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Author Topic: MR Story: The Great After-Christmas Panty Raid of 2016  (Read 1170 times)

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MR Story: The Great After-Christmas Panty Raid of 2016
« on: December 31, 2016, 08:08:16 PM »
For those of you who haven't been following my updates in the Develop Your Story section of the forum, I can now present the full version of what I've been cooking up between work and sleep for the past few weeks. Granted, it's rather lengthy, so I hope that I can manage to fit as much of it as possible in this forum post setting, although I will upload each chapter as an individual post, hopefully mitigating the character limit problem I had on EcchiWorld. Without further ado, then:
Through the empty streets and abandoned buildings and recreational areas of the old Fanfiction division of MR, a raider confidently leapt over a gate towards the crumbling building on the other side. Hardly anyone ever visited this division anymore, so it was the perfect place for a little urban exploration and sightseeing. Keeping speed, the raider planted a foot on a vertical wall and hopped, rerouting the momentum just enough to grip a small platform and hoist herself up with another kick.

The area inside the building looked much like a parking deck, except time and abandonment left hollow spaces in the floor, leading to the ground below. With a deep breath, Mahlua jumped, pumping her hands over her head, then thrusting them behind her while piking her feet outward to catch the other side of the far gap with her toes. She stumbled, but went to the ground on her forearm, then rolled over her shoulder to save damage, found her feet again, and kept moving. This was one of the tallest things still standing, and the view from the top would be perfect to see the city.

Adrenaline pumping with her legs, the ginger made her way through the treacherous concrete jungle until she reached the apex of all the inclines. Around her, the grey of the cold evening mist doused everything with an expansive empty vibe. She took a deep breath in, the frost of which bit at the back of her nose and throat. Nevertheless, the beauty of the ambience entranced her.

She sat with it for a while, just feeling, first on a physical basis, and then on more of an energy wavelength. On the edge of her senses, something tickled. Two immensely powerful presences stood not far behind her. A hot flash crashed over her, something like the divine.

“Impressive,” a low, velvety voice chuckled. “You noticed we were here almost instantly after we arrived,” another voice chimed in, sounding clear and crisp.

Slowly, Mahlua turned to face the duo, hands raised slightly. Before her stood two legendary figures of MangaRaiders myth, almost radiating in their appeal. The eternally youthful pink haired Ecchi-tan and the mighty, stern, red haired Lewd-tan stood side-by-side, arms interlocked.

“My ladies,” the raider gasped in awe, quickly taking her right hand and forming a fist over her heart, keeping the other hand up for reverence’s sake. “To what do I owe this honor?”

Ecchi-tan’s small lips quirked into a cheerful smile. “We came to begin preparations for the annual After-Christmas Panty Raid,” she explained.

Lewd-tan continued, pulling a clip bag from the tasteful tote bag at her hip. “In which we take over MR Tower for a while to rig it with all sorts of puzzles, traps, and various other fun trials for raiders as they seek the prize.” She wrote something on the board before continuing. “It’s our way of giving back to the community. If someone can pass all the challenges we lay out, they can collect a rather savory prize.”

“Our panties!” Ecchi-tan winked, a blush coloring her features, as if shy at the thought. “And I just know you’re interested in that. You are one of our children, too, and we never forget.”

“Of course, that’s only a symbolic prize. No one has ever actually attained even that,” Lewd-tan adjusted her glasses. “The real prize comes after that, should anyone champion our game.”

“That’s right,” Ecchi-tan nodded, “and that’s…well…” She took a step behind her sister, who instead took a step forward and effortlessly leapt across a gap to the raider.

Adjusting her glasses to show the full gleam of her pink eyes, Lewd-tan stepped in close, a smile painting her lips. “And that would be a night with one of us, hence why we only allow raiders over the age of eighteen to participate.”

Mahlua bit her lip and tried to stifle the deep blush that no doubt dyed her ears as pink as the hard eyes staring her down. “So,” the raider began shakily, “this is my formal invitation to join?”

“Since we’ve never discriminated on the basis of sex, you may consider it so,” Lewd-tan replied, lowering her glasses to look eye to eye with the flustered girl, “And I believe I already know which one of us is your type.” With that, she gave a small “humph” and rejoined her sister on the other side. “See you on the evening of December twenty-sixth, Mahlua,” she waved, Ecchi-tan leaning out from behind her for a small wave of her own before they both vanished into an explosion of light.

Mahlua instantly dropped to her knees and tried to breathe normally. The presence of the divine didn’t always have this effect, but when it came to those two, she could hardly fight it. She squeezed her eyes shut and focused on taking all of her excess energy and shoving it deep into the ground before it overloaded her. After about a minute or two, she stood up, staggering slightly.

“All right, then,” she whispered, “I’ve been called to fight, and so I shall go.” The ginger raised a hand high, taking a triumphant pose.

“I will survive!”
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Re: MR Story: The Great After-Christmas Panty Raid of 2016
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2016, 08:09:28 PM »
Over by the walls that encased the city, a group of raiders huddled by an old metal trash bin refurbished to kindle a small fire. Many had braved the trials before and were veterans to the terrors lying ahead, but a few new faces sat, preparing for the venture.

Hasith stood closest to the fire, arms crossed and headband gleaming in the orange light, adding to the intense aura hanging in the late afternoon chill of winter. After a while, he spoke.

