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Author Topic: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info  (Read 109482 times)

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MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:44:44 AM »

UPDATE!!!!    7/31/16

-1.2 has been posted
-The Character List has been updated
-Links to the Pre-Project story bits have been pulled together, along with chapters 1.0 and 1.1 - scroll down to see it.

New Participants are allowed:
One Main character (At this time)
One Secondary character
Four Cameos

RETURNING PARTICIPANTS: Any participant wishing to return must make it known on this topic. If there is a character that was in Project 1 or 2, that will not be returning for 3 (and their exit wasn’t dealt with during the story) then the participant will be required to either write a CM that writes them off Pre-Project, or collaborate with me on the handling of their exit during the project. A bit more participation is going to be needed for this project. No, you will not be writing the story, but I will need you all to be ready and willing to provide your talents for it (even if it means altering written dialogue to cater to your characters’ personality). If a previous participant is no longer on this site, and do not return by the time Project 3 begins, I will determine their status (Cameo, Main, Secondary, etc.) Although most likely, to maintain the creator’s integrity, I’ll have the character killed off; so that I don’t ruin their presentation.

Returning Participants are allowed:
Two Main Characters
One Secondary Character
Four Cameos
Fixtures (Chosen by me)

-ALL New Characters will have intro CM's that will be posted here. This may be a good way to gauge if newcomers feel comfortable with the project.

NEW UPDATE!!! If you don't have a ton of characters, or, if you have a character that didn't make your cut as a Main or Secondary - just use all 4 Cameo slots on them!

Character Sign Up Sheet
Ok, so this is the new Character Sheet. ALL Characters must have this filled out, including Current ones. To explain some of the new details:

Character Types:

Main: This will be your most featured character throughout the story. Returning participants are entitled to a max of 2, while new participants can have 1.

Secondary: These characters will have small spots here and there, some dialogue, some interaction during events – but, they will not always be present. The best comparison for this is Marco and Hauser, those two were present for comedic moments, and not much else. Each participant is limited to 1.

Fixture: These characters are determined by me. Fixtures has differing roles throughout the story, and do not take up a participant’s character slot. Fixtures include Neske, Rex, and a few others. As the sheets are filled out, I will be announcing who the fixtures are for Project 3.

Cameo: These characters will either appear in a brief moment of interaction with a character, they may appear as someone who has died, and thus – a participant may want to include them for the purpose of a CM; or something like that. All in all, these characters may appear only once in the entire story. Each participant is allowed 4 of these. Two of which I will inject in to the story as it happens, the other two will be the participant’s responsibility. (We will of course discuss this process in private)

Story (What is the name of the story your character is from):




(There are 7 Realities. The 7th is “technically” the antagonist group. However, there can be good individuals residing there. Keep in mind, the 7th is a grouped clone of the other 6 – so, it’s up to you to determine whether the character you are focusing on is a Clone, or the original. Lastly… originals can exist in the 7th, and clones in the 6R -Six Realities) (ie: Cazo)

Here is a breakdown of the 6 Protagonist Realities, really it’s just which Watcher is attached to the Reality; and some other basic info. (Note: Any Dead or MIA characters will not be listed. Note 2: New Participants can’t have their characters be from the 6th Reality. Note 3: Any person wishing to have their character be from the 7th Reality… be prepared to collaborate with me.)

Reality 1: Watchers- Kiano and Ergas
Residents: Frank, Dave

Reality 2: Watcher- Maygani
Residents: Teddy, Cazo

Reality 3: Watchers- Lyra and Qioni
Residents: Jack Ramanov, Chris

Reality 4: Watchers- Foggis and Remaddo
Residents: Arman

Reality 5: Watchers- Opa and Sappa
Residents: Jasper, Thomas, Xiana, Kyokyu (Aligned w/ R7)

Reality 6: Watcher- Xodara
Residents: Nanik, Nakaja, Meynaur, Rex, Data, Shio, Allens, Christiana, Eliza, Bjorn, Hauser, Janette


Current Mindset:
(This is relative to what’s occurred thus far during these Projects. So, while your character may have entered this story with a certain personality, given all that’s happened, how are they now? Example: Their world was destroyed, they weren’t in Project 2, but they’ve been rescued by the ones who were – whom told them what happened… how has this affected the character?)

