have gotten up a little too early this morning, and I'm already starting to feel tired.

Osamu: You better not hit anything sensitive!

The second blade was thrown, landing above Osamu's shoulder. The blade struck "Money". Yoko and Osamu found themselves in a massive room filled with endless piles of yen, gold, and jewelry.


Osamu: Look at all this money! We could probably buy an entire prefecture for ourselves if we wanted!

Yoko came sliding down a pile of money, landing softly on more piles of money.

Yoko: Money is a more common human desire. Some want just enough to get by, but others want the whole world. Personally, I'm fine with the amount of money I have.

Osamu: Are you kidding? Can someone ever have too much money?! It's like saying there's too much peace in the world, or too many happy families!

Yoko: The sight of money has really caused you to lose your marbles, hasn't it?

Osamu: Are you seriously implying I'm the only one into this?! You don't want any of this?

Yoko: As I said, I'm fine with what I have!


Osamu appeared in a pool filled with money. He wore shades and a rubber ducky inner tube.

Osamu: Not a pool of money?

Yoko: Waste of space.


Osamu appeared seated at a long dining table, and every plate on it was a plate full of money.

Osamu: Not even a money buffet?

Yoko: Eating money is just insulting to those who don't have a lot of it.


Osamu appeared in a topless convertible made entirely out of money.

Osamu: Not even a convertible made of money that runs on the tears of the poor and hungry for fuel?

Yoko: Russia already exists, Osa.

(She really means it!)

Yoko: Isn't your desire for money exactly like my desire to love you in extreme ways? You seek a form of power just as I do, so our desires are the same in virtue.

Osamu: Well...yeah, I guess you're right. It really doesn't make you seem all that crazy anymore. I almost want to say this whole thing is nothing but a trick.

Yoko: A trick, you say.

Yoko closed her eyes, and at the same time, the room went dark, and Osamu was back on the wheel, and the blinding bright light was in his eyes again.


Osamu: You know, Yoko, I'm getting real tired of spinning around. How do we end this nightmare?

Yoko: It will end when I say it ends. Patience is a virtue, after all. Or are you really someone who desires power, but lacks something as fundamental as patience?

(Come on...)

Osamu: There's still one mental loop hole in all of this, Yoko.

Yoko: Oh? What would that be?

Osamu: You said earlier that categorizing irrational wants and desires through rational methods of observation is in act that is, in itself, irrational. But, just hear me out on this, haven't you been doing the same thing this whole time?

Yoko: Are you trying to mind-break me?

Osamu: No! What I'm saying is that your method is merely another logical road that one can take, isn't it? Thinking that you can understand irrationality at a relative level is, in itself, a logical conclusion.

Yoko: Is that not entirely subjective? I can just as easily argue that it is equally as irrational as desire itself. If one is irrational, then why not the other?

Osamu: Because the method to interpreting the problem makes sense, not the problem itself!

Yoko: Have you learned nothing out of all of this? We just saw why your conclusion doesn't make any sense. There is equity between all desire, no matter the desire itself.


Yoko: Do you know of the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha, Osamu? One of them is referred to as Samudaya-satya. Samudaya is a word that relates to the root or source of something. Within the context of the Four Noble Truths, it declares that the source of suffering is craving. People crave money, so they con and rob people to get it. People crave love, so they'll go through absurd lengths to achieve it. People crave dominance, and so wars are fought. All of these things are irrational. My method of understanding this is by comparing it to one's own irrational desires. Using irrationality to understand and even empathize with irrationality. It's like using fire to put out fire, or using dirty bath water to get clean. In other words, it is completely irrational. It depends on that fact in order to work.

(Yoko Akiyama, world's greatest philosopher!)

Osamu: Sometimes, I really love you, Yoko.

Yoko: Sometimes?

(Ah crap...)

Yoko clenched the last blade in anger, and her eyes became fiercely fixated on Osamu.

Yoko: Sometimes? Sometimes?! I love you all the time, and this is how you repay me?

Osamu: Wait, baby! Let's just relax, alright? Maybe all this deep thinking has us acting irrational!


Yoko: That's it...I'm aiming for your manhood!

Osamu: Oh god, anything but that-

Yoko threw the blade, narrowly missing Osamu's manhood and striking the desire "Sex".

Osamu: That can't be good...


Osamu found himself in bed with Yoko on top of him, both of them naked.

(I knew this wouldn't be good!)

Yoko: Oo! I like this! It's so warm, isn't it?

Osamu: Yoko, hang on a second! This is a tad bit extreme, don't you think? We're not even married!

Yoko: Yet. Until then, I don't mind doing you any favors until the day we are married. Oo! Can we get married in Hokkaido? I want to have an outdoor ceremony! Oh wait, did you want a Shinto ceremony or a more Christian ceremony? I don't mind chapels at all!

(You were right Dad...once a woman goes on about marriage, she never stops!)

Osamu: Couldn't we have a mix of Shinto, Christian, and Buddhist ceremonial aspects?

(Wait, why am I feeding into this?! Osamu! You're getting way too comfortable!)

Yoko: You're right! I have a bunch of extended family, so we can invite them! Oh, and of course I'll invite your Mom too! I have some very rich family members, so you can expect quite a handsome goshuugi offering from them!



(This marriage thing ain't sounding so bad...)

Osamu relaxed, smiled, and closed his eyes, holding Yoko even closer to him.

Osamu: You know what? That actually sounds lovely. Let's get married, Yoko! We'll do it in Hokkaido if you really want to!

Yoko blushed as her face lit up with joy. She began bombarding Osamu's face and neck with kisses.

Yoko: You're the best, Osa! I love you I love you I love you!

(That money is mine! All mine!)

Yoko sat on top of Osamu's stomach with the most loving eyes she could.

Yoko: Let's have a baby, Osa.

(Before we're even married?!)

Osamu: Ah! Wait! So this is another human desire! These cute little interactions and physical intimacy are both things that people want.

Yoko: It is, yes. Though, one could say that Japan isn't like that at all. The couples in this country have the least amount of sex in the world, as most people are busy working, sometimes even working themselves to death.

Osamu: Seriously? That's just messed up.

Yoko smiled and licked her lips.

Yoko: Maybe you and I can fix Japan's low birth rate tonight, right? Osa?

(I think I'm about to say yes...)

Osamu: I think...maybe we...


Isabella's voice snapped them back to the kitchen table where they were having tea, as if no time passed at all. Isabella sat with them in her American flag tank top and panties.

Isabella: You guys were both zoning out at each other. Don't tell me you were lost in the ocean of Yoko's eyes, Osamu, you hopeless romantic!

Yoko slammed her hands on the table.


Yoko: Damn it, Isabella! We were in the middle of something!

Isabella: It looked like you were just staring at each other to me...Oh wait! Are we doing one of those "Chapter Extra" thingies? I wanna join!

Yoko got up and began to walk away, anger and disappointment in her face.

Yoko: Too bad, it's already over. You just aren't popular enough to star in the chapter extras, Gaijin. Poor little you, you should just kill yourself.

Isabella: You rotten bitch! Osamu, you don't feel that way, do you?

Osamu: Of course not. You can star in the next one, Izzy.

Isabella: Yes! Just for that, I'll end this with shameless self-promotion! Keep up with Death By Ex-Girlfriends, dear reader! If you do, you too may have your very own harem of violent and competitive ex-girlfriends who constantly fight over you!

Osamu: This is not a harem and our story has more depth than that!

Isabella: See ya next time!


*ED (*


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Okay, finally back on the main story  :ninja:

Day 34: Today, My Ex-Girlfriend Punched Me For Lying
The season of our love has changed colors
(I'd be lying if I said I was unaware how harmful my omission about Aika's death, revival, and subsequent memory loss really was.)

Isabella was at the mall, shopping for new jeans and sweaters for the cold weather. She simply picked out whatever she saw and liked, without having to worry about money. In the corner of her eye, she could see a girl trying to reach for an item that was just a little to high for her to reach. Upon seeing her, Isabella was able to recognize the girl as Aika.

Isabella: Aika?!

Aika was so startled she yelled out and then covered her mouth.

Aika: Umm...yes?

Isabella: What are you doing here!? Where have you been for the past 2 weeks?! You just up and left without saying anything to anyone! I mean, I know you live in a house full of complete cunts, but come on! Aren't I at least awesome enough to say goodbye to!? You were gone so long, so you must have a place to live now, right?

Aika: Well...I...

Isabella: You even cut your hair?! Aika, you cut your beautiful Lion's Mane!? What is this?! You're even wearing bright colors and dresses now?! Geez, it's almost like you're a completely different person now! What was it? Did you go to Slut Rehab or something?!

Aika blushed and mumbled, unable to answer Isabella.

Aika: Uhhh...

Isabella: Hmm? Hey, the Slut Rehab thing was a joke. You know humor isn't really my strong point. But seriously, what's up? Where were you?

Aika: I'm's just...

Isabella: What?

Aika: Have we met somewhere before?

Isabella: Huh? are Aika, right? Aika Mihara? There's no way I'm confusing you with someone else...

Aika: You know my name?

Isabella: Of course I do, dumb ass! Why would I not know your name? I even know how to write it out! Aika is written as "Love Song" and Mihara is written as "Three Plains", right?

Aika: Yeah, that's me alright. I don't think you're confusing me for anyone else, but do you know me?

This extended ignorance began to reveal to Isabella that Aika wasn't kidding. She really had no recollection of Isabella.

Isabella: Aika...I...I'm so sorry! Maybe it really is someone else! Sorry for bothering you!

Isabella dropped her clothes and ran away. Aika reached out for her, but couldn't call her, since she could not remember her name. Worry and shock strangled Isabella's heart.

(Isabella came home...and my lie was broken.)

Yoko was watering her grass as Isabella ran home, bending over and catching her breath.

Yoko: Ah, Gaijin. I was just watering my grass so that your grave would be nice and healthy. What would you like written for your epitaph? "Here Lies Gaijin, She Made The Fatal Error of Using Yoko's Razor to Shave Her Legs.". Or maybe, "Her Lies Gaijin, All the Blood in Her Body Went to Her Breasts and Left Her Head Empty." Or perhaps we could have a Jisei engraved on it, hmm?

*Jisei: Japanese death poem, usually written by people shortly before their own death.*

Isabella: Now's not the time to be a yandere bitch, Yoko! There's a serious problem right now!

Yoko: You're very fortunate this hose isn't funneling out pure hydrochloric acid. Otherwise, I'd find a point in spraying you with it.

Isabella: It's Aika! I saw her at the mall today!

Yoko turned off the hose.

Yoko: Really? And you still managed to fail in bringing her back?

Isabella: Don't talk to me like I'm some dog refusing to catch a bone in its mouth and listen! Aika doesn't remember me!

Yoko's eyes widened with shock and realization.

Yoko: Izanami and Osamu were both absent the night Aika went missing. Ever since then...they've both been weird.

Another realization crossed Yoko's mind; the possibility that Aika may have tried to kill herself. It was in this moment that Yoko dropped the hose and walked inside the house.

Isabella: Wait, where are you going?

Yoko: To have a little talk with Osamu. I'll be back.

Isabella: Yoko, wait! Are you sure you-

Yoko: I'm just gonna talk to him, Izzy.

She said with both of her fists tightly clenched with a vice grip that could kill a butterfly.

Isabella: No, I'm almost positive you're going to do something irrational!

Yoko: Wherever could you have gottten that idea, my dear? I'm not irrational at all. Never have been, never will be. I, Yoko Akiyama, vow to you that I will not commit an irrational action when I step inside of this house. You have my word and honor, Isabella Bailey.

After swearing such a dutiful vow and marching into the house, Yoko saw Osamu in the kitchen and kept walking towards him with her head hung low.

Osamu: Ah, hey Yo-

Yoko punched Osamu out of the stool and onto the floor. The noise caused Izanami to run downstairs and see what was happening.

Yoko: You lying, duplicitous, bastard!

(Of course. I knew this would happen.)

Osamu: Yoko-

Yoko put her foot on Osamu's throat as Izanami watched. She gazed upon the squealing Osamu with furious eyes.

Izanami: Yoko, pleas stop!

Yoko: Shut up, Corpse! You both lied to me and to Isabella, in my own house! I feed you, clothe you, give you shelter, and that's how you repay me! What happened to Aika that night?! Why is it that Isabella runs into her in the mall and she doesn't remember a damn thing about her!?

Osamu: It hurts!

Yoko: You better start talking! Lie to me again and I will crush your throat!

Izanami: She died!

Yoko's foot eased up on Osamu's throat as Izanami shouted out. Two words made Yoko completely numb.

Izanami: She...she killed herself. Down by the beach. Yoko, you know I'm the goddess of death! It's my responsibility to look after those who die until they are judged! I had to take her, but I didn't want to let her go, and I knew Osamu didn't want to either! So, that same night...

Osamu: Izanami. I'll say the rest.

(Thank you, for saving me again.)

Osamu: In order to save Aika, we had to undo the moment in her life that was the root cause of her pain. The moment in question...was the moment she met me. I had to save her, Yoko! I had to make sure she could still live! So I undid that moment without hesitation. Because of that, Aika no longer remembers me, or any of you. She's also changed personality wise. She's a bright girl now. She cut her hair short, and it looks really pretty on her. She smiles a lot more and is actively going out more. She's wearing bright colors and dresses. Meeting me...was the worst thing that ever happened to Aika. Now that I don't exist in her heart and mind...just look at how happy she is. She won't kill herself again, not as she is now.

Izanami: Yoko-

Yoko: Don't.

Isabella stood behind Yoko, worried she might really kill Osamu.

Yoko: It was my fault, wasn't it? I bet what I said that day really set her off...


To Osamu's surprise and mutual heartbreak, Yoko was crying.

Yoko: You know, I was just like her once, before I met Osamu. For me, meeting him was the best thing to ever happen to me. I finally had a friend, someone who didn't look at me with disdain and prejudgement. Because I've been through that kind of brutal isolation, I thought I was the one who could best understand Aika. Stupid me, right? When I kissed her and saw her desires and intentions, her anguish and pain that, and her screams and cries that harmonized with my hurt. I felt sorry for her. I felt so sorry for her. Having a dysfunctional family, no friends, and a dying mother...I can't imagine how she got through it all. Most of all, Osamu, I could see that she loved you. She loved you so fiercely she could hardly stand it. Even though she felt that way, I still wanted to make sure she would at least find the will to live. And then I ruined it. I was closest to understanding Aika's feelings, and yet I'm the one who broke her down so badly she wanted to kill herself.

Osamu: Yoko, that's not true...

Yoko: you hate me? Because I hate myself so much right now! One girl! I couldn't even save the life of one girl.

(Saving a life...)

Osamu: That isn't what mattered to Aika in the end. Do you know what her last words were to us before she returned to life? She said she loved us. All of us. Though it was short, the time she spent here with us was the best time of her life. That's what mattered to her, Yoko. Nothing more, nothing less. She just wanted to be happy, and you made her happy! You should've seen how brightly she was smiling!

Izanami: Though she won't ever remember any of us, she's going to devote her life to being as happy as she was here. Someday, we may even see her on TV, or maybe on the radio. In her own words, every note and every word of her music will be dedicated to us. She never wanted you to blame yourself, Yoko.

Osamu: It's not your fault, Yoko. None of it is your fault. She forgave you, so you should forgive yourself.

(After that, Yoko broke down. I had never seen her cry that much in the many years I've known her. I suppose the heartbreak came from the fact that Yoko saw so much of herself in Aika, and yet, the two took completely different paths in life. That's the core of Yoko's being. She doesn't want to be alone, and she wants to show people like her that they are not alone, that life is a precious thing to hang on to. Later that day...Yoko realized there was no point in keeping Aika's things in the house.)

Yoko neatly folded Aika's clothes and bagged them, thinking of throwing them out. The shelves were empty, as if she never even lived there. However, there was one last item that belonged to Aika, leaning on the wall in the closet. It was her guitar.

Yoko: You really depended on music, didn't you? Was that how you fought your demons?

Izanami received a knock on her door, opening it to find Yoko carrying all of Aika's things by herself. Clothes, books, guitar, and all.

Izanami: W-what's this?! Are you going to college?!

Yoko: Huh? Of course not. Well, not yet anyways.

Izanami: Oh, my bad! I heard that when young people leave the nest, it's because they're going to a place called college, where they learn a lot of useless skills and get treated like babies at a daycare! Oh, or is that American college? Ah...I don't remember!

Yoko: You really are clueless. Two things, Izanami.

Izanami: Hmm?

Yoko: First, I'm sorry for calling you Corpse earlier.

Izanami smiled and blushed.

Izanami: Oh don't worry about it, silly! I forgive you. By the way, you wouldn't happen to be saying that just because I have to judge your soul when you die and have the option of sending you to a formless world of oblivion and darkness, right?

Yoko: Yes, but I also say it with respect and penitence.

Izanami: Good enough. What's the second thing?

Yoko: Where does Aika live now?

Izanami: Huh?! If you want to return something to her, I can just teleport you there-

Yoko: No. I'm going to walk. I deserve to bear this weight for the walk. This is Aika's weight, and I wasn't able to carry it. I guess you can call this is my punishment for failing her, but also, they are gifts and wishes for the future. Aika's future.

(And just like that, Yoko was walking through town by herself, carrying all of Aika's things. Her guitar, the gifts that Izanami and I got for her...)

After a long walk, Yoko rung Aika's doorbell. She was as nervous as a man waiting for his prom date downstairs. Yoko was shocked to see her new look as she opened the door, wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants. Yoko almost wanted to break down right then and there.

Aika: Hello. Can I help you?

Yoko: You're so beautiful...

Aika blushed and covered her face.

Aika: L-l-l-listen! I'm not into girl love, so if you're trying to swoon me, you can just go ahead and leave!

Yoko: No! It's not that! I was just taken aback, that's all.

Aika: What is all that you're carrying?

Yoko: Ah, these? Well, you see, I had all these extra clothes, books, and a guitar that I didn't need anymore. I've been going door to door to see if anyone wants them, but there haven't been any takers yet. That's actually why I'm here...

Aika: Oh wow! Nobody took the guitar?! It's so cool! Can I see it?

Yoko smiled and took if off of her back. Aika looked so natural with it around her shoulders.

Aika: Wow, it's a little heavy! But that's how you know when it's the real deal. The strings are wounded up quite nicely too. There's a lot of slack, so the action isn't very high, but not too low either. Perfect for soloing!

Yoko: Yeah...

Aika: Hey, are those music books too?

Yoko: Yeah, you can take those too if you want.

Aika set the guitar down and opened up the books. She smiled just as she did when she first got them for her 20th birthday, a day she couldn't remember.

Aika: This is good material! It's comprehensive and easy to understand. That's paramount when it comes to teaching harder genres like Jazz and Classical.

Yoko bit her lip to keep from crying, while Aika couldn't look any happier.

Aika: Is it really okay for me to keep all of this? You sure you don't need it? This all looks really expensive.

Yoko: Yeah, it's okay. You look better with all of it anyway.

Aika: Wow, thank you so much Miss....hmm...what's your name?

Yoko: Yoko. Yoko Akiyama.

Aika: is that written?

Yoko: With the characters for "Ocean" and "Child".

Aika: That's a pretty name, Yoko! I'm Aika! I guess the characters don't really need explaining, right?

Yoko: Yeah! Love Song, right?

Aika: Mmhmm!

Aika took a close look at Yoko, her gaze catching Yoko off guard.

Aika: Why do you look so sad? Are you moving?

Yoko: No...I'm just glad you're happy. I didn't know who I was going to give these to, you know?

Aika: Thank you! I really appreciate it! Oh, do you have clothes there too?

Yoko: Yeah, they're mostly dark colors. But I think you would probably look better in bright colors.

Aika: Wow! I get that all the time! I'll still take them though! Maybe one of my cousins would like them.

Yoko: S-sure.

The weight was now off of Yoko, but the merciless force of a phantom weight still bore its power upon her, like a lost limb that she can still feel.

Yoko: Well, thank you for your time. Have a great day, Aika.

Aika: No, thank you! Have a great day.

Yoko cried all the way home, more out of happiness than sorrow, but her tears were indeed of a bittersweet mixture. Aika really didn't remember anything, but at least, with a fresh start, she could start over and live a burden-free life. By the time Yoko got home, the sun was gone and the moon was bright. Isabella, Izanami, Yoko, and Osamu gathered in the kitchen.

Yoko: So, that's it. She doesn't remember a thing about us. Her cousins are taking good care of her. She's really happy too. She was thrilled to receive everything. At least this way, Aika can still have the gifts we got her.

Isabella: Man, with just Aika missing, the house feels so much emptier.

Osamu: You got that right.

Izanami: Yeah...

Yoko: I know this all...feels like a tragedy. In a way, it is. We may not have ended up losing Aika herself, but something very precious to all of us was still taken. Those small, happy memories. But I think we should swallow that pain, devour it even. We should let it turn into a simple joy that Aika has a fresh start now, and in a way, we all do too.

Isabella: Yeah! If Aika's going to live her life to be happy, then I guess we have to do the same!

Osamu: Well, what are you going to do, Izzy?

Isabella: Me? Well, I...

Isabella twirled some of her sunshine colored hair around her index finger as her cheeks blushed slightly.

Isabella: I actually it here. If it's okay with Yoko...

Yoko: What a stupid question.

Everyone was stunned and silenced, frightened at the mere thought of Isabella leaving as well.

Yoko: I did not dismiss you from this household. You are to remain here with us until I explicitly tell you to leave.

(Goodness...I almost had a panic attack...)

Osamu: Yoko's still too cold to say it Izzy, but she's telling you she wants you to stay.

Isabella's worried frown flipped into a cheerful smile as she shot her fists up into the air in celebration.

Isabella: Yes! Thank you, Yoko! You're the best!

Izanami: Hmmm....our sleep arrangements will have to be changed with Aika gone.

Yoko: Well, my room is empty now so....

Isabella: So?

Yoko: I want to sleep with Osamu again.

(Oh comes the anarchy)

Isabella: Swallow a hand grenade! I won that room fair and square in that race! Or did you forget, Butter Thighs?

Izanami: Now now, let's not-

Yoko: Butter thighs?! Mighty words coming from Cow Tits! Keep your bullsh*t up, Gaijin. Maybe I'll snap your femur in half and use the jagged edge to stab you in your stupid face!

Isabella: I'll have Daddy send you to GitMo!

('re trying to lighten Yoko's mood, aren't you? I've known you long enough to recognize when you thrust your own personality into a situation to relieve the burdens of others. You really are amazing.)

Izanami: What's GitMo? Ooo! Is it a summer camp?!

Osamu: I'm pretty sure its an American detention know what....yes. It's a summer camp.

Izanami: I wanna go to GitMo and get my beach body!

Yoko: You're staying right here until I say it's okay for you to leave!

Even Izanami backed down, covering her head as if protecting herself from someone about to hit her.

Isabella: Fine, you can have your room, Yoko. But I'd wash the sheets if I were you!

(Too far Izzy!)

Osamu: Are you trying to get me killed?!

Isabella: In fact, me and Osamu......ARE EXPECTING!


A bombshell of shock went off in the room.

Osamu: I could just die!

Yoko: Osamu....

Yoko brandished a cleaver in her hands, and her murderous intent was only thinly veiled by her loving smile.

Yoko: You would never fornicate with another woman in my bed, would you, honey? I mean, it would be a tragedy of biblical proportions if Isabella were to disappear one day and you find one of her eyeballs in the next pot of chicken soup I make, right? Come on! Say it! Tell me you love me and you would never betray my love and trust!

Isabella: Don't listen to her, Osamu! Stand up for yourself and our child!

Osamu: We're not having a child!

Yoko: Alright, that's it! I'm going to reveal Isabella's most shameful secret!

Izanami: Shameful?!

Isabella: Secret?!

Yoko: Did you guys know that Isabella....

Isabella: Don't say it!

Yoko: Has inverted nipples!


Isabella: No! Why would you say that?! I do not have inverted nipples!

Yoko: Therefore, Osamu, Isabella is unfit in every way to become anything more than your occasional concubine. I can accept that much. However, she is useless as a girlfriend, a fiance, a wife, and a mother. As big as they are, she cannot feed your children the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

Osamu: I really don't want to talk about breasts and nipples this late at night...

Yoko bent over so Osamu could see inside her shirt, groping herself and teasing Osamu.

Yoko: But you've seen me naked before, Osa. You know what mines look like. They're perfectly suitable for breastfeeding, so I can make your children happy and healthy.

Isabella: I absolutely do not have inverted nipples! I'll take my shirt off and prove it if I have to!

Osamu: Please keep your shirt on!

Isabella: Besides, my hips are wider! They're better for childbirth!

(We've skipped love and girlfriends and gone straight to raising families....)

Yoko: My hips are wide enough!

Izanami: Boobies, hips, and highly inappropriate subject matter!

Osamu: Never try to join a conversation you don't understand, Izanami.

Isabella's laughs died down into a gentle smile directed at Yoko. After lightening the mood, it seemed she had a few sincere words to share.

Isabella: Yoko, next time, let's tackle our issues as a family. You don't have to handle anything by yourself anymore. I know we're an odd bunch, annoying and pesky at times, but...we all live here together. And though I hate to admit it, I've really come to love you guys.

Yoko's eyes softened in such a beautiful way. It was clear Izzy's words had eased her weary, guilty heart.

Isabella: Do you promise? From now on, we handle whatever crisis comes our way as a family.

Isabella extended her hand out to Yoko, who gladly shook it with a bright smile and peacefully closed eyes.

Yoko: Alright, Isabella. It's a promise. From now on...I'll never forget...we're a family.

(And so, our home began to cover and revert to its normal, energetic state. Even without our beloved bird, Aika. But all clouds most roll, and all rivers must flow. If our streams don't cross paths, we will all meet again in the sea. Until then, keep on singing your song, Aika. We'll be over here, our hearts and ears listening out for your voice.)
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wow ! I wonder how do you find time to write chapters so frequently ! Lots of dialogs in your stuff which reminds me the writing style of Isaac Asimov, one of my favorite science fiction writers.
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Wanna know the secret?

I have abandoned the symbol of weakness and mortality known as "Sleep"

It feels like I've been getting infrequent with my writing lately  :unsure: Glad my writing style resembled someone you enjoy reading from though  :clapping: Makes me really glad
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Finally got out a new chapter! Sorry, I've been working on another story that I've yet to share here.  :ninja:

Day 37: My Ex-Girlfriend Resorted to Becoming a Suicide Bomber
Our love, our chemistry, produces magnificent explosions!

Osamu got in bed with Isabella, ready to sleep after the long day. Rain continuously tapped on the window and moonlight blessed the room with gentle illumination.

(Ahh...some rest will do me some good. Quiet, warm, and dark...)

In her sleep, Isabella grabbed Osamu's hand and placed it against her chest. The random movement almost made Osamu shout out in terror. Those big, devlish bags of fat never ceased to impress Osamu.

(M-maybe she's dreaming...about what, I really don't want to know...)

Osamu: Sleep tight, Izzy.

Osamu closed his eyes, expecting a peaceful rest without disturbance. But of course, life isn't fair, and neither is this story. Yoko kicked open the bedroom door and flipped on the lights, spooking both Osamu and Isabella. For someone so terrifying, Yoko was all cute and dolled up with her night gown and black ribbon in her hair.

Osamu: Yoko?! What the hell?!

Yoko: Osamu. You and I are going to sleep together. Isabella, get out, you lard bag.

Isabella: No way! I won this bed fair and square!

Yoko: It's my house and you don't pay the bills around here!

(Although, she could if she really wanted too...)

Yoko: Osamu, sweetie...don't you miss me? Don't you miss how we'd cuddle every night and bask in the moonlight naked together?

Osamu: That has literally never happened!

Yoko placed her hands on her cheeks and closed her eyes, swaying left and right as she drifted off into Fantasy Land.

Yoko: I know! But it would be so romantic, right? Kind of erotic too!

Isabella: Leave us alone, Numako! Go cry yourself to sleep or something!

Yoko: Numako?

*Isabella is using "Numa" instead of "Yo", as it changes the meaning of Yoko's name from "Ocean Child" to "Swamp Child"*

(There it is again, the killer instinct in Yoko's eyes is back!)

Yoko: Isabella, come here.

Isabella: No.

Yoko: Come on. I just want to sew your face to your stomach!

Isabella: Enough!

Isabella stood up in bed, revealing sticks of plastic explosives that were strapped around her stomach. She held a detonator in her hands as Osamu flipped out of bed and backed up against the wall.

Osamu: This is too crazy even for you, Izzy!

Isabella: Feast your eyes on Plan B! If I can't have Osamu by my side, then I'll take us all to hell!

(So this is how I'm going to die...killed by my suicide bomber ex-girlfriend. Never shall I know the smile of my mother again. Never shall I feel the sun shine on my skin again. Never more...)

Yoko took out her phone and dialed Isabella's number.

Isabella: W-what are you doing?!

Yoko: You shouldn't keep things like a phone near you when you've got explosives strapped to your chest. Cell phones are commonly used as makeshift detonators when building improvised explosives, as proved in the modern era of combat.

Osamu: Damn it, Izzy! How can you be so dangerous and so careless! Yoko, please just put the phone down! She's learned her lesson!

Isabella freaked out and tried to get the explosives off of her.

Isabella: Crap! I don't wanna die! Yoko, please don't press call!

Yoko: Why not? It might ruin my house, but your blood will make lovely paint for my walls. I can't believe someone like you, a general's daughter, didn't carefully consider the hazards of using explosives. Knowing that RFID signals can detonate live explosives, soldiers and armed personnel will turn off their communication devices to avoid accidental detonation. But really messed up the moment you decided to threaten me. I will have Osamu, and you will submit. Are we clear, or should I email you my demands?

Isabella: We're clear, we're clear! I'm sorry! Just help me get out of this thing!

Yoko turned off her phone.

Yoko: Very well. Osamu, take the explosives off.

Osamu: Why do I have to do it?!

Yoko: Because I'm going to go freshen up.

Yoko walked away, leaving Osamu to deal with the explosives.

Osamu: Okay, Izzy, j-just turn around so I can get this off of you.

Isabella: Okay!

Isabella lifted her hair so Osamu can undo the belt.

Osamu: You know, you really outdid yourself with this one, Izzy. This is the dumbest thing you've ever done.

Isabella: No compliment for my bravery?

Osamu: What bravery!? You could've killed us all and Izanami would have to look after our souls!

Isabella: Isn't it great though, knowing that even your ex-girlfriend would die for you?

(A little too early to make a statement like that)

Osamu: I guess...

Isabella: Honestly, I can't tell which of us is luckier.

Osamu: Huh? What do you mean?

Isabella: Is the man who has women who would die for him luckier? Or is it the woman who has someone to die for?

Osamu: That's got to be the deepest thing you've said since you came here. It's very unlike you to say something so sweet and charming. I'd expect to read a line like that out of one of Shakespeare's sonnets.

The explosives were off at last, and danger was averted.

Osamu: Next time, don't go all Mujahideen on me, alright? Surely someone as articulate as you can prove a point without blowing themselves up.

Isabella: Yeah, you got it.

(At least Isabella's Yandere side only seems to be activated when she's put on the defense. With Yoko, it plays on both defense and offense. You've got a great harem, Osamu...wait, harem?! You stop that thinking right now, Osa!)

Isabella: Thanks for putting up with me these past few weeks. I'll give you back over to Yoko...sort of...

Osamu: Sort of?

Osamu's phone suddenly began to ring. Noticing the explosives were still nearby, he panicked and threw them out the bedroom window before they exploded and lit one of the trees outside on fire, lighting up the street like a Christmas tree.

Isabella: Holy crap!

Osamu looked at his phone to see who nearly killed him this time.

(Of course...)


Osamu: What the hell was that, Yoko?!

Yoko shouted over from the bathroom.

Yoko: I heard you guys getting way to lovey dovey in there! At first I thought, "I'm going to in there, sever Isabella's fingers, make a smoothie out of them, and force feed them to her through a tube."

(That's horror movie material!)

Yoko tilted her head and put her finger against her lip as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Yoko: But then I thought, "No, it would be better if I strapped Isabella to a chair and made her watch as I made love to Osamu, almost like a cuckolding scenario."


Yoko: Then, I pondered about what it would be like if I gave her a Colombian Necktie and french-kissed her neck after it was done.

(That's so insane I can't even compare it to anything!  :ohmy: )

Yoko picked up her bottle of gummy vitamins.

Yoko: But as I realized my energy was quite low tonight, I decided that the best course of action was the one that requires the least amount of physical hassle. Sure, it could've killed you too, but that could easily be solved by killing myself and joining you in the afterlife. So, I settled on that option.

(Of course you did...)

Izanami ran into the bedroom actually dressed like a normal girl for once. She borrowed one of Yoko's night gowns, though, it may have been a bit too transparent.

Izanami: What just happened?! Did someone just have a baby?! Or was it a "hangover"?!

Osamu: You really shouldn't use terms and phrases you're not actually familiar with, Izanami.

Isabella: Psycho bitch nearly blew us all up! But Osamu saved us all, the brave hero!

Osamu: Come on now, let's not-

Izanami: Really, Osa?! You should get a metal for that!

Osamu: Look, it really wasn't a big-

(Good god! You can see right through her night gown!)

Osamu covered his eyes.

Osamu: Izanami, where did you get that night gown from?!

Izanami: Hmm? From Yoko! She said it makes me look super duper pretty! It is pretty, right?

(I can't believe she doesn't notice the problem!)

Izanami: Why are you looking away? Izzy isn't looking away.

Isabella: There's no shame in me seeing you like this. We're both women.

Izanami: True, but is there really any shame in seeing your ex-girlfriend like this either? It's not like I'm going out with anyone else.

Osamu: Izanami, please! Just cover yourself!

Izanami puffed her cheeks and pouted.

Izanami: Oh, I get it. You think I'm ugly and unattractive.

Osamu: Not at all!

Isabella: Way to go, Osamu! You hurt a girl's feelings! Apologize!

Osamu looked at Izanami as she was, ignoring the fact he could practically see her naked.

Osamu: Izanami-no-Mikoto, you have my sincerest apologies. It's not true that you're ugly. You're...the best damn girl I know!

Even the snow-white Izanami blushed at such a comment...until Yoko cut off her head from behind. Izanami's head landed in Isabella's hands as the body dropped down to the floor, no blood pouring out. Of course, Isabella shrieked like the first girl to get murdered in a horror movie.

Isabella: Yoko you've killed her! How could you?!?!

Yoko: Relax.

Yoko pointed to the body as it stood up and wobbled around, searching for the head. Isabella handed the head to the body and the two immediately reconnected.

Izanami: Whew! That was rough...

Yoko: I don't mind you wearing my night gown, but don't seduce Osamu with your petite body and tight curves.

Izanami: Sorry, I guess I was little over my head!

(Ba dum tss!)

Osamu: Yeah, guess you really got aHEAD of yourself there!

(Ba dum tss!)

Isabella: Have you lost your minds?!

Osamu: Hah! Good one!

Isabella: That wasn't a pun!

Yoko: Izanami cannot die. She's already dead, after all.

Izanami: Yep! I guess that makes Osamu a necro filly wack!

Osamu: First of all, it's necrophiliac, and no, I am not!

Izanami: So you really don't want to marry me...

(My exes are denser than the sun!)

Yoko: Alright whores, it's time to get out.

Isabella: But I wanna sleep in this bed!

Izanami: And I hate sleeping alone! I wanna cuddle for once!

(You're probably wondering how this little tiffy ended up working out. Well, diplomacy finds a way.)

Osamu, Izanami, Isabella, and Yoko all slept in the same bed that night. It went surprisingly well, with minimal amounts of insults and fighting over the covers. A good night's rest was had, and in the morning, Osamu woke up by himself, perfectly rested. From the noise downstairs, he knew the girls were making breakfast. Osamu yawned and stretched his arms before slowly walking downstairs to join everyone.

Osamu: Morning...

Spoken in that dead morning tone.

Isabella: Morning!

Izanami: Sleep well, Osa?

Osamu: Yeah, I actually did. Did I miss anything interesting?

Isabella: Yes, actually. Yoko was just explaining to us how much of a sadistic little twerp she is.

Yoko: Correction. I was explaining to our poor, brainless, Gaijin over here that when it comes to her and only her, I'm a complete symorophiliac.

Osamu: I have no idea what that means.

Izanami: Does it mean you guys are having a baby?

Osamu: Don't involve yourselves in conversations you don't understand.

Izanami: Oops! Sorry! I'll accept my beating and hide my scars from my friends and family like a good wife.

Osamu: Now you're just doing this for shock value!

Isabella: So Osa doesn't know what it means either, huh?

Yoko: It means that I enjoy the sight of you getting involved in tragic accidents like car crashes, train accidents, and other cruel twists of fate that would usually result you in you dying.

Isabella: I'm starting to think you should check yourself in to the nearest psychiatric ward.

Yoko: Nonsense. Although such a thing would arouse me, we are only talking. None of this has actually been put to practice. We were merely exploring the dark side of fetishes and nothing more.

(The dark side of fetishes, huh...)

Yoko: In fact, I know Osamu's fetishes very well since I've already kissed him. I know them before he knows them.

Osamu: Come on, now you're just bluffing.

Yoko: I've always known that you enjoyed the sight of watching girls eat very juicy fruits, for instance.

Osamu: You say that after it's already happened! Sorry Yoko, but try again.

Yoko: Fine. Izanami, get on your knees and hands.

Izanami: What?

Yoko: Just do it.

Izanami had roses in her cheeks as she covered her mouth and spoke in quiet tone, as if a forbidden topic was being discussed.

Izanami: I-is this one of those mating rituals you humans do?

Yoko: Sort of.

Osamu: What the hell do you mean sort of?!

Izanami: I'll do it...

Izanami got on her hands and knees, kind of like your every day coffee table.

Isabella: Oi, Yoko. Where are you taking this story with this?

Yoko: Isabella, please stop breaking the 4th wall and stick to the script. I believe the current action you're supposed to be taking right now is "Shutting the f*ck up."

(Someone call the burn center!)

Isabella: Bitch...

Yoko: Now then. Osamu, see that cook book right there next to the fruit?

Osamu: Yeah?

Yoko: Place it on Izanami's back.

Osamu scoffed at such a ridiculous idea.

Osamu: Why?

Yoko struck the fear of god into Osamu with the stare of her blue eyes. It was like everything in the room melted away.

Yoko: Because you will discover ungodly, unholy, sinful pleasure.

Osamu: What a load of crap...

As he vocally dismissed the idea, our brave, closet-perverted protagonist took the book and walked up to Izanami with it anyway. Why? Who knows.

Izanami: P-please be gentle...

Osamu: This isn't going to hurt, calm down!

Osamu placed the book on Izanami's back as if he was just putting a book down on a table. He couldn't believe it, but a weird sensation was taking over Osamu's body like a swarm of parasites traveling through his bloodstream.

Osamu: W-what is this?! Why do I feel so...

Izanami: My knees are starting to hurt...

Izanami turned her head to look at Osamu, giving him a sight of her blushing, embarrassed, and yet, clearly in pain face.

Isabella: What are you doing to him?!

Yoko: You notice now, right? Now put the fruit basket on top of her.

Osamu: (There's no way this is happening right now...)


Osamu placed the fruit basket on Izanami's back, and her breathing slowly became deeper and more labored as the weight of more common, everyday objects were bearing down on her. By now, Osamu was lost, his perversion completely consuming him.

Izanami: I-I told you to be gentle, Osamu! This is starting to hurt now!

Osamu: Don't worry, Izanami! We're just going to place a few more things on you and it'll all be over!

Osamu: (I can't even stop myself! Whatever this fetish is, it has assumed direct control!)

Soon, there were 10 books, 2 small lamps, and a small tv on top of Izanami. Her breathing was even deeper, her face red as spring roses, and she was even working up a sweat.

Izanami: G-guys...please stop hurts...I don't...want to do this anymore...

Osamu, the wild beast, did not pay attention to Izanami's pleas.

Isabella: Why is this starting to work on me too? Damn it, Yoko! What is this?!

Yoko: Forniphilia. Sexual arousal from using a loved one as a piece of furniture. Congratulations you two, you've discovered how truly degenerate you are inside.

Izanami's breathing continued to deepen as gentle moans escaped her lips. Sweat trickled down her face and neck, glistening in the sunlight.

Izanami: Osamu...h-hurry up and finish, okay?


Osamu: Yes ma'am!

Last but not least, Osamu himself stood on Izanami's back like a man who had just climbed the Alps. You'd be right to believe that Osamu confused Izanami's moans of pain with moans of pleasure and approval.

Osamu: Yes! Yes! This is it! I can see the light! Through the course of human history, we have searched for the most pleasurable feeling on this earth! Love, food, success, all of it is dwarfed in the face of this new fetish! Lord Byron collected women's pubic hair, F. Scott Fitzgerald relished in feet, and even Elvis Presley reveled in the questionable wonders of having young girls sleep next to him half naked! But I, Osamu Ashikaga, have achieved the most glorious form of greatness known to Homo Sapiens!

Izanami gave out under the pressure, sending the household objects and Osamu himself crashing down on the ground. They were both breathing heavily as they laid together on the floor, Izanami still blushing as she gazed into Osamu's eyes.

Izanami: Y-you did really good, Osa...

Osamu: No, you really took it like a champ. I'm proud of you. Was that your first time?

Izanami smiled as the sunlight kissed her cheek.

Izanami: It sure was. I've never done anything like that before!

Osamu: I'm glad you enjoyed it. You look so beautiful now, almost like you're glowing...

Izanami: Oh Osamu...

The two inched closer to each other for a kiss, but as always, Osamu's life is unfair. Yoko stuck a kitchen knife into the floor to separate them. Her murderous eyes loomed over them.

Yoko: I think we're done here.

Isabella: Yeah, I'm definitely done...this house gets weirder and weirder by the day.

Yoko: Get up and come eat breakfast...

Yoko leaned in closer to them both as they sat up on the floor, a smug smile adorning her face.

Yoko: Perverts.

(It was all a trick...)

Osamu helped Izanami up from the floor, brushing her off and rubbing her back.

Osamu: You okay?

Izanami: I'm alright! Let's eat!


From that weird start of the day came breakfast, a peaceful time, since food can unite even the most bitter of enemies.

Yoko: Well? How did you like it?

Osamu:...It was okay...

Izanami: I should watch my diet now, huh? I bet that got me pregnant!

Osamu spit out his water and his head sunk hard into the table, as if he passed out drunk.

Izanami: Osamu?! Osamu?!

Isabella: Aaaand, he's dead...

(This house...these girls...why me?)

Just another day with the ex-girlfriends. Just another day in a house filled with love, wonder, and antics!

And an ED if you're interested:

I actually imagine something like this being used during the Aika Crisis (that's what I'm calling it now). I can only imagine Aika floating in the water with lotus flower lanterns around her, and a few shots of her cutting her hair and changing herself as this plays  :sadbye: Aika is dead, Long Live Aika.

Got a little experimental with this formatting. Hopefully it's not too jarring

Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
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Okay, here's what's happening. Now that Aika has been dealt with, I'm starting a new arc. You can consider Day 34 to be the finale of the Aika Crisis arc, and Day 37 as more of an in-between or an extended chapter extra.
With new arcs come new Ex-Girlfriends  :dance: Originally, I was going to have all of the Ex-Girlfriends eventually leave. I still might, but I thought there was way too much potential in the concept to not expand it past the four exes we already have.
And so, I formally name this arc

Death By Ex-Girlfriends: War Cloud

Day 77: My Kindergarten Love is a War Goddess

Hundreds, if not thousands of people ran away in fear on the streets as the earth shook and explosions rung in the air like loud trumpets. The clouds split apart, and Yoko came crashing down from their heavenly embrace. Sunlight shined from the hole in the clouds as Yoko hit the ground, a cloud of dirt and dust spewing into the air. Osamu ran in the opposite direction of the cowering people, pushing through them like a wide receiver in a football game. He ran with all of his might as sweat saturated his face. He wore a black hoodie and blue jeans along with his magatama necklace and beaded bracelet.

(Please survive! Please survive!)

Osamu: Yoko!

A blue ray of light shot down from the clouds and onto the earth, causing another great explosion that rocked the streets. Out from the smoke emerged a young woman wearing a black yukata bearing a symbol of three red clouds on the back, like a family crest. Yoko was covered in blood, struggling to get up as this woman walked towards her. Her hair was as black as darkness and was done up in a traditional Japanese style, like how a Geisha would wear hers. It was adorned with roses and tied with a yellow ribbon, its loose ends reaching down to the nape of her neck. Her eyes were red, her lips were naturally pink as roses, and two crescent moon ear rings dangled from her ear lobes.

Yoko: Come that all you got?! You think you can kill me like this! Give me an honorable death or don't bother at all!

The woman was not impressed by Yoko's bravado, remaining silent as she pointed her sword hard into her neck, causing her to bleed. Then, the woman pulled back her sword by a few inches, preparing to pierce Yoko's throat.

Osamu: Tsukiakari! Don't do it!

That familiar voice took over the woman's body and stopped her from killing Yoko. Her eyes shifted to Osamu, who stood before her out of breath and covered in dirt.

Tsukiakari: really is you!

Osamu: There's no need for her to die, Tsuki. I'm the one you want.

Yoko: Damn it, Osamu, I don't need your mercy pleas!

Osamu: Shut up! I'm trying to save you!

Tsukiakari: Osamu, how much does this woman mean to you?

Osamu: That doesn't-

Tsukiakari: Do you love her?

Osamu thought cautiously of how to answer.

Tsukiakari lowered her head and smiled.

Tsukiakari: It matters not. Either way, this woman will repent with her blood.

Tsukiakari raised her sword, preparing to kill the wounded and struggling Yoko.

Osamu: Tsuki, no!

The sword came down upon Yoko, and Osamu shut his eyes to shield himself from the sight of Yoko dying. For a moment, his mind drifted away into a peaceful and quiet darkness.

[You're probably wondering 'Goodness gracious, Osamu! How did we get into this mess?! The last chapter was all fun and cheery!'. I suppose you're right. Well, a fair bit of time has passed since our ordeal with the Aika Crisis. November brought the snow to town, and along with it, those thick clouds that fill the sky and lead us into Winter. Along with those clouds, however, came her. Tsukiakari Senkumo. You'd probably hate me if I told you that, yes, she's another ex-girlfriend of mine.]

Osamu slowly opened his eyes, not to the sight of a dead Yoko, but to the sight of Izanami blocking Tsukiakari's sword with her scythe.

Osamu: Izanami!

Izanami: Geez, Osamu! How many ex-girlfriends do you have?!

Osamu: Far too many...

Izanami: Tsukiakari, this really isn't how I wanted to see you again. Why can't you ever just be a good girl?

Tsukiakari: Don't lecture me, Izanami! I've come to reclaim him! If I have to cut down a few mortals and a goddess to do it, so be it!

Osamu: Wait a damn minute! You know each other?!

Izanami: You haven't figured it out yet?! She's a goddess!

Osamu wore the face of a man who looked like a bullet just went through his head.

(G-goddess?! Oh come on! How does this keep happening to me?!)

Izanami put Tsukiakari on the defensive, swinging her scythe and forcing her to fall back. Izanami leaped in the air after her, clashing blades as she kept up the pressure. Osamu took the opportunity to carry Yoko, her blood getting all over his arms and hands.

Osamu: Are you okay?!

Yoko: I...I hate you! Why do you have to go out with deities?!

Osamu: I'm very sorry!

Osamu ran away with Yoko in his arms as Izanami continued to battle with Tsukiakari among the clouds.

Izanami: Just stop this, Tsuki! There's no point in wreaking this much havoc over one mortal!

Tsukiakari: Easy for you to say, Corpse!

Tsukiakari inhaled deeply, sucking in a large portion of the clouds in the sky. She then blew them out in the form of fiery clouds that engulfed the sky and blew Izanami down to the rooftop of a building. Her skin, hair, and dress were smoking, and the obi tied around her waist had caught fire.

Izanami: You're not giving me any choice here, Tsuki!

Izanami performed the Kuji-in hand seals and then took hold of her scythe, waiting for Tsukiakari's next move. A blue light shone through the clouds as they coursed with lightning. A lightning dragon emerged from the sky, with Tsukiakari inside of its head as it roared and descended upon Izanami like a missile. Osamu looked back at the ensuing chaos, every nerve in his body telling him to go back and rescue Izanami.

Yoko: Don't do it. Izanami is a goddess. But if I lose you...

Yoko gripped Osamu's hoodie and shut her eyes.

Tsukiakari's ferocious yell pierced their ears as she clashed with Izanami. A large explosion rocked the city, its black clouds pulsating with electricity.

Osamu: Izanami!

Izanami successfully survived the ordeal. She laid alongside Tsukiakari in the rubble, who was rendered unconscious. With the clouds resettled in the sky, rain began to pour through the massive hole left in the building.

Izanami: Idiot...

The next morning, Tsukiakari awoke in Yoko's house, in bed. Her body was too sore for her to move an inch. She could hear the voices of Izanami, Osamu, Yoko, and Isabella downstairs. Yoko had her head, chest, left arm, and right leg covered in bloody bandages.

[After that fight, Izanami brought Tsukiakari with us. Yoko was too wounded to protest. We rushed them both into the house so that Isabella could treat Yoko's wounds. Tsukiakari was confined in one of the rooms until she recovered. Izanami ensured us she wasn't that much of a threat anymore, and it only took one look at her to understand why.]

Izanami: You shouldn't love a woman so recklessly, Osamu.

Osamu: Love?! I met her in kindergarten! You can't call that actual love.

Isabella: But it seems like she hasn't forgotten you at all.

Osamu: How as I supposed to know the little girl I met back then was a freakin' war goddess? There aren't any shrines in her name.

Izanami: Tsukiakari...she's definitely a wild flower. She was born during the final days of the Ashikaga Shogunate and grew up during the Onin War leading up to the Warring States Period. She is the daughter of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto. After those two split apart, she was taken into Bishamonten's care and raised to become a war goddess. Given her lineage and her upbringing by Bishamon, it's no wonder how she got her name, is it? Tsukiakari was also called Gekko, but her name nonetheless is written as Moonlight, the phenomenon that occurs as the Sun's light bounces off of the Moon. Bishamon is the one who gave her Senkumo, written as War Cloud.

*For those unaware, Amaterasu is the Shinto deity of the sun, and Tsukuyomi is the deity of the moon, hence the significance of naming her "Moonlight". Bishamon is a war god, which is why he bestowed the name Senkumo (War Cloud) upon her. "Tsukiakari" and "Gekko" both mean the same thing, they're just written with different characters used to express the same image, which is why Tsukiakari allows people to call her either or, despite Tsukiakari being her birth name*

Isabella: And I thought Yoko was scary...

Osamu: Izanami, if she's a war goddess, then that means she's killed people. Right?

Izanami: Countless, ever since she was a young girl. Many people prayed for the destruction of their enemies in that era, and she often accompanied Bishamon in the slaughter. She learned the ways of war and became a prodigy in her own right. However, Tsukiakari was a reckless god. As she got older, she constantly quarreled with the other gods. She even battled against Bishamon, Raijin, and Fujin. As such, she reincarnated very often, and I was the one who had to look after her every time that happened.

Yoko: And of course, Osamu just so happens to meet her most recent reincarnation in kindergarten! You suck, Osamu! You suck!

Isabella: What did you do to her, you jerk?!

(As always, I'm the bad guy)

Osamu: How am I supposed to remember?! I was little!

Izanami: At any rate, it's important that we try to steer Tsukiakari on the right path.

Yoko: Screw that, let's just kick her to the curb!

Isabella: I'm with ya!

Izanami: We cannot do that.

Yoko: Look, I know it's the most morally detestable option, but-

Izanami: It's not about morals, though I won't deny the moral nature of my objection. The real problem lies with the fact that this is not the Warring States period anymore. She has no shrines, no one prays to her, no one even knows she's a goddess. The only one who's been allowing her to reincarnate is me. I always kept her in my mind, always kept her in my prayers so that she could learn to live a normal life. But I don't know how much longer I can do this for. If Tsukiakari dies again, I don't know if I'll be able to keep her reincarnating.

Osamu: So...she'll die?! Permanently?

Izanami: Yes. She will die if she continues her reckless lifestyle.

Yoko:...What's the problem with that?

Isabella: Yeah, I'm not seeing the issue here.

(Have you no sympathy?!?)

Izanami: The issue is that neither Osamu nor Tsukiakari would've learned anything, and Amaterasu would probably wreak havoc if she finds out her daughter was permanently killed!

Isabella: Amaterasu herself?!

Yoko: Damn it! This is the kind of crap you get us into, Osamu! If I wasn't sure it would tear open my wounds, I'd rip you're eyes out!

Isabella: Not just us, but humanity could be doomed if you don't fix this!

Osamu: I get it, I get it! I'll fix it!

(This isn't fair! Girls tell you if they have diseases or a child you don't know about, so why can't they disclose the fact they're a deity!)

Tsukiakari: Ummm...excuse me...

(That there a little girl in here?)

Everyone turned their heads to Tsukiakari, who had been turned into a little girl. Her yukata was now way too big for her, and she had the cutest chubby cheeks a little girl could have. Her hair was undone, and was so long that several inches of it laid flat on the floor Osamu's jaw fell to the ground and Isabella fawned over her.

Tsukiakari: Does anyone mind telling me why I'm a little girl now?!

[And that's how my life experienced a new flavor of crazy. Now, above all things, I have to deal with a loli war goddess ex-girlfriend?!]

ED for this arc:
Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
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Osamu should take responsibility for these girls, like the true man he is! After all, the end of the world might come if he doesn't.  :biggrin:
Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
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  :( Conversely, I think humanity would be doomed if all the girls lived under the same roof and had to share the same husband  :ninja:
Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
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Oh dear... given Osamu's options, I can say he is royally... intercoursed.  8)

Though technically the roof hasn't blown up yet with all the ex-girlfriends right now.  :ninja:
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Such is the life of a reckless man with a reckless heart  :ninja:

Izanami was always there to keep the peace, but things change when you've got a war goddess on your hands

Expect a cute, gullible, and dangerous loli  8)
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 :fighting: I'm making this up as I go along now

Day 78: My Ex-Girlfriend Lured a Little Girl Into An Oven
Our burning, conflicting hearts. Our sizzling, flavorful love.
(My father always told me what it meant to be a man. But he never told me how in our blue earth I'm supposed to take care of a loli war goddess! Father, if you have any tips, send them now!)

Tsukiakari, with her cute little girl voice and precious eyes, tried as hard as she could to yell in a threatening matter.

Tsukiakari: Well?! Explain yourselves! Don't make me smite you!

Izanami: see, the only way I could reduce your powers to a manageable level was by reversing your age. I did this because I wanted to help you, not destroy you. You have faced off with several other gods in the past, and you've been forced to reincarnate very frequently...

Tsukiakari: Your solution was to turn me into a little girl?! I hate you!

Tsukiakari ran up to Izanami, first tripping  on her yukata and scraping her elbow. Isabella couldn't stop gushing over her as she got up on her feet and started knocking her gentle little fists against Izanami's chest.

Tsukiakari: Corpse! Cadaver! Crypt Queen! Morgue Princess! Give me my age back!

Izanami picked her up by the armpits like one would do to a baby.

Izanami: Now listen here, Gekko. Do you know why you've been able to reincarnate all this time? It's because I'm the only one still praying to you! Every single time you die, I'm the one who expends the energy needed for you to live again. I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep doing this for you, though. If I keep it up for too long, I'll weaken and eventually die. You've got to stop wasting your life, Gekko!

Tsukiakari: I do what I want, and what I want is Osamu!

Isabella & Yoko: Do?!

Isabella: A-as

Tsukiakari: That's right! I'm going to take Osamu to the heavens with me, and we're going to get married with Amaterasu's blessing!

Osamu: low is the age of consent in heaven?

Tsukiakari: You could marry me at birth if you wanted to!

Osamu: Seriously?!

Yoko: There will be no marriage! I won't have it! You've already beaten me to a pulp, and now you've been dropped into my home! Follow my rules or become a stray god, you little cretin!

Tsukiakari's eyes began to water, and her lips trembled.

(Oh no...)

The cute little war goddess began to cry into Izanami's chest, hugging her tightly.

Izanami: Yoko!

Isabella: Hey, I know the situation is unfair for us, but we can't go around making little girls cry, Yoko!

Yoko: Damn her...

Izanami: There there, Gekko. Everything is okay.

Izanami patted Tsukiakari's head and caressed her blushing cheeks, wiping away the tears that ran down.

Izanami: Yoko, you should apologize.

Yoko: I'm sorry, Senkumo.

Tsukiakari: That's what the hell I thought.

Yoko: F*ck did you just say?!

The pain of her wounds was the only thing keeping Yoko from ripping out Tsukiakari's hair.

Yoko: When I get better, I swear, you're dead! Amaterasu can sue for me for all I care! Screw her and you!

Isabella: Yoko, please!

Izanami: I'll take her to bed so she can rest. Izzy, can you give Gekko a room?

Isabella: Sure thing. Come here....uhh...what can I call you? Tsukiakari is a bit of a long name, and if we're going to be living together, I don't want to use a last-name-basis.

Tsukiakari: Tsuki, Akari, Gekko, or Tsu Tsu is fine with me!

Isabella: Tsu Tsu?! That's so adorable! I'll call you that! Come! I'll show you around!

Tsukiakari held Isabella's hand as they went upstairs, like a mother and daughter pair. Osamu noticed the symbol of three red clouds on the back of Tsukiakari's yukata, waiting until they were out of listening range to pose the question.

Osamu: Hey, Izanami. That crest on the back of her yukata...

Izanami: Ah, Senso no Mikumo? It's an old and forgotten family crest that existed among the gods during the Warring States period. I believe it was Bishamon who started it, but he appointed Tsukiakari as the leader when she became of age.

Yoko: Family crest? Were there more Senkumo's then just her?

Izanami's eyes grew sad as she thought back to the legacy of the crest and Tsukiakari's involvement.

Izanami: There were many orphaned children just like her, but she was special because of her divine lineage. Bishamon...a cruel god living in a cruel era, collected children just like her and put them all to the test of the sword.

Osamu: You mean they were forced to fight.

Izanami: Forced to answer the prayers of people who wished death upon their enemies, yes. She killed thousands of people in battle because of it. She was fearsome, calamity incarnate. I had to take care of a lot of souls because of her.

(Not only is she just a war goddess...but a mass murderer too?)

Yoko: If she's such a prodigy, why hasn't she been given her own shrine? Why have people forgotten about her?

Izanami: Well, since the Senkumo clan was under direct control of Bishamonten, most of the prayers and praise went to him. They would fight alongside him in battle, and he'd keep provide them with shelter, food, and protection. In Tsukiakari's case, this relationship allowed her to reincarnate even if she fell in battle.

Osamu: What the hell were you gods doing back then? All of this is just so messed up in so many different ways.

Izanami remained silent. It seemed there were things that even a god could not speak of. When night fell upon the town, Isabella prepared a hot bath for Tsukiakari and herself. Tsukiakari undressed in the bedroom as Isabella filled up the tub.

Isabella: Bath's ready, Tsu Tsu!

The young goddess walked in the bathroom, both her and Isabella in the nude.

Isabella: Wow, your hair is so long! Maybe we should wash it while we're here.

Tsukiakari couldn't keep her eyes off of Isabella's chest.

Tsukiakari: How did they get so big?

Isabella: How did...oh! My breasts? Well, the government pumps the milk back home with estrogen, of course! And of course, diet and genetics come into play. I'm not the first or last one in my family to have big boobs.

Tsukiakari: Back home? Which prefecture are you from?

Tsukiakari sat down on a stool as Isabella unraveled her hair and started spraying it down with water.

Isabella: I actually wasn't born in Japan. I was born and raised in the United States.

Tsukiakari: Wow! What's it like there?

Isabella: It's beautiful! There are all sorts of different kinds of people there, and there's a lot of landscape diversity. Cultures kind of blend together into a big mess, and we call that mess America.

Isabella lathered up some shampoo and worked from Tsukiakari's roots down to her ends. It was in that moment that Isabella was able to take a look at Tuskiakari's back. It was covered in scars, as if someone beat her across the back with a whip.

Isabella: Oh my god...Tsu Tsu, what happened? Did Yoko do that?

Tsukiakari: Oh, no. Don't mind those. They're old.

Isabella: How old?

Tsukiakari: Old enough.

Isabella: Well...okay. Just let me know if it burns or anything, alright?

Tsukiakari: Thanks...

When night came, the girls all got ready to join Osamu in bed, still sleeping together like a big family. Except for the young goddess, who stood by the door as they all settled in. There was a mix of fear and anger in her face as she stood there in her overgrown yukata.

Izanami: What's up, Gekko?

Tsukiakari: I...Osamu...

Osamu: Hmm?

Tsukiakari: I wanna sleep with Osamu too!

Yoko: This bitch...

Yoko staggered out of bed, her body aching with every move.

Osamu: Yoko, you're not supposed to move around so much!

Yoko lifted the back of night gown, teasing Osamu with her left butt cheek.

Yoko: Kiss my ass, Osamu.

Isabella: Remind me to take a picture of that and frame it...

Izanami: That's so "Yuri", Izzy! D-did I do it right, Osamu? Did I socialize correctly?

Osamu: Yeah, more or less. Five stars to you, Izanami.

Izanami: YES!

Yoko stood high and proud above the little war goddess, her blue eyes fiercely contesting with Tsukiakari's red eyes.

Yoko: Now listen here, only worthy women are allowed to sleep anywhere near Osamu. There's me, his future wife until one of us dies, and the two flesh pillows, Isabella and Izanami.

Isabella: I'm not a flesh pillow!

Yoko: The only reason why they're allowed to sleep near him is because, I, the alpha female of the pack, permitted it. Little girl, maybe you used to be a goddess of calamity and mass murder, but you better fear me like you fear god and death itself. Your life is in our hands. There's no telling if you'll reincarnate again, so humble yourself. You're lucky I don't make you sleep in the rain, in the garbage can, or in the oven.

Tsukiakari: You think you scare me?! I've stabbed shoguns to death while staring into their eyes, and they all struck more fear inside of
me than your threats ever will.

Izanami: N-now now, surely we can compromise, right?

Yoko suddenly spun around with a smile on her face. You could almost actually see the light bulb above her head.

Yoko: You know what, Izanami, we sure can!

Yoko reached into he drawer and pulled out a piece of caramel candy.

Yoko: I originally wanted to melt these and lick them off of Osamu's chest, but this will have to do.

Osamu: You what?!

Yoko: Nothing, sweetie.

Tsukiakari: If you think some lousy piece of candy is going too...

Yoko unraveled the candy, presenting its smooth, caramel goodness to Tsukiakari like a divine offering. The only thing reflected off of her pupils was the candy, trapping her in an irresistible hypnosis that no child her age could ignore.

Yoko: Come on, you know you want to! Come get the candy! Who's a good girl? Who's a good wittle girl!

(She's not a puppy, Yoko...)

Tsukiakari: I-I'm a good wittle girl!

(She fell for it?!?!)

It was like watching Jesus work miracles. Tsukiakari couldn't even keep her balance anymore. She was lured out of the room on all fours like a little puppy, down the stairs, and into the kitchen, drooling as she crawled.

Yoko: That's a good girl!

Yoko opened the oven with her other hand, the light inside automatically turning on inside the dark kitchen.

Yoko: Go get the candy and die in a 500 degree box! Go get it, little cutie!

(How could she still be falling for this?!)

Tsukiakari climbed inside the oven, allowing Yoko to close it on her as she ate the candy.

Yoko: Alright! Welcome, everyone, to Mama Yoko's Spectacular Cooking Show! Today, we're going to be making Roasted Loli War Goddess!

*Studio crowd applause*

(Since when do we have a studio crowd? Are we a sitcom now?! How can we even afford this?!)

Isabella: No wonder our paychecks got smaller...

Yoko: Our little war goddess is already naturally packed with flavors! Stupidity, inferiority, gullibility, all sorts of delicious intramuscular qualities that ever horrible woman has! So, there's no real need for seasoning, but we have just given her a caramel cube to add a little sweetness to her peppery personality!

Even Isabella and Osamu were applauding. Izanami looked nothing short of annoyed and a little confused.

Yoko: Spotlight please!

And this was the moment that not even the narrator could explain where Yoko was getting all of this theatrical equipment from.

Osamu: Don't just leave us in the dark when we need you the most! What kind of narrator are you?!

Isabella: No wonder our paychecks got smaller...

Yoko grabbed some green onion, lemons, and garlic, along with a cutting board and knife.

Yoko: Now then, we're going to be adding in some onions, lemons, and garlic as the rotten little bitch cooks! You want to add this in early as some of the outside layers of fat start to melt and produce those sweet juices!

Tsukiakari banged on the oven from the inside.

Tsukiakari: Hey! What is this?! Let me out!

Yoko: Awww, how cute! Our meal thinks its life matters!

*Sound of audience Aww'ing*

Tsukiakari: This isn't funny, Yoko! Let me out!

Yoko cut up the ingredients, opened the oven, and threw them in Tsukiakari's face before shutting the oven again. Onions, lemons, and garlic irritated Tsukiakari's nose and eyes, making her cry.

Yoko: Ta da! I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Summoning whatever power she could, Tsukiakari shattered the oven's glass frame, knocking Yoko against the cabinets.

Osamu: Izanami, I thought you said she was harmless!

Izanami: Well...I made her younger, so she can't use her powers like she did in the first fight between her and Yoko. But, she's still a goddess, so I'd be careful.

(No one is safe!)

Tukiakari started beating Yoko over the head with a rolling pin as she yelled in agony on the kitchen floor.

Isabella: Oo, a fight! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

*Audience chanting "JERRY!"*

Isabella stopped when she realized the others were looking at her with perplexed expressions. Talk about awkward.

Isabella:'s's a thing in America...Stop looking at me like I'm a cross-dresser or something!

Osamu: Sure thing, weirdo.

Izanami: I won't judge you for wearing men's underwear, Isabella.

Isabella groaned in annoyance, and the three watched the fight continue on for a good while, letting Yoko get what she deserved for literally luring a young girl into an oven. Izanami walked into the spotlight and bowed, flashing her pretty and pale smile.

Izanami: Please excuse us! The mortals are acting up again!


(In the end, Yoko conceded and allowed Tsukiakari to sleep with us. And so, I began to sleep in the same bed with four different girls every night. One of them small enough to use my chest as a bed in itself. What on earth, have I gotten myself into? I wonder if I should just give up and try being gay...No Osamu! Don't think like that! Don't turn this into a yaoi harem!)

Osamu could see Tsukiakari's family crest, Sens? no Mikumo, on her yukata. Izanami's story behind Tsukiakari's past only made him more and more curious about the crest and the history of the clan that forced her to live through over a hundred years of constant strife and warfare in service to Bishamon himself.

(I have a bad feeling about all of this. Like I'm walking into territory that I would be wise to stay away from...)

The moonlight shined on Tsukiakari's sleeping face, and her ear rings glittered in its light. That light faded as a cloud slowly drifted over and blocked the moon's path.

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Not too sure about this backstory, but I do hope this chapter helps make Tsukiakari's character that much more interesting and complex.  :ninja: I know it looks like I know what I'm doing with these chapters, but I really don't

Day 79: And so, My Ex-Girlfriend Fought Against The Gods
A heartbeat of thunder, a kiss of snow. Are you my winter angel, my love?
(That morning, it began to snow. By the time we all woke up, the streets, cars, and trees were all cloaked in white. I couldn't shake the sight of Tsukiakari's face as she looked out the window and saw the snow. It was if...I don't know...maybe it was nostalgic for her. All I know is that her eyes looked so sad, as if there was a particular time or day they wanted to go back to. Because of the weather, we spent most of the day lazing about in the house. Yoko and Isabella remained in bed most of the time. I gotta say, I do love the lazy days that the cold weather brings.)

Night fell upon the town, as did the snow. Osamu was getting ready to take a quick walk, sitting down and putting his shoes and blue scarf on by the door. Tsukiakari was finally given a small yukata that fit her youthful body. She insisted on keeping the Senso no Mikumo crest on the nape of the yukata. Having gotten out of bed, she walked up behind Osamu as he got ready.

Tsukiakari: Are you going somewhere?

(Hmm? What is she doing up at this hour?)

Osamu: Oh...yeah. I like to take walks when I get the chance.

Tsukiakari: Walks, huh? If we were married, we could just ride a chariot in the sky and take a tour of the earth.

(That sounds hopelessly cheesy...)

Osamu: Hey, Tsukiakari.