“Raiders, ahead of us lies an arduous task like no other. In all our years, not once has anyone emerged victorious. We’ve suffered many losses in pursuit of the panties, but we’ve finally begun to make a breakthrough in strategy.”

A few raiders shuffled, and Coryn stepped forward, fake cigarette blowing sugar from its end. “You see, the Twins have traps and explosives and the like littered through the cities, directly following every route to MR Tower. They do this to wear us down before we can even reach the ordained place, and then they await us at the gates, only to smash our hopes themselves.” He put his hands in his lab coat pockets and looked up at the sky for a moment. “So, taking advantage of the information we have, we’ve decided to try something new. One group will act as a decoy, going directly to MR Tower, and another group will head to the Science Division and take the secret basement tunnels that lead directly to the tower, hopefully catching the Twins unaware from behind.”

Byron, a newcomer to the raids, lifted a hand up to say something. The veteran stepped aside and let him speak.

“If they have every way rigged with obstacles, then what’s to say they aren’t aware of the tunnel infrastructure under the city as well? They might also have something waiting for us on that route. Of course, either way, we discover something that either works or doesn’t, but the division of forces seems like a risky maneuver.”

“Excellent question!” Coryn nodded. “The truth is we’re trying it because we need to find out if they know about it or not. If they do, then that way is crossed off our list for saving energy, but if they don’t, they’ll find out about it this year, but not before we gain an element of surprise, which may finally turn the tides in our favor.”

At this, Lego stepped forward and stood beside his rival. “We must keep trying,” he said, accent curling like the smoke from the mad scientist’s not-cigarette, “And one day, we will find a way to succeed. If anyone has anything to contribute, now is the time.”

Byron lowered his head and closed his eyes, and Mahlua finally stirred, turning to him with intrigue as a wave of his energy hit her.

“Wait a minute, you’re a perceiver, aren’t you?” she asked, pulling down her tryhard, biohazard emblazoned respirator to carry her voice better. (She had to admit, though: in the cold, it helped to keep her face warm.)

“Yes,” the other raider replied, eyebrows knitting together in concentration, “And I’m trying to see further out. If they have traps set in various places as you say, then it would be advantageous to know their location.”

Mahlua put a hand on her hip. “Man, if you can perceive that far out in that great of detail, you’ve certainly got me beat.”

Hasith and the others perked up as well. Coryn pulled out a map of the city and spread it on the ground and drew a pen from his pocket. “I’ll have to keep note of that for future reference,” he muttered before looking up at the intently focused raider. “What can you see?”

With that, Byron began explaining different potential paths, and what sort of energy he could detect from them, which correlated with certain kinds of devices and projectile weapons. As he explained, Coryn marked the locations, bantering with Lego about the best route to divert from the obstacles and simultaneously find the most direct way to the towers. Meanwhile, Hasith divided the group into teams based on the Twin of Choice. Those whose hearts rested with Ecchi-tan took the direct route to MR Tower, and those in favor of Lewd-tan were set to the Science Division building to act as the flanking party.


Evening fell upon the city, blanketing everything with greys and dark blues behind the neon signs and lights from the windows that littered the districts of diligent raiders still working. The sky above misted with the light clouds that looked like they might start setting free trembling snowflakes onto the frosty ground.

“What do you think, Sis?” a gleaming, sweet voice asked, with her breath forming a gentle mist in front of her mouth.

The redhead next to her gave a low hum. “They seem to be amassing more and more of an army every year now,” she replied, resting a hand on the other’s head.

“But do you think it will help them at all?” the younger prodded.

The older stifled a chuckle. “Don’t tell me that you’re nervous, dear sister?”

“No!” she retorted, puffing out her cheeks in offence, “I’m worried for them, silly.”

“Self-control is a virtue,” Lewd-tan smiled, narrowing her eyes, giving her sister’s pet another pat.

“And not one you exercise often, Sis. You can’t act like I’m the only one to blame here.”

“I suppose you’re right about that.”

The Ecchi Twins gazed out towards the outer wall surrounding the city. Raiders had gathered around by them, preparing their battle plans. Tension clung to the air like the light balls of fluff that finally began to fall.

“It’s time, sis,” Ecchi-tan said, tugging at the scant fabric of the other’s outfit.

“So it is,” Lewd-tan nodded, sweeping her hand out in front of them, projecting the sonic boom that signaled the participants to begin.

“Let’s have some fun.”
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Re: MR Story: The Great After-Christmas Panty Raid of 2016
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2016, 08:10:33 PM »
A ring of energy radiated out from MR Tower, blowing newspapers and other ground rubbish all the way to the walls. Coryn stepped in front of the Lewd-tan group, generating a pale blue force field to prevent the blast from getting in anyone’s eyes or soiling his perfectly good lab coat. “That’s our signal!” he shouted over the wind, a wild smile stretching his face.

“See you all at the tower then,” Lego called, bolting with team Ecchi down their designated course.

“Not if you get your ass handed to you!” Coryn taunted back.

With that, team Lewd started on their own path, spearheaded by Coryn, flanked by Mahlua and Byron on either side. The empty streets passed them by, until the dreaded boxing glove missiles started spraying from an alley.

“Mahlua, can you Phasebolt and disable them?” the mad scientist asked, keeping quick pace as the missiles honed from behind. The ginger nodded and drew her khopesh, turning to face the projectiles before leaping into the air.

