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Title: Friendly reminder: NO backseat moderating!
Post by: MissChurro on July 01, 2015, 07:18:28 PM
Hello, everyone! I’m here with a quick, friendly reminder.

Lately there’s been several cases involving members backseat moderating, getting involved where they shouldn’t, continuing situations unnecessarily, etc. so I’d like to remind everyone:

Please use the report button, and let the staff handle these things! Do you see a situation or behavior you deem problematic and feel it needs to be called out? Please do not call it out yourself, report it. Witness an argument? Please do not reply to it or involve yourself in any way, report it. If you see any sort of troublesome situation or behavior happening, please do not involve yourself, just report it. Please leave our job to us. Keep in mind that backseat moderating is against our rules and continuing the behavior may lead to punishment.

Thank you! ^-^