Tsukiakari: Come on. Can you at least try to acknowledge my feelings? You could at least call me Gekko or Tsu Tsu.

Osamu: Alright, Gekko. If I remember correctly, you and I met in kindergarten, right?

Tsukiakari's face lit up with joy.

Tsukiakari: You remember?!

Osamu: Don't get excited. I only have vague memories of you from back then.

Tsukiakari: Oh...

Osamu: I'm wondering what motivated you to track me down after all these years. You'd think, at your age, you wouldn't be so hung up on something that wasn't real to begin with. A lot of kids say they like each other when they're young. It's part of the adventurous ignorance of being a child.

Tsukiakari's expression drifted back into cold sadness and nostalgic longing.

Tsukiakari: Can I walk with you?

Osamu: Huh? Are you sure?

Tsukiakari: Yes, please.

Osamu: Alright then.

And so they went out together, leaving tracks in the snow and following the foggy light of the street lamps. The streets themselves were completely empty as they walked hand-in-hand together. If there were any passerby's, they would just look like an older brother taking his little sister out for a walk.

Osamu: Oi, answer my question, Gekko.

Tsukiakari wiped snow off of her cheek as she spoke.

Tsukiakari: I'm sure Izanami told you a little bit about my past. Being a war goddess, I existed solely to annihilate people. To pierce armor, stand under the shadow of arrows, to lead the thunderous charge of a thousand horses.

Osamu: She did say that.

Tsukiakari: You don't know what it's like to live like that for a century and a half. You don't know how horrible it was. Had I been an older god at the time...I would've been wiser. I wouldn't have made the same mistakes I did back then.

Osamu: What mistakes?

Tsukiakari: Loving people.


Tsukiakari: Hey, let's turn left here!

Osamu: Huh? I usually walk by the bridge and then come back. Why do you want to go this route?

Tsukiakari: Because, I'll be able to answer you where I'm taking you.

Tsukiakari led Osamu down a long road that took them to an old, abandoned school. Osamu immediately recognized it as soon as they walked through the doors and into the empty, dilapidated entrance hall.

(No way...this is the kindergarten we went to.)

Tsukiakari: This probably isn't as meaningful to you as it is to me. Children who grow up in war never experience or understand the value in something so commonplace in today's era such as school. This was also the place where we met, Osamu. You were just a little kid back then, and your hair was much shorter!

Osamu: Are you implying I should get a haircut or something? You have ridiculously long hair too, even for a girl.

Tsukiakari: Never, love. I like you as you are. Come, let's walk.

(Being commanded by a little girl doesn't feel too good right now. Now that this place is ruined and left uncared for, it's hard to say that I feel any real connection to it. It seems to be the opposite for Gekko though.)

Tsukiakari led Osamu outside, and the two sat on the swings together. Osamu was too big for the swings, but Tsukiakari was able to enjoy them like any other child.

Osamu: Gekko, you said that loving people was a mistake you made in the past. I'm still confused as to what you mean by that. Did someone break your heart or something?

Tsukiakari: No. It wasn't their fault. After Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi separated, I mainly just wandered about with nothing do to and nowhere to go. But then, Bishamonten took me in. When the Onin War broke out, he began collecting orphaned war children, and we soon formed into the Senkumo clan. By the time that led into the Warring States period, we were all old enough to go fight in the war, as Bishamon commanded. It was a good time for him to gain power and notoriety as a god of war. So, like the blind children we were, we followed.

Before Osamu's very eyes, the environment around them began to shift. Tsukiakari was guiding Osamu through her memories. They now stood in one of Bishamon's shrines during the Warring States period. The Tsukiakari then was just as she was now, before she was turned into a young girl. In appearance, she looked about 20 years old and still had very long hair that touched the floor. She sat in front of a group of at least two dozen bowing members of the Senkumo clan, most of them female, all of them bearing the Senso no Mikumo crest on the napes of their black yukatas. The women also wore lavender obis around their yukata with the crest on the front.

Osamu: Th-this is-

Tsukiakari: Stay calm and look. That's me. When the Warring States period kicked off, I was left in charge of the clan.

Osamu: Why did Bishamon relinquish control to you?!

Tsukiakari: It was a bit of a ploy to expand the amount of prayers he would receive. In public, I was asked to carry out wishes of calamity under Bishamon's name. Within the clan, we all knew that I was Tsukiakari, daughter of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. It didn't matter to us, though. For them, the mortals in the clan, they were given protection, food, and water during a time of upheaval and chaos. For me, Bishamon made sure that I would reincarnate if I died.

(Gekko...was kept as Bishamon's shadow disciple. She killed in his name, for his glory.)

Tsukiakari: There was a girl I knew during this time who was annoying when I first met her. But, she kind of grew on me, mostly because she always approached me like I was a normal person, never as the daughter of two affluent gods. She was a shy girl, beautiful, and very talented in archery.

All around them, Tsukiakari's memories of the girl flashed in a continuous sequence. She had short brown hair and hazel eyes, always smiling. Tsukiakari smiled as well, as those memories flashed around.

Tsukiakari: Her name was Katsumi, written with the characters for "Victorious" and "Beauty". A fitting name for her, right?

Osamu: Yeah, she is beautiful. And I'm sure you had a lot of victories together...

Tsukiakari: Mhmm. We did. But then...

Like the power in a building going out the memories cut to black, swallowing Osamu and Tsukiakari in darkness. Then, the scene of a battlefield faded in. Tsukiakari was on the ground with four arrows stuck in her chest and shoulder. She was bleeding badly, and her eyes were half closed. Right next to her was Katsumi, whose yukata was tattered. She had large, open gash across her stomach, having been struck by a sword.

Tsukiakari: We both died. But only I came back.

All around them, the battle continued to rage. The sounds of yelling, horses, and swords clashing filled the air of the open, grassy field. Knowing death was near, Katsumi decided to use the last of her energy to have a final conversation with her friend.

Katsumi: I guess...this is it. I'm not going to survive this.

Though the arrows made it hard to move, Tsukiakari tried to inch closer to her.

Tsukiakari: Don't talk like that, Katsumi. You can't die here!

Katsumi: Tsu Tsu...have you ever been to Kyusyu?

Tsukiakari, with blood covering half her face, turned her head to face Katsumi. When she saw Katsumi's smile, she broke down in tears.

Tsukiakari: No...I haven't! It's beautiful, right?

Katsumi: Very. Then again, everything I've seen of Japan has been beautiful. You should go there when you reincarnate. Promise me you will, okay?

Tsukiakari repeated herself through her sobbing as they both laid there dying together.

Tsukiakari: I promise! I promise I'll go there! I promise!

Katsumi closed her eyes and prepared to die with a peaceful expression.

Katsumi: Good...have fun, Tsu Tsu.

Osamu shivered at the eery scene he witnessed. Two people, who knew they were both going to die, still wanted to share their last moments together as friends, not as warriors on a battlefield.

Osamu: Gekko...I didn't know...

Tsukiakari: She was the first to die here. I followed soon after her. However, because I was a god, I came right back. I woke up in bed, at one of Bishamon's shrines. I retained my memories, but had to grow up from a little girl into a young woman all over again. Naturally, because of this, I was essentially a child who had already developed PTSD from that experience. This kept repeating itself every time I died. This is what I meant when I said that my mistake was loving people. Reincarnating over and over again, experiencing the same tragedies on endless repeat...even if you're a god, it's detrimental to one's psyche and inner peace.

The scenes of Tsukiakari waking up reincarnated flashed before them. On the 5th time, Bishamon walked into the room to speak with her. He had the appearance of a man in his 40's, with strong lines in his forehead. He had a great beard that reached down to the middle of his chest and kept his long, black hair tied in a ponytail. He wore a black yukata, just like the rest of the Senkumo clan. Bishamon sat cross-legged before Tsukiakari and handed her a drinking bowl of water. She sat up and drank from the bowl as Bishamon spoke.

Bishamon: My my, troublesome little goddess. This is the 5th time you've had to reincarnate. Why can't you be more careful in battle? Ever since Katsumi's death, you've been practically throwing yourself into the blood and thunder of armies much bigger than you. I mean sure, you're killing them off, but is it worth ending up dead over and over again?

Tsukiakari: Spare me the lectures. I've done as you asked for five lifetimes.

Bishamon: Indeed you have. Too bad about the rest of the Senkumo clan, hmm? You and I are the only ones left. Though, since the war is finally subsiding, I suppose that isn't too bad of a reality.

Tsukiakari dropped her water, and Bishamon watched as the spilled water inched closer to his foot, reflecting the flickering light of the candles nearby.

Tsukiakari: What were we to you? Were we just pawns? Did you start a clan without love or care in your heart?

Bishamon laid his hand on the spilled water, and it immediately evaporated into hot steam.

Bishamon: Love? Care? Do I look like the god of benevolence to you? I am the god of war, the god of battle, the god of victory, defeat, and revolution. It is not my responsibility to love or care for you. You were all brought here in service to me, to make me what I am now; the most prayed to god in all of Japan. Because of the wide reach of the Senkumo clan, I have garnered respect and authority beyond measure in heaven. You were a means to an end, not my flesh and blood. You, Tsukiakari. You can never have a family like you once did. No mother. No father. No siblings. No friends. I doubt any man will even love you.

Tsukiakari: Of course. I should've known the god of war would have a soul as filthy as a battlefield littered with bloated corpses, and the mind of a crow seeking to feast upon them.

It took just one bad comment to blow Bishamon's temper. He pinned her to the ground with his hand over her mouth. She tried to scream, but Bishamon's mighty grip kept her mouth shut.

Bishamon: Such bashful and shameful language for a stray god! You'd think dying as many times as you have would've taught you humility and enough respect for life to not say things that could get you killed! Do not think for even a moment that you can say whatever you please to me because Amaterasu's blood runs through your veins!

Tsukiakari tried to pull Bishamon's hand off of her mouth, but the god's grip was just too strong. He raised his other hand over her face and smiled. The kanji for "Fire" burned itself onto his palm.

Bishamon: One thing humans have to always teach them and remind them of humility is a scar. If a child burns himself from getting too close to an open fire, he will listen to his mother and father the next time he is told to stay away from it. I think the same principle applies even to gods.

Tsukiakari had true fear in her eyes as his hand inched closer to the side of her face.

Bishamon: What I'm about to do is not because I hate you. I admire you. Respect you, even. Your service has been invaluable. Besides, who knows when I'll need you again? Everything I do to you, I do because I am a god, and gods are always righteous. We are always just. We are always fair.

Bishamon pressed his hand against the right side of Tsukiakari's face, and the room was filled with her agonizing screams. Her legs kicked and flailed under the weight of Bishamon's body. Osamu turned his head away from the ghastly scene.

Osamu: Please, stop this. I can't bare to look...

Tsukiakari: Japan fell into Sakoku after this. A complete state of unification and isolation. The war was over, the Senkumo clan was all but extinct, and Bishamon was one of the most well known and renowned gods in all of heaven. I grew up into a young woman with half of my face covered in burn scars. I watched for years as Bishamon absorbed all the glory for himself, leaving me with my trauma and dead friends. Looking back, I blame myself for being so naive. How could I have possibly that the god of war would have benevolent intentions? And so, Osamu...I believe you know what happened next.

The scenery changed to a pivotal moment in Tsukiakari's life. She in a grassy field with a black katana in her hands, still proudly wearing the Senkumo yukata and crest. Thunderclouds cloaked the sky, and a lightning dragon spiraled above her. Across from the field stood Bishamon, wearing a coat made of bear's fur and white robes. Beside him stood Raijin and Fuijin, the god of lightning and the god of wind respectively. Raijin held lightning bolts in his hands and only wore pants and sandals to the fight. The tomoe was painted in black on his bare chest and stomach, and his long, black hair swayed in the wind. His eyes were as gold as an autumn moon. Fujin was more conservative, wearing a short-sleeve top. He kept his hair tied back, braided towards the bottom and wrapped with white cloth. He carried a bag of wind with him.

Tsukiakari pointed her sword at the three, and the lightning dragon descended, surrounding her in its bright and loud crackle.

Tsukiakari: Bishamon, and all in heaven who dare deny me my right to happiness and my retribution! I will destroy you all, no matter what it takes!

Raijin: Hmph. Impudent girl. An orphaned god has no such rights. She never had a future to begin with.

Fujin: What shall we do with her, Bishamonten?

Bishamon: What shall we do? Subdue her. Subjugate her. Kill her. And let her soul fade away into oblivion. My fellow gods...CHARGE!

Osamu: This is what Izanami was talking about...

Tsukiakari: That's right. I declared war on Bishamon and anyone who sided with him.

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 :read: TWISTS AND TURNS! The plot thickens  :ninja:

Day 79 and 1/2: My Ex Girlfriend Killed My Izanami's Children
God blessed the sky with the sun and the moon, and then blessed my life by giving me to you
Osamu was about to witness a battle of the gods. Fujin and Raijin charged at Tsukiakari, both of them leaving trails of lightning and wind in their steps.

Tsukiakari: Naturally, because Bishamon had garnered so much praise and respect in the heavens during the Warring States period, the other gods sided with him and repudiated me. The Senkumo clan meant nothing to them. "Tsukiakari" meant nothing to them.

Osamu: What about your mother? Didn't Amaterasu or even Tsukuyomi try to stop this?

Tsukiakari: I never did find out myself why my own mother and father had forsaken me. It didn't matter in the end.

Tsukiakari's lightning dragon struck down Fujin, but its energy was absorbed into Raijin's palm.

Tsukiakari: No you don't!

A swift swing of her katana cut off Raijin's hand, and he began screaming in pain as electricity coursed around the wound in place of blood. Tsukiakari aimed her open palm at both Raijin and Fujin, and they were blown back by a shockwave that tore apart chunks of the earth. Bishamon watched the boulders of earth fly towards him as Raijin and Fujin landed by his side. Without moving a finger, the earthly debris stood motionless in the air before descending like rain drops with loud booms, crashes, and the sound of crumbling rock.

Raijin: Damn orphan severed my hand! How dare you swing your blade against me!

Bishamon: Do not forget, I am the one who trained her. She thinks very much like me. In fact, she's a living, breathing, embodiment of my own glory.

Tsukiakari tightened the grip on her sword and made a horizontal swing. The force of her swing was so powerful it rocked the area with hurricane-like winds and and split apart the tops of the mountains behind Bishamon. She then lunged at them at the speed of those violent winds, only for Bishamon to block the swing of her sword with one finger. Tsukiakari channeled the energy of lightning through her blade and body, shocking Bishamon in a flash of blue light. She sought to decapitate Raijin's leg as Bishamon was shocked, but she was blown away by a preemptive punch from him. She stuck her sword into the ground to slow her movement, only able to recover or a moment as a gust of wind blew past her. Fujin was now behind her, and he delivered a kick to her neck with as much power as he could muster. Bishamon joined in, catching Tsukiakari and throwing her into the clouds above. The clouds turned black and roared with flames, like a fiery cloud from a volcano looming over the entire sky.

Tsukiakari made a free-fall back to earth, crashing hard into the ground.

Bishamon: I can't believe she's actually this strong.

Tsukiakari used her sword to stand back up, her yukata in tatters and her arm black and red with burns.

Raijin: Wretched whore! Just give up! Accept your judgement!

Tsukiakari turned her pain into a battle cry as Raijin and Fujin charged her again. Osamu watched in awe as the wounded Tsukiakari held her own against two powerful elder gods. Her sword deflected Raijin's thunderbolts, sending them back off into the sky. When Fujin tried to suck her in with wind, she took a deep breath and exhaled flames from her mouth. The tactic used Fujin's power to Tsukiakari's advantage, and he was completely scorched. He screamed and rolled around on the ground as he was burnt to the bone. Bishamon rushed in to try and save him, but it was for naught. It was already too late.

Tsukiakari: You're next!

Raijin blocked the swings of her blade with arm, the blade conducting electricity with every hit. Her wounds pained her body as the weather grew colder and rain began to fall, giving Raijin an opening. He kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying back towards Fujin's skeletal remains. She gracefully landed on her feet and picked up one of Fujin's ribs, breaking it off from the rest of the rib cage and smoldering remains. She then charged back towards Raijin with lightning in her steps. With only one hand, Raijin was unable to defend himself as Tsukiakari stabbed Fujin's rib into his stomach. It went all the way through, to the point where her hand was now touching Raijin's bare chest.

Tsukiakari: Be gone!

Tsukiakari blew a hole through Raijin's chest, sending a storm of lightning spewing out like blood. Raijin fell to the floor, dead before Tsukiakari's feet. Covered in blood, burn marks, the scar on her face, and soaked in rain water, she turned her murderous gaze over at Bishamon.

Bishamon: Do you have any idea what you've done?

Tsukiakari replied only by continuing her gaze of hatred.

Bishamon began to laugh, realizing now that Tsukiakari truly had no future.

Bishamon: You who have relied on incarnation throughout your existence have just killed Raijin and Fujin. What makes you think she will tend to your soul after you die, hmm? Look at you. Look how wounded you are. Surely you know by now, right? You're not going to survive this.

Osamu: Hey, Gekko. What did he mean by that? Why was it so important that you killed Raijin and Fujin? He made it sound like their deaths are going to prohibit you from being reincarnated or something.

The little war goddess clenched her arms.

Tsukiakari: Osamu...did you know?

She turned her eyes towards Osamu as she spoke a horrifying set of words that shocked him to his core.

Tsukiakari: Raijin and Fujin were Izanami's sons.

Osamu's breath was taken away by the realization that Tsukiakari was directly responsible for the deaths of two of Izanami's children.

Tsukiakari: The one who  took care of my soul numerous times and allowed me to reincarnate was Izanami...and I killed two of her children. That's what he meant. It made no sense to assume that Izanami would continue to let me live after this battle. Looking back, it almost seemed like Bishamon did this on purpose. He mostly stayed out of the fighting, allowing them to charge in without much help. As if he wanted me to kill them, so that he could have grounds to have me permanently destroyed. When it came to strategy, Bishamon was and still is a true genius.

Bishamon unsheathed a sword wrapped in fire and locked eyes with Tsukiakari from across the field. It was a showdown. They stared each other down as the rain continued to pour on them. They leaped at each other faster than Osamu can even see, and then the scene went dark.

Tsukiakari: I was so, so stupid...

Bishamon stood victorious as Tsukiakari fell to her knees, a burning gash at her side.

Bishamon: Foolish girl. You've doomed yourself more harshly than I ever could. Izanami will never forgive you for this. In heaven, you will be remembered as the orphaned deity who murdered two elder gods in your selfish quarrel with Bishamonten, the god of war.

Tsukiakari's sight grew blurry as she continued to lose blood.

Tsukiakari: You have no talk to me about murder.

The clouds began to part, and the moonlight illuminated the field.

Tsukiakari: You are the greatest murderer of all.

Bishamon: I am a necessary evil. You are but a nuisance. Still, I will not let you die just yet.

Bishamon's blade morphed into a fiery whip.

Bishamon: You will suffer humiliation and dishonor that will make you beg Izanami to forever do away with your soul!

Bishamon ripped off Tsukiakari's yukata, revealing her naked and wounded body. Bishamon whipped her back repeatedly. Osamu turned away from the scene, and even Tsukiakari herself closed her eyes to shut out the memory. The beating continued until Tsukiakari eventually died, and she awoke in the same type of room that Aika was laid to rest in when she died. Tsukiakari's stained glass was different, however. Hers was a light blue, so that the light shining through would look like moonlight. Izanami sat by her as she floated naked in the water with lotus flower lanterns around her, and a crown of flowers around her head. Back then, Izanami dressed more traditionally for a goddess. Osamu immediately recognized the place as the house where souls go to rest until they are properly judged.

Osamu: Izanami...

Izanami was crying, hear tears dropping into the pool of water Tsukiakari was floating in.

Izanami: You killed killed my children. I should hate you, Gekko. I should destroy your soul and any trace of your existence.

Tsukiakari: I wouldn't blame or hate you if you did...

Izanami: I...I can't bring myself to hate you, child.

Tsukiakari: Just destroy me. I wasn't worth anything anyway. Not to Amaterasu. Not to Tsukuyomi. Not to Bishamon. Not to anyone.

Tsukiakari laid her arm over her eyes as she began to cry.

Tsukiakari: I should've never been born! Every moment I've lived had been so painful! I don't want to do it anymore!

Izanami took pity on her.

Izanami: You never had a family and you were forced to do horrible deeds just to continue living and reincarnating. You were used as a weapon, never as the beautiful person and soul you should've had the opportunity to become. It was by a cruel twist of fate and Bishamon's insidious plotting that you were forced to fight my children.

(Even back then, she was still so loving and forgiving...)

Izanami: You who murdered my sons, I do not hate you. I forgive you. And most of all, I'm sorry you've had to live the way you did up until now. You deserved better. If you had gotten that, my sons would not be dead. I will not destroy you, Gekko. You will live. You won't have to fight in anymore wars. You can start over, darling.

Being forgiven and being promised a new future only made Tsukiakari cry even more deeply. It was like taking a shower and rinsing off all the blood, guilt, and sadness that consumed her for a century and a half.

Tsukiakari: She was so patient with me. I inflicted such great suffering upon her, and yet, she took the burden of reincarnating me herself. She kept praying to me, kept thinking of me, and wishing for me. I admit, I failed to really get accustomed to normal life for several lifetimes. I was living among mortals, but I always was a brash and violent girl. I partly blame my experiences for that, but I still act in that way without apology. I drank, I gambled, I got in fights...and she never lost hope or faith in me. She kept expending her own energy to secretly keep me alive after all this time, over and over again.

Osamu flashed through hundreds more years of Tsukiakari's existence until they finally stopped at the moment she met him in kindergarten. It was a sunny day on the playground. Osamu was quite the popular guy back then, before his hair got really long.

Osamu: this when we met?

Tsukiakari: It sure is. See? There you are. Gosh, you were so cute!

Osamu: I still am! Right?

Tsukiakari: Well, that's subjective.


That day, Osamu's mother had to leave early for work, and she had no time to give him a bento. As his stomach growled, he had to stop playing with his friends. He sat down inside of a little playhouse that was made in the shape of a chariot to sit in the shade and let his stomach rest. Little Tsukiakari had always been watching Osamu, who seemed to smile the brightest among his classmates, and was always ready to lend a helping hand to whoever asked. She followed Osamu into the chariot house with her own bento, wearing a flowery dress and yellow ribbon in her hair.

Osamu: Uhh...hi!

Tsukiakari: H-hello! Your name is Osamu, no?

Osamu: Mhmm! Nice to meet you!

Tsukiakari nervously shook hands with Osamu and sat down with him, opening up her bento.

Tsukiakari: I noticed you were holding your tummy today, so I...I-I....

Tsukiakari bowed her head and presented the bento like a divine offering.

Tsukiakari: I want to share my food with you!

Osamu: Really?

Tsukiakari: Yes...take whatever you want.

The bento was packed with rice cakes, sausages, and eggrolls. Osamu happily took one of the rice cakes and ate it.

Tsukiakari: I-if you don't like it, just let me know...

Osamu: No way! This is delicious! You saved me...uhm...I'm sorry, what's your name?

(Looks like I was slow back then too...)

Present Tsukiakari nudged Osamu on the shoulder.

Tsukiakari: Smooth move, jackass.

Osamu: Come on! I was a little kid!

Little Tsukiakari blushed and twiddled her fingers.

Tsukiakari: It's Tsukiakari Senkumo...

Osamu: Tsuki..aka...aka...

Tsukiakari: Ah! If it's too hard to say, you can just call me Gekko!

Osamu: Gekko?

Tsukiakari: Tsukiakari and Gekko both mean "Moonlight", they're just written differently.

Osamu: Oh, that's so cool! Okay! I'll call you Gekko! Thank you for the food!

Tsukiakari: Of course! Eat up!

Present Tsukiakari fell in love all over again.

Tsukiakari: Ah! I wanted to take you away right then and there! You were just amazing! Your smile was refreshing. It was a kind of innocence that I never knew before.

The scenery flashed through moments where Tsukiakari and Osamu continued to eat together in the chariot playhouse. Osamu also helped Tsukiakari with her class projects whenever the teacher couldn't. They played together and laughed together like two normal children ought to. One particular day, close to the end of kindergarten, they sat together in the chariot house once again, eating lunch together.

Tsukiakari: Osamu?

Osamu: Mhmm?

Tsukiakri: Do you like me?

Osamu: Do I like you? Of course I do! You're awesome, Gekko!

Little Tsukiakari's face turned bright red as she prepared her next question.

Tsukiakari: D-do you want to get married? To me?

(There's no way I actually knew what that meant back then...)

Osamu: What's that?

Tsukiakari: When two people really like each other, they get married! Then, they can spend forever together!

Osamu: Really?! That sounds awesome! We should get married then, Gekko!

Tsukiakari sprung up with joy and a great smile.

Tsukiakari: Yes! When we do get married, we'll rid in a big chariot! Bigger than this one! We'll fly across the world like a shooting star!

Osamu: Sounds cool!

The two laughed together in their own little world, away from the rest of the students. As Osamu watched, the memory of these encounters came back to him, like a lost item finally returned. The scenery reverted back to the present, with Osamu and Tsukiakari sitting on the swings together in the middle of the night, the school they once went to now abandoned and piled with snow.

Osamu: We're back?

Osamu checked his phone and saw that only half an hour had passed in real time.

Osamu: It felt like we lived a hundred years...

Tsukiakari: Well, we kind of did.

(Man, what a trip. I had no idea she went through all of that. Not only her, but Izanami too...)

Tsukiakari: That's why, Osamu, I never forgot you. I had it so difficult. Something as pure and innocent as you was something I couldn't let go of. All I knew before you was a dark and cruel world, and you gave me light. Moonlight. It was easy for you to forget, because you had the blessing of growing up a normal boy in a peaceful era. No one forced you to do what I did. No one judged you by bloodline or affiliations. You were just you, and you didn't belong to anyone else. But I was me, and I was used no differently than a sword.

Osamu: I'm sorry...I wish I hadn't forgotten you, Gekko. For the record, I'm glad that you came back...although, I wish you did it like a normal person instead of attacking Yoko!

Tsukiakari: Sorry! She started it! She lost her mind when I brought you up!

(Of course she did...)

Osamu: Well, let's head back. It's really late.

Osamu stood up and reached out his hand.

Tsukiakari: Yeah!

Tsukiakari got off of the swing, and the two walked home together, their hearts closer than before, and the moon above their heads. When they got home, they saw Isabella in the kitchen eating a handful of grapes. Their return caught her by surprise. Of course, she was in her usual bedtime attire. Tank top and panties, both with the American flag on them

Isabella: Oh hey, I didn't know you were out.

Osamu: Hey there. We uhh...

Tsukiakari: We took a walk to an abandoned school!

Isabella: Oh that's lovel- wait what?! Osamu! You took a little girl out at night to an abandoned building?!

Osamu: Whoa whoa whoa, it's not as bad as it sounds!

(I did probably break a local ordinance though...)

Isabella: I was wondering why you hadn't paid attention to me as much as the others, but now I see why! Osamu, my ex-lover, my one true love, the man for whom I measure every who comes after, is a lolicon!

Osamu: Izzy, come on! You know me! That's not true!

Isabella: Really? How came we never made love, then?

Osamu: Because I'm not some sleezebag who sleeps with every girl he dates! I'm not a lolicon! I mean, she's super duper cute and all, but-

Isabella: Save it. I don't believe you. I won't put up a fight if the police break down the doors to this place, put a bag over your head, and throw you in the party van. Don't expect me to say "No, my poor Osamu! You can't take him away from me!" or some cheesy thing a Yandere would say in such a situation. Nope, not from me. I won't defend a kiddy diddler.

Osamu: Are you even listening, you dense blonde?!

Yoko's voice rang out from upstairs.

Yoko: Will you two shut the hell up! It's late! Go to sleep!

The alarm was turned on, and a message sounded around the house from the alarm system.

Alarm: This is Yoko Akiyama, legal owner of this property. The alarm is now turned on. Please do not open any windows or doors leading to the outside. Trespassers onto this property will be killed. Survivors will be killed again.

(What a way to end the night...)

Tsukiakari: She actually put that as her alarm message?!

Isabella: Yoko definitely deserves a Padded Room Award.

Osamu: Come on, Gekko. Let's hit the hay.

Tsukiakari: Right!

(And so, that long night came to an end. The feeling of getting to know someone you've forgotten...I have to say, it's amazing. I can understand the dynamic between Izanami and Gekko now better than ever. No matter what, I'll make sure she turns her life around.)
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We are headed into some very lewd territory  :ninja:

Day 80: My Ex-Girlfriend Kissed Me and now I Only Have 30 Minutes to Live
I can give you a kiss that can take your breath away
The next day, Tsukiakari met with everyone in the living room again to try and make amends. Though one could sense the goodness in her heart, it was clear pushing out an apology was like pushing out a baby for her. Yoko was getting better from her injuries and didn't need to wear as many bandages now. Out of everyone, she was the one who was most eager to hear an apology.

Osamu: Well? What do you have to say?

Tsukiakari: Mmmmm...

(I suppose the obdurate nature of a little girl still affects her even if she's a grown woman in her mind. This may be difficult.)

Tsukiakari looked around room, anything but Yoko's fierce eyes. Whether it be the fruit basket in the kitchen, or the classical Japanese art framed on the wall above the sofa.

Yoko: Well? I'm waiting. Don't hold back. Spill your heart and guts to me and hope to the high heavens that I will accept your apology.

Yoko checked her nails and flipped her hair as she continued to insult Tsukiakari.

Yoko: It would be a shame if you, oh, I don't know, got accidentally stuck in the oven again or drowned in one of the baths, wouldn't it?

(Come on...)

Then, an awkward silence swept through the room.

( no one going to say anything?)

Silence. Silence. Silence. More Silence. Chinmoku.

Yoko suddenly yelled at the top of her lungs, breaking the taciturnity in the room.

Yoko: Say something you loli psycho bitch!

Tsukiakari: I'm sorry! I'm sorry for trying to kill you, I'm sorry for causing you all so much trouble, and I'm sorry for Izanami!

Izanami: Eh? Me?

Tsukiakari: You know why. You went through a lot to keep me alive, and I've been so ungrateful for it. I'm sorry. Please, I'm not asking for friendship, but I hope we can coexist in this house together.

Isabella: Awww, how sweet! Yoko, just forgive her. I think she knows she was in the wrong.

Yoko: Gaijin, you're not the one who nearly died in battle with this wretched little minx!

Izanami: Let it go, Yoko.

Yoko: Izanami, don't tell me you're-

Izanami uncharacteristically raised her voice in the most threatening way she could. The nice ex-girlfriend suddenly seemed like the most demonic.

Izanami: Let it go and don't talk back to me!

Yoko: Geez...

Isabella: Wow, she's so scary sometimes.

Aaaand right back to being the nice ex-girlfriend.

Izanami: Huh? Did you say something?

(Sometimes I worry for her mental health.)

Yoko: Fine, I'll forgive her. I don't appreciate my house becoming an asylum for all of Osamu's ex-girlfriends, however. Why are you so bad at handling relationships? Is it your personality? Is the sex that bad? Wait no...that can't be it, the sex is usually great.

Osamu: Don't say something like that out loud!

Tsukiakari: Sex?! You took Osamu's virginity?!

Yoko: Oh please, he's the one who took mine.

Osamu: Why exactly did this conversation take such a wild turn right off of a cliff?!

Tsukiakari jumped on top of Osamu, knocking him down to the floor and sitting on him on all fours like a puppy. Her long hair completely draped down from her head and covered everything around Osamu's face. It was like they were in a black tunnel, only able to see each other.

Tsukiakari: I was supposed to have your virginity! I wanted it! This isn't fair, Osamu!

Yoko covered her lips with her fingers as she began to snicker like the smug little witch she was.

Yoko: Well he definitely can't do that now, can he? You've got no breasts, no ass, and no sass. I suppose there's always implants though, right? Oh, but it would look like balloons on a stick with your body!

And of course, Yoko entertained herself enough to laugh at her own banter. Tsukiakari, still hanging her head and hair over Osamu, began to blush and tear up.

Osamu: H-hey, look. Having large...ahh..."assets" isn't everything. A real man can appreciate body types of any kind.

Tsukiakari: Really? D-does that mean you think I look alright? Even like this?

Osamu: Of course, Gekko. No need to let her words get to you.

Tsukiakari locked eyes with Osamu like a female lion wooed by a potential partner. Her head suddenly dropped, and Osamu realized they were kissing before he could even think to stop her. You're damned right to believe the shock in the room was greater than that of a tsar bomb.

Isabella: That's illegal! True forbidden love!

Izanami fainted at the sight of the kiss, falling over on the carpet with a blushing face.

Yoko & Isabella: She's out cold!

Yoko: No one steals a kiss from my husband and gets away with it! The child must die!

Isabella: No Yoko! No more crimes! We have to be good citizens!

Isabella held the rabid Yoko back as Osamu too lost consciousness. Though, it wasn't because he was in shock.

(It's life is being drained. Is this how I'm going to die? Kissing a little girl like some perv? What will Mother think of me? Will Father scold me or give me a thumbs-up? Crap...I don't even know...)

Osamu woke up at night in Yoko's bedroom, his body strangely sore, as if he were gravely injured. All of the girls were sitting by his bedside, patiently awaiting for him to awake.

Tsukiakari: You're up! I was so scared I put you in a coma or something!

Osamu's sight returned to him. First, he checked his body.

Osamu: Oh good. I'm glad this didn't turn into "Main Character is now a shota" cliche.

But then he turned his head to Tsukiakari and saw she was grown up again. Her Yukata was now way too tight and revealing for her mature body. Forget cleavage, her breasts were large and practically bursting through the fold of the yukata.

Osamu: Holy smokes! What happened?!

Izanami: seems Tsukiakari actually ended up absorbing a bit of your life energy when she kissed you. This ended up reverting her body back to that of a 20 year old woman.

Osamu: Seriously?! Well, I guess I'm glad.

Yoko: There is a bad side effect to this though. Apparently this means that your overall lifespan has been shortened by 60 years.

Tsukiakari: I'm so sorry, Osamu!


Osamu: 60 years?! That's 6 decades! 6/10ths of a century! That's 1,892,160,000 seconds!

Osamu scratched his head like a madman losing his man inside of a padded room.

Osamu: How long do I have to live now?!

Izanami: Well, I took the liberty of consulting the Shinigami while you were out, and they told me the time.

Osamu: Well?! What did they say?

Izanami smiled as if what she was going to say was good news.

Izanami: About half an hour.

You could almost hear the internal screams of Osamu, and the sound of waning hope and dying dreams.




Osamu: I can't die like this! I'm not ready!

Yoko: Damn you, Gekko! How do we fix this?!

Isabella: If Osamu dies, I won't hold Yoko back if she tries to kill you!

Izanami: I too would be heartbroken if he left this world too soon.

Tsukiakari: Well...there is a way, but...

Isabella shook Tsukiakari by the shoulders.

Isabella: Well?! What is it?! How do we save him?!

Tsukiakari: He has to mate with a god!

Yoko: Mate?! As in sex?!

Isabella: No way...

Tsukiakari: And if you mate with a god...

Tsukiakari brushed her legs back and forth, as if she had to pee. Her face was pink and flushed and her eyes dotted off to the side of the room.

Tsukiakari: Y-you have to take responsibility!




Yoko: Damn it Osamu! Why do you have to date deities?! Screw it, just let him die! I'll kill myself and join him later!

Izanami: We can't do that, Yoko!

Yoko: Fine, we can all kill ourselves in a mass suicide ritual! Any better!?

Isabella: This isn't Heaven's Gate, you psychopath!

Osamu: Excuse me ladies, but while you're arguing, I'M DYING!

Yoko: Damn's between you two. Izanami. Gekko.

How will Osamu get out of this one, folks? Find out next time on Death by Ex-Girlfriends!

(This isn't funny anymore...)
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Yeah, that's right. Make sure your parents sign your permission slip, because I'm bringing you all on another feels trip  :read:

Day 80 and 1/2: If My Ex-Girlfriend Were to Fade Away...
My love for you I can never hide

(Normally I'd reject to this sort of thing, but now my life is in the balance. For the sake of life and all of its wonders, I must mate with a god!)

Embracing the lusty situation, Tsukiakari climbed into bed with Osamu and began running her finger down his chest, her long hair reaching all the way to the other end of the bed.

Tsukiakari: You know, now that I'm all grown up again, you and I could do it very, very easily, Osamu.

Yoko closed her eyes, crossed her arms, and tapped her finger as this went on.

Osamu: Do whatever you need to-

Izanami: No wait! I...I want to sleep with him!

Osamu: Do you even know what sex is, Izanami?!

Izanami: Of course I do! It's when you hold hands with the one you love in the nude!

Isabella/Tsukiakari/Osamu: She's hopeless!

Izanami: Am not! Look, I already prepared for this too!

Izanami took off her clothes, revealing her black lingerie bra and underwear, complete with little pink ribbons.

Isabella: I-I-Izanami! You're the last person I'd ever expect to wear something like that!

Izanami flipped her hair in a show of stunning confidence.

Osamu: Y-you actually look really good, Izanami!

(Who would ever think a dead girl could rock lingerie?!)

Tsukiakari: Get lost, I already called him!

Osamu: It's not a competition! I'm going to die if we don't do this!

Yoko tapped her finger even harder.

Izanami: Wouldn't it be okay if we shared him?

Osamu: Share?!

Isabella: Threesome?! Osamu, you dirty dog! I don't even know who you are anymore!

Osamu: This entire situation is out of my control!

Tsukiakari: Hmm...alright, alright. The longer we fight, the closer he gets to death. Let's just go for a three way!

(A three way with two gods...would Dad be proud?)

Izanami joined them in bed and took Osamu's shirt off.

Izanami: Oh, umm...

Tsukiakari: Isabella, Psychopath, you need to leave. You don't want to see what we're about to do to him.

Yoko: I'll ignore the fact you just called me psychopath, as it would be rude to slit your throat and get blood all over my husband. Please just remember something, Gekko. Once this is all done, I will expect you to repay me.

Tsukiakari: Repay you? And why just me?!

Yoko: Izanami is pure of heart and acts out of common sense of good more than she does her love for Osamu. I can forgive her for that. You, however, know exactly what you're doing. When this is over, meet me in my basement. I have a surprise for you. Let's go, Gaijin.

Isabella: I kinda wanna watch this...

Yoko: Let's go!

Yoko dragged Isabella out of the room by her arm, giving the mortal and the two gods privacy.

Izanami: Hey, Osamu. You have protection, right?

Osamu: Protection?! You think sex is holding hands! Why would we need protection for that?

Izanami: If our hands get sweaty while they're holding each other, I might get pregnant!

Osamu: Was she always this clueless?

Tsukiakari: That's why she messed up her marriage ceremony with Izanagi a thousand times, yes. But don't worry about that right now. Just follow my lead, Izanami.

(I really don't want to talk about what happened after that. But, at least now, I'm not going to die. A threesome with two gods...I can't believe the things that have happened since I've come back here!)

After that ordeal, Tsukiakari and Izanami were both left in bed, totally asleep. Osamu went ahead and took the opportunity to take a walk while the moon was still out. The streets were empty and peaceful as always during this time. Snow still blanketed the sidewalks and gave the air a distinct winter chill to it. He sat right on a bench under a street lamp to rest.

Osamu: What am I even doing with my life...

A bearded man with long, black hair in a black yukata and haori walked across the street towards Osamu.

Osamu: What the hell is he doing dressed like this in this season?

( he specifically walking towards me?)

The man stopped in front of Osamu, bowing before speaking.

Bishamon: Pardon me, I hate to disturb you, your name Osamu Ashikaga?

Osamu: H-how do you know my name? Have we met?

Bishamon: No, we haven't. I'm sorry, I should introduce myself.

The man's smile was as every bit as suspicious as his clothing and sudden entrance.

Bishamon: You see...I am Bishamonten, the god of war.

It was in that moment that Osamu recognized his face from Tsukiakari's memories. The weight of horror and dread paralyzed him as Bishamon sat down next to him as Osamu tried to get up and leave.

Bishamon: There's no use leaving now. I've already got you. Sit, Osamu. I'm not here to hurt you.

(Bishamon...I can't believe this...)

Osamu sat down as calmly as he could.

Bishamon: Cold day, isn't it? I'm not a big fan of the snow or winter in general. I'm at my best in the spring and summer. I find holding a sword difficult when your hands are chilled by the cool air that winter brings.

Osamu was too scared to speak. His hands couldn't stop trembling.

Bishamon: Come now, don't be shy. I'm just trying to break the ice. Hah, no pun intended, right?

Osamu: I guess...

Bishamon: I'm sure you're wondering why I'm here, and why I've chosen to come to you. Well, obviously, this is about that girl, Tsukiakari Senkumo. Kind of an odd name, huh? There are a lot of different ways one could write and pronounce her name, so she has gone by a lot of different aliases throughout her lives. She's changed the kanji, altered the readings, anything she could to keep hidden all this time.

Osamu: Changed her name?

Bishamon: Yep. Pathetic, isn't it? Tsukiakari. Gekko. Tsukitokari. Gesshoku. Tsukikage. Getsumei. Kinpa. It's not even like I even knew she was reincarnating this whole time, but I guess she took the extra precaution to remain undetected, especially following the years after the Warring States period.

*A quick explanation: All those names can mean moonlight. Tsukiakari was able to keep hidden using the more common definitions of these names, but still chose these names because they can still mean or refer to moonlight. If someone reads the characters for Tsukikage, for instance, they're going to think "Moon Shadow" first. If they hear Gesshoku, they're going to think "Lunar Eclipse". Regardless, all of these names can alternatively mean "Moonlight", and thus, they retain the significance of her name no matter which one she goes by*

Osamu: So you're here for her...

Bishamon: Partly right. You see, because of the fight between her and that other girl of yours, Heaven has found out that she's still alive when she should've been killed long ago. They decided to send me on the case before spreading the word of this throughout heaven, as not to cause distrust to root itself among the gods. The only person I can think of who would've been able to keep her alive without detection would be none other than Izanami-no-Mikoto herself. I didn't want to believe it, since Tsukiakari did kill her sons and all.

Clouds began to roll over and cover the moon.

Bishamon: Frankly, the whole situation is a mess. But, to sort this out cleanly, I wanted to come to you first and properly explain my situation, and what will need to happen. Please prepare yourself.

Osamu: Tell me then.

Bishamon: If it's true that Izanami has been reincarnating a traitor all these years, Heaven will see her as an accomplice and accuse her of high treason. If that's the case, she will have to die, even if she is Izanami. But if that happens, I know that neither Tsukiakari nor your friendly group of women you're living with with sit down and take it quietly. If you all continue to harbor and protect Tsukiakari, then I'll have to kill you and those other two women as well.

Osamu and Bishamon both locked eyes with each other. One fearful, and one stern and assertive.

Bishamon: And if you die, I know for a fact Tsukiakari will try to avenge you. If she faces me, she will be killed. If she somehow wins the fight, and I am killed in battle, the other gods will smite her, and a lot of humans are going to be caught up in that conflict.

Osamu: That's insane! Why does anyone have to die?! It was centuries ago, Bishamon! Tsukiakari has just been trying to get her life back in shape ever since! It was by your cruelty that she never got to live a normal life!

Bishamon: Oh, I she told you about the Senkumo clan as well, hmm? Man, that's a problem. Now I definitely have to see to it that she dies.

(No...I said too much!)

Bishamon: Listen, Osamu. I don't want this to get bloody either. Izanami was a good friend of mine back in the day, and I could care less about Tsukiakari. The fact is, it's my duty to punish traitors. We cannot allow rogue gods to live of their own accord. Traitors are to be terminated, simple as that. So, I wanted to come to a compromise with you personally.

Osamu: Compromise?

Bishamon: I'll give you some time to spend with her. I won't deny that she never did get the chance to live a normal life. As recompense, I will be merciful and give her the time she needs to at least be able to get a taste of what normalcy is. I think living in that house with you and the others has already helped her. Let's say...a month. At most, it has to be before the new year. When the time comes, bring her to me, and bring Izanami with you.

Osamu: You want me to just hand Tsukiakari over to you?! I don't betray my friends, God of War.

Bishamon: If you don't bring her to me, I'll collect her myself. It's no problem. If she comes over peacefully, Izanami can simply take her soul, and I'll have a corpse to show to the high gods. Izanami can just tell me the truth and that will be the end of that. I'll make it our little secret. If Izanami terminates Tsukiakari's soul after her death, this whole ordeal will be over and I'll leave you all alone. Life continues as it should.

(If that happens...)

Bishamon: You need to understand how much is hanging in the balance simply because that girl exists. It's not just a war, she also threatens to jeopardize Izanami's standing with heaven. Do you have any idea how much chaos it would cause if Izanami, of all gods, was deemed as a traitor? If we handle this as quickly and quietly as possible, Izanami is saved the suffering that awaits her, and there will be no war. No one but Tsukiakari herself will have to die.

Osamu: But still, how can you expect Izanami to agree to something like that?! She's helped her all this time. Despite the fact that she killed two of her sons, she still treated Tsukiakari as her own and loved her as if she was her daughter! Hundreds of years, Bishamon! For hundreds of years, Tsukiakari tried and failed to recoup after the war! Not once did Izanami ever give up on her! Even now, as she risks dying from incarnating her further, she still wants to see her live! That's how big Izanami's heart is! A distinguished and legendary god would sacrifice everything for an orphaned traitor to heaven! I know that Izanami will be devastated if Tsukiakari dies!

Bishamon: Indeed. Izanami is a gentle woman capable of such extraordinary amounts of love and compassion. That's why none of us can bare to see her suffer for someone who does not deserve to be cared for.

Bishamon stood up and brushed off the snow from his yukata.

Bishamon: I have presented the situation to you and all of the risks involved, as well as the multiple ways this can end. I quite like your courageous spirit, Osamu. I was a lot like you when I was your age, always caring for others and protecting them. When love meets loss, it can turn into a bitter hatred. This world can either break your heart or turn it into lead. From there, all it takes is irrationality to melt someone out of existence like a fleeting snowflake in winter. You have to choose which one you want to happen.

Osamu: I don't want to have my heart broken. Nor do I want it to turn to lead. I don't want to be anything like you, Bishamon.

Bishamon scoffed and looked towards the moon as the clouds parted.

Bishamon: You must choose. It is the choice that defines when we grow, and when we remain naive and idealistic, like children. I will convince the high gods to give you until New Year's. Spend your time with that girl. Cherish her every smile and the light of her eyes, because soon, both of them will fade away. Please do not let this be resolved the hard way. Both humans and gods will only lose if it comes to that. It was nice meeting you, Osamu. Take care of yourself.

Like a phoenix, Bishamon was covered in flames and disappeared, leaving Osamu with his dreadful decision. He immediately ran home, his lungs aching as he rapidly inhaled and exhaled the cold winter air. He took off his shoes and scarf and sat down at the kitchen counter. The very thought of how this was all going to end flushed his eyes with tears. Izanami heard him come in and went downstairs to join him. She was naked, covered only be Tsukiakari's yukata.

Izanami: Hey, Osamu.

Osamu: Hey...

Izanami sat down with him and noticed he was upset.

Izanami: Are you crying? What's wrong? Oh no, you don't regret what we did, do you?!

Osamu: No, it's not that.

Izanami: What is it then?

Osamu grabbed Izanami's hand and kissed it, hoping to brace her for the news.

Osamu: I'm going to tell you something that is going to hurt you, Izanami. I want you to decide what to do. Anything you decide, I'm going to stand with.

Izanami, knowing Osamu was serious about something, paid him a sincere and attentive ear.

Izanami: Alright, speak away.

Another very hard decision lands itself on the shoulders of Osamu and Izanami. With multiple lives in the balance, their decision will mean everything.
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I'm gonna go ahead and start speeding up this story. I'll shoot for two a day!  :ohmy:

Day 81: My Ex Girlfriend Nearly Drove Us off the Side of a Cliff as We Made Love
Do you have what it takes to be her Winter angel?
(And so, I told her about my encounter with Bishamon, and the compromise he proposed to me...)

Izanami: I see. I knew this might happen...

Izanami hung her head in despair as Osamu rubbed her back.

Osamu: Isabella and Yoko could be in danger if we resist. He's using them as further leverage against me.

Izanami: I'd rather kill her myself than hand her over to that monster. Even for a god of war, what he did back then should have been considered war crimes against heaven itself, but he still got away with all of it.

Osamu: He knows that I know about the Senkumo clan. I don't think it's much of a problem for him as long as the details about it don't spread outside of this household.

Izanami: I can't give her up, Osamu.

(There it is again...I hate seeing Izanami so heartbroken.)

Izanami: I love her. I just want what's best for her. She never had a break from all of the things she went through. She hardly even knew what to do with herself after the war ended. That's how deeply ingrained the art of war is in her psyche.

Osamu: Even when she killed Raijin and Fujin?

Izanami: I understood that it wasn't completely her fault. It was mostly through Bishamon's cruelty that those gods fought that day. I saw her as more of a victim than my own sons. Of all the things she could have been, she was abandoned and forced to live the life of a warrior. I couldn't hate her for that. Seeing her suffering so much, dying 5 times in under two only made me feel compassion for her. My heart wants to protect and nurture her, and I'm willing to die to make that happen.

Tsukiakari listened in on the conversation from atop the stairs. She knew her time was short. Now that Bishamon knew she was still alive, reincarnation was definitely out of the question.

The next morning, Osamu awoke before anyone else, his body unable to get a proper rest since last night. He made himself a small bowl of eggs on rice and worked up his appetite.

(New Year's. That's not very far away. It's only the beginning of November right now. Tsukiakari has less than two months to live in that case, and it's not like I can just go up against a god of war. What the hell am I supposed to do? It feels so wrong to just sit here and wait for that day to come, but I don't know what else can possibly be done!)

Suddenly, someone's hands were running up Osamu's chest and neck, and he felt someone nibble on his earlobe.

Yoko: You smell so good, Osamu.

Osamu fell out off of the stool and onto the ground and finally noticed that it was Yoko.

Osamu: Oh! Yoko! Geez, you scared the piss out of me!


Something was wrong. Yoko's face was all blushed over, and she could hardly keep her legs from wobbling.

Osamu: Yoko, are you okay?

Yoko: Okay? No, I'm actually not.

A lusty grin adorned Yoko's face.

Yoko: Honestly, I'm feeling so overwhelmingly concupiscent right now!


Osamu: W-wait a minute, Yoko! We can't do this on the kitchen floor!

Yoko groaned and laid herself on top of Osamu.

Yoko: Make love to me! I don't care if the other hear or see us! You've been ignoring me lately, love! It's gotten to the point where I can't even think about hurting Gekko, I just want to be with you!

(She can't even focus on revenge?! This is unprecedented! Wait...what's that...)

Osamu: Yoko, did you spill water on your gown or something?

Yoko laughed gently and brought her face close to Osamu.

Yoko: Nope.


Yoko pinned Osamu's arms and kissed his neck, much to his agony.

Osamu: Good god, Yoko! You need to stop! Not like this!

Yoko suddenly snapped and began choking Osamu, wrapping her hands around his throat with such force, Osamu really though she'd kill him.

Yoko: Shut up! This isn't your choice! Tsukiakari got to have you, and so did Izanami! I'm next, whether you want it or not!

Yoko took out what looked like a bottle of perfume and sprayed it on Osamu's face. As he inhaled the fumes, he began to lose consciousness.

(No I being drugged?!)

One begins to question his life according to the situations he wakes to find himself in, and this was one of those moments in Osamu's life. You see, as Osamu awoke, he was the back seat of a car in the middle of nowhere with his arms restrained by a monoglove. No matter how much he pulled his arms apart, they were stuck together.

Osamu: What the hell is this?!

Yoko was in the passenger seat with a brick in her hands, startled by Osamu's voice.

Yoko: Goodness! Awake already, darling?

Osamu: Who's car is this!? And why the hell am I bound?!

Yoko: I borrowed this from a former classmate of mine. Her dad is rich so he let me borrow one of his cheaper cars for a quick spin. As for your arms, I went to the local sex shop and bought a monoglove! Uncomfortable, isn't it?

Osamu: I feel like I've got a blood clot or something! Let me out of this, Yoko!

Yoko dangled the brick in front of Osamu's face before laying it down on the gas pedal.

Osamu: What the hell are you doing?!

Yoko: I drove us really fare out of town for this. They say that couples who really love each other tend to have shorter, more intense sex than couples who hate each other. Of course, this depends on the couple, but you get what I'm saying. Right now, this car is inching off the edge of this hill. It's a pretty steep drop, probably several hundred meters. I'm going to test your love for me, Osamu. I need to be certain you haven't fallen for Tsukiakari or Izanami, or god forbid, that blonde idiot Isabella.

(So this is how I'm going to die?! I'll be pulled out of vehicle wreckage with me arms bound like this?! Would Dad be proud?! I...I almost think he would...)

Yoko climbed to the back of the seat and sat on Osamu's lap, her hands caressing his cheeks and neck.

Yoko: It's just you and me, life and death. If you love me, we'll make it out of this together. If you're a backstabbing traitor, we'll die and burn together. Now then, let's begin!

(And this is another thing I really don't want to talk about. However, I will tell you that the car stopped just mere inches away from the edge of the hill...)

Yoko's breathing was heavy as she removed the brick from the gas pedal just shy of certain death. She cracked open the windows at sat back in the passenger seat naked.

Yoko: Oh wow! That was exciting, huh? We almost died!

Osamu: How is that exciting in any way?! My parents almost had to bury their child!

Yoko: I guess you still love me, huh? I'm glad. I was starting to think I was losing your gaze, Osamu.

Osamu: Well, we're done. Can we just go home now? I've had a rough 24 hours.

Yoko: Hmm? What's wrong? I didn't even notice you were stressed out.

Osamu: Yoko, there's something I have to tell you about Tsukiakari.

Yoko: Oh my god, I knew it. That whore has accepted your seed, hasn't she?!

Osamu: No, Yoko, you're jumping to conclusions again!

Yoko climbed back with Osamu and bowed her head.

Yoko: My apologies. A good wife is gentle and level-headed, never assuming the worst. I'll remember that next time. So, what is it then?

(Just as I did with Izanami, I told Yoko about Bishamon and the compromise. I suddenly saw that serious and worried look in Yoko's eyes again. She hadn't looked that way since the Aika crisis.)

Yoko sat back and bit the nail of her thumb.

Yoko: So it's happening again, huh? Tsukiakari is going to die soon.

Osamu: I honestly thought you'd be happy.

Yoko: Personally, I really would. However, that doesn't mean I can't see why this is bad. Izanami went through a lot of trouble to make sure the girl stays alive. I don't like seeing people who are pure of heart be hurt like that.

Osamu: So you do care, huh?

Yoko crossed her arms and blushed.

Yoko: I-I don't care about Gekko! I'm worried for Izanami's sake! The death of the god who watches over the souls of the deceased is a pretty big deal. Not to mention that Bishamon has threatened to kill me, Isabella, and you if we protect her from her due judgement.

Osamu: Were you just being a tsundere right there? You're breaking away from your character mold, Yoko!

Yoko: I...shut up!

Osamu was finally able to have a little laugh to himself among all the pressure manifesting in his head.

Yoko: With Aika, you had one shot to bring her back. Now she has all the years she needs to live her life. Whereas Aika got a second chance, this is Tsukiakari's last chance. She won't be reincarnating after this. It's Nirvana for her.

Osamu: Like the blowing out of a candle...

Yoko: Exactly.

Yoko sighed and tied her hair in a low ponytail.

Yoko: Look, as much as she gets on my nerves, I'll help out. For Izanami and for you. Okay? Don't you worry about a single thing. When the time comes for her to go, we're just going to have to deal with it. There's nothing we can do about the will of some gods. I mean, I'd fight through heaven and hell for you, but this is more about Gekko.

Osamu: I understand. Thanks, Yoko. I really needed that.

Yoko spoke with her hair tie in her mouth.

Yoko: What, the sex?

Osamu: No! The words of dedication! Way to ruin the moment...

With her hair tied, Yoko kissed Osamu on his lips and smiled.

Yoko: Anything to ease your burdens, my love!

(If nothing else, I can always count on Yoko's strong commitment. Her determination, no matter how crudely it may manifest sometimes, is something I just can't deny.)

Back at home, with the day coming to a close, Tsukiakari sat in the master bedroom in her black yukata. She was in the middle of doing up her hair in a traditional style. One of the pins she needed fell out of her hand as she was setting her hair up.

Tsukiakari: Damn it.

Isabella suddenly entered the room, having just come back from the grocery store. She was dressed in a scarf and green winter coat as she ruffled snow out of her hair.

Isabella: Hey, Tsu Tsu!

Tsukiakari: Hey, Izzy!

Isabella: Hmm? Do you need help with that?

Tsukiakari: Ah! Oh! No, it's fine-

Isabella sat down behind Tsukiakari, picking up the pin and finishing up her hair for her.

Isabella: There we go! If you need help, just ask. I'm not gonna deny you.

Tsukiakari: I thought you were just being nice to me at first because I was a little girl. You're still like this even as I'm back to normal?

Isabella: Well of course. All members of this household are loved equally!

Isabella suddenly punched the wall so hard her fist was bleeding.

Isabella: Unless you're me! Osamu!

Tsukiakari: Ummm....

Isabella went back to being smiley and cheerful.

Isabella: Anyway! I got some groceries! Wanna come down so I can make you something to eat?

There was a certain sadness in Tsukiakari's smile that went undetected by Isabella's eyes.

Tsukiakari: I'd love to! I'll be down in a minute!

Isabella joined Izanami downstairs to unload the groceries. Tsukiakari took a good look at her hands and at the white winter light coming in from the window, with all the snow falling down on the town.

Tsukiakari: New Year's, huh? I wonder what they'll do...

The eternal words of Bishamonten looped themselves in Tsukiakari's head. A god can do no wrong. A god can do no wrong. A god can do no wrong.

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Okay I haven't read since chapter 2 so I've been going through, just finished everything from the first 2 pages. In "Day 4 and 1/2: We Had to Walk Home Because My Ex Girlfriend Pissed Off the Bus Driver" there is a hilarious spelling mistake in the rubber duck part with Izanami that you should look into fixing, I'll let you find it.

I'll post more complete thoughts if I read it all but from what I read, you know it's a harem story but I see you're trying to put some backing and serious elements into it as to not make it silly ecchi fluff. I found that a little off putting after the silly setup but I'll see where it goes. This is the same trick you pulled in Anzu to, it's off putting for me but I get it. You come up with some creative lewd situations...atleast you aren't sticking to the classic cliches. It's an amusing read, I feel your jokes are a little bit weak but I understand what you're trying to go for. I don't have a whole lot to say so far as critique, especially being this far behind but if I have more to say I shall do so.
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ah I saw it :push: that really put a funny image in my head

thanks for pointing that out  :clapping:
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This concludes the first half of the War Cloud arc  :ninja: The next half will begin immediately after this chapter.

Day 82: My Long Lost Ex-Girlfriend, Forgive Me, For I Could Not Be Truthful to You
The greatest conflict of the heart is between what is right, and what is easy
Tsukiakari: You wanted to see me?



Tsukiakari was trapped in the basement with Yoko, who sat on her couch with a bottle of sake. To Tsukiakari's surprise, the basement was actually really lovely. There was a pool table, a bar, plenty of room, and a large flatscreen TV on the wall. Yoko wore only her pink night gown as she drank.

Yoko: Ah, Gekko. I'm glad you remembered to come here. I was afraid I'd have to drag you by your hair, but you're not as forgetful as you look.

Tsukiakari: Enough with the insults! Don't forget that I'm grown up again and could easily kill you!

Yoko: Do you think death scares me? I was about to embrace it with vigor the last time we fought.

The goddess held in her anger as Yoko put down the sake.

Yoko: Ah, but I digress. I didn't call you down here to insult you, Gekko. Actually, I called you down here to threaten you, and then make out with you.

The crazy, double sided logic of that statement made Tsukiakari shiver and blush.

Tsukiakari: You really are a psycho! And that's coming from someone who fought in a war all her life!

Yoko: Call me whatever you like, Gekko. My behavior is driven by my incomparable love for Osamu, and my disdain for those who try to take him from me. Normally, I'd wash out your mouth with sulfuric acid, or perhaps have you bound by your hands and feet and throw you in a water tank filled with octopi. However, due to certain circumstances, I am forbidden from exacting holy yandere revenge on you. So, I shall say this instead.

Yoko stood up and got close to Tsukiakari, who was now backed up against the doors.

Yoko: If you mate with my man again...

Tsukiakari saw the rage and ferocious ocean in Yoko's eyes. Their shine, the heat of Yoko's breath and body, and the very intensity of her presence weighed down even on a goddess.

Yoko: I will sew that special orifice of your body shut and surgically render you infertile.

Tsukiakari: Y-you're bluffing! You don't have the steady hands for that! And you don't have the medical knowledge or equipment either!

Yoko: I think a short blade will do just fine for incisions, don't you think?

Tsukiakari: How do you even sleep at night?

Yoko: Do you understand what I'm telling you? I permitted it last time because it was necessary to save Osamu's life. However, I will not allow fornication for the sake of fornication.

Tsukiakari: I...I get it...

Yoko: Good. Now, look at me, darling.

She fell for an old trick, the foolish goddess. As soon as she looked up, Yoko grabbed her face and kissed her as deeply and intensely as one would kiss their husband. For a while, it actually seemed like Tsukiakari was enjoying it, as she didn't really fight back and kept kissing her. She stopped when they both fell to the ground, with Yoko on top of her. What Tsukiakari didn't know was what kind of power Yoko's kiss had.

Yoko: I this is the knowledge of a god.

Tsukiakari: What do you mean?

Yoko: My kiss is special, Gekko. It allows me to know almost every detail about a person. Tsukiakari is your birth name, Senkumo is your given name, but you have gone by many different names with connection to the word "Moonlight". However, your favorite name remains Tsukiakari, with Gesshoku remaining a close second. I quite like it too, considering you can write Gesshoku with Hyogai kanji. You have many years of experience in warfare, you've lost a multitude of friends, but you still want to keep living. Hmmm...although your love for Osamu is obvious, it seems this situation is making you question whether or not you're attracted to women.

Tsukiakari: You really do know everything! What's my favorite color?

Yoko: Red, just like your eyes.

Tsukiakari: Who's my favorite artist?

Yoko: You greatly admire Toriyama Sekien for his work on the Hyakki Yagyo series, specifically Konjaku ezu zoku Hyaku Oni.

Tsukiakari: Oh my god...

Yoko: I suppose now we can say that we've officially and properly introduced ourselves to each other. Now then, what would you like to do? We can go about our day as usual if you like, as long as you remember what you were told.

Tsukiakari: Please kiss me again!

Yoko: Hmm? I guess you really do like girls now. Or is it just me?

Tsukiakari: No comment...

Yoko: Very well then. As you wish, Gekko.

Forbidden love indeed. Meanwhile, Osamu had taken Isabella with him to the abandoned bowling alley to properly explain what was happening with Tsukiakari. There was a faint, rainbow-like glow from behind them as the ambient light from the sky shined through the stained glass.

Isabella: You've really outdone yourself now, Osamu.

Osamu: Tell me about it...

Isabella: Normally, I'd ask you a silly question like 'what will you do?' or 'how will we fix this?'. But we don't have much of a choice, huh?

Osamu: That about sums it up. We're all just dancing to Bishamon's tune, leading Tsukiakari into her funeral pyre. I've never felt so stupid and useless in my life. I want to help her, but knowing how this will end, I can't help but wonder if we're actually doing the responsible thing.

Osamu slouched over as his mind was burdened with his thoughts. Isabella wrapped her arm around his should and held him close.

Isabella: I think that we'll only allow despair to root itself inside of her if she knows this early. Let's fill her life with joy instead, okay?

Osamu was able to smile again.

Osamu: Thanks, Izzy, but....your breasts are in my face again.

Indeed, Osamu had a face full of 100% American breasts. God Bless the USA.

Isabella: Just the way I like it!

(Always the most optimistic, huh?)

Isabella: Promise me you'll keep your head up high, Osamu. Me, Yoko, Izanami, even Tsu Tsu, we'll all fall apart if you give up and get overwhelmed.

Osamu: Does that mean I have to touch your boobs again?

Isabella: Sure does! Squeeze away, Osa!

(Normally, I'd be reacting to such a request a lot more defiantly...)

Osamu squeezed both boobs with both hands like a true hero.

Isabella: Oo! Both hands?! You must really mean it, Osa!


Osamu: Don't say something so stupid! I mean, I know you're blonde and American and all...

Isabella: Hey!

Osamu: And you're always armed to the teeth and get yourself in debt. Now that I think about it, I can't help but feel there's some sort of commentary going on with your entire character.

Isabella: Don't get too cocky, Osamu. I'll have you know I haven't laid my hands on a firearm in a long time.

Osamu: I'm surprised there's no gun-addict rehab for you...

Isabella: Shut the hell up and let's go home, bitch.

Osamu smiled as Isabella took the lead.

Osamu: You're a great ex, Izzy.

(Izzy is right for once. It may only do us all more harm if we focus on the end rather than the days in between. It's the space between birth and death that count that most, and someone like Isabella would understand that very well since she can be so hot-blooded. Even if we can't save her like we did with Aika, we can still make it all count. Tsukiakari's final days...they're our responsibility.)

Isabella: Whew! Finally home! Let's get something to eat and-

As they opened the door and came inside, they witnessed a strangely horrific yet sexy sight. Yoko and Tsukiakari were both on the kitchen floor naked with traces of whipped cream on their bodies. They were both sharing a whole banana between their mouths. Yoko had one end of the banana in her mouth and Tsukiakari had the other end in her. Tsukiakari had pink, fuzzy handcuffs restricting her arms as Yoko held a flogger in her hands.

Nosebleed? No. It was rapid exsanguination through Osamu's naval cavities. He fell over with a childish grin on his face as blood pooled around him.

Isabella: H-h-hold on! Stay right there! I just need to take a p-p-icture!

Tsukiakari pointed two fingers at Isabella, shooting a relatively harmless bolt of lightning at her. She was knocked against the door and fell unconscious alongside Osamu. Yoko and Tsukiakari both ate the banana towards each other so they could talk without wasting a perfectly good fruit.

Yoko: That was rude of them. Will they be okay?

Tsukiakari: Nah, they'll walk it off in a bit.

Because surely, you can walk off blood loss. The next time they awoke, it was in the evening, in Yoko's bed. They both woke up at around the same time, unsure of what happened before their slumber.

Isabella: My head is killing me!

Osamu: What time is it?

Isabella checked her phone.

Isabella: 7 already?!

Their stomachs reminded them that they still haven't eaten.

Isabella/Osamu: To the kitchen!


Down in the kitchen, Tsukiakari was helping Izanami cook dinner. She even had an apron on for this. However, the word 'helping' can only be used so loosely as Tsukiakari was almost destroying every ingredient.

Osamu: Hey guys...

Izanami: Hey there! You guys really knocked out earlier.

Isabella: I don't even remember what happened. Wait...I could've sworn Tsu Tsu and Yoko were doing some really weird, food play BDSM lesbian stuff on the floor...

Tsukiakari: Oh crap!

Isabella: No way! It was just a dream, right? That's too crazy, even for this house.

Osamu: I don't remember anything at all. If we don't both remember it, it probably was a dream.

Tsukiakari breathed a sigh of relief as she continued to throw an entire unpeeled onion in the pot. Izanami went into full panic mode.

Izanami: Gekko, what are you doing?! You have to peel and dice it first!

Tsukiakari: I'm sorry!

Tsukiakari scooped out the onion with a ladle and placed it on the cutting board. Isabella began to snicker.

Tsukiakari: What are you laughing at?!

Isabella: Come on, Tsu Tsu. Don't tell me you've never cooked before!

The snickers turned into full powered laughter as Tsukiakari puffed her cheeks in pouty embarrassment.

Isabella: Here! Let me help you.

Tsukiakari: I don't need help! I've got this under control!

Tsukiakari slammed her knife down upon the onion like it was a foe on the battlefield. It slipped from under the blade, bouncing off of the cabinet and rebounding right into her face, knocking her on the kitchen floor. Even Osamu couldn't contain his laughter. Izanami helped Tsukiakari off of the floor and let her cry in her arms. A big red mark on her face was left from the impact.

Tsukiakari: Onions are so scary, Izanami!

Izanami: I know, darling. I know.

Osamu: It's official. You've never cooked before, huh?

Tsukiakari: I'm a soldier, not a housewife!

Osamu: Man, and you wanted to marry me? Without knowing how to cook? What a shame...