A spark of electricity fizzled the air, and the raider dematerialized into pure lightning, zipping through the missiles with her blade, slicing them in half, leaving a firework of explosives in her wake. She rematerialized on the ground, crouching, and then phased again to bolt back next to the others, keeping up.

Byron whistled. “You’re going to have to tell me how that works sometime.”

“Yeah, but for now, the tower,” the elemental grunted.

As they crossed the next corner, the ground began to quake. Parts of the road lifted from the asphalt, flying like the demonic pots in Legend of Zelda games. Coryn dispelled them with his force field pulse, Byron foresaw their path and simply dodged, and Mahlua shoved her khopesh back into her belt in time to draw a short battle hammer to crush them before they crushed her bones. The plates created a treacherous path, but the raider trio overcame in a flurry of light blue, swift footwork, and shattering earth. By the end of that stretch of road, they had worked up a sweat and were breathing deeply, but at the juncture that crossed the paths between MR Tower and the Science Division, everything stopped.

“Looks like you were right, Philos,” Coryn smiled, giving a nod to the raider. Byron shrugged.

“Well, of course. As you predicted, they focused on paths leading to the administration tower, so their energy is focused there. Now that we’re closer, if you give me a moment, I can try to see below and test those tunnels you mentioned more clearly,” he replied, closing his eyes and dropping to a squat, planting his palm on the ground.

Mahlua twirled the battle hammer for a moment before putting it back in its place on her belt and pulled the respirator down to breathe in the crisp, cold air. “I just hope team Ecchi is doing all right,” she said, turning her eyes skyward to relax a moment, feeling the soft plushes of snow tickling her face.

“If Lego can rival my scientific prowess, or so he tries, then I’m sure he’s doing fine,” Coryn chuckled, shaking his head.


On the other side of the city, Lego commanded Team Ecchi through the winding streets, using the map Byron helped create in order to bypass known trap locations and make it directly to the tower. The mod adjusted a new gauntlet fresh off the Ethical Science Division’s conveyor belts, sweeping away lingering threats with bursts of flame.

“All right, men!” he roused, drawing his sidearm and holding it high and proudly, “Remember that these girls have a bite like no other, but it is well worth the fight!”

Behind him, the entirety of Team Ecchi screamed and raved in approval and agreement, despite the many more obstacles they faced. Their roars reverberated and caused another small quake, throwing many raiders off balance. All others drew their weapons.

About a block down from them, what appeared to be a shop began to crumble and rearrange its parts, rising to a massive three stories high. It took a hefty step forward, causing faint tremors to rattle the ground.

Lego’s eyes grew wide in horror, but then narrowed in determination. “So they’ve developed a golem-type beast to try to stall us. It will be nothing to us, raiders. Advance and do not engage! Focus on finding a way around!” he bellowed, slashing twice with his sword with his gauntlet hand, sending waves of fire at the knees of the colossus.

It wavered from the force of the blast, but held fast. It was just enough for a large portion of the raiders to cross under it and make it to the other block. The department leader of the Ethical Science Division beamed proudly, taking his blade into both hands for a strong cut at the monster’s ankle as he crossed over as well.

The shop golem fell to one knee, shattering the ground beneath it. Taking the opportunity, the moderator leapt high, going in for the kill. He landed on the beast’s back and ran to the nearest opening on the exterior armor, placing his palm over it. Flames burst from the gauntlet and filled the hollow spaces, sending spurts of fire curling from every orifice. Work finished, the legendary raider gracefully backflipped onto the streets, watching the brick and mortar crumble, unleashing a massive dust cloud.

Satisfied, he sheathed his weapon and regrouped with the rest of Team Ecchi, which halted before the last turn to MR Tower.

“I don’t sense anything out of the ordinary underground,” Byron finally spoke up, opening his eyes. He went to stand up, but swayed slightly. Coryn put his hands on his shoulders to steady him.

“Hey, man, don’t wear yourself out too much,” he said, giving the perceiver a firm pat on the back. “Let’s head on inside and I’ll unlock the secret stairwell to the tunnels.”

With that, Team Lewd made their way into the unlit Science Building and their ears met with an eerie silence. “I take it everyone’s still off work, or they’ve all gone home already?” Mahlua asked cautiously, hand itching for one of her weapons. The scientist only hummed in response.

They took a long corridor to the left, and then turned right. Coryn abruptly stopped at a janitor’s closet and opened it. In the quiet, the creak of the door felt deafening.

“Something’s not right,” Byron whispered. “I don’t sense anything wrong, but the air is too thick here.”

The mod quirked an eyebrow. “Are you sure it’s not the sanitization in the air?” he asked, pushing aside some brooms and uncovering what looked like an electric panel.

“No,” the ginger said sternly, “because I feel it too.”

The trio stood quietly for a moment as Coryn fumbled for his keys.

“You know,” Byron started, causing the scientist to almost drop the keys in a flinch, “It’s possible that something they put down there can suppress its energy, and that’d be why I can’t see anything.”

Next to him, Mahlua stiffened, biting her lower lip anxiously. “That takes a lot of skill…If that’s the case, then we’re either going to find nothing, or we’re going to find hell.”

When the mod finally unlocked the panel, it pulled away to reveal a handle, which he turned, revealing a sliding door and a dark stairwell. “Guess we’ll find out,” he said, failing to hide a gulp.


Taking in a cool, deep breath of a winter breeze, Lego called out to his men once more. “Take your battle positions!” he ordered, “While Ecchi-tan seems sweet, we have lost to her every year thus far. Do not underestimate her!”