(This doesn’t have to be filled out initially. This is simple – as the creator of your character, I ask that you go through the list of characters (That aren’t your own), and pick out 3 characters you believe your character will (or in the case of returning characters, has) get/gotten along with, and 3 characters that they’ll struggle to see eye to eye with. Small explanation preferred.)

Speech Example:
(To differentiate dialogue, I need an example of how your characters speak. I need you, to take these scenarios:
Introducing myself
Angry at my enemy, who just killed my friend.
In the middle of a tense battle.
Betrayed by an ally.
Disbelief over the ending of a movie.
Sad about the death of a friend.

-Take these scenarios and apply your character’s moxie to it. How would they introduce themselves? What would they say to that enemy? How would they express their excitement, or dread, over a tense battle?... show me how to differentiate your character’s speech from the others.)

Physical description:

(Example: Elemental user, speedster…)

(This is different than powers. A water user may or may not have increased durability, or increased movement speed. This is where you tell me if your character has enhanced reaction time, durability, superior breath-holding skills…)


(Is your character Goku? Unaware of his surroundings, letting his guard down? Do they overthink things? I need to know what hurts your character inside and out of battle)

Combat Type
(Close quarters, ranged, sadistic, careless…)

Moves (Max of 8 ):
(Moves are simple, they can be a blast of energy, or a simple sword swing. They can have names, or not.)

Special (Max of 2)

(Think Spirit Bomb, Kamehameha…. Super Saiyan transformation. This is the end all be all, either a move that ends fights, or a transformation that signifies your character is going all out… this is where these moves belong)

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2016, 12:48:43 AM »

The amount of stars determines how much of a role, and how beneficial the hidden character will be to our cause.

Win 2 Battles: 3 Stars

Suffer 2 Defeats: 4 Stars

Secure one of the 7th Reality Worlds: 5 Stars

Defeat a General: 4 Stars

Defeat a 7th God: 6 Stars

Convert someone to our side: 2 Stars

Be betrayed by one of our own: 4 Stars

Win a battle with no casualties: 1 Star

Develop a bond: 3 Stars

Have the 6R version of a character defeat their R7 doppelganger: 3 Stars

Willingly sacrifice a character for the team: 5 Stars

Complete 10 unique CM’s with at least 3 or more participants collaborating: 6 Stars

Proactively prevent a bad situation by bringing it up to the group beforehand (In other words, when you realized something was off with Jahki… bringing it up before its reveal):  5 Stars

Develop a unique way to defeat an enemy: 4 Stars

Prevent Teddy from dying off-screen: 3 Stars

Keep Data safe until chapter 5: 5 Stars

Never forget the one you unintentionally betrayed: 4 Stars

Keep the “First City” safe: 5 Stars

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2016, 12:52:14 AM »

I will be appearing on the MANGARAIDERS HAPPY HOUR PODCAST at some point, to discuss the project, and perhaps help catch up any newcomers on what's happened.
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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2016, 04:47:10 AM »
I'm am in.
Health is a relative thing.

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2016, 07:29:04 AM »
Totally interested in this. I'll come back later today, I'm at school. :sadbye:

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #6 on: April 13, 2016, 07:38:37 AM »


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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #7 on: April 13, 2016, 07:43:44 AM »
But of course! Let's Rock! x3

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #8 on: April 13, 2016, 07:50:37 AM »
You know I'm in for the whole project and beyond.  8)

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #9 on: April 13, 2016, 11:51:58 PM »

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2016, 03:42:08 PM »
Yes I am in!!!!! been waiting for this!!!  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

My character is tristan, a devil


Description: His name is Tristan. He is a devil who likes to wear nice suits.


