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Author Topic: [Free Commission] Sketch your characters  (Read 1026 times)

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[Free Commission] Sketch your characters
« on: December 18, 2016, 09:57:13 PM »
Ok so I have much more free time now and I am willing to sketch your characters

Edit: I have been working a full time job now so it is really difficult for me to draw much.  Still feel free to ask for a request but just know that it will take a while.  You can ask me any time while waiting for an update and I won't get mad about it.

Edit 2:  Really just want to focus on my webcomics, I'm sorry for everyone who I didn't get to.  I might possibly come back and finish the rest of the requests some time in 2018


Degenisis (jinglemaestro's character)

Corporal Daina Allens (Operative13's character)

What I need is for you to fill out this:
Age: What age they look like, if they look 16 but are 30 then just type 16
Body type: (skinny, lean, fat, muscular, etc)
Hair style:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Background: If you don't want a background then just type "Blank"
I might or might not color your character but it is up there so I can imagine it.  Also picture references would be great but don't go overboard and tell me to mash 10 different anime characters together.  We can just keep changing the character until it fits what you want so don't get upset if it isn't perfect the first time.

Status: Working on Creating.manga's character
Waitlist: 5
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Re: [Free Commission] Sketch your characters
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2016, 10:29:08 PM »
Ah, awesome! I'd love it if you could draw my character

Name: Degenisis
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Body type: skinny
Hair style: Spiky backwards
Hair color: Pitch black
Eye color: Black
Background: Degenisis is a teleporter who creates black holes when he teleports. For some reason he always appears in civilized alien races, and has to decide every time whether to save himself or to kill a planet to escape. Seeking for answers.

Emotion: Nervous

Clothes: He wears a black leather jacket, black jeans and walks barefoot.

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Re: [Free Commission] Sketch your characters
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2016, 10:39:18 PM »
I'll just throw mine out.  :sure:

Name: Corporal Daina Allens
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Body type: Reasonably slim, yet fit
Hair style: Short, unkempt hair stopping just before the shoulders, with two strands of hair hanging from the middle of her forehead.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Bright Brown
Background: Ruined City
Emotion: Defiant
Clothing: Olive-green military tunic resembling that of the German World War 1 Stormtroopers. The tunic is lengthened to just above the knees and has two breastpockets. A 4-pointed star is worn around the neck, with Daina's rank on the right collar and her former Party badge on the left. A round visor-less cap with a large braid hanging from the top matching the olive-green uniform colour is worn with a small star-in-circle at the front, resembling that of a Scottish bonnet and the German WW1 Cap. Heavy hiking boots are worn, and is typically covered by leather spats to keep mud out.

Attempt by WhiteCrow's Artist:

MusicFreak8800's Attempt:

My old sketch:

German WW1 Stormtrooper Uniform:



Scottish Bonnet:

German Stormtrooper Cap:



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Re: [Free Commission] Sketch your characters
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2016, 08:00:18 PM »
Tossing a character into the ring.

This is a copy paste from another thread, sorry about it being uber long.

Archangel Uriel
Story: Rise of the Crimson Angels: Archangel Uriel
Genre: fantasy, action, horror (kind of)
Name: Archangel Uriel
Gender: Male
Age: physical age is roughly 30, but his actual age is more along the lines of 2,500 human years or more
Personality: On the surface, Uriel has a personality kind of similar to Deadpool. In his own words he's a "Booze chugging workaholic with a chronic addiction to debauchery." of course the part of that description that humans won't understand is that Uriel's primary job is hunting down rogue demons and Fallen Angels and turn them into again using his terms "meat puddles." He's sarcastic, profane, and likes to poke fun at people. In general, most people would at first glance call him a narcissistic smart ass with an itchy trigger finger. Underneath the persona though, Uriel's a good person with a lot of regret from his past and he uses alcohol and a cover personality to cover up his very lonely life.

Just a quick thing about Uriel's past: Uriel is an odd man out in heaven because of his birth and events that occurred during his early days in the Great Angel Devil War.  He was a product of rape, his mother was the Archangel of healing before his cousin, Raphael, and she died giving birth to Uriel. Uriel's father was a blood thirsty half Devil half-Fallen Angel general fighting with the Devil armies.  Because of his mixed heritage, Uriel was born with crimson tipped wings, symbolizing both his mixed heritage and the bloodlust from his father's side that could creep up and take him over, which does happen or at least start to on multiple occasions. This bloodlust mode could be compared to Bruce Banner when he hulks out but just in the mental department. The only part of Uriel that physically changes is the color of his wings which turn completely blood red.

- Body type he has slim but fit build. Similar to the build of your average men's lacrosse player if that makes sense.
- Skin color white
- Eye type + color soft grey eyes that give off that feeling that Uriel is actually 2,500 years old and not in his 30's
- Hair colour + style Honestly this is one place where I almost always fall short. I always picture Uriel with short scruffy hair and a slightly more than a 5 O'clock shadow beard. So if you want to feel free to try a different hair style. He has very dark brown hair.
- Clothing Alright I'll give you two options for this. Option One! Uriel's Angel Battle Armor, this would be Uriel during the Angel Devil War. I'll include pictures and more detailed descriptions for reference on everything down at the bottom  :thumbsup: Option Two!! Uriel wearing a suit. This would be a white suit with a black dress shirt underneath. 
- Accessories + props Should you go with option one, then there's Uriel's two short swords. Should you go with option two then there's Uriel's twin chrome Colt 45's. (I'm not sure if this counts more as a prop or part of the environment but I'll put it here.) A dead knight wearing demonic looking armor. (I'll include references down below.)
- Environment Should you go with option one then the environment is a battlefield, Uriel's general look in this is when the bloodlust has taken him over, so his wings would be fully red, he'd also have a rather regretful look on his face as he's covered in the blood of friend and foe alike. Should you go with option two then the environment is a really busted up bar where Uriel had just previously killed a rogue devil. his expression and mood here would be more like that persona I mentioned in the description of his personality.

References for the angel armor these are not exactly what the armor looks like in my head but there are similarities

references for Uriel's short swords

Option one (Battlefield) environment references

devil knight inspiration for the battlefield environment

Option two references

The style of Uriel's pistol

example of what Uriel looks like, it's actually pretty close to how I picture him aside from the eye color.

an example of how his suit looks

environment inspiration


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Re: [Free Commission] Sketch your characters
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2017, 02:02:26 AM »
Quick update: Been working a full time job and it takes up most of my days now
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