Team Ecchi rounded the corner, catching the sight of their select tan waiting for them at the building’s entrance, bokken already drawn and at her side.

“Glad you could make it,” she smiled, turning her head charmingly to one side.

Incredulously, the mod scanned the streets and building face. “Where is Lewd-tan?” he called, breaking into a sweat.

“Oh, sis? Well, we noticed that some of our toys were getting destroyed on one route, but then it all stopped, and that didn’t seem very much like Coryn at all. She went to go investigate that.”

Lego clenched his blade. “Well, allow us to be a little more direct,” he said tightly.

“Of course. I’ll try to be gentle,” she winked, raising the bokken high before ground pounding, sending pillars of earth flying at the team.

Raiders leapt into the air or to the side, dodging the glaives. With a last deep breath, Lego charged his beloved tan, sword in one hand, gauntlet spiraling a stream of flames on the other.

Ecchi-tan ducked and lunged under him, quickly turning and landing a hard smack onto her opponent’s back with her bokken, knocking the wind out of him. She lifted up her free hand and the ground under them plateaued, forming a small, circular arena for the mod and herself to duke it out solo, while more of her earth plates spun madly at the other raiders, turning the area below into a deathtrap of flying asphalt.

Hoisting himself up onto his forearms to meet the beautiful red eyes of the woman before him, Lego coughed. “You’re as ruthless as ever, Ecchi-tan,” he huffed, regaining the strength to stand up.

At this, she blushed and averted her gaze. “Well, I can’t make this easy for you. That’d ruin the appeal,” she replied softly, a smile curling at her lips.

Instantly, the ground beneath the mod shook violently, nearly throwing him onto his face, but the seasoned raider kept his footing, instead launching himself forward, horizontally slashing his blade, only to be parried by the bokken. Discouraged, he came back for a diagonal, which was parried with as little effort as before.

Ecchi-tan took a step forward for her counter-strike, taking a shot at his knee. He sidestepped circularly and tried to get behind her for a strike.

“So that’s how you like it?” she gasped, using the innuendo to her advantage and roundhouse kicking Lego in the face as he tried to sputter a response.

His body flung to the side with the power of the kick, but he turned for a side kick, which Ecchi-tan caught. Smiling, he then leapt with his other foot, frontflipping over her and sending a wave of fire from his gauntlet.

Her face fell into a grimace, and she swung her bokken to dispel the flames. “Why do you keep trying to get behind me like that? Can’t you face me honestly?”

His heart melted for a moment with shame, and in that moment, she brought the bokken down over his head, forcing him to kiss the ground. It was the last thing he saw for a while.

Ecchi-tan’s face softened then and she rested the bokken over her shoulders casually. “I hated to do it, Lego, but I couldn’t let you see me so soon. What were you thinking, silly boy? That I wouldn’t notice that you brought fire for the sake of burning away clothes?”

The unconscious, fallen hero made no response.


Unaware of the havoc wrought unto Team Ecchi, Team Lewd dashed down the lengthy tunnels that crossed like veins under the city. The closer they got to MR Tower, the thicker and colder the air became.

“Jeez, man. Didn’t you guys think to insulate these tunnels?” Mahlua asked with a shiver.

“I thought you’d be at home in it, seeing as you have all that industrial style going on today,” Coryn teased, gesturing to the faint LED light emanating from under a thin layer of fabric on the ginger’s pants.

“Well, at least something’s lighting our way,” Byron added, “Even if it does feel like freezing down here.”

“It won’t be too much longer until we get to the tower,” the scientist waved off. As he said so, a faint light shone from the next turn of the maze of underground streets. “See?”

“I don’t know,” Byron sighed, crossing his arms. “I still don’t see anything, but it feels like something should have happened by now.”

Everyone took a moment to be serious. “Well, we aren’t out of the woods quite yet,” Coryn acquiesced, “If something’s waiting, it’s probably right around that bend.”

Mahlua rested her hand on the handle of her khopesh, knitting her eyebrows together. “Then I guess we’ll get ready for a real fight,” she said thickly, closing her eyes and dropping her head to focus. She found her core and pulled all lingering energy to it, then unwound portions of it, dispersing negative energy into the ground to be purified. With that, she started drawing upon her power and building it up. Next to her, Byron raised an intrigued eyebrow.

“You’re radiating a lot of energy. You know, if there is something down here, it knows we’re here now, that’s for sure,” he commented idly.

“If it’s down here, it expects someone to come,” she countered, blowing out a long breath and opening her eyes. “Let’s go,” she added, already striding towards the last turn. The duo quickly followed.

As they turned, they entered a well-lit, cleared out room, on the other side of which stood the door to MR Tower, unattended. Collectively, everyone sighed in relief. “Well, would you look at that,” Coryn grinned, rubbing the back of his neck, “That was easy.”

Relaxing slightly, the trio took a few steps towards the door, only to be interrupted by the sound of dragging chains in the distance. In her heightened state, Mahlua dropped to the ground almost as if she had been shot. “She’s here,” the raider managed through gritted teeth, forcing her energy deep into the ground to combat the tidal wave of heat energy that crushed her.

“You didn’t honestly think it would be that simple, did you?” a familiar, low voice chided, resonating throughout the room.

“So it was a trap,” Byron said, tensing up.

“Guess so,” Coryn sighed, “And that’s another thing to cross off the list of things we’ve tried.