Reality: 7. He is an antagonist.

Powers/abilities: His main weapon is his pointed tail, which is very hard and fast. He can use it to pierce through people's hearts and quickly swing it to cut off their heads.

Speech Example:

Angry at my enemy, who just killed my friend. You bastard! I'm going to rip your head off.
In the middle of a tense battle. Die *censored*!
Betrayed by an ally. I knew you were a traitor! You have a traitor's face.
Disbelief over the ending of a movie. Jesus what a terrible movie, I should have been the protagonist instead.
Sad about the death of a friend. Rest in peace my friend, maybe we will meet in hell


He has a special suit which is bulletproof, highly resistant to elements and looks very nice on him.

He can use his tail in many ways to attack his opponents. Slashing, piercing, grabbing enemies, grabbing objects to throw at them, etc.

Tail Jump: Uses his tail against the ground to propel himself and jump very high.

Special move: Tail spear. By taking his tail and coiling it around his arm he can use it as some kind of armored spear in battle.

Secret move: Surprise tail elongation. By restructuring the molecules in his tail, he can make it longer and thinner than normal. The tail loses most of its strength however so he doesn't do that often. Usually as a way to surprise an enemy who is trying to stay out of the tail's reach.

(this is what I had so far, I will fill the rest later!
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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2016, 09:32:37 PM »
Glad to have you aboard, Walter. Do me the favor, when you get all your info together, organize it with the Sign-Up sheet, it makes it easier for me.

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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« Reply #12 on: April 18, 2016, 04:40:45 AM »
Story (What is the name of the story your character is from): SL1NPC

Name: Gryl

Main/Secondary/Cameo: Main

Height: 1.80
Reality: 2

Personality: Brooding, easily angered, fiery, kind,

Current Mindset: Brooding, Dark

Relationships: Friend of Hildr, Formerly engaged to Eleanor Von Helgaren(deceased).

Speech Example:
(To differentiate dialogue, I need an example of how your characters speak. I need you, to take these scenarios:
Introducing myself
Angry at my enemy, who just killed my friend: *engulfed inflames* You Bastard!
In the middle of a tense battle: Grrr
Betrayed by an ally: And I considered you my friend...
Disbelief over the ending of a movie. ... What..?
Sad about the death of a friend. I'll miss you. Hope you are happy. Where ever you are.

Physical description: Lean, muscular, Fiery red eyes, Red spikey hair. Clad in red and orange robes.

Powers: Pyromancer, Master and Creator of the Cinder Soul fighting style (Muay Thai and Kung-fu mixture)

Abilities: superhuman speed, reflexes and strength.

Weakness: Water. Long fights

Combat Type: Close range to long range, blitz.

Moves (Max of 8 ):

Fiery punch/kick. He loads a firebolt in to a punch or a kick, releasing after the punch connects making it effectively a double hit. The distinct sound of Cinder Soul style is the "Ba-Bang".

Firebolt: He hurls a bolt of fire towards his enemy.

Fireball: He engulfs himself inflames changing to a fireball, moving extremely fast towards his enemy and tackles it.

Inferno: He extends his hands and shoot a multitude of small firebolts towards his enemy in quick succession.

Pyreball: He lifts his hands above his head and loads a gigantic ball of fire before lunching it towards his enemy, upon impact it explodes.

Gauterize: he burns a wound shut.

Ember blessing: He loads a fiery enchantment to an item, allowing to cause fire damage.

Phase out: He changes the frequency of his flames, turning invisible for a short while.

Special (Max of 2):

Pilar of Flames: He crosses his fingers and slams his hands upon his enemy, after a second a pilar of flames erupts below the ground reaching high in to the sky, engulfing the enemy. The heat is close to a nuke.

Supernova: He releases every last bit of his strength in every direction, dropping him near death but causing an explosion of fiery energy like the exploding star.