Tsukiakari immediately ran back up to the counter next to Isabella with new-found determination

Tsukiakari: Isabella! Teach me how to conquer this spawn of the devil! What are its secrets?! Which attack formations do we use?!

Isabella realized that the best way to teach a soldier was by being her sergeant. She took out two USMC helmets, giving one to Tsukiakari.

(Oh, this will be entertaining.)

Isabella: Alright, Private Tsu Tsu! Operation Conquer the Onion is underway! Are you ready?!

Tsukiakari had a child-like glint of hope and fire in her eyes.

Tsukiakari: Mmhmm!

Isabella grabbed the knife and cut the onion in half first.

Isabella: The strategy here is divide and conquer! Now that we've split the enemy into two different forces, it's time to soften their defenses with artillery!

Tsukiakari: Yes, ma'am! Wait, what's artillery?

Isabella: Artillery is the magic of God himself manifesting in the form of an explosive shell fired from a great, phallic canon! It soars through the air and instantly kills off the poor bastards who dare defy you!

Tsukiakari: That sounds amazing! Show me! Show me!

Isabella needlessly slammed her half of the onion on the cutting board and began smack talking it.

Isabella: So you think you can mess with America, huh? You think you can break down our white-hot patriotic spirits?! We do not negotiate with condiments! I hope you're ready to be liberated and have Democracy forcefully pushed upon you!

Tsukiakari watched as Isabella took off the onion peel with one fluid movement. It was now completely bare.

Tsukiakari: Wow!

Osamu: Wait, how did you do that? It always takes me like 10 minutes to get the entire skin off!

Isabella: That's because your little girl hands lack the strength and freedom-loving patriotism needed for the job! What are you, a commie?!

Osamu: Kami? No, I'm human.


Though Tsukiakari struggled, she managed to strip the onion bare herself.

Tsukiakari: I did it!

Isabella: Excellent job, Tsu Tsu!

Of course, at this stage of preparing an onion, Tsukiakari and Isabella began to cry.

Tsukiakari: Wait, why am I crying?!

Isabella: Those are tears of the heart, Tsu Tsu! This is what true patriotism feels like!

Tsukiakari: Really?! It burns!

Isabella: There is no iron that is made strong without the flames to mold it!

Izanami: I'm writing that one down. That was really inspirational.

Isabella: Now then, it's time for the ground attack. Our forces will continue to divide the enemy into section, and then divide those sections into section!

Isabella vertically scored the onion and then made horizontal cuts that created diced chunks.

Isabella: Onionstan has now been liberated!

Tsukiakari: That's so cool!

(I've never seen someone this impressed over a basic cooking skill...)

Tsukiakari knew all about cuts. She was able to replicate Isabella's technique and dice the onion perfectly.

Tsukiakari: I've done it! I've won!

Tsukiakari laughed and hugged Isabella.

Tsukiakari: Thank you so much, Izzy!

It was in that moment that Isabella thought of the end of Tsukiakari's life. That coming tragedy made her even more happy to be able to hold Tsukiakari now, in the present.

Isabella: You're welcome, love.

Izanami and Osamu were both thinking the same thing. Thank god she has found some normalcy.

Yoko came down to the kitchen with her hair tied in a ponytail, yawning as she sat down next to Osamu.

Osamu: Hey, Yoko. Were you resting too.

Yoko: Yeah, my body was feeling a little sore.

Osamu: From what?

Yoko: Nothing, dear.


Tsukiakari: Miyoko! I learned how to conquer an onion!

Isabella: Dice is the proper term.

Tsukiakari: That too!

Yoko: Did you? How wonderful, Gesshoku. I'm proud of you, taking up the reigns in the kitchen.

Tsukiakari: Thank you!

Isabella: Wait a minute. Miyoko? What's with that?

Izanami: Hmm? I think she may be adding the character for "Beautiful" to her name.


Isabella: What!? Are you playing favorites, Tsu Tsu?

Tsukiakari took off her helmet, and for once, smiled like she was still an innocent child.

Tsukiakai: Of course not, Izzy! I love you too!

Isabella: I'm glad, Tsu Tsu. But how exactly did you guys go from hate to love so quickly?

Yoko: I have my ways, Isabella. I'm not a complete bitch.

Izanami: Well, the less you guys try to kill each other, the better. I'm glad you could square things out, Yoko.

In a short time, the food was ready, and everyone sat down together to eat. Laughter and joy echoed through the mostly dark house, with the kitchen and staircase being the only places with the lights turned on.

(Moment's like those...they blind you. Just because the sea is calm one day, it doesn't mean it won't swallow you the next. Again, being the failure I am, I was being stupid. In the end, despite how hard we all tried, despite how much joy we gave to Tsukiakari, we all knew it wouldn't end well.)

On a rooftop nearby, as the supermoon shined like a big, blue eye in the sky, Bishamon watched over the house with a smile.

( ended much worse. In a way I wish it never had to end.)

The moon began to turn as red as blood before it was covered by the clouds and hidden from the town.

(I had to make a terrible decision. The decision to kill Tsukiakari with my own hands.)



*Inside of a heart*

*That did not wish*

*To do wrong*

War Cloud Second Half Prologue
The night, the moon, and the rain. Darkness, moonlight, and holy water from a crying sky all washed down on Tsukiakari as she sat on the swings of the abandoned school were she met the one and only love of her life. Further away, the bodies of some of the town's residents littered the streets. Even further from there, at one of Izanami's shrines, Yoko and Isabella lied on the ground bleeding, slipping closer and closer to death. Bishamon appeared out of a fiery portal and found them both. He was riding on a red horse, as red as the blood moon.

Bishamon: Damn her. I can't believe it's come to this.

Bishamon knelt down by the wounded Yoko and Isabella, their blood being carried off the steps to the shrine by the rain.

Bishamon: You're our last hope, Osamu. No, in fact...your Tsukiakari's last hope.

Tsukiakari held her sword up to the moon as she sat on the swings, half her face covered in Yoko's blood.

Tsukiakari: so cruel. I love them all, and yet...

Osamu walked through the halls of the school, making his way towards the playground. In his hands was a golden sword, given to him by Bishamon himself. His eyes reflected the feeling he had in his heart. They were heavy, tired, but determined.

(This has to stop...)

Tsukiakari laughed to herself on the swings, sensing Osamu's presence.

Tsukiakari: My love is here. My one, true, and first love has come...

Osamu finally stepped out into the moonlight, his sword gleaming and the rain soaking his hair.

Tsukiakari: kill me.

Tsukiakari stood up from the swings and undid her hair, letting it fall to the rain-soaked ground as she threw the pins aside.

Osamu: Gekko-

Tsukiakari: Don't you dare call me that now. If you wish to kill me, then use my birth name.

Osamu closed his eyes and stifled his heartache.

Osamu: Tsukiakari...

Osamu hesitated on his words as the rain fell upon them both.

Osamu: This is goodbye.

Osamu raised his sword, pointing it at Tsukiakari.

Osamu: I cannot allow you to live any longer.

Tsukiakari prepared her blade as well.

Tsukiakari: Then I have nothing more to say to you.

Izanami, as wounded and bloodied as she was, ran through the halls of the school and found them both much too late.

Izanami: Osamu!

Osamu and Tsukiakari rushed towards each other with the speed of a lightning strike. But to Osamu and Tsukiakari, it all seemed to happen in slow motion.

(You know...Tsukiakari. Though my memory of you was hazy when you first returned...I wish now...more than ever...)

The intent to kill, the very core of her nature as a warrior, shined brightly in Tsukiakari's eyes.

(...that you and I had the chance to truly love each other. You and I both will die here, in the place where we met.)

A blinding, white light flashed from the their clash. The fate of the two remains to be seen.





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Aaaaand we're back. And yes, Aika is still relevant to this story. Let's not forget about true best girl here.

Day 126: A Very Drunk Christmas Eve with my Exes
Careful, for you might just find a wedding ring at the bottom of the bottle
(And so, those times repeated themselves all the way up to Christmas Eve. Like Aika did before her, no, maybe...Gesshoku? Ah, it doesn't matter. The point is that she became part of this household, a sensitive membrane within the vast nervous system. When she felt anything, we all felt it too. It goes without saying that we were all nervous. Bishamon had told us that New Years was the cap. Regardless, Yoko decorated the whole house with Christmas ornaments and lights. It was something Tsukiakari had only ever seen from a distance throughout her many lives in the modern era. But now, she was with us...)

Tsukiakari began her New Years evening with a shower. She undid her hair and tried washing it as best as she could. She suddenly heard the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing, and the silhouette of a woman past the steamed up glass door.

Tsukiakari: Who's there?!

Yoko: It's Yoko, your lesbian lover.

Tsukiakari: What are you...

Yoko: I imagine you're having trouble washing your hair, right? It is longer than your actual height, even as a grown up.

Tsukiakari: Leave it, I can handle it myself.

Yoko: Too late, I'm already naked.

Yoko slammed open the door and came right into the shower. She sat next to Tsukiakari, grabbing a washcloth and body wash.

Yoko: Normally, in this kind of hot, steamy, girl on girl situation, you'd probably expect me to start teasing you by kissing your neck and fondling your breasts. I can't deny I might do that, since being with me is keeping you off of Osamu, but I genuinely do need a shower. Look.

Yoko began scrubbing her legs, and dirt clearly washed off from them.

Tsukiakari: That's really filthy, Yoko! How did it get this bad?

Yoko: Toiling around town trying to find a good tree for the festivities made me filthy. I ended up having to cut one down myself, which I'm sure was illegal. However, it's not like mother nature has security cameras, so I doubt I'll get in trouble.

Tsukiakari: I see. I'll help scrub your back then.

Yoko: That would be most appreciated, Gekko. But don't scrub in circles.

Tsukiakari: Why not?

Yoko: Circular movements on my bare skin turn me on. I can't promise I'll show you any mercy if that happens.

Tsukiakari: I genuinely don't know if you're talking about sexually harassing me or killing me...

Tsukiakari began scrubbing Yoko's back, who lifted her hair to make the job easier.

Tsukiakari: Hey, Yoko?

Yoko: What?

Tsukiakari: Back then, when we first fought, you really weren't scared to die, were you?

Yoko: No. I would've been happy to die in such a great battle.

Tsukiakari: How do you do it? How do you confront such a reality so fearlessly?

Yoko: Hmm? You've died many times, haven't you? You already know what death feels like. Unless your referencing the fact that you're on your last life.

Tsukiakari: Yeah, the latter.

Yoko knew New Years was just around the corner, and with it, Tsukiakari's death.

Yoko: Gekko. Just live every day as if it's your last. Life does not wait to be realized. It happens, and then it fades.

Tsukiakari: You're right...

After the shower, Tsukiakari and Yoko joined everyone downstairs. The Christmas tree was already decorated and glowing with dozens of little lights. Osamu tied his hair in a samurai bun and wore a crappy Christmas sweater. Izanami and Isabella were both dressed as naughty elves for Osamu's entertainment, which greatly annoyed Yoko, but not enough to disembowel them both.

Isabella: There you guys are!

Tsukiakari: Yeah, sorry. You know I take long showers, Izzy.

Isabella: Don't worry, don't worry! We were just getting started!

(That's right. With nothing better to do for Christmas Eve, we were going to drink ourselves into the best damn hangover we possibly could!)

Tsukiakari: Alcohol?! We're drinking?! Why didn't you say so?!

Izanami: Oh no...Gekko is a notorious drunk...

Osamu: How bad is it?

Izanami: So bad she once puked into the river and killed all the fish for an entire season there.

(It's that deadly?!)

Tsukiakari: Let's make this interesting! We'll play a game! We'll play a game of "I've Never"! We'll take turns naming something that we've never done, and anyone else who has done it has to take a shot of sake.

Isabella: You're on!

Osamu: Why do I have a bad feeling about this...

Izanami: I've never had apple pie before.

Isabella: We haven't started drinking yet, Izanami.

Izanami covered her face in embarrassment.

Izanami: My bad! I'm still learning these things!

Everyone was handed a short glass and filled them with sake. Tsukiakari was the first to go.

Tsukiakari: Alright. I've never peeked at a member of the opposite sex changing.

Everyone but Izanami took a drink.

Isabella: Osamu, you perv!

Osamu: You took a drink too!

Next was Yoko.

Yoko: I've never watched Hentai.

Isabella took a drink.

Yoko: Wow, I didn't know you were into that sort of stuff. Welcome to Japan, I suppose.

Isabella: This game is a set up, I swear!

Now for Isabella.

Isabella: I've never ever used a hitachi wand!

Osamu: Do these absolutely have to be perverted questions?

Isabella took a drink...and then Yoko stealthily took a sip.

Isabella: I saw that, Yoko! You slut!

Osamu: I will have you know that I only used it for the intended purpose that it was originally built for. You never said it had to be in that way.

Izanami: That is true, Izzy.

Isabella: Damn it...

Yoko: Your turn, Izanami.

Izanami: Okay! I've never had sake!

Tsukiakari: That was cheap!

Everyone had to take a drink as Izanami laughed to herself.

Osamu: Clever, clever. Well then...I've never thought about stealing when I didn't have any money to buy what I wanted.

Isabella took a drink.

Isabella: Oh I get it. 'Let's get Isabella drunk in an elaborate ruse', right? Is that what this is? How about this, from now on, whenever we take a drink, we have to remove an item of clothing!

Osamu: What the hell are you doing?!

Isabella: Here, I'll start!

Isabella took off her christmas sweater, and all that was left were her tank top, bra, and panties.

(Stay calm, Osamu...)

Tsukiakari: This just got loads more interesting!

Of course, a few drinks and confessions later, everyone was down to their bras and underwear. It didn't help at the end that Osamu was now bare chested in front of all the drunk and amorous women.

(This is the inevitable fate of a harem hero. We don't choose this life, for it chooses us to be its champions. The only way to break free from this cycle is to embrace it!)

Don't listen to him, it's the alcohol talking. Osamu has now officially lost his mind and reason. He untied his hair and finished his last glass of sake. Not a single one of the girls could keep their eyes off of him.

Osamu: Izanami.

Izanami: Y-yes?!

Osamu: Come sit on my lap, babe.

Yoko: Babe?!

Izanami: If you want me to...

Izanami, half naked, gladly sat on Osamu's lap as the other girls watched with envy.

(Hehe...I feel kind of powerful when I'm drunk. Was I really resisting this kind of life this whole time?)

Izanami: What do you want me to do now?

Osamu: Tell me what you want for Christmas, beautiful.

More and more jealousy. Yoko had to bite her lip to keep from yelling.

Izanami: I-I...I want...

Osamu: Yes?

Izanami: I want to get married and have lots and lots of children with you!

Yoko: You little corpse bitch!

Isabella: Where do you get off?!

Tsukiakari: Damn it, Izanami!

Osamu: I see. If you're a good girl, that might end up happening. Might.

Izanami: Thank you Satan!

Isabella: Santa.

Izanami: Thank you Santa!

Osamu: Yoko, you next.

Izanami squirmed around in her seat next to Osamu, hopeful her wish would come true. Yoko now sat on Osamu's lap, caressing his face and guiding his hand on her thigh.

Yoko: Yes, my love?

Osamu: Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Yoko: I can be whatever you want, Santa.


Yoko: Do naughty girls get punished? Are we bound with chains and flogged relentlessly?

Osamu: If that's your wish-

Tsukiakari: Enough!

And there's that blushing goddess's face again.

Tsukiakari: The only way to truly decide who can have Osamu is by consuming..... "The Drink.


Isabella: The Drink?!

Yoko: The Drink?!

(The Drink?!)

Osamu: The Drink?!

Izanami: No! Not that, Gekko!

Yoko: What exactly is it?

Izananmi: It's a deadly, divine concoction that only the elder gods drank when in contest with each other. Even I tasted it once and barely shook off the hangover!

An evil grin possessed Tsukiakari's face.

Tsukiakari: That's right. First, you start with normal sake, then you add divine snake poison, infuse it with lightning, mix it with the rotten fin of a dead shark, and then you bless it with a prayer. Most gods can't even handle more than 2 teaspoons of it.

Osamu: Because it sounds like it can kill you!

Tsukiakari: Oh my, I didn't realize our little harem hero was such a wuss!

Yoko stood up from Osamu's lap.

Yoko: I'll do it. I accept your challenge Gekko.

Osamu: Yoko!

Yoko: Don't worry, Osa. I can hold my liquor.

Tsukiakari: Wonderful then. Let's begin!


The drink was prepared, and everyone had a glass. It smelled strongly putrid, but Yoko was not about to back away from a challenge.

Tsukiakari: If I win, I get to have another go at Osamu.

Yoko: Accepted. If I win, you get to have another go at me instead.

Tsukiakari: Ah, so I win either way!

(Huh? Is there some girl love going on here I don't know about?)

Izanami: Alright, everyone. Let's begin. I must warn the mortals though. This drink is very, very powerful.

(Damn it. Here goes nothing!)

Down the hatch. Everyone drank in unison. At first, Osamu felt perfectly fine, as did everyone else.

Isabella: Well this isn't so bad. Tastes kind of strong, but I'm feeling good.

Osamu: Yeah, same here. This is kind of silly, isn't it? I mean, not even the gods could handle this drink? It doesn't even burn that much-


That's right. Osamu blacked out then and there. It wasn't his fault. The drink really was a potent concoction. Osamu woke up on the front lawn of the house wearing sunglasses and a live cobra around his legs. The neighbors were all looking at him strangely, and with good reason.

(What the hell is this?! God damn, my head hurts! What happened last night?)




(Hmmm...all I remember is that....wait! That's it! We took that drink that Tsukiakari prepared! I can't remember anything that happened after that though...)

Osamu got up slowly, being careful not to upset the hissing cobra at his feet. He went inside the house and saw Yoko in her bathrobe eating a bowl of cereal with a side of...more alcohol...

Yoko: Oh, it's you. Osa-


Yoko: Osamu.

Osamu: Yoko, this story is getting way too weird now. What exactly happened in the time between the drink and now?

Yoko: Right, about that...take out your phone, Osamu.

Osamu realized there were a bunch of photos on his phone.

Osamu: Yoko, tell me what I'm in for. Don't let me open these up and be surprised.

Yoko: Just look. Nothing I can say will ever prepare you for what we did last night.

(Would you believe me if I told you what kind of photos were on there? No? Well, I'll tell you anyway. It seems that in our drunken rampage, we trashed the house, proceeded to run through the streets insulting people, and then...well, how do I explain this? Let's see...Tsukiakari caused a lightning storm just for fun to spook the neighborhood. Then...then Yoko and I got married in a drunk unison. Don't shake your head yet, because it gets worse! After the marriage, Isabella shot up the wedding temple for fun. Thankfully, her horrible, drunk aim meant that nobody got hurt. Isabella then had the great idea of flying to Pakistan to join in a joint op raid between Navy SEALS and Russian Spetznaz to capture a wanted terrorist. The photos on the phone show us smiling next to him in a selfie. He didn't smile, obviously. Though, I suppose it's more accurate to say he couldn't because his teeth were broken. As a thank you, one of the SEALS gave me his sunglasses. We were flown back to Japan, where we let all the animals in the local zoo loose upon the already aggravated neighborhood, and then our 'Alcohol high' finally wore off and we all passed out. That explains why I woke up with a cobra on my legs, and a strange pair of phantom sunglasses. Now, I have about 200 photos to delete, lest we be thrown in jail for the numerous international crimes we've all committed during our inebriation.)

Osamu: Yoko, about our marriage-

Yoko stabbed a knife into the counter top. It was like heat waves around her distorted the air as her hatred began to burn hotter than the flames of hell. Yoko's voice slowly escalated from a whisper into heart-stopping screaming.

Yoko: Osamu, darling, honey, lovebun, soulmate, partner in crime, baby!

(So many cheesy names!)

Yoko: Don't tell me you regret our union, my love.

(There are those eyes again!)

Osamu: H-hold on a second, Yoko! That's not what I'm saying!

(Damn it, my balls are so much bigger when I'm drunk!)

Yoko: Oh? Then what are you saying? You'd rather marry someone else? Or perhaps you'll give me the same crap every guy gives a girl in order to back out of commitment. 'Let's take our time sweetie. I don't want to rush. Hold on, I'm not ready. Wait, please don't kill me!'

Osamu: That last one was clearly a cry for mercy!

Izanami: Uhh, guys...

Izanami and Isabella were behind them, blushing and unable to look at them directly. Yoko immediately started laughing at what she saw, and Osamu's head only began to hurt more.

(This can't be happening)

Isabella: Please stop laughing...

Izanami and Isabella both had their hands superglued to each others breasts, unable to remove them.

(This is actually strangely hot...)

Izanami: Please help us get out of this! I can't even feel my boobs anymore!

Isabella: Stop pulling! You might rip them off!

Izanami: I'm sorry!

Yoko: Oh god, this is amazing! Osamu, take a picture!

Osamu: No way!


Osamu: Yoko, where's Tsukiakari?

Yoko: know, I actually don't recall where she is. She was with us during all of that stuff, but my memory after we returned to the country is hazy. I'm sure she's around here.

(Looking back, I still can't figure out something. Was Tsukiakari drinking so heavily that night because she was celebrating the holiday? Or was she drinking...because she knew she was going to die soon? She somehow knew her demise was coming. She didn't say anything, because she thought we would protect her from that. That there was no way we'd turn in a friend to Bishamon. But then...)

Tsukiakari sat in the graveyard, the same graveyard where Aika's mom was buried. It was snowing gently upon the town as Tsukiakari cried, coincidentally sitting right next to the grave of Aika's mother. As her heart and throat burned with sadness, a voice called out to her.

Aika: Um, excuse me...

Tsukiakari wiped her eyes and saw her wearing a scarf and brown winter coat.

Aika: I'm very sorry, ma'am, you know my mother or something? That's her grave your sitting next to.

A peculiar chance meeting between a girl who knows death intimately, and a girl who has met it, but doesn't remember it...

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I think it's a really fun idea to work with. I could imagine all the different personalities of all the exes, how each of them are different from one another, their twisted back stories, and so forth. You my friend have something great up your sleeve! Keep going with this! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading more!
Title: Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on April 03, 2016, 04:34:58 PM
This is actually pretty fun to write chapters for  ;D There's currently 5 pages of this stuff and there may only be more in the future.

By the way, we are introduced to two new girls in this chapter! They're not ex-girlfriends, but they're pretty important. They're little shrine maiden twins who never let go of each others hands and finish each others sentences! Akatsuki Nishoku and Omagatoki Gesshoku! (Literally "Sunrise/Dawn, Solar Eclipse and Dusk, Lunar Eclipse).

Day 127: A Very Hungover and Melancholic Christmas with my Ex-Girlfriends
The smiling girl and the crying goddess, caught in a chance meeting in the middle of the graveyard.

Aika: Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean that you couldn't sit there! I'm actually really thankful my mom has some company. I can't come up here often, you know?

Tsukiakari: You can't come up to visit your mom's grave?

Aika: Ah! I didn't mean it like that either! I love her but my life is busy now since she died. Some talent scouts sought me out for my music and I'm already recording my first album.

Tsukiakari: I see! That's pretty cool.

Aika sat down with Tsukiakari, both of them enjoying the snow.

Aika: I don't want to pry in a stranger's business, but do you perhaps want to talk about why you're crying?

Tsukiakari: I'm just scared, I guess.

Aika: Of what?

Tsukiakari: I might not have very long to live. Maybe a couple more days, at best.

Aika: What?! Are you sick or something?

Tsukiakari: No, that's not it. It's not something you can see. My hope is that I'm wrong, but I can't stop crying. Just knowing that it's near and it's permanent...

Aika: Life is so short, you know? You shouldn't spend so much time being down about it. I mean, it may be rude, since I'm not in your position. But I think you would have lived a full life if you lived your last days smiling!

Tsukiakari: You're quite the optimist, you know that?

Aika smiled as Tsukiakari stood up.

Tsukiakari: Well, I should get back. Sorry for taking up your time.

Aika: Ah, wait! You didn't tell me your name! My name is Aika. Aika Mihara.

Tsukiakari: It was nice to meet you, Aika. My name is Tsukiakari Senkumo, but I also go by Gekko, Kinpa, Gesshoku, and a variety of other names that refer to moonlight in their alternate definitions.

Aika: Senkumo? Like, " A Thousand Clouds"?

Tsukiakari: No. It's written as "War Cloud".

Aika: Whoa...that's such and odd name. So cool though! I hope you find solace, Tsukiakari. Please be well. And if we never see each other again, please rest in peace.

Tsukiakari waved goodbye and started her walk back home. After Aika paid her respects to her mother, she ventured out of town and entered one of Izanami's old shrines. Hardly anyone came to this particular shrine since it was so out of the way. The only two people taking care of it were a set of 8 year old twins. They were both girls, both pale like Izanami herself, and completely inseparable. They wore traditional shrine maiden clothing, but one of them tied their hair up into twin side buns as the other let her hair down. One wore a golden necklace with the kanji for "Sun" on it, and the other wore a blue necklace with the kanji for "Moon" on it. Their names were Akatsuki Nishoku and Omagatoki Gesshoku.

Aika reached the shrine and met the twins as they swept the courtyard of snow.

Aika: Oi! Akatsuki! Omagatoki!

No matter what, the twins always held hands.

Akatasuki: Oh, look it's-
Omagatoki: Aika.

When one spoke, the other would complete the sentence.

Aika: Wow, your hair is getting so long, Omagatoki! Why don't you try tying it up like your sister?

Omagatoki: Sister's hair is not tasteful-
Akatsuki: in my opinion. Anyway, Aika,-
Omagatoki: what brings you here?

Aika: Well actually, I just came by since I was close. Oh, but I do remember something interesting! I actually met a girl who goes by the same name as you, Omagatoki.

Omagatoki's cute and pale face reflected a certain shyness, in contrast with her facially apathetic sister.

Omagatoki: My name?

Aika: Well, it wasn't her birth name. I believe her birth name is Tsukiakari, but she said that she went by names that meant Moonlight in their alternative meanings, and Gesshoku was one of them.

Omagatoki: I see. That's actually-
Akatsuki: very clever. Most people would think-
Omagatoki: it simply means "Lunar Eclipse" upon-
Akatsuki: reading the characters.

*Fun fact: Nishoku's name means Solar Eclipse. That's why the sisters have necklaces with the kanji for "Sun" and "Moon". Akatsuki means sunrise or dawn, and Omagatoki is the opposite of Akatsuki.*

Aika: I know, right? Oh, and there was her last name...what was it...ah! Senkumo! At first I thought it mean "a thousand clouds", but it's simply written as War Cloud. I found the poor girl sitting and crying by my mom's grave earlier.

Omagatoki: That name...did you just say-
Akatsuki: Senkumo? Tsukiakari Senkumo?

Aika: Yeah, do you know her?

Akatsuki: We've only-
Omagatoki: heard of her. Izanami-
Akatasuki: spoke greatly of her back-
Omagatoki: in the Warring States era.

Aika: Huh?! Are you guys telling me you know Izanami directly? When I first met you, I thought you were mere shrine maidens. Then I learned you were Tsukuyomi's old servants, but now you're telling me you know Izanami too?!

Akatsuki: That point is-
Omagatoki: not very urgent. What we must focus on is-
Akatsuki: the fact that Tsukiakari is-
Omagatoki: still alive. Do you know-
Akatsuki: where she lives?

Aika: Oh, sorry, no. I never did find out that much about her. Actually, she did say that was going to die soon. That's why she was crying

Akatsuki: Die...
Omagatoki: If she was crying, it must mean-
Akatsuki: this death will be permanent.

Aika: This death? Wait, so she's a goddess too?!

Akatsuki: You should avoid getting-
Omagatoki: mixed up in the affairs of-
Akatsuki: the divine, Aika. Especially-
Omagatoki: that girl.

Aika: Hmm...if you say so.

Though, they could both tell that ignoring someone in need simply didn't sit well with Aika. Tsukiakari calmed herself and entered the house, only to be surprised by everyone waiting by the Christmas tree, which had a mountain of gifts under it, most of it paid for by Isabella.

Isabella: Welcome home, Tsu Tsu! We're all still hungover like a towel on a towel rack, but we weren't gonna open up these gifts without you!

Osamu: Sit with us. Izzy got you something.

The goddess's anguish was relieved just enough to make her smile.

Tsukiakari: I'd love to.

Isabella handed her three gifts, all of them sloppily wrapped.

Isabella: Hehe, I'm no good with wrapping. It only looks halfway decent because Yoko and Osamu showed me how to do it.

Yoko: It gets better with time.

When the wrapping was torn off and the small box opened, she pulled out a silver necklace with a heart a heart as its pendant and a crescent moon engraved in the middle.

Isabella: I know how much the moon means to you, besides your name. We're not always going to be able to see the moon beyond the clouds this winter, but you can at least keep it close to your heart.

Tsukiakari: Izzy, this is so sweet! I don't know what to say!

(I wonder...has Tsukiakari ever had a Christmas before? Or, even received gifts at all?)

Izanami: Next one!

The next gift was a custom made katana, created without a handguard.The butt of the sword had a little metal arch at the end of it s that she can attach her necklace to the bottom of the sword. At the base of the blade, the Senso no Mikumo crest was engraved.

Osamu: You bought her a weapon?!

Isabella: Of course I did! We both love weapons! I mean, I know it's not guns, but I can still respect a love for weapons!


Osamu: If only I could hurt you in a non-abusive way...

Tsukiakari: This is amazing! It's much better than the sword I have! You even got them to put the crest on the blade! How much did this cost?!

Isabella: Please, money isn't a problem from me. I've got loads of it, so don't worry!

(Yep, Izzy is one of those rich, slightly above stupid blondes.)

And the last gift...Tsukiakari freaked out in a fit of fear when she saw what it was. It was her worst fear, the only thing that could break the spirit of the goddess. It was...



Onions. Lots and lots of onions. Red onions to be specific.

Tsukiakari was reduced to tears like a child terrified of meeting a stranger. She held onto Yoko and Izanami for comfort as flashbacks of the Abominable Onion's last attack on her precious face surfaced.

Tsukiakari: Onions are so scary, guys!

Yoko: I know, my love. I know.

(My love? There is definitely some girl love going on here that I don't know about.)

Izanami: You should know better, Izzy.

Isabella laughed until her stomach hurt. She could hardly even breathe enough to talk.

Isabella: Did you see her face?! She looked like I bought a time bomb or something!

Osamu: Great. So now that we have all of these onions, I guess you'll have to eat them, huh?

Isabella: What?! That's like 12 onions there!

Osamu: Maybe you should've thought about that before you decided to spook Gekko with them. Apologize.

Isabella: Come on man, it was just-

Osamu grabbed Isabella's breasts as hard and fiercely as possible. Normally, this would hurt a girl, but Isabella felt nothing but pure pleasure. Her scream was more like a moan, in that regard.

Osamu: Say it!

Isabella: Oh god yes! Tsu Tsu, I'm...

Osamu: Say it!

Isabella: Squeeze them harder!

(She's enjoying this?!?)

Nonetheless, Osamu tightened his mighty grip.

Isabella: I'm sorry, Tsu Tsu!

Osamu finally let go, leaving Izzy short of breath.

Isabella: Why did you stop? I was so close!

(Close to what?!?!)


Tsukiakari found their banter amusing, and her fearful tears turned into laughter.

Tsukiakari: Thank you guys. I really appreciate what you've done. Not just today, but all of the days we've spent here. I owe you everything for making me smile this much for the first time in my life.

(If I could just explain how much her smile pleased me and tortured me at the same time...)

It was now time for the night. Or rather, it was time for Omagatoki to bring about the night. If you had a hunch the twins were odd, you were right. It was already obvious they were no ordinary twins. Their connected speech patterns, their need to stay together, and their involvement with Tsukuyomi and Izanami were all the warning signs one would need. You see, their names directly outline their responsibilities. Just as Akatsuki was responsible for bringing the day time and the solar eclipses, Omagatoki was in charge of bringing dusk, leading the world into night time. She was also in charge of bringing about lunar eclipses. They weren't gods, but they weren't humans either. They were spirits living among the mortals in the physical world, albeit in isolation.

They sat inside of the shrine, holding hands and drinking tea. When they were talking to each other, they were able to speak normally. Dozens of candles lit the inside of the shrine, shining against the polished wood and golden statues of Izanami

Omagatoki: Tsukiakari is still alive, but it appears her time is short. What should we do, sis?

Akatsuki: Nothing. It is not our business.

Omagatoki: Tsukuyomi-no-Kami would've wanted us to intervene.

Akatsuki: We are powerless in the decision. If she's so fearful, I can only imagine heaven has found out she's been alive this whole time.

Omagatoki: I suppose you're right.

(Those twins...I never could have guessed, since I never met them. But I'd soon find out that they were the key to everything.)

Day 128: Today, My Ex-Girlfriend Will Die
Snow and rain, it's all the same. A winter without you.
(On Christmas night, there was a knock on the bedroom window where we all slept. It only woke me up. When I went outside, Bishamon greeted me. I knew exactly why he was there. I looked at him, and he looked at me. He smiled, and I was in agony.)

Bishamon: Osamu, my man. It's almost time. Are we still settled for New Years?

Osamu: There's no backing out of this, is there?

Bishamon: Well, if you want yourself and countless others to die, maybe. Don't tell me you've forgotten what's at risk.

Osamu: Of course not. I just think it's so unfair it has to be like this. She didn't choose to be part of any of the things that went down in her life. Not being a stray, not being in a war-

Bishamon: Oh, but she did, Osamu. She chose to stay within the Senkumo clan because it was the only family she had. Because it would allow her to reincarnate. She could have left at any time, but by the time she wanted to leave, there was no "Senkumo" clan left to speak of. Everyone was already killed. All those kids...gone.


Osamu: I have no choice, then. New Years is still on. Izanami already knows about all of this. We're all on the same page.

Bishamon: Good, good! That's what I wanted to hear. If you ever tried to, I don't know, hide Tsukiakari from me, you'd ultimately be hiding her from heaven's punishment. You know what that means, right?

(Of course. I've always known.)

Osamu: It means I will die as well. Sentimentality will only get me killed.

Bishamon: Exactly. Well, I'm sorry to wake you up. Just making sure we're still set. Goodnight, Osamu.

Osamu: Goodnight.

Osamu returned to bed, his head pulsating with pressure.

(Tsukiakari looks so peaceful sleeping with all of us. This is probably the closest thing she's had to a family since back then...and we're about to give her up to someone who deserves to be dead himself. But what can I do as a mere human to help her? If Izanami helps her, she risks both her life and standing in heaven. An elder god like her can't take that kind of risk. This is also going to hurt Izanami, isn't it? I'm sure she's been feeling what I'm feeling now all this time. It probably gets more intense as the days pass. The 26th of December already...)

Osamu slept much longer than anyone else. It was already the late afternoon. Tsukiakari remained in bed with Osamu. He was awakened by a moist feeling on his cheek, the feeling of a kiss.

Osamu: Gekko?

(Did she just kiss me?)

Tsukiakari: I love you.

Something was wrong. This was a broken and defeated I love you. It wasn't the competitive and feisty profession of love that was often declared in the house.

Osamu: Are you okay?

Tsukiakari: Just listen to me. I love you. I've loved you since I met you. I never once forgot about you. You don't have to love me back, but I just want to ask you something.

Osamu: What is it?

Tsukiakari: Are you going to turn me in to him? To Bishamon?

(She knows...)

Osamu: Gekko-

Tsukiakari: Please, just answer me.

(Needless to say, I failed to answer her. But my silence was all she needed.)

Tsukiakari: I understand. I might really....

Tsukiakari ran out of bed and out of the room.

Osamu: Gekko! Wait!

She ran into bathroom, where Yoko had just entered. Faint, white light from the outside illuminated the bathroom and the face of the surprised Yoko.

Yoko: Do you need something? It's rude to barge into the bathroom when a lady is about to pee, but I suppose it's okay since we're both women anyway.

No response. Tsukiakari took off her yukata and revealed her naked body to Yoko. In a display of odd and desperate behavior, she began kissing and groping Yoko as she cried. Yoko allowed Tsukiakari to do as she pleased to her, but even she knew what Osamu had just discovered.

Tsukiakari: I love you, Yoko. Please love me back...I'll do anything.

Yoko: I already love you, Gekko.

Tsukiakari's kisses grew deeper and more intense. She even bit Yoko's bottom lip as she pulled away. Yoko put her finger on Tsukiakari's lips to stop her.

Yoko: Gekko.

Tsukiakari: Please don't talk! Just let me love you.

Yoko: Gekko...

Tsukiakari: I want to stay here with you forever! Just like this...

Yoko: You know you're going to die, don't you?

Tsukiakari had forgotten the power of Yoko's kisses. As they grew deeper and more intense, Yoko could see more clearly into Tsukiakari's feelings. They were so clear to her that even she began to cry. Her very pain was being transferred directly to Yoko.

Yoko: hurts me too. You and I may not have had the best start together, but I always sympathized with the isolation you felt all this time. I've been in that hell too. There was a girl here, last summer, who was much like you in that regard. We tried to save her back then, give her a new chance to feel freedom. We failed. I failed, and she tried to take her own life. Now she's okay, but at a terrible cost to us. She's forgotten us completely.

Yoko hugged Tsukiakari as tightly as she could, as if she was saying she didn't want her to go.

Yoko: Death is not the end, Gekko. You can still live a beautiful life with the last few days you have.

Tsukiakari: You're going to turn me in! You can't tell me death isn't the end when you haven't experienced it for yourself! I've died many times! It hurts! It's lonely! It's full of regret! It breaks my heart!

Yoko: I'm sorry, Gekko.

Tsukiakari stepped out of the bathroom and put her yukata back on. Osamu ran out to meet her in the hallway.

Osamu: Gekko! I don't want this either! But I don't know what to do! I don't know how I can help you when the odds are stacked against us so high!

Tsukiakari: I honestly believed you wouldn't turn me in. I thought you'd protect me and keep me next to you. But you had no intention of doing that. You gave up right from the start, didn't you?

Osamu: Come on, Tsu, that's not fair! What am I supposed to do?!

Tsukiakari: Anything, Osamu! Just do something!

Osamu: And what?! Let Yoko and Isabella get killed?! If I don't turn you in, Bishamon will kill them, Gekko! And then he'll kill me! If I die, you can be sure that Izanami will be swallowed by her rage! She'll try to kill Bishamon and defy heaven, and she will die too! And when they finally come for you, your battle with Bishamon will involve hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people! You're not worth that much bloodshed, Gekko! You have to understand there's more at risk than just you!

Tsukiakari fell silent.

Tsukiakari: So I'm a burden, then. I'm a target on everyone's backs, and I have to disappear.

Osamu: No, you're're not a burden. You're not a weight on our shoulders.

(You're a weight on my heart. On all of our hearts.)

An immortal being has now been introduced to the fear of death, and the belief she can outrun it. One last time, she smiled at Osamu.

Tsukiakari: Thank you, Osamu. Thank you for everything. This is goodbye. When you awake, I probably won't be here.

Osamu: What? What are you-

Tsukiakari placed her palm on Osamu's head and used her powers to knock him out cold. He fell face-first to the ground, twitching before his consciousness faded out.

Tsukiakari: I want to love, but I cannot be loved. It will only get you killed. If I'm going to die, I want it to be at the hands of the people who showed me what freedom was, not at the hands of my slave master.


As Osamu lost consciousness, Tsukiakari grabbed her new sword and fit it in the back of her heko obi. She wore the necklace Isabella got her and exited the house through the bedroom window. Once outside, she tied her hair up into a samurai bun with stray hair flowing from her sideburns. Dusk was soon approaching.

Tsukiakari: I refuse to die by your hands, Bishamon. The people who love me will be my killers. I will die with them. In order for that to happen, I must give them a reason to want to kill me, to raise their arms against me.

Tsukiakari walked deeper and deeper into the more crowded parts of the neighborhood and unsheathed her blade. She drew the fear and attention of everyone around her.

Tsukiakari: Osamu. Forgive me for the sins I'm about to commit.

In short time, Tsukiakari massacred much of the pedestrians, filling the streets with corpses and blood. Men and women all died the same, with only children being spared to grieve by their dying parents. It was a sight that Tsukiakari was all too familiar with, being a child of war. She walked by the grieving children as if they weren't there, continuing her rampage through the area.

Yoko came out to find Osamu unconscious in the hall, and the bedroom window wide open. First, she checked if Osamu was still alive, confirming his vital signs were present and healthy.

Yoko: Damn it...

Yoko ran downstairs to Isabella and Izanami, meeting them in the living room with great urgency.

Yoko: Have either of you seen Tsukiakari?

Izanami: Is everything okay? You're out of breath!

Yoko: Have you seen her?!

Isabella: No, not since we woke up! What's going on? Is she gone!

Yoko slammed her fist into the wall, cracking it and knocking down a painting.

Yoko: It's happening again! I failed someone again! Tsukiakari is gone and Osamu is unconscious! She must've escaped through the bedroom window!

Isabella: What?!

Yoko: She knew all along that we were going to give her up to Bishamon! She listened in on the conversation between Osamu and you, Izanami.

Izanami silently let her tears fall. She already knew what had to be done.

Yoko: I'm going to go find her!

Izanami: Wait.

Izanami stood up and summoned her scythe.

Izanami: I will go. I'm the only one who can kill her.

Isabella: Kill?! Wait, we should try to save her first!

Izanami: I'm afraid that's impossible now.

Yoko: Why?

Izanami: I can feel it. I can feel a lot of people dying right now, suddenly, without warning. It's her, slaughtering them all. She wants us to be the ones to end her life.

They remembered that Izanami can feel it when someone dies. If people were suddenly dying left and right, it was definitely Tsukiakari.

Izanami: She's reverting back to her ways as a warrior and mass murderer, as a god of calamity and brutality. It is I who failed her, not you, Yoko. As much as I loved and cared for her, it simply wasn't enough to save her from her destiny.

Izanami went upstairs to dress in her traditional clothing, not wanting to ruin the clothes Isabella got her. Before leaving, she prayed one last time to Tsukiakari, hoping she would hear it. It was a last resort, but also a goodbye done ahead of time, so that there would be no more words between them when they next see each other. At least that way, they wouldn't have the opportunity to express words of hatred in the heat of the moment. Tsukiakari heard the prayer ring in her head as she continued to slay as many people in the neighborhood as possible.

Izanami: Tsukiakari Senkumo. Moonlight. You were always my moonlight. Even when you killed my two sons, all I could do was empathize with you. All I could do was love you. I knew you needed love. You needed the one thing you were deprived us. What you did back then, and everything you are doing right now, in this very moment, is because I failed to love you enough to make up for all the hard times. I'm sorry, Tsukiakari.

Tsukiakari still continued to kill, even switching to magic to turn a busy shopping district into a ball of flames and screams. That murderous intent was back in full form.

Izanami: The truth is, Tsukiakari...whenever we laughed and smiled together, whenever we spent any time together, I always got this feeling in my chest. It made me wonder if that feeling was what it felt like to have a daughter. I love you like my own. I will always love you this way, murderer or not, Traitor or not. The gods may rule heaven, they may control the sun, the moon, the clouds, the sea, and the lightning above, but they have no dominion over my heart, and how much I love you. And so, I will honor your request. I will be the one to end your life. I shall do it with a heavy heart. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but you've given me no choice. Goodbye, Tsukiakari. Until we meet again, for the final time.

Izanami clapped her hands and completed the prayer. Tsukiakari had just about finished her massacre. She laughed amidst all the destruction and corpses. Or rather, she laughed and cried at the same time. The sun was disappearing under the horizon. Night would come soon.

Izanami went back downstairs when she was ready, passing by Isabella, who was crying on the couch. Osamu was still unconscious. To her surprise, Yoko was outside waiting for her, wearing Osamu's scarf, jean jacket, and her shirt with the kanji for "Love" on it.

Izanami: You're here? Why?

Yoko: I'm going with you.

Izanami smiled and closed her eyes.

Izanami: I won't protest. But you do know what we're going up against, right? Even as a god, I may not survive the fight. We could both die in the battle.

Yoko: Yes, I already understand that. That's why I'm wearing Osamu's scarf. If I'm going to die, I want to die with a little piece of the man I love with me. His scarf and his scent will suffice in giving me comfort when I know death is the most probable outcome of this.

Izanami: You really do love him. Very well then. Let's go together.

Isabella met them outside as well. She carried a sniper rifle and a large backpack with her.

Yoko: You too?

Isabella: Tsukiakari means a lot to all of us. I'm going to help out too.

Yoko: You realize we might all die, right? Tsukiakari is a prodigy in the art of war.

Isabella: I'm aware. This is to save her and countless other people. As an American, saving people is my calling card.

Yoko smiled.

Yoko: I'd be happy to die by your side, Gaijin. Let's go.

Clouds covered the sky now, blocking the moon from view. It would surely rain soon. The three walked through the neighborhood, which was littered with corpses. Despite the awful sight, they took comfort in the fact that they might die saving a friend. With that in mind, they didn't care that they would soon be joining the souls of the dead. Tsukiakari had decided to rest for just a while at Izanami's shrine. Akatsuki and Omagatoki were forced to hide in the shrine to avoid detection. Since they were nothing but yurei, or dim spirits, Tsukiakari couldn't sense them near her. She sat on the steps of the main house of the shrine, twisting her sword into the ground and waiting.

Tsukiakari: They're coming. Isabella, Yoko, and Izanami. If I am to die, it will be by your hands. I love you, but also hate you. You showed me freedom, but you also really wanted to turn me in. I feel so torn...

The three approached the bottom of the tree-covered hill Izanami's old shrine sat on top of. Now, it was just a long climb up to the top.

Izanami: She's here. I can feel it. Are you two really sure about this?

Yoko: Absolutely. We're with you, Izanami.

Isabella: I'm ready.

Izanami: Alright.

As they made their ascent to certain death, Osamu finally awoke in bed again. Bishamon was beside him.

Osamu: Bisha? My head...

Bishamon handed Osamu a glass of water as he sat up.

Bishamon: Drink.

Osamu gladly took the water.

Osamu: Please tell me I was dreaming.

Bishamon: I'm afraid not. Tsukiakari has chosen to do this the hard way. The other girls have already gone after her.

(We failed...)

Bishamon: Fear of's a common and accepted fear among humans. But this fear is not normal among gods, because we typically live forever. Can you imagine? A war god, facing mortality? Facing a scheduled and permanent end to her own life? Her heart must be torn asunder right now. Fear and paranoia have nested themselves in her. She only wanted to love, but fate does not permit her to live in normalcy. Not for long. And so, fear has evolved into evil. Evil always roots itself in good people, never coming in the form of a man with red eyes and a wicked tail and horns. No. It comes in the form of those who once loved you. It roots itself in their desires, then takes control of their fears. It then uses them as instruments of malice that must be stopped, and that is the great tragedy of evil. Sometimes, we must let go of what we once loved.

Osamu could only think back to his restored memories of Tsukiakari, as he knew her when they were much younger, eating and joking together in the chariot house in school.

(Hah...ride a chariot together...what a silly dream she had.)

Bishamon: Right about now, I imagine those girls are climbing up the steps of the shrine where Tsukiakari most likely woke up in each time Izanami reincarnated her. It might be a very deadly battle.

Indeed, the three girls were almost at the top of the hill, each of them prepared to die.

Bishamon: But I can end it before that. I can kill Tsukiakari myself. This fear of death, the evil it's rooted, and her abiities as a war goddess are sure t cause more bloodhsed. Let me end this, Osamu. Neither of us want Izanami or anyone else to suffer.


Osamu's mind quickly flipped through memories like pages in a book, from the moment he met Tsukiakari, to the time they were reunited, and to the present moment.

(I know what I have to do.)

Osamu: Bishamon, thank you for asking for my consent first. But I must decline.

Bishamon: Oh?

Osamu: Instead, let me settle this if the others can't. If they fail, I'll be the one to kill her.

Osamu stood up out of bed, his body and head aching with every move.

Bishamon: Are you sure about this? I won't stop you, but I will warn you. If you step outside of this house, you're going tos see the rotten fruits of Tsukiakari's abilities as a war goddess. You're going to see her true nature first-hand. The past is one thing, but can you stomach her being a monstrosity inthe present?

Osamu: Yes. I will do it.

Bishamon sighed.

Bishamon: Very well then. Take this.

Bishamon summoned a golden sword and handed it to Osamu. As soon as he touched it, he could feel Bishamon's power flow through him, coursing through his veins like flames.

Osamu: This...this feels incredible!

Bishamon: In order to kill a god, you need a godly weapon. You can use this to do it. I will give you one hour. If she is not dead in that time, I will have to intervene. Do you understand how serious this is?

Osamu: I understand.

Bishamon: Go forth, then.

Osamu grabbed his hoodie and ventured out of the house. The street lamps were on, and the streets themselves were quiet and cold as snow covered the ground.

(Tsukiakari. This is it. This could've been peaceful, but I was a fool for assuming you could just let him take your life. So, instead...if they fail...I will be the one to take yours.)

The three girls were now face-to-face with Tsukiakari, who stood up from the steps and met them in the courtyard. Izanami had her scythe, Yoko had her swords and other tools, and Isabella had her guns.

Yoko: Tsukiakari. We're here to kill you.

The goddess smiled.

Tsukiakari: I know.

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And so, the War Clouds part :sadbye: That's the end of this arc.

Day 128 and 1/2: Farewell
No matter the distance, we shall go together
The showdown was about to begin in the courtyard of one of Izanami's shrines. The pagoda lanterns along the walkway were all lit with flames, giving light to the whole shrine. Tsukiakari first lunged after Isabella, but her swing was blocked by Izanami's scythe. Yoko went around the side and threw three kunai into Tsukiakari's side and leg, forcing her to pull back and pull them out.

Tsukiakari: Congratulations. You made a god bleed.

Tsukiakari pulled out the last kunai and took hold of it. Lightning began to flow through it as it morphed into a lightning javelin. When it was thrown, it was faster than anyone could even hear. Once again, Izanami protected everyone by deflecting the Javelin's trajectory with her scythe. Isabella wasted no time in throwing two grenades at Tsukiakari, prompting her to jump on the roof of the pagoda to avoid the explosions. As she was distracted, Izanami was already in front of her and in mid-air, about to make a horizontal strike that would cut her in half. Her sword blocked Izanami's scythe, and the two exchanged clashes between their blades. Tsukiakari could see heartbreak in Izanami's teary eyes, and for Izanami, all she could see was a girl suppressing her inner emotions.

Izanami was abruptly hit in the chin by Tsukiakari's upper kick, and then knocked back down to ground level with a powerful side kick that cracked the stone tiles in the courtyard as Izanami's made contact with the floor.

Yoko: Izanami!

Tsukiakari's sword was ignited with flames as she swooped in to finish Izanami, only to find her blade meeting with Yoko's katana instead.

Yoko: Gekko! You've already shown me what's in your heart! I know you're scared, but what does this accomplish?! You're just being selfish, leaving the responsibility of killing you to us when you know we love you!

Tsukiakari: I'm the selfish one?! You all lied to me! You bought me gifts and pampered me knowing you'd only give me up to the man who ruined my life!

Tsukiakari broke Yoko's guard and cut her arm, leaving a bleeding, searing scar on Yoko.

Tsukiakari: Don't you dare call me Gekko! Don't you dare call me selfish! What were you doing this whole time?! You were all leading me right to my own funeral! You let me love and trust you only for you all to trample on it all! I finally got to live in a good house, with good people. I finally got to have a Christmas! I've never even been given a gift before! Friends don't sell each other out. That's what I kept saying to myself. I trusted that you guys weren't like that. I knew Bishamon was looking for me, but I didn't think Osamu and Izanami would ever dare give me up to him. As we got closer and closer to New Year's, I couldn't help it anymore. I needed to know for sure that you all had my back. And you didn't.

Yoko: That's because-

Tsukiakari: I already know. I'm a danger to everyone. At least this way, you will all be the ones to kill me instead of Bishamon. At the same time, I get to pour all of my hatred on you for misleading me.

Isabella: She's completely lost...

Yoko: There's nothing we can do for her. It's too late anyway. After massacring the residents, Heaven isn't going to just let her roam around any more than they already have. They were giving her mercy and now she just pissed it all away. She wants to die by the hands of her loved ones, so let's at least grant her that wish. If we don't defeat her here, she'll kill us and forever live her life on the run from Bishamon, assuming she doesn't decide to kill him too.

As the battle raged on ran through the streets and saw what Bishamon was warning him about. He fell to his knees, almost sick at the sight of the freshly slain.

(Tsukiakari did this. Now I see how merciless she can be. This is why she made for such a great war goddess. Men, woman, young and old. She only had the decency to spare children, who couldn't have possibly had any chance to defend themselves.)

Osamu forged on, covering his nose to protect himself from the smell. A distant cloud of smoke came from the shrine at the top of the hill.

(I need to follow that smoke. That should be where Tsukiakari and the others are.)

Isabella had already taken the scope off of her M21, replacing it with a holographic sight. She fired a few rounds at Tsukiakari, landing a few hits in her stomach and shoulder. Though they hurt, they weren't enough to stop the goddess. Tsukiakari cut the rifle in half and placed her hand on Isabella's arm. Fire traveled through her palm and scorched Isabella's arm as she reached for her handgun and frantically pulled the trigger. The bullet stroke Tsukiakari's hand, effectively rendering the use of magic with it impossible. Yoko threw a pair of stringed shuriken around Tsukiakari's neck, but she quickly cut the strings with her sword.

Locked in a duel of blades, Yoko's endurance was put to the test by Tsukiakari's relentless sword style that always kept her on the defense. Izanami had prepared a Kuji-in attack as they fought and lapped up the wind into a compressed ball that floated above her palm. Yoko noticed and promptly got out of the way as Tsukiakari was hit with high pressured air that made rips in her yukata and blew her back towards the pagoda. The wind chilled her bones and made it difficult to stand up. When Izanami made one more swing at her with her scythe, it was a successful hit. Her guard was broken, and the blade of the scythe gashed Tsukiakari above the belly button.

Tsukiakari held her gripped her sword with her teeth and seared the wound shut with her one working hand. Isabella took out a grenade launcher from her backpack and fired a round at Tsukiakari with just one hand. She was able to cut the round in half and let it explode behind her.

Isabella: Damn it!

Tsukiakari stabbed the ground with her blade and shattered the earth beneath their feet to knock them all off balance. The first she wanted to kill was Isabella. Even after being stunned and knocked on the floor, Isabella was able to raise her handgun and point it at Tsukiakari's face just as she pressed her sword against her stomach. The two were wary about who would make the first move.

Isabella: Don't do it...please...

Tsukiakari stabbed Isabella regardless, causing Isabella to shoot her and miss. She then stuck her sword in her left leg, destroying the bone and driving the blade all the way through to form an exit wound. Yoko and Izanami tried to save her as she screamed out in pain, but both of their attacks were dodged with a swift back flip. Tsukiakari threw her sword around into the air, allowing her to teleport right to it and take hold of it again. Izanami was able to dodge as she came back down, but Yoko was struck by Tsukiakari's blade, the impact sending a shockwave from the mountain that rustled the trees. The blade struck Yoko's lower neck, causing her blood to spray on Tsukiakari's face.

Desperate to kill her, Izanami put a great deal of energy into her scythe, causing it to radiate with a golden color.

Tsukiakari: Star Crash, huh? You really think it will work?

Yoko squirmed and bled by Tsukiakari's feet, and Yoko bled next to Izanami.

Izanami gave Tsukiakari a deadly stare before the two clashed once more. Izanami's Star Crash was supposed to be the hardest hitting and forceful attack available to her. The shock wave from the attack traveled even down to Osamu's position.

(What was that?!)

Tsukiakari sacrificed her left arm to block the attack with her hand, allowing her to strike Izanami with her blade. Her sword entered through Izanami's side and exited through her lower back. Tsukiakari's arm was now limp and devoid of all feeling. It was useless. She pulled her sword out of Izanami and let her fall on the floor next to Yoko and Isabella. As suspected, it began to rain.

Tsukiakari: I'm sure Izanami has some tricks up her sleeve for this kind of situation, but I imagine you two will die. Isabella. Yoko. One has a gash in the neck, and the other has a completely destroyed femoral artery. This battle is as good as done.

Osamu: Tsukiakari!

It was just like the time Tsukiakari fought Yoko, where he called out to her.

Tsukiakari: Osamu...

(Oh I too late?!)

Izanami: Osamu...get out of here!

Tsukiakari: I remember I asked you once, how much that woman Yoko meant to you. Now I can see how much all three of them mean to you. You love and care for them so much, don't you? More than me.

Osamu: There's still time to end this peacefully. We can still drop our weapons right now!

Tsukiakari: That're using Bishamon's sword.

Osamu: What choice do I have?! You're about to kill some of the only people I have in this world! I'm giving you one last chance. Yield or die.

Tsukiakari: I choose death. But not here. If I am going to die, it will be in our special place. You know where it is.

(The school...)

Osamu: Don't play with me-

Tsukiakari disappeared in a vortex of clouds, leaving Osamu to witness the sight of his dying friends.

(It wasn't supposed to go down like this...I'm so sorry, you guys.)

Osamu: Izanami, are you okay?

Izanami healed her wound and was helped up by Osamu.

Izanami: She's...she's serious about this. We have to be the ones to stop her. We can't allow her to kill anyone else. We can't allow her to live her life as a criminal in hiding. Please, Osamu...

Izanami cried into Osamu's chest.

Izanami: Please set her free! I'm begging you!

(Set her free...all her life, Tsukiakari has either been bound by awful responsibilities, or escaping something. Back then, she lived the life of the sword. Now, she's trying to run away from her fate. She really wants us to be the ones to do it. Maybe he feels, in that way, she would have cheated Bishamon out of the pleasure of killing her himself.)

Osamu: Izanami, save Isabella and Yoko. Don't let them die. I'm going to finish this.

Izanami: Osamu, you can't! She will kill you! She didn't hesitate to try and kill us!

Osamu smiled and caressed Izanami's cheek.

Osamu: I know. I'll be back soon, okay? Just make sure that they're safe. Quickly, before the bleed out.

Izanami: O-okay...

Izanami kissed Yoko and then Isabella to restore their life energy. The bleeding stopped, but their wounds would need to be treated.

( two knew you could die here, but you still fought like hell, didn't you? Thank you.)

Izanami: I think they'll be okay...

Osamu stole a kiss from Izanami in the middle of the rain. His body just moved without him putting into much thought into it.

(I really just did that...)

Osamu: If I don't make it back. Tell them I love them.

Izanami: You will make it back. I know you will.

Osamu made his descent from the shrine and back into the town. Izanami worked to continue to keep Yoko and Isabella alive as Osamu made his slow walk towards the abandoned school. His eyes bore witness to Tsukiakari's destruction and the death that it brings.

(So odd. I can just feel it. It's in the air. It's like a silent whisper of a ghostly angel walking beside me. I...somehow, I just know. I'm going to die, aren't I? I won't make it out of this one. Every cell in my body is telling me that, as if I've already seen the outcome of this fight. But still, my body is moving forward towards my fate. It's not cowering. I'm not even shivering at all. I feel calm and warm inside. I'm ready. If I'm going to die, I'm ready. If it's for Tsukiakari, I'm ready.)

Positive that Yoko and Isabella were on the road to recovery, Izanami could no longer stand to sit and wait for Osamu. She ran down from the shrine and tried to catch up with him. Though Osamu had always been a reliable person, she had an awful feeling about this night. Whatever Osamu felt as he walked, Izanami felt it too.

Izanami: Osamu! Osamu!

She tried following the faint feeling of Bishamon's energy, noticing that Osamu was carrying his golden sword.

(I can count each heartbeat in my chest now. Each one feels so precious. How many more will there be? How many more breaths will I take? How many more times will I blink? How many more until there is no more? I wonder, Tsukiakari...can you answer those questions?)

On his way to the school, Osamu could hear a very familiar voice singing in the night. It was soft and sweet, and accompanied by the strings of an acoustic guitar.

(That voice...)

He turned the corner and saw Aika sitting on her front yard. She was the source of the music. Aika noticed Osamu walking by her and stopped to say hello. It wasn't that she remembered him, she was just polite and loved to say hello, good morning, and good evening to everyone.

Aika: Hello there!

(Aika...I'm so glad to see you right now...)

Osamu: Hey. You sound really beautiful

(You ARE beautiful)

Aika: Oh gosh, thank you! I was just practicing a bit. Umm, is that sword real?

Osamu: Oh, no. It's a prop that I have to return to someone. Figured I should do it now than wait until sunrise.

Aika: Oo! A go-getter! Well, be safe!

Osamu: Thank you. You too.

(Any fear I may have felt is easily quelled by Aika's singing. Love're the perfect song to die to.)

The night, the moon, and the rain. Darkness, moonlight, and holy water from a crying sky all washed down on Tsukiakari as she sat on the swings of the abandoned school were she met the one and only love of her life.

Bishamon appeared out of a fiery portal at the shrine and found Yoko and Isabella. He was riding on a red horse, as red as the blood moon.

Bishamon: Damn her. I can't believe it's come to this.

Bishamon knelt down by the wounded Yoko and Isabella, their blood being carried off the steps to the shrine by the rain.

Bishamon: You're our last hope, Osamu. No, in fact...your Tsukiakari's last hope.

Tsukiakari held her sword up to the moon as she sat on the swings, half her face covered in Yoko's blood.

Tsukiakari: so cruel. I love them all, and yet...

Osamu had finally arrived at the old school. His heartbeat had grown stronger as he entered through the doors and saw the old halls he'd walk through as a student.

(Our special place. This place means everything to you. Though it was so long ago, it means something to me now too.)

Osamu walked through the halls of the school, making his way towards the playground. His eyes reflected the feeling he had in his heart. They were heavy, tired, but determined. Even if it means the end, it had to be done.

(This has to stop. I feel so tired and saddend, but I need to end this. I need to set her free.)

Tsukiakari laughed to herself on the swings, sensing Osamu's presence.

Tsukiakari: My love is here. My one, true, and first love has come...

Osamu finally stepped out into the moonlight, his sword gleaming and the rain soaking his hair. The two who were once so close now couldn't be any further apart from each other.

Tsukiakari: kill me.

Tsukiakari stood up from the swings and undid her hair, letting it fall to the rain-soaked ground as she threw the pins aside.

Osamu: Gekko-

Tsukiakari: Don't you dare call me that now. If you wish to kill me, then use my birth name.

Osamu closed his eyes and stifled his heartache.

Osamu: Tsukiakari...

Osamu hesitated on his words as the rain fell upon them both.

Osamu: This is goodbye.

Osamu raised his sword, pointing it at Tsukiakari. His hands did not shake as he held the glimmering blade.

Osamu: I cannot allow you to live any longer.

Tsukiakari prepared her blade as well.

Tsukiakari: Then I have nothing more to say to you.

Izanami, as wounded and bloodied as she was, ran through the halls of the school and found them both much too late.

Izanami: Osamu!

Osamu and Tsukiakari rushed towards each other with the speed of a lightning strike. But to Osamu and Tsukiakari, it all seemed to happen in slow motion.

(You know...Tsukiakari. Though my memory of you was hazy when you first returned...I wish now...more than ever...)

The intent to kill, the very core of her nature as a warrior, shined brightly in Tsukiakari's eyes. She was already wounded and knew this one strike might be the end of her.

(...that you and I had the chance to truly love each other. You and I both will die here, in the place where we met.)

A blinding white light sparked from their clash. Izanami's eyes readjusted to the darkness of the night and saw Osamu and Tsukiakari both on the floor. She ran to Osamu first, flipping him over and kissing him to try and restore his life energy.

Izanami: Why isn't it working!? Osamu! Osamu! Oh god, please don't die! You can't leave me like this, Osa!

There it was. There was that feeling. The feeling Izanami got whenever someone died. Osamu Ashikaga had died instantly from that one clash with Tsukiakari, who was also on her way to death. She had just a few more moments than him to enjoy the feeling of the rain on her face. Her last sight was of the dilapidated chariot house.

Tsukiakari: Osamu...

Izanami cradled Osamu's body in her arms as his chest bled onto the ground. She put her forehead against his and kissed his face and blood-covered lips.

Izanami: I love you. I've always loved you, Osamu! I'm so sorry! This is all my fault!

That feeling again. Tsukiakari just passed away. The goddess was dead. No one could possibly understand the grief Izanami went through, to lose the man she loved and the woman she viewed as a daughter in a single night. Crying turned into screams that were capable of shaking heaven and the mountains of the earth. She screamed as if her very heart was being ripped out.

Bishamon watched from nearby, shocked at the outcome of the battle.

Bishamon: He bravely marched on to his own death. He truly does share the same spirit as I do. His death is worthy of praise and respect indeed. You did well, Osamu. You managed to take her with you.


The war clouds have parted, and the moonlight shines on our fallen hero.
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Well with "that" happening, this brings us to part 2 of War Cloud  :clapping: And yes, I'm making all of this up as I go along.

Things are definitely different  :sadbye:

Day 592: My Name is Yoko Akiyama, and I Will be Your Guide
I will wait a thousand moons to be with you once more




(Ah, hello there, reader! First, I should clear up some confusion that's sure to be had from you reading this. I am not Osamu Ashikaga. Actually, I am Yoko Akiyama. You and I are going to be together for a while, considering what happened over a year ago. By now, you must know, right? My light in this world, my one true love...died. Tsukiakari Senkumo died along with him.)

Over a year later, in the month of April. Yoko sat at the counter of her kitchen with all the windows wide open to allow the spring air into her home. She sipped tea alone as her hair was blown around by the light breeze.

(Was I devastated? Of course I was. I still am. The hardest thing was waking up and wondering why he was no longer here with us. Why, of all people, did it have to be him? It wasn't fair. No matter how many times I prayed and cried, he never came back. Soon after his death, Izanami just...well, she vanished. Hmm, I should be more precise, shouldn't I? Excuse me. Osamu was always better at this internal dialogue thing. It's not that Izanami is actually physically non-existant. It's that she just went away somewhere and never said a word. Who can blame her? Losing Osamu and Tsukiakari must've been heart-breaking for her.)

(Whew, last set of parentheses were was getting full, huh? Please, excuse me. Osamu was much more efficient at this internal dialogue thing than I am. Oh, are you wondering about Isabella? She's fine, I suppose. She's alive and healthy, but her injuries currently still prohibit her from walking. She's been bound to a wheelchair ever since that fight. As much as Gaijin annoys me, it does pain me to see someone of her fiery spirit be confined to a wheelchair. She moved out of the house once she was healed enough. She said she couldn't handle being in this house anymore. It's okay though, she hasn't left Japan. In fact, she lives pretty close to here, and we talk every day. We both miss Osamu dearly. She's called me crying late at night so many times I've lost count.)

Yoko finished her tea and rinsed out the cup in the sink.

(And as for me? Oh darling, who knew you cared so much? This is hard to say so bluntly, but I did not have a very strong will to live after Osamu's death. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to, but then I wondered how Gaijin would feel, or Izanami. We all suffered the same tragedy, so it would be selfish if I clocked out, wouldn't it? So, I stayed alive. Can't say I hate it. It's gotten a little better with time, but things...just aren't how they used to be. Please excuse me, a woman is very talkative, even in her mind. I didn't mean to take up so much of your time, darling. I hope you'll forgive me.)

On this breezy, spring day, Yoko walked to the grocery store in a flowing, pink dress, appropriate for the season. It was the most mundane of mundane tasks, simply going through the aisles and picking out whatever she needed. It was the first time she had been to the grocery store alone in a long time.

(When they were here, we always used to go the store together. Maybe not all of us, but someone would accompany me. Now it just feels like how it did before Osamu came back to town. Alone.)

Yoko felt her cheeks burn as she searched the aisles for sugar. When she wiped them, she realized they were tears.

Yoko: Damn it. I'm crying in public again...

Isabella's day felt just as empty and hollow. She bought herself a nice house on the hill, about as big as Yoko's. Being bound to her wheelchair meant she couldn't do things like workout or cook like she wanted to. The living room was large and had three massive windows that gave her a view of the town below. She usually wore her hair in braided pigtails with ribbons tied on the bottom. If she wasn't reading, she was watching TV, or taking apart one of her guns and putting them back together to pass the time.

Her doorbell rang, so she went to answer it and let Yoko inside. Despite her condition, Isabella still kept her smile.

Isabella: Hey! I hope the trip wasn't too bothersome.

Yoko: Of course not.

(I frequently bought Gaijin's groceries and brought them to her. I cook for her and look out for her as much as I can. It's not like she has any family here in Japan. I suppose you can say I also feel bad for letting come along that night. Because of that, she's not able to walk.)