“W-we h…haven’t lost yet,” Mahlua pointed out, straining against the divine pressure. Tattoos started to slither across her skin, covering half of her body with a purple glow like the LED in her pants.

“Aww, you have to force yourself into your full ritual state just to deal with my fighting presence? Don’t I feel special,” Lewd-tan teased, finally dropping from the ceiling, chain wrapped around her wrist and at the ready.

The raider in question slowly rose to her full height, drawing her battle hammer. Fully formed hieroglyphs glowed in sharp contrast to her pale, freckled skin, and electricity crackled around her.

“My lady,” the ginger began, voice echoing with far more force than usual, “I respect you whole-heartedly, and as such, I will fight you in these trials if victory leads to such a precious prize. I am sure that you understand.”

“Amazing,” Coryn whistled lowly to himself.

“What?” Byron blinked, looking at the scientist with a confused expression.

“This is the first time I’ve actually seen Mahlua in her full ritual state. It’s like her entire demeanor changes,” the mod noted. “I wish I had a notepad and a pen. This is excellent stuff.”

Meanwhile, Lewd-tan and the electric elemental began taking synchronized steps towards each other, staring each other down. The closer they drew, the more pops of voltage sparked around the raider, until her eyes glowed the same purple as her tattoos.

“I will fight. You two go into the tower and decipher the location of the treasures,” Mahlua’s voice commanded.

“Oh? They still have to get past—”

The tan was interrupted by a storm of lightening crashing down around her. “Go!” the raider shouted, “I’ll catch up to you later!”

The other two scrambled for the door with hardly time for a “Yes Ma’am” and shut it behind them with a metallic crash.

“Well, well, well,” the redhead chuckled, standing up in spite of the blast. “You’ve got some moxie, but let’s see how you hold up.” She made a ‘come here’ gesture and smirked.

Unfazed, the ginger dropped to her stance and held the hammer behind her, twirling it as her returning taunt.

Satisfied, Lewd-tan circled one end of her chain above her head, then launched it at the raider, who pounded the chain into the ground and kept it there to prevent it from wrapping around her weapon. To the raider’s surprise, however, the chain retracted its links back close to the tan’s hand.

“So that’s your secret,” Mahlua grunted, hoisting the hammer out of the dent it made in the ground, “The reason no one could tell the length of your chain is because you can change its length at will.”

“That’s right,” Lewd-tan hummed, pursing her lips, “But shouldn’t that worry you?” She flicked her wrist, sending the chain flying, expanding and using its momentum to further the swing’s force.

To dodge, the raider leapt into the air with inhuman force, then did an aerial frontflip to nosedive towards her opponent, preparing to swing the hammer. The tan simply widened her smirk and flicked her wrist upward, and the chain redirected, wrapping around the hammer. “What?” Mahlua exclaimed.

Lewd-tan only jerked her arm down, but the force of the momentum allowed her to easily pull the hammer from its owner’s hands. In midair, Mahlua scowled and fizzled into electric energy, phasebolting inches from her opponent and rematerializing, khopesh in hand, lunging for a strike.

“Easy there,” the tan chuckled, taking a graceful leap backwards.

Before she could come up with an innuendo to drop, the raider phasebolted again, this time coming at the tan from the right. Instinctively, the tan created a shield of ice to block with her forearm. The force from the raider’s blow actually caused her to skid a few yards.

The ginger started to breathe heavily, tattoos and eyes pulsating with light. She had to re-center herself, pulling all her energy to her core before expanding it, causing more jolts of electricity to trace across her form.

Taking the opportunity, the redhead swung her chain with actual effort, realizing that the raider might actually be a challenge. The links struck and wrapped around the raider, who cried out in pain as the heavy metal dug into flesh. Seething, she reached up with a hand and grabbed her binds.

“That’s not going to do you any good,” the tan teased, giving the chain another yank.

“That’s what you think,” Mahlua growled, phasing into a pure electric state again and following the metal of the chain as a conductor, which brought her exactly where she wanted to be.

Lewd-tan screamed in agony as the voltage of pure lightning energy almost instantly zapped her hand and spread throughout her body. She dropped to her knees, glasses knocked askew, and screamed again with a raw breath.

Finished, the electric elemental withdrew and rematerialized as she stepped out from her opponent. She stood over the tan, watching her gasp raggedly. “Metal and electricity can cause quite a chain reaction,” the victor commented coolly, eyes fading to their natural, non-glowing state.

“Heh,” the redhead coughed, adjusting her glasses. “I knew you had power, but you’ve honestly managed to impress me. So, I’ll give you a little hint.” She slowly and shakily lowered herself to a sitting position, and then laid down on her back to monitor her breathing. “What you’re looking for is on the top floor, in the administration’s office, but good luck getting up there.”

“Thank you, my Lady,” Mahlua replied, striking her chest with her right hand proudly and lowering for a bow.

Battle won, she took four steps back, still facing the defeated tan, and then turned for the door, watching the tattoos fade from her arms as she opened and closed it behind her.
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Re: MR Story: The Great After-Christmas Panty Raid of 2016
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2016, 08:12:33 PM »
MR Tower, like the Science Division building, had seemingly no power running through it, with all lights shut off. Coryn and Byron made their way up the stairs from the tunnel and found themselves in one of the old laboratories the mod used to work in back when MR City was still developing. The scientist took the lead, maneuvering through the massive room and all its tables and odd devices and vials he had memorized like the back of his hand.