Story: Strongest Level One (n)PC

Name: Hildr

Main/Secondary/Cameo: Main

Height: 1.65
Reality: Second

Personality: Strong willed, dependable, serious, pious, diplomatic,

Current mindset: Slightly desperate but hopeful

Relationships: Teddy, lover. Gryl, friend.

Speech Example:
(To differentiate dialogue, I need an example of how your characters speak. I need you, to take these scenarios:
"My name is Hildr, Warrior priest or the third circle, anointed crusader of the Church of the Morning Sun
You shall pay for your deeds!
There will be no salvation for you.
I can't believe this!
May your soul be guided by the Morning Sun, friend.

-Take these scenarios and apply your character’s moxie to it. How would they introduce themselves? What would they say to that enemy? How would they express their excitement, or dread, over a tense battle?... show me how to differentiate your character’s speech from the others.)

Physical description: Medium length raven black hair, brown eyes, muscular, small breaststroke, wider hips.

Powers: Holy power granted by the Morning Sun. Auras, that increase the combat abilities, morale and resistances of those close to her. Her power is strongest during the day, during the first light of the morning sun her powers jump straight to max for a short time before dropping slightly and growing again, weakening towards the night.

Abilities: increased, defence, offense, resistance.

Reliquary Weapon: A spiked hammer with a holy relic forged within, tempered in the fresh blood of Teddy. Indestructible, increases all her powers, has will of its own and is fiercely loyal to Hildr and somewhat to its creator Teddy. Will always try to return to its master and can manipulate lesser beings to achieve this goal.

Mace of the Warrior Priest. Her secondary weapon. A supreme quality one handed blessed weapon.

Shield of the Warrior Priest. A supreme quality blessed shield.

Armor of the Crusader. Supreme quality, intricately designed, golden, holy-steel full plate armor with a winged open face helmet with nose guard and locked gauntlet on her right hand.

Weakness: Most abilities require time close proximity and prayer to take effect. Weaker during night.

Combat Type: Melee with few ranged abilities and gap closers

Moves (Max of 8 ):
Divine Strikes: She infuses her holy weapon with divine energy to increase damage dealt.

Wings of the crusader: Utility skill to move faster or reach enemy high above.

Healing hands: She can heal wounds and cure diseases and poisonings.

Divine shield: She infuses her armor with holy energy increasing all defences and absorbing all damage taken and stores it as Holy Energy. This energy can either be released through Healing Hands or Strike of Vengeance.

Regeneration (aura if prayer is continued): Holy energy heals wounds over time.

Hammers of Morning Light: She throws a hammer shaped bolt of Holy energy at her foe. Range is mediocre but it is homing.

Strike of Vengeance: She releases all the pent up energy absorbed by her Divine Shield in a single melee strike. The energy is released only after a successful attack on the intended target.

Consecrated ground: Through a long ceremony she can infuse the very ground she stands on to be Holy Ground. All of her powers will be at maximum during any time of the day but only in this area.

Special (Max of 2):

Mass Resurrection: In a wide are, all allies are brought back to life. She is extremely tired after the prayer.

Divine Transformation: She takes the shape of an Angelic Warrior, gaining flight, increasing all her abilities and powers and making all her moves ranged and area of effect. The area she is on is considered Holy Ground at all times. Can only be used during Mid-day or after a long and desperate prayer. She will drop unconscious when she releases the transformation.

Name: Teddy (aka The Ogre, Sentinel)

Story (What story are they from): Steongest Level One (n)PC

Main or Secondary: Main

Height: 2.5 meters in human form, 7 in true form

Personality (Cocky, Sarcastic, Well-spoken, friendly, soft-spoken, shy) - Basically need to know how they interact with strangers, friends, enemies: By canon incapable of speech, his personality is cold and calm. To friends (read as packmembers) he is warm, affectionate and considerate. For the purpose of this project, I'll allow him to speak. Has a depp, soft voice. Younger, deeper David Attenborough.