Yoko whipped up some miso soup with shrimp and a slightly spicy broth for them both. They sat at the table in the living room as the sun shined through the windows and gave the whole room a heavenly glare.

Yoko: Have have you been?

Isabella: Bored as always. Not being able to walk isn't fun. It may stay like this for a while before I can even dream of walking again.

Yoko: I'm sorry, Izzy.

Isabella: Don't worry about it. I'm glad that I got to lose my ability to walk fighting by your side rather than a silly accident or something. How have you been?

Yoko: Lonely, honestly. It's like things have gone back to the way they used to be.

Isabella smiled as she remembered something.

Isabella: Crazy, isn't it? It's been a year and a half since the day Osamu returned to this town.

Yoko: Really? That long?

Isabella: Yeah. I think that was September of 2016...he died close to January....yep. It's been a year and approximately seven months since he first returned.

Yoko: I remember. Summer was on its last legs when he came back.

Yoko remembered that first day, when she tracked Osamu down and kidnapped him.

(Not the most conventional reunion, but I'm not a very conventional woman, am I?)

Isabella: Is that bowling alley still there?

Yoko: Yeah. Doesn't look like anyone is going to be building anything there any time soon, so I guess there isn't much of a reason to bother tearing it down.

Isabella: Good. I wouldn't want it to be destroyed.

Yoko: Me neither.

Isabella's smile faded from her face.

Isabella: Hey, Yoko. I've been thinking. I might leave Japan.

Yoko put down her soup. Those words kicked her heart around.

Isabella: There's not much left for me here, and Dad is worried sick about me. I mean, his daughter can't walk anymore, you know? He's especially worried after we lost Hux.

(Hux. Short for Huxley. Isabella's brother was killed in action last October. Even still, she stayed here, probably to make sure I had some company.)

Yoko: I'd be very heartbroken if you left. But, if that's what you want to do, I can't stop you. I know your father must be very worried, and a lot of it is my fault.

Isabella: Oh, please! It really isn't-

Yoko: Please. Just let me apologize to you.

Isabella protested no further. She reached out and grabbed Yoko's hand, enclosing it with her own.

Isabella: It's not your fault, Yoko. But at any rate, I forgive you.

Later that day in the late afternoon, Isabella waved goodbye as Yoko left. She walked through the neighborhood, heading home after the long day.

(That's right, I should mention this. After Tsukiakari's massacre, much of the neighborhood is...well...empty. There isn't nearly as many people as there used to be, and the ones that were left moved away. It's only the reasonable thing to do. Now, even Gaijin might leave me. First, Osamu dies, then Izanami disappears. It's like I'm really being left behind. Our little family is disappearing, one by one.)

Yoko passed by Aika's place, who had also moved out of the neighborhood.

(As for Aika, she really accomplished her dream. She has a band called Ake no Myojyo, and they've played all around the country. I think she's getting ready for an international tour soon too. I can only imagine how much fun she's having now. It wall thanks to Osamu and Izanami making the sacrifice they made. It gave her a second chance at life. Maybe some day, I might move out of the neighborhood too. There's a lot of memories here, but there's no point if it's empty.)

Yoko finally returned to her empty, large, and quiet home.

(Some days are really easy.)

She suddenly felt overwhelmed with sadness, and slouched down on the floor in tears.

(And some are very hard.)

Day 593: Written in Red, a Letter From the Dead
Smile like the dawn and kiss me like the dusk
Yoko awoke alone in bed. She could hear the birds singing outside as the sun shined through her pink curtains, washing the room in a pink shade. She yawned and scratched out her frizzy, messy, bed hair.

(Another day.)

Yoko went about her daily life once more. She brushed her hair, took a shower, brushed her teeth and washed her face. She put on another beautiful, floral, spring dress and decided to take a walk. It was always an excuse to get out of the house. The sun's light bounced brightly off of the windows of the vacant houses as she walked by. The only noise in this neighborhood was the wind, the trees, and the birds above. She passed by a bench with an empty can of soda right next to it.

(I guess someone was too lazy to just throw the can away, huh? There should be a death penalty for this.)

Doing her part, Yoko took the can and threw it in the trash, continuing on her walk through the neighborhood.

(Hold on...)

She realized something. Though she kept walking forward, she was passing by buildings she could've sworn she saw earlier in her walk.

(Am I losing it?)

As she kept walking, she came across the same bench and the same can of soda next to it. She picked up the can and threw it in the trash again. She continued her walk, only for her to end up in the same spot, with the same bench, and the same can of soda next to it. Wary of outrageous things like infinite time loops, she altered her actions and kicked the can in the middle of the street.

(What is this? Why am I looping back to this spot when I keep walking forward?)

Two voices, speaking in unison called out to her from behind. They were the voices of two young girls.


Akatsuki Nishoku dressed in a white yukata with a floral haori over it. She kept her twin buns and necklace as always. She was the seemingly apathetic and emotionless one, at least facially. Her sister, on the other hand...


Omagatoki Gesshoku held hands with her sister, wearing a black yukata adorned with white, dead branches on it. Her haori was black as well and depicted classical paintings of demons on it. She was always the cuter and more lively sister, always capable of smiling and general emotion.

Yoko saw the two, pale twins, who looked more like dead children than live ones.

Akatsuki: Greetings. Are you-
Omagatoki: Yoko Akiyama?

(They finish each others sentences?)

Yoko reached in her pocket and threw two kunai at the twins. They passed right through them and bounced off of the floor.

Yoko: As I thought. You aren't humans. Who and what are you?

Akatsuki: Our apologies. We did not want-
Omagatoki: to disturb you with such an-
Akatsuki: abrupt visit. I am Akatsuki Nishoku.
Omagatoki: And I am Omagatoki Gesshoku.

Yoko: Well that's already a red flag. I can trust a supernatural being named Akatsuki, but I can't trust someone with a name like Omagatoki.

Omagatoki blushed and lowered her head.

Omagatoki: It's not that creepy...

Yoko: Doesn't your name have two meanings for the two ways you can write it? Both of them are pretty sinister if you ask me. It's 100% creepy.

Akatsuki: This is true. You can write Omagatoki-
Omagatoki: with the characters for "Meeting"-
Akatsuki: "Evil Spirit"-
Omagatoki: and "Hour". However, it can also be written-
Akatsuki: with the characters for "Big"-
Omagatoki: "Calamity", and-
Akatsuki: "Hour". Both meanings are-
Omagatoki: understandably sinister.

*Effectively making the two meanings: "The time of meeting yurei, yokai, and dark creatures" and "The time of Great Calamity". In 'Illustrated One Hundred Demons from the Present and the Past', Toriyama Sekien described Omagatoki as the time when chimimoryo?, the evil spirits of the mountains and rivers, attempt to materialize in the world.*

(How annoying...)

Yoko: Can't you two talk without finishing each others sentences? It's getting hard to focus on just one of you.

Omagatoki and Akatsuki nervously looked at each other before returning their gaze to Yoko. Rather, it's more accurate to say that Omagatoki was the nervous one.

Omagatoki: If...if we-
Akatsuki: Let go of each others hands-
Omagatoki: we can talk independently. Like this, however-
Akatsuki: it's almost as if we share thoughts-
Omagatoki: and words.

Yoko: Well then? Let go of each others hands.

Omagatoki...sort of complied. Though she did not hold on to Akatsuki's hand, she did pinch Akatsuki's haori.

(I guess that's as good as it's going to get.)

Omagatoki: I-I write my name after the second meaning, but both meanings are fine with me.

Yoko: Yeah, neither of those meanings would make me even remotely comfortable with you around. Okay, so you've answered my first question. I know that the iron faced girl over there is Akatsuki Nishoku and that you are Omagatoki Gesshoku. Now then, what are you?

Akatsuki spoke in a flat, monotone voice. Still, there was a strange, cute charm to it. Though, it was most likely because she's only 8 years old.

Akatsuki: My sister and I are spirits that were taken under Izanami's wing. Our job is to ensure that time and space moves forward as intended. Or, more simply, that the sun rises when it is due, and the sun falls when it is due.

Omagatoki: We are also in charge of Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Yoko: You two little brats are the ones who control time? Can you go back in time then?

Omagatoki: Yes, however, such an action is forbidden by Izanami and the rest of Heaven unless an emergency arises.

Akatsuki: Such an emergency being the end of the world, or of humanity.

(I see. Guess it was worth a try.)

Yoko: I have a lot more questions to ask, but I'm sure you two approached me for a reason. What is it?

Omagatoki took Akatsuki's hand again, linking their two minds together. Akatsuki took an envelope out of her yukata and handed it to Yoko.

Akatsuki: We have been sent-
Omagatoki: to deliver this message to you.


Yoko: Very well. But you read it. I have a bad feeling about opening an envelope from you two.

Omagatoki pinched Akatsuki's haori again so she can speak independently. Akatsuki held the letter up for her.

Omagatoki: Dear Yoko Akiyama, I send you this letter as a form of introduction and invitation. I cannot disclose to you my real name, but for now, you can call me Hidetaka. I apologize for the abrupt visit from Omagatoki and Akatsuki. I hope they didn't disturb you too much. I am writing you this letter to bring you some news, as well as some directions. Are you ready? Listen closely. Osamu Ashikaga is alive and well. He is with me, currently.


Yoko: Stop! Read that again!

Omagatoki: Yes! Umm...Osamu Ashikaga is a live and well. He is with me, currently.

Yoko: He's alive?!

(Who is this, and how does he know Osamu?)

Yoko: Where is he?! Please, you need to tell me where Osamu is right now!

Yoko knelt down and placed her hands on the twins' shoulders, urging them at an eye-to-eye level.

Omagatoki: Please let me finish the letter! He mentions being able to see him!

Yoko: Alright. Read the rest of it then.

Omagatoki nervously continued with her shaky voice.

Omagatoki: Let's see. He is with me, currently. I know that may be hard to believe, and you don't have to believe me just from paper. I can show you proof in the flesh. First, it is appropriate that you and I meet. There is much I need to explain to you before you can see Osamu. Meet me on April 5th, 10:00 PM on the dot, at the abandoned bowling alley in your town. Take Omagatoki and Akatsuki with you. They will be able to know if you are being followed or not. Until then, please hold on to them. They are extremely low maintenance. They do not eat or sleep, so they should be easy to take care of for just one day. After we meet, you will be able to see Osamu again. Take care of yourself. Sincerely, Ogamu Hidetaka

(Ogamu? So close to Osamu's name.)

Yoko: Is this Ogamu actually Osamu?

Akatsuki: No. Ogamu is the incognito name for our old master. As you can see, it's written as "Worship".

Yoko: Incognito...he stressed he couldn't disclose his real name to me. Why is this?

Omagatoki: C-considering the circumstances, it is important our old master retains his anonymity. He will give you the details when you two meet.

Yoko's heart was racing at the possibility that Osamu was still alive.

(But how? Izanami said it herself. Osamu was dead. She even buried them both...)

Yoko: Why is it that I can't just meet Osamu now? Why must I wait? Why is this Hidetaka guy acting as a go-between?

Akatsuki: You misunderstand. Osamu himself has requested it to be this way.

(Osamu requested this?!)

Yoko looked at the sky and realized how much time had passed. It was already sunset.

Yoko: So this is your doing? Simply by existing, you two create balance in the flow of time.

Akatsuki: That is correct.

Omagatoki couldn't take it anymore. She only felt comfortable holding her sister's hand, especially when it got dark. The two were linked once more.

Akatsuki: If it is okay-
Omagatoki: we'd like to stay with you-
Akatsuki: until we see our old master again.

Yoko sighed away the anxiety and excitement within her.

(Osamu...are you really out there? How long have you been alive? Why did you wait a year and three months to contact me?)

Yoko: Alright. You two can come home with me. If anything weird happens in my house, you two are officially dead to me. Got it?

Akatsuki: Okay, but-
Omagatoki: we are dead.

Yoko: You know what I mean. Come on, let's go.

Is Osamu truly still alive? Who is the one he's with? There was much to be answered the next day.

Arc OP:

Arc ED:
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Oh Yoko!  8)

Day 594: A Widow I Am, No Longer
(And so, just like that, your dearest, sweetest Yoko Akiyama became the baby sitter of two time spirits. By now, you must be thinking 'Goodness Gracious, Yoko, The Exalted One, you should move out of that accursed neighborhood! Here, take my money and get yourself a first-class ticket to my home country, where we can live together in peace and holy matrimony!'. And to that, I must decline. Though, I wouldn't blame you if you thought that way. I suppose it's like a human version of Gresham's Law. Just as bad money drives good money away, bad people drive good people away. All that's left is the supernatural. Funny how that works, huh? My, my, I've been rambling for a while now. My apologies, Osamu was much better at remaining within the confines of the 4 walls of storytelling in his internal dialogue.)

Exhausted from her day and ready to go to bed, Yoko prepared a bath for the twins with heavy, half-closed eyes.

Yoko: Lucky children. You get to bathe in such a large and extravagant tub with golden faucets and lots of bubbles. Many children would kill to be you.

Omagatoki and Akatsuki bowed in unison and let go of each others hands to undress. Once they were both naked, they held hands again.

(So odd...)

Yoko: Well, have fun. Save the water when you're done, if it's not dirty. I can use it to wash my clothes. Get to bed soon and don't drown. Well, you're dead anyway, so it's not like it matters.

Akatsuki: Thank you-
Omagatoki: very much.

Yoko shut the door and exhaled a sigh or relief and exhaustion.

(I may really get to see Osamu soon, if this Hidetaka person is telling the truth. I just can't wrap my head around him being alive. And where is Izanami in all of this? Does she have anything to do with this Hidetaka person. Goodness, my head feels like scrambled eggs!)

Yoko suddenly heard thumping and splashing water in the bathroom. She frantically opened the door to check on the twins and saw Akatsuki hanging on to Omagatoki's hand. Omagatoki was on the floor, laying on her neck as Akatsuki tried to pull her back up to the tub.

Omagatoki: Yoko...
Akatsuki: it seems we cannot figure out-
Omagatoki: this complex contraption you call-
Akatsuki: a bath. How do you use it?

(Low maintenance my ass and a half.)


Yoko took the time to help them bathe and wash their hair for them. It was like caring for two of her own children. When all was done and the twins were dry, the twins laid on the floor next to Yoko's bed as she finally lied down.

Yoko: Hidetaka told me you guys don't sleep, but I'm going to say goodnight anyway. Are you ready? Goodnight, my darlings.

Akatsuki: Goodnight-
Omagatoki: Yoko.

Yoko closed her eyes, happy to finally be able to get some rest. As soon as she closed them, however, Omagatoki called out to her.

Omagatoki: Yoko?

Yoko: What is it?

Omagatoki: It's time-
Akatsuki: to get up.

Yoko: What are you-

It felt like Yoko had only closed her eyes a mere moment ago, but it was already 10 AM. The sun was out and bright.

Yoko: No didn't even feel like I really slept! Does time always slip away when people talk to you?!

Akatsuki: Not really, the Aika girl-
Omagatoki: manages to speak to us normally-
Akatsuki: without any problems.

Yoko: Aika? You guys know Aika too?

Akatsuki: She discovered us-
Omagatoki: by chance. Instead of feeling fear-
Akatsuki: she embraced the reality of the-
Omagatoki: supernatural. She may have used it-
Akatsuki: as inspiration for her songs.

Yoko: Good grief, that girl...

(Though I question the reason why time only seems to fluctuate when they're around me, I suppose there are issues with greater priority. When the hour of meeting came, we walked over to the abandoned bowling alley. I admit, I was shaking the whole way over. I did not know who I was going to meet, or what their relation to Osamu really was, or if Osamu was actually alive. If the twins are a sign of anything, I assume this Hidetaka person is also a supernatural being of some sort.)

Yoko led the way inside with two electric lanterns in her hands. The bowling alley was as dark as night, at the twins would accidentally kick over the occasional stray bowling ball or pin. Yoko could see the silhouette of a hooded figure standing in front of the stained glass windows. Though she feared the unknown, Yoko kept her composure with the twins at her side and walked closer to the man she was supposed to meet.

Hidetaka wore a black cloak and hood, and a demonic noh mask to hide his face. The cloak was decorated with art depicting the phases of the moon around his waist. His hands were gloved, and his blue eyes shined through the eye holes of the mask.

(This must be him...)

Yoko: Are you Ogamu Hidetaka?

The man's voice was deep and ominous.

Hidetaka: You must be Yoko Akiyama. You came on time as I specified.

His eyes turned towards the twins.

Hidetaka: Akatsuki, Omagatoki. Welcome back.

The twins bowed and sat down on the bleacher seats. Yoko set both of her lanterns on the floor, casting light on the seats, lanes, and bowling balls.

Hidetaka: These two are the Shoku Twins. I hope they weren't too much trouble.

Yoko: Not at all.

Hidetaka: Ah, I see. You came armed.

Almost as if he had X-ray vision, Hidetaka knew Yoko was carrying blades under her dress.

(How did he know? Is my dress too thin?)

Yoko: Of course I came armed. Anyone with malicious intent could send a letter like that and drop two spirits in my care. I do not know your true identity, and even now, I do not know what you look like. It would be foolish to not come prepared.

Hidetaka chuckled, his laughter echoing through the bowling alley.

Hidetaka: I'm glad you came armed. Osamu was right. You're smart enough to trust.

Yoko: Osamu said that?

Hidetaka sat down on the bleacher seats and crossed his legs.

Hidetaka: Now then. Sit. We have much to discuss. I'm going to fill you in on what has happened in the past year and three months.

Yoko sat down opposite of Hidetaka, legs open in case she needed to reach for her blade or get up quickly.

Yoko: I'm listening.

(He has blue eyes just like mine.)

Hidetaka sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

Hidetaka: Izanami did not deceive you. Osamu and Tsukiakari both died that night. They killed each other in one final strike. Death by ex-girlfriend. How tragic, right? He came back here an in almost 4 months, he got himself killed. It is also true that Izanami buried them both, but she did not tell anyone where. She requested that amount of privacy from the elder gods and they granted it to her, assuming she'd bury their bodies somewhere nice on the earth. Actually, it's more accurate to say that she entombed them, not buried them.

Yoko: Entombed?

Hidetaka: She kept their bodies in a crypt built on the moon. They were not laid to rest on earth. There was a reason for this.

The collective memories of the Shoku Twins and Hidetaka himself were being displayed on the stained glass windows like a movie being projected onto a wall. Yoko could see Izanami climbing back up to the shrine the morning after Osamu and Tsukiakari died. She looked like she had just finished crying. Omagatoki and Akatsuki sat on the steps of the shrine as usual as Izanami approached them both.

Omagatoki: Izanami-no-Mikoto?
Akatsuki: What are you doing here?

Izanami: Omagatoki. Akatsuki. I'm going to involve you in a lot of trouble...but I need your help.

Akatsuki: With what?

Izanami: Come to the moon with me.

Izanami teleported them to the moon, just outside of the crypt containing the bodies of Osamu and Tsukiakari.

Izanami: Two people who should not have died are inside of that tomb. One of them has the great chance of being reincarnated as someone or something else. But the other faces complete destruction of their soul. I want to bring them both back, but if I do, I will surely die. However, there is someone we can trust in this situation. Someone Heaven would never expect to help us.

Omagatoki: You don't mean-
Akatsuki: him?

Izanami: Yes. Please, unseal him from the moon.

Hidetaka: They did an unforgivable thing. Something that could eternally ruin their standing with Heaven. They unsealed me from the moon and asked for my help. She told me something very valuable to me was in danger, and it was my duty to protect it. When the crypt was opened, I saw exactly what she meant. I didn't know the young lad, but the girl...

(That's it!)

Yoko: I think I know who you are! You're him, aren't you!

Hidetaka removed his mask just enough to reveal half of his face.

Yoko: Tsukuyomi! God of the moon! Tsukiakari's father!

The man looked eternally youthful, though there was a scar on his cheek as if he had been cut a long time ago. He put his mask back on after letting Yoko get a decent look.

Hidetaka: Despite the fact that you know my identity, I must ask that you still call me Hidetaka. The truth could put Izanami and Osamu in danger.

Yoko contained her amazement and calmed down as much as she could.

Yoko: I understand.

Looking back at the memories, Yoko could see Tsukuyomi wearing a white burial kimono. His hair was pure white and flowed in slow motion on the moon. He cried over Tsukiakari's body as Izanami stood at the entrance of the crypt.

Tsukuyomi: How did this happen to her?!

Izanami: You haven't seen her for hundreds upon hundreds of years, have you? That poor girl went through so much suffering. I could explain to you, but I'm giving you the opportunity to ask her yourself.

Tsukuyomi: Myself?

Izanami: Come to the House of Souls with me. We're short on time, but we can still bring them back. If I try to revive them, I will die in the process. But you have an ample amount of energy left to bring them both back.

Tsukuyomi: Why should I care about the boy?

Izanami: Think of it as a thank you gift for unsealing you and risking my very reputation.

Tsukuyomi could not argue with Izanami. They traveled together with the Shoku Twins to the House of Souls and ran into the room where Tsukiakari and Osamu were both laid to rest.

Hidetaka: We discovered something odd when we entered that room. We only expected to find one of them, but both of them were in there. Not only that, but the pool of water that a soul rests in until judgement had turned black. According to Izanami, this meant that the souls inside were about to be terminated, erased completely from existence. With due haste, I followed Izanami's instructions and were able to pull the souls of Osamu and Tsukiakari back up to the surface before that could happen. They both returned in one piece.

Yoko began to cry from happiness as she could see Osamu and Tsukiakari get pulled back up from the black water by Tsukuyomi, both of then nude and exhausted. Still, they were conscious and able to speak. Izanami held Osamu close and was overjoyed by his return.

Osamu: Izanami?

Izanami: I thought I lost you forever! Why did you do something so reckless?!

Osamu: I'm sorry...I couldn't let you or anyone else get hurt.

Tsukuyomi reacted the same way with Tsukiakari. Though the two hadn't seen each other in so long, Tsukiakari could never forget what her father looked like.

Tsukiakari: Dad? Is that really you?

Tsukuyomi: Hey. Long time no see, huh?

Tsukiakari's crimson eyes welled up with tears, and she cried into her father's chest. It was something she never got the chance to do when her life took a horrible turn.

Tsukiakari: "Long time no see"?! How many centuries has it been?!

Tsukuyomi: Too many.

Tsukiakari: Mom banished me and you just disappeared without saying goodbye! How could you say something like "long time no see"?! I lost my family! Everyone in Heaven ostracized me, laughed at me, and I was forced to leave! I lived like a stray dog on earth, your own daughter! I-

Tsukiakari's crying turned into heartbreaking sobbing.

Tsukiakari: Oh god, I had to kill so many people, Dad! Bishamon turned me into a monster! I tried making more friends, and I did! I was happy with them! But they kept dying, and none of them were left!

Tsukuyomi: I know, Moonlight. I know.

Tsukiakari: I died so many times! Izanami sacrificed so much just to keep me alive and I failed her every single time! I had so many lonely birthdays, Dad! I looked at the moon and wondered where you were!

(I see. Tsukiakari was finally able to let it all out...)

Tsukiakari: I fell in love, I made friends again, but Bishamon still tried to use them to get to me! Still...I even tried to kill them!

Osamu: Gekko...

Tsukiakari: I was almost happy to be die! I didn't want to hurt anyone else! I didn't want to keep hurting like this! And you weren't you for a single bit of it!

Izanami smiled and placed her hand on Osamu's shoulder.

Izanami: I know this looks rough, but this is good for her. Hundreds of years of pent up agony, and now, she can finally cry into the arms of her father and let it all out.

Tsukuyomi: I know, my love. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry you had to go through so much alone. It must've been scary. It must've been painful and difficult. It's alright now. You can cry and tell me all about it. You can rest. It's okay to crumble and break down now. Your father is here to put the pieces back together.

Yoko wiped her eyes and kept herself from jumping in joy.

Yoko: He really is alive. Both of them are.

Hidetaka: After that, we returned to Izanami's shrine with their bodies. Their souls and their vessels were connected once more. Still, there were injuries to heal, and the fatigue of nearly being obliterated kept them bedridden for a while. We moved them to one of my old shrines in Hokkaido to rest and recover. The Shoku Twins attended to their needs and made sure nobody knew they were alive. However, our job wasn't done yet.

Izanami and Tsukuyomi sat down at the shrine with Osamu and Tsukiakari behind them as the Shoku Twins watched over them.

Izanami: There's still Bishamon to worry about. As long as he lives, their lives will always be in danger. I think it was him who tried to obliterate them both, probably to bury the secret of the Senkumo clan. Of course, I could just tell the elder gods about it, but I wouldn't have any proof. Those two have memories of what happened back then, so we need to keep them alive.

Tsukuyomi: Of course. I understand. Bishamon will not see mercy from me after putting my daughter through so much, and even getting an innocent young man involved in all of this.

Izanami: Your energy must be greatly depleted after reviving them. Take some time to rest as well. Do whatever you need to do to remain hidden. Once those two wake up, we'll start putting a plan together.

Tsukuyomi: What are you going to do?

Izanami: Continue my business as usual. I won't be on earth as often anymore, not until all of this is over. The gods will expect me to be in the world of the dead tending to the souls that were lost in the fight and that is what I plan to do. Any inconsistencies in my behavior and activities will most likely build up suspicion. So, I'm leaving those two to you and the Shoku Twins. Please, take care of them.

The stained glass reverted back to normal.

Hidetaka: They awoke and were in good condition. At first, Osamu was unsure of whether or not he wanted to see you or anyone. So much time had passed, he thought you may have already moved on with your life. He sent me and the Shoku Twins to observe you until he finally decided that we should make contact. So, I sent the twins to you, along with the letter, and here we are.

Yoko: Where is he now? He was awake for more than half a year and still-

Hidetaka: Osamu and I were in Hokkaido, remember? He may have woken up, but neither he nor Tsukiakari were fully ready to go back. They worked their stamina back up, and then we began destroying Bishamon's shrines in the area, along with the komainu that guarded them. It was deadly and heavy work. I had the pleasure of fighting alongside him and my daughter many times while were in Hokkaido. He's a strong man. He definitely earned my respect.

Yoko: That's Osamu alright. That's why I love him so much.

Hidetaka: We made the journey back to Kyoto and had to remain cautious about being discovered. That's when I was told to contact you.

Yoko: May I ask why you were destroying Bishamon's shrines? What was the purpose of that?

Hidetaka: Simple. Osamu, Tsukiakari, Izanami, the Shoku Twins, and myself...


Hidetaka: Are going to overthrow Bishamonten, the god of war. 

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The messiah has returned

Day 595: Today, I Will Return to My Ex-Girlfriends
Springtime, bring me roses and bring me love
Yoko's lights flickered for a moment. The batteries were going to die. As Yoko and Hidetaka wrapped up their meeting, Akatsuki was playing with Omagatoki's hair, twirling and braiding it for her as they waited.

Yoko: Overthrow the god of war? Osamu is in on this?

Hidetaka: He's devoted to it just as much as I am. So, I suppose even though he's back, his life is still at risk. But for now, he's alive and well.

Hidetaka stood up and stretched his arms.

Hidetaka: You can breathe now, Yoko.

Yoko was still overwhelmed with emotion. She stopped herself from crying again, but bowed to Hidetaka in a show of appreciation.

Yoko: Thank you so much for bringing him back. I can never repay you for your deed.

Hidetaka: Come now, I'm no good with humble thanks. There's no need for you to repay me. Akatsuki, Omagatoki, let's go.

Akatsuki/Omagatoki: Yes sir.

The twins got up from their seats and held hands with Hidetaka, who prepared to use them to teleport out of the area.

Hidetaka: Oh, I forgot. Osamu will visit you soon.

Yoko: He will?! When? I-I have to make sure my hair is right and my best dress is clean! Should I wear make up? No, no! Osamu prefers natural beauty! I wonder what I should cook for him! Steak? Chicken? Maybe a soup?

Akatsuki pinched Omagatoki's haori to speak.

Akatsuki: If I may offer some advice, I wouldn't worry about appearances or meals. Knowing Osamu, he wants to see you as you are, because the truth is, you are Yoko Akiyama. You don't need to do anything else than be yourself to mean something to him

Yoko was able to calm down now and collect her thoughts.

Yoko: You know, you really are smarter than you let on, Akatsuki. Or can I call you Nini now?

Omagatoki blushed as she gasped.

Omagatoki: Nini?!

Akatsuki remained straightfaced, but her face was as pink as a rose.

Akatsuki: Nini? As in "Sun" twice? I quite like it. Ninini or Mini is also acceptable.

Yoko: Mini might mislead people and make them think you're called "Mini" as in the English word, instead of "Three Suns". Let's stick with Nini, Nini.

Hidetaka: Don't be rude. Say thank you.

Akatsuki bowed, unable to look Yoko in the eyes.

Akatsuki: T-thank you for your hospitality, and for the nickname.

Omagatoki: Bye-bye! See you soon!

Yoko waved to the twins as they began to disappear with their master.

Hidetaka: Farewell, Yoko.


(That night was magical for me. I believe I was able to hold my excitement until I got home, then it all just sort of leaked out. Or maybe I should say spilled out. Oh my, I hope you aren't misinterpreting my words and had some gross sexual image in your head. My apologies, that's my fault. What I meant was that I paraded around the house in joyous tears and screamed like I was still a high school girl. How could I not? My husband was coming back. No, he WAS back. The very next day, I went over to Isabella's house, eager to inform her of the great news. I politely knocked on her door like the cordial friend and law-abiding, well-behaved citizen I am.)

Yoko banged and kicked on Isabella's door as if she wanted to break into the building. This was all Izzy needed to know that it was Yoko.

Yoko: Izzy! Open up, you beautiful, blonde slut! I have great news!

Isabella, barely awake opened the door and stared at Yoko with a mix of apathy and anger.

Isabella: Can't you knock on people's doors like a normal human being? What do you want?

Yoko: Izzy, listen to me. Osamu is still alive!

Isabella: April Fool's was 6 days ago, Yoko.

Yoko: I'm serious! I ran into a pair of time-bending spirit twins who gave me a letter from a guy named Hidetaka who was actually Tsu-

(Wait, I shouldn't go blabbing about his true identity.)

Yoko: Anyway, I got the letter, met with Hidetaka, and he showed me everything! Osamu and Tsukiakari are both still alive, Izzy! I'm not making this up!

Isabella: Wow, that's great. Now leave.

Yoko blocked the door with her foot.

Yoko: Isabella! Just stay with me for a few days! Osamu is going to come by very soon! He's coming back! Even if I'm lying, all you lose is a bit of time alone in this house!

Isabella took a moment to think it over.


Isabella: Fine. I'll come over. But I think you're full of crap.

Yoko: Thank you!

(Of course. How could she believe anything I was saying? She had seen the supernatural for her own eyes, but to convince her that someone who died over a year ago was somehow still alive...well, I'd need proof. I also believe that perhaps, Isabella didn't want to believe what I was saying. She had already gone through the stages of grieving. Believing that Osamu was alive would undo the long and bitter healing process that comes with moving forward after the death of a loved one. Still, she was about to have her world rocked.)


Isabella found being in Yoko's house a little overwhelming. She could remember each day since Osamu returned. The window she had shot through so long ago was still broken to this very day.

Isabella: You still haven't fixed this?

Yoko: You were supposed to fix it, but you moved out.

Isabella: That's right. I'm sorry. I can probably have some people come by and install a new window.

Yoko: You're so impersonal.

Isabella took a good look around the house. Yoko hadn't changed a thing since Osamu died.

Isabella: Hey, Yoko. Be honest. Were you joking back there? About Osamu still being alive?

Yoko: Of course not. Not even I would tell such a cruel joke. Osamu is alive, and he's coming.

Isabella: When?

Yoko: Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Who knows? I just know it's soon.

Isabella managed to get herself off of the wheelchair and onto the stool by the kitchen counter. Yoko almost worried herself, but Isabella had apparently gained a lot of upper-body strength during her time in the wheelchair. She smiled just like old times.

Isabella: I'll take some peach juice, please!

(I never thought I'd be so glad to see that smile again.)

Yoko: Coming right up, Gaijin.

(Gaijin started out as one of my enemies, another obstacle between me and Osamu. She was the only one deadly enough to fight with me on equal ground. I admit, I've garnered a deep respect and love for her. Rather, for everyone that filled this home and my life. So, I was glad to finally have her back in the house. I could tell it was a bit unsettling for her, but I hope I made it easy. Even if it just starts with the two of us, I want to rebuild the happiness that was in this home. In fact, I will rebuild it. That's just who I am. Yoko Akiyama is always committed to those she loves.)

Yoko and Isabella found themselves on the front lawn at night, drinking sake together and watching the stars flicker in the sky.

Yoko: I'm glad you came back, Izzy.

Isabella: Is that genuine love I hear in your voice? How unbecoming of you, Yoko.

Yoko: I'm just committed, not heartless.

Isabella: I'm glad I came back too, Yoko. I was scared to ever come back here, but I think that fear has gone away now.

Yoko smiled and kissed Isabella's cheek.

Yoko: Good. You're always welcome here. Now if you can just fix that window already...

Isabella: I know, I know! Geez...

A faint noise filled their ears. It sounded as if it was coming from the sky, like a plane flying over their heads. The sound got louder and louder, and was accompanied by dazzling lights in the sky. It looked like an asteroid burning through the atmosphere. As the crashing object burned through the sky, an aurora borealis instantly formed, cloaking the sky in green and purple lights.

Isabella: What is that?!

The asteroid-like object flew over their heads and sounded like it crashed near the grave yard ahead, leaving a plume of smoke to lead them to its location.

Isabella: Yoko!

Yoko: I know!

Yoko wheeled Isabella with her as fast as she could towards the crash site. The flickering light of fresh flames illuminated the bottom of the plume of smoke as it continued to rise into the air. Just as they thought, whatever it was, it landed right in the middle of the woodlands between the town and the graveyard. Trees were destroyed, knocked over, and a few of them were caught in the relatively controlled flames. Yoko and Isabella stood in amazement and wonder.

Isabella: Was it an asteroid?

Yoko: It would've wiped us all out by now if that was the case.


A young, dashing man in the same kind of black cloak stepped out on top of the pile of rubble and knocked over trees. The sleeves of his cloak were rolled up, revealing his skinny arms and a bracelet of beads on his right wrist. He held a golden sword in his right hand and kept it over his shoulder. He wore a red magatama necklace, and had magatama symbols adorning the waist of his cloak. His hair was a wavy lion's mane of thick, shoulder length black hair. On his face was a calm and loving smile despite the fire and smoke behind him. Isabella covered her mouth as she began to cry, and Yoko couldn't turn her eyes away.

Yoko: I knew you'd come home...



Yoko: Osamu.

Indeed, it was Osamu, back in black and fully recovered.

Osamu: Yoko, Isabella...It's great to see you both again.
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And here lies the end of War Cloud

Day 596: And so, I shall Lay Siege to Heaven with my Ex-Girlfriend
(Hello there! It's Osamu! I'm back! Did you miss me? Hopefully Yoko took good care of you while I was gone. Sorry for dying on you there, but I had to confront Tsukiakari. Oh, and don't worry, she's doing perfectly fine. We've actually made up in the past year! I guess it was about time one of my exes actually ended up killing me, huh? Anyway, shall we get this show on the road?)

Yoko, Isabella, and Osamu returned to the house, the two girls almost unable to believe Osamu was really walking right next to them. Neither Yoko nor Isabella could stop crying as they sat down in the kitchen and laid their eyes on him. Yoko decided to sit on his lap and lay her head on his shoulder, like a child going to sleep in a mother's arms.

Osamu: I'm sorry it's been so long. And I'm sorry for you too, Isabella. You went out of your way to try and fix my problem, and now you're unable to walk.

Isabella wiped her tears away and spoke with a broken, yet relieved voice.

Isabella: It's okay, dummy. We all missed you.

Osamu: I missed you guys too.

Isabella: Did Tsukiakari survive too?

Osamu: Well, survive isn't the right word for either of us. We both really died back then. It was only thanks to Izanami and Tsukuyomi that we were pulled out before we could both have our souls obliterated. Which brings me to my next point. It was Bishamon who incorrectly told the Shinigami to have my soul obliterated along with Tsukiakari's. I guess he was trying to get rid of any evidence of wrong doing with regards to the Senkumo clan.

Isabella: Bishamon did that?

Osamu: Yeah. Thankfully, the tiresome part of our task is already completed. By destroying Bishamon's shrines across the country, we've cut off his line of prayers. That's going to shorten his powers for a good while. Tomorrow, we're going to go to heaven and settle this.

Isabella: You say it like it's just that easy! This is the god of war you're talking about, Osa! What will we do if you die again?!

Osamu: Don't worry, Izzy. I won't be dying again. Our hope is to present the memories stored within Tsukiakari and myself to the elder gods as proof of Bishamon's crimes. If civility doesn't work, and we are attacked regardless, Tsukiakari, Tsukuyomi, Izanami, and myself will just have to fight our way out of heaven. A true war of the gods. However, that's only the worst case scenario. Destroying the shrines were preparation for that scenario. By now, Tsukiakari should actually be more powerful than Bishamon. Until his shrines are rebuilt, that is.

Yoko: How could I allow you to do something that risky after I've already lost you?

Yoko's eyes, burning with love instead of hatred, met with Osamu's eyes.

Yoko: I would fight all of heaven and earth by your side if it means there's a greater chance of your surviving. God, human, spirit, devil, it doesn't matter to me.

(Speaking of which...)

Osamu: Yoko...raise your head a little.

Yoko: Like this-

Osamu gave Yoko a deep and intimate kiss, catching her off guard. As bold as it was, there was a strategic value in this sudden move.


Yoko pulled away from the kiss with a determined and stern expression.

Yoko: I understand. If all else fails...

Osamu: Right. I'll be counting on you.

The Shoku Twins appeared right outside the glass door leading to the backyard. Or rather, they had been there for a while but were only noticed by Yoko and Isabella now. Osamu got up from his seat and flipped the hood of his cloak over his head.

Osamu: Don't worry about a thing, guys. This will all be over tomorrow. Tsukiakari will have her name cleared and justice will be served. For every child that died in the Senkumo clan. For Tsukuyomi, who had to have his daughter go through hell. And for you two as well.

Omagatoki: Big Brother Osamu!

As if she wasn't cute enough, Omagatoki was always excited when Osamu was around. She leaped into his harms and had him pick her up. Akatsuki was more reserved, but the feelings were mutual. She preferred to hold Osamu's hand wherever they went.

Osamu: Omagatoki!

Yoko: He can say such a creepy name so cheerfully?

Osamu: You're both so cute! I could just adopt you!

Isabella: Awwww! Kinda makes you think Osamu would make a great father, huh?

Yoko: Or an excellent pedophile.

Isabella: Is that jealousy I hear?

Yoko: Do you really want to know?

Osamu set Omagatoki down as she was still giddy from being lifted up.

Osamu: Alright, guys. We're off. Wish us luck.

Yoko and Isabella both blew Osamu kisses as he disappeared into the night. Especially for Yoko, their hearts swooned as if it were the first time they fell in love all over again.

Yoko: That's my man. My Osamu.

Isabella: Let's hope he wins, and he comes home.

Yoko: What about you? If Osamu comes home...

Isabella: Will I come back too?

Yoko: Osamu and Tsukiakari are both still alive. We can really rebuild our home, Izzy. It's not just Osamu that I love. I want to take care of as many people as I can. I don't want you, Tsukiakari, or Izanami to be lonely.

It didn't take long for Isabella to make her decision. Her fiery spirit could never be doused.

Isabella: You know, when those two died and I lost my ability to walk, it really put a dent on my heart. I thought that maybe I can't be the wild and energetic Isabella I usually am. Maybe it's time to grow up and go home. Drop the childish act. Find a new boyfriend, get a good place to live. When you can walk again, have some kids, grow old, and die. Just a normal life, you know?

Yoko could see the happiness restored in Isabella's crying eyes.

Isabella: But those two are back. So, I'm going to stay. And god damn it, I don't care how long it takes me. I'm going to walk again!

(And so left those two and returned to Tsukuyomi and Tsukiakari. We were camping out pretty far away from the town, right beside a flowing brook.)

Tsukiakari also wore a black cloak like Osamu and Tsukuyomi, but she had the Senso no Mikumo crest decorating her waist. Tsukuyomi stood by Tsukiakari at the brook as she washed her hair in the water.

Tsukuyomi: Welcome back, Osamu. It must've been good to see them again.

Osamu: Yeah, it was. Everything is set. I made sure to slide along my memories to Yoko too, just in case the plan goes awry.

Tsukuyomi: After seeing my face, there's no telling what Amaterasu will do. It was good that you planned ahead.

Tsukiakari: Remind me to go there and apologize to them both, Osamu.

Osamu: I will, don't worry. I think they'll be glad to see you again. They don't seem to harbor any ill will against you. Isabella even asked me if you were alive too.

Tsukiakari smiled.

Tsukiakari: That's good. I'm glad.

Tsukuyomi: Tomorrow is the day, everyone. Get some good rest. We're all going to need it. Civility or war aside, I do expect to at least fight some of heaven's guardians. Be prepared for that.

Osamu: Alright.

As the three prepared to sleep, the Shoku Twins were playing Cat's Cradle together as they awaited the right time to raise the sun again.


(We could always count on Akatsuki to bring the morning upon us.)

Omagatoki jumped on Osamu's stomach repeatedly to wake him up the moment the sky lit up.

Omagatoki: Wakey wakey Osa Osa!

Osamu: Okay, I'm up! I'm up! Geez, Oma...

Omagatoki's face was suddenly stricken with worry and regret.

Omagatoki: I-I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?

Osamu: No. I'm all good. Thank you for waking me, and thanks for the beautiful sunrise, Akatsuki.

Akatsuki: It's nothing.

With everyone up, the group held hands with each other and prepared themselves.

Tsukuyomi: Ready? The Shoku Twins are going to take us right at Heaven's doorstep. We may not be able go there without some sort of fight.

Tsukiakari: I'm ready. Let's make that bastard pay!

Osamu: Take us away, ladies.

Akatsuki/Omagatoki: Gladly!

The twins teleported everyone to gates of Heaven, which was a massive palace built along a mountain range hidden in the clouds, in a world available only to gods and their servants. The palace was of stone and gold and glimmered in the sunlight. Though, heaven didn't really have a sun. Rather, it was Amaterasu's glory giving the place light. Among the towering pagodas were bell towers, their roofs decorated with stones and jewels. All of the mountains were carved and shaped like the major gods of heaven, and Bishamon was one of them. These mountainous statues had fiery birds flying around them. As soon as they got there, several Komainu statues came alive, alerted by the intruders. Osamu, Tsukiakari and Tsukuyomi all stood in front of the Shoku Twins to protect them as the guardians of heaven's gate leaped down from the walls and on to the cloudy ground.

Tsukuyomi: Are you ready, Osamu? If you were good enough to kill Tsukiakari at some point, I'm eager to see what you can do.

Osamu unsheathed Bishamon's golden sword.

Osamu: Oh I'm ready alright.

Tsukiakari's voice almost shook the very foundation of heaven itself.

Tsukiakari: Bishamon! Coward and criminal! You will face judgement for what you've done!

Inside the palace itself, all of the gods trembled as her voice rang out. Among the dozens of minor gods, whispers and fearful chatter circulated around the rooms. But for Bishamon, who sat on a throne of swords and shields, he knew exactly whose voice that was. Behind his throne were two statues of soldiers stabbing through each others armor with swords, both of them crying blood.

Bishamon: Tsukiakari...but how? I disposed her!

A battle of gods was on its way to tear heaven asunder.

Day 596 and 1/2: See Ya, War Goddess
The moon is my heart, and it shines with my love for you
Disturbed by the thunderous voice of the intruder, Amaterasu stood up from her throne in a panic as Bishamon approached her. Amaterasu's hair was black like the dark side of the moon, her face was young and gentle, and she wore a crown of yellow flowers around her head. Her eyes were golden, and her kimono was pure white with floral decorations. Many of the minor gods and residents of heaven gathered in Amaterasu's palace for their safety. All of them bowed to her and silently prayed to her to keep them safe.

Amaterasu: Bishamonten! What was that? Who dares intrude into the heavens?

Bishamon: Perhaps yet another angry god, your highness? We've had a few of those in our history. Please, do not worry yourself, I will handle this.

Amaterasu: No mortal, insignificant voice can shake heaven like that. I will see the enemy for myself.

Bishamon: Amaterasu, I beg of you. Please sit and tend to the younger gods. They need your presence.

Amaterasu: Fool. They need my help, not a leg to cling to. Do not underestimate the power of those you bow to.

Tsukiakari's voice rang out once more.

Tsukiakari: Bishamon! Stop cowering among the gods and face me! All of heaven will know what you did!

Amaterasu instantly recognized her voice.

Amaterasu: Tsukiakari? Bishamon, what did you do?

Bishamon: The woman lies, Amaterasu! Have I ever done wrong by your side?!

Amaterasu was all too wise to trust Bishamon's words. She opened the colossal doors to her palace and made her way towards the front of heaven. It was a long way down many flights of steps.

Amaterasu: Do not think you can fool me, Bishamon. Something is rotten in the heavens, and I will shine my light on it.

Bishamon could've never expected something like a direct assault on heaven to get the attention of Amaterasu. He had no countermeasures for such an unthinkable thing. Tsukiakari and the others had busted through the front gates after slaying the dozens of komainu guarding the entrance. Now, in the hanging gardens at the bottom of heaven were soldiers with golden armor and swords, ready to defend heaven and its inhabitants. Tsukuyomi stepped in front and performed a series of kuji-in hand seals.

Osamu: I assume you have a plan for this, Hidetaka?

Tsukuyomi: Don't you worry, Osamu. I can handle this.

The foreheads of the soldiers began to burn as the symbol of a crescent moon branded itself onto their heads. They feel over, screaming and writhing in pain. Suddenly, they stopped, got up, and followed Tsukuyomi's every command.

Tsukuyomi: Fellow residents of heaven, an unforgivable thing has happened. A god among us has lied. Walk with us, fight with us, and help us bring this liar, this deceiver to justice. Though our methods may seem extreme, we are only acting on what is right!

The soldiers led them in a horizontal column and protected them from more of heaven's countermeasures. The brainwashed soldiers struck down raging and roaring komainu with their golden swords and even turned against their own.

Osamu: I guess you really do know your way around, huh?

Tsukuyomi: Even after all these years.

Soldiers positioned themselves in the bell towers around the area and began firing arrows at the intruders. Many of the soldiers in golden armor were able to keep pushing through, but Tsukuyomi and the others decided to split away from the soldiers and take cover by the shrines and statues. Arrows flung past Osamu's ears and eyes, scaring him away from going out in the open. Tsukiakari seemed to relish in all the chaos.

Tsukiakari: Haha! This is familiar, isn't it?

Osamu: Are you enjoying this?!

Tsukiakari: Of course I am! I was raised in this kind of environment!

Tsukiakari pointed her sword at the sky, and a patch of clouds began to turn black.

Tsukiakari: Sorry, Osamu. Your ex girlfriend is a psychopathic war goddess and just can't get enough of a good battle. Hope you don't mind, sweetie!

Tsukiakari's iconic lightning dragon emerged from the clouds and roared with might and power. The hail of arrows stopped as the soldiers tried to get out of the bell towers. The lightning dragon dispersed into a hail of thunderbolts that fell upon heaven like rain, destroying the bell towers and countless other buildings around the area. Amaterasu watched from afar as she made her way down.

Amaterasu: It's her. These are the powers of a deity of war and calamity. She's been calling for Bishamon this whole time...

With the way clear, the soldiers continued their march.

Osamu: That was fantastic, Gekko!

Tsukiakari smiled as she ran back onto the street and rejoined with Tsukuyomi.

Tsukiakari: How was that, Dad?

Tsukuyomi: Beautiful, Moonlight. Let us continue! Heaven will hear you roar!

Their next obstacle was that of a massive wall, like the ones used to defend a town or castle. Archers were lined on top of the wall, the gates were lowered, and spearmen guarded the wall at the ground level. A portal of fire appeared before Tsukuyomi and the others, and Bishamon stepped out from it, answering Tsukiakari's challenge.

Bishamon: Who is the masked one?

Osamu: Bishamon! You have a lot to answer for.

The god of war could not believe his eyes.

Bishamon: Osamu?! You too?! Damn it! Did Izanami bring you back?! She did, didn't she?! How do you think heaven will respond knowing she resurrected a traitor and the one who murdered Tsukiakari?

Osamu smiled and hung his golden sword over his shoulder.

Osamu: The god of war can make such big talk, can't he? Too bad we all know you've gotten weaker.

Bishamon: So it was you. You went around destroying my shrines? Vandalizing a god's property is a terrible sin, Osamu.

Osamu: Not denying it, huh?

Bishamon: There is no need for a god to deny petty accusations from a human. If you know what's good for you, you would drop your weapons and surrender. Heaven may decide to be merciful on you.

Tsukiakari stepped forward and stared Bishamon down, her sword still pulsating with electricity.

Tsukiakari: Betraying me and making my life a living hell is one thing, but trying to wipe the man I love from existence is the worst sin a god could ever commit.

Bishamon: Tsukiakari. Elusive as always. You could've found peace if you just decided to stay dead. Didn't you two kill each other a year other? Why can you stand together as if everything is okay now?

Tsukiakari: I'll have you know that this man knew, when we woke up in the House of Souls together, that we were going to be obliterated. Despite everything I did, despite the fact I nearly killed his friends, he held me tight and embraced oblivion with me. There wasn't a drop of hatred in his heart. And thus, there shall be no hatred in mines.

Bishamon: Really? Taking a moral high ground? Then why are you here, Gekko? Is this some sort of show of understanding or change of nature?

Tsukiakari: At first, I wanted to kill you when I got here. But now, I don't really want to. You're not worth it. I am going to tell the truth about you to all of Heaven. I am going to recite the names of all the children who died under your watch! I will tell them how you abused me and abused your power as the god of war!

Bishamon's short temper caused him to draw his blade with the intent of silencing the stray god.

Bishamon: Haven't I told you before, Gekko? Everything a god does is just. We are always righteous.

Tsukiakari: Exactly. Come then, Bishamon, god of war. Strike me down with all of that righteousness.

Osamu held Tsukiakari's left hand and stood with her in the face of death once more. Tsukuyomi placed his hand on her shoulder, nodding to her through his mask.

Tsukuyomi: It is true, gods are just. But true gods have no need to tell lies. True gods do not suffer, because they have no impure desires. True gods are not perfect, but they are pure of heart and soul.

Osamu: It may sound like a contradiction, to be imperfect and pure at the same time, but just as no human is perfect, it does not mean there are no good souls on earth.

Bishamon: Enough!

Amaterasu appeared between both parties, halting the swing of Bishamon's sword with her bare hand.

Bishamon: Amaterasu?

Tsukiakari smiled as she realized who had intervened.

Tsukiakari: You sure took your sweet time getting here, Mom.

(Mom? So that must be Amaterasu. She's...pretty?!?!)

Amaterasu: You, with the mask. Remove it.

Tsukuyomi: Guess I can never hide from you, right darling?

Tsukuyomi dropped his mask and revealed his face and flowing white hair.

Bishamon: You!? You were cast out of heaven ages ago!

The Shoku Twins caught up with everyone. They had previously stayed back as the fighting got heavier. Along with them was Izanami, who had finally returned from the underworld.

Bishamon: Of course...

Bishamon stood down and sheathed his blade.

Amaterasu: Oh my, this is quite the reunion. My old husband, my daughter, my old servants, and my ancestor.

Izanami wore a human-made spring dress, like the ones Yoko would wear.

Osamu: Izanami!

Izanami: Amaterasu, there is much that needs to be explained. Both gods and humans have been wrongfully tricked by that blemish on heaven, Bishamonten.

Amaterasu: And what kind of trickery would justify an assault on heaven? Where is your proof?

Bishamon knew in this moment, that he had lost.

Izanami: The proof is within the memories of your own daughter, as well as Osamu. I suggest you take a look.

Amaterasu: And what about Tsukuyomi? Why is this traitor here?

Izanami: I needed him in order to revive those two. Bishamon tried to get both of them obliterated in order to bury the truth. He was the only one who could help me.

Amaterasu took a deep breath.

Amaterasu: Normally, I would just kill all of you for the intrusion. Banished gods are not supposed to show their face in heaven, humans are not supposed to be here, and Izanagi explicitly told me to never let Izanami set foot in heaven. However...there is my daughter too.

Amaterasu caressed Tsukiakari's cheeks and got a good look at her grown face. Both were glad to be reunited.

Amaterasu: How could I have ever misplaced you? You're still so beautiful, Gekko.

Tsukiakari: Stop it Mom, you're going to make me cry!

Amaterasu kissed Tsukiakari's forehead and ran her fingers through her hair.

Amaterasu: I'm sorry for being so irresponsible. I should've kept you close to me all these years. I failed you as a mother, didn't I? I'm so sorry.

Tsukiakari: You don't have to apologize. I forgive you and I love you. All I've ever wanted was to see you and Dad again. For now, please, listen to Izanami. Look into my memories and see what Bishamon has done. If you don't believe me, look into Osamu's memories. I've shared everything with him.

Osamu: And if you don't believe me, there's a second witness to what Tsukiakari went through.

Amaterasu: Alright. Let me see.

Bishamon: Amaterasu, don't believe her lies!

Amaterasu put her forehead against Tsukiakari's and peered into the hundreds of years worth of memories. She saw what Osamu saw when he sat down on the swings with her over a year ago. The war, the Senkumo clan, the abuse, the betrayal, and the years of suffering that Tsukiakari went through. She saw the kindness of Izanami, who kept her alive even when she killed her sons. She saw how Osamu, Yoko, Isabella, and Izanami all continued to treat Tsukiakari with kindness once they understood her position, and the events leading up to Tsukiakari's death. Before she even knew why, Amaterasu was crying. Experiencing everything Tsukiakari went through was too much even for her.

Akatsuki: As the overseers of time itself-
Omagatoki: we can also confirm the validity-
Akatsuki: of Tsukiakari's story. If you wish-
Omagatoki: to traverse time yourself-
Akatasuki: that an also be arranged.

(Thanks you two!)

Amaterasu: Gekko, my love...I had no idea...

Tsukuyomi: I can also vouch for her. That monster put our daughter through hell for personal gain. Izanami had expended so much energy to keep her alive that she resorted to unsealing me so I can rescue them both.

Tsukiakari hung her head low.

Tsukiakari: It's alright if you're ashamed of me, Mom. I did a lot of atrocious things.

Amaterasu: No, Gekko. You're not at fault. None of it was your fault, you hear me? I'm the one who failed you the most. You, Izanami, and all have my deepest apologies. Tsukiakari was forced into a life of war, Izanami was forced to keep you alive, and Osamu sacrificed himself to bring it all to a stop. None of this was your fault. None of this was fair. I guess I'm a horrible mother, aren't I?

Tsukiakari: Maybe...but I don't mind taking the time to make up for everything.

Amaterasu smiled at her daughter before turning a head of disgust towards Bishamon. The god of war was now trembling in fear.

Amaterasu: How dare you use my family as a means to and end. How dare you use my daughter as a weapon! If you have any evidence to contradict anything I've just seen, you would be wise to present it.

Bishamon's face revealed all the guilt in the world. He had nothing to counteract Tsukiakari's own memories and experiences.

Bishamon: A-Amaterasu! Please! Do not listen to a mere stray!

Amaterasu: Osamu.

Osamu: Y-yes?

Amaterasu: Give me your blade.

Osamu handed the golden sword over to Amaterasu

Bishamon: Amaterasu, wait! Please stop this!

All of the gods of heaven were now watching from the top of the walls. It was now clear that Bishamon had committed a terrible crime.

Amaterasu: By all that is holy and righteous, by the mortals you've used to satisfy your avarice, and by my daughter's life, I shall do what is right. Bishamon, you will die here, and your soul will be obliterated, just as you tried to do to those two.

Bishamon: Amaterasu, wait-


(What happened after that? Bishamon was killed on the spot. His soul went to the underworld, where Izanami will later have it obliterated. The golden sword was destroyed, so I won't be able to use that anymore of a serious threat presents itself in the future. Thankfully, Amaterasu showed us mercy and didn't decide to reprimand us in any way. However...)

Amaterasu guided them all to the entrance, opening up a portal as bright as the sun to take them back to earth.

Amaterasu: Izanami, Osamu, and Tsukiakari.

Osamu: Yes ma'am?!

(Don't blame me! This is the head-hancho of the gods we're talking about! You'd react the same way!)

Amaterasu: Osamu first. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. You were her only light during such a long, dark time. Even now, you dared to assault heaven and risk a second death by her side. I can see why she fell in love with you. You're strong and committed. You have my respect and appreciation. Though I'd normally punish you for slaughtering so many komainu and soldiers...

Osamu: Hehe...sorry about that.

Amaterasu shook glad hands with Osamu.

Amaterasu: All is well, mortal. Izanami.

Izanami: Yes?

Amaterasu: It seems your love knows no limits. You treated Tsukiakari as I should have treated her myself. I've decided to learn from you in that regard.

Izanami gasped and put on her best puppyface.

Izanami: Does that mean I'm allowed back in Heaven?!

Amaterasu: Ehhh....Maybe you can visit every so often.

Izanami: Yes! Good enough for me! Thank you, Amaterasu!

Next was her daughter.

Amaterasu: Tsukiakari, my love. Can you ever forgive me for forsaking you?

Tsukiakari: Of course, Mom. I've already said it's okay.

Amaterasu: Awww! I could just cry!

Amaterasu bombarded Tsukiakari with kisses and embarrassed her daughter in front of everyone, like a true mother would.

Tsukiakari: Come om, Mom! Not cool! I was being a total badass in front of Osamu earlier, so don't kill my vibes!

Amaterasu: I'm sorry dear. You can return and stay in Heaven if you'd like. This place is your home, and there is an empty throne in the palace.

(Tsukiakari, the new god of war?)

Tsukiakari: Sure, mother. But I will not be a goddess of war. I'm done living my life by the sword. I don't want to end lives anymore. I want to enrich them. I'll decide how I want to do that later.

Amaterasu: Take your time, darling. Now then, Tsukuyomi.

Tsukuyomi had his eyes closed and his heart prepared.

Tsukuyomi: I did not come here expecting to be forgiven, or for our family to be put back together. I simply wanted to help our daughter, and the young man who died with her.

Amaterasu: It was wise to lower your expectations.

Osamu: Wait, what's going to happen to him? He helped us out in all of this!

Amaterasu: I'm very sorry, but Tsukuyomi is still a banished god. He killed the god of food and harvest long ago, causing the human race and the gods of heaven to grow hungry. That is his crime, and it can never be forgiven. Though I am grateful for what you've done, Tsukuyomi, I'm afraid you must be sealed again. I will forgive Izanami for unsealing you given the circumstances.

Osamu: But that's...

Tsukuyomi smiled and laid his hands on Osamu's shoulders.

Tsukuyomi: Don't fret, Osamu. I expected this early on. I'm glad I was able to meet you and reunite with my daughter. And I too am thankful that you were a positive influence on her. It was an honor to get to know you and fight alongside you, Osamu. Keep on being who you are. Keep on being the glue that holds people together.

Osamu simply had to accept that Tsukuyomi was okay with the outcome of all of this.

Osamu: I will. I promise I will. Thank you for saving my life.

The two men shook hands and bid farewell to each other.

Tsukuyomi: Izanami, thank you for saving these two, and for giving me a taste of freedom. None of this would've been possible without you.

Tsukuyomi and Izanami bowed to each other. And now, all that was left was to say goodbye to his daughter. Just by looking at her, he could tell his daughter was trying not to cry.

Tsukuyomi: Come on, don't give me that face. We got to see each other, be together, fight together, and have all sorts of fun again. You be a good girl, alright? If you ever feel lonely, just take a good look at the moon. The moon is my heart, and it shines with my love for you. It wall always be in the sky. You were named after that very light, Tsukiakari. From now on, be a goddess of whatever you choose to be. You no longer have to do what anyone else tells you. You no longer have to fight in wars.

Tsukiakari: Thank you...for everything.

The two gave each other their last hugs.

(He took this on knowing he'd probably just be sealed again. But he did it for his daughter...)

Tsukuyomi: Amaterasu, can I just have you honor one request?

Amaterasu: What is it?

Tsukuyomi: There's something our daughter has always wanted to do that she's never had the chance to do before...

Back on earth, it was the middle of the day in the neighborhood. Yoko and Isabella sat outside the house eagerly awaiting the return of Osamu. They both looked towards the sky, watching for any sign of him, wishing him victory as each second passed.

Yoko: Here he comes....I can feel it.

Isabella: I'm not sure. We've been waiting for-

Just as Yoko sensed, a sign presented itself. Osamu, Tsukiakari, and Izanami made their descent back to earth in Amaterasu's golden chariot. White horses led the way back down to earth, taking them to the woodlands just beyond the house. Isabella and Yoko knew, just from the golden twinkle in the sky, that Osamu had returned successful.

Isabella: Yoko. Go get him. Bring him home.

Yoko cheered out loud, crying tears of joy as she ran off in the direction the chariot was going. Osamu, Tsukiakari, and Izanami landed in the sun-spotted woodlands, exhausted from their journey. The three disembarked and got a fresh breathe of clean, earth air.

Tsukiakari: I told you we'd ride in a chariot together some day! I told you!

Osamu: Alright, you were right! It wasn't a silly dream after all!

Izanami: Be kind, Tsukiakari! Osamu isn't really the cheesy type!

Tsukiakari: Alright, alright. I forgive you, dummy.

Tsukiakari hugged Osamu and kissed his cheek. A wave of sadness hit him all of a sudden as he hugged Tsukiakari back.

Osamu: Are you leaving now?

Tsukiakari: Yeah. I gotta go home. I need to start over with my mom, you know?

(So she's leaving. This is how it ends...)

Tsukiakari pulled away and lightly slapped Osamu's shoulder.

Tsukiakari: Don't let it get you down, silly. I'll come down and visit sometimes. This isn't goodbye, it's more like "See you later."

Osamu: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Osamu's smile returned to him, and Tsukiakari smiled right back at him.

Tsukiakari: I love you, Osamu. Thank you for everything, and of course, for the chariot ride. You made a girl's dreams come true. I'll never forget that.

Osamu: No need to thank me, Gekko. I just did what any decent guy would do.

Tsukiakari closed her eyes and rubbed her chin.

Tsukiakari: You know, Osamu, I don't mean to point this out like this, but there's a big fly on your forehead.

Osamu tried looking up with his eyes to see this fly, freaking out in the process.

Osamu: Where?! Where is it?! Don't toy with me, Gekko!

Tsukiakari took the moment to steal a kiss from Osamu, one that was long due and long deserved. Osamu stood paralyzed from the sneak attack as Tsukiakari rubbed her lips.

Tsukiakari: As sweet as honey!

(Normally, I'd protest to such a devious trick. But, for some reason, I'm actually really happy she did that.)

Tsukiakari: Some day, when you die, I'll make a special reserve for you in heaven. That's the day where you and I will get married!

Osamu: Seriously?! You haven't given up on that?!

Tsukiakari: My chariot dream came true, didn't it? I have faith my dream wedding will also come to pass. Until then, Osamu, keep your eyes on the moon. The moon is my heart, and it shines with my love for you.

Osamu: Thanks, Gekko. In that case, I'm looking forward to our wedding.

Tsukiakari gave him a thumb's up and turned to Izanami.

Tsukiakari: Izanami. What can I say? I'm only here because of you. You saved me yet again. Thank you for loving me and being so patient. I know I'm a bit of a problem child.

Izanami: A bit? You're responsible for most of my head aches and worries!

Izanami hugged her even tighter than her mother did in heaven.

Izanami: But you're still the best thing in my life, Gekko. I love you. Take good care of yourself, and don't forget to visit!

Tsukiakari: I won't, I won't! I promise.

The two slapped each others shoulders and laughed. Yoko had finally caught up with them, drawing their attention with the sound of her footsteps.

Yoko: Tsukiakari!

Tsukiakari: Miyoko...

(Hah. Beautiful Ocean Child.)

Yoko caught her breath and stood tall, walking towards Tsukiakari with unclear intentions.

Tsukiakari: It's okay if you hate me. I'll be going away soon anyway. You and Isabella have my deepest apologies.

Yoko surprisingly kissed Tsukiakari as she would kiss Osamu. Talk about almost bleeding to death through your nose...

Osamu: I knew there was some sort of girl love going on that I didn't know about!

(My harem senses were right on this time!)

Tsukiakari was left blushed and flushed from the kiss.

Yoko: You are one hell of a chore, Gekko. Never do that again, alright?

Yoko's smile said it all. "I forgive you."

Tsukiakari: One of these days, I'll repay you for your hospitality.

(You mean your SEXY hospitality!)

Tsukiakari: Until then, Yoko...will you be my girlfriend?!

The jaws of Osamu and Izanami hit the floor.

(No way! No way! No way!)

Yoko: Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend!

Izanami: B-b-but that's impossible! How can a girl love another girl?!

(Izanami, still so innocent!)

Tsukiakari: Yes! I've got a girlfriend now! I can leave happy!

Tsukiakari gave a quick love peck to Yoko before getting back on the chariot.

Tsukiakari: Well, I'm off. I'll be sure to visit you guys whenever I can! I love you all so much! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Give my love to Izzy as well! Tell her I'm sorry!

Yoko: She already forgives and loves you, Gekko. No need to worry.

Tsukiakari: Good, I'm glad. Osamu.

Osamu: Yeah?

Tsukiakari: Wear something white!


The horses kicked their legs and the chariot soared into the sky. From the ground, the three could hear Tsukiakari cheering from the sky, her life finally back in order.

Osamu: So long...Tsukiakari.

Finally together again, Osamu, Yoko, and Izanami made the walk back to the house. As they strolled through the woods, Osamu began to feel light-headed and lost his balance. It seemed his body was finally giving out from the extensive traveling and fighting he had done over the past year.

Yoko: Osa!

Yoko caught Osamu on her back as he fell and carried him.

Izanami: Are you okay, Osamu?

Osamu: Yeah, sorry...

Yoko: You must be exhausted, dear. You fought long and hard. You did good, Osamu. I'm proud of you.

(Like a child, I'm really glad to hear those words.)

Osamu: Thank you, Yoko.

Yoko: Get some rest. I'll carry you the rest of the way...back home.

A family reunited, a sun bright and true, Osamu's work was done. Now he and Izanami could finally return home and rest.

Heaven's Prevarication
Izanami: You're disgusting.

Izanami stood beyond Amaterasu's doorway as she brushed her hair by the window of her bedroom, the light of heaven seeping in through the windows. The servants and gods could be seen from the window, rebuilding whatever damage was caused by the siege. Amaterasu's king-sized, white bed was perfectly made, neat, and empty.

Izanami: You lied. You pretended to be shocked when you saw what happened. You pretended you didn't know.

Amaterasu: I knew not to that extent.

Izanami: But you still knew most of it! You even let Bishamon be your fall guy.

Amaterasu put aside her brush, running throgh her hair with her fingers.

Amaterasu: Tsukiakari would never forgive me if she knew that I was aware of Bishamon's actions back then. You just can't explain that kind of thing to her. The times were different, Izanami. We didn't treat banished gods with mercy, even if she was the princess. Bishamon's actions, though cruel and atrocious, put Heaven in position to win the Second Great Holy War.

Izanami: Still...

Amaterasu: If all it takes is just a little lie to maintain peace, why tell the truth? The world cannot survive if it is filled with good and truth all the time. You had the luxury of being truthful to yourself and to Gekko, but I don't.

Izanami:...I obliterated his soul. Bishamon no longer exists.

Amaterasu sighed.

Amaterasu: Good. Heaven no longer had a use for him. I also made sure that your name was cleared. You know, the siege and Tsukuyomi. Of course, the court ran just as it did last time. No one could ever dare oppose Izanami the Cruel.

Izanami: Stop calling me that. I shed the yoke of that accursed name long ago.

Amaterasu: At any rate, you've done me a great favor yet again, Izanami. I thank you for taking care of Gekko for all of these years. I take you'll...accept your immunity and the immunity of your little family as your reward. In exchange, I ask that you keep our secrets sub rosa.

Izanami:...Fine. I just wonder how long you can keep up this illusion, Amaterasu. Some day, Tsukiakari will have every reason to kill you. That day seems far from now, but it will happen. Don't you dare have any regrets when that time comes.

Amaterasu: Of course. I know better.