“This is the furthest anyone’s ever made it, right?” Byron asked from behind.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Coryn nodded, turning the door handle and stepping into a main corridor, looking around for signs of danger. “I wonder if Lego and the rest of Team Ecchi got in.”

The perceiver closed his eyes and scanned the building as best as he could with his abilities, although he found it difficult to see anything on the top floors. “I don’t sense anyone else here, but there’s definitely a lot going on below us,” he commented, “And there are a few traps in the building. Other than that, I can see that there’s been massive destruction outside.”

The mod pressed his lips into a thin line and stood still for a moment in silent respect for the fallen. “I guess the real fun is going to be going through this building that’s no doubt set up like a maze now.”

“That’s a thing this building can do?” Byron blinked in confusion.

“Yes. It’s a defense mechanism set in place from the days of the spam ninjas,” Coryn explained.

Below them, a crushing thud from the tunnels rattled the floor. The duo cringed at the thought of what it could have been.

“That sounded like it hurt,” Coryn muttered, going on into the hallway and taking a right. Byron followed.

“So, do you have any idea where the panties are hidden in the building?” the mod asked, “Or does your perception not have that kind of honing.

“Well, I don’t exactly know what I’m looking for with those,” the perceiver explained. “You see, my abilities only work for perceiving things and understanding them as far as I understand what they are. For traps, I can pick up on the potential peril, and people have their own signatures based on their power. For instance, I can tell you that Mahlua’s still fighting because her signature is still strong.”

“I see,” Coryn hummed, stroking his chin and truly wishing he had brought a notepad and pen. To their left, the hall widened out to reveal two elevators. Curiously, the scientist tapped the “up” button, but no light came on, nor did anything make a sound. “Figures,” he muttered before moving on.

“So we’re wandering around this massive, multi-story skyscraper, and looking for panties in every room?” Byron asked to clarify.

The mod opened the next door they came into and popped his head in. “Yup. Seems that way.”

They went on in this fashion for a couple more doors, which only opened to offices, and then Byron came to a complete halt, eyes widened.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Philos?” the mod asked, standing up a little more straight.

The perceiver squeezed his eyes shut and traced what caught his attention, then looked up at the scientist with a look of shock and surprise.

“What is it?” Coryn asked again.

“Mahlua won.”

Coryn’s eyes went as wide as his jaw did slack. “What? How can you tell that?”

“Because I heard Lewd-tan’s screams and felt her energy get zapped up, and now Mahlua is slipping out of her Ritual State.”

The duo stood stock still for a few, long moments and shivered.

“All right. Mahlua has reached a whole new level of terrifying. What did she even learn on her hiatuses?” The mod gulped.

“Something about her Ritual State, no doubt,” Byron said flatly. “Anyway, she’s probably looking for us.”

As if on cue, a trickle of electricity slithered along the air conditioning pipes above them and struck like a bolt of lightning next to them, materializing into the victorious raider. She stood up, breathing raggedly and revealing the dark violet bruises wrapped around her upper body from the chain’s wrath.

“No more phasebolting for me today,” she groaned, leaning against a wall for support, “I feel like a train wreck.”

“To be fair, you look like you’ve been in a train wreck,” Byron offered with a shrug, earning a chuckle from her.

“I also have some information I gathered from her,” Mahlua added, sliding down into a sitting position. “She told me where the panties are in the building as something of a parting gift.”

Coryn took a step back in surprise. “She must really favor you.”

“Think about it, though. Her namesake is Lewd, which would suggest that she would be the twin to secretly be rooting for us to win,” Byron mused, “Especially in the realms of ecchi. Ecchi-tan exemplifies the situational humor of fanservice and the softer sides of the genre, but for her twin to carry the title of Lewd-tan suggests a more assertive and intentional approach over a playful one.”

“That…actually makes a lot of sense,” the scientist rubbed the back of his neck.

“Anyway, we should get going,” the ginger huffed, grunting as she pulled herself up. “I need to be a different kind of sore by tomorrow morning.”

“But wait,” the perceiver interjected, “If the winner who gets the panties gets a night with the twin of his or her choice…what happens if there is more than one winner?”

A tense silence blanketed Team Lewd as they pondered the implications of the suggestion.

“Well, it doesn’t say there exactly has to be only one winner, even though the way the rules are written kind of suggests it. I guess if all three of us find them, we’d each get our own night.”

“FIRSTDIBS.” Mahlua shouted quickly.

“What? Oh, come on, Milk! I’ve been fighting at this since before you were even born” Coryn scoffed, crossing his arms.

“And hey, I made this possible, remember? Foreseeing the traps and all,” Byron added.

“Yes, but I fought Lewd-tan herself, and won.” the elemental pointed out. “Besides,” she drawled, “If she’s a tan with near limitless power, surely she has ways of keeping herself up. She’s also ageless, if you recall.”

“Ah, that makes sense. Forever young, beautiful, and perfect,” Byron nodded, relaxing.

“Still, in principle, this is a little weird to consider,” Coryn sighed.

“Or maybe you need to get more used to the idea of sharing,” Mahlua teased, “After all, she is essentially a goddess beloved by many; It’s not like you’re the only one enamored with her.”

“All right, all right,” the scientist said exasperatedly, putting his hands up, “Regardless, we really should get going. Where did she say the panties are hidden?”

“On the top floor, in the administration’s office,” the ginger replied.

The two male raiders sighed, disgruntled. “And the elevators are busted. Great.”