Physical description: Tall, muscular and covered in scars. Has iceblue eyes. Brown hair. A lot of brown hair all over his body. Wears a studded leather armor. Carries a magical vicious hook and large now sharpened axe.

Abilities (Abilities are not powers-- an ability is having superhuman strength, speed, sight, etc.): Colossal strength, wolfs speed and senses, Eagles eyes, divine regeneration, unending stamina, tough as a mountain.

Powers (Simple, do they control ice, fire, or something like that): several passives. All involving close combat.

Bathed in blood: When covered in blood, his skin hardens and his strength grows.

Unrelenting assault: physical attacks he receives (and those he deals) increases his physical abilities every time. Magic or energy doesn't proc this. (Bullets proc, lazers won't)

Indomitable: His mind is his own and no one can affect it unless he wills it. Can't be mind read.

Tough as nails: Every scar toughens his skin, making it more resistant to physical attacks.

NEW ABILITY: Mutation/Evolution: With the absorption of Watcher energy, Teddy formerly weaker ability to grow stronger regardless of his level has now been fully unlocked. This means that as long as he uses his physique, he will grow stronger permanently, he uses his brains, he will grow smarter and so on. He can even start to be resistant to magic. This is part of his path towards Ascension to True God of Battle (as was canon in the original story).

Weakness: Magic (fire NO LONGER (thanks to watcher energy plus multitude of near death experiences fighting Gryl) cancels his regeneration) except Cold, ranged battle. Energy weapons.

Combat Type: Cold, methodical, barbaric, brutal, unrelenting mêlée using a sharpened, heavy, rusted, indestructible double-bladed axe.


New Move: True Form: He can use the watcher energy to grow back to his original size. His gear will adapt to his size change accordingly.

New Move: Hook: After witnessing a certain watcher use hooks as means of transportation he devised his own albeit more sinister version of it. He has a magical barbed and sharp hook he can use to pull in enemies that are unreachable using other means


Story (What is the name of the story your character is from): Strongest Level One (n)PC

Name: Udharulven, Hrodvitnir, Terror Wolf.

Height: 2.46
Reality: 2

Personality: Irritable, Snappy, Vicious.

Current Mindset: Filled with bloodlust and desire to kill his enemies

Relationships: Friend and somewhat a rival of Teddy. Respect both Gryl and Hildr as potent warriors as well as most of the participants during the Second AoC excluding Cazo, whom he thinks is mostly a near empty windbag and is not even worth feeding to maggots.

Speech Example:

Introducing myself: Udharulven, Heir to the mantle of Hrodvitnir and leader of the Terror Wolves.

Angry at my enemy, who just killed my friend: Your end shall not be swift!

In the middle of a tense battle. *Grunts and howls*

Betrayed by an ally: If I find you, I will rip you to shreds. Very. Very slowly...

Disbelief over the ending of a movie: I just went from slightly salty to extra-vinegar in a heartbeat. Where's the damned whiskey!?

Sad about the death of a friend: We shall hunt again in Under-realm, friend...

Physical description: Tall, muscular, classical werewolf, but with a sinister twist. His yellow eyes feel piercing and his fur is completely black and seems to absorb light.

Powers: Werewolf and some spiritual abilities related to Under-realm and shadow.

Abilities: Regeneration, Superior Strength, Speed, Agility, Leaping power and above average intellect. Thick hide, long sharp claws and terrifying biting power. Healed by Shadow and Curse.

Weakness: Weaker during daytime, weakest during New Moons Day. Silver has no effect but Wolfs Bane is a deadly poison to him.

Combat Type: Close quarters using his natural weapons and spiritual abilities.

Moves (Max of 8 ):
Shadow Claws: He infuses his claws with spiritual energy from the Under-realm, inflicting Shadow damage.

Soul Ripper: The damage he inflicts with his Shadow claws will linger, working like a curse and after several successful attacks he can attack directly at the enemies soul by releasing the pent up energy.

Terror Saliva: His saliva causes strong hallucinations in the victim, causing terrifying visions and necrosis in the long run. He can coat his claws with his saliva (or with Shadow) or he can bite his foe.