Izanami bitterly departed from Amaterasu's chambers, gently closing the doors on her way out. For now, the blood red clouds of war just narrowly passed over Heaven and Earth, saved by peace built on a lie of omission. Or at least, that was merely the illusion. Amaterasu watched her subjects from her window, her chest boiling and storming with an old wrath that had lied in dormancy for centuries. The radiant shafts of sunlight streaking through her window died away. Clouds, alien to Heaven, veiled the eternal sun above the heads of the baffled gods outside. Amaterasu, the calm and austere goddess of the sun, averted her gaze from her window, away from her shaded kingdom, and turned it towards her vanity mirror. It wasn’t herself she saw in its reflection, but that of a sinister, smirking Izanami. In a flash of rage, Amaterasu slammed her fist into the mirror, creating a spider web pattern of cracks through the glass. Several streams of blood dripped from her fist, slowly running down her fingers. Now shattered and fragmented, the mirror now reflected Amaterasu herself on one side, and an impetuous Tsukiakari on the other.

Amaterasu: So, you still hold your grudge close to heart, Izanami. You even dare to turn her against me? Fine then. Have it your way.

She pulled her fist from the shattered mirror, now only showing her her scattered reflection. She licked the streams of blood off of her wrist and clenched fist, her lips drenched in crimson coating.

Amaterasu: War clouds loom over us once more. Are you not satisfied, Izanami the Cruel?

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Yet another girl has entered the fray. Not out of love, but out of hatred? Have you ever heard of a girl who was actually physically attracted to people she hated?  :noidea: Well, you have now.

Also, I'm going to try incorporating images into my writing. I've recently watched a few old silent films and they've enticed me with their intertitles, both expository and reactionary. Expect to see that kind of thing in future chapters. May as well go full unorthodox with this and make it fun to read.

Day 656: Foolish Girl, You've Just Doomed All of Mankind
A kiss of hatred is worth ending the world for


(Since Tsukiakari left, things have definitely calmed down quite a bit. Not just in my life, but around town. Well, I suppose that's because the neighborhood is empty now. I was able to take a few months to rest from everything I had to do with Tsukiakari, Tsukuyomi, and the Shoku twins. Things almost felt...too calm. Maybe I'm just used to running into some sort of dilemma or a supernatural snafu of sorts. But despite my inner fears, the times were peaceful, and before we knew it, summer returned. And god damn, was it hot as hell.)

*CUE 19-2000*


The sun was high in the cloudless sky, much like Osamu's mind. Sunshine bounced off of the street, windows, and reflected the color of the occasional green, pink, and red buildings onto the people walking buy. Osamu was just returning from the store on a trip to buy milk. He wore a flowing, white, long sleeve shirt with a brown leather vest over, unbuttoned. A silver peace sign necklace dangled down to his chest and gleamed in the sunlight. He actually kept his hair in the wavy lion's mane that he had when he first returned instead of growing it back out. Perhaps it suited him better during the weather. Perhaps he just wanted a bit of a fashion change.

Osamu took out his phone and called Yoko as he walked back to the house. She answered after two rings.

Yoko: Yes, sweetie? I told you I'd be out all day for work. Do you miss me that badly to call me like this?

Osamu: No no, I'm just calling to tell you I've got the milk.

Yoko: The milk? Oh yes, of course. For our Milk-play session tonight.

(Milk play?!)

Osamu: It's impossible to talk to you on the phone sometimes, you know that?

Yoko: What was that? What am I wearing? Casual clothes of course. Don't tell my boss, but I'm also wearing a green g-string for you, Osa.

Osamu: Hey, doesn't that usually mean your girl is cheating on you in the workplace when they wear provocative clothing there?

Yoko: Only if they do it and don't tell you.

(Guess she has a point.)

Osamu: Well, I'll be home soon. Call me when you're done.

Yoko: Of course. Kisses.


(After going on those crazy adventures, after actually dying and being resurrected by the god of the moon, going back to a calm life is leaving me with a bit of an identity crisis, I guess. Like, I used to be some great hero, but now I'm just an ordinary guy again. I suppose I should be thankful though.)


The Shoku Twins were standing right outside the house. They had been ringing on the doorbell but noticed nobody was home. Thankfully, Osamu ran into them...and up to them.

Osamu: O-MA-GA-TO-KI!

Osamu dropped the grocery bag on the ground and picked up Omagatoki like she was his daughter. Omagatoki laughed so hard it was almost as if she was screaming.

Osamu: You cutie pie! Where have you been? Why haven't you come to visit these past few months! Didn't you miss me?

Omagatoki: Let me down, Big Brother!

The stone faced Akatsuki didn't show it, but she was jealous. Osamu set Omagatoki down and pinched both of their cheeks.

Osamu: Come on, don't wait out here in the hot sun. Come inside and have some peach juice.

Akatasuki: That would be lovely.

And so, there they were, sitting on the couch together enjoying cold glasses of peach juice. The Shoku twins actually shared a glass and a double-sided straw.

Osamu: Omagatoki, Akatsuki. I suppose I should just come out and say it.

Omagatoki: Say what?

Osamu: I want to adopt you and tickle you until I die of old age!

Akatsuki: I guess I wouldn't mind...

Omagatoki: Sis!


Osamu: Hey, guys. Why do you two even hold hands if you can talk independently with your own personalities?

Akatsuki: Three reasons. First, it is necessary that we hold hands frequently, otherwise time and space itself will fall out of balance and the world will be destroyed. Though it's okay to let go for a little while, prolonged periods without contact with each other will put humanity in grave danger.

(That's too scary!)

Akatsuki held up two fingers.

Akatsuki: Second, Omagatoki is a hopeless scaredy cat without being near someone she feels safe around.

Omagatoki: Sis, don't be so rude!

Akatsuki's straight face only made her actions that much more amusing to watch.

Akatsuki: I'm sorry.

Akatsuki rubbed her cheeks with Omagatoki's and hugged her.

Akatski: Apology Hug~


Osamu: That settles it! I don't care what Yoko, Isabella, Izanami, or any of our readers say! I'm adopting you and making you my personal tickle slaves!

Akatsuki: Big Brother Osamu, aren't you interrupting me? I haven't stated the final reason.

Osamu: O-oh...sorry about that. Please continue

(Great job, doofus.)

Akatsuki: The third reason is that we form a centralized and efficient personality when our minds our linked. We are smartest, most objective, and most aware of our circumstances when we're linked that way.

Osamu: Ah, I see. So what you're saying is...YOU WANT TO BE TICKLED TOO!

Osamu tickled Akatsuki, but she did not laugh at all. A little girl...didn't laugh from being tickled.

Akatsuki: Oh my, how embarrassing. An older man on top of a younger girl with his fingers running all through her body. I feel so violated. Please, call for help and throw this mad man in jail.

She said it all with a straight face and a monotone voice that did not indicate any real sense of danger. It only made her more cute in the eyes of Osamu.

Osamu: Let's get one thing straight around here, I am not a criminal. I abide by prefectural ordinances like any other good, upstanding citizen.

Omagatoki: What's a prefectural ordinance?

Osamu: That's how The Man keeps us down, man.

(Maybe wearing this peace sign is going to my head.)

Omagatoki tilted her head like a confused dog.

Omagatoki: Man?

Osamu: Forget it. Anyways, why did you guys come here? Were you looking for someone?

Akatsuki: Ah!

Akatsuki pulled out a letter and handed it to Osamu. There was no name, address, or intended recipient listed.

Akatsuki: That was given to us for you.

Osamu: Hmm? Who gave it to you? And who would hand someone a letter with virtually no information on it?

Osamu opened up the letter only to find the word "Rei" written on it. The problem was that "Rei" was written in kanji multiple times, multiple different ways. The only instructions on the letter was another word. "Choose."

Osamu: What the hell is this?

Akatsuki: It seems to be "Rei" written in a multitude of different ways.

*The name Rei can be written as many different things, such as "Zero" "Ghost" "Beauty" and "Elegance" among other things*

Osamu: Yeah, but why? Who gave this to you? You sure it's for me?

Omagatoki: Yeah, it was some girl with black hair and bangs. I think she said her name was Rei.

(Black hair...bangs...Oh crap!)

Osamu remembered he met someone named Rei in highscool. Though only he knew the details, the Shoku Twins could tell that having that girl around wasn't good news. Unfortunately for Osamu, the doorbell went off again, and he was forced to answer it.

As he looked through the peephole, He saw a girl with soft, glowing skin and long, straight, black hair with bangs that almost covered her wrists. Her eyes were hazel colored and adorned with dark circles around then. She wore flowers around her head, a black long sleeve shirt, and black jeans. Her nails were also painted black, like the dark depths of a dead galaxy. The girl was playing a game on a handheld console as she waited for the door to be answered.

Osamu: Damn it! Why does this always happen to me!

Omagatoki: Who is it?

Osamu: Just give me a minute, guys. Go upstairs and let me handle this.

The twins left, and Osamu opened the door, stepped outside, and closed it. Even as he stood before her, the girl did not stop playing her game, nor did she acknowledge Osamu's presence in any way.

(At least say something when I answer the door...)

Osamu: Oi, Rei-

Rei: Shut up.

Rei finished her game and made sure to save it before showing Osamu her score. Her voice was calm and sweet, but her personality would prove to be as sharp as a knife.

Rei: I finished the last level! To think the heroine would kill her crush like that...

(Domestic Violence Simulator?)

Rei: Did you figure out my message? I figured you of all people would understand it.

Osamu: Yeah. You're very particular with your riddles and quizzes, aren't you? With you, the true test doesn't come with what's written on the paper. Rather, it comes with what is missing from the paper. You included every way of writing the word "Rei" in kanji, except for its writing as "Zero", which you use for your name. You announced you were coming without actually saying anything. Bravo.

Rei: Ah, thanks. I was hoping you'd understand.

Osamu: Rei, why are you here?

Rei met her tired, baggy eyes with Osamu's.

Rei: To request something of you.

Osamu: Request? What's your request?

(I wish I had just slammed the door and never asked that question)

Rei: You're the only one that can fulfill this for me...

(And now, I'm caught up in another predicament.)

Rei: Please take my virginity.


Osamu: Well, it was great seeing you, Rei. Take care, get home safely.

Rei blocked the door and prevented Osamu from leaving.

Rei: Please take my virginity.

Osamu: You don't have to say it twice! Go find someone else to do it! Why does it have to be me?!

Rei: Because you're the man I hate the most, but the man she loves the most.

Osamu: Hate? I've never done anything to you!

Rei: Yes you have...

(I really can't remember anything I've done to this girl. What on earth could she possibly hate me for?)

Osamu: Look, even if I did do something to make you hate me, you shouldn't let someone you supposedly despise take something as precious as your virginity. Give your body to someone you love, and to someone who loves you back. Don't just toss it around to anybody. It's something you can't get back once it's taken.

Rei: Yes, that's true, but...

Osamu: But?

Rei: Isn't it okay if it's Hate Sex?

(HATE SEX?!?!)

Rei: It should be fine. Besides, the point of this is revenge anyway.

Osamu: How could you say something so-


Rei pushed Osamu onto the floor and closed the door behind her.

(Holy crap, she's strong!)

Rei clamped on Osamu's throat with her foot and pulled out a little voodoo doll of Osamu, as well as a needle.

Rei: Don't move. I will be able to avoid any vital organs, but you will still feel immense pain if you try to resist.

Osamu: Come on! We all know those dolls don't actually-

Rei stabbed the needle through the side of the doll, and Osamu in turn began to bleed from his side, as if something had actually stabbed him. With Rei's foot on his throat, he was unable to scream as his blood formed a small puddle on the ground. Rei removed the sock on her other foot and dipped it in Osamu's blood. She then rubbed that foot on Osamu's face and smeared the blood on him.

( way! That doll actually works?!)

Rei: You really don't remember? I suppose I can't blame you. Actually, it's my fault that you can't recall. I framed my previous statement incorrectly. It's not about what you did directly to me, but rather, indirectly.

(What is she...)

Rei: That girl. The blonde...


Rei: You fell in love with her, and I watched from the sidelines. This is more to get back at her than you, Osamu.

(Rei had a crush on me?!)

Osamu: Is that why you're doing this?!

Rei stuck the doll in her pants to free her hands so she could take off her shirt. The answer behind Rei's strength was written all over her body. Her muscles and abs were toned well. She clearly exercised on a regular basis. When it came to her bust, she was actually very small. Not flat by any means, but just adorably petite.

(Damn it! She does this while nobody is in the house!)

Rei: What happens next is your choice. You can make love...or rather, make hate to me, or you can die here. A warm corpse will do just fine too.  Either way, she'll hurt.

Osamu: Well then, I'd rather-

Rei: Just kidding. You don't actually have a choice.

Rei laid on top of Osamu and kissed him, biting his lip as hard as she could as she pulled away. Of course, his lip began to bleed.

(This is so painful!)


Akatsuki: Excuse me.


Akatsuki: You were not invited-
Omagatoki: inside the house. I'm afraid we must-
Akatsuki: ask you to leave.

Rei, with Osamu's blood dripping from her lips, gave her attention to the Shoku twins.

Rei: Or what?

Akatsuki: Otherwise, we will have to-
Omagatoki: force you to leave.

Omagatoki raised two fingers and pointed them at Rei.

Akatsuki/Omagatoki: Be gone.

Rei threw the doll at Omagatoki's hand just as she was about to teleport her out of the house. In that instant, when the doll obstructed the line of sight between Omagatoki's hand and Rei herself, the spell rebounded and affected the one, closest, living thing it could find: Omagatoki herself. Omagatoki alone was sucked away, separated from her sister. The doll fell to the floor, and Akatsuki, for once, showed true worry and fear in her face.

Akatsuki: Sis?

Akatsuki tried teleporting wherever her sister was by herself, but it was useless.

(It was in that moment that I remembered something. Whenever Akatsuki and Omagatoki were teleporting us somewhere, they had to be linked to do it. Their powers were greatly restricted when they were separated. Not to mention the point that Akatsuki made earlier)




Osamu: Omagatoki!

(This story is a story of Dawn and Dusk. It is a story of the beginning of the end. How one girl nearly brought ruin to all of mankind, all because she wanted revenge. Or was it really all as simple as it seemed? I can't help but feel that there's more to this. There's more to Rei than she herself lets on. This girl...who just started the apocalypse.)


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found myself gripped to reading the story, which is rare for me, so well done.
the chapter was quite solidly written, it felt very real.
i cant comment on anything more specific because i have no idea what i am talking about, but nice :P
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Thanks for reading  ;D This has just been getting more and more fun to write and develop

Day 656 and 1/2: Ex-Girlfriends! Assemble! We Head Over Yonder! To Antarctica!
Only your love can send such strong chills down my spin

Osamu pinned Rei to the wall and snapped at her. The sun shined through the glass frames of the front door and illuminated the entrance.

Osamu: Do you have any idea what you've just done?!

Rei expressed no remorse in her face. In fact, her eyes were still filled with a lust born from hate, and the desire for revenge.

Rei: As long as Isabella dies in all of this, I won't mind if I have to take the rest of humanity down with me.

(She's insane!!!)

Osamu: Wait, you actually know what you just did!? How the hell do you know about the Shoku twins!?

Rei: You know, that Aika girl sure does talk a lot.


Rei: Aika is the one who told me all about them. It's funny how whenever I bring you up, she doesn't seem to remember.

Osamu: What the hell is your relationship to Aika?

Rei: Simple. I'm her bandmate.


Akatsuki: Does that mean Aika is back in town?

Rei: Indeed it does. Though she told me about the twins that supposedly control time, I never could've imagined that you were associated with them as well, Osamu. Small world we live in, hmm?

Osamu slapped Rei across her face. Though it went against his principles, a slap was well deserved for what she just did.

Osamu: Damn you! You've doomed us all! If they don't maintain regular physical contact with each other, time and space itself is going to grow unstable!

As Rei lifted her head back up from the slap, Osamu could see that she was blushing. Her eyes were glistening with love, and she looked like she wanted to kiss Osamu.

(Did she enjoy that or is she about to cry?)

Rei: That....that felt so good...

(Come on! Come on, man!)

Rei: Choke me next. Tell me how much you hate my guts!

Osamu: Now is not the time to be turned on from abuse!


(Just as I thought. This girl is willing to lose her virginity to someone she hates. It doesn't seem like that desire is born entirely out of revenge. Rather...she seems to be physically attracted to people she hates, and physically stimulated by physical and verbal abuse. She's Sado-masochism incarnate, the deadliest of girls to deal with, because no matter what you do to them, they only lust for you even more!)

Rei pulled Osamu in by his peace sign and began rubbing the cold pendant around her stomach and breasts..

Rei: What's wrong? Aren't you going to hit me again? Not even a little kiss with a bite?


Osamu: Of course not!

Suddenly, the lock on the front door began to turn, and the blinding light of the sun filled the entrance hall. Isabella rolled inside in her wheelchair and immediately met eyes with Rei.

(I could tell, in that slow, tense moment, that these two people recognized each other.)

Isabella was stricken with shock, and Rei was overcome with a delightful urge of vengeance.

Isabella: Rei? What are you doing here?

Rei: I'm on a mission from god, Izzy.

Rei's smile somehow managed to look dark and sinister, even within the glare of the sunlight.

Rei: I'm here to break your heart.


(With no time to waste, I let the girls settle their own mess inside the house. It was absolutely vital that I tell Yoko what just happened.)

Osamu stepped outside and called Yoko on the phone once more. She picked up after one ring this time.

Yoko: Moshi moshi.

Osamu: Yoko, listen-

Yoko: Though I know you didn't mean to, it's rude to call a girl when she's in the bathroom, Osa.

Osamu: Oh, you are? Sorry, but this is kind of important right now.

Yoko: Oh? Since I'm not in anyone's view, I suppose I can do some naughty things for you over the phone. Or perhaps there's a particular part of me you wanted to see before I got home?



Yoko: Or maybe you'd like me to make you a short video? There's no cameras in the bathroom.

Osamu: Would you stop that already! This is serious, Yoko!

Yoko laughed.

Yoko: I'm just teasing you, Osa. What is it?

Osamu: Well...quite a few things have just happened. You and Izzy went to the same high school, right?

Yoko: Yeah, why?

Osamu: Did you ever know a girl named Rei?

Yoko: Rei...Rei...there were quite a few girls names Rei in the school. Can you be specific? What did she look like? How did she write her name?

Osamu: Small boobs, long black hair, bangs, black nails, baggy eyes? Writes her name with the kanji for "Zero".

Yoko: Oh! I actually do remember her. What about her?

Osamu: Well, she's here right now, in the house. She said she wants revenge against Isabella for...I don't me or something. But that's not the biggest problem we have. You remember Omagatoki and Akatsuki, right? The Shoku Twins?

Yoko: Yeah, of course. What's going on, Osamu?

Osamu: Well, things sort of happened...and well...the twins got separated, so now time and space as we know it has turned into a ticking time bomb to the apocalypse.

Yoko was silent for a few moments.

Yoko: God damn it Osamu. God damn it.

Osamu: This isn't my fault!

Yoko: Everything is your fault! This entire story is predicated on you being a massive screw-up, fixing it, and then evolving as a character!

Osamu: Don't break the 4th wall when the world is about to end!

Yoko: Okay, okay. Listen, gather everyone, including Rei, and meet me in the bowling alley in an hour.

Osamu looked back inside the house and saw Rei physically assaulting Isabella and Akatsuki trying to pull her off.

Osamu: A-alright Yoko! I've got to go!

Osamu ran inside and pushed Rei off of Isabella. Izzy's face was bruised and bloodied from her repeated punches.

Osamu: Izzy!

Isabella: I'm fine...

Once again, Rei only found pleasure in being pushed so aggressively.

Rei: Osamu, you beast. Did that mean you really will take my virginity? What are you waiting for then?


Osamu: I'll hold off on reprimanding you only because the current situation is much more dire than whatever feud you two have going on. Rei, you've started the apocalypse. The only way to stop it is to find Omagatoki and reunite her with Akatsuki. If you find Omagatoki...I'll fulfill your wish. Just please...stop hurting Isabella.

Rei: Fine. I can accept that compromise.

(And so, we all headed over to the bowling alley. Isabella was uncomfortably silent during the walk. She had her head down the whole time as I pushed her wheelchair. Maybe at this point, she began to feel like a burden. A feud with a classmate somehow found its way to our doorstep and initiated a horrible event. Still unable to walk, she wouldn't be able to actively help us fight it.)

When Osamu, Isabella, and Akatsuki got to the bowling alley, they could see Yoko, Izanami, Aika, and Tsukiakari all waiting for them under the light of the stained glass. Aika still kept her hair short.


(Everyone is here?!)

Akatsuki: Aika? You're here too?

Aika: Hey there Akatsuki! I heard you lost your sister, so I came to help.

Isabella was overcome with joy. For the very first time in a long time, everybody was together again. She laughed as she wiped glad tears from her eyes.

Osamu: You okay?

Isabella: Yeah, just really glad.

Aika: Hey, Rei. So you're in this too? Maybe we can end up telling the story of how our band saved the world!

Yoko: Yes, well, now that everyone is here, can we please move on? We're wasting precious time. Akatsuki, please inform us as to what will happen and how much time we have.

Akatsuki: Right. To make it short, since me and Omagatoki have been separated, time and space will now rapidly fall out of balance. We will begin to notice the differences day by day. I can't be sure as to what exactly will happen first, but I do know the signs will be big. Time, space, and the environment around us will start behaving vastly differently than reality normally suggests. These occurrences will continue until the world itself falls apart. I believe we can safely traverse the earth for a maximum of 7 days before time and space are so out of order that we wouldn't even be able to survive it.

Yoko: In other words, 'Congratulations, Rei. You've killed us all'.


Yoko:I took the liberty of calling Izanami home early, and she in turn called Tsukiakari to come help us.

Tsukiakari: Since we're on a limited time schedule, we'll have to move around quickly in order to find her. This is going to be difficult since not even a god can detect the presence of spirits like the Shoku Twins.

Izanami: Akatsuki, when you were linked to Omagatoki, could you also see where she intended to send Rei?

Akatsuki took a moment to think.

Akatsuki: I don't know exactly where. I did see a mental image of it as she raised her hand. It was a place completely covered in ice. There weren't any buildings or mountains I could see. Well, there were mountains, but they were made of ice too. Oh, and there were penguins!

Rei: She was going to send me to such an awful place?

Osamu: It would be well deserved. Sounds like Antarctica to me.

Izanami: I can take us all there, but...isn't Antarctica a big place? We'd be looking endlessly for her.

Osamu: It's either that or we let the world end. Even if there's a small chance we'll find her in time, we have to take it.

(And so...that's how it began...)

Yoko: Everyone alright with doing this? Gather whatever you need...

(This is how we got out from under the hot sun, and into the world of ice.)

Yoko: Because we're going to Antarctica!

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Reminds me a lot about Monogatarai, the way they have those quick snippets of text in-between scenes.  :-\ Thought I won't say I'm betting for the part where they realize it's not really Antarctica but somewhere south of South America, ya know, just close enough to be the... "tip of the iceberg" you might say  8)
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Ah that's right, they do their own intertitles on that show. Though, in Bakemonogatari, it was clear they were doing it just to bitch out of animating movements and transitions  :ninja: But I wanted to experiment with using silent film elements in an already unorthodox style of writing. The result is something that's fun as hell to write  :clapping:

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i do like those text-things, it adds .....something........but i dont what to the story :P
nice story again

Yoko: Everything is your fault! This entire story is predicated on you being a massive screw-up, fixing it, and then evolving as a character!

Osamu: Don't break the 4th wall when the world is about to end!
i just love stuff like this :P
keep it up :P
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Please do not pet Omagatoki.  :ninja: She belongs to the penguins now

Day 657: My Ex-Girlfriends and I Shall Save the World (You're Welcome)
Will you still kiss me in the nuclear winter?
(Could you believe it? In a short time, we all assembled once more at the bowling alley, and Izanami teleported us into the middle of Antarctica. Summer suddenly got really chilly, didn't it?)

Ah, Antarctica. Nothing but ice galore. Ice beneath your feet, ice on the horizon, and ice blowing through the air. Mountainous bodies of ice sparkled in the sunlight, and the sky was a breathtakingly deep blue. Everyone wore puffed winter jackets and scarves for this location. Isabella led the way to an HQ she had her men set up. It was an easily constructable and small building, one usually used for setting up temporary camp in an area. These were no mercenaries, but actual Navy SEALS that she was able to borrow from the US military, with her father's permission of course. Men were running around relaying information to each other, impressing everyone with their speedy deployment.

Isabella: Even if I can't walk, it doesn't mean I'm completely useless. We've got multiple UAV's surveiling this continent at almost every hour of the day, each of them relaying a message through the air with their speakers, notifying Omagatoki to come here if they come across her.

Osamu: That's amazing Izzy!

Tsukiakari: You haven't changed one bit!

Rei was playing on her handheld as they walked, intent on saving Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser's tyranny.

Aika: Okay! So...Isabella, is it? Where do we start?

Isabella: Well, we can search the more mountainous and cavernous regions for Omagatoki. If she was rebounded into this environment, she most likely would've wanted to take shelter somewhere.

Izanami: Alright! We can do that!

(Did I mention that Izanami was wearing a coat made of polar bear skin? Because she's wearing a coat made of polar bear skin. Do you think she'll scare the penguins away? Oh nevermind. My mind is meandering in thought again...)

Isabella: Osamu, here. I'm giving you a radio and a flare gun.

Osamu: Huh? Why me?

Isabella: Because you're the cutest and I love you.


(Great reasoning there, doofus.)

After getting everything they needed, Isabella set herself up in HQ so she could monitor the UAV feeds. Meanwhile, Osamu and the others went climbing through the icy caves to look for Omagatoki. Every came seemed to glow with the same deep blue that the sky reflected.

(And so, the search was on...)

It was a large cave, so large your voice could carry through its corridors for yards on end. Osamu stayed close to Rei as she continued to play her game.

Osamu: Oi, Rei.

(No answer...)

Osamu: Rei.

(The silent game, huh?)

Osamu: Rei, you deaf bitch!

You could almost see the excitement rush through Rei's body. She hurriedly saved her game and put her handheld in her pocket.

Rei: Y-yes, Daddy?

Osamu: Daddy? I was just telling you to focus on looking around. If you keep your end of the bargain, I'll keep mine.

There they were again. Those baggy, unbothered, and dead serious eyes.

Rei: Very well. But I want to be choked and spit on when we finally do it.


Osamu: I think that's too graphic even for this story. Just help out and stop being a walking obscenity machine, please.

Rei began to notice something wrong within the cave.

Rei: Osamu...

Osamu: What now?

Rei: Is this cave slowly getting more and more narrow?

(What is she...)

Osamu took a second glace at his surroundings, and his brain was able to detect that, indeed, there were drastic changes. The cave was getting smaller, and their voices carried for a shorter distance.

Aika: Hey, is it just me or...

Yoko: No, I just noticed it too. Akatsuki, is this one of the symptoms of you being separated from Omagatoki?

Akatsuki pressed her kitty mittens against her cheeks to keep them warm.

Akatsuki: I believe so. It's not your perception of space that's off. Rather, the physical environment around is slowly morphing. We should be able to continue our search, but I fear that searching enclosed spaces may be hazardous in the future.

And so, the group continued looking through the icy caves of the arctic inland. Despite their searches, Omagatoki was yet to be found. Even when Osamu checked in with Isabella on the comms, she didn't have any news to offer. By the time they vacated the caves, the sun was setting. A heavenly and radiant kiss of orange light filled the sky and faintly coated the land. Knowing it was a long way away from the HQ, everyone decided set up their tents and rest.

Yoko: Osamu, I'm sleeping with you as always.

Osamu: Yeah, that goes without saying at this point.

Tsukiakari: Count me in too!

Izanami: I'll stay with Aika, Rei, and Akatsuki. Keep the tents close! Let me know if you guys need anything.

(This is the first time in a while I've ever been tired at sunset. But I suppose it's normal since we've been searching all day. Now, we can close our eyes and rest, and continue our search for Omagatoki later. I really hope she's okay...)




(When I awoke...I thought the shining through our tent was the morning light. But I realized something...)


Osamu's hair blew in the wild winds of the arctic, carrying snow through the air as he looked on at the sun on the horizon.

(If the sun falls on one side of the sky, it's supposed to rise on the other. Though our clocks indicated that we slept for 5 hours since sunset, the sun was in the exact same position as it was when we fell asleep. We were locked in eternal dusk.)

Osamu frantically called Isabella on the radio, who was already aware of what was happening.

Osamu: Isabella, are you seeing this?! The sun-

Isabella: Yeah, I know. Where's Akatsuki? She might know why this is happening.

Osamu: On it!

Osamu zipped down Akatsuki's tent, waking Rei, Izanami, and Aika. All of them cuddled around her to keep her warm and safe.

Osamu: Guys!

Izanami yawned as she got up.

Izanami: Osamu? What's wrong? It doesn't even look like we've been sleeping that long, but I feel like I got a good rest.

Osamu: That's the problem!

Osamu showed Izanami his clock, and she immediately picked up on the panic of the situation. She ran outside the tent to check where the sun was and saw it for herself. The exact same position as before. Akatsuki waddled out of the tent, still rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes as she spoke in her usual calm voice.

Akatsuki: I expected this would happen. With Omagatoki missing, the sun was bound to get stuck on its next phase. That next phase was dusk. With her gone, it can't fall all the way.

Izanami: Eternal sunset...

Osamu: Is it too late to fix this?

Akatsuki: No. I don't think so. We just have to find her. That should bring balance back to every-

The ground suddenly jolted, as if a mighty earthquake was suddenly rocking the area. Rei and Aika ran out of the tent in a panic, falling on their knees as the ground continued to shake. Yoko and Tsukiakari joined with everyone, confused as to what was suddenly happening.

Isabella: Guys, there's a lot of activity beneath the ground over there!

Osamu: I think we've figured that out, Izzy!

All around, great glaciers broke out from under the ground and rose up into the air

Tsukiakari: Run! Get out of here!

Rei picked up Akatsuki and carried her as they ran from the shattering and shaking ground, and the glaciers that suddenly rose into the sky. Those glaciers sparkled in the sunset's light, and because of the sun's position, they casted long shadows onto the land. The shaking came to a stop, and so did everyone's running.

Aika: Is everyone okay?

Rei checked her handheld to make sure it wasn't broken.

Rei: Yeah, I'm all good.

Osamu: You know, I saw you carrying Akatsuki back there. You aren't as selfish as you let on.


Rei blushed and refused to look at Osamu. Instead, she turned on her game.

Rei: That was just because little girls don't have the body shape and leg length to run very fast. Anyone would have grabbed her in that situation.

(Sure thing, Rei.)

Isabella's voice chimed in through the radio.

Isabella: Are you guys okay out there?

Osamu: Yeah we're-

Rei snatched the radio from Osamu and screamed with horror and shock in her voice.

Rei: Oh god, there's blood everywhere! They're all dead, Isabella! They're all dead! Why did you send us out here?! Oh god, I can't feel my legs! I can see the light!

Isabella: You're full of sh*t Rei.

Rei: Damn it...


Aika: Isabella, there are a lot of floating glaciers around us. Dozens of them!

Isabella: Yeah, it's not just there. It's around the whole of Antarctica.

(All of it?)

Isabella: Listen to me. I don't think there's even any time for sleep. You guys need to find Omagatoki. I don't want to see how else this continent is going to change.

Akatsuki: I've found her.

Everyone gave their attention to Akatsuki.

Tsukiakari: What?! Where?

Akatsuki pointed to one of the floating glaciers ahead. Omagatoki was trapped inside one of them.

Osamu: Izanami!

Izanami: Gather around!

Sparing everyone the walk, Izanami teleported them in front of the glacier. Tsukiakari immediately unsheathed her sword, summoning a bolt of lightning to cut the glacier in clean halves. The halves fell and melted on the ground.

Osamu: Omagatoki!

Osamu ran towards her and cradled her, shaking her to try and wake her up.

Osamu: Hey! Are you okay?

(No response...)

Akatsuki: It appears I've made a miscalculation.

Osamu: What?

Akatsuki: Omagatoki is in all of these glaciers.

(We all looked up at those floating giants, and we noticed what she was talking about. Omagatoki was trapped in all of the glaciers. But none of them were really Omagatoki. As I looked down at the Omagatoki I was holding, she had already disappeared, as if she wasn't even there in the first place.)

Akatsuki: At the very least, this must be a sign that we're getting close.

Tsukiakari: This is getting way to trippy for me...

Yoko: Damn it! Omagatoki! Where the hell are you?!

Farther away on the icy plain, Omagatoki walked among a colony of penguins. She could actually hear Yoko's voice echo very faintly through the air. Her clothes and hair were wet, but it wasn't like she could die of hypothermia since she's already a spirit. Hundreds of penguins, big and small, furry, warm, and cute, followed Omagatoki's every step.

Omagatoki: C'mon, Junior! Put some backbone into your step!

Junior. She actually named one of the penguins.

Omagatoki: I could've sworn I heard something just now...maybe I'm just losing it. Hey, guys, I'm not losing my mind right?

She took the natural sounds penguins make as replies to her question.

Omagtoki: Well that's not very nice! Apologize, Garbanzo!

Garbanzo. She actually named one of the penguins after a bean, an edible seed.

Omagatoki puffed her cheeks and wiped her tears as the imaginary insults flew her way.

Omagatoki: W-whatever! I'm doing my best, okay?! I'll lead us all to the promised land! Just continue walking with me!

As Omagatoki continued to lead the way, a UAV spotted the colony of penguins and Omagatoki from above. Isabella sat in her wheelchair in HQ, in front of dozens of monitors as the image came up.

Isabella: I found her! Is she leading a colony of penguins?! That idiot!

A sharp pain stabbed Isabella's abdomen. It wasn't the first pain in that area since she arrived in Antarctica.

SEAL: You okay, ma'am?


Isabella waved and laughed it off.

Isabella: Oh, don't worry. I'm just pushing myself to find this girl. Looks like my efforts have paid off. I'll relax soon, I promise.

(This time, I wasn't the one being foolish. It was Isabella. But part of the blame lies on me too. Of course, I won't spoil how this predicament ended. But I will tell you this. Finding Omagatoki or not finding her ultimately didn't matter. Our world would be shaken either way.)

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I think that's too graphic even for this story.

 :D :D :D she is a dirty one   ;)
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I'm sure plenty of people could appreciate Rei in real life  :ninja: I'm certain she could make your evenings interesting

Day 661: Come, Penguins! I Shall Lead You Away From the Apocalypse!
Isabella: Everyone, I think I've found her!

Everyone gathered around Osamu as he held up the radio.

Isabella: Head north! Omagatoki is with a colony of penguins! If you see a bunch of penguins, you're close!

Aika: Penguins?

Yoko: That child is hopeless by herself.

Akatsuki: Sister was always fond of animals. I suppose it makes sense she would follow the penguins.

Osamu: Alright then. Looks like we're heading north. In other words, we follow the sun.

At the very least, the icy landscape was beautiful during eternal sunset. They began their journey north, looking for any signs of penguins. Meanwhile, Isabella still sat by the monitors, ignoring the pains and aches in her abdomen. However, when she began to feel fatigue, her men took notice. Her hands trembled as she held her coffee, and she was holding her hand to her head, as if she was in pain.

SEAL: Ma'am, are you sure you're okay?

Isabella: Yeah. I'm sorry, I guess I'm pushing myself too hard. I haven't slept since we got here, and I'm sure the cold is getting to me.

SEAL: Take a rest, chief. You've already found the girl. We can commandeer the operation from here.


Isabella: Alright. I guess I'll leave it all up to you then.

As she left to rest on her futon in her own private building, Isabella was certain that a good rest would make her feel better. After all, a girl in a wheelchair should've never taken on such a time-consuming and physically draining job as the one she was on now. Still, it was in her American blood to save the world wherever it needed saving.

(Somewhere along our walk, we came across a thin, reflective layer of ice on the land. Yoko chalked it up to a high volume of flowing salt water below us. However, as we continued the walk over this reflective layer of ice...we lost track of which side was the sky, and which side was the ice.)

Nothing is scarier than suddenly falling victim to spacial disorientation. When the brain cannot process exactly where the body is going, in what direction, and in what position it's actually in at the current moment, there is a sense of panic, confusion, and anxiety. In that moment, it seemed like the sky and the ground were both the exact same.

Yoko: Wait, where are we going?!

Izanami: I feel kind of dizzy! It's like the floor disappeared or something!

Everyone stood still, not wanting to take another step without being sure of their surroundings. Akatsuki looked around her and realized what had just happened.

Akatsuki: Usually, in a situation like this, the brain would still be able to comprehend where it is through other sensory details. In this case, it would be the hardness of the solid ice beneath our feet. That feeling indicates that we are standing on solid ground. Has anyone else noticed that this feeling is gone?

Osamu: You're right!

Aika: It feels like we're walking on air now!

Akatsuki: Okay. Now, look around you. There were icy mountains in the distance that further gave our brains information that we were on ground level. What is missing from our surroundings?

Yoko: How...the mountains are gone? What's going on, Akatsuki?

Akatsuki: Big Brother Osamu, can you please carry me?

Osamu: Oh, sure.

Osamu picked Akatsuki up and let her ride on his back.

Akatsuki: I fear this is yet another symptom of time and space becoming disorganized. I explained our situation as one would explain the sensation of spacial disorientation, but it's not necessarily what just happened. It's just that it was the best relative example to use for this situation.

Osamu: Wait, so what are you saying?

Akatsuki: Spacial disorientation implies that our brains themselves are responsible for not being able to comprehend our position on the earth. In other words, it is an error on the brain's part. However, our brains are right to assess that our direction and position does not agree with reality. We really aren't on solid ground anymore.

Izanami: What!? Then where are we?!

Akatsuki: The sky. And now that I'm done explaining what just happened, the laws of gravity will now take effect. Please brace yourselves for a possibly lethal fall, followed by frantic screaming.

Osamu: Wait, Aka-

Just as the little girl said, everyone fell from the sky and screamed their lungs off. As the air rushed through their faces, they could see the land below becoming larger and larger. Izanami thought quickly. She teleported just behind each person so that she could grab them, one by one, and then teleport them to the ground safely. First was Aika, the Yoko, Osamu, Rei, Akatsuki, and Tsukiakari. Everyone was back on solid ground once more as they caught their breaths and steadied their heartbeats. Akatsuki remained unsurprisingly calm during the whole ordeal, and even now that they landed, her face still expressed no sign of fear or shock.

Izanami: Goodness, is everyone okay!

Osamu: The things I go through because of my exes...

Rei: What are you talking about?

Osamu: This is all your fault! Why did you stab me and sexually assault me in my own house! The world wouldn't be on the edge of oblivion if you weren't a sadist!


Tsukiakari: Now is not the time for internal bickering. Gather your bearings and let's get a move on!

Yoko: She's right, you know.

Tsukiakari: Oh gosh, my girlfriend agreed with me!

That was all Tsukiakari needed to regain her energy and lead the pack with a confident smile.

Tsukiakari: Follow me! I'll lead the way to the penguins, and to Omagatoki!

Yoko held her hand and the two walked together in front of everyone else.

(I feel a little bummed that a girl is getting more of Yoko's attention than I am...)

As if fate itself wanted to save the world, the group spotted the colony of penguins ahead after several hours of walking. Both groups were headed right towards each other.

Yoko: Is that Omagatoki?

Tsukiakari: I think I see her!

Osamu: Damn it, get out of the way so I can see!


Osamu: That is her!

Aika: Omagatoki! Hey!

Omagatoki could see them all running and shouting her name. She and the penguins came to a full stop.

Omagatoki: It is just as I foresaw! The Fluffy Ones have come to destroy our people and legacy! We will have to fight here, fellow penguins! There will be blood, and many shall die, but I, your prophet and savior shall lead you to the Promised Land!

The idiot took the natural sounds that penguins make as battlecries.

Tsukiakari: Omagatoki!

Finally, they caught up with her.

Tsukiakari: Goodness, we were so worried! We came here to rescue you!

Omagatoki: Tsukiakari? Yoko? Aika?! Everyone is here!

Aika: Yeah, no kidding! Weird things have been happening since you were separated from Akatsuki! Just look at all the floating glaciers!

Osamu let Akatsuki down from his back.

Akatsuki: Sister. Are you okay? We were all very worried.

Omagatoki: came looking for me?

Akatsuki: Of course I did. We have to stick together.

Akatsuki hugged Omagatoki and rubbed her cheek against Omagatoki's.

Akatsuki: Apology hug~

(Hah. Just like at the house.)

Tsukiakari: Aww, they finally found each other!

Aika: And Antarctica was only half-ruined in the process! Let's just hope to god that these glaciers don't melt and raise the global sea level be several dozen meters!

Osamu: Don't joke about something like that! Japan would be doomed!

(And so, the Shoku Twins finally held hands again. As if time was being reversed, all of the floating glaciers sort of just placed themselves back into the ground, and all of the little Omagatoki's inside of them disappeared. The sun quickly rose, and then fell, and then rose again. Time was making up for the...well...time that was lost. I'd never seen something like that. The sun flashed before our eyes, and then the stars and moon, and then the sun again. I thought of something as we all watched the lights of the heavens flash before our eyes. Just how Akatsuki and Omagatoki, Dawn and Dusk could be reunited, weren't my exes and I doing the same? I mean, sure, Aika doesn't actually remember me or the anyone else, but she's still here. And now, Rei is here with is too, despite having her own selfish reasons for doing so. Maybe you don't really ever lose the people you truly loved once. A common thread of love still keeps people around. At least that's how I thought of it back then, before one of us was taken away. Permanently.)

Later that day, with the sun high in the sky as it supposed to be, a helicopter picked everyone up and brought them back to base. Isabella was able to get out of bed after a little rest and greet everyone.

Isabella: Good. We were able to get them back together before everything could fall apart!

Osamu: I believe someone owes Omagatoki an apology.


Rei: You've got to be kidding me.

Osamu: You nearly doomed the world, now you have to apologize. If you don't, then I won't uphold my end of the bargain.

Rei had no choice. She patted Omagatoki on the head and gave her handheld to her.

Rei: I'm really sorry about what happened earlier, kid. I'm glad you're okay. You can have this as an apology.

Omagatoki took hold of the handheld and started crying.

Rei: Crap, did I do something wrong?!

Akatsuki: No. Neither Sister nor I have ever been given anything as a gift. Spirits like us do our work with no thanks. Since we're connected now, I can feel how overwhelmed she is to have finally been given a gift. Thank you, Rei.

Osamu patted Rei on the back and smiled.

Osamu: Great job, Rei! That actually sounded heartfelt and sincere too!

Rei: I was only doing the right thing. Don't go around thinking I'm some sort of saint.

Aika: Oh man, I can't wait to write a bunch of songs about this! We've got some new material to work with, Rei! When we get back home, we're hitting the studio!

Rei: Seriously? You've already got song ideas?

Isabella watched as everyone cheered and laughed. She twiddled her hands together nervously. Her mind wasn't free of all fears yet. One of her men knelt beside her and whispered in her ear.

SEAL: Are you sure you're okay? You should take it easy once you get home. If you keep feeling those pains, head right to the hospital.

Isabella: I'm fine, thank you. I'll take care of myself if the problem persists.

SEAL: Alright.

In a few days, everyone was flown back home. Being back under the hot summer sun was a welcoming change of pace. Osamu was back in his white shirt, brown leather vest, and peace sign necklace, stretching his arms as he got off of the private military jet. Everyone else was also back in their usual attire.

*CUE 19-2000*

(Aika departed to get a head start at the studio. It was nice to have her wave goodbye, and to be able to wave back at her. Tsukiakari went back to heaven the same day, but promised she'd be back sometime during the summer. So, everyone else including myself took a walk back to the neighborhood. The world was safe from decaying. Well, at least it was stopped before it got too bad.)

As they entered the neighborhood, they saw ankle-deep water had filled the streets and got into some of the buildings. It seems not everything was peaceful during their time away.

Yoko: What the hell happened?!

Izanami: Hmm...maybe there was a tsunami while we were gone. I can't imagine that things were only getting chaotic in Antarctica.

Osamu: Great. Thankfully, only we live here anymore, so it's not like anybody could've died or gotten hurt. I'm kind of scared to look on the news though. I wonder what happened on other parts of the world.

Isabella: Yeah, that's not going to be fun.

Rei tugged on Osamu's sleeve, silently signaling him that there was still some unfinished business.

Osamu: Ah, that's right. I suppose we can go to the bowling alley and wrap everything up

Yoko: Wrap what up?

Osamu: Oh! Nothing, darling!


Rei: We'll be right back.

Osamu and Rei headed towards the bowling alley, leaving Yoko, Izanami, Isabella, and the Shoku Twins to continue without them.

(So, you're probably wondering by now. 'Osamu, did you really fulfill your promise to that girl?'.)

Rei led Osamu by hand into the bowling alley, and into the light of the stained glass.

(To which I must answer, 'Yes. But not as originally promised.')

Rei kissed Osamu and bit his lip until he bled again. For once, the girl smiled.

Rei: I'll tell you what. I'll settle for that kiss instead. In return, please don't tell anyone that I nearly destroyed the world. Our band's popularity would probably plummet if word got out about that.

Osamu: But, you-

Rei: Come on. You weren't really going to sleep with me, were you?

(Guess I'm pretty see through)

Rei: Also, I want to talk to Isabella. Tell her to come here tomorrow, okay?

Osamu: Why don't you tell her yourself?

Rei: She'd never voluntarily agree to meet me. Only you can set it up for me.

Osamu: You're not going to beat her up again, are you?

Rei: No promises. But I do intend to handle it in a more civil way. I won't involve you in our feud anymore.

(She's not as irresponsible as I thought she was...)

Osamu: What made you change your mind? You seemed so sure before.

Rei: I didn't realize you had a war goddess and a psychopath for exes...

(She's smart too!)

Osamu: Fine. I can do that for you. I won't say a word about what happened either. My lips are sealed.

Rei: Thanks, Osamu. I still hate you though.

Osamu laughed.

Osamu: Yeah, I figured.

And so, Isabella and Rei would soon meet there in that bowling alley. Now that the world was saved, there were personal squabbles to settle. Conflicts of the heart...
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Izzy Izzy, you make me dizzy and my heart all fizzy

Day 662: I Shall Stand Along with the Mountains
My miraculous summer angel, somebody is calling your name
The next day, Isabella sat with Yoko in the kitchen and scrolled through global news stories with her. Their curiosity was too wild not to do so. Yoko had her hair tied in twin tails and wore her nightgown as she clicked through the news stories on her computer.

(Turns out the world didn't come out as unscathed as we thought...)

Yoko: Hmm...'Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii displaces hundreds'...

Isabella: Okay, well it's just Hawaii. Volcanic activity is high there, isn't it? I'm sure that wasn't us.

Yoko: 'Eiffel Tower Collapses in Sudden Freak Earthquake'.


Isabella: Ah crap...

Yoko: 'Hilary Clinton Wins US Presidency'.

Isabella: Are we sure the world hasn't already ended yet?!

Yoko: Who's Hilary Clinton?

Isabella: A soul-stealing cyborg.

Yoko: You Americans sure have it rough back home when it comes to politics.

Isabella sighed and rolled away from the counter. She was headed towards the front door to get her shoes.

Yoko: Going somewhere?

Isabella: Yeah, Osamu told me Rei wants to meet me at the bowling alley.

Yoko: You're going alone? Want me to come with you?


That pain in her tummy was back again. Isabella flinched and grabbed her stomach as Yoko came over to check on her.

Yoko: Hey, are you okay? Did you eat breakfast?

Isabella: I'm fine, I'm fine. These cramps almost make me feel like I'm pregnant or something.

Yoko: Well...are you?


Isabella: Please, the only person I'd have sex with right now is Osamu, but obviously, we haven't been doing that. Especially with you gatekeeping him.

Yoko: I'm sorry. I'll probably claw your eyes out if you dare have sex with him, but I'll be more than happy to purchase a vibrator for you.

Isabella's face instantly turned red, and she waved away the idea like she was warding off a flock of angry wasps.


Isabella: H-how could you say something like that?! I don't need a vibrator, dummy! I can't even feel anything down there anymore!

Yoko: Oh, I see. Do you already have a vibrator? I used to have a pair of vibrating panties when I was younger.

Isabella: What? They make those? That's an actual thing?

Yoko: Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. Walking into a sex shop is like taking a trip into an alternate dimension.

Isabella: I don't think I want to talk about this anymore. I'll end up getting curious and I'll go there with you.

Yoko: Very well then. Are you sure you don't want me to go with you though? That Rei girl is the one who bruised your face up.

Isabella: Yeah, I'm sure. It's something I have to handle on my own. I'll be back shortly.

Yoko opened the door for Isabella and watched her as she went on her way...until she fell over on the street, forgetting that there was still rushing water flooding the place.

Isabella: Holy cow! I forgot all this water was here! Help me!

Yoko: I'm coming!


In the end, Yoko ended up pushing Isabella to the bowling alley. There were great, white clouds in the distance, and birds happily singing in the summer sky. Now that they arrived, Yoko allowed Isabella to go in by herself.

Yoko: I'll be here waiting. If I hear any screams, I'll run inside immediately. Understand?

Isabella: Yeah, got it. Thanks, Yoko.

Yoko sat on the bench as Izzy went inside and spotted Rei by the bleachers in front of the stained glass. Rei wore black pants and a plain black shirt. An all-black look suited her and went with her hair and nails quite well. The two finally faced each other, one on one, in the suspenseful silence and multi-colored glow of the bowling alley.

Rei: You really came. I wouldn't blame you if you had decided to stay home.

Isabella: I'm not a coward. You wouldn't have tracked down Osamu after all these years for no reason. You had a purpose. If I'm right, it was so you could get back at me, wasn't it?

Rei clapped.

Rei: Bravo! You saw right through it! Originally, I was going to sleep with Osamu, but I couldn't risk doing that with that dangerous set of ex-girlfriends he has. You know how exes can be sometimes. If two people really loved each other, they don't ever stop, not even after a break-up. Feelings like love and jealousy still linger.

Isabella bowed her head and closed her eyes.

Isabella: And you knew I still had feelings for him. I get that.

Rei looked back at the stained glass, the sun shining the patterns onto her face.

Rei: You were always the popular one in school, remember? The exotic foreigner with glowing green eyes and silky blonde hair. You always had people gather around you, ask you for your name, your number, your sign, and your interests. As I sat alone in the corner for 4 years, I wondered why it was you. Why was it always you? I didn't even want popularity. I thought that one friend would be fine. But I couldn't even manage that much. And then, Osamu came to our school. He was different. He had that 'outcast' aura around him as well. He had a few mates if I recall, but he wasn't very popular even for a new student.

Isabella smiled as she recalled those days.

Isabella: Yeah, I remember that.

Rei: I really wanted to get close to him. I wanted to talk to someone who could probably understand me. Maybe he could figure out why nobody ever talked to me, or why everyone seemed to float around me like I didn't exist. Maybe he could tell me why my words never came out the way I wanted them to, or if my hairstyle was cute, or if I was just overdoing it. Maybe he could teach me not to be nervous in front of others, and how to smile more often. But of course, the me back then didn't know how to approach him. I didn't know what to say if he were to speak to me, or where to look if he ever looked at me. The whole thing drove me mad and made my chest feel tight.

Isabella: I see now. You fell in love with him.


Rei: Of course, the popular girl came along and did everything I couldn't do, right down the very width of her smile and the smell of her hair. It was hurtful to overhear to the chatter of our classmates. They all said you two were going out. 'Rumors', I thought. But you two were always together, always holding hands wherever you went. Even an outcast like me could see that Osamu was stolen before I even knew what to say to him.

Isabella: Osamu...he really is a beacon to lonely hearts. He's just odd enough to not be very popular, but interacted with people enough to know how to be a sweetheart. That's what makes it so easy to connect to him.


Rei: Look. I'm not going to beat you up again. Just tell me something. Why him? Did you feel the same things I felt?

Isabella: Your perception of me from back then is flawed, Rei. I wasn't the perfect girl you thought I was. It's easy to attract people when you've got all the money in the world. Everyone notices when you wear nice clothes and smell like heaven, and when you walk back home into a large mansion. But, Rei...

Isabella brought herself closer to Rei.

Isabella: It was just me here in this country. Alone. My father and mother are in the US, and I didn't know anyone here.

Rei stood up and yelled.

Rei: Then why the f*ck did you come here?!

Isabella: My brother went off to fight in the war and I wanted to get away! That's why!

Rei had no idea that Isabella had a brother, or that he was deployed into the Middle East during the War on Terror.

Rei: Your brother...went to war?

Isabella: He served in Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. I called him Huxley but his actual name was Henry. Henry Bailey.

Rei: Was?

Isabella: Yeah. He died last October. He died and I started hating myself for not going back home just once to go see him when he wasn't on duty. I still have all the money in the world. I could've taken a plane, or maybe even a boat to go see him. Maybe I could've flown him out here so he could see what Japan is like. I always told myself 'He's not invincible. His work could get him killed one day, and you'll regret not seeing him'. I told myself that over and over and let time pass me by. Now I'm an only child.


Rei's bitterness withered away as she heard that story.

Isabella: There was always so much worry and doubt behind my smile. I tried to fool Osamu with it, but he saw right through it. He'd always tell me to let it out if something was bothering me, and eventually, I vented everything to him. That's when I started loving him. He was the first person here I was able to talk to. The first person I could cry around. That's why I loved him, Rei. We're no longer officially together, so feel free to take him if you want. If it makes you feel better, that is.


Rei: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Isabella took a deep breath as if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. She scratched the back of her head and smiled.

Isabella: Geez, sorry I ranted and got all heavy on you there. I don't usually do that, but I wanted to give you and honest answer.

Rei smiled too.

Rei: No, I'm sorry. I horribly misjudged you. I'm glad I didn't really go through with it in that case.

Isabella: Well, you're not a loner anymore. You're one of Japan's greatest rockers. Millions of people love you and chant your name whenever you're up there with Aika and the rest of the band.

Rei: Come on. Outside the band, I don't really have any friends.

Isabella: Well then? Go out and make some!

Rei: I can't. Going out and making friends normally seems kind of impossible now...

Isabella didn't say anything as she heard the word 'impossible'. A fire sparked inside of her belly, and she wanted to remove that word from Rei's vocabulary. So, Isabella did something completely unexpected, completely unfathomable. She used her hands as leverage and slowly began to stand up from her wheelchair.

Rei: I-Isabella! What are you-

Isabella: Can it, Rei!

She staggered and nearly sat back down a few times, but she kept pushing herself to try and stand.

Isabella: Nothing is impossible! If you don't believe me, just watch! I'll prove it to you! We all have time to do what we think is impossible!

She was now completely off of the wheelchair. Through her groans of tiresome might, Isabella was able to pull it off. She stood up straight on her own two feet for the first time in a year and a half. Her breaths were deep, and her knees wobbled a bit, but she was still standing in the glory of the light from the stained glass. Rei was left speechless.

Isabella: Rei...nothing is impossible. If I can stand up like this, you can pursue any goal your heart desires, whether it be Osamu or gaining friends. Don't you ever say something is impossible ever again!

Rei: That...that's amazing! You're seriously standing up!

Isabella chuckled, as she was quite proud of herself too.

Isabella: You can't defeat a girl like me with a wheelchair. Not for long.

It's always better not to jinx your own misfortune. Isabella's sight grew blurry as she stood, and she soon collapsed on the floor unconscious. She could hear Rei call out to her as her voice sounded like it was growing more and more distant. Once she awoke, she found herself on Yoko's back as they walked home. The sound of water rushing the street filled her ears.

Isabella: Oh man...

Yoko: Oh, you're awake? I'm glad. I almost thought I had to take you to the park and bury you. I was almost on my way to purchase a hacksaw.

Isabella: What? Did you read my manual on how to hide corpses?

Yoko: Sorry...

Isabella smiled.

Isabella: Thanks for carrying me, Yoko. Where's my wheelchair?

Yoko: I heard you stood up. I figured you won't be needing it anymore.

Those empty streets, alleys, and avenues of the neighborhood were more peaceful than ever during the day. The setting sun's glare reflected off of the windows ahead and gave a gentle glimmer to the water using the road as a riverbed.

Yoko: I remember what you said to me the day Osamu came back. You told me you were going to walk again. I didn't think you'd be able to stand up for a while, but I guess it's just like you to push yourself to prove a point.

Isabella: When I say I'm going to do something, I really mean it. You know that by now.

Yoko: I'm proud of you, Izzy. Just rest on my back for now.

Isabella: Alright. Thanks again, Yoko.

Yoko: No problem.

Isabella, exhausted from her great feat, slept like a baby as Yoko carried her home. Osamu opened the door for them, whispering as they put her in bed upstairs.

Osamu: I see. So she stood up.

Yoko: Yeah. She's completely exhausted. Let's let her rest, Osa.

Osamu and Yoko sat in the kitchen, the orange sunlight shining through the windows. Osamu seemed to be keeping up with his 60's Hippie style of clothing, wearing a neon tie dye shirt and his peace sign necklace.

Osamu: I know you're not a doctor, Yoko, but I wonder...will she walk again soon?

Yoko: I think Isabella can put her mind to anything and achieve it. She wanted to save Tsukiakari back then, and she was prepared to die if necessary. When we lost the Shoku Twins, she's the one who stayed up working hard to find them.

Yoko's bright blue eyes met with Osamu's.

Yoko: And I think that if that girl wants to defy her condition and walk, she can definitely do it. I'll help her every step along the way.

Osamu: And to think you two once hated each other. That all seems to far away now.

Yoko: Well, that was roughly almost 2 years ago. I guess she grew on me overtime.

Osamu: Can't fully admit it in a more humble way?

Yoko: I'm not a very humble girl. You know that.

Yoko crossed her arms and looked away.

Osamu: Whatever you say, Yoko.

(Indeed, Izzy was the kind of girl who could defy her own situation if she needed to. She was strong, all the way down to her bones. I guess, that day, I grew nostalgic too. I thought back to the time when I met her in school, and realized how much she was keeping buried under her smile. Thankfully, Izzy isn't the kind of girl to break.)


(And so, when her problems couldn't kill her, something else would always try. Eventually, like a Templar knight...)


(Because she couldn't be broken any other way, she'd have to be buried by force with her sword and shield. That's the kind of person Isabella was.)


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Note: I'm going to be ending this pretty soon. Not too soon, but soon.  :ninja:

Day 670: Just a Boring Summer Day with My Exes
It's getting quite hot in here, I hope you don't mind seeing some skin
(You wouldn't believe it unless you saw for yourself. Isabella didn't need her wheelchair anymore. Slowly but surely, she was walking around the house by herself. Yoko was around to make sure she kept her balance, but she was able to manage on her own after that. With her legs back in action, Isabella was ready to officially begin her summer.)


Another bright and hot summer day with almost no clouds in the sky. Osamu and Isabella were returning from the convenience store as the heat beat down upon them. Isabella was able to bring out the booty shorts, tank top, and boots once more for the first time in a long time. Osamu wore a dashiki shirt with his peace sign necklace and beaded bracelets. He held the bag from the store for Isabella as they returned to the empty and quiet neighborhood. Passing by the flooded streets, Isabella knelt down and decided to splash some of the water on her face.

Osamu: What the hell are you doing?

Isabella: What's it look like, big guy? I'm trying to keep cool.

(It feels like the summer 2 years ago all over again...)

Osamu watched attentively as Isabella splashed the cool water on her face, every drop sparkling like diamonds in the sun. Of course, Izzy made a bit of a mess and got her white tank top wet in the process.

Isabella: Ah damn it. Hey, can you see my bra like this?


Osamu: Don't use this as an excuse to show me your bra!

Isabella: Oh come on. It's ocean-blue and has cute ribbons on it!

Osamu: No way. Not this time, titty demon.

Isabella: You used to be much easier to tease. Am I losing my charm?

Osamu: Not any faster than the summer is losing its heat. Let's take a little break at the bowling alley. Our ice cream is going to melt if we try to hurry home.

The bowling alley it was. They made their way there and took shelter from the heat under the cool light of the stained glass. The bowling balls all reflected the sun's glare, all scattered about the dilapidated and abandoned alley. Sea salt and caramel ice cream was the treat of the day. As they sat eating away, Osamu's phone began to ring.


Osamu: Uh, hello?

Yoko: Osa...

Osamu: Yoko? You okay? You sound really tired.

Yoko: I'm not wearing anything, Osamu.


Isabella: Is that Yoko?

Osamu fumbled around to turn his phone off of speaker mode.

(Damn it, Yoko! Why are you doing this!?)

Osamu: Wow, you got a raise? That's amazing! I'm proud of you!

Yoko was indeed sitting naked in bed, squirming and blushing without Osamu by her side.

Yoko: Osamu, I need you. I need you so bad. Please come home.

(This is amazingly hot and stressful at the same time...)

Isabella: Oh my, are we getting a little hot and bothered now, Osamu?

Osamu: Damn it, Izzy!

Yoko: Osamu, you can be as rough as you want. Just please come home. Please. I'll overflow if you don't.


Osamu: Overflow?!?




Osamu: Listen, Yoko...I kind of...can't right now. Can you just wait a little while?

Yoko: What's that, Osamu? I didn't hear you correctly. It sounded like you were refusing the demands of a poor, amorous, young girl who simply wants your company. You wouldn't do that now, would you? I don't have to come over there drag you home by your hair, right?


Osamu: N-no...

Yoko: Good. I expect you home and in bed in 5 minutes. For every second you're late, I will kill one of your ex girlfriends, starting with Isabella.

Isabella: I heard that!

Osamu: Yoko, come on!

Yoko: 5 minutes.


That was the moment Osamu and Isabella looked at each other with "Oh Sh*t" looks on their faces. They bolted out of the bowling alley and rushed home. Isabella still managed to scarf down the last of her ice cream as they ran.

Osamu: You're still eating?! Have you no shame?!

Isabella: I'm sorry! I know I'm a fatty but it's just so good!

Yoko waited in bed, counting down the seconds in her head. She could hear Osamu and Isabella barge into the house. Osamu ran upstairs, opened the bedroom door, closed it, and jumped in bed at the very last second, saving the lives of his ex girlfriends.


Osamu: I did it! I'm here!

Yoko wrapped her legs around Osamu and pulled him close.

(Oh goodness...)

Yoko: How could you make me wait so long? I was starting to think you were too busy sleeping with that skank Isabella.

Osamu: I would never-

Yoko: You even smell like her.

Osamu: How do you even figure something like that out?

Yoko: It's okay. Her presence on your body can be purged.

(Did I mention Yoko was naked as she did this? Because this woman is literally naked!)

Yoko sat on Osamu's stomach grinning and laughing. It was getting a little too creepy.

Osamu: Uh, Yoko?

Yoko: Shhh...

Yoko's lips met with Osamu's for a quick, loving kiss...and then Osamu's lips were met with a strip of duct tape.

Osamu: Mmmm! Mmm!

Yoko: Oh Osamu, darling. You look so cute when you're scared.

Yoko took out a knife and held it to Osamu's throat. Her tone went from loving to the angriest she had ever been.

Yoko: Did you sleep with her?! Tell me the truth you rotten bastard!

Osamu: Mmmm! Mmm!

Yoko: Did you flirt with her? Have fantasies about her? Did you do so much as look at her for more than exactly 1.82 seconds?! Tell me the truth or I'll slice open your throat and pull your tongue out from the hole!

(Why would you tape my mouth and then interrogate me!?!)

Yoko: doesn't seem like you did.

(How could she tell?!)


Yoko's tone suddenly went back to loving and lusty. She smiled and threw the knife at the wall, sticking it in place.

Yoko: Oh silly me! What am I doing? Your kiss has told me everything. You're innocent. I should have trusted you like a true, loving wife would. I'm sorry, Osamu.

Yoko ripped the tape off, hurting Osamu's skin and causing him to groan in pain.

Osamu: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Yoko's tone immediately went back to murderous and cold.

Yoko: I'm a jealous bitch that will tear your heart out if you betray my trust.

Osamu: That doesn't justify this at all!

Bam! Right back to loving and kind.

Yoko: Justify what, sweetie?


Yoko: Oh, I get it. You want to be the one in control, right? How typical of an Ashikaga. But that's all the more reason for you and I to be together.

Osamu: Huh? What does that mean?

Yoko: Well, the Ashikaga shogunate ruled Japan up until the Onin war, didn't they? The Takeda clan ended up helping the Ashikaga suppress the rebellion of Uesugi Zenshu during the Sengoku Period. One of the side branches of the Takeda was the Akiyama clan, and that's actually where I get my last name from. They were a house of samurai who fought alongside the main house and the Ashikaga until they were all tragically wiped out by the Oda and Tokugawa clans.

Osamu: Really? Wait a minute, that makes perfect sense! No wonder you're so good with a blade! I had no idea you were actually related to a clan of samurai.

*Fun fact: Remnants of the Akiyama clan fled to Shikoku, the island between Hiroshima and Osaka.*

Yoko: Yep. Both the Akiyama and Ashikaga lived, fought, and died together. I want that to be us, Osamu.

Isabella barged into the room in her tank top and panties. It appears the war between ex girlfriends was being rekindled.

Osamu: Can you say, 'Summertime Deathmatch'?

Isabella: Alright. I've been playing nice this whole time, especially since I wasn't able to walk. But I've got some great news, Osamu. I can feel things below my hips again! You know what that means!

Osamu: That I end my suffering and kill myself.

Isabella: That's right! S-E-X!


Yoko: Don't be ridiculous. You're not sleeping with him.

Isabella: Please. I, Isabella Bailey, cannot be defeated now that my spirits are back up!

Yoko took out her phone and turned the vibrate function on.

Isabella: W-what are you doing?

Yoko: My oh my, my phone has such a strong vibration. I can barely keep holding it.

Isabella: That's not funny, Yoko!

Yoko stood up and backed Isabella into a wall, where she pulled Izzy's panties open and dangled the fun over it.

Yoko: Better luck next time, Izzy.

Yoko dropped the vibrating phone in Isabella's underwear, bringing the poor girl down on the ground, squirming and moaning as if she was in heaven.

Osamu: Izzy?! Izzy! Get up! It's just vibrations, snap out of it!

Isabella: But it feels so good!


(This is bad! I have to get that phone out!)

Osamu, like a brave soldier running through zig zags of flying bullets and screaming artillery shells, leaped across the room and landed on Isabella's legs. He daringly stuck his hands right inside of Izzy's underwear and took the vibrating phone out. She was now free of its hypnosis.

Osamu: Izzy, are you okay?

Isabella was left with a thousand yard stare and deep breaths.

Isabella: Put...

Osamu: Huh? You're mumbling, I can't really-

Isabella: Put it back in.

Osamu: Are you stupid? I just saved you!

Isabella: Put it back in! Please! Christ, I haven't had an orgasm in over a year!

(She's so blunt about it!)

Yoko: Don't deny the woman a basic need, Osamu.

Yoko dropped the phone back into her underwear, putting Isabella back under the spell of vibrations.

Yoko: There we go. Do you like that, Izzy?

Isabella: Shut up and let me concentrate!

Osamu: Concentrate?

(It's not a math test...)

Yoko: Now then, Osamu. Where were we? I believe you were well on your way to make me shriek and shudder, right?

Osamu: No, I was on my way to get the hell out of here!

As Osamu stood up, Izanami walked in the room to see what all the noise was. She was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a sport's bra. Her long, black hair covered most of the bra and her back, and a golden money sign necklace dangled at the center of her chest.

Izanami: What's up homies?

Osamu: Didn't I tell you not to use words you don't know the actual meaning of?!

Izanami: Sorry, I just learned it today! I heard it was a respectable way that westerners greet each other!

Yoko: I thought Izanami of all people would uphold the values of a Yamato-nadeshiko. I feel like I don't even know you anymore.

Izzy was much too lost in the thrills of pleasure to even care that Izanami was watching her.

Izanami: Is she having a stroke?

Osamu: No, she's j-

Yoko: We're having an orgy.

Osamu: I hate you!

Izanami: What's an orgy?

Osamu: Okay, Izanami! Let's go for a walk! Just you and I!

Izanami: A walk? Where?!

(I can't even tell you how fast I bolted out of that room. I'm sure Yoko is going to make me pay the price later...)

Osamu took Izanami with him out to the woodlands, where they sat under the trees as the wind rustled through the leaves.

Osamu: Whew. Nice and quiet over here. Have you been alright, Izanami?

Izanami: Yeah, things have calmed down among the gods since the whole thing with Tsukiakari was squared out, and the Shoku Twins are doing pretty good. I guess we didn't get out of that situation as cleanly as we thought...

Osamu: Hehe...yeah...