In the tunnel below, Lewd-tan sat up, gaining her second wind. Next to her, Ecchi-tan appeared.

“Sis!” the pink-haired twin cried, “I felt something go wrong, but I had to make sure the raiders at the entrance to the tower didn’t have it easy. Are you all right? Who did this to you?”

“I’m fine, dear sister,” the older twin said softly, standing up and brushing herself off, “but Mahlua certainly gave me a run for my money. It was a good idea to invite her.”

“But you actually got hurt!” the younger pleaded, worry showing in her red eyes.

“But we know now how to prepare for facing her next year. I’m sure other raiders won’t be pleased with the difficulty spike she’ll bring them.”

“Do you think they’ll find the panties this year?” Ecchi-tan asked, relaxing slightly.

“I gave Mahlua an idea where to look as to where to find them as a reward for beating me,” Lewd-tan chuckled, watching her twin blush horrendously.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” the younger exclaimed, voice raised a couple of octaves from embarrassment.

“Remember, they still have to get all the way up there and past all the trials before sunrise. I figured, though, that I’d give them a fighting chance,” the older explained, a smile curling at her lips.


“Ugh, these stairs are going to be the death of me,” Mahlua groaned, practically pulling herself along the handrail.

“You did take quite a beating back there,” Byron pointed out, taking deep breaths.

“Well, we still have about twenty flights to go,” Coryn said, keeping his chin up and focused on the bit of ceiling he could see in the darkness.

Up ahead, something crashed, pulling the three raiders into full attention. The perceiver bolted past the other two to the nearest floor exit. “Come on!” he shouted, “It’s gonna tumble down!”

Despite not quite understanding what he meant, the other two dove for the door, skidding into the hallway in time to watch a giant boulder painted like a beach ball practically steamroll down the stairs. Everyone sighed a sigh of relief. “Where did that come from?” Mahlua asked, rubbing her tender neck as she stood up.”

“My guess is that it was hidden behind some kind of wall that blocked me from seeing it until it was released,” the prophet reasoned, tapping his chin.

“And my guess is that means we’re on the right track,” the scientist added. “The closer we get, the more traps we’re going to run into, right?”

“So if we can’t take the stairs, how else are we going to get up, what with the elevators shut down and Mahlua’s power nearly exhausted?” Byron asked.

“Same way Milk got to us in the first place,” Coryn replied simply, pointing up. “The ventilation in the building circles through every floor.”

“Chances are, then, that those have some sort of tripwire or laser equivalent,” Mahlua pointed out, shaking her head, “But if that’s the case, then I may know a way to detect where exactly they are.”

With a nod, the scientist opened his palm and sent a pulse of energy to the air vent above them, stepping out of the way as it clanged on the floor. “Best to keep moving. Who knows how much of this stuff is timed.”

Mahlua hopped up and gripped the edge of the opening, swinging her body and biting back the protest from the chain’s bite. With her momentum, she pulled into the small space and turned to give a hand down to help pull Byron up, and once both of them were inside, they worked together to hoist Coryn up with them.

They crawled through the space on their stomachs until they reached a corner that led to an incline. “Sense anything, Byron?” the ginger asked from the lead.

“This whole tunnel system has me tense, honestly,” he replied.

“Do either of you mind the smell of tobacco?” she asked.

They both gave a confused look. “Is now really the time for a smoke?” Coryn asked, “Besides, I thought you quit.”

With a roll of her eyes, she pulled a pack of Marlboro Black from her back pocket and drew out a cigarette and the lighter from the box, taking a shallow drag on the toxic drug and blowing outwards into the inclined space. In the smoke’s wake, trails of red light became visible. “Anime teaches you so many useful things,” she muttered. “Thanks, Mnemosyne.”

From behind, the two men looked at each other and shrugged.

Keeping the cancer stick between her lips, the ginger kept moving, avoiding the now visible trip lasers. From behind, the perceiver and scientist followed as carefully as they could. Eventually, they managed to successfully maneuver the incline to the next floor up.

They repeated this process for a couple of more floors, with Mahlua keeping careful watch on the burning cherry of her cigarette, putting it out after each incline. On the plus side, it helped alleviate some of the pain from her wounds. Finally, they reached an incline where the lasers were rigged so thickly it looked impossible to pass.

“This is where we get out of here and try the stairs,” she sighed. They crawled backwards and Coryn kicked down the nearest vent and dropped down.

The other two crept down after him. Once safely on the floor, the trio stretched to relax the muscles that got tired through the crawling. “So, now what?” Mahlua asked, tenderly rubbing a sore muscle through a violet bruise.

“Chances are that if the ventilation shafts are taken care of, then something’s waiting for us in the stairwell, too. It’s a matter of what,” Byron replied, closing his eyes to focus on the surrounding area. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly before opening them again.

“See something, Philos?” Coryn prodded.

“Yes, and it’s not very nice,” the perceiver replied, “But it seems like we might be able to get past it with a fight.”

“We don’t have any choice. We can’t give up after coming this far,” the ginger said sternly, punching her fist into her hand. “I might not should phasebolt anymore for a good while, but I can still wield my weapons.”

The scientist stroked his chin for a moment before nodding. “She’s right. We can’t let our opportunity go to waste. Let’s see what there is to see. If we go down, we go down fighting.” With that, he turned on his heel and headed for the nearest stairwell entrance.