Call of the Pack: he can summons several Terror Wolves to fight alongside him. These shadowy creatures are easy to destroy, one decent hit should do it, but they inflict Shadow damage that can be used in Soul Ripper.

Shadow Meld: He can almost disappear into shadows and reappear seemingly out of nowhere from a shadow.
Special (Max of 2):

Eternal Night: During the full moon, he can howl at the sky causing an eclipse to last until nightfall. All his physical powers are enhanced during Full Moon and Eternal Night. He is also immune to Wolfs Bane.

Terror of the Moonless night: During the New Moon, all his shadow abilities are enhanced. He can summon more Terror Wolves and his saliva is more potent. He is also immune to Wolfs Bane.

I'll add more profiles later to this post.

The Evacuation (Introducing Hildr and Gryl, Warning! This CM contains a lot of graphic scenes and themes not suited for a younger audience. Please read at your own discretion.
The council chanted in unison, lead by Vedraleth. They had placed all of their focus on keeping the storm contained on the Edges of the North. When Teddy had disappeared in to the Storm only few hours before, its nature had changed dramatically. A few unsuspecting Northerners that had ventured close had been disintegrated by tendrils of light. The news had spread quickly and panic had ensued.

Vedraleth had called a meeting to the snowy and icy top of Black Mountain to discus his vision and to tell the what he knew of the storm.
"Friends. Thank you for gathering at such a small notice, but this crisis is something unprecedented." Vedraleth spoke with a surprisingly strong voice. The Council members all bowed.
"Indeed. I does vex me to be summoned from my research but this is something unforeseen. Tell us, what is this strong energy centralization in the North. My devices are going haywire."
Alfrim, Principal of the Arcane Halls university said. Like all of the council, he had hidden himself inside a layer of heavy robes and leaned against his staff. The hands were wrinkled and blue blood veins protruded from the thin skin.
"Yes. Thank you, Alfrim." Vedraleth replied.
"This is... To be fair, I have no idea what it is. My vision is blocked by shadows I have never experienced before. What I do know is that it is extremely malicious. And hungry." Vedraleths voice was dark, it felt like he was afraid to even talk about the storm.
"Hungry? What do you mean?" Another Council member demanded. Vedraleth was about to answer when a pulse of energy rushed past them. They all turned their heads in unison towards the general location of the storm.
"It's moving!" Alfrim shouted.
"No. Its growing." Vedraleth corrected.
"We can't let it get to the cities. Or the tribes." Alfrim shouted.
"Prepare a circle, warn the First Born. We must evacuate the people immediately!" He barked orders.
"To where?" A male council member asked. Alfrim couldn't answer.
"To here." Vedraleth replied.
"Will it be safe?" The man asked.
"Even if it is rotten, the Tooth of Great Father isn't so easily destroyed." Vedraleth replied.

The chanting had been going on for hours and hours now. The portals in the grand halls inside the tower kept spilling more and more people. The Tall Einherjar were guiding people away from the portals and designated them in waiting zones to keep everyone calm. There were both scared and cofused people everywhere. The Northerner Tribes had been slowly piling through the main gate. Most of the Bog Elves had already arrived, but there were a lot who had decided that this was going to pass over like nothing had happened and stayed in the Crescent Marsh.

Vedraleths eyes shot open. He stared at the the man in-front of him. He didn't know who he was or how he got here, bu he was in the middle of the Magic Circle, surrounded by the combined magical power of the Council and unfazed.

"This seems like an interesting way to fight my will." The man watched the circle and each council member, before stopping his eyes on Vedraleth.
"You must be the one to organize this, am I right? I might have some use for you, old as you are." The man walked through the circle and reached out at Vedraleth. The blue skinned man, broke his chant and began his song to send the man away. The Council members grunted but held the spell in check. They could wait for a moment if need be.