Izanami: You know, I'm really proud of you. You did a lot to save everyone. You even sacrificed your own life.

Izanami couldn't look any sweeter with her loving eyes and smile, even with her skin as pale as a corpse.


Osamu: Well, what else did you expect me to do? I wasn't going to sit down and watch it all happen from afar. I love every one of you guys, so I'm going to protect you all in any way I can.

Izanami took hold of Osamu's hand, a bold move for such a usually shy and awkward goddess.

Izanami: Keep on doing your best, Osamu.

Osamu: Of course.

(Man, the wind sure is lovely today...)

Izanami: You know, Yoko is probably going to force herself on you later.

Osamu: Yeah, I figured. I'll survive it. I always do.


(Of's Yoko.)

Osamu: Yeah?

Yoko: If you don't come back home and f*ck me silly, I swear to god, I'll make a soup out of your boiled blood and head! Don't make me burn down this entire neighborhood looking for you Osamu!

Osamu: Sweetie, listen-

Yoko: Don't you 'sweetie' me! If you're not back home pronto, you will officially be on my sh*tlist! I will hunt you down, Osamu Ashikaga!



Osamu hung his head in exhaustion, and Izanami rubbed his back.

Izanami: Well? Better head home, Osamu! You don't want to die early, do you?

Osamu: Yeah, and you don't want to drink a soup made from my boiled blood and head. Let's go home.

Izanami: And get super drunk!

Osamu: How many times do I have to tell...nevermind.


(It was a boring summer day just like any other, and yet, I remember it so clearly. The roses that summer were beautiful, weren't they? Maybe I can remember it all so clearly, because for one of us, these were our last days alive...)


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Well, here we go. Osamu will soon learn the hardest lesson in the world.

Some of the intertitles didn't make it through to the last chapter, I see. That's unfortunate  :unsure: I also fixed a typo on the days of the chapters. We accidentally skipped from Day 661 to day 622 in some weird Back to the Future type scenario. Though, considering those chapters actually had to do with time misbehaving, I find it amusing I mixed up the days  :hmm:

Anyway, back on track.

Day 673: I Have Woeful News For You...
It was a sunny day, just like all the days before. Osamu and Izanami were out on a stroll through the city as Isabella and Yoko remained in the house. Isabella was preparing to cook something in the kitchen, taking out the ingredients from the fridge and preparing the utensils. That sharp pain in her abdomen returned, hurting more than ever before. It was as if she had been stabbed with a blade with furious force. It brought her down to her knees and made her cry, still hanging on to the fridge handle. Yoko came downstairs to check on her, and rushed over when she was clearly in pain.

Yoko: Izzy, what's wrong? Are you hurt?

Isabella: Something in my belly hurts to bad!

Yoko: Do you know why? Was it something you ate?

Isabella: No! I haven't eaten yet!

Yoko could see her crying and knew her pains might be serious.

Yoko: These have been going on for a while, right? We should take you to the hospital and get it checked out.

Isabella: Okay...

Yoko: I'll help you up.

The two waited outside in the heat for the bus to show up, so it would take them to the city where the hospital was located. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Yoko: Damn it, I should really just buy my own car. How are you holding up?

Isabella: It doesn't hurt as much anymore, but I feel...dizzy, I guess.

Yoko: You don't know what's causing it?

Isabella: Not a clue...

Yoko hugged Isabella and rubbed her shoulder as she looked on into the depths of the empty, smoldering neighborhood.

Yoko: Just hang in there. We'll get you some help soon.

The bus finally arrived after that. They were the only two passengers on it today. They chose to sit in the back where Izzy's distress wouldn't be too noticeable. She continued to hold onto her stomach as it continued to ache, and Yoko continued to hold her close. Izzy began crying again during the bus ride into the city. The pain was becoming unbearable now that it was compounded by her fatigue and dizziness.

Isabella: It hurts to much!

Yoko: I know. Just hang on to me, alright? We'll get you some help, I promise. You'll be okay. Just hang in there, little soldier.

That last remark was the first time Isabella smiled all day.

Isabella: Little soldier? Where did that come from?

Yoko: I remembered how you wore a USMC helmet when you helped Tsukiakari cut up those onions. And I remembered your brother Huxley. I felt it was appropriate to call you a little soldier, especially since you're the brighter one out of the both of us. That's how I know you'll pull through.

Isabella: You can be incredibly sincere sometimes, Yoko. Thanks.

Her tears stopped now.

Yoko: No problem.

After the long bus ride to the city, the two walked over to the hospital. It wasn't too crowded, and was mostly occupied by the sick or elderly. Isabella sat down as Yoko went to talk with the receptionist. Izzy looked around her nervously, clearly feeling tense now that she was actually in the hospital. Yoko sat back down with her and waited.

Isabella: Geez, I'd hardly ever been to the hospital in my life. Just to get shots or whenever I had the flu.

Yoko: Don't feel too tense about it. We all have to go someday, for something. The boring part is just waiting, that's all. Since it's not crowded though, I doubt we'll have to wait long.

Isabella: Alright.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, and feeling more and more nervous. The wait wasn't even really that long, but to Isabella, it felt like an eternity.

Yoko: Do you have your photo ID on you?

Isabella: Yeah. I brought my insurance card, my social security card, and a checkbook just in case something isn't covered.

Yoko: Good. You'll be fine then.

Isabella: I don't know if you're trying to convince me or yourself anymore.

Yoko: Both, I suppose.

A female doctor walked down the hall and called out for them. Their wait was finally over. Doctor Hanazawa tied her black hair in a braid near the bottom and always greeted her patients with a gentle smile and a firm handshake.

Hanazawa: Hello, are you Yoko Akiyama and Isabella Bailey? Gosh, I hope I pronounced your name right...

Isabella: Hehe, yeah, you got it right. Everyone always messed it up when I was younger. I don't have any immediate family in this country, so I brought her along for support.

Hanazawa: Oh how nice! Well, come with me to my office and let's get down to work!

Ah, the doctor's office. Not a place most of want to be in, but today, it was necessary.

Hanazawa: So, Isabella, my name is Ashihara Hanazawa. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Isabella: Thank you, you too.

Hanazawa: So, what's wrong?

Isabella: I've been having these sharp pains in my belly for a while. It's been...gosh...maybe 2 or so weeks?

Hanazawa: Mhmm.

Isabella: They seem to happen irregularly, but now they've been getting more painful. Today, I couldn't even stand up because it was so hard to deal with the pain.

Yoko: She also felt dizziness and fatigue on the way here. Though, I don't know if that was merely a side-effect from the weather.

Hanazawa: I see. What were you doing when you first got these pains?

Of course, Isabella couldn't answer "Saving the world from falling out of balance with space and time by looking for a pair of supernatural spirit twins in the middle of Antarctica".

Isabella: Nothing! Just watching TV at home as usual.

Hanazawa: Hmm. Can you be certain it wasn't anything you ate? Nothing that was, perhaps, past its expiry date. Not an undercooked piece of meat?

Isabella: No, I know for certain it wasn't that. Yoko always keeps tabs on the food inventory in the house and throws away anything once it goes bad.

Yoko: We often cook and eat meals together, so I'd notice if something was improperly prepared. I wouldn't allow anyone to eat it. No one else in our house is experiencing these pains either.

Hanazawa: Alright. That seems to scratch out the food poisoning possibility. So you've had these for two weeks....

Isabella: More or less. I haven't experienced any kind of stomach pain like this before.

Hanazawa: No drugs? Are you sexually active?

Isabella: No drugs at all! I'm as clean as a whistle! I have had sex before, but I hardly have it often. The last time I had sex was way over a year ago. I was in a wheelchair for that time. A previous injury temporarily took away my ability to walk.

Yoko: That injury was dealt directly to her legs, not her back or spine.

Hanazawa: Alright. This is painting a more accurate picture for me. I saw you walking earlier, so it looks like you're over whatever injury you suffered beforehand. Not very sexually active, and you don't take drugs.

Isabella: You don't have to say that 'not sexually active' part like I'm a disgrace...

Hanazawa: In that case, we may just have to put you through some imaging tests. Perhaps a CT or MRI scan, if that's alright with you. We may also want to try out a blood test.

Isabella: Yeah, that's alright.

Hanazawa gave them some privacy so that Isabella could change into some patient's garments. As she stripped, Yoko folded up her clothes for her.

Yoko: Damn, Izzy. Nice boobs.

Isabella: S-shut up!

Yoko: I wonder if your boobs are stealing the food from your stomach. Oh, nevermind. That butt is thick too!

Isabella: Ha Ha Ha! You're a funny girl, Yoko.

Yoko was merely lightening the mood. They both knew that by now. Hanazawa came back with a nurse who took a sample of Isabella's blood. Then, she led them into the room where Izzy would have her CT scan. This would allow the doctors to have an image of her organs and the surrounding tissue. From there, they could determine the problem. Isabella lied down with her stomach exposed and simply let the machine do its job. Yoko watched her the whole time. Now, the two were back at Hanazawa's office, waiting to hear back from her on the results from the scan.

Isabella: Waiting is so nerve-wracking.

Yoko: Oh relax. It's not like you're having a baby.

Isabella: I think I'd be more relieved if I was having a baby, honestly.

Yoko: Not Osamu's baby. That would be your death warrant.

Isabella: You know you'd kill the baby too, right?!

Yoko: Perfectly fine with me. Osamu and I are the only ones suitable to have children together, not counting Izanami or Tsukiakari, who are gods. We can unite our Akiyama and Ashikaga bloodlines and then have those children mate with the gods.

Isabella: You're really into eugenics, aren't you?

Yoko: You know what? I am! Thanks for helping me realize that, Izzy!

Isabella: Anytime, I guess?

Hanazawa returned, her smile and cheerful attitude gone.

Hanazawa: We've looked over the results of the scan and the blood test. It appears that the cause of the pain you feel in your abdomen has nothing to do with your actual stomach itself. The problem lies with your pancreas.

Isabella: My pancreas? What's wrong with it?

Hanazawa: You have pancreatic cancer. There's already signs of it in your bloodstream, so it may travel to other organs. Chances are, it didn't-

Isabella: Wait, stop, stop. What did you say?

Yoko had heard the doctor loud and clear, and her heart was taken aback by her words. For Isabella, her words were like a sonic blur, as if her mind couldn't comprehend what she was saying. As if she was speaking another language entirely.

Isabella: I have...cancer? But I...

Isabella grew flustered and increasingly emotional. Her face was red with stress and sadness.

Isabella: I don't understand!

Yoko: Hanazawa, how bad is it? Can she be treated for it?

Hanazawa: Pancreatic cancer is tricky. It's more than likely that it was growing before she began to feel those pains. It could've been months or years before the symptoms became visible. Once those symptoms are visible, it can be very aggressive and grow fast. In Isabella's case, her cancer has already flown through her bloodstream and will metastasize if it hasn't started to already. Under those circumstances, it is possible to treat the symptoms, but...

Isabella looked pale, and her eyes were widened with worry.

Isabella: What's going to happen to me?

Hanazawa: Although it can be treated, it's unlikely we'll be able to stop it if it's already spread to other organs. I'm very sorry to inform you that you may die as a result from this.

Isabella, the bravest one of the household, felt real fear.

Yoko: How long?

Hanazawa: Whether I answer that question or not depends if Isabella wants to hear it. She is the one who ultimately decides if she wants to know how much time she has.

It's difficult to explain the many thoughts that were violently spinning around in Isabella's head at that moment. She could hardly comprehend that she had such a serious disease, nor could she comprehend that she was about to die. Now she had to make a choice of whether or not she wanted to know how much time she had left. She managed, just for a moment, to calm her mind and speak in a quiet and humble tone.

Isabella: Please. Tell me how long you think I have left.

Hanazawa: Very well. At this rate, I believe you have roughly 5 or 6 months left. You might die just short of the New Year.

All Isabella could think about is how professionally Hanazawa told her how long she had left. It was like she was giving her the weather forecast.

Hanazawa: I understand this is a lot for you to take in. I'll leave you to your privacy. We can discuss treatment and everything at a better time. Please excuse me.

Hanazawa closed the door behind her, leaving Yoko to gaze at Isabella as she herself stared off in the distance. It was deathly silent in that office.

Yoko: Isabella...

Yoko put her hand on Izzy's back.

Isabella: Oh my god...I...oh god...Yoko!

Isabella broke down in tears, crying into Yoko's shoulder as she embraced her. Yoko, who always had something to say to make someone feel better, couldn't find the right words for this situation. And though Isabella couldn't see it past her own tears and the comfort of Yoko's embrace, Yoko was crying along with her.

(Surely you must be thinking, 'Osamu is the hero of this long and winded story. Surely, he can find a way to save Isabella, just as he saved the others before her. But as I give you these thoughts now...I can tell you, with an honest and breaking heart...I don't know what to do. I don't know how to save Isabella.)

(And for that, I ask you to forgive me.)

Almost forgot. Keeping the OP but new ED
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...oh dear, the dreaded shock is here.  :ohmy: This is gonna be a tough nut to crack.  :push:

On another note...
"All Isabella could think about is how professionally she told Isabella how long she had left. It was like she was giving her the weather forecast."

That might need some rewording, my friend  :sure:
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Whoopsie Daisy! I wrote this half-asleep  :ohmy: I got back from a wedding and I've yet to recover from it
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Hahahaha all aboard the feels train  :read:

Day 674: I Can Still Save You, My Dear Ex-Girlfriend
An end in sight? Brave one, don't blame yourself.

(The next day, I was out and about with Tsukiakari. We got her a haircut and some normal, summer-friendly clothes. Though, considering how long her hair was, a haircut doesn't really mean much does it? In the end, her hair still reached down to her bottom.)

Osamu was back in tie dye, and Tsukiakari was donning a white shirt with a blue floral cardigan over it. She had sunglasses resting on her head, reflecting the glare of the sun. Both of them wore skinny jeans and sandals as they walked down the street, back towards the house.

Tsukiakari: Ah! Feels good to be out in the summer, huh?


Osamu: It's unbearably hot...

Tsukiakari: You sure love to complain when you don't have a girl or a world to save. You know that? When I was in the war, we had to walk through plenty of hot areas for hours with heavy armor and equipment!

Osamu: I'm not a damn soldier!

Tsukiakari: Then don't carry the Ashikaga name! The shogunate would be ashamed if they knew their distant descendant was some girl-hopping coward who couldn't even stand a little heat. Nut up, Osamu.



Rei: Oi.

The two saw Rei coming out of the bowling alley in a white and gold summer dress and a large straw hat. You might be thinking what Osamu and Tsukiakari thought. The dress didn't match her personality. She even still rocked her black nail polish and the same kind of stone face Akatsuki had.

Osamu: Hey Rei, I didn't know you were here. Do you want to apologize for stabbing me in the side?

Rei: What are you....Oh! I remember! That was when I sexually assaulted you!

Osamu: How can you recall something so traumatizing so casually?!


Osamu: Anyway, whatever happened to the doll you had? The one you used to stab me?

Rei: I still have it. Why?

Osamu: I've been wondering why the hell I've been waking up in a cold sweat. I assumed it was the heat at first, but the mornings are still cool. I wake up before he sun even really rises. Just to make sure, I even slept with the blankets and everything off and still woke up that way.

Rei: Oh gosh!

Rei turned around and snickered to herself.

Osamu: What's so funny? Answer the question!

Rei: Okay, I'll tell you. You see, occasionally, at night, I like to-


Osamu: That's so gross! Is that what I've been covered in?!

Tsukiakari: I didn't know you were such a kinky girl...

(And so, Rei ended up walking home with us...)

Osamu let Tsukiakari and Rei inside and away from the heat. The house had the AC running all day, and felt like a chilly paradise compared to the UV ray hell outside.

Osamu: Make yourselves at home, girls. There's iced tea in the fridge.

Tsukiakari: Awesome! Hey Hey! It's Tsukiakari! I'm here with Rei!

Yoko: Welcome in, even though I did not invite you.

Yoko, Isabella, and Izanami were in the kitchen, waiting for Osamu to get back from his summer stroll. Isabella looked particularly down, as if she had been crying earlier. Anyone that looked at her could tell something was wrong.

Tsukiakari: Izzy? Is something wrong?

Yoko: There's something we have to inform you all about. It actually works out great that you've brought Rei and Tsukiakari along, Osamu.

Osamu: What's going on?

Yoko gently placed her hand on Isabella's shoulder.

Yoko: Go on. You can do it.

Isabella stood from her seat with her head hung low. She ultimately raised her head and gave everyone a fake smile as she spoke.

Isabella: Well...this is it. Remember those pains I had in Antarctica, and how they carried over when we came back? Well, as it turns out...that was pancreatic cancer. Yoko took me to the hospital yesterday and that's what I was diagnosed with.

Tsukiakari: Cancer?!

Osamu: No way. Come on, that's pretty heave-handed even for a joke. You guys are just pulling one on-

Isabella's suddenly yelled out.

Isabella: It's not a joke!

(That yell...I know her...she never yells like that unless it's serious...)

Isabella: I'm dying, guys. I might not even make it to the New Year. God, I ran around a thousand times in my own head to figure out if I should even announce this to you all. I almost didn't want to, but Yoko told me it wouldn't be fair on you guys if I kept it to myself. I'm sorry...

Tsukiakari: Izzy...I don't know what to say! I mean, is there anything we can do to help you? Are we sure it's terminal?

Isabella: By now, it's already spreading to other organs. The doctor thinks it may have been growing for quite a while, but by the time the symptoms became noticeable, the cancer was already starting to spread aggressively. My chances of survival are next to none. As for helping...Yoko is helping me get in contact with my family back home. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to hang out with you guys as much as I wanted to this summer. I'm going to be in a lot of pain, and I've opted for pain killers to help me with that. I didn't really see the point in chemo if it'll only delay the inevitable by a short amount of time.

Rei was very clearly holding back from crying. Isabella knew this better than anyone.

Isabella: I'm sorry, Rei. I was hoping we could hang out more now that we've talked our differences out. It looks like I'm going to die on you instead. I'm a loser, huh?

Rei ran and hugged Isabella with every bit of regret she had. Isabella couldn't help but hug her back.

Isabella: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

(How did I feel in that moment? I still don't know myself. Was I sad? Maybe I was mad at myself? Mad at her? Why? Like I said, I don't know. All I remember is that even Rei, who once hated Isabella, who never was the kind of girl to go out of her way to show any emotion, was crying. To me, the rest of that announcement just passed by like a blur. I knew why it felt like that, too. I thought I could just save her like I saved everyone else...)

That night, Osamu was passing by Isabella's room on his way downstairs. He walked with his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants, and his spirit in a slump. Though her door was closed, he could hear Yoko and Isabella talking through it.

(That was the first time I've heard Isabella sob like that...)

Isabella: I don't know what to say to him, Yoko! We already lost Huxley, and now I have to tell him he's going to lose me too! I don't want my dad to be sad!

Yoko: I know. This is going to be difficult, but we'll write it together. I believe the best way to tell him is to just be upfront and blunt about it. He's your father, after all. He'll be able to accept the situation so that he can offer you help.

(Get yourself together, Osamu. Izzy isn't going to die. Not while I'm still alive. We still have a few options!)

Osamu's first option for was to speak with Izanami. He looked around the house for her and found her sitting on the front steps outside, gazing up at the stars and moon. The street lights were dim, and the sounds of crickets resonated from all directions.

Osamu: Hey.

Izanami turned around, surprised by Osamu.

Izanami: Hey...

Osamu: About Isabella's cancer...we can fix this, right?

Izanami failed to respond. Her sad eyes said more than her still lips.

Osamu: honest with me here. Can we do something to help her or not?

Izanami: No. There's nothing we can do. I mean, technically, I could have her healed by a Shinigami-

Osamu: Then what the hell are we waiting for?! She's upstairs crying her eyes out trying to figure out what to say to her dad!

Izanami: But it's against the rules!


Osamu: The rules?

Izanami: This is different, Osamu. It's not like that time with Aika, where a young girl suddenly decided to end her life. It's not like with Tsukiakari, where Bishamon's actions contributed to the both of you getting killed and nearly obliterated. Isabella getting sick like wasn't some sort of accident. It wasn't a mistake. Just like Aika's mother, Izzy is supposed to die this way at this age. That is what was decided.

Osamu: Izanami. Who decided that?

Izanami stood up and fearfully backed away from Osamu.

Osamu: Did you do it?

Izanami: I don't decide these things just to be evil! Every single death has its reasons, Osamu! Isabella is the same way!

Osamu: How the f*ck would you think she'd feel hearing that?! Can you tell her that and expect her to just say "Oh well, I understand!"?! What the hell is wrong with you?!

Izanami: Please stop!

Osamu: Do you take joy in taking people from this life far too early?! Isabella doesn't have a future anymore because of you!

Izanami: If I could, I would have everyone live forever! But I can't do that, Osamu! You'll never understand what it's like to be a god of death! I hate making these decisions! For every single radiant child born on this earth, I have to organize their demise! It hurts! My heart breaks every time I get that feeling in my neck whenever someone dies! I love everyone and I want to keep them here, but I'm not allowed to do that!

Osamu: Oh, but you get to live forever?! You think that's fair?!

Arguing with Osamu like this tore apart Izanami's heart.

Izanami: Stop, Osamu!

Yoko: Osamu!

Osamu immediately snapped out of his rage when he heard Yoko's voice. She stood by the door with a furious expression as Izanami fell to the ground and sobbed.

Yoko: Look at what you've done.

Looking at Izanami, Osamu could see what he was doing was wrong.

Osamu: Damn it...

Yoko: None of us can claim to understand Izanami's life and her position as a god. As humans, we only see the result of her work, not the reasons and motives behind it. With that fact alone, we have no right to blame Izanami. I do not believe for a second she would ever wish harm upon anyone in this house. Neither should you.

Yoko walked just a bit past Osamu before stopping.

Yoko: Get inside. I'll talk to you soon.

Yoko knelt down by Izanami, helping her up as she continued to cry. Osamu silently went back inside and back into the bedroom, where he collapsed face-first on Yoko's bed.

(What am I doing? She's right. I can't claim to understand Izanami's job. She's not the kind of person to voluntarily want these things to happen. In a way, even for a goddess of death, death is still somewhat out of her control.)

Yoko soon went back inside and joined Osamu in the bedroom. She stood before him instead of sitting with him. Osamu sat up, and the two simply looked at each other for what felt like a full minute.

Yoko: If you were anyone else, I would've beaten you for being such an ass. But because you're you, and because we're all close to Isabella, I will say this instead. You told me this once before, didn't you? You can't save everyone. For Isabella's sake, the last thing you should do is get angry and take it out on Izanami. She would never want this house to become divided. It would only make her feel like a burden.

Osamu: I won't stop. I'm going to find a way to save her, Yoko. Izzy's life can't end like this.

Yoko: I'm being this blunt with you because I love you so much. I don't want to see you hurt yourself. There is nothing we can do, Osamu.

Osamu: Fine. I'll go and save her by myself. Keep supporting her from here, Yoko.

Osamu got up and put a black hoodie on.

Yoko: Where are you going?

Osamu: There's still a few people I can think of that can help. We have to try everything, don't we? That's what friends and family of the terminally afflicted do. We look out for each other. Tell Izanami I'm sorry for making her cry.

Yoko: O-

Osamu shut the door. Yoko sat down on the bed and sunk her head into her hands as Osamu exited the house and began his long walk to Izanami's shrine. He was on his way to see the Shoku Twins.

(We still have to try. I can figure out something! Just give me some time...)

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Oh, I can only imagine what he's gonna do once the end nears...'s time for you to take responsibility for what you've always denied up 'till now, Osamu.  :-X
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Give the guy a break, he's been through a lot so far  :o
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Day 674 and 1/2: Taking No for an Answer
Tick tock,Tick tock. Every second counts

Having finished writing the most difficult letter of her life, Isabella walked downstairs into the kitchen and saw Yoko drinking sake over the counter. It was a sort of stressed drinking, as made clear by her troubled face illuminated by the candlelight.

Isabella: Where's Osamu?

Yoko: He just went out. I have no idea where. He's determined to make you better and he won't listen to anything I have to say.

Isabella:...I'm going after him.

Isabella wasted no time getting her shoes on by the door. Even though her body was in pain, she moved with speed and determination.

Yoko: Wait, you shouldn't just go roaming around at night with nobody accompanying you!

Isabella: I'll be fine, Yoko. I'm not dead yet and I can still walk. I'll find him and I'll bring him home.

Her smile reassured Yoko in that moment.

Yoko: Alright. Call me if you need anything.

Osamu had just arrived at Izanami's shrine. The pagoda lanterns led him right down the courtyard and to the main house of the shrine, where the Shoku Twins were sitting on the front steps, watching the moon. The stars were dazzling tonight, much like the flames that illuminated the shrine. Upon seeing Osamu, Omagatoki immediately let go of her sister's hand and ran towards him with open arms and a bright smile, like a daughter seeing her father.

Omagatoki: Big Brother Osamu!

Osamu: Hey there, Omagatoki.

(At the very least, seeing her still cheers me up.)

Osamu: Gosh, you're getting cuter by the year, you know that?

Omagatoki: R-really?! T-t-thank you very much, Osa!

Akatsuki also walked up to Osamu, the seemingly emotionless little bundle of joy.

Akatsuki: Welcome back, Osamu. What brings you here at this hour? Surely it's not so you can molest me again in front of my dear sister, right?

Osamu: Don't think so lowly of me please...

Akatsuki pressed her cheek against Osamu's and hugged him like she did with her sister.

Akatsuki: Apology hug~

(She doesn't know how much I actually needed that just now.)

Osamu: Actually, there's something I need to ask you two. Can you take me back in time?

Omagatoki: Back in time? What for?

Omagatoki grew worried when Osamu only lowered his head and gave off a saddened gaze.

Osamu: Isabella is sick. She might not make it through her illness. I was wondering if I could go back and do something to change that. I was hoping there was still a way to fix it.

Akatsuki: It's terminal, isn't it? Otherwise, you wouldn't think of doing something so drastic.

Osamu: Yeah, it is.

Akatsuki, with her small and cute hands, patted Osamu's head and ruffled his hair.

Akatsuki: We can't. I'm sorry. Though we have the ability to go back and forward in time, we have strict instruction by Amaterasu herself not to use those abilities unless a catastrophe of some sort happened. Even if we took you there now, I doubt it would magically stop Isabella from being inflicted. If I may ask, what exactly is Isabella's affliction?

Osamu: Pancreatic cancer.

Akatsuki: At her age? That's not very common. It could've been because of some underlying health complications, or perhaps it was genetic. In that case, going back through time wouldn't yield any results. And besides, when you return to the present, Amaterasu would be furious with you and with us.

(Of's impossible, isn't it?)

Omagatoki: I'm sorry, Big Brother. I wish we could help...

Osamu: No, it's alright. I was half-expecting a 'no' anyway. Thanks, you two.

Isabella: Osamu!

That voice turned Osamu around, and he saw an out of breath Isabella standing by the shrine gate.

Osamu: Izzy? What are you doing out here?! How did you find me?

Isabella smiled and held up her phone.

Isabella: This app lets me see where all my contacts are!

Osamu: That sounds like a stalker's dream!

Isabella: Sorry. I wanted to stop you before you did something reckless for my sake. Am I too late?

Akatsuki: Brother Osamu asked if going back in time would help prevent your affliction. We've already answered him with a stern no.

Isabella: I see...that's good...

Exhausted from running all the way there, Isabella fell over on the floor and blacked out. The next time she awoke, Osamu was carrying her on his back as they walked through the neighborhood. Isabella's groans let Osamu know she was waking up.

Osamu: Hey there. You alright?

Isabella: Yeah, I think so.

A quiet walk through a quiet neighborhood, under a peaceful moon and dim streetlights...

Osamu: You know, you didn't have to go running through town like that. If you fell or hurt yourself, there wouldn't have been any around to help you.

Isabella: Yeah, I guess you're right. I was just scared you'd do something terrible if you were asking the Shoku Twins for help. It evens out, doesn't it? We were both being stupid.

(She can still laugh and speak so brightly when she's like this)

Isabella: Osamu. There's nothing you can do. Don't drive yourself mad trying to fix something that can't be fixed. I'm happy I was born as the person I am. I've had a fantastic life. Especially in the past 2 years. I'm ready to die if that's how it has to be.

Osamu: Still...I hate myself so much right now. I saved Aika. I saved Tsukiakari. I saved the Shoku Twins. I saved the world. So why can't I save the life of just one girl?

Isabella: Because you can't save everyone.

Osamu: Gosh, my words are flying back in my own face today, aren't they? Did you write that letter to your family?

Isabella: Yeah. Yoko is going to send it out for me tomorrow.

Osamu: Good. I know they'll do their best to support you.

Isabella: Just like you, right?

Osamu: What are you talking about? I've failed so far.

Isabella: All you need to do is be with me until the end. There's nothing else you can do.

(She's already accepted she won't make it. Considering everything we've been through until now, it makes sense she's not going to underestimate death...)

Osamu: Alright.

On their way home, the two spotted a large crater in the neighborhood. It looked like a house was once in the area, but was destroyed by something.

Osamu: What happened here?

Isabella started laughing, her voice echoing through the streets.

Osamu: What's so funny?!

Isabella: You really don't remember? I called an airstrike on your home, remember?

Osamu: That's right! That was the very first day I came back here!

Isabella: Back then, I let my bitter feelings take over. Ever since you've come back though, we've all grown close to each other. I want it to remain that way, Osamu. So, when you get back home, apologize to Izanami. I don't hate her or blame her for any of this. She's still a valued member of our household. She's done and sacrificed so much for us, you know?

Osamu: Yeah, you're right. One day, you are going to rebuild this house, right?

Isabella: Eh?! Seriously? You want me to do that?!

Osamu was now laughing himself.

Osamu: No, it was just a joke! You don't have to do anything.

Isabella: Hmm...who knows though? Maybe I will have it rebuilt for you.


Osamu and Isabella finally returned home. She was finally able to walk on her own two feet as they came back into the house. Both of them took off their shoes by the door. Isabella, tired by the events of the day, climbed up the first 3 steps of the stairs before bidding goodnight.

Isabella: Well, I'm off to bed now. Go and apologize, alright? Let's try to have a happy day tomorrow.

Osamu: Yeah, alright. Goodnight.

Isabella: That didn't sound very sincere...

Isabella crossed her arms and gave Osamu "the stare".


Osamu: I really mean it! I'll apologize and we'll have a good day tomorrow!

Isabella: You promise?

Osamu took hold of one of Isabella's breasts and squeezed it gently.

Osamu: I promise.

Isabella: Good. Now let go, or I might end up pushing you down and having my way with you.

Osamu: Yes ma'am!

With that, Isabella smiled and walked off to bed. There was just one more thing Osamu had to do before the night came to a close. The girl with the skin of a corpse, but the soul of a rose needed to be apologized to. She was sitting in the kitchen in front of the candles on the counter. Their gentle flame let off an aroma of vanilla, and their light sparkled in Izanami's eyes. Especially now, when they were still moist from crying.


Osamu: Hey. I'm...I'm really sorry for being so mean earlier. I don't know what came over me.

Izanami: You don't hate me? That was the first time you've ever been so angry at me. It felt like I was falling apart...

Osamu: Of course I don't hate you. I'm just scared of what's going to happen to Izzy.

Osamu caressed Izanami's cheek to calm her spirit.

Osamu: I can never hate you, Izanami. Can you ever forgive me?

Izanami brought Osamu in for a hug by the candles. They held each other for a long time, as if they'd never be able to hug again.

Izanami: Forgive you? I love you, Osamu. Anything you've done in the past, anything you do now, and anything you will do in the future is already forgiven. That's how much I love you.

Osamu: I really needed to hear that. I feel like I'm not even myself anymore...

Izanami: Silly. You'll always be you. You'll always be the Osamu we all fell in love with.

Osamu: You're always my guiding light, you know that?

Izanami pulled away, and her smile returned.

Izanami: Yep! Now then, let's blow out these candles and go to sleep.


(And with that, the house was darkened, and we all slept together in that bed. I couldn't have been more happy to be under the same roof as all of them. I don't think I'd even be half the man I am if they hadn't been in my life. So, god willing, even if I can't cure her, I'll be there for Isabella. Until the light leaves her eyes.)


(Early that morning, I was the first one to wake up. Normally, I'd just fall back asleep, but I received a text from Rei, telling me she was waiting by the door. I already had an idea as to why she might've come...)

Osamu sneaked out of bed and quietly made his way to the door. Rei stood outside wearing a camouflage jacket, a pair of red dog tags, and a troubled expression. The sun hadn't risen yet, but the sky was a deep blue color.

(It appears...Rei has a lot of things she wants to get off of her chest...)
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Goodness gracious, now I can go to sleep

Day 675: My Ex-Girlfriend's Parents Are Here?!
Boy oh boy, I hope my mama and papa grow a liking to you

(Rei's only words at first were to ask me to follow her to the bowling alley so we could talk. And so, that's exactly where we went.)

The bowling alley was still dark, so the two turned on the flashlights on their phones and laid them down on the seats so they could see. Those two sat together, still shivering from the morning cold.

Rei: Am I stupid?

Osamu: Hmm?

Rei: I was thinking I had years to resolve my feelings with Isabella. I thought she'd live a long time. Now I'm realizing how much time was wasted...

Osamu: We only see that kind of thing in hindsight. I don't think you're stupid. None of us saw what's happening to her coming. I guess cancer works like that, huh? It comes by surprise to the unfortunate few.

Rei: Yeah...


Osamu: You're having regrets, huh? You realized Isabella didn't have it as easy as you thought she did. Now that you see how much you two actually had in common back then, you wish you had more time to understand and be around her.

Rei: I'm pretty easy to read, I suppose.

Rei picked up one of the bowling balls and began setting up the pins down the alley. She reeled her arm back, swung forward, and let go of the ball, scoring a strike.

Rei: What do we do? I feel so helpless like this.

Osamu twiddled his fingers together.

Osamu: I've been trying to find the answer to that myself, to no avail. Izanami can't do anything to stop it. The Shoku Twins would only put themselves and me in danger if we went back in time, and that doesn't even guarantee we can stop her from getting sick. It's just like Izanami said to me last night. 'Isabella getting sick wasn't an accident'. It's not something that was caused by human error, and as such, it cannot be fixed. It just happened. And we have to accept that.

Rei: That's a bitter pill to swallow.


Rei: So, what are you guys doing today?

Osamu: Not sure. I doubt Izzy will be in the mood to go out somewhere today, so we'll probably just make the best of it at the house. You should come along, Rei.

Rei: I'd love to, but I've got rehearsal today. Aika is making a new song.

Osamu: Yeah. Of course she is.

Rei: Please take good care of her, Osamu. I'm counting on you.

Osamu: You? Counting on someone? That's impossible.

Rei took out the doll and the needle, immediately sending Osamu into an apologetic panic.

Osamu: Okay okay! I'm sorry!


After that, the sun had started rising, and the birds were taking to the skies. The walk back to house was accompanied by heavy contemplation and a heavier spirit. When Osamu returned to the house, he found Yoko in the kitchen making soup and a tank top with the Ashikaga and Akiyama clan crests on it, and a cute pair of black panties that said "Spank Me" on the back.

(Gosh, that's actually kind of hot...)

Yoko: Good morning, darling. Are you feeling any better?

Osamu: Sort of...

Yoko: I see. I'm making some soup for breakfast, if that's okay with you.

Osamu: Yeah, that sounds good.

Yoko: Okay, I'll make it extra special!

Yoko took out a large kitchen knife and held her wrist over the pot of soup, smiling with love and glee as she did it.

Osamu: Is that what you meant by "extra special"?! No thank you!

Yoko: Aww. You don't want a soup made with my blood?

Osamu: I'd rather have soup made from used panties broth.

Yoko: That can be arranged-

Osamu: I was kidding!



Yoko: After this, I've got to go drop off the letter Izzy wrote, and then I need to pick up her pain killers. I'll need you to be the man of the house, Osamu.

Osamu: Understood...

When the soup was finished, Osamu was invited to help himself. Yoko walked past him so she could get up the stairs and get dressed, but not without Osamu following the instructions on her panties with a nice, hard slap to the butt. Yoko was startled and grabbed her butt with both hands after she felt the hit.

Osamu: That's your thank you, for being such an awesome ex.

Yoko: Well then...I hope to be an even better wife some day. See you later, Osa.

(Yoko as a wife? I would that go? Would I even survive such a marriage?)

After Yoko left, Izanami and Isabella helped themselves to her cooking. Izzy had to eat a smaller portion, since her cancer was affecting her appetite. The three of them all ate together like always, and Isabella smiled and laughed like always, disregarding the many troubles racing through her heart and mind.

(Watching her brave through it, knowing how much pain she must be in, it was honestly quite humbling. We all knew Isabella was strong, but to be that strong...I realized that I'm suffering more than her, and I'm not even the one who's sick. After breakfast, she pulled me aside...and I guess she noticed. She told me...)

Isabella: Osamu. Focus on the past, and you will grow depressed. Focus on the future, and you will grow anxious. Accept that you are in the present, and you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky when you realize how perfect everything is. So, lighten up, buddy! My heart is still beating!

(Just like her, isn't it? But I know she's right...I've just got to let my mind hone in on the present moment.)


The three made the best of that day in the house. Osamu handled the meals with Izanami's help, and saw to every one of Isabella's needs. When Yoko returned at sunset, she took off her shoes and saw that no one was in the kitchen or the living room. She could hear them talking upstairs, so she went up to her room and saw Izanami sitting on the bed. Osamu and Isabella were apparently in the bathroom.

Izanami: Yoko, you're back!

Yoko: What's going on?

Izanami: Izzy started feeling sick a couple minutes ago. She said she felt nauseous and started vomiting. Osamu is trying to help her out.

Yoko: I figured that would happen. Did she eat today?

Izanami: Just a little bit.

Yoko: Alright. Izanami, please go make her some tea. Sweeten it with honey and mix it with some echinacea and iron pills. Just crush them up and mix them in.

Izanami: Alright!

Yoko entered the bathroom as Izanami went downstairs to make the tea. Isabella looked pale and exhausted as Osamu rubbed her back and held her glass of water for her.

Osamu: Yoko!

Yoko: You did well today, Osamu. I'll take it from here.

Osamu: Alright.

Yoko: Isabella, how are you feeling? Still throwing up?

Isabella: It stopped thankfully, but my stomach feels like it's split into 8 pieces.

Yoko: Alright. Drink some water.

Isabella drank the entire glass of water.

Yoko: I delivered the letter, so we just have to wait for a reply. Also, I've got your pain killers for you. They said if you need anything else, to just let them know. I've also given them your bank account information so they could receive payment.

Isabella: Thanks, Yoko. You're a lifesaver.

Izanami came back with the tea, and Yoko helped Isabella get in bed.

Izanami: I put in a full capsule of echinacea and half a tablet of iron.

Yoko: Perfect. This should help you feel a little better, Izzy. Get some rest, alright? I'll leave the door open, so just shout if you need anything.

Isabella: Thanks, Yoko. I really appreciate it.

(She actually looked really peaceful sipping her tea in the covers. I hate to make you think this part of my life is nothing but depressing. I mean, maybe it is. But at the very least, over the court of the next week and a half, Tsukiakari and the Shoku Twins came to visit often. Considering Isabella's slowly degrading health, going out this summer was most likely out of the question, at least where her safety is concerned. However, one morning, we got quite an important knock on our door...)

That morning, Osamu and Yoko answered the door together since they weren't expecting company. A man in his 50's with short brown hair and glasses stood before them, along with a woman in her 40's with long blonde hair and green eyes. The man wore a standard business suit, and the woman wore a black one-piece dress.

Howard: Excuse me, my name is Howard Bailey. This is my wife, Crystal. We're Isabella's parents.

Her parents had come to see her, from the Land of the Free, to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Hehe...bit of forewarning about this chapter. There's a spoilered section in this chapter that's very very lewd. It isn't necessary at all to the actual progression of the events in this chapter, but it's there because it's something Yoko would do  8)

So, if explicitly lewd things bother you, you can just skip over that.

Day 675 and 1/2: The Many Knocks Upon Our Door
No one will catch us if it's under the counter
That's right. Isabella's parents have returned and have knocked on the door of her home.

Yoko: Ehhhhh!?!?!

Howard: We're very sorry for coming so abruptly without contacting you first. Do you need some time to get ready? We just want to see our baby girl.


Yoko: Y-yes please! We'll only take a few minutes!

Crystal: Ah, I see. We'll sit on the bench over there then!

Yoko shut the door. She and Osamu looked at each other for a few seconds before they both raced up the stairs, splashed some water on their faces, and threw on some decent clothes. They didn't even stop to answer Isabella when she asked what was going on. Once again, they were back at the door and ready for company.

Osamu: Holy crap! How did we do that so fast?!

Yoko: Anything is possible in this story, Osamu! Ah damn it, I didn't cook anything!

Osamu: I don't think they would've expected you too with such an abrupt visit.

Yoko: Okay, you're right.

Osamu: Is my hair okay?

Yoko: It looks fine, love. How about mine?

Osamu: You got a little bit of lint there, hang on.

Osamu cleared Yoko's hair of the lint and took a good look at her.

Osamu: You look beautiful, Yoko.

Yoko: Are you trying to make me horny?

Osamu: Of course not! Please control your mouth when we let them in!

Yoko: I will. You just make sure to control yourself. We can have a quickie after they leave, but I don't want you pinning me down in front of them or something.

Osamu: Like hell that would ever happen! Just open the door!

(This girl, I swear...)

Yoko opened the door and let her entire character change. She smiled brightly and welcomed Izzy's parents in with open arms.

Yoko: Sorry it took so long! Come on in! I'll get some tea prepared!

Crystal: Thank you very much! Sorry again for the sudden visit.

Osamu: No problem! I'll go see if Isabella is feeling well.

As Yoko led the guests into the living room to sit down, Osamu went up to the bedroom and saw Isabella standing up with her hand on her lower stomach. She kept the curtains closed, so the sunlight filtered into the room as pink light.

Osamu: Hey, Izzy! Your parents are here.

Isabella: What?! Right now?!

Osamu: Yes right now! Get ready and come downstairs!

Isabella: Oh my gosh! Give me some time, I'll be- ow!

Isabella held on to her stomach as she tried to walk, clearly in some sort of pain.

Osamu: Are you alright?

Isabella: Yeah, yeah. I just woke up with a killer stomach ache. It's been hard to walk and bend over this morning. I'll be fine, don't worry.

Osamu: A-alright...

(It must really suck...)

Osamu went back downstairs and saw Yoko sweetening some tea in the kitchen. Her legs were squirming and her hands were shaking as she added the teaspoons of sugar.

Osamu: Hey, are you alright? Do you need to use the restroom?

Yoko: No, it's just....

Osamu: Just what?

As if she had to pee, like Osamu thought she did, Yoko whispered in a high voice.

Yoko: That compliment you gave me earlier has got me soaked!


Osamu: Are you serious right now?! Now of all times?!

Yoko: Oh, this is my fault?

Osamu: Who else is to blame?!

Yoko: Step off, you know I have a hair trigger!

Osamu: Stop it, just stop it! Get them their tea!

Yoko: I can't! It makes squishy sounds when I walk!

(Good lord, is she really that wet?!)

Osamu: Damn it, Yoko.

Osamu took some paper towel off of the rack and handed it to her.

Osamu: Wipe yourself off. I'll give them the tea.

Yoko: You're a lifesaver, Osamu! Don't spill it!

Osamu: Yeah, I can say the same to you, Moko.

*Moko as in "Leaking Child"*

Yoko: Shut up!

Osamu went out to the living room and delivered the tea to Izzy's patient and polite parents.

Howard: Thank you very much, young man. What's your name?

Osamu: Oh, it's Osamu Ashikaga.

Crystal: Oh! So you're the boy our daughter dated and cried over when you left!

(Do you have to make it sound I abandoned her and only her for purely malevolent reasons?)

Osamu: Sorry about that. I was going through a lot at the time. I just needed to get away, you know? We're way past it now, and honestly, I still have a soft spot for your daughter.

Crystal: Awww! Well, no hard feelings from me. If she forgives and loves you after all this time, then I feel the same way towards you.

Osamu: I really appreciate that.

Howard: Is she coming?

Osamu: Oh, yes! She's upstairs getting ready. I'll go check on her.

(Man, talking to a girl's parents is nerve-racking...)

Osamu passed by Yoko in the kitchen, still wiping herself up.

Osamu: You're still here?

Yoko: It won't dry up! It's like I'm stuck in a state of infinite arousal or something!


Osamu: All I did was call you beautiful! You're a girl, so you must've heard that a lot during your life.

Yoko: Yeah, but nobody says it like you!

Osamu: Yes they do. We use the exact same words in the exact same language.

Yoko: Don't give me that attitude...

Osamu continued up the stairs and saw that Isabella was already making her way down. She actually looked really stunning. She only wore a simple white summer dress decorated with drawings of cherry blossoms. She let her blonde hair down and didn't put anything in it.

Osamu: Wow, you look great. They're in the living room waiting for you.

Isabella: Thanks, Osamu.

Isabella stopped and kissed Osamu's cheek before continuing down to meet her parents. Yoko finally got herself together and watched the three reunite from the kitchen. Izzy's parents stood up when they saw their daughter standing before them, all grown up and looking beautiful. You wouldn't believe how big Isabella's smile was. At the same time, she was overcome by tears mixed with happiness and sadness.

Crystal: Oh, darling!

Howard, being a gentlemen, let his wife have the first hug with their daughter. Crystal hugged and rocked Isabella side to side as she cried on her mother's shoulder.


Crystal: Goodness, you got so tall! You were so much smaller when you left! Now you're even taller than me!

Isabella: I haven't seen you two in so long! I missed you so much!

Crystal: We know, Izzy. We missed you too.

Yoko: I can't believe I'm the one saying this, but that's really heartwarming to see, isn't it? I've only just realized Izzy hasn't even seen her family in all these years.

Osamu: Yeah, I agree. I'd be crying too if I were her. Tsukiakari did the same when she finally saw her father again.

Isabella then turned and hugged her father.

Isabella: Letting Mom get first dibs again, huh?

Howard: You know me. I'm a gentleman. You look beautiful.

Isabella: Thank you. They've been taking good care of me all these years.

Howard: I see!

(Yes! Thanks for clearing my name, Izzy!)

Howard: Come, let's sit!

(Of course, I remember every word I overheard. At first, and understandably, they didn't want to talk about the bad stuff. They were a family first, and a family going through a hard time second. I quite liked that about them. They caught up, talked about home, and Isabella told them some stories of the things she's done here. Our trip to the beach two years ago with the now famed Aika, the fun meals we had, the rivalry between herself and Yoko that slowly morphed into a slightly competitive friendship. And of course, she told the story of how she stood up from her wheelchair. All in all, I suppose she was telling the story of how she made a second home here, and how much their little girl had grown both physically and mentally. They were impressed.)

Crystal: Goodness, Izzy! You've been through a lot, huh? Not even I was that adventurous when I was your age.

Howard: What? Yes you were! Remember that time you accidentally fired an RPG into the local gas station?

Isabella: Mom, you did that?!

Crystal: Oh gosh, thankfully nobody was hurt in that episode. We did make love in the light of the flames on top of our Caddy though, didn't we?

Howard: Yep. Man, that was fun.

Isabella: You guys keep talking, I'll just cover my ears and try to ignore I just heard that.


Crystal: If I'm right, you were conceived like that, actually.

Isabella: What?! Okay, I'll admit, that's kind of cool! So, what is it literally an RPG, like from an RPG-7 and some kind of variant model? Or was it like an M136 AT4?

Crystal: It was actually an M72 LAW, one that belonged to my father when he served in Vietnam! Well, technically, it belongs to the U.S. government, but don't tell anyone about that.

Yoko: Ah, so she was conceived by a then-soldier and daughter of a then-soldier who were making love on top of their car when she accidentally fired off a round from her loaded, stolen, Vietnam-era rocket launcher and blew the whole thing up in flames. This explains why Isabella is the way she is.

Osamu: I'm honestly surprised she's not more gun crazy...

Yoko: I'm still kind of horny.

Osamu: You've got to be kidding me. They can't hear us from here, but what if they walk over? Keep it in your pants, Yoko.

Yoko looked so cute when she was frustrated.

Yoko: Fine. What a shame...


Yoko began rubbing Osamu's thigh under the counter where Izzy's parents couldn't see.

Yoko: And here I thought you were a gentleman who always came to the rescue when a girl really, badly, desperately, sorely, needed you.

(Damn her...)

Osamu: Please stop...

Yoko: Why? I'm not doing anything, Osamu. From their perspective, we're just having our own distant conversation, enjoying each others company. What's wrong with that?


The big no-no. Yoko's hand was now inside Osamu's pants. He immediately wrestled with her hand to get it out of there, drawing the attention of the guests from afar.

Howard: Everything okay over there?

Osamu: Yeah! We're fine!

Howard: Alright! Thanks for the tea, Yoko!

Yoko: No problem!

Phew indeed.

Osamu: Get your hands out of there, Yoko!

Yoko: It's so warm!

Osamu: Stop it! This isn't a hentai!

Yoko: I could make it one.

(Nobody's asking for that! Well, at least I hope nobody is...reader...)

Yoko: It takes different strokes to move the...what was it again? World?

Osamu visibly looked like he was losing his strength.

Osamu: My Nordic god...

Yoko came close to Osamu's ear and whispered.

Yoko: They might hear us from down there if we go upstairs and do it. We can go to the basement instead.

Osamu: There's no amount of lewd actions you can do to ever make me do that with you right now. I'm a resilient man. My name isn't written as "Discipline" for nothing.

Yoko almost looked a little angry.

Yoko: Oh. Is that so.

So, what did she do next? She opened Osamu's zipper, of course. For a few minutes, she removed her hand and kept her mouth closed.

(Why did she stop at the zipper?)

Osamu: Heh, I guess I win this time, huh?

No answer.

Osamu could see Yoko's cheeks slightly move around, but she didn't answer to anything she said.

(I may have actually won this time around. Did she really, finally submit to my will? Am I a free man?)

Yoko got up and brought back some paper towels, setting them down in front of her on the kitchen counter. She still wouldn't speak.

Osamu: Now you're worrying me. Are you okay?

(I'm just going to go ahead and warn you right now. What Yoko did to me right then was truly hentai-worthy. Reader discretion advised, I suppose...)


Yoko held her hand out in front of her mouth and let all the accumulated saliva, some of it dripping off of her hand since there was so much.

(What is she doing?!?!)

Yoko took off Osamu's belt with one hand, allowing her to stick in the other hand and get to work. Osamu immediately had to cover his mouth so he wouldn't yell out in shock, and admittedly, pleasure. His head slammed down on the counter as Yoko still kept appearances up from afar, resting her head on her fist to make it look like the two were just sitting together like normal.

(So that's what she was doing!)

Yoko: How does it feel?

(Honestly, it feels great.)

Osamu: Yoko, for all that's good and right on this planet, please stop!

Yoko: Shhh. We're almost there.

Osamu: We?

Osamu knew what Yoko meant by "we" when he looked under the counter at Yoko's side and saw her blushing.

Yoko: It's gonna be hard not to moan.

Osamu: You've put us halfway through this situation, so get us out of it, Yoko!

Yoko: With pleasure!

(Hah. Get it? Pleasure?)

Yoko: Osa!

Osamu: Don't moan my name like that!

Yoko: I'm not trying to! Hold your hand in front of my mouth!

Osamu: Why?!

Yoko: I want to moan but I can't! I need it to bite down on!

Osamu complied and let Yoko bite down on his wrist instead of moaning out loud. Both of her hands were now working hard for the both of them. Osamu could feel her breathing intensify with her teeth clamped down on his wrist until she finally began to tremble. In an act of cruelty, Yoko let go of Osamu and allowed only herself to enjoy the climax of the film. With one last great shiver and a few deep breaths, Yoko was done, and Osamu was left tormented.

Osamu: You stopped on me, you witch!

Yoko grabbed a paper towel and wiped herself off.

Yoko: Oh, did I? Maybe you should've had sex with me then.


Yoko zipped up Osamu's pants and wiped her hands. Osamu was on the verge of crying, the poor sod.

Osamu: That't not fair, Yoko!

Yoko: Hmm? I think it is. It's what you do to me every single day. It's about time it happens to you, no?

(Whether I wanted to admit or not, Yoko was right. This was my punishment, I suppose.)


Isabella: Geez, Mom! Guess we know where I get my spirit from!

Howard: Don't giver her all the credit, please...

(It was nice to see them catch up again, even if Yoko was torturing me under the counter. Seriously, don't look at that unless you don't mind a saucy story.)

Crystal: Well, darling. We're glad you're doing well. We were so worried when we first got the letter. We thought you'd be in low spirits.

Howard: We were fools though. Our daughter is strong with a will of iron. Plus, you have some good friends here It's clear they've been taking care of you.

Isabella: They mean everything to me.

Howard: Ain't that right, Osamu? Yoko?

Osamu: Uh y-yes! Of course!

(Thank god he called us after Yoko was done...)

Yoko: Whew. I feel refreshed. I'll go get their tea cups.

Osamu: Yeah, you do that.

Yoko: Is that an attitude I hear? If you're a bad boy, you won't get your reward tonight.

Yoko smiled as she walked off to tend to the guests, collecting their cups and washing them out in the kitchen.

Howard: Izzy, darling. If there's anything you need, you let me know. I don't care how expensive it is. I-

Isabella: I know, Dad. I know you want to say more, about my disease and how much time I have left. Please don't. Today was a joyous day for me. Your surprise visit here really lifted my spirits. Let's not let discussions of mortality change that, okay? It can wait.

Crystal: I just wish I could've given you a stronger body, dear.

Isabella: Come on, Mom. Don't say that. It's not your fault. I'm happy to be your daughter, and I'm happy you're my mother. Even if I had only lived for one day after being born, that would never change. I'd rather live a shorter life with you as my mom than a longer life being anyone else's child.

Crystal and Howard stood up, as did Isabella.

Crystal: My heart's at ease hearing that. Thank you, love. Never forget you're the best thing to happen to us since bottled water!

Isabella: Mom, stop it!

Crystal gave a big kiss to Izzy, and her father hugged her goodbye.

Howard: We'll be here for a few more days before we head back home. May as well see more of Japan, right? By the way, why is this neighborhood so empty? With this many buildings and homes around, you would think there'd be more people

Isabella: Uh! Well, they don't like to come out when it's this hot! These past few days have been insane! Either that or most of them are out all day!

(Of course, we can't tell them that my war goddess ex-girlfriend killed them all to try and bait us into killing he because she didn't want Bishamonten to be the one to do it...)

Crystal: Oh really? Poor guys.

(Aaand they believed it.)

Howard: Yoko! We're about to leave!

Yoko: Oh!

Yoko ran to the front to walk them out. She and Izzy waved them goodbye as they got in their care and drove off. The sun was already setting now. With the guests gone, the door was closed, and the house was locked up.

Yoko: Whew! You have great parents, Izzy. That story about the rocket launcher is amazing.

Isabella: You heard that?!

Yoko: Acoustics are a wonderful natural phenomenon.

The two walked back into the kitchen to join Osamu, and Izanami came downstairs to join them as well.

Yoko: Where have you been all day?

Izanami: I had a break this chapter! Look, I started working on my own story! I call it "The Adorable Adventures of Chibi Izanami"!

To be fair, Izanami was actually good at drawing. It was rather cute, even though it was done with pencil and crayon.

Izanami: In the first chapter, I go on a date by the beach with Osamu and we eat dinner on a set table in front of the waves! And then he proposes to me right at sunset! And then look! At the wedding, the Shoku Twins are holding the end of my dress as I walk down the aisle!

Isabella: That's infectiously adorable.

Izanami: Chapter two is the story of how I defeated the teddy bear thief before I met Osamu, and this-

Yoko: Nobody cares, Izanami.

Osamu: Mean!

Yoko: What? You think people would actually read that garbage? People obviously want to read the Erotic Accounts of Yoko Akiyama, where every juicy detail about my sex life and body is written for everyone to enjoy!

Izanami's sad puppy face was too much for Yoko. She poured her heart into making the little book.

Izanami: But I even wrote a chapter about us being friends and eating ice cream together! You don't like it? Did I draw you ugly? I'll start over if I have to! Please don't be mad, Yoko!

Not even the stone cold crazy Yoko could defend herself against that face.

Yoko: I was just kidding, Izanami. People would love to read it. And I would too.

Izanami: Yaay! Thank you! I'll keep working hard!

(Not even Yoko could ignore it, huh?)

Yoko: Anyway, it's getting late. Let's hurry and get dinner started.

Izanami: Yes ma'am!

Dinner time again! Isabella sat with Osamu as Izanami and Yoko cooked together. As they began, they got another knock on the door. It was Tsukiakari and the Shoku Twins, so Osamu let them inside. Since it was a good day, apparently they just came to enjoy dinner with Yoko and the others.

Tsukiakari: Hey everybody!

Isabella: Hey Tsu Tsu! How are you?

Tsukiakari: I'm doing fine! Heaven gets a little too perfect for me, so I like to come down here, you know? Where's the love of my life?

Osamu: I'm right-

Tsukiakari: Yoko! There you are!


(Have I fallen out of her favor?!)

Yoko: Oh, Gekko! Welcome home!

It wasn't just some ordinary friendly peck girls sometimes give each other. The two started fully making out.

Osamu: I knew there was some kind of Yuri love going on here.

Tsukiakari: I missed you babe!

Yoko: I missed you too darling. Did you come to eat?

Tsukiakari: Yes! Is there anything left for me to do? I'll help you cook!

Osamu: No. You'll somehow find a way to turn a perfectly edible dish into something as deadly as rat poison.

Tsukiakari: See, this is why I chose Yoko over you.


Isabella: What about you guys? You hungry?

Akatsuki: We do not require sustenance. However-
Omagatoki: we can still enjoy the flavors-
Akatsuki: of a good meal.

Isabella: That's so creepy when they talk with their minds linked together...

Tsukiakari: I'm sure they had to stay close since the sun was setting just now. Don't mind them.

Omagatoki let go of her sister's hand.

Omagatoki: I think it's okay to let go now. Looks like the moon will be visible soon.

Osamu: Awesome! Come sit on my lap, Omagatoki! We'll eat together!

Omagatoki: Okay!

Akatsuki: I feel very under-loved in this story. Does nobody like me? Is my expression and tone of voice too cold?

Isabella picked Akatsuki up and let her sit in her lap.

Isabella: Don't mind him! I'll love you, Akatsuki! You're just as cute as your sister!

Even the stone faced Akatsuki was blushing.

Akatsuki: Thank you very much.

Osamu: You looked really cute today, Izzy.

Isabella: Aww, thanks! You're a true sweetheart! I'm glad I didn't kill you like I first meant to!


Osamu: Yeah, I still haven't forgotten that you shot me in the stomach and Izanami had to save my life.

Izanami: Aww! Sweet memories!

Yoko: Please don't make puns with our ED's when you're cooking!

Izanami: Yes ma'am!

Just another day in Yoko's house. Another day with things that are wild, happy, and maybe a little sad. All the joys of life under one roof.

(If she's gonna start her own book, she should just call it Yoko in The House...)


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Day 676: Happy Birthday to Me
Make a wish, any wish you want, and I promise it will come true

(Especially on this day forward, Isabella would often wake up in pain. She couldn't bare to get out of bed without dulling that pain with medicine first. It became hard for her to eat, and she'd go to the bathroom often. Her parents filled up her bank account before they left, so she could buy anything she needed. They ultimately allowed her to do as she pleased when they heard she didn't want to seek treatment for the cancer itself, just so she could live a month or so longer. Regardless of how she went about it, Izzy was going to die. That reality constantly tried to break out of my head from the inside of my skull. So, I found it odd today, that when I woke up in bed, Izanami, Yoko, Isabella, and Tsukiakari were all just...staring at me...)

The sun was just starting to rise as they all stared at the waking Osamu with smiles on their faces.

Osamu: Okay, that is officially the creepiest thing to happen in this story. Anyone would be concerned if they woke up to all their exes staring at them like that. What is it?

Tsukiakari gasped and covered her mouth.

Tsukiakari: Oh gosh, the poor thing! He's retarded!

Osamu: What the hell are you talking about?!

Isabella: Osamu, do you really not know what today is? Did you seriously forget? You of all people should remember this day!

Osamu: Don't tell me I missed an anniversary or something...

Izanami: Dummy! That's not it!

Yoko: It's your birthday, genius. You really forgot? You're officially 21 today.

Osamu stared at them in disbelief before checking the date and time on his phone.

Osamu: June 31st?! How the hell could I forget?!

Izanami: You've been so busy helping all of us out that you forgot it was your birthday!

Tsukiakari: Truthfully, I think you guys all missed Osamu's 20th birthday, since he was dead and missing for an entire year.

Yoko: That's right. We'll have to give you twice as many presents to make up for it.

Isabella: Get up, Osa! Today is all about you, birthday boy!

The girls pulled Osamu out of bed and began their day of tyranny.

(So, what do you think they did to me first? Go ahead, I'll wait................did you get it right? Group shower. Yay me.)

The master bathroom! Osamu was completely surrounded by the naked and soaked girls, with only the steam and bubbles leaving the important bits to the imagination. Yoko and Tsukiakari especially were interested in doing all the cleaning for Osamu.

(Externally, I stayed calm. Internally...)


Yoko: Osamu, want me to wash your back for you? I can do it with my breasts if you'd like.

Osamu: Just scrub it like a normal person please...

Tsukiakari: Awesome! I'll wash your balls!

Osamu: You will definitely not be doing that!

Isabella: Wow, Izanami! Your skin is so smooth! How do you manage that?!

Izanami: Oh please! I'm cheating since I'm a god! But I apply oil-free lotion every single day to keep my skin nice and smooth!

Osamu: Oi, don't have too much fun admiring each others bodies in here. I'd rather not let this turn into some weird, lesbian-

Just as he said that, Yoko and Tsukiakari started making out. Yoko was still scrubbing Osamu's back as she did it.

Osamu: Alright. Whatever. It was bound to happen. I can only blame myself.

Tsukiakari: Sorry! I just love her so much! You have a good ex, Osamu. You should get back with her! We could have three-ways, you know?

Osamu: Did you turn into the Goddess of Intimacy during your time in heaven?

Izanami: I want to join! We can try the Lotus Blossom, Reclining Lotus, Bandoleer, and Indrani positions!


*Sex positions from the Kama Sutra*

Osamu: What have I told you about using things you don't understand in conversation?!

(Goodness gracious...)

Osamu thankfully survived the group shower. Now that he and the girls were all clean, they all got back in their clothes together and headed downstairs to bake Osamu a cake. They sat him down at the counter and gathered all the ingredients needed.

Yoko: You just showered with us, and now we're about to cook for you. Do you feel like a champ yet, Osa?

Osamu: I feel like I'm running the Genesis Club or something...

*Genesis Club was much like the Playboy Mansion, run by Hiroaki Aoki*

Tsukiakari: What flavor do you want it to be?

Yoko: I can make an icing out of my blood if you want-

Osamu: NO THANK YOU! Just any normal flavor will do. As long as it's not lemon!

Isabella: What kind of weak-tongued bitch doesn't like....oh whatever. It's your day, superstar.

As the girls prepared the cake, Izanami took the opportunity to show Osamu her progress on her book.

Izanami: Look! I added a chapter!

Osamu: Oh really, what it about-

The first image Osamu saw was of a chibi Izanami with an absurdly big butt and set of boobs, and a chibi drawing of himself with an absurdly large penis and head.

(I...I don't know...I just don't know anymore...)

Izanami: This is us about to make little demi-god babies!

Osamu: I don't think you should draw things you don't understand either, Izanami.

Yoko: Oi, don't go around drawing sexy pictures for Osamu.

Osamu: This is more like a work of anatomical horror. Still, the idea is sweet. Be easy on her, Yoko.

Yoko: Scolded by the man who forgot his own my own house too.

In due time, the cake was completed and topped with Yoko's home-made icing, which thankfully wasn't made of blood or any other hemoglobin related substances. Tsukiakari carried it from the oven to the counter in front of Osamu, who was genuinely impressed by the girls' cooking skills.

Tsukiakari: Feast your eyes on the Akiyama-Bailey-no-Mikoto-Senkumo-Strawberry-Tongue-Destroyer! Made with unbleached flour!

Osamu: Umm, Tsukiakari...that name...

Tsukiakari: What about it, birthday boy?

Tsukiakari was smiling, but her clenched fist revealed her true inner feelings.


Osamu: Is absolutely fantastic! How did you come up with it? What were your inspirations?!

Tsukiakari: My inspiration? Honestly...

You could almost see Tsukiakari's pupils turn into hearts that sparkled like a sun-kissed ocean.

Tsukiakari: Yoko's butt and breasts!

Yoko: Oh my, thank you very much, my love.

Yoko bowed and kissed Tsukiakari as the other girls clapped and cheered.


Isabella: Birthday boy, you get the first slice of cake!

Osamu: What is this, a wedding? Fine.

Osamu cut the first slice, a nice, big, moist piece of cake.

Osamu: Thankfully, no blood or snippets of her hair...

Yoko: I really did want to add those things....

Osamu took a bite and was blown away by the flavors. Vanilla, cinnamon, red apple, and almond all in a single bite.

Osamu: It's...

Oh the tension a girl feels when a man first takes a bite of her dish.

Osamu: It's amazing!

Yoko: Yes! I knew we could do it!

Isabella: Let's dig in!

(I'll spare you the details. It was just a generic, happy time eating cake and celebrating the occasion. Well...Isabella obviously couldn't eat too much. It seemed like her appetite was shrinking by the day. But still, it was nice to her smile so much. It's been a rough two weeks for us all. Once again, our house was filled with laughter and cheers, all of them directed to me. I think, the thing that stuck out the most that day was Yoko. She always had this face when I caught her looking at me. It was like she was saying, "That's my man. I love you, Osamu". Gotta wonder what she's always so proud of me for. And of course, when the night came, they brought out the gifts. Apparently, Yoko had bought them in advance earlier that week. She told me she was working overtime, but the silly girl was just out and about looking for gifts.)

And now the kitchen was lit with candles and smiles. Osamu began unwrapping the first gift. It was from Izanami.

Osamu: Eh? It's cold.

Izanami: Open it! Open it!

When he opened up, he smiled and hugged the contents. 3 boxes of a hard-to-find and rather expensive brand of Mochi. Quite a callback to old times when he'd get them more often.

Osamu: Izanami, I could cry! How did you know?

Izanami: Oh please! We all know you're a Mochi Maniac! Better put them in the freezer though, yeah?

Osamu: Right!

Tsukiakari: I'll stick those in for you.

(Everything sounds sexual with these girls.)

Isabella: Next gift, Osa!

The next one was from Tsukiakari. It was a beautiful silver ring with a red pendant that had the Ashikaga crest on it, The red gem used for the pendant was real and gave the ring a real sense of weight.

Tsukiakari: My mom handcrafted that ring for you. I told her you'd love it if the Ashikaga crest was on it!

Osamu: It's gorgeous, Gekko! Amaterasu really made this just for me?!

Tsukiakari: Yep! Think of it as a thank you gift for reuniting us! I've never been happier since we fought our way through all those shrines and through heaven itself. Truly, Osamu. Thank you.

Izanami: Awww, how sweet!

Yoko: No offense to my lovely girlfriend, but that's weak.

Yoko got up and opened the closet, letting all the gifts inside spill out like a landslide.

Isabella: Holy crap!

Tsukiakari: Y-you got all of that?!

Osamu: Yoko, you're not supposed to out-do everyone! It's rude!

Yoko: It's okay, guys! Isabella paid for it!

Isabella: HUUUH?!?! Since when?! I didn't agree to pay for any of that!

Yoko smiled and stuck her tongue out.

Yoko: You have a really bad habit of speaking out your PIN as you're entering it into a register, Izzy! Didn't your rich parents ever teach you not to do something so dangerous?

Isabella: Oh crap! I'm so stupid!

Izanami: What exactly did you get, Yoko?

Yoko: A grill, a new TV, a fantastic set of shampoo and conditioner for his hair, some jewelry, all the parts for a high-end gaming PC, some new summer outfits, and some outfits for the fall and winter! Oh, and some brand new lingerie for my favorite man in the whole wide world!

Yoko jumped over and whispered into Osamu's ear like a seductive serpent.

Yoko: And I ordered some crotchless panties for when you and I want to do it really quick. In the kitchen, in the car, wherever you want, Osa.


(I think I'm gonna faint...)

