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Author Topic: Youtube channels for artists  (Read 6990 times)

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Youtube channels for artists
« on: June 24, 2018, 07:48:02 PM »
When I first started to draw I used youtube tutorials from Mark Crilley and Draw with Jazza but what I really want to talk about are other artists who might not be quite as well known but put out quality content that is focused around getting you to improve and/or inspired.  While this is a forum meant for manga, I think that realism does have an important role and I will put variety of different channels if it relates to art.  I will leave descriptions and links below

This list is big enough to warrant a spoiler
Kienan Lafferty
This is definitely my favorite channel and I think artists of any skill level can learn from Kienan.  If you've ever played League of Legends, he has made some of the splash arts such as Ahri, Foxfire Ahri, Diana, Lulu, Sejuani and more.  He has great tutorials on design and I recommend him especially for those really good artists who are looking to get into the next level.
Youtube | Patreon

Istebrak has a channel focused around critiques on realism.  Even if it isn't your art that she might be critiquing, you can learn from other people's mistakes and can still apply the critiques to your art if it applies.  It's not only her anatomy that you can learn from but she goes in depth on light and how it interacts with objects.
Youtube | Patreon | Istebrak.com | Google+

Art Side of Life
If you are looking to get inspired then I think this is one of the best channels.  Iva interviews professional artists twice a week and you can listen to their art journey and what their tips to artists who might want to make it their full time job.
Youtube | Art Side of Life | Iva's Gallery

DokiDoki Drawing
This is probably the most relevant channel on this list to MR since it's about professional manga artists who give interviews, tutorials and draw side by side with amateurs to tell them how they can improve their drawing.

Trent Kaniuga
I highly recommend Trent for anyone looking to get into the game industry.  He makes tutorials and he gives commentary over his art with his thought process.  Trent has worked on so many games and it's pretty crazy: CannonBallers (Mobile), Overwatch (PC, PS4), League of Legends (PC), Diablo 3 (PC,PS4), Hearthstone (Mobile, PC), Burning Crusade (PC), Wrath of the Lich King (PC), Final Fight Streetwise (PS2), He Man (GBA), Terminator 3 (GBA)
Youtube | Gumroad

Marc Brunet has worked for Blizzard and is the CEO of Cube Brush which is centered around tutorials and 2d/3d assets for art.  He not only gives tutorials on 2d art but 3d modeling as well.
Youtube | Cubebrush

Bobby Chiu
Bobby has a channel where he will talk about art topics and he also interviews other artists which I always think is a great thing to hear from someone in the industry. He has done concept designs of monsters in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Men in Black 3.  Bobby is also a teacher at Schoolism which is an online school specifically for digital artists.
Youtube | Schoolism

I recommend Irshad Karim's channel to people looking to improve (especially for beginners).  His lessons primarily focus around the basics of drawing and being able to draw anything.  He is a concept designer, game programmer and the creator of Drawabox.com, a site meant to get artists of any level to professional with practice exercises.
Youtube | Patreon | drawabox.com | Twitch | irshadkarim.com

This channel is more about comic artists but he takes clips/videos from many different artists who explain their process (with their permission).

Jason Brubaker
Jason is a webcomic artist who is featured on Line Webtoon and makes videos on the process of creating a comic.  Again, it might not be manga but it is related to the industry (especially since Line Webtoon puts out weekly content like manga does).  His works include Sithrah and reMIND.
Youtube | Patreon | Webtoons | reMIND

Howard Wimshurst
Howard is a freelance animator but even if you don't want to make an animation, i think it's still good to learn about as you start to think of how things move in motion.
Youtube | Patreon | Animator Guild | Howardwimshurst.com

McKay & Gray
This one is a bit different than the other channels as it is a writer/artist duo that creates videos for both sides.  While they might not be published they have created the series Pretty Mouth, Sovereign: The Most Amazing Comic Ever, and The Magpie.
Youtube | Kickstarter | Tapas | Webtoons

Xabio Arts
Andrew makes very funny videos but the way he simplifies some of the anatomy definitely can help beginner artists
Youtube | Xabioarts.com (right now it just redirects you to youtube)

Sinix Design
Sinix has many interesting videos but I recommend him for his art theory, anatomy quick tips and unique mechs.
Youtube | Patreon

Jessica creates various video tutorials but also has does a lot of art challenges if you ever have the feeling of not knowing what to do.
Youtube | Redbubble

Tala makes manga how to draw tutorials which have a variety of different ways you could do the same thing while some other channels might only show you one way to do something.
Youtube | Patreon | Twitch

Reiq is a freelance illustrator and character designer who has tutorials and commentaries.  Although I think he moved more onto Patreon he still posts videos occasionally and his older videos can still be useful.
Youtube | Patreon

Ahmed Aldoori
Ahmed has a really cool semi-realistic style and like REIQ, has gone a bit more onto patreon but he has various videos on anatomy and color.
Youtube | Patreon | Ahmedaloori.com

I wanted to keep the mainstream Youtube artists separate since most people probably already watch them but you should check them out anyways.

The other list was in a spoiler so this one deserves one too
Mark Crilley is pretty much the manga Youtuber and has several different tutorials on how to draws and how to create an interesting story.  Mark is a published author/illustrator of over 40 books, some of which are in a manga style.

Stan Prokopenko's channel is mostly about anatomy but even when creating a manga you need to know some anatomy to get proportionally correct characters.  Outside of Youtube, Stan is a painting teacher at Watts Atelier of the Arts and Canyon Crest Academy.
Youtube | Proko.com

Sycra Yasin has many video tutorials on anatomy and art theories but he has more of an anime style (he likes to call his style a pointy style).
Youtube | Patreon | Sycra.net

Draw with Jazza
Josiah Brooks has a channel that has tutorials (2d, VR and animation), challenges, reviews and motivation/inspiration/advice.  I feel he is more of a jack of all trades so you can easily switch between mediums or get information on them if you are interested
Youtube | Jazzastudios.com

I excluded a lot of Youtube channels that were more about speedpaints and mainly used channels that centered around tutorials/guides.  Also keep in mind that the content of these channels may change from being an art channel at any time.   If your channel is in this post and you wish to have the description changed or removed from this list then send me a message.

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Re: Youtube channels for artists
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 08:35:24 PM »

this is more like it

I'm more into having art style like those channels

anyways can you and your friends in this forum check my threads

Andou Keitohno Movelist and Water Kahn Beta manga writing 1-2 chapters so far

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Re: Youtube channels for artists
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2018, 10:09:25 PM »
thnx 4 tha share! How do u upload that image here though?

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Re: Youtube channels for artists
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2018, 07:45:38 AM »
You need to use the image tags from the reply window (the little mona lisa icon) and just drop the image url inside of them.

Good luck!

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Re: Youtube channels for artists
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2019, 12:55:21 AM »
I have to 2nd Alphonso Dunn, he's a great teacher because he explains so well and shows lots of examples.

MikeyMegaMega is also another favorite of mine.