Vedraleth completed his song, but the man stayed. The Banishing Song spun and twisted around the man, before dissipating as if nothing had happened.
"How?" Vedraleth said before the mans hand reached his throat and an Iron grip crushed his windpipe shut. Vedraleth gasped for air and clawed at the hand, sending desperate attacks at the man, but to no avail. The man pulled him closer and slowly started to secrete a dark, oily energy towards him.
"Don't fight it. It will be less painful if you don't." The man smiled as the oily energy penetrated Vedraleths skin like needles as poured through his eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Vedraleth twitched and writhed as the energy filled him entirely. He could feel it envelope him, cover him in something like a cocoon, taking over his place in existence. He fought it with everything he got, but only managed to preserve his core inside a small shell.

When Vedraleth was finally covered entirely, the Magical Power inside the Circle started pulse and ripple, as the balance was shattered. One by one, the Council members dropped on their knees as the unimaginable burden of the energy crushed their minds. They held their heads and screamed in silent agony as blood poured out of every orifice in their heads, some banged their head to the ground as if it could help stop the pain, but it was all for naught. Them last one standing was Alfrim. He cried tears of blood as he tried to contain the Spell. His mouth was open in a mute howl as he stared the stranger disappear with something that was no longer Vedraleth. Finally even he had to give up. His skull pulsated before finally exploding.

The shockwave of the released energy caused the top of Black Mountain to explode into nothingness. The snow and ice that had existed there countless centuries evaporated in an instant. The storm had been released, and it began spreading with frightening speed.

Hildr stared at the Guard Captain arguing with the Noble, who demanded that his golden carriage and unnecessarily large amount of luggage to be transported to the other side of the gate. That it was all necessary for his survival. And there were dozens of more of those carriages all lined and waiting to pass when the first sounds of the warning bells echoed in the town. The scared hordes of Evil Ones were here.

All hell broke loose. The civilians all started to shout and push to get away from the walls as fast as possible. The arguing noble shouted his driver to storm through, but the mass of people frightened the horses and they back and shrieked in panic. The carriage tipped and crashed, crushing several of the commoners, including children underneath.

Elsewhere the horses seemed to panic one by one and cause havoc in the previously organized lines of commoners. Dozens were crushed and trampled and the smell of blood filled the air. Suddenly a huge explosion could be heard. The main gate had disappeared as a giant with a club the size of a house had swung with all its might. Hordes of orcs, goblins, ogres and all manner of creatures poured into the city, driven by frenzy and madness. The surprised defenders were quickly cut down and the horde poured in to the city and carnage ensued.

Hildr stared in daze as a piece of the main gate flew in a high arc, spinning about before slowly reaching the peak and began descending towards her general direction. She could see it coming, but couldn't react. How could the Iron Wood gate be destroyed so easily when it had held for centuries against all manner of assaults. Something extremely hot slammed to her side, as Gryl zipped her away from under the falling piece of wood. The gate piece crashed. bounced and rolled, killing dozens and spreading blood and body parts everywhere.

"Get a hold of yourself!" Gryl shouted at Hildr, who was still dazed. He slapped her and she finally woke up. A grim determination filled her as she got up on her feet.
"Right. Sorry." She unstrapped her mace began pushing her way towards the frontline through the panicking crowd.

The horde had pushed far inside the city, pillaging and killing as they advanced. The City Guard held them in place with shield-walls, but there was no coherence in their defense. A few crusaders had managed to organize squads here and there but no larger plan was present. Hildr gathered all the defenders she could and tried her best to keep them in line. The horde kept pouring in over the walls and through the gate and the creatures destroyed everything in reckless abandon.

"Hold the line. Shields in front. Spears behind. Archers fire at will from the back. Thin the assault as much as you can." Hildr barked orders from the back and began chanting he auras. The golden light enveloped the defenders and the courage within them was roused. Their moves became sharper and more organized and the defense held.