Isabella: Well, great. Since my money was used, we'll say these gifts were given to you from the both of us.

Osamu: I'll be up all night if I go through these gifts now...

Yoko checked her watch and scratched her chest. The time really flew by.

Yoko: Wow, it's 10 PM already? Oh! Time just melts away when you're with people you love!

Isabella: Yeah, it sure does...

Osamu took a look at Isabella, and could see with his keen eyes that there was a bit of pain behind her smile.


Tsukiakari yawned and stretched her legs. It was the kind of stretch you do after a good, long day.

Tsukiakari: Well? Shall we call it a day and head to bed?

Yoko: Sure. We'll open the rest of your gifts tomorrow, Osamu.

Osamu: Sounds good to me!

Osamu took a polite bow, his hair blocking his face.

Osamu: Thank you all for the cake, for the gifts, and hell, even for the group shower. I'll never forget it.

Our hero of this story, our shining champ, had a genuine smile that night. They all cleaned up the kitchen and wiped the counters. Osamu and Tsukiakari already headed upstairs and got ready to hit the sack. Yoko was about to blow out the candles in the kitchen.

Isabella: Oh! Uh, can you leave them lit for a little while? I'm sorry, it's just that I should probably eat something. Even if it's just a little.

Yoko: Oh, sure. Do eat up, Izzy. We don't want you losing weight. Make sure you turn out the staircase light on the way up.

Yoko too departed upstairs. Izanami stayed with Izzy to fix her an egg sandwich, as she requested. She could only really eat something light. Izanami also made herself one, and the two sat down together to eat.

Izanami: Though I had nothing to do with it, I apologize about Yoko. You know how she is sometimes.

Izanami's smile was always great to see, even from the point of view of another girl.

Isabella: It's okay! I'm used to it by now.

Once Izzy really noticed the taste of the sandwich, she gave Izanami a thumbs up.

Isabella: This tastes fantastic! You used the perfect amount of salt and mayo!

Izanami: Gosh, the compliments are just flying at me today!

Isabella: Because you're so amazing! Really!

A woman who represented livelihood and burning passion, laughing face-to-face with a girl as pale as death, who take care of the souls of the deceased. Even Isabella recognized the irony.

Isabella: You know, Osamu's birthday had already passed when he returned here. Then, he died before it could come up again. You saved him, but he refused to come home for so long, that we didn't get to celebrate his birthday together. Besides for today, the last time I even celebrated his birthday was...gosh, six and a half years ago now?

Izanami: It's been so long since he left this place. It's amazing to think about.

Isabella: Yeah...

Isabella stopped eating as Izanami finished her sandwiches.

Izanami: Well, we made today a good day! That's all that....Izzy?

Isabella snapped back into focus and looked at Izanami.

Izanami:'re crying...

Isabella hadn't even realized it. She tried wiping her eyes with her sleeves but her tears kept falling despite her resistance. She laughed and cried at the same time and hid her face.

Isabella: Sorry about that! These are just...mood swings...from my medication...

Izanami: Izzy...

Izanami was no stranger to the sadness people feel when they know their time is short. She also knew that Isabella was still holding back in her crying. She embraced Isabella and stroked her head, letting her cry into her shoulder.

Izanami: I promise you. Everything will be okay. I'm sorry things have to be this way. I wish I could change that. I'm sorry, Izzy.

(None of us ever thought about how hard it is on the person who knew the exact second Izzy would die. I foolishly assumed that I had any idea what Izanami's heart felt like in this situation. If you were her, wouldn't you feel guilt and anguish? Wouldn't you feel like the world's biggest burden?)

That night, the kitchen was filled with the heartbreaking cries of a human with shrinking time, and a goddess who would have to take her when that time was up. Life and death, both personified, embraced each other.

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Took me a while to write this. I thought I had it saved but I didn't, so I had to write it over again  :sure: Plus, I ironically had to go through some shenanigans with my own girlfriend  :ninja: I thank her for being a constant inspiration to this story, especially to Yoko's character  :clapping:

But now we're back on track  8)

Day 680: I Need You, I Need You, I Need You
A myriad of colors and the sound of a wordless love, I believe we'll be parting soon

(I gotta say, it was refreshing to have received so many gifts. Especially with everything Yoko bought me, I don't think I'll get bored ever again. Still, as the days went on, I worried about Izzy. It seemed she wasn't getting out much, so I figured we could probably go somewhere fun...)

Another hot day outside like all the rest, and not a single cloud in the sky. The cicadas wouldn't shut up either. Osamu was waiting for Isabella outside one of the empty stores. She had stopped to use the restroom as they were walking back to the house. Osamu wore a white shirt with the Peace sign printed in black on the front, as well as a silver necklace with a big Male symbol for the pendant. Although Isabella really did need to use the restroom, she also went so she could take some of her medication away from Osamu's view. She was now taking more medication specifically to help her with her low appetite, inability to sleep well, and spells of depression. Isabella put her meds back in her bag and took a deep breath in front of the mirror.

Isabella: Wow...that's me? Am I losing weight? I wonder if I'm getting pale...

Osamu: Hey, Izzy, you okay in there?

Isabella: Y-yeah! I'm coming out now!

Isabella rejoined Osamu outside, and they continued the walk back home. Osamu showed her an interesting bit of information on his phone as they walked.

Osamu: Check it out, they're finally rolling out the fireworks this year! I was thinking we could go ahead and attend the festival. Yoko has a few spare yukatas laying around.

Isabella: Oh really? I'd love to watch the fireworks with you, Osa!

Osamu: Alright, then it's a date!

Isabella smiled and locked arms with Osamu as they went home that day, back into the usual crazy and lewd antics with the others.

(But, when the day finally came...)


Unfortunately, on the day of the festival, Osamu and Isabella were surprised by heavy rainfall. The two sat on the front steps of the house, gazing away as the water slammed against the ground and the wind shook the trees.

Isabella: Summer rains, you can never predict them.

Osamu: Yeah, guess so.

(It's not like it was a really big deal. They could just reschedule the fireworks anytime during the summer. But still, watching it rain like was a reminder that even when you don't have much time left, things aren't going to go the way you want them to. The world always seems to be at odds with my will.)

Osamu: We'll just have to go another time, then. Sorry, Izzy. Though, knowing you, you prefer the New Year's fireworks since they're more lively.

Osamu noticed how Isabella seemed to be staring off into the distance, beyond her own surroundings.

Isabella: Hey, Osamu...

Osamu: Yeah?

Isabella: If I'm still alive by the time New Year's comes around, I'd love to ring it in with you, Yoko, and the others. Including Aika, and the Shoku Twins.

Isabella turned her eyes skyward at the dark clouds.

Isabella: I've only told Yoko this so far...but I've decided, I want to die here, with my dearest friends by my side. I'll make arrangements for me to be buried back home, in America.

Osamu couldn't find the words to say in that moment. He was once again confronted with Izzy's haunting smile and the smell of rain.

Isabella: It's kind of weird talking about what's gonna happen to me after I die, since I'm still alive right now, huh?

Osamu: Yeah...

Isabella stretched her arms and moaned.

Isabella: At least the rain is nice.


(I couldn't help but feel like she was putting up a brave front for my sake.)

The next day, Isabella woke up early and went down to the kitchen to call her mother while the others were still sleeping. Isabella knew exactly what she needed to say, and she knew how her mother might react. Osamu was about to come down to check on her until he realized she was talking on the phone. He sat at the top of the stairs and listened.

Isabella: Hey, Mom. Can you hear me? have you been? That's've decided, and I thought I should tell you...yeah...I'm not coming home. I want to die here, with my friends. After that, I want my body to be sent back to the States. It took me a little while to make this decision, you know? Because I really do miss you guys. It was almost impossible to choose between staying here with them or going back home and eating your banana fritters again. Your cooking was always the best part of home. But...I really, truly love these people. They've taken care of me the past couple of years. I want to spend as much time as I can with them before I part....Mom?

Isabella slouched her head and covered her eyes with her hand. Her voice softened, and broke ever so slightly.

Isabella: Please don't cry Mom...

Osamu went back into the bedroom and laid down with the rest of the girls in bed.

(I couldn't help but feel a little guilty. Her parents were sacrificing having their only daughter come home before she passed away, just so she could spend that time with us instead. But...maybe it's because they're parents that they understand Isabella's feelings the best.)

Osamu closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Soon, Isabella started to make her way up the stairs. Her steps were heavy and her head was light. Before she knew it, she black out, and the sound of her tumbling down the stairs awoke everyone. Yoko was the first to jump out of bed and race down the stairs towards Isabella, whose head was bleeding and forming a small, red pool on the floor.

Yoko: Izzy!

Yoko sat Isabella's head up, and could see she got hit hard on the stairs. She wasn't moving, but was still breathing. The others made their way down as well.

Osamu: What happened?! Did she fall?

Yoko: She's losing a lot of blood from her head!

Tsukiakari: Izanami! Take her to the hospital immediately!

Izanami: On it!

Izanami took hold of Isabella, and the two disappeared into thin air. The Tsukiakari ran upstairs to put her clothes on as Yoko slouched against the wall with Isabella's blood staining her hands and floor. Osamu pressed his hands against her cheeks, forcing her to look at him.

Osamu: Hey! Snap out of it! We need to go to the hospital and make sure she's okay!

Yoko: I'm sorry, you're right...

Yoko washed her hands off in the bathroom, but they were still stained with a slight red hue. She and Osamu got her clothes on, and along with Tsukiakari, they went to the hospital.

(Waiting in the hospital...that sure is fun...)

Izanami was there too, so the three sat with her.

Osamu: How is she?

Izanami: All I know is that it's not her day to die. She should be fine, but I don't know how or if the fall will affect her.

Tsukiakari: I guess we just have to wait. Poor Izzy...

Yoko: She's my love rival. She'll pull through. She always does.

Once Isabella was stabilized and awake, one of the doctors who sought to her immediate needs greeted Osamu and the others.

Doctor: Isabella told me there would be a group of friends waiting for her. It's you guys, right?

Osamu: Is she awake?

Doctor: Yeah. It was a nasty fall, but thankfully, there isn't too much damage. Her skull is still in one piece, and there doesn't appear to be any initial damage to the brain. She might be left with a sore temple, and it's best for her to stay here for a few days just so we can make sure she's going to be alright.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at the news.

Tsukiakari: Goodness, my heart was restless for a second!

Yoko: Can we see her?

Doctor: Of course. Room 46B, down the hall and to your left.

Yoko bowed.

Yoko: Thank you very much, mister.

Finally able to see her, Yoko opened the door for everyone. Isabella was sitting up and staring out of the window. To restore her lost fluids, the doctors set her up to an IV and put a bandage around her head.

Yoko: Izzy!

Yoko jumped on Isabella before she even had the chance to say hello, hugging her to the point it was hard for her to breathe.

Isabella: Hot damn, Yoko! That hurts!

Yoko: I don't care...

Yoko buried her face into Isabella's shoulder and cried. The other girls came in for a group hug, thankful that Isabella was alright.

Isabella: I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean to make you worry so much. I got a little cut on my head, so there's that. But the doctors stitched me up well, so I'll be okay.

Tsukiakari: I thought you were gonna die and we were never ever gonna cook together again! You broke my heart, Izzy!

Isabella laughed and brought Tsukiakari in with her other arm.

Isabella: Like hell I'd go out without making one more meal with you! You and I are culinary war-buddies for life!

(There she goes...smiling among all the pain again...)

Isabella suddenly gave Osamu a soul-piercing stare. It felt like her very eyes were guns.

Osamu: W-what?!

Isabella: Don't think I don't see you over there, looking all gloomy and contemplative. Bring it in, Osamu.


Osamu joined the group hug, completing the experience for Isabella.

Isabella: I love you guys. I love you all so much. I don't have long, but I'll spend as much time as I can with you. Thanks for bearing through all of this. I know it's hard on you too.

Isabella smiled to lighten the mood. It was still as radiant as the sun itself.

Isabella: Guess it's kind of crappy I'm gonna have to stay here for a bit, huh? I didn't want you guys visiting a hospital during the summer.

Yoko: Shut up, you. We're family. We look out for one another. There is no leaving you behind.

Osamu: That's right. As if we could ever just lounge about while you're in here. We're sticking with you until the very end.

Isabella's cheeks turned pink, and her eyes resembled more of a sad, yet beautiful sunset than the glaring noon sun in the summer.

Isabella: Thank you...


Later that day, Osamu met with Aika and Rei to tell them what happened. In a happy coincidence, Rei was wearing a necklace with the Female symbol on it, as well as a shirt depicting two lemons and a banana. Aika was back in her flowy summer dresses and grew her hair out just a little past her shoulders, but still preferring to keep it on the short side. The three sat in the bowling alley as the bright orange sunlight came in through the stained glass.

Aika: Well, thank god she's okay. You had me worried when you said she fell down the stairs.

Osamu: Yeah, she just needs a few days in the-

Rei, being the curious creature she was, stuck the pendant of her Female symbol necklace through the hole of Osamu's Male symbol pendant.

Osamu: What in the hell are you doing?

Rei: We're having necklace sex. Aika, do you want to make it a three-way?

Aika: Ooo, of course! You know how much of a little slut I am!

Osamu: A-Aika!?

Aika cracked up and held her stomach.

Aika: I was just kidding!

(Thank god, because that was really out of a refreshing way.)

Rei: I'll go visit her tomorrow and make sure she's okay.

Aika: I'll go too! We'll bring her flowers to liven up her room a little!

Osamu: Thanks guys. She's really going to appreciate it.

Rei kept fiddling around with her thumbs, and it made Osamu remember when she played games on her handheld.

Osamu: Do you miss it? Omagatoki and Akatsuki have been having fun with it ever since you gave it to them.

Rei: I-it's not like it was an act of goodwill! It was merely a war crime reparation. That's all.

Aika whispered into Osamu's ear with a smug expression.

Aika: She's lying. She actually felt bad about almost ending the world.

Rei: I heard that!

Osamu: Is she always this difficult?

Aika: Every single day!

Rei: You can both kiss my ass...

(Well, at least these two are still high in spirit. Isabella could really use their strength right now. I think I can too.)

Later that night, Isabella woke in her hospital bed to find Izanami standing at her side, as still as a shadow. Izzy's head throbbed and shuddered as she sat up and turned on her bedside lamp, taking a blurred, tired gander at the fidgeting Izanami. The goddess's eyes were downcast, but they glimmered like glass with the moonlight beaming into the hospital room. Izzy knew Izanami long enough to know something was wrong.

Isabella: Izanami? What's wrong?

Izanami lowered her head.

Izanami: I'm so sorry, Izzy. I'm so sorry...

Isabella: It's not your fault, love. I just got dizzy and fell, that's all. Really, it's okay. Come, sit down with me.

Izzy patted her hand on a spot right next to her, beckoning Izanami to come over. She accepted the invitation and plopped down on the hospital bed alongside Izzy, the two sitting in silence for a short time.

Izanami: How are you holding up?

Isabella smiled and released a few giggling suspirations.

Isabella: For someone who fell down the stairs and hit their head, I'm doing just peachy! I think some of the others in this wing have it a lot worse than I do right now.

Izanami: No offense, Izzy, don't look all too 'peachy'.

Scratching the back of her head, Isabella's nodded as her smile waned and withered. Her sigh shattered her optimistic attitude.

Isabella: Yeah. I know. Pancreatic cancer. Can you believe it? Of all people, me. At my age.

Izanami: I'm sorry...

Isabella smiled as she held Izanami's hand, shaking it slightly as a sign of reassurance.

Isabella: No more apologies out of you, miss. This isn't your fault. Besides, I'm glad you came here. I was just thinking I needed someone to talk to. You're always so patient and understanding, Izanami. You're the perfect ear!

Izanami: Well...of course! Whatever you want to say, I'll listen.

Isabella: I, uh, called my mother. Once I learned the extent of the cancer, and, well, how this was gonna end...I had to decide what I'd do afterwards.

Izanami: Afterwards?

Isabella: body. After I'm gone.

Izanami's lips trembled, as if she was scared to delve any deeper.

Izanami: What did you decide?

Isabella clasped her hands together as if in prayer, nodding as her eyes darted across miscellaneous objects in the room, trying to busy themselves.

Isabella: My folks wanted me to come home as soon as they heard I had cancer. They thought that maybe I'd be able to have it removed surgically in the United States. Unfortunately, my kind of cancer is usually spotted and diagnosed far too late. As was the case with me. By the time the doctors found it, I was already out of options. All I could do was wait for the end. Then, it became a matter of waiting at home with my family, or staying here. It was...the most painful choice I've ever had to make, Izanami, but I chose to stay and meet my end here. I had to prepare myself to tell her, but I was able to let my mother knew. That was the first time I'd ever made her cry. I'll never forget that.

Izanami: I'm sure she understands.

Isabella: Yeah, I'm sure too. I hope I'm sure, anyway. It's just...I'm my mother's last child. My brother died nearly seven thousand miles away from home and was brought back in a box. Looks like I'll be going home in a similar fashion.

Izanami: But you're pretty strong for being able to decide these things and communicate them clearly. You're a decision maker even in a time like this.

Isabella: I guess so. No parent should ever have to outlive both of her children.

Izanami: As morbid as it is to say, there's really no helping it at this point.

Isabella: Man, Izanami. What am I gonna do now? It feels like I've hardly even lived much of a life, like I've still got so much unfinished work to do. I wanted to make more friends, get married, have children here, maybe find a job near a U.S. base here. If I had enough of my own money, I wanted to open up a restaurant, a nice, small one near our neighborhood. So many things I wanted to do...

Izanami: Perhaps you've done enough. Perhaps your job here is already done. Maybe, just maybe, you've already brought happiness to more lives than you know. I think the most important thing you can do with the time you have left is to make yourself happy. Find your joy.

Isabella leaned back and nodded with a smile.

Isabella: When I think of what it is that makes me happy, I just think of you and the others.

Izanami leaned in towards Izzy.

Izanami: Then, perhaps, that's all you truly need.

Again, with those giggling suspirations, Izzy grinned widely as she spoke.

Isabella: You're right, you're right. I'm having all of this doubt and guilt because...I...well, Izanami I...

Her smile broke apart, melting into a somber frown. Her glossy eyes glistened beneath her slightly raised brow, her voice breaking with childlike vulnerability and mortal fear.

Isabella: I'm scared...

Her saddened expression, her fear of what was to come, broke Izanami's heart.

Izanami: Don't be, Izzy. We're all with you, and we'll be with you until the end. Don't simply wait for the end. Waiting is what fills us with fear. Like a book, we have to forge our endings carefully. Write yourself an ending you can be at peace with. An ending worthy of Isabella Bailey. We'll all help you do it.

Izanam took hold of Isabella's hand, squeezing it like it was the last solid thing on earth.

Isabella: You're right. You're right...

(That night, Izanami took on a heavy burden. She'd have to be the support for all of us, even when we knew things were only going to get worse. Now that I think back to all those countless days and nights in the house, the both of them were always the most fun. They were the ones smiling the most. I'm proud of her, for providing the optimism that Isabella couldn't give herself with her own mortality hanging over her head and gripping its black hand around her heart and soul)

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And so, the Osamu and the gang bid farewell to Summer with a bang! Next chapters will be in Fall/Winter, and then it all ends.  8) Hopefully all the intertitles make it through

I'd say this calls for a new OP.

Day 687: Hello Ex-Girlfriends, Goodbye Summer
Look at me and be honest. Do you see the rising sun?
(Thankfully, Isabella made it out of the hospital without a hitch. I felt bad about the fact that she couldn't attend the rescheduled summer festival, and none of us had the heart to just go without her. But you see, Aika and Rei came over after Isabella was discharged. They brought boxes of fireworks and bags of groceries with them too. Those two...they really came through for me, for all of us. They had a wonderful idea that day, and it gave us memories that I can never forget...)

Yoko and Osamu helped Aika and Rei bring in all the stuff they bought in the early afternoon while Izanami prepped all of the ingredients. Isabella could only watch with wide eyes. Izzy's outfit was entirely black, from the shirt to her shoes. She also borrowed one of Osamu's necklaces, the one with the peace sign.

Isabella: Our own fireworks and grill?!

Rei: Damn right! You're officially one foot in the grave, so you got to live like you're dying!

Isabella: Oh were never good with softening your blunt words...

Aika: Well, despite her way of saying it, the core of her message is true. If this is your last summer, we need to end it with a bang, don't we?

Isabella: Yeah, I agree! I'm already excited! Thank you guys for doing this for me!

Osamu helped carry the last box inside and dropped to the floor on his hand and knees, struggling to catch his breath.

Izanami: Osa, are okay?

Osamu: The air I breathe...feels in my lungs!

Yoko: You did well, babe. Seeing you carry all that heavy stuff was a huge turn on! Thumbs up!

Osamu: Not this again, Yoko!


Tsukiakari came in through the door with the Shoku Twins at her side. She took off her shoes and sunglasses and greeted everyone with a smile.

Tsukiakari: Hey everyone! Look who wanted to come along and celebrate with us!

(Do I even have to explain to you how much my heart raced with excitement when I saw the Shoku Twins? No? Okay, good. I won't)

Osamu: Akatsuki! Omagatoki!

Akatsuki: Please don't molest us-

Osamu hugged the two cute twins and picked them both up, one in each arm. Omagatoki couldn't look happier with her pearly smile. As always, even though Akatsuki had a neutral face all the time, she was also happy to see everyone.

Osamu: I missed you two so much, you little angels! How have you been? Are there any apocalyptic disasters coming?

Omagatoki: Nope! We're all good!

Akatsuki: At least until the sun runs out of fuel, morphs into a red giant and consumes Mercury, Venus, and Earth. But that won't be for a few billion more years.

Osamu: Good to know, dear!

Tsukiakari: Hey, Isabella, wanna cook with me, for old times' sake?

Isabella worried if she even had the energy to be able to cook anything in the house anymore.

Isabella: I don't know...

Tsukiakari: Aww, come on! We're culinary war buddies, aren't we?

Isabella was able to cast away her doubts and live in the moment. She gladly took Tsukiakari's hand, and the two put on their USMC helmets. Yoko tied her hair and also joined them in the kitchen.

Tsukiakari: Are you ready to assault Burgerstan and the United Hot Dogs?

Isabella: I sure am, Tsu Tsu! Looks like we're gonna be dealing with raw meat today, good on Aika for getting ingredients we could start with from scratch!

Aika: Of course, it's insulting for a rich girl to buy pre-cooked ingredients.

Isabella: To battle, Tsu Tsu!

Tsukiakari: To battle!

Rei: Would you idiots hang on? I need to unwrap the seasonings first!

Yoko: Osamu, the women will handle the cooking and cleaning. Why don't you relax? You helped carry on the bulk of the stuff, after all.

(Man, she's so traditional with household gender roles. It's kind of refreshing, actually.)

Osamu: Sure, I'll go sit down.

As Osamu sat down and watched TV, the girls all got to work.

Rei: Finally! Beautifully seasoned with salt, a medley of peppers, garlic powder, onion powder, a little bit of chili powder for kicks, and diced red onion!

Aika: Since when can you cook, Rei?!

Rei: Oh, I can't. I'm good with flavoring things though.

Isabella: Beautiful! Are your hands clean, Tsu Tsu?

Tsukiakari: Yep!

Isabella: Alright! We're gonna dig our hands in here and gather a ball of meat like so.

Isabella took a chunk of the seasoned and mashed meat, forming it into a ball, and then a patty.

Isabella: And then, we shape it into a patty about an inch, maybe inch and a half thick. I know Osamu likes his burgers big. He also likes big buns.

Osamu: I heard that!

Tsukiakari: Got it!

Yoko: Izanami, let's go get the grill ready.

Izanami: Alright!

(Shouldn't a man handle the grill? I feel like I should be the one what the hell. It's her grill, so she knows how to use it.)

Aika: Rei, can you get some water boiling? I'm plan to make mash with those potatoes.

Rei: Okie dokie. Uh, Izzy, do you know where the pots are?

Isabella: Oh my god! You called me Izzy!

Isabella could almost cry from the happiness. She hugged Rei and rubbed their cheeks together.

Isabella: This is a monumental moment in our love/hate relationship! You've finally called me by my nickname! Now we can really hang out and tell each other our secrets and borrow panties from one another!


Rei: Izzy, you're scaring me.

Akatsuki and Omagatoki tugged at Isabella's shirt. She knelt by them to talk to them on their level.

Isabella: What's up? Do you want to help too?

Omagatoki/Akatsuki: Yes please!

Isabella patted both of their heads before picking them up and setting them down on the counter. They helped form the meat into patties and placed them in neat rows, ready for cooking.

Tsukiakari: You guys are so good at this! Where did you learn to handle meat like that?

Akatsuki: Reading books and staying informed on the ever-changing world around us.

Omagatoki: I just wish Sis do it and learn from her.

Omagatoki kicked her legs back and forth as she sat on the edge of the counter. Isabella carried them both over to the sink so they could wash their hands. Yoko and Izanami opened up the glass door leading to the sun-kissed back yard, the grill flaming and ready to go.

Yoko: Grill's ready, so bring the meat over if you have any!

Aika: Right away! Good job, Omagatoki! Akatsuki!

Isabella: I'm sorry, I never asked. What do your names mean? You'll have to forgive me, I wasn't born here, after all.

Akatsuki: My name means "Dawn".

Omagatoki was hesitant to share the meaning of her name, for reasons Yoko already knew about.

Isabella: Come on, Omagatoki! What does your name mean?


Omagatoki: Uhh...well...

Akatsuki spilled the beans anyway.

Akatsuki: It refers to Dusk but is actually written with very sinister characters. One meaning is "A Time of Great Calamity", and the other is "The Time of Meeting Yokai, Yurei, and Dark Creatures"

(Yeah, the sweetest one has the creepiest name...)

Isabella: Oh my...

Omagatoki: Sis! You could've stopped at Dusk!

Akatsuki: Lying by omission is a terrible thing, sis-

Omagatoki brought an end to their conflicting wills and personalities by joining hands with her, thus unifying them.

Omagatoki: There we go, that's-
Akatsuki: so much better.

Isabella: Creepy...and the same time...

The meat was on the grill and the aroma of its seasonings and spices filled the air. Izanami was tending to each patty, flipping them when they needed to be, and removing them from the grill when ready. Aika applied the condiments and loaded them on buns and paper plates. With their collective work, the food was prepared at the best quality and at the same time. Every bite was like a taste of July all on its own. Osamu got up from the couch to put some food in his belly, and wasn't all too surprised when Yoko preemptively handed him a plate and a glass of iced tea.

Osamu: How did I know you were going to do that?

Yoko smiled and winked.

Yoko: No one knows you better than your ex, my love.

Osamu: Hey, what about Izzy? I mean, her appetite...

Yoko: I guess she was expecting to eat something around the time Aika and Rei showed up here, so thankfully, she's stuffing her face.

Yoko pointed to Isabella, who took a mighty bite of her burger with happiness on her face.

Yoko: I think Aika and Rei specifically chose something more American to give Izzy a taste of home.

(Of course!)

Osamu: Wow, that was sweet, even for them. Especially for Rei...

Yoko: Rei's a good girl. She just doesn't want to admit it.

Osamu: Your skills in interpersonal observation are sharp, Yoko. Did you manage that without kissing her?

Yoko: Yep. She's just easy to see through.

(Thanks, you guys.)

Aika opened up the cooler and took out two bottles of beer, both dripping with water and shards of ice. She held them up like trophies to get everyone excited.

Aika: I forgot to mention, I got beer!

Rei: Yes!

Izanami: I want one!

Isabella: Toss me one, Aika!

Yoko: Aww man, Aika brought the alcohol?

Osamu: What's wrong with that?

Yoko: Haven't you heard the stories about her band's drunk escapades? I heard they once got so drunk that they trashed every hotel room of the floor they rented out and then set fire to the curtains because they didn't like how they were designed!


Osamu: Oh come on. Aika isn't like that.

Yoko: Not yet. I know one thing, they better not burn down this house.

(And then, that evening, when the sun was setting...)

Everyone sat in a circle around Yoko's outside fireplace. It was about to get dark. Everyone had been melting marshmellows and chocolate to make smores, a delicious summer treat indeed. A mood of nostalgia made everyone want to reminisce of the past.

Aika: Holy crap, Izzy! You seriously shot him through the stomach?!

Isabella nervously laughed and scratched the back of her head.

Isabella: Hehe, yeeaaah....I'm still sorry about it, Osamu.

Osamu: Don't be, it was a long time ago. Wait, how did I survive that again?

Izanami: I kissed you and stopped you from dying! It was so romantic! Thankfully, you weren't supposed to die that day, so I was allowed to intervene.

Osamu: The gods are truly looking out for me...

Omagatoki bit into her smores a little to early, and had to endure the burn of a hot marshmellow in her mouth.

Omagatoki: Big Brother Osamu, your stories are so cool! Sis and I don't have many stories like that at all.

Akatsuki: Our lives have consisted of watching the sun rise and then set. At least until we got involved with all of you. So, Rei?

Rei: Eh? Yes?

Akatsuki bowed her head.

Akatsuki: Thank you for nearly destroying the world.

Rei: Hehe....anytime....


Aika suddenly stood up, chugged down the rest of her beer, and set the bottle down. She let it out a very uncharacteristic howl that would even frighten any nearby wolves.

Aika: Well, it's night time! Now we got to bust out the fireworks!

Tsukiakari: Alright, let's do it!

Yoko: Not here. There's too many nearby trees. Let's do it out on the streets since they're empty anyways.

Tsukiakari: My girlfriend is so smart!

Yoko: No, I'm just no completely inebriated right now.

Aika: Alrighty! Rei, can you carry the ammunition? Izzy, grab the mortar!

Osamu: And here we go.

Izanami and Yoko locked arms with Osamu, and Tsukiakari locked arms with Yoko. Everyone made their way out of the house, down the street, and stopped right in the middle of an intersection. The neighborhood was all theirs, like a kingdom to a king. Izzy set up the launcher and Rei handed a drunken Aika the first big round of fireworks as she chugged down another beer.

Osamu: I have a really bad feeling about giving a drunk girl explosives.

Isabella: 2000 Yen says you burn a building down, Aika.

Aika: 40,000 Yen says my next album hits #1 on the charts!

Rei: Oh man, now it's on.

Aika: Ready, Izzy?

Isabella: All set!

Aika: Back up everyone!

Yoko: Don't blow yourselves up, as*holes!

 Aika lit the fuse, sending sparks flying onto the street. Isabella ran from the fireworks as Aika calmly walked away from it.

Aika: Five, four, three, two, I'm wasted!

The round popped off like a canon firing, and it whistled as it soared into the air. The dark night sky lit up with a huge splash of purple light, sustaining itself in the air with constant chemical reactions. It seemed the whole block glowed purple for those few yet magnificent seconds.

Izanami: That was amazing!

Aika: Rei, next round!

Rei: Alright, we've got like 12 more big ones!

Aika: Perfect!

Osamu: Hey, Akatsuki, wanna sit on my shoulders? You'll be able to see them better.

Akatsuki: Me? But you usually pick up Omagatoki.

Osamu: True, but it's about time I treated you the same way, right? Come on, hop on my back!

Osamu bent down and let Akatsuki climb on. Yoko did the same for Omagatoki.

(Man, like this, it looks like we're both parents helping our children see the show...)

Yoko noticed Osamu staring at her. She simply returned his affection with a smile.

Yoko: I love you too, Osamu.

(Sharp girl...)

Isabella: Fuse is lit!

Aika: Let's go!

(You're damn right if you're thinking those fireworks were amazing. Being there, with all of us really washed away a lot of our troubles. I know Isabella especially needed it. I can honestly say that was best July of my entire life.)

After the fireworks were all fired away and the block smelled of smoke, Aika and Rei had just one more surprise for everyone. Inside their big box of wonders, the two pulled out another cooler, but this one was filled with water balloons. Initiating the surprise attack, Rei gripped one in her hand and threw it at Isabella, hitting her right in the face.

Rei: Got you! We'll just call that my revenge for high school! We're even now!

Isabella had the biggest smile on her face.

Aika: Every man for himself!

Everyone took a few water balloons, and the war broke out in the street. Everyone was getting soaked, even Akatsuki and Omagatoki, who kept throwing water balloons at each other. As the war went on, Rei noticed there was still a big firework in the box, hiding in the corner. Now, of course, our little Rei isn't very smart. She set the firework down and lit the fuse, but the launcher fell over sideways.

Rei: Oh sh-

The round went off without warning. Osamu and Yoko were able to dodge the spiraling round as it flew right past them and into one of the buildings directly ahead of the intersection. The red sparks were a little too close for comfort. Osamu, Izzy, Rei, and Yoko were just outside of the blast radius as the block was illuminated with blinding red light, and then...the buildings ahead caught on fire. All of them were now staring at the burning monoliths, their shadows as tall as the buildings themselves.

Aika: Holy sh*t! Who fired that off?!

Rei: I'm sorry! The launcher fell over and-

Isabella: Rei, that was f*cking awesome!

Everyone began laughing and cheering as part of their neighborhood was literally burning down. Isabella walked over to Yoko and bowed to her, her hair and clothes still dripping wet.

Isabella: Yoko, I'm very sorry!

Yoko: Huh? For what?

Isabella: For this!

Isabella, without fear, and without regret, stood on her tippy toes and kissed Osamu like it was her last day alive.

Usually, Yoko would have a fit at such a scene, but since she understood the reason behind her brash behavior, she let it go. We've all get to let the dying live a little.

Yoko: Alright, I won't scalp you for that one. Enjoy it, princess.

Aika: Hell yeah, Izzy!

Tsukiakari: Oh my! Hot blooded indeed!

Yoko: Gekko, what are you doing just standing there?

Tsukiakari: Huh?

Yoko: A couple is kissing right in front of us, almost like they're trying to one-up our love. If this goes on any longer, I won't be able to help but feel disgraced.

Tsukiakari grabbed Yoko by her butt, squeezing on both cheeks as she kissed Yoko.

Rei: Girl-on-Girl?!

Aika laughed until she cried.

Aika: Oh man, this is great! We did it, Rei! I think we gave them a good time! That's what we're about, you know?

Rei: Yeah. Hey, Aika.

Aika: Yep?

Rei: Just this once, since we're drunk anyway, wanna make out?

Aika: Really?! You want to kiss me?

Rei: We're not even gonna remember anything anyway!

Aika: Ah, why the hell not?

And so, even those two joined the kissing party.

Omagatoki: Is it normal for girls to kiss girls?

Akatsuki: In some places, it's pretty common. I hear even some young female friends kiss each other as a simple act of affection.

Izanami: Yep. Humans get more intimate with every generation, it seems. Still...

Izanami hugged Omagatoki and Akatsuki, and innocently kissed their foreheads.

Izanami: That's for you! My favorite servants in the whole wide world!

Akatsuki's pale face turned pink as she froze, unable to respond. Omagatoki reacted like a daughter who had just been kissed by her mother and jumped on Izanami to kiss her cheek and hug her back.

Omagatoki: Thank you, Izanami! You're my favorite master!

Akatsuki: K-k-kiss....I was k-k-issed....


(Thankfully, those buildings were grouped by themselves, and there were no trees or brush around for the fire to extend. It eventually died out on it's own, but those few buildings were completely charred. Next thing you know, I wake up, and everyone is sleeping all around the house. Man, they're gonna hate the hangover when they get up...)

Osamu got off of the couch, where Rei and the Shoku Twins were sleeping next to him. He yawned, and stepped over Aika's futon as he climbed upstairs to use the restroom. When he got there, he could see Isabella standing with her hand over her stomach and the sink running.

Osamu: Izzy! Are you okay? Is it your stomach again?

(I think...that was the first morning in a long time...where Isabella actually laughed.)

Isabella: Nah! It's actually the alcohol this time! No need to worry!

The two laughed to themselves until they heard a familiar sounding groan in the bathtub. When they looked, they saw Tsukiakari and Yoko sleeping in there together naked.

Osamu: Ah man, these two...what are we ever gonna do with them?

Isabella: Let's just let them rest. They've got one hell of a hangover to look forward too!

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: As you wish.

(Summer is already on it's way out. Soon, Autumn will be hear, and then, Winter. I'm proud to say, without a hint of doubt, that I'm glad this day happened. We all came together and sent our summer out with a bang...and then a fire.)


And hell, have a new ED too

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 :unsure: And so the gang stops to take a look back. Way back.

Day 771: Remembering with my Ex Girlfriend
The season puts on a coat of orange, and our love changes colors too

(Summer is the Springtime of youth. Our hot days slowly got colder and colder until we finally got our first storm in the middle of August. Isabella was always keen on watching the seasons change, perhaps now more than ever.)

On that day, everyone had just woken up to the sound of rain hitting the window and ceiling, and to the heavily clouded sky outside. Isabella and Osamu especially watched as the rain kicked in, bringing Fall along with it.



Isabella: There it is. The storm that declares that Summer is finally over.

Osamu: Yep. Looks like we're going back to the groove of our lazy days.

Isabella: I don't mind at all. I had an amazing summer with everyone. If it really is going to be my last summer, I'm glad I spent it together with you.

Osamu couldn't see Izzy's expression, only the back of her head and her long, blonde hair as she watched the rain through the window.

(And then September came...)

Isabella was coming down the stairs to meet Yoko in the kitchen one cloudy, September morning. Yoko could hear her faint and weak voice from behind.

Isabella: Morning.

Yoko: Oh, morning Isa-

Yoko looked at Isabella and saw her pale she was getting, how slow and sluggish she was. It was like the life was being drained out of Isabella.

Yoko: don't look very good...

Isabella: Really? I guess. I don't really...feel well either...

Yoko put down her chopping knife, removed her apron, and caught Isabella as she was about to fall over. Isabella began crying as Yoko held her. She gripped Yoko's shirt and trembled.

Isabella: I don't feel well, Yoko...

Yoko: Okay, okay, okay. Listen, don't worry, alright? I'm gonna have Izanami take you to the hospital again, okay? It's going to be okay, Izzy. Just hang in there...

(And from that day forth, Isabella was no longer healthy enough to remain at home. She had to stay in the hospital for her own safety. It's something we all wanted to avoid for as long as possible, but...even a girl as strong as Isabella is still just a human. And so, you and I continue this story in October. Truthfully, it took me a while to muster up the heart to see Isabella. I didn't want to remember her as a frail girl, nor as a dying girl. I just wanted to have the image of the bright and bold Isabella burned in my mind forever. But I suppose, if I kept cowering and refused to face the truth, I wouldn't be a very good adult, nor would I be worthy of being the "hero" of this story. October...that was the month I finally visited her.)

It was a rainy afternoon when Osamu went to the hospital to visit Isabella, like so many other people visiting their hospitalized family and friends. He wore a knit hoodie and black jeans, and he brought some pocky with him for a snack. His hair was getting a little longer, and started to break out of the wavy lion's mane he had, showing hints of reverting back to the longer hair he had years ago. He was pointed to the right room and knocked before entering.

Isabella: Come in!

Osamu opened the door and waved the plastic bag he had.

Osamu: Hey there. I've got some snacks.

Isabella was looking a little better than before. Still pale, and her weight loss was becoming more and more apparent. Her arms were getting so thin, and her grip was getting weak. And yet still, as she could feel herself withering away day by day, she smiled and invited Osamu in.

Isabella: Aww, thanks! Come on in, love!

Osamu sat down and handed Isabella the box of pocky after opening it himself. His eyes were keen to notice Isabella's weakened body and thin arms.

Isabella: Thanks, Osa. You're so considerate!

Osamu: Anytime. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come here...

Isabella: It's okay. I imagine you were in one of your infantile episodes where you stay in bed because you're depressed, huh?

Osamu: Hey come on!

Isabella laughed, getting a refreshing kick out of teasing Osamu.

Isabella: What's a little banter between friends, right? Besides, I knew you'd come, so you don't have to apologize. That's just the kind of man you are. You always come through in the end.

Isabella was pleasantly surprised when she took the first few bites of the pocky.

Isabella: Mmm! Why do these taste better than usual?! Did they change up their recipe or something?

Osamu: Maybe I just picked out a good box. The same thing happens with bags of chips a lot. One bag could be crap but the other bag could be baked gold.

Isabella: Ah, I went through the same thing in every coroner store back home! It was like playing Russian Roulette!

Osamu: Yeah...wait, did you just say "Coroner" store?

Isabella: Oh crap, I did! Am I cursed now?!

Osamu laughed.

Osamu: You've got 5 seconds to correct it, Izzy!

Isabella: Oh no! Corner store! CORNER store! Not coroner!

Osamu: I'm just kidding, they only send you to the coroner if they suspect foul play.

Isabella threw the box of pocky at Osamu's face as he laughed, thankfully not spilling any on the floor.

Isabella: Ha, ha, ha. Five star comedian, Osamu Ashikaga.

Osamu: Thanks, I hope you come to my next show!

Isabella scoffed and closed her eyes.

Isabella: Idiot. But I'm glad you were once my idiot.

(Sweet or insulting? Perhaps a mix of both...)

Isabella continued eating her pocky, sharing some with Osamu and cursing at him whenever he'd drop one on the floor.

Isabella: You know, Rei often stops by here during the weekends.

Osamu: Oh really? By herself?

Isabella: Yeah. She always puts up this cold and uncaring front, but that girl is bad at lying. She really cares, you know? She would often just break down in tears whenever she laid eyes on me. It was a little overwhelming.

Isabella stopped eating and looked at her frail, slender arms and hands.

Isabella: Being hospitalized and seeing Rei cry so just made me realize...."Wow...I'm really going to pass away soon.".  And then, when I think that, I keep wishing I could've talked to Rei more in our school days. I wish I could've been her friend if that would've lessened her heartbreak back then. Honestly, if I had a chance, I'd give up dating you if it meant Rei could've done it first.

(Even for someone who once despised you, you's sacrifice that much, huh?)

Isabella: Not saying that I don't value what we had, Osamu!

Osamu: Hah, no, don't worry. I understand what you mean.

Isabella: I keep wondering if Rei is gonna be okay after I'm gone.

Osamu: You don't have to worry. That's what your friends are for. Aika, Me, Yoko, everyone. We're all going to look after each other and make sure we all carry on. Friends are supposed to decrease your worries, right? Then all you have to do is trust us.

Isabella smiled.

Isabella: You still have the tongue of a charming prince, Osamu. I think that's the thing I'll miss the most.


Osamu didn't end up leaving the hospital until late. He walked from downtown back up to the empty neighborhood, and stood in front of the abandoned bowling alley. The moon was high, bright, and big in the night sky, now clear of clouds. Though, the smell of rain still lingered.

(This old place. I'm surprised it's still here.)

Something compelled Osamu to walk into the bowling alley. As he went in, he saw the light of an electric lantern shining around and casting long shadows on the bowling balls and pins on the floor. The light pointed his eyes to Yoko, who was standing near the bleachers with a red bowling ball in her hands. She wore a blue sweater, scarf, and red winter beanie to match her hair.

Osamu: Yoko?

Yoko: Osamu? Why are you here?

Osamu: I could ask you the same question.

Yoko put down the bowling ball and shrugged her shoulders.

Yoko: It's like I was just called here, honestly.

Osamu: I see. I got the same feeling.

Osamu walked in and joined Yoko. The two sat together on the bleachers with the electric lantern between them.

Yoko: Right there.

Osamu: Hmm?

Yoko pointed in front of her.

Yoko: That's the exact spot you were tied to a chair when you first came back.

Osamu: Yep, I still remember that. It's hard to forget being kidnapped and waking up in an abandoned building with a sword pointed at your face., how long ago was that now?

Yoko: Two years.

Osamu: Crap, you're's already been two years...

Yoko: This was also the place we both saw Isabella again. Now that I think about it, she really was crazier back then, huh?

Osamu: Well of course. She hated us back then. She even blew up my house and I ended up staying with you. Then Izzy shot out the window, shot me, and ran up some debt, so had to stay with us too. Then, Izanami stayed to make sure we didn't all kill each other, and Aika ended up staying as well. Before we knew it, we had a crazy little family.

Yoko: Yep, that's how it all started. So many little coincidences placed so nicely and delivered so gracefully, they almost seem like they were sent from heaven.

Osamu: Well...I wouldn't call it graceful. It's been one wild ride up to this point. I mean, I can't even count the times I've almost died. Hell, I actually did die!

Yoko laughed and locked arms with Osamu.

Yoko: Yeah, but you love us, right?

Osamu: Of course I do.

Yoko: But you love me the most, right? I'm the one you're marrying and having strong, smart, and healthy children with, right?

Osamu: Yeah, yeah. Why not?

Yoko: Okay, good. I still want 24 of them.

Osamu: We really are starting a clan, aren't we?

Yoko: Start? More like reviving! We need to breed healthy seed if we want to revive the Akiyama clan.

Yoko laid her head on Osamu's shoulder, her eyes staring off at the two moths flying around the electric lantern.

Osamu: You're so much warmer than you were back then.

Yoko: Hmm?

Osamu: Back then, you were icy, slow to get along with others, and perhaps a bit selfish too. After I saved Aika and she lost her memories of us as a result, you cried for her. You cried for not being able to help someone who was down in the rut just like how you used to be. You and Tsukiakari once fought, and you detested each other at first, but you began helping her. You empathized with Tsukiakari because of her troubled past, and you two were able to find a mutual understanding through that. Now look at you two. You're dating. Now, with Isabella, even though you guys have been rivals for all this time, I find that you two often help each other out the most. You have a really big heart once you get past the unforgiving and stubborn facade. You helped me take care of these people. I couldn't have done it without you.

Yoko:...You and everyone were all the first group of people to see that far into me. It made me glad every morning, to wake up and have people smile at me, and eat with me...

Osamu knew Yoko very well. Because of that, he held her tight and kept her close as she began to cry.

Yoko: Osamu...this has been the best two years of my life. With you, Isabella, and everyone. I don't want her to go...

Osamu: Yeah, me neither. But still...all things must come to an end.

(All things must pass, and there is a flower in the vast garden of life that doesn't have much time left. So, until the last petal falls, let's watch our little flower. Let's celebrate the spring it bloomed, the summer it shined, the fall it survived, and the winter it will die.)

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Oh God, help me...  XD this story gets filled deeper emotion each time I read! LOVE IT!

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Thus, Time moves on... or does it?
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Thanks, Christmas  :clapping:

All things come to an end, don't they? Speaking of which, we are approaching the end of this story very soon! Gosh, I'll finally be done with this.  :ninja:

Yep, time definitely moves on, Op. Perhaps that's one of the saddest themes of this arc. Times moves so unforgivably fast, especially when you don't have much time left. Let's hope Osamu and the gang can make their limited time with Isabella count though  :clapping:

A little on the short side, at least for my standards, but I decided to write two chapters today.

This little candle's flame is growing weaker and weaker. I'll see you in the Land that Always Shines.

The next morning, Osamu awoke once again to the sound of rain, in bed with Yoko...and the Shoku Twins. Omagatoki was sitting on his stomach with her yukata open and her hair a frizzy mess. She stared at Osamu as he woke up as if he were some sort of colorful, wonderful insect.

(Yeah, the last thing I'd ever, EVER expect is to wake up with a half-naked little girl on my stomach. I want to pledge to the authorities and to our readers that I would never commit a crime as grave as depriving a little girl of her innocence! Even if she is over a thousand years old!)

Osamu: Omagatoki...when did you get here?

Omagatoki: Osamu...

Omagatoki placed her hand on her stomach.

Omagatoki: It's ready...

(What? What?! WHAT?!?!?!)

Osamu: Omagatoki, what do you mean it's ready?! What did way...don't tell me! No! This isn't happening! I'm gonna go to jail!

Akatsuki came up from behind and also sat on Osamu's stomach. She had let her hair down so she could lie in bed properly, even though there was no real need for any sleep. With both of them wearing their hair down, the two looked identical. The only differences were that Akatsuki's hair was longer and had a bit of a curl to it. Not to mention their eyes. Omagatoki had one Orange and one Purple eye. Akatsuki had one Gold and one Red eye.

Akatsuki: What are you talking about? She means that breakfast is ready.

(Breakfast? Oh...that's right...)

Osamu: You really need to provide context in your sentences, Omagatoki. Doesn't your sister ever teach you that?

Omagatoki: I'm sorry! But what exactly did you think I meant?

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: Forget it. Do you mind getting off my stomach? It's about time I ate something.

Omagatoki: Yes sir!

Osamu got up and helped Omagatoki put her yukata back on. The three went downstairs where Izanami cooked up some fried salmon, mandarin slices, rice cakes, and sweet French bread with melted butter, sea salt, vinegar, and a bit of olive oil. Izanami, keeping up with her promise to Isabella, wore a bright smile on her face.

Izanami: Hello and good morning! Are you hungry?

Osamu: Good morning! Damn right I am. It smells good in here.

Izanami: Osamu, don't curse around the kids!

Osamu: Oops, sorry...

Akatsuki and Omagatoki were now holding hands again.

Akatsuki/Omagatoki: It's okay.

(Creepy...they're just like those twins from The Shining when they hold hands...)

Osamu: Hey, you're already dressed? Are you going somewhere?

Izanami: Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and visit Izzy in the hospital. Figured she could use the company, you know?

Osamu: Yeah. You're right.

Izanami: Speaking of which, is Yoko awake? If she sleeps any longer she won't be able to eat breakfast before work.

Osamu: Yeah, I'll wake her up. Yoko! Get up already!

Izanami: By "wake her up", I thought you were going to actually go up there and gently wake her! Gentlemen don't yell at a woman to wake up, Osamu!


(So traditional...)

Osamu: Is there some sort of male version of Yamato-nadeshiko I'm not aware of?

Izanami: No, but I'll make one if I have to!

Yoko staggered down the stairs half-asleep in her pink nightgown.

Yoko: Osamu, was that you yelling at me just now?

Osamu: Yep! Good morning!

Yoko: I'll forgive you for now. I'm too tired to be mad. Good morning everyone.



Akatsuki/Omagatoki: Good morning, Yoko.

Yoko:...I swear it's like The Shining when you guys do that...

(That's what I said!)

Yoko: Izanami, are you going somewhere?

Izanami: Yep, I'm gonna go visit Isabella. Hurry and eat, you have to go to work soon!

Yoko: Yeah, you're right. Thanks for cooking.

Osamu: Looks like it's gonna be you and me in the house, you two.

Akatsuki: You're not going to-
Omagatoki: molest us again-
Akatsuki: right?

(There was never any molestation in the first place...)

Izanami: Alright, everything is cooked! Help yourselves, guys! I'm gonna get going now.

Yoko: Thank you for your hard work, Izanami.

Akatsuki/Omagatoki: Bye bye!

Izanami teleported away to the hospital, leaving everyone with a good, warm meal. Like Osamu, she knocked on Isabella's door before entering.

Isabella: Come in!

Izanami walked in, waved, and smiled. The rain drops on her window distorted the view of the street outside.

Izanami: Hey there! Good morning!

Isabella: Good morning, Izanami!

The two hugged and kissed each others cheeks.

Isabella: How are they doing?

Izanami: Much better! They're both back to being themselves. Suddenly having you hospitalized was such a big shock to us.

Isabella: Yeah, I really didn't want to come back here. I'd love to eat breakfast with you guys again, but I guess I won't be able to do that. Even if I wanted to, my stomach isn't letting me eat much.

Izanami: I'm sorry...

Isabella: Don't worry about it! It's not your fault. So, have you been keeping your promise?

Izanami: Yep! I'm helping out and keeping my spirits up whenever I can. I wouldn't let you down after promising you something.

Isabella: Good...

Isabella handed Izanami an envelope with her initials and a cute smiley face on it.

Izanami: Huh? What's this?

Isabella: I figured I should write this while I could still hold a pen properly. Izanami, this is my death letter. I took a lot of time to think about it, write it, and write it over again. I think I wasted 12 sheets of paper trying to write the right words down. I've already given one to some of my men. That one is for my parents. When my body is shipped home, it'll come home with the letter. This one is for you guys. Don't open it until after, okay? In fact, don't show anyone until I'm gone. You have to promise me, okay?

Izanami reluctantly took the letter, understanding how an envelope enclosing a few sheets of paper could still feel so heavy.

Izanami: I understand. Until the time comes, it'll be my closest secret.

Isabella smiled.

Isabella: Thanks, Izanami. You're a true friend. Say...

Izanami: Hmm?

Isabella: I know you're not supposed to tell people exactly when they're going to die, but would it be alright to tell me what time of day I'll die? Like, is it night, or morning, or...

Izanami: It will be in the morning. As soon as the sun rises. You'll fall sleep in the dusk, and you'll be gone by dawn.

Isabella: Wow...that's actually pretty cool!

Izanami Izzy!

Isabella laughed as Izanami nudged her shoulder.

Isabella: Well, until that time comes, just keep forging forward! Never stop!

Isabella reached for the USMC helmet resting on the table at her side. She proudly put it on and gave Izanami a thumbs-up.

Isabella: You and me, buddy! Until the end!

Izanami smiled and laughed as the clouds began to part, and the sun began to shine on the rain-soaked city.

Izanami: Yeah, until the end!

(I'm sorry. At this point, my story is disappointing you, isn't it? There wasn't any grand adventure, no final battle, no super strong villain like Bishamon, no cheating death. For those days, our house was missing one person. Not only that, but everyone just did their best to live their lives. Yoko worked every weekday, Izanami cooked, cleaned, and made sure we didn't stay cooped up in the house, the Shoku Twins were there to try and compensate for the missing company, and I...well, no matter what I was doing, it always felt like I was waiting. You'd think I'd be trying to turn back the clock, right? To try and fight the swing of the pendulum. No, not anymore. I've already learned how time go flow so fast, so mercilessly that it seems unfair. Each day is a day that we can't get back. And so, you, who have been with me until this very moment, I take you forward into December, the last month of Isabella's life. It was on December 1st that I got the call, late at night...)

Osamu's phone vibrated in his hands as Yoko, Izanami, and the Shoku Twins slept beside him. He held it up to see who could be calling at such an odd hour.



Osamu: Hello?

Aika: Rei and I are at the bowling alley. Meet us down here now.

Osamu: You can't just call people in the middle of the night and-

Rei screamed into the phone.




Osamu got up, put a hoodie and some sweatpants on, along with his peace sign necklace.

(December started with a cold walk through our familiar neighborhood, and with time slipping through the fingers of our time-consuming, daily lives. But, I knew one thing, even back then. Aika and Rei wouldn't call unless they had a good idea.)
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All the coffee pictures are making me thirsty... :D

This story is very, very good and I'm upset that it's almost over... :(
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 :sure: If I had to slap a number on it, there should be about 2 or 3 chapters left. Maybe there will be an epilogue too. This chapter is on the larger side. I don't even know how many chapters this story has been so far. Definitely didn't expect it to be this long when I first started, but the concept was too good to let go of too soon.

Day 833: A Party, a Picture, and a Smile
The cold season of snowing feelings, and the things we learn in the midst of its winds...

Osamu began his walk down the street to meet Aika and Rei at the bowling alley. As he walked, he could see snowflakes starting to fall from the sky.

Osamu: There it is. There's the snow again.

The wind picked up, blowing around the branches of leafless trees and flowing through Osamu's hair. He walked by homes, the abandoned school where he met Tsukiakari, the empty corner store where he'd buy his mochi, and was soon approaching the bowling alley.

(I used to go on walks like this all the time, didn't I? It feels odd now. My heart feels heavier than ever before. The wind feels like it's embracing me. I wonder if this is what time itself feels like, endlessly moving forward despite the winds of its own desire trying to move it backwards.)

Osamu thought of the Shoku Twins, and their role in advancing time.


(Like those two. There must've been plenty of moments where they wished they could've stopped time, right? But they couldn't. It's their duty to keep it moving forward. Otherwise, the earth would be stuck at sunrise forever, just like in Antarctica. Those two are better than me though. Their sense of duty stands taller than any of their desires. Individually, I'm sure there are things they want to keep forever, but when they're linked together, all of that goes out the window. When they're linked together, they move forward, ever so mercilessly. In that regard, I believe time is like a love song, an eternal sonnet that never concludes, and perhaps never truly "began" in the first place. It's in the middle, going forward until the paper it's being written on is destroyed.)

Osamu was now standing in front of the abandoned bowling alley. The moon was shining just above it.

(But as cruel as time can be, the fact that it leaves alone sacred places like this bowling makes me believe that it's doing its best to lend us a helping hand. In that case, when time still allows you an opportunity, it would be a disservice to this ongoing sonnet to not take action. There's no going backwards, so make the lines in your stanza as beautiful as possible.)

Osamu: Hah. Man, I can't imagine myself being able to think any of these kinds of thoughts 2 years ago.

Osamu went inside and saw Aika and Rei standing right in front of the moonlight stained glass.


The two walked up to him, both wearing scarves and jackets for the cold. At first, they said nothing. Aika surprisingly hugged Osamu, and then Rei did the same.

Aika: She doesn't have long, Osamu. We all know that now.

Osamu: Yeah...

Aika: I called you here because Rei came up with a fantastic idea. She asked for our help in getting things together, but this came right from Rei's own heart.

Osamu: Rei, you thought of something? What is it?

Oh Rei. She never liked exposing how much she actually cared.

Rei: know...

Osamu: Well?

Rei: I was thinking we could throw a Farewell Party while Isabella is still strong enough to celebrate! All of us could get together and celebrate together. Yoko, the Shoku Twins, of course you, Tsukiakari, Izanami, and us too. I mean, I don't know what everyone is doing or what their schedules look like, but I was hoping we could go ahead and do it tomorrow.

Aika: I volunteered to help Rei get some supplies. Do you think we can pull it off?

(As always, you two are brilliant.)

Osamu: Rei, that's probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard you say...I've got to tell Yoko how considerate you're being!

Rei pulled out the doll of Osamu and stabbed it in the foot with her needle, resulting in the actual Osamu getting stabbed in the foot. He fell over and took off his shoe, his white sock now completely red.

(God damn this hurts!)

Osamu: Okay! Nevermind! Bad idea!

Rei: That's what I thought!

Osamu staggered back up and put his shoe back on.

Osamu: S-so...when are we getting the supplies?

Aika: Now. Let's go.

Osamu: Wait, what?!

Aika took out her car keys and dangled them around as she smiled.

Aika: We're sending her out with a bang, Osamu! Let's go grab those supplies!

Aika and Rei helped Osamu up, and two left the bowling alley.

(Yeah, we actually went ahead and got everything except for the food. Those two are brilliant, but perhaps a bit too crazy. In this situation though, I think it's alright for them to be like that. We're all crazy when time starts running out. Well, it took a lot of running around, a lot of planning, and a lot of people moving their schedules around, but we really did it. The next day, we all got together and went to the hospital.)

Tsukiakari, the Shoku Twins, Yoko, Izanami, Aika, Rei, and Osamu himself were all standing outside Isabella's door. Tsukiakari was combing Osamu's wavy lion's mane for him before they went in.

Osamu: Okay okay, that's enough, Gekko!

Tsukiakari: No, hang on! Your hair is such a mess!

Osamu: It's like you're my mother or something!

Aika: Okay, is everybody ready?

Rei: I'm all good.

Izanami: Nervous but ready!

Omagatoki: Red tea!

Akatsuki: She meant ready.

Yoko: Okay, you fixed it, Gekko. He looks good now.

Tsukiakari: Alright!

Osamu: Thanks, you two.

Aika: Alright, Osamu. On the count of three, open the door! One, two...three!

Osamu and the gang walked right in and shouted with all their love.

Everyone: SURPRISE!

Isabella was really startled, but smiled when she realized what just happened. Isabella's body had gotten so weak she could hardly sit up without the back support of her bed. She had gotten more and more pale, and she always had an exhausted look on her face. Still, she was beautiful and bright, and even though she was weak, her voice was still strong.

Isabella: Oh gosh, what is this? You all came here?

Yoko: We all came to celebrate you, Izzy. You've had a good 21 years, right?

Isabella: You guys are so sweet. Even Tsu Tsu made it?

Tsukiakari: Yep! Mom knows about your illness, so she allowed me to come down for today. It's not like I'd ever miss an opportunity to see my culinary war buddy!

Rei: So, what do you say? You don't anything better to do, right?

Isabella: Of course not! Come on in!

(And so, our little party began. I have no idea how we managed to carry in all the food that we did, but if there's a will, there's a way.)

All of the containers of fresh food were laid out on the desk. Even with her appetite problems, Isabella still eyed the food like a hawk.

Isabella: Yoko...are those cinnamon rolls?

Yoko: Hmm? Oh yeah, I made some before we left.

Isabella: They look so good!

Tsukiakari: There were 18 of them but I ate 6 and now I feel really bad about it.


Isabella laughed.

Isabella: Tsu Tsu, you're such a glutton!

Tsukiakari: Hey, we don't have cinnamon rolls in heaven!

Yoko: Did you want some, Izzy?

Isabella: Yeah, just cut one in half. I'll be able to eat it.

Isabella was handed her half and took one bite of the warm cinnamon roll, enough to make her fall in love.

Isabella: Yoko, these are perfect! Gah! Why do I have to be dying right when you start making these?!

Tsukiakari: Holy crap, Yoko, these are good!

Yoko: Well of course they are. Just like when I cook for Osamu, I made these with all of my love and care. Isabella deserves no less.

Akatsuki: Does that mean you intend to be Osamu's wife?

Yoko: Sharp girl as always! I sure do!

Omagatoki: Big brother, are you gonna marry Yoko?!

Osamu: Well, I mean...

(Honestly, that's a good question. Should I? I was so against the idea the first night I came here, but maybe Yoko really would be a good wife.)

Isabella: I think you should, Osa! Yoko knows how to take care of people. I'm sure she'd be a good mother. We're only getting older, so you've got to pick a good egg from the High School basket, you know? Don't go waiting around too long!

Aika: Yeah, that's true. You have to scope people out early. It's really a crucial part of life, but nobody ever says anything about it to you. What a pain.

Izanami: The problem is negated when you're a super-talented, globally famous rockstar, huh?

Aika: Yeah, but it's not like I want to be famous forever! Eventually, I'm gonna want to take my money and just go, you know? Maybe settle down somewhere in Hokkaido, have kids, live for another 50 or 60 years. Anyway, the point is, Osa, you've got to think towards the future.


Osamu: It's uncomfortable to answer a question like this in front of all my exes.

Akatsuki: Then don't answer. It's still important that the thought has been provoked. In my opinion, you two might just end up as eternal partners.

Tsukiakari: And I'll be Yoko's sidepiece and we can have threesomes together sometimes!

(Okay, now that's a tempting lifestyle...)

Izanami: What about me? I still want Osamu too, you know!

Yoko: Hmmm. Okay, how about I'll be his wife, Tsukiakari will join us sometimes for fun, and Izanami will be the unofficial second wife?

Osamu: Three girls?!

Yoko: Under any other circumstances, I'd be against such a set up. However, Tsukiakari is my girlfriend, and I don't plan on breaking up with her ever.

Tsukiakari: Awww! I just fell even deeper in love!

Yoko: And Osamu, I was serious about wanting Demi-God children. Our bloodline is going to be large, strong, and healthy. Izanami can give us those kids, so I don't mind sharing with her for the sake of strengthening the bloodline.

Izanami: Okay! I can accept that!

Rei: Wow, what a lucky dog. You get to fool around with three different, hot girls?

(Dad...I know you must be proud right now...)

Aika: How about you, Rei?

Rei: I'd rather just marry my vibrator. Less problems.

Osamu: I can't say I'm surprised that that's your answer.

Isabella: It's a reasonable one too. But I think you'd still be a good wife, Rei. You should get out there and try! Flaunt the goods!

Rei: What goods are you talking about?

Isabella: Don't play dumb! We went to high-school together, so I've seen your body in the locker rooms! You may not have big boobs, but you've got a toned tummy, wide hips, and a nice butt!

Aika: Yeah, I've seen it too.


Rei blushed and covered her face.

Rei: H-how could you just say that out loud?!

Isabella: You were born for breeding, Rei!

Yoko: Some of the best men are ass-men.

Omagatoki: Is Osamu an ass-man?

Izanami: Language!

Omagatoki: Sorry!

Osamu: You guys are really putting me on the spot, aren't you? I like both.

Aika: What a lame cop-out answer.

Yoko: Thankfully, I can provide you with both, Osamu.

Tsukiakari: And if we're having three-ways, I can too!

(Yep. Dad is definitely gonna be proud.)

The sunlight was fading, and so were the food and drinks. Isabella managed to eat a good amount of food for someone with her condition, and that, at least, made everyone happy. It was at the time of dusk that Aika brought out the gifts.

Aika: Alright! Izzy, we got you a few gifts! We worked really hard to get it all together, so we hope you'll like it!

Isabella: Aww, you didn't have to! Thank you so much for the consideration!

Aika handed Isabella the first gift, wrapped in Christmas-themed wrapping.

Aika: Here you go. Rei picked this one out.

Isabella gracefully opened the gift without tearing up the wrapping too much. It was a neatly folded American flag, one large enough for Isabella to hang on her wall.

Isabella: Oh wow! You got this for me?

Rei: I remember you really did like American-themed clothing, so I thought a nice, freshly made flag would be nice. I have a friend in the fashion industry that used to make flags for a living, so I called him and told him I needed one ASAP. He got it done really fast, just for you!

Along with the flag was a note, handwritten by Rei herself. Isabella unfolded it and read aloud.

Isabella: "To you, who I once called a foe, but now think of as a friend. We only ever realize how much time we wasted in our youth being resentful, but thankfully, time sometimes allows us to fix our mistakes. With this note, I want you to know that you saved me. I wasn't the kind of person that thought I could do absolutely anything that I wanted to. There was so much I wish I could've done when I was younger, but never really did. It's true I hated you because you took my crush away from me, but I also hated you because it felt like you were walking so far ahead of me. The truth is, I wanted to catch up to you, and walk alongside someone as cool as you. Thankfully, I've been able to do that since I joined Aika's band, and got worldwide fame. But, honestly, I didn't truly understand what it meant to be cool or strong until that day, when I watched you stand up out of your wheelchair. Along with the words we exchanged that day, that action showed me the real you. We both suffered our own hardships, but we were still here. Me, the kid who used to eat alone in school everyday, had become famous around the world. And you, who had once felt so alone, had a batch of great friends. And when life took away your ability to walk, you stood up anyway, and defied your own situation with sheer willpower. I will never forget that, nor will I forget you. Please accept this flag as a tangible token of the respect and understanding between us. I hope it reminds you of home and makes your long journey ahead a little easier."

Rei: Heh, Osamu and Aika helped me write that. You know I'm not good with expressing my feelings.

Isabella wiped tears from her eyes, her very heart and soul moved by the note.

Isabella: Rei, I wish we could've had more time to spend as together as friends. But still, I'm glad I got to see you again. Thank you so much, Rei! I love you, and I always will!

Isabella and Rei smiled at each other.

Isabella: I'll have the nurses pin it up on the wall, so I can wake up and see it everyday. Thank you, again!

Rei: No problem, buddy.

Aika: How heartwarming! Alright, the next gift is here!

Isabella opened up the next gift, and was initially confused as to what it was. However...

Isabella: Oh! Izanami, is this from the book you were working on? The drawings are so cute!

Izanami: Yep! To be fair, Rei helped me out with the art, and Yoko put it together and made it nice!

Osamu: See, and you tried to discourage her from making the book!

Yoko: Whatever. I still think mines will be better!

The first page was a drawing of chibi Izanami and Isabella watching the sunset together next to a cherry tree. The next page was Izanami stopping Isabella from shooting up the house.

Isabella: "Izzy can be a wild one..." Hah! Oh man, I'm sorry! I still need to fix that window in the kitchen! And to think I almost killed Yoko and Osamu once, right?

Osamu: Goodness, I still remember that day.

Yoko: Good times, right?

The third page was Izanami and Isabella sleeping together on their futons.

Isabella: "But she's as gentle as the petals of a lotus." Aww! That's from before we all started sleeping in the same bed! I didn't know you thought of me like that, Izanami! Thank you!

Izanami: Of course!

The fourth and fifth pages were drawings of Osamu, Yoko, Izanami, and Isabella eating together.

Isabella: "Isabella is a dear part of this family."

The sixth and seventh pages were Izanami holding Isabella when she was crying, and Isabella doing the same for Izanami.

Isabella: "Through all of the hurt, we took care of each other."

The eighth and ninth pages was a big drawing of everybody in the room holding hands and smiling.

Isabella: "Our family has grown incredibly large, so big my heart could burst!"

The tenth and final page was a drawing of Isabella and Izanami hugging, their cheeks rubbing together.