The darkness blanketing the building had become less unnerving as they went on, but it started to settle uncomfortable once again when the raiders reached the door. With a nervous gulp, Coryn gripped the handle and gave it a slow, silent turn before cracking it to peek through. After a hard moment, he motioned for the others to join him as he slipped inside.

Cautiously, the trio ascended the stairs once more, careful of their footing. They passed in silence, getting more tense with each platform. Once they had reached the second to last floor, they learned why. Lying in wait on the midway platform between the second to last and top floors sat a pack of sleeping dogs, appearing to be relative to the Doberman breed.

Seeing this, the scientist quietly reached for the door, trying to open it as little as possible enough to slip through, but with the click of the lock, one of the dog’s ears twitched and it made a small growl. Eyes widened, the scientist ushered the other two inside. The dog lifted its head at the shuffling and almost instantly stood, releasing an explosive bark. “Go!” Coryn shouted as the other dogs roused into wakefulness. The other two raiders sprinted through the door and the hall it opened into, Coryn tailing them, generating a shield with his blue energy to keep the canines at bay as they snarled and pounced.

From the lead, Byron tripped and hit the floor hard. “Watch out! Some of the floor tiles are missing!” he shrieked, scrambling to get up.

Behind him, Mahlua grabbed him by the back of his jacket and jerked him to his feet, stumbling with him. She reached for a dial in her pants pocket, turning the low light of her LED pants up to watch their steps. On the downside, it painted a target on their backs. As they rounded the corner, missing tiles turned into pure holes in the ground, leading to the floor below.

“How did they manage this?” Coryn groaned, draining the energy stores quickly with the constant beams for the shield.

“I think the better question is how do we manage this?” Byron pointed out. “My perception isn’t so acute as to be able to detect every dip in the floor.”

“We should probably find another vent and hope these pups can’t jump that high,” the ginger suggested, running out of breath.

As they turned the next corner, the group ground to a halt, pinwheeling at the edge of a drop off, a pit of spikes lying in wait below. “Just great,” Coryn muttered, looking around for any way out.

“We’re about to get mauled, aren’t we?” the perceiver sighed, blowing out a low breath.

“Not if I can help it,” Mahlua grunted, gritting her teeth. “I didn’t come all this way to be taken down by dogs,” she said, centering her energy again and putting a hand on her battle hammer. “Hell, I practically took down a tan. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’ll never have that surprise again.”

For a moment, the shield fizzled. “Agh, dammit,” the scientist huffed. With one last gust, he pushed the force field as far down the hallway as the remaining juice would allow, just buying time to keep the dogs off their tail. “Everybody jump!”

Without question, Mahlua took a few steps back to get a running start and leapt across the space, albeit unsure of how far the gap would be. The other two jumped as best as they could, Coryn even trying to push another beam of energy to propel him. It seemed like time slowed down with the trio suspended in the air, dim LED light eventually pulling the other side of the pit into view. Simultaneously, their hearts dropped into their feet. The parkour in the ginger led her to shift her projection into a dive, reaching for the ledge with all her might. The scientist reached for the ledge as best he could, but his hand came up short and his shoulder met the wall, forcing him to slide down into the pit below. Determined, the elemental clutched the very edge of the wall with her outstretched hands, swinging her legs in for a kick. Then, a weight clutched around her waist, almost causing her to lose her grip.

“Sorry,” Byron smiled sheepishly, “But do you think you can get both of us up?”

Blessedly, the dogs remained on the other end and did not attempt to jump over the pit of spikes, but continued their snarling and barking from the top of the other ledge.

Mahlua tried to hoist and kick, careful of the perceiver gripping her for dear life. To both of their dismay, however, the maneuver lead to a resounding sound of ripping fabric that stunned even the dogs into silence. Time passed in slow motion again as Byron descended into the pit, and even from his place below, arm caught on a spike, Coryn lifted his eyes, and all stared in awe as the belt loop of the fabric pulled away an entire patch of the tripp pants, LED light illuminating just perfectly upon the sliver of black lace as the ginger kicked up and over the ledge, instantly turning around and using a hand to cover herself.

“Ahaha,” Coryn chuckled quietly to himself, “Truly a momentous night—a panty raid in which a pair of panties were actually in sight.”

“Oh, shut it,” Mahlua shouted from above, face afire with a blush. “Do you know how expensive pants like these are? Ugh!”

Turning on her heel and keeping her hand over her backside, the elemental continued down the last of the corridor, hearing the cheers for good luck calling from below. After the pit, she noticed that all the holes in the floor disappeared, and before her stood the other stairwell of the building.

Cautiously, opened the door and peeked around, but nothing was around to be seen. Keeping a hand on her battle hammer, the elemental crept inside, stair by stair. Nothing was lying in wait for her at the top, nothing by the top floor door, nothing on the midway platform of the flight of stairs, just…nothing. It made the eerie feeling settle back in.

Upon crossing the threshold into the administration floor, the ceiling lights met her with an almost welcoming, dim hum. A door before her labeled “ADMINISTRATOR’S OFFICE” sat, in the open, with nothing around to appear off. Biting her lip, Mahlua gave it a push.

And there they were, hanging from a rafter in the ceiling, practically glowing with power and glory. Two pairs of panties, one of red and black lace, and the other with white and pale blue stripes in a typical pattern, just hung there, waiting to be claimed. With victory so at hand and in sight, the ginger leapt onto one of the desks and reached for the treasured garments, and everything faded to white.
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