Several berserking Ogrillons rushed against the shield wall, one jumping over it with ease. Hildr received the crushing leap attack with her shield, the Divine Shield Absorbing the attack. The surge of power Hildr felt told her how powerful the hit was so she decided to return it fully to boost morale. Her mace shone with golden light as she swung it in an uppercut. The Ogrillon was launched high into the air and crashed on top of the horde, squashing two under it. The Ogrillons chest had turned into a crater.

"Hold you ground!" Hildr shouted again when the horde was pushed back by the large fireball that exploded in the middle of the attackers. Hildr used this small moment to heal the defenders, casting regeneration and turning it into an aura.
"We are out of arrows, sergeant of the Archer Squad shouted.
"Damn it all! Fall back, slowly. Keep the shields up. Archers clear the path as fast as you can. We need to get near the gate to resupply." Hildr shouted and the unit began moving backwards. The archers rushed to clear the path for their retreat.

There were hundreds of corpses littered all across the street with belongings here and there. Hildr checked every alleyway for signs of enemies, but all he could see was trash and catatonic citizens. Some hugged each other, some rocked back and forth, muttering something incomprehensible. One alley contained a single orc warrior leaned over something and ripping pieces of it before stuffing it to its mouth. It was a corpse of a young girl, no older than ten summers. The orcs eyes shot up as it realized it was being watched. Its eyes were blood shot and the pupils needle tip small, bloody foam dripped from its jutting lower jaw, it was missing a canine. The creature howled and grabbed its crude club and rushed towards Hildr. She summoned a Hammer of Morning Light and threw it towards the orc, crushing its head and spilling the gray matter on the ground.

More and more enemies rushed the slowly retreating unit. Gryl did his best to keep the pressure minimal bu sending fireball after fireball at the endless hordes, but he was begin to tire. The continuous channeling of fire slowly sapped his stamina and he was covered in slowly evaporating sweat that created a thing veil of mist around him.
"I can't keep this up for long. How far to the portal?" He asked Hildr, panting heavily.
"Just a few more alleyways. Come on, you can do it." Hildr answered him and did her best encourage him. Gryl nodded before throwing another fireball at the gathering horde.

The smell of burning flesh and buildings was thick in the air as the slowly thinning unit of defenders finally backed around the last corner before the main evacuation route and were greeted with a sight of dismay. The masses had panicked completely, and they all ran screaming towards the gate. There were bottlenecks where the carriages of nobles had tipped over or broken down and people where slowly squeezed to death or trampled. Children were crying and mothers were running about mindlessly in effort to find their own lost babies.

A strange horn-blow echoed in the street as Einherjar warriors spilled out fo the gate, clad in all black plate, carrying two handed weapons in each hand. They towered over the civilians, who instinctively gave way to the warriors as they marched in organized fashion towards the carriages. Hildr watched as four Einherjar grabbed one of the carriages, their muscles bulging and throwing it through the wall of a house next to it, opening the path for the citizens to move more freely. This happened all around the the evacuation route as the wreckage was cleared to make way for evacuation.

The Einherjar then moved to all the alleyways currently under assault and defended by a thinning line of guardsmen. They pushed through the shield walls and shouting war cries they started to cleave through the hordes of enemies with ease. The exhausted guardsmen looked open mouthed as hundreds of orcs were swiftly cut down and ogrillons cleaved in two. This gave hope to the defenders, but that hope was soon crushed.

A pulse of energy swept across the city, knocking almost everyone off of their feet. The few left standing could see the evacuation portal rippling unstably. The First Born rogue circled around it in panic.
"No no no no no no no no no no...." He kept muttering as he tried to restore the crystals back to their original setting. No normal force could have possibly broken the setting, so the only option was that the council had fallen. The rogue spun his head around, looking at the long line of refuges and the slowly fading portal. He sighed and grabbed his dagger.

The blade sliced the arteries in his left hand and blood started gushing out. The rogue lifted his hand and the gushing blood stopped mid air, gathered and started to flow towards the portal. The Blood Magic was effective and the slow stream of blood stabilized the portal allowing more and more people