Isabella: "Isabella, there is no replacement for you." Oh gosh, you're gonna make me cry again! Thank you, Izanami! Can I keep this?

Yoko held Izanami as she started crying.

Izanami: Of course you can!

Isabella: Thank you so much! I'll keep this with me forever!

Aika: Fantastic work, Izanami! Now this gift may look very, very small, but we worked really hard to get it. It was quite the hassle trying to obtain this in such a short time period...

Yoko: We called up some of your men to help us do it.

Isabella: Eh?! What did you need them for?

Aika handed Isabella the small box.

Aika: I think you should just open it and see. Osamu, Yoko, and I got this one together.

Isabella: Wow, thank you! Let's see what it is then. I can't imagine how something so small could be worth so much trouble...


Isabella opened the box, and her heart immediately felt like a gust of wind was blowing inside. She held up what appeared to be a photograph, though the others could only see the back of it, which had a little bit of handwriting on it. She cried so much she could barely speak and barely open her eyes.

Tsukiakari: Whoa...what is it? What did you give her?

Yoko: A photograph of her and her late brother, taken when she was just a little girl. Her parents helped me pick it out. We chose the one with the happiest memories behind it.

In the picture, Isabella was wearing a USMC helmet and being hoisted up in the air by her older brother, both of them smiling.

Yoko: We know you miss him dearly, and you weren't able to go home and make the funeral or anything. You stayed here with me instead, since Osamu had died back then, and I wasn't sure what to do. I'm sorry I held you back. With this, I hope you feel a little closer to your brother.

Aika: We made a lot of urgent, late phone calls, but everyone got into motion even with the short notice. All for you, Izzy.

Isabella held the photo close to her heart as she cried.

Isabella: I don't know how to express how much I love all of you! Thank you for doing all of this for me! Yoko, thank you for letting me stay with you, and for all the meals you cooked! Thank you for letting me meet everyone! I had no one when I came here, but now I have all of you! Thank you so much!

Aika wiped away her tears.

Aika: It's getting late, so let's bring it in one more time, everyone.

Everyone came in for a group hug, blessing the room itself with almost infinite amounts of love.

(It was just like Yoko said. There were so many tiny little coincidences, so elegantly placed and gracefully executed, that they seemed to be sent from heaven. Through everything we've all been through, through Aika's suicide and her revival, through my death and the death of Tsukiakari, through the world nearly ending, through everything, we were all still here. Time was permitting us to be together and say goodbye to someone whose time was not long. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity in my life.)

Isabella: Before you guys go, I did get Tsukiakari something. I also made something for the rest of you, but you won't see it until after I'm gone.

Tsukiakari: Eh? A gift for me?

Tsukiakari saw a wrapped gift box under the hospital bed and picked it up.

Tsukiakari: Wow, I wonder what it is!

Tsukiakari excitedly opened up the box and was horrified to find huge, fresh, red onions. The look of absolute horror on her face, coupled with her embarrassing shriek was just priceless. Everyone laughed so hard they cried, even Tsukiakari.

Yoko: Holy crap, she got you!

Tsukiakari: Okay, okay! That was pretty good!

Izanami: What even was the scream?! That was hilarious!

Isabella: Couldn't leave without doing it one more time, right?

Akatsuki: I too find this gag very funny.

She said without laughing, unlike her sister.

(That day still remains too precious to replace. I want to thank you for listening to my tale so far. I know your joints must be getting sore and tired. My tale is almost done, my friend. And when it's over, we can all rest.)

Day 835: And I'd Be Lying if I said...
(Friends truly are a wonderful thing...)

It was two cold, tender nights after Isabella's party that Yoko suddenly awoke from her slumber, the moonlight passing through the thin curtains glaring off of her smooth skin and angelic hair. She closed and rubbed her tired eyes with her knuckle, looking around the bedroom with her somewhat blurred vision. Their huge bed was always surrounded by the aura of comfort and longing as the warmth of the whole family permeated from its sheets. Their gentle, sleeping breaths could put one's soul at ease. Osamu, Gekko, Izanami, the Shoku Twins...but the bed seemed to spare enough vacancy for one more person. Merely looking at that empty space drew forth a hurricane of saudade in Yoko's heart.

Yoko: Izzy...I miss you...

She was no stranger to that kind of agony, the pain of missing someone. Once upon a time, it was Osamu. Then it was her late father. Now, it's the girl she never expected to become such a huge part of her life and heart, her former, bitter rival, Isabella Bailey. Yoko quietly got out of bed, throwing a small cardigan over her shoulders as she departed from the room, gently closing the door behind her.

With every step she took, her memories of Isabella presented themselves as luminescent phantoms, dancing and prancing all around her. Images of her smile, her laughter, her funny fits of frustration, her insults, her way of cooking and cleaning. Her tears, her moments of weakness, her despair after losing her ability to walk, and then her triumphant defiance of her condition, the moment she stood up from her wheelchair.

The beauty of everything Isabella was made itself clearer than ever to Yoko. She was so beautifully, tragically human. She got angry, she experienced sadness, she went through her own personal trials and tribulations. She laughed, she smiled, she loved, and she poured her heart into her meals, which so frequently united everyone in the house around the dinner table. Yoko realized the beauty in all of it, how Isabella revealed every tender side of her soul within the walls of that house. She truly lived there.

Right then and there, Yoko decided she couldn't take it anymore. She flung open the downstairs cabinet, throwing on some jeans and a black thermal with a thick, winter coat. She was going to go see her beloved and precious friend.

*A M O U R*

Yoko: Yoko Akiyama, I'm here to see Isabella Bailey.

She slapped down her ID on the reception desk for the lady to inspect. The hospital allowed 24 hour visitation for their patients, so her late night entrance was of no issue. After being cleared to see her, Yoko marched down the mostly quiet hall, softening her steps as she approached Isabella's room. She was sure to knock first.

Yoko: Izzy? It's Yoko.

Isabella: Yoko? C-come in!

Yoko entered the room with a saddened smile as she laid eyes on Isabella, who greeted her with a beautiful smile of her own, the moonlight kissing the side of her face.

Isabella: I'm so glad you're here! It's like you knew I couldn't sleep tonight or something.

Yoko: Wait, seriously? I couldn't sleep either!

Isabella: Whoa! Does that mean we were thinking about each other?

Yoko wanted to laugh, but the question was much too painfully accurate. Her silence and troubled expression spelled it all out for Isabella.

Isabella: I were thinking of me too.

Yoko: Can I...sit beside you?

Isabella: What a silly question. Of course you can.

And so, Yoko sat on Isabella's bedside, the two holding and caressing the others hands. Cracks formed in Yoko's heart as she realized how thin Izzy was getting, and how weak her formerly strong grip had grown. Her disease was slowly stripping her of her strength and vitality.

Isabella: I wanted to thank you, Yoko. For the picture, I mean. You don't know how much it means to me that you did that for me.

Yoko: It was nothing. You stayed with me after Osamu died, even though your brother was killed in action shortly after. I'll never forget that.

Isabella: It was nothing? No, you're wrong, Yoko. It was everything. Seriously, I can't thank you enough.

Yoko: You don't need to thank me, Izzy. We're family. How are you holding up? Is everyone treating you okay? They're not serving you bad food, are they?

Isabella: Well, I can hardly stand to eat anything, but it's not because the food is bad. I just don't have the appetite.

Yoko:...I hate cancer...


Isabella: How about you and the others? You're all okay, right?

Yoko: I guess so. Obviously, not having you home with us is just...well, it hurts. Actually, I came here because I woke up missing you. I just had to see you again, see your smile and hear your voice.

Isabella grinned.

Isabella: I was missing you too. I was thinking that there were a lot of things I wanted to say to you and talk to you about.

Yoko: Really? Like what?

Isabella: Well...

Yoko: Come on now, what is it? I'll talk to you about anything.

Isabella took a deep breath, averting her eyes from Yoko's.

Isabella: Back then...when we were in high school and I was dating Osamu...did you hate me?

*N O I R*

What a trip to the past. Being asked to recollect her feelings from high school was a tall task, but Yoko knew there was no harm in answering honestly.

Yoko: For a while...I did. Thinking back though, it was my own fault. I had it in my head that Osamu was mine and only mines, so seeing him with someone else really inspired a feeling of nothingness within me. I thought you were taking him away from me. Osamu was...all I had. But now I know that he was all you had as well.

Isabella: Hah, I guess you were fooled by the 'popular, foreign, rich girl' aura built up by the class, huh?

Yoko: Yeah, I guess so. I should've gotten to know you better instead of assuming I knew about your life. It's not something I'm very proud of, and for that, I apologize. It was wrong of me to hold a grudge against you.

Isabella: Don't worry about it. We all make mistakes when we're young.

Yoko: Now that I think about it...I never got any signals from you that you hated me. You kept checking in on me, always trying to make friendly conversation. You even stayed with me when my dad died. Why? Didn't you hate me too?

Isabella: Honestly, I think it started as a favor to Osamu. He didn't want you and I to keep fighting, so I tried extending the olive branch to you. Somewhere along the way though, I did genuinely care about you. I don't know when it happened, you know? I can't pinpoint an exact moment. I just woke up one day, realizing that I had already fostered a genuine care for you. Of course, I did also view you as my rival. We were both in love with the same man. Hell, we still are.

Yoko: Damn right we are...

Isabella: Still, I...I don't know. I felt like, on a deeper level, I understood you. I knew what it was like to have no one around, to depend on just that one, special person. Especially after your father died, I realized that I didn't want anything bad to happen to you. I wanted you to be happy. In some ways, I didn't even want you to give up on Osamu.


Isabella: Yeah. It was undeniable that you two were already such a deep part of each others lives. I didn't want to take that away. Thankfully, all these years later, you found quite a good solution to this issue, didn't you? After we all began living with you, we grew closer to one another. I think, because we loved each other so much, we also didn't mind if we all loved Osamu at the same time. You alleviated a lot of the pressure that provoked Aika to commit suicide.

Yoko: I still messed up...and we lost Aika in a different kind of way.

Isabella shook her head in disappointment.

Isabella: Come on, what does that matter now? Osamu saved her and we're all friends with her again. She may not remember anything that happened before that, but it's okay. Everyone was given another chance.

Yoko: You really think I did the right thing?

Isabella: I truly do.

Yoko was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Isabella: Even now, you prove to me that you're a good person, despite the cold exterior. You've been my greatest ally through all of this. Honestly, I never could've worked up the courage to do anything if you weren't in my life. Announcing my condition before everyone, telling my parents about my burial plans...I was able to do it because you gave me that strength. You all did.

Yoko: I still can't believe you chose to stay here. I felt terrible about it. I knew your parents wanted to spend your last days with you. They wanted you to come home.

Isabella: But I wanted to stay here with you, so we can have conversations like this, Yoko. So we could have our parties and sing our songs. It would've broken my heart even more if I had to deal with my condition and say goodbye to everyone. It was indeed a tough decision to make, but I know in my heart and soul that it was the right decision. My mother was distraught, but she understood very well. She gave me her blessing to choose where I wanted to die, and I chose to die right here with all of you. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Yoko:...Even if I call you names like Gaijin?

Isabella: Name calling? That's just who you are.

Yoko: Even if I can be overly possessive?

Isabella: It's as much of a boon as it is a fault.

Yoko:...Even if I'm a miserable wreck sometimes, knowing you can't sleep with us anymore?

Isabella: It's even more of a reason to stay here.

Stay here. Those words repeated themselves in a ceaseless echo for Yoko. As her eyes crawled over the melancholic smile of Isabella, she suddenly got a rather reckless idea.

Yoko: Hey...what do you say we get out of here?

Isabella: Out of here? Out of the hospital, you mean?!

Yoko: Heavens, no! To the roof!

Isabella: T-the roof? Why?

Yoko: The moon and the stars are out in full force tonight. I want you to see them, Izzy. More importantly, I want to see them together.

Isabella: I don’t know, my nurse told me not to go outside-

Yoko: Isabella Bailey. I want to see the stars with you.

Yoko was far too persistent for Isabella to turn away, but not with her usual, bossy tone. Yoko seemed like a desperate child clinging onto the sleeve of a loved one, urging them not to leave her alone. Yoko’s somber voice bore the weight of want within it.

Isabella: Ah hell! Screw it! Let’s head up to the roof! We can’t get in trouble for that.

With a small victory jump, Yoko briefly squeaked with joy, instantly grabbing Isabella by the hands.

Yoko: Thank you! Thank you so much, Izzy! Come on, let’s get you out of that bed!

Isabella: Hang on a second! I need my cane to help me walk!

Yoko: Nonsense, my love. I’ll carry you on my back like last time!

With a sigh of concession, Isabella let Yoko have her way.

Isabella: Lead the way...


Yoko could tell just from carrying Isabella on her back that she had lost a considerable amount of weight.  It was one thing to see such a detail in her thinning arms and legs, but to feel the loss of her weight, it was a certain kind of death in of itself. The death of youth, vitality, and a reminder that she would continue to waste away, forced to choke her inner agony in front of company. Despite all of those thoughts stirring in her mind, Yoko was silent as she carried Izzy down the moonlit halls of the hospital. That silence allowed her to hear the soft breaths of Isabella, warmly brushing against her shoulder and neck.

Isabella: Money can’t buy a stairway to Heaven...

Yoko didn’t quite understand the meaning of her cryptic whisper. She could only sense Isabella’s exhaustion, as if her very soul had released a great, weary sigh.

The two made it up to the roof, where Yoko let Izzy down to walk on her own. Countless bed sheets were hung up on clotheslines, gently swayed by the nightly winds. Isabella walked all the way to the roof’s frontal railing, catching a glittering view of the city and the star-adorned skies.

Isabella: Wow, you weren’t kidding! The moon looks so big tonight!

Yoko joined her at the railings, smiling because she was smiling.

Yoko: Much better than seeing it from your window, right? All the stars in the sky, the moon, the wind!

Isabella: You’re right! I almost forgot how pretty the moon can be! It’s so gentle, you know? It shines, but it doesn’t blind. It’s like a soul floating in the sky!

Yoko: Well, I’m sure if Izanami was here, she’d say the moon was Gekko’s soul or something like that.

Isabella: Oh Gekko...I can’t believe a war goddess is terrified of onions...Oh my god!

Yoko: What? What is it?!

Isabella: Could you imagine if the moon were an onion?!

Yoko slapped Izzy upside her head with a sigh of relief, followed by a huff of vexation. Isabella only bursted into laughter, the kind of laughter that made it hard to breath or stand up straight.

Yoko: Don’t scare me like that! I thought something was wrong with you!

Isabella: Of course something is wrong with me!

Izzy continued to laugh, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Isabella: I’m a young girl dying of cancer and I’m hopelessly in love with the strangest people I’ve ever met in my life! I didn’t get to do half of the things I ever wanted to in my life! I won’t have a wedding, or children, or even grandchildren!

Isabella’s precious laughter ceased, her tears refusing to stop flowing. Her gasps of laughter became mournful crying, exposing a simple truth to Yoko.

Isabella: The only thing I’ve accomplished is making enemies out of those who could’ve been my friends, and making my mother and father cry.

Yoko: Izzy...

The wind forced Izzy’s golden hair to dance and wave, cloaking her tear-soaked face.

Isabella: It’s just getting worse, Yoko. Everyday is more painful than the last. I take medication to numb the physical pain, but the heartache won’t cease. I wake up hoping that God has a plan, that there’s a reason why this happened to me. But at the end of every prayer...I’m just scared. Scared of dying. Scared of fading away. Scared of leaving everyone behind.

Yoko:...I’m scared too, Izzy. We all are. I’m angry too.

Isabella: Angry?

Yoko: I’m angry that there will come a day where thinking of you will make me cry. I’m angry that you’re hurting everyday. I’m angry I won’t be able to celebrate another one of your birthdays. I’m angry your little quirks and annoyances won’t drive me mad anymore. I’m angry about it all, Izzy.

Isabella: Lucky... I don’t even have the energy to be angry anymore. But I guess you’re holding all of my anger for me, aren’t you?

Yoko: I don’t know how else I can help you. This is all I can really do. That fact alone is maddening.

Isabella: No, Yoko! You’ve helped plenty!

Yoko suddenly felt Isabella’s arms wrapped around her body as she abruptly hugged Yoko, crying into her shoulder.

Isabella: Thank you for everything! Thank you for being my friend.

Returning her gentle embrace, Yoko held on to Isabella as if she could fade away at any second.

Yoko: You’re still here, right here and now. I know you’re fighting your hardest to stay with us, even for just a little longer.

Isabella: I’m getting tired of fighting...

Yoko: But you’ll continue anyway, won’t you? It’s in your blood.

Isabella chuckled.

Isabella: It’s a curse and a blessing.

The wind lapped up once more, drawing their eyes to the moon, their hair forlornly reaching out to it.

Isabella: A giant soul in the sky, battered and wounded.

Yoko: And yet, it still shines.

Isabella: The stars are so ancient, too. They’re like our ancestors, and we can still see their light from here.

Yoko: Is it true that most of the stars we see now have already died?

Isabella: Not really, but the stars are mortal like us. They live and they die. Some will fade away, others will explode

Yoko: So even the stars are mortal.

Isabella hung her head as she continued to wipe her tears away. In silence, Yoko gently took hold of Isabella’s hand, running the bottoms of he left fingers over her nails. She finally understood what Izzy meant earlier. She finally understood the emptiness Isabella felt sometimes. It was as if nothing in her life truly mattered until she realized she was dying. Not the money, the prestige, or whatever petty fights she got into with Yoko in the past. It all felt like time wasted, with no chance to ever get any of it back.

Isabella: I wonder if I’ll be allowed into Heaven...


The two soon came back down from the roof and returned to the room. Isabella moaned as she carefully eased herself back into bed, with Yoko yawning right besides her.

Yoko could only be awed by Izzy's stubbornness, her insistence to stay in Japan, her refusal to let Yoko's faults drive her away. It was a sort of kindness that enraptured her and blessed her before she even realized it. There was so much more Yoko wanted to say, but words and language failed to convey the emotions stirring within her. Her trance of contemplation was broken by Izzy's yawn, prompting Yoko to take a look at the clock on the wall.

Yoko: Oh dear, I didn't realize how late it was! I kept you up like a complete idiot!

Isabella: No no, I don't mind. I really, really wanted to see you. Just when I started thinking of you, you came. Your presence is just as good of a gift as the picture you managed to get for me.

Rendered speechless, Yoko's hair softly fell towards her wrists as she lowered her head, her cheeks blushing beyond control.

Yoko: Can I sleep beside you tonight, like we used to?

Isabella: Of course you can, if you read me a bedtime story.

Yoko smiled.

Yoko: Fair enough, you dork. I don't have any books on me, so I'll have to make up a story.

Isabella: Yes! That's fine by me! Take it away, Yoko!

*N O I R*

Yoko laid right besides Isabella, the two of them facing each other in bed with their hands gently, lovingly clasped together.

Yoko: Once upon a time, there was this really loudmouthed, overly optimistic, food-devouring blonde girl who came to Japan from America. At first, everyone thought she was so astronomically annoying, but also cool because she was a foreigner. Everyone thought that because she was rich, her life was easy. They thought she had everything she could've ever wanted. The truth is, she was a lonely girl, one who craved true love and genuine friendship. No one was able to see through their own wild fabrications of her. People only knew her by the version that existed in their heads.

Isabella, exhausted beyond belief, already began to slip and slide into the land of gentle sleep. Still, Yoko kept on with her story.

Yoko: She did end up making a few friends though, and although it took a while, they were able to see past the facade. They were able to see her for who she truly was. They realized that their imaginations were wrong, and that their hatred of her was based on their own falsehoods and biases. The friends all lived together, began laughing and crying together, and got to know each other even better.

Izzy was certainly asleep now. Her grip had weakened, and her breaths grew soft and slowly paced. Yoko caressed her cheeks, closing her eyes as she cuddled with her beneath the covers.

Yoko: She became the loudmouthed, overly optimistic, food-devouring blonde girl of the household, with a huge, beautiful smile that hid the heartbreaking cracks in her fragile body. And I'd be lying if if I said, "And she lived happily ever after...".


The two friends, bound together by their clasping hands and interwoven hearts, fell asleep in the radiant glow of the moonlight. The story had come to an end, but the girl lived on yet.

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It's not over 'till it's over. Although everyone else has apparently given up at this point, the rest is up to Izzy...

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I already know what's going to happen and even I can feel the suspense  :ninja:

Day 847: The Longest Night
One night, Osamu sat on the front steps of Yoko's house as the snow lightly fell from the sky. Yoko went out to check on him, wearing a hoari over her shoulders for warmth. The street lights were still as dim as they ever were.

Yoko: Hey.

Osamu: Ah, hey.

Yoko sat down next to Osamu.

Yoko: You know...I think I might want to move away from here soon.

Osamu: Really? Why?

Yoko: Honestly, I don't think I could handle being in this house for much longer after the New Year. Thanks to my late father, I still have a lot of saved up money. I'll probably buy a second home in a different prefecture, maybe something more rural and secluded. I'll still keep this house, but...I just want to get away, I guess.

Osamu: Well, I don't blame you. I'd really miss you though, Yoko. I can't even imagine being somewhere far away from you.

Yoko: That's why I want you to come with me. I don't want to be apart from you either.

(A secluded home with Yoko?)

Osamu: Well, I did end up saying I'd probably have kids with you, didn't I?

Yoko: Excuse me, but there was no "probably" back there.

Osamu: You remember every word?!

Yoko: Of course I do. What else would I threaten you with? Men buckle down when they realize they're being hypocrites.

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: Hey, Yoko. Would you ever end up marrying somebody else? You're smart, beautiful, and even though you've got some fire to you, your heart is as deep as an ocean.

Yoko: True, I could probably have any man I wanted. Even over the years we were apart, I got quite a few offers from several different men. But I refused every time, and I'd refuse even now. I can't imagine waking up next to anyone else but you, kissing anyone but you, and putting up with anyone but you.

Osamu: Even if I died?

Yoko: You won't die. I'll protect you from anything and everything. Because I love you.

(Not a drop of doubt or uncertainty in her voice.)

Osamu: You really are determined, Yoko.

Yoko: Of course. A wife is always faithful, determined, gentle, and modest. At the same time, a wife is a woman, a lover, a partner, and a fighter along with her husband. Any woman unable to provide those qualities isn't worthy of being a wife, especially not the wife of Osamu Ashikaga.

Osamu: strikes a question though.

Yoko: What?

Osamu: Would our kids bear the Ashikaga name or the Akiyama name?

Yoko: Ashikaga, of course. However, I would like it if both clan crests were up in our home and our children were educated on both of them. Along with Izanami, Tsukiakari will also put in her divinity into the bloodline, so I guess they should also learn about the Senkumo clan.

Osamu: Geez, Tsukiakari too?

Yoko: I'm only allowing it because genetic benefits often translate into social benefits, and the fact that those two are close to us anyway. Besides for them, you're forbidden from thinking of any girl romantically or sexually.

Osamu: Yeah, yeah. I get it.

Yoko kissed Osamu's cheek and stood up. It looked like she was just about ready to go to bed.

Yoko: Come to bed soon, okay? Don't catch a cold out here.

Osamu: I won't. Thanks.

(Two years ago, I wasn't even thinking about such things. But, here I am, already agreeing to a marriage with Yoko. Aika and Akatsuki were right. We have to think towards the future at some point. Unfortunately, we can't stay young forever, and we can't stay here forever.)

A rather strange sound echoed in the distance. It was the sound of a speeding car coming down the street, even though this neighborhood was empty. Osamu stood up and looked down the street as the car pulled up right in front of the house. Aika rolled down her window and stuck her head out.

Aika: Osamu!

Osamu: Aika? What are you doing here?

Aika: It's Izzy! She's unconscious!

(What? Unconscious?! Does that mean she's...)

Yoko and Izanami heard the noise outside and ran out to see what was happening. Though, in reality, Izanami already knew. Her low-hanging head told Osamu everything he needed to know.

Aika: Osamu, we have to hurry!

Izanami: She doesn't have long, Osamu.

(Time only permits the smallest windows of opportunity to act, and that opportunity may never come up again. Osamu, you have to decide right now what you want to do. You have to be a man and act when time calls upon you.)

Osamu put aside his initial shock and worry, and simply gave the two girls a fearless look.

Osamu: I know, Izanami.

Yoko: Go to her. She needs you.

Osamu: I'll be back soon. Wait for me.

Osamu got in the car with Aika, and they raced down the streets towards the hospital. The whole way through, Osamu held his hands together to stop himself from shaking so much. They parked and ran inside, where Rei and a few of the soldiers Izzy had employed were already sitting besides Isabella. She really did hang the American flag up on the wall across from her, and she kept the picture of her and her brother close by. She looked like she was in pain, like she was doing her all inside of her own mind to fight through it. Her hair was fanned out in her bed, and her eyes were still, but her chest and the beat of her heart remained, resisting the grip of death even now.

Rei: Osamu...Izzy is...

Osamu placed his hands on Rei's shoulders.

Osamu: I know. Thank you for keeping your eyes on her.

The doctor assigned to Isabella came in, a woman with short, brown hair.

Kamiji: I'd say good evening, but things are far from good right now.

Rei: Is she going to pull through? She'll survive, right?

Kamiji: Unfortunately, the odds are against her. It's ultimately up to her and her body whether she survives or not, but...I don't want to get your hopes up. Hope for the best, but we should be prepared for the worst.

Osamu saw Kamiji's nametag.

(Ironic...her name uses "God" and "Temple"...)

Kamiji: She's stable for now, but it's up to her to survive the night. I'll leave you some privacy. Call if you need anything.

Kamiji walked out and closed the door.

(It felt like the whole world melted away, and it was just all of us in this room together, hoping Izzy would survive. We had already been told she probably wouldn't make it. "She won't live past the New Year", they said. Izzy was told a lot of things in her life. People who thought she couldn't assimilate to the lifestyle here were hushed when she made friends, and had me as a boyfriend. She was told she wouldn't be able to walk for a long time, and she still got up on her feet sooner than anyone expected.)

Osamu: Izzy, just like how you stood up from your wheelchair back in the summer, you have to fight through this and wake up.

Osamu and Rei both held Isabella's hand.

Rei: Please, Isabella! Please wake up!

Soldier: You gotta wake up, chief.

As Isabella fought for her life on that bed, the Shoku Twins sat with Yoko on the front steps of her house as she bowed her head and prayed with her hands clasped. Izanami stood, knowing what she would have to do soon.

(Isabella...please don't leave us.)
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Day 848: You and I, All Alone, in the Place Where We Began
And if we should part from this train at different times, our memories will still linger
(The night was long. Rei, Aika, and the three soldiers ended up going to sleep. Because of her condition, we were allowed to stay the night. Even I, somehow, began to feel tired. I kept my hand on Isabella's, and I didn't let go of it for a second.)

Back at Yoko's house, Izanami prepared to leave for the hospital. Yoko and the Shoku Twins were lying in bed, trying to sleep, but unable too. A golden light flashed in front of Izanami, and out of that flash came Amaterasu and Tsukiakari.

Izanami: Amaterasu?! Why are you here?

Amaterasu: My daughter was worried about the young girl. I didn't realize how urgent it was until I checked with the Shinigami. I imagine Osamu's over there fighting along with her, right?

Izanami: Yes, he left a few hours ago.

Amaterasu sighed.

Amaterasu: It is not within our power to stop death where it is due for its payment. However, Osamu still has my thanks and appreciation for what he did for my daughter. At the very least, I believe we can make this easier for him.

Izanami: Easier?

Amaterasu: Take us to Isabella. I'll show you what I mean.

Izanami: Alright.

Izanami, Amaterasu, and Tsukiakari all teleported to the hospital, where Osamu and the others had already fallen asleep.

Tsukiakari: Oh god...

Tsukiakari covered her mouth and held in her tears when she laid eyes on Isabella. Amaterasu went ahead and walked up to Osamu and Isabella, both of them sleeping hand-in-hand.

Amaterasu: What a brave boy you are, being here even when you know it will hurt. Though I cannot interfere in Death's business, I can still do you one favor here and now.

Amaterasu placed her hand on top of Osamu's. Within Osamu's own mind, he woke up in what he understood as a dream. It was dark, but he could still see himself.

Osamu: Am I dreaming? At a time like this?

Amaterasu: I suppose you can call this a dream, if you want to be simple about it.

Osamu recognized that voice immediately. He turned his head and laid eyes on Amaterasu once again.

Osamu: Amaterasu?! How...why are you here?!

Amaterasu: I heard about the girl. It seems her life hangs in the balance, doesn't it?

Osamu: Amaterasu-

Amaterasu: I already know what you're going to ask, and the answer is no. I cannot just wave a magic wand and save this girl. Though humans may go their entire lives never knowing the reason why, Death takes the old, young, big, and small. It takes as it pleases. Besides, I'm not the one who ultimately decides who lives or dies.

Osamu:...I still wonder why. For what reason does such a beautiful and amazing woman like Isabella have to die like this? Who does this help? What does it help?

Amaterasu: Death does not serve humans. Rather, humans serve death. We do not ask why the sun rises or falls, or why the rain clouds pour over us on days we'd never expect it to. Such is the way of death itself. It is as natural as the winter snow, as melancholy as the moonlight, and as sacred as the salt of the earth. And like all of these things, death moves on its own accord. It comes, and then it goes. It has no will, no judgement, and no agenda. To question it is foolish.

Osamu: But...still...

Amaterasu placed her hands on Osamu's cheeks and held his head up.

Amaterasu: Humans are all such beautiful creatures. We're all here, on this train through the eternal railroad of life. Sometimes, we board that train together, and other times, we just so happen to bump into each other on the train. Though we may get off of the train at different times, the memories of the passengers we bond with are forever carved into our souls. I think the reason why you question nature itself is because, up until now, you've been able to do something about it. But Osamu, no matter what you were once able to do, no matter how many exceptions and loopholes you were able to exploit, you are just a human, and so is Isabella. In the end, you're all subject to the forces of nature.

(She's right...)

Osamu: What do I do? I don't know what I can do at all...

Amaterasu: Even when a man cannot change his circumstances, he can still act. What we're in right now isn't really a dream, but rather, I've connected your subconscious with Isabella's.

Osamu: We're connected now?! How did you...wait, when did you..

Amaterasu: You were already sleeping when I came in. I'm sorry to do this without warning, but I figured this would be a better solution than for you to simply wake up and find her gone.

A golden door appeared besides them. Where it led was a mystery to Osamu.

Amaterasu: Now hurry. She doesn't have much time. You two will be able to talk like this. Just go through that door, and join her. Good luck, Osamu.

Amaterasu began walking off, stopping when Osamu called out to her.

Osamu: Amaterasu. Thank you.

Amaterasu smiled before she disappeared. Osamu braced himself for whatever was beyond that door. He took a deep breath and slowly pushed it open. His eyes where overwhelmed by the light beyond the door and the white noise that filled his ears. Both of these things subsided, and the first thing Osamu could hear was rain.

(Rain? But, isn't it snowing outside?)

When Osamu opened his eyes, he was in an outdoors cafeteria. There were dozens of empty lunch tables, and not a single person around. Upon taking a look at the buildings around the cafeteria, he realized he was in the same highschool he met Isabella.

Osamu: No on earth did I end up here?

Osamu picked a place to sit and watched the rain.

Osamu: Come to think of it, didn't I sit in this exact spot when Isabella asked me out?

As he said that, he could see a lone girl walking towards him, an umbrella shielding her from the rain. She wore an olive green coat and a sparkling scarf. Her blonde hair was a little bit wet from the rain.

Osamu: You...

The girl collapsed her umbrella and revealed her face. It was Isabella, smiling as she sat down with Osamu.

Isabella: Hey there, champ! Crazy that we ended up here of all places, huh?

Osamu: Izzy! You're here too?! Are you okay?!

Isabella: Shh.

Isabella hushed Osamu's lips with her finger.

Isabella: Don't waste your breath on words of worry. This may be the last time you and I ever get to speak again. I only have until dawn.

(Until dawn...Izanami said the same thing...)

Isabella: You know, love wasn't even on my mind until I met you. You used to sit alone just like this, like an outcast. On those grounds, I thought I could understand you. Even though I was popular back then, I'm pretty sure it was just my classmates' curiosity of foreigners. I can't say any of them were my real friends. When I asked you out, right here at this table, and you said "sure" to me, I went home with butterflies in my stomach. I think it was the first time I went back into my empty house with a huge smile on my face. And then, every day with you was amazing. I don't even regret the days where we argued or disagreed over something. Even those days taught me what it means to love someone. And then, you just...up and left. Gone, without a trace, and without a warning. Four years I waited. Four years I looked for you.

Isabella smiled and laughed.

Isabella: I guess that makes you The One That Got Away, right?

Osamu: I'm sorry...

Isabella: Don't be. You had your reasons. And then, for the first time in those 4 years, my men told me that a sign of you had popped up online. They told me it looked like you had already returned to town. That was the first night you came back.

Osamu: Yeah, and you were furious, weren't you?

Isabella: Of course I was! You left me for 4 years! Not a single call, a text, a letter, nothing! I wanted to kick your ass and blow your brains out! Thankfully, I wasn't the only one with that idea. Aika, Yoko, and Izanami also kept track of you. Ironically, that night brought all five of us together. And then...

Isabella waved her hand as if she was waving a wand.

Isabella: The rest is all written on the pages of my heart.

Osamu: I just wish it didn't take me 4 years to come to my senses. If I had known it would all end up like this, I would've come back sooner. I would've at least taken you around the world with me.

Isabella: Hey, now. This is no time for regrets! I just told you that I don't regret a single thing. Zip. Nada. I don't care how much time we had. I care that it happened. I care that you came back, and we got to live together under the same roof for over two years. You'd always correct my etiquette, Yoko and Izanami would always cook, and sometimes I would too. Aika would play the sweetest guitar, and we'd all compete over you. We all ate, slept, laughed, and cried together. I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling two years than that. It was all of the pleasantries and hardships of life wrapped together in one house.

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: So, you don't regret anything at all?

Isabella: Nope. Well, maybe I wish we could've had more sex, but hey, you take what you can get, right?

The two laughed as the rain turned into a gentle drizzle.

Osamu: Still a pervert until the end, huh?

Isabella: Come on, Yoko is a much bigger pervert than me. See, I'm reserved about it, but Yoko is explosive when it comes to that. She's so direct and forceful!

Osamu: Yeah, I know. I don't know how I've survived it up until now.

Isabella turned her head to the waning drizzle of water coming from the sky.

Isabella: Still, I have no regrets. I can die happy knowing that much. I worry about my parents, and Rei, and everyone else constantly, but I know you guys will be fine. I have strong parents, and strong friends to match. That's why I feel like I can leave in peace.

Osamu:'re right.

Isabella: I suppose, I have to apologize. My pain is soon going to end. Yours may leave a scar for the rest of your life. I wish death wasn't such a sad event.

Osamu: It might. Who knows, I may continue crying about it for a long time. But still, we've got strong hearts. They can carry on with a scar. I know you wouldn't want any of us to remain depressed about it.

Isabella: Good! That's good to hear. So, Osamu, you've gotta tell me. Was I the best girlfriend you've ever had?

Osamu: Eh?! You're gonna put me on the spot right now?!

Isabella: Of course I am!

Osamu: Well, you're one of the prettiest. You're honest, never told a single lie. You were fun to be with, and I really did love you. I still do, honestly. You made me happy too. Perhaps a little annoying and energetic, but for some reason, I found that charming about you too. I loved putting up with your antics. You were a beautiful bundle of joy and trouble, with a strong attitude towards life. So...yeah. I think you really were the best girlfriend I've ever had. A lot of the traits I have now, I have because I met you. Your stubborn attitude in the face of hardships really rubbed off on me. Now look at me, I'm the one playing the hero the most. Most of all, I think I learned patience with you. It's something I wish I had back when I was younger.

Isabella looked like she was falling love all over again just hearing Osamu talk.

Osamu: Uhh, you're just staring at me...

Isabella: Oh! Sorry! I got a little captivated there! My bad.

Osamu: Hopeless romantic...

Isabella: Was I good ex-girlfriend too?

Osamu: Hmm? What kind of question is that?

Isabella: I guess...was I kind the ex that you looked at and still remembered why you fell in love with me?

Osamu: Of course you were, silly willy. You're the type of ex I still think of fondly, the type that every girl that comes after has to measure up to. Even if we ended up separated from each other, you're the type of ex that I don't regret ever meeting or loving, because you were so influential to who I became later. Osamu Ashikaga wouldn't be half the man he is if he didn't meet Isabella Bailey.

Isabella smiled.

Isabella: The feelings are very, very mutual, Osamu.

Isabella stood up and grabbed her umbrella.

Isabella: It looks like it's almost time for me to go. Guess I'm not gonna make it out of this one. Sorry, Osamu.

Osamu stood up too, holding Isabella by the hip to prevent her from going.

Osamu: Not yet! There's so much more I want to say to you! Please, just stay a little longer! So many people are hoping you survive this!

Isabella: I've been fighting all night. I'm getting really tired, you know? I'm afraid this is a fight I can't win. Osamu...

Isabella stood on her tippy toes and kissed Osamu with every ounce of her love and longing.

Isabella: Thank you so much, for being a part of my life. I couldn't have asked for a better man to fall in love with. I couldn't have asked for better friends, or a better home to stay in than the one we made with Yoko and all the others. So, if I can just ask for one last favor from the man I love...will you hold me until it's over?

( just have to let go.)

Osamu:...Of course, my love.

Osamu and Isabella closed their eyes as they embraced each other.

Isabella: You're so warm, I forget it's even raining...

Osamu: So are you...

Isabella: Do you love me?

Osamu: I always have.

Isabella: Even after I'm gone?

Osamu: I always will.

Isabella smiled and hugged Osamu even tighter.

Isabella: Even inside, I feel so warm and calm. I love you, Osamu.

Osamu: I love you too, Isabella.

Those few minutes felt like hours to them. As the rain ceased, and the light and white noise began to come back, Isabella and Osamu locked loving eyes. They both smiled as the cafeteria and all of their surroundings began to fade away.

Isabella: Live for a long time, and live a life you'll never regret, Osamu. Don't let me down.

Osamu: I won't. I'll tell you all about it when we see each other.

Isabella: Good! I'll be waiting. Until then, my love, goodbye.

The light and noise reigned supreme until everything went back to darkness. Isabella and the cafeteria had all disappeared.

(When I awoke, our hands were still together. I was the first to wake up. Isabella's grip was weakened, almost non-existant. The sun had just risen, shining its blinding light through the window. I'll always remember how beautiful that sunrise way, as the sky around it was kissed with orange and blue. When I looked at Isabella, and her beautiful blonde hair, and her angelic skin, and her peacefully shut eyes...when I truly realized the glory of everything Isabella was, she was already gone. I couldn't help it. I broke down and cried. Even then, I didn't want to let go of her hand. I knew, that in a world away from ours, like Aika, Tsukiakari, and myself before, she was floating in a pool of water with her spread out, and lotus flower lanterns floating around her, lighting her body with the color she deserved.)

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FINALLY, IT IS FINISHED  8) I know it got really sad but I promise it ends on a happy note.

This story really changed how I write stuff like this, with the use of *META ASTERISKS*, intertitles, colored text, and more. This started out as a mere experiment with the base concept of Psycho Yandere Ex-Girlfriends Who Want to Kill You and/or Have You All to Themselves, but grew into quite the project.

Thanks to everyone for reading and sticking with this story  :dance: :dance: :dance:

Day 850 and Day 940: A Future With My Wife
Until we're buried, death becomes you, my love

(After she passed, the hospital handled her death record and gave the body to the soldiers she employed. They were the ones who were going to ride her back home. But before they did that, they brought her back to her second home first. Our house. It's there that we said our goodbyes to her.)


Yoko, Aika, Rei, Tsukiakari, Izanami, the Shoku Twins, and Osamu all stood before Isabella's open casket. She was dressed in a black gown, and died with the Senkumo necklace Tsukiakari gave her 2 years ago for Christmas. The picture of her and her brother also remained with her. Yoko, Rei, Omagatoki, and even Akatsuki were crying, their hearts breaking for their departed friend. As a gift, Yoko placed her best sword in the casket, one that was made by her father and served her for years. To her, Isabella deserved it much more. Keeping with her promise to let her keep it forever, Izanami placed the book she made for Isabella in the casket. Aika and Rei tearfully gave Izzy bundles of flowers for her journey into Death's arms. Yoko and Tsukiakari held Omagatoki and Akatsuki up so they could wave goodbye to Isabella. Osamu finally gave her his Magatama necklace as a parting gift.

Omagatoki: Bye bye, Izzy...

Akatsuki: Please rest well.

There were about a dozen soldiers in the house, all wearing the iconic USMC Blue Dress. When in the house, they all took their caps off and held them at their chests out of respect for the dead and the grieving. One of them walked up to the group.

Soldier: We're very sorry for your loss.

Osamu: Thank you. I know it probably hurts you too.

Soldier: She was a bold and brave girl. Her brother was a friend to a few of us, and we always considered her to be one of us. With that, we wanted to give her a proper send off. Right now, it's about time for us to take her back home. We'll be flying out of here by plane. With her gone, I think this is the last time you'll ever see us here again. We don't have a reason to come back.

Yoko: We understand. Can we ride with you to the airport?

Soldier: Of course you may.

The casket was closed and the American flag was draped over the top. It was loaded up into a car, which was lead by a convoy of black vehicles.

(It felt like the longest ride to the airport. I'm sure you could imagine how much it hurt inside to hear everyone crying like they did. Especially Yoko and Rei...)

When they got to the airport, a transport plane was already waiting on the strip for them. The soldiers carried the casket out of the truck and onto the plane, then the vehicles themselves followed.

Soldier: We can keep one out so I can ride you guys back home, if you'd like.

Tsukiakari: Oh, no. Please, don't worry. Izanami can take us home immediately. We'll be alright.

Soldier: Alright. Well, this is goodbye. It was an honor. Good luck, and just remember that this too shall pass.

Osamu: Thank you. Take her home, safe and sound.

Everyone shook hands with the solider, and he saluted them farewell. With everything and everyone loaded onto the plane, it made its way down the runway and took off, soaring into the sky and disappearing into the distance. Not one of them took their eyes off of that plan until they just couldn't see it anymore.

(And that was it. Isabella was gracefully and honorably sent back to the United States. Along with her was a piece of our hearts. It took us all a while just to have the strength to carry on with our days. But once again, I thought of the Shoku Twins, and how, even though they were sad too, they still held their hands and let time carry forward. Perhaps Yoko had the same thought. That's why, in the spring, she made up her mind. We were moving out of the house.)

With the cold days of Winter over, Spring came with sunshine, breeze, and budding flowers. That shining day, Tsukiakari, Aika, and Rei helped Osamu, Yoko, and Izanami carry out the last few boxes of stuff.

Aika: I can't believe you guys are leaving! Maybe I should move close to you! You're going to Hokkaido, right?

Yoko: Yep, that's the plan. I'll admit that you put the idea in my head. I found a nice area, away from all the city noise and scenery. There are a few more properties around where we're going, so you should move out there sometime! We could be neighbors!

Aika: Sometime? Hell, I'll probably move along with you in a couple of months.

Rei: Heh!? What about me?

Aika: Wanna move with me? I don't mind having a roommate.

Rei: Sure, why the hell not. Admittedly, I've gotten attached to this group we have. At least Tsukiakari is still here.

Tsukiakari: Huh? Oh, no. I'm moving with them. I'm Yoko's girlfriend, after all.

Rei: Damn it, you too?!

Aika: Don't worry, I'll start planning right away.

Aika patted Rei's head to cheer her up.

Tsukiakari: Is that everything? You didn't leave anything inside, right?

Osamu: We did leave a few things. We're not getting rid of the house. We may come here occasionally for the summertime and what not, but Yoko couldn't get around to selling it. Besides, the neighborhood is empty.

Yoko: Besides for just a few dishes and furniture, everything else is out and the rooms are all empty.

Yoko patted her butt to feel for the keys to the house, noticing they were missing.

Yoko: Oh, crap. I think the keys are in there.

Osamu: Good going, Scatterbrains.

Yoko: It's not my fault, we had to move a lot of stuff!

Tsukiakari: Well? Let's go in and find them.

Everyone went back in the house and searched all the rooms. Turns out, the keys were in the master bathroom, resting on the counter.

Yoko: Oh, that's right! I left them here when I went to go pee. My bad.

Osamu: Is that everything, then?

Yoko looked around and checked off every object in her mind.

Yoko: Yeah. That's everything.

A house that was once a home always feels so different when everything is missing within its walls.

Tsukiakari: The place feels so much bigger now, doesn't it?

Yoko: Yeah. This place means a lot to me. I'm glad we all stayed here together. Like time itself, we'll all move forward.

Izanami: I'm really gonna miss this place...

Osamu: Don't worry about a thing. We'll come back someday. Yoko's name plaque still remains on the front of it, after all.

Rei: Yeah! And besides, aren't you guys getting married? Married life in a peaceful Hokkaido neighborhood sounds pretty leisurely, doesn't it?

Yoko: Well...uhmm...Osamu, should I tell them?

Osamu: Huh?! You haven't told them yet?

Aika: Hey now...tell us what?

Rei: What is it?

Yoko wrapped her arms around Osamu and smiled.

Yoko: The paperwork is already done! Osamu and I are officially married! All that's left is the rings and ceremony!

Osamu: Way to go, you told them.


Aika and Rei erupted into cheering.

Rei: Wow, Osamu! Congratulations, you landed a hottie!

Osamu: Thank you very much!

Aika: Oo! So? When can we expect to see some babies?

Yoko: As soon as we get settled in!

Osamu: That soon?!

Yoko: Yes! And I want 24 of them!

Yoko winked at Osamu, acknowledging the call-back to the first night when she proclaimed they'd have 24 children. With everything set, Aika and Rei were prepared to see Osamu, Tsukiakari, Izanami, and Yoko off.

Aika: Well, until we see each other again in just a few months, see you later!

Yoko shook hands with Aika.

Yoko: Indeed. I'll send you photos and all the property information! Please do move there! I'd love to have you as a neighbor.

Aika: No question about it, we absolutely will! Right, Rei?

Rei: Right. Osamu?

Osamu: Yeah?

Rei: I'm kind of regretting that I didn't end up having hate-sex with you.

Osamu: That's your own fault! You settled for a kiss in the end!

Rei: Damn, but now you're off the market...what a shame. Well, maybe in the next life, right?

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: Yeah, maybe in the next life.

Yoko: Or if you have an affluent bloodline.

(Is eugenics all you care about?!)

Rei: You guys take good care of yourselves. We'll see you soon.

Omagatoki: Osamu!

Everyone turned their eyes to Omagatoki and Akatsuki as they ran down the street. They too came to see Osamu and the others off.

Osamu: Omagatoki! You look cute as always!

Omagatoki was on the verge of crying, and it was clear Akatsuki was on the verge of tears but trying to hide it. Osamu hugged the both of them and patted their heads.

Osamu: Hey, come on. Don't give me those looks. I promise, we'll visit from time to time, alright? If anything, Izanami can just teleport you right to us whenever she comes around. It's not "Goodbye". It's more like "See you later". Okay?

Omagatoki: Okay...

Akatsuki: We'll miss you sorely, Osamu.

Osamu kissed them both on their cheeks and stood up.

Osamu: I know. I'll miss you too.

Yoko, Izanami, and Tsukiakari gave their farewell hugs to the Shoku Twins as Osamu hugged Rei and Aika.

Osamu: Thank you both for everything. You were a huge help.

Aika: No problem! That's what friends are for!

Rei: What she said.

Osamu: Well then, goodbye for now.

Aika: Goodbye for now!

Rei: Bye bye!

Izanami: Are we all ready?

Tsukiakari: Ready!

Yoko: Absolutely ready!

Osamu: Ready as I'll ever be!

Izanami: Alright, on the count of three! One, two three!

Izanami, the few boxes, and the others disappeared, teleporting away to their new home. After that, Rei and Aika went home themselves, planning to join them very soon in a whole new place. The area around their new, large home in Hokkaido was mostly rural and natural. There were flowers and hills of green for miles. There was a decently sized town not too far away, so they could get their usual supplies and groceries. The house was built like a large cottage, and had lots of colorful flowers growing on the front. They carried the last of their things inside, with all the furniture already in place.

Osamu: Whew! It's all done.

Yoko: No. It's just beginning.

Yoko smiled at Osamu.

Tsukiakari: I guess we should start unpacking then, right?

Izanami: I'll help!

Yoko: Osamu, you've worked hard today. Let the women handle the unpacking, babe.

Osamu: So traditional...

The first day in that house was dedicated to the unpacking, and making the house into a new home. Like they always did, Osamu, Yoko, Izanami, and Tsukiakari all slept in the same bed that night. The moon and stars were bright over the land, since there weren't a bunch of bright city lights.


The four slept peacefully and awoke peacefully...except for our hero Osamu. He woke up with Yoko sitting besides him, smiling.

Osamu: Hey, what's up?

Yoko held up Isabella's letter.

Yoko: We haven't gotten around to reading this, you know? I think it's about time we opened it.

Osamu sat up and ran his hands through his hair.

Osamu: Are you sure?

Yoko: Of course. No reason not to.

Osamu: Alright. Open it up.

Yoko gently opened up the envelope and took out the sheets of paper enclosed within. Yoko began laughing as she read each sheet of paper, to Osamu's confusion.

Yoko: Oh man, that's just like her!

Osamu: Heh?! What is it! Let me see!

Yoko gave Osamu the letter, and as he read the words, he too began laughing.

(Isabella didn't leave us with any sorrowful words of parting. She left us with a rather straightforward message. Want to know what it said? It went like this. "To my dearest friends: Though I'll be gone, don't think that I'm not watching! Yoko, I expect you to safeguard everyone and protect the home like a wife! You're the first defense, the AN/VLQ-6 Missile Countermeasure Device of the household! Osamu, remember what I told you. You're the glue that holds us all together, so don't you dare buckle when things get tough! You're the Slat Amor, taking the heavy blows for all of us and protecting us as a collective! I expect great things from you, and great stories to come when we meet again! Izanami, you're as gentle as the recoil from an AR-15 modified with a foregrip and heavy barrel for compensation! You keep the group accurate, focused, and ready for anything. You're the heart of us all, the thing that drives us to march into difficult territory! Tsu Tsu, you'll always be my culinary war buddy! Though you'll have to fight without me from now on, I still expect you to fill the bellies of our dear friends with the taste of love! Conquer those onions, great commander! Assault those potatoes, and liberate that beef! You provide the smell and feeling of home. It just wouldn't be the same without you. Aika, just as your name implies, you're the Love Song of it all! You're our anthem, you steel our hearts for danger and soothe our worries! You're the first aid kid for whenever we're hurt, and you're the medic that tends to our larger wounds until we get better! You're a fantastic friend, and I trust you to take care of everyone! Keep on making that rockin' music! To the adorable Shoku Twins, you're the light and joy of Osamu, and perhaps the whole house! You two are absolute bundles of joy! You're the pictures of home and loved ones that this group of soldiers keeps in their pockets whenever they go off to battle! You begin good days and end bad ones! Please, remain the diligent and responsible girls you are. And Rei, just as I've said before, you can do anything! You're the most versatile weapon of all, and you're only just starting to unlock your hidden potential! You can be as cold as a suppressed bullet, or as intense as a HEAT round, or as fantastic to behold as a 2,000lb JDAM! Aika especially needs you to function, Rei. So keep being the amazing woman you are! To all of you, I wish you a happy farewell, and a beautiful life ahead filled with even more beautiful memories. It's time for me to put down my pen and go. So, until then, farewell and goodbye! With all the love in the world, Isabella Bailey.")

Osamu: Man, that is just like her. She was always big on her weapons!

Osamu put the letter down as he laughed. Yoko stood up and extended her hand out to him. The sun shined on her body and bright blue eyes like a heavenly light that singled her out from everyone else in the world.

Yoko: So, my love...

Yoko smiled as the wind came in through the window, blowing her hair around.

Yoko: What do you want for breakfast?




For old time's sake, this chapter will end with the Aika Crisis ED  :sure:*censored*a


Epilogue: An Invitation and a Knife to the Back
In that empty neighborhood, a lone man walked the hot summer street. He would immediately strike you as odd. Though it was hot, he wore a white fur coat and a tophat. He walked with a golden cane and shining rings on his fingers. He was young, no older than his early twenties. His wore a golden tuxedo and had silver ear rings wit heart pendants dangling from them. One of his eyes was green, and the other was brown. One of his arms was in a cast and slung across his stomach. His hair was long, reaching down to his shoulders, and snow white. It was combed neatly, indicative of how well the young man was groomed. He spotted Omagatoki and Akatsuki walking down the street and approached them with a smile.

Satori: Excuse me, Omagatoki, and Akatsuki. May I borrow a minute of your time?

The Shoku Twins were immediately put on alert.

Akatsuki: How do you know our names?

Satori: Ah, my bad. I should have the courtesy to introduce myself. My name is Satori Sengoku, an absolute pleasure.

Satori took off his hat as he bowed. He handed Akatsuki and Omagatoki an envelope with a red seal on it.

Omagatoki: What is this?


Satori: You see, I'm looking for a young man named Osamu Ashikaga, about my age. He's of great interest to me. I believe he occasionally makes visits to this neighborhood, right?

Satori smiled and waved goodbye as he began to walk away.

Satori: If you see him, let him know that he's formally invited to my mansion to die, whenever he feels like it. Oh, but do tell him if he doesn't show up within a year...

Satori stopped and turned around. Two pale skinned and long-haired Shikome rose up form a dark portal in the ground, slowly bringing Satori down with them. They hugged onto his leg and looked up at him as if he were god.

Satori: I'll start murdering everyone he loves!

He said that with a smile and laugh that would tell anyone else he was just joking. But Akatsuki knew something was off with this man. Was he joking, or was he insane?

Satori: Farewell, Shoku Twins!

The man disappeared, leaving Akatsuki and Omagatoki to hold the strange invitation, along with the menacing threat. Just what did he want with Osamu? The answers would unfold themselves in time.

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I am moved. Saddened, but moved. An excellent piece of work, OGHM!


Although the Epilogue leaves much to be desired. Leaving it on a cliffhanger suggests you might be returning to this someday...  :hmm:
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Someday indeed  8)

It'll probably be a follow up to this series. Not sure whether to keep the name or amend it since Osamu's exes aren't really a threat at this point and are even married/cohabitating  :hmm:

Satori is going to be one hell of an antagonist though, I can assure you  :dance: I gotta take the time to find out ways to make the actual writing even more engaging and abstract, think of a good way to open the story, and figure out all the wickedly abstract architectural designs of Satori's mansion as well as his borderline psychotic actions  :hmm:
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Beautiful work, kept me wanting more!
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A new and rather perplexing journey begins  :sure: Continuing on in this thread. I'll probably just change the title. Either way, this will be the start of


Day 1: I Met Eyes With a Monster
I dare you, I challenge you, I need you





Yoko, Izanami, and Tsukiakari were all asleep in bed that morning as the sun began to rise. Osamu was nowhere to be found, as he had already gotten up and ventured out into the countryside, all by himself. Izanami was the first to wake up, stretching out her pale, white arms and yawning. In the time she's lived here, she cut her hair to just a little longer than shoulder length.



Izanami: He's out again, huh? Guess I'll make breakfast.

Izanami went downstairs and started her day. The crests of the Ashikaga, Senkumo, and Akiyama clans all hung from the wall as the sunlight poured in and glared off of the polished wooden furniture. Izanami whistled an improvised tune to herself as she turned the stove on and brought out the eggs.

(My name is Osamu Ashikaga. And, technically, I have 3 wives. We may have met before, right? You were probably with me several years ago when I lived in that neighborhood in Kyoto. Well, as you may remember, we live in Hokkaido now, in a peaceful place.)

Osamu himself had changed. He had gotten a bit taller since he left town. His air was still in a wavy lion's mane that obscured one of his eyes as the morning wind rustled through his hair. As he walked through the vast grasslands, he wore a leather jacket and a black shirt with an abstract image of the American flag on it, painted in a multitude of different colors.

(A lot has changed. Aika and Rei moved out here too, so now they live pretty close to us. Not only that, but me and the girls are thinking about having children now. I might be a father soon, if that's the case. Gosh, I just hope my son or daughter never has to go through what I went through...)


(Ah, there was something else, too. About 7 months ago, we all went back to Kyoto for the summer, and when we got there, Omagatoki and Akatsuki gave me this weird letter, inviting me to some guy's mansion. What was his name...Satori Sentani? It was an odd and rare name, so I thought someone may have been pulling a prank on me and the girls. The person didn't state their business with me in the letter, so naturally, I just ignored it. Lately though...)

Osamu noticed something strange as he walked. Dark clouds began to roll in all of a sudden. Such a drastic change in weather was uncharacteristic of the region.

(I've been wondering if I made a terrible mistake.)


In the middle of the sudden darkness, were two shikome, otherwise known as foul women. They were pale like Izanami and wrapped in white burial shrouds. They wore noh masks and white veils to cover their hideous faces as they walked alongside a young man with snow white hair, who whistled a tune with every step. He wore a white fur coat over his shoulders and walked with a black and gold cane. One of his was covered with a black glove, and one of his arms was completely wrapped in bandages and a cast, and slung across his shoulder. His hair was long, dancing in the wind like white flames. He wore a golden tuxedo and a tophat. One of his eyes were green, and the other was black. You may have met him before in one of your most abstract nightmares. His name was Satori.

Satori: How terrible, right, girls? I never wanted it to come to this.

The shikome did not respond.

Satori: I wanted to be nice and invite him without incident. But in the end, he gave me no choice. A shame about his parents, right? He's going to be so sad when he finds out. I could almost just cry for him. Oh look! We're here!

Satori and the Shikome spotted Osamu's house and continued walking towards it with just one goal in mind...

(Hmm...I should probably go home now. Looks like it might rain...)

Osamu jogged home, still perplexed by just how fast the weather had changed. Back at home, everyone had woken up by now, and breakfast was being served. When they heard a knock on their door, Yoko went to answer it. For the first time, Yoko and Satori met eyes. He graciously smiled and bowed before the young, beautiful, red-headed lady, tipping his hat as he bowed.

Satori: Greetings, fellow citizen of Japan. My name is Satori Sentani.

Yoko: Are you a salesman or something?

Satori: No no no, of course not-

Yoko: That's exactly what a salesman would say.

Yoko was about to shut the door, but Satori jammed it with his cane.

Satori: Now now, don't be rude. I came all this way, after all. The truth is, I'm looking for Osamu Ashikaga. I believe he lives here, doesn't he?

Yoko: do you know him? What business do you have with my husband?

Yoko was wise to immediately be suspicious.

Satori: I've come to pass along some very terrible news to him...

But still, Satori was deviously cunning.

Satori: Osamu's parents, Jinta Ashikaga and Kana Ashikaga have both passed away.

Yoko: Wha...what?!

Satori: I've brought a long copies of their death certificates to deliver to Osamu as well, if you need proof.

The shikome gave Yoko authentic death certificates with the identities and physical attributes of the deceased for confirmation of the identity of the deceased.

Yoko: This can't be...

Satori: A shame, huh? Not many girls have such beautiful eyes in the country...

Satori reached in his pocket, slowly pulling out a vial of 3 human eyes. Two of them brown, and one of them green. Yoko's eyes immediately widened, and her heart began to race as Satori's face was blessed with a smile that didn't seem to think it did anything wrong.

Satori: Terrible indeed, isn't it? Yoko Akiyama.

Yoko slammed the door shut, but it was promptly blown open by the Shikome. Tsukiakari and Izanami stopped eating tried to help Yoko get up, but found themselves restrained by the shikome. Yoko was left with wooden shrapnel in her arm as Satori walked up to her. He slammed his cane down on the floor and knelt by the wounded Yoko.

Satori: The next time I have to ask you, you and your friends will all die here. So, young lady. Where is Osamu Ashikaga?

Yoko: I'd never...sell out my own husband!

Tsukiakari: Why do you want him so bad? What the hell is going on?

Satori: Hmm? Who's the other girl?

Shikome: Tsukiakari Senkumo...

Satori laughed.

Satori: Senkumo? My, my, I thought you were all extinct!

Tsukiakari: would you even know about that?!

Satori: The gods aren't the only ones who know the world's secrets darling. Anyway, since Yoko here won't tell me where Osamu is, I suppose I'll have to start killing you. Or would be better to take you all hostage. You are his lovers, after all. Hmmm...the burden of free choice...let's flip a coin, shall we?

Satori took out a golden coin. One side had the kanji for life, and the other had the kanji for death. He flipped the coin with his thumb and caught it on the top of his hand.

Satori: Ooo...yikes. It looks like it's death.

Izanami: If you lay a hand on them, I'll never forgive you!

Satori: Oh? And what do you plan to....hey, you look pretty similar to the Shikome...don't tell me you're....Izanami? I wonder if Izanami can even really die. I say we test it out! Take her outside and rip her apart, ladies!

One of the Shikome took Izanami out with her, keeping her hands restrained so she couldn't perform any magic. Satori walked out of the house, wiping a hunting knife with a white cloth as he came closed behind Izanami. No matter how hard Izanami tried, she couldn't break free from the Shikome's grasp.

Satori: I really don't feel good about this, you know? I like to think of myself as a fairly classy man, so killing really isn't who I am. I much prefer listening to jazz bands and adding more books to my library. But, you see, I'm very desperate right now, and you're all making this hard for me. I will ask you just once more. Where. Is. Osamu. Ashikaga?

Osamu: I'm right here!

Osamu's voice was like refreshing clap of thunder. He stood before Satori and the shikome with unflinching bravery, as any husband would when his family is being threatened.

Izanami: Osamu! Get away from this man!

Satori: So you finally showed up, Osamu. I'm very happy! And a little pissed off. What took you so long?

Osamu: What the hell are you talking about? Who are you?

Satori shook his head and waved his cane.

Satori: You terrible little minx. You really don't remember? The letter that the Shoku Twins gave you last summer. I'm Satori.

(That letter! So this is the guy?!)

Osamu: Satori Sentani. I remember. So? What happens now? If you hurt Izanami, you and I will be sworn enemies.

Satori: It wasn't my first objective to hurt the people you love. At first, I just wanted a peaceful meeting between us. You made me wait and wait and wait, but now you're here! So, there's no need for any of them to get hurt.

The Shikome released Izanami, letting her run to Osamu's side.

Osamu: Hey, are you hurt?

Izanami: I'm okay! The others are inside!

(What the hell is going on? How does he know about the Shoku Twins? How did he know where I lived?!)

Izanami: He knows everything, Osamu! About me, the Senkumo clan, our names, everything!

Osamu: So then...what do you want with me?

Satori: You and your wives will be coming with me, to my mansion. There's something I need you for, Osamu. Will you comply, or will you make this even more difficult than it already has to be?

Osamu and Satori stared at each other, as if their wills were silently clashing.

Osamu: Fine. Just don't hurt the girls. I'll go with you.

Satori: Yes! That right there is what I wanted to hear! Fantastic! Excellent choice, Osamu!

Satori whistled, signaling the shikome inside to release the girls and join him. Yoko and Tsukiakari came running out and hugged Osamu.

Tsukiakari: Osa, do you know this guy?! He just tried to kill us!

Osamu: No, I don't know him. But right now...let's just do as he says. It's not worth losing any of you over.

Satori: A wise choice indeed. Shikome! Let's return back to the mansion, with our guests! Osamu, ladies, if you will please huddle around me.

Osamu and the girls reluctantly huddled with Satori and the Shikome. The shikome teleported everyone just outside of Satori's property, right at the front gates. They were made of gold and bore the kanji for Satori's name on it.


(Here in a these women have powers similar to Izanami's...)

Satori waved his cane, pointing everyone in the right direction. Beyond the gate was the courtyard, filled with lush flowers and archways covered in vines. More shikome dressed in maid outfits tended to all the flowers. The dead, tending to that which was living. Tsukiakari, Yoko, and Izanami were amazed by the sheer size and lavishness of Satori's courtyard alone. They hadn't even seen what laid inside yet.

Satori: Right this way please, my precious guests! It's only fair I give you a tour of the mansion first, right? This is the courtyard, where I often come to drink tea and read.



The courtyard had holes dug into the ground, where white statues of hands reached out from below.

Satori: Ah, don't mind those! Those are the Hands of Hell!




Tsukiakari: This who are you to have all of this?

Satori: Oh?

Satori winked.

Satori: Don't you worry, lovely. All of your answers will be revealed in time. A goddess of all people knows patience, right?

Osamu: Satori, you still haven't told me-

Satori: Patience, you idiot! Didn't I just say I was giving you a tour? Stop interrupting me!

(This jerk...)

Satori: Shikome! The doors please! It's unbearably hot out here.

Two shikome opened the doors to the mansion, and the sound of music immediately filled everyone's ears. It was the live sound of swing, bellowing out from deeper in the mansion, enticing, inviting, and intimidating all who entered.


Satori: Welcome inside! This place was built in 1978, costed the equivalent of 30 million United States Dollars and was completely renovated by yours truly! You can sit, stand, breathe, and blink, but for god's sake, wipe your feet and leave your shoes at the door, will you?

Yoko: What the hell...

Osamu: Just do as he says.

Osamu and the girls all took off their shoes and followed Satori into the humongous room where the stair cases where. The two staircases reached down to the ground floor to the left and right sides, both of them lined with Shikome playing horn and string instruments. They were the ones playing the music.

Satori: Oo! I'm getting the jitters!

Satori began dancing and walking into the room as he waved his cane around, grooving with the flow and rhythm of the music. The polished, marble floors carried his reflection.


Satori: Now then! First, I have something I have to show you, Osamu! I'd like to remind you that this only happened because you made me wait so long. You and your wives weren't the first I targeted! I went looking for you all over Japan! In fact, I met your parents long before I met you!

Osamu: What?!

(Did he approach them the same way?!)

Osamu: Are you telling me you harmed them?! Is that it?

Yoko tried to grab Osamu's attention to stop him from becoming angry. She grabbed his face and focused his eyes on her.

Yoko: Baby, listen to me. That man...I don't know who he is or why he knows so much, but...he told me earlier...

Osamu: Told you what? What's going on?!

Satori: It's not a surprise Izanami didn't know, since it was the Shikome that ended up doing the deed. They just devour souls before they even have the chance to go to be marked for judgment.

Osamu: Satori, you bastard! Tell me what you mean! You owe me an explanation!

Satori: I suppose I do, don't I? Well then! Shikome! Being them out!

Two shikome brought out caskets, carrying them like pallbearers and standing them up, one to Satori's left, and the other to Satori's right. He was laughing and dancing as the tops of the caskets fell off, revealing the horrifying truth that tore apart Osamu's heart. The casket tops fell to the ground as the music was still playing, revealing the dressed up and properly cleaned corpses of his mother and father. They were both wrapped in white burial shrouds and had their eyes closed and their arms crossed. His father was short haired, cleanly trimmed and handsome just like Osamu himself. His mother was a bit younger than his father and kept her naturally wavy hair long, reaching down to her wrists. Yoko, Izanami, and Tsukiakari were just as shocked to see the corpses so happily and callously shown to them. Osamu fell to his knees.

( did her figure out where they lived?! Why them?!)

Yoko: You're heartless! How could you do that to an innocent man and woman!?

Tsukiakari: You killed his mother and father, you sick bastard!

Satori: Me? I did that? Ha! You can take comedy like that to Broadway and make it very far, I assure you! I warned you, Osamu. I warned you in that letter that if you didn't show up within a year, I'd start murdering those you cared about. You are the reason they're dead, not me. You had a chance to come peacefully and protect everyone, you let it blow in the wind until POOF!....It was gone. So tell me, which one of is really responsible for their deaths? Hmm?

Osamu began crying on the floor, his mind too weighted with grief to even think of striking Satori.

Tsukiakari: Enough of this bullsh*t! How dare you do this to Osamu! I'll strike you down here and now!

Satori: Oh? Do you really want to do that? The only person who knows how to keep their souls in tact and their bodies preserved is me. Not even any of you pathetic gods know that much. If you kill me, then his parents will really be gone forever. You don't want that now, do you?

Tsukaiakari: You're bluffing! There's no way you can actually do that! Not even Izanami or Amaterasu can do that!

Satori: It's not just the Shikome I have on my side...

Satori smiled, and Tsukiakari lowered her guard.

Osamu: Everyone...I know you hate this...but please...keep doing as he says...we still don't even know what he wants...

Osamu got up and wiped his eyes clean. He kept them closed, as not to see the corpses of his parents again.

Osamu: Satori...please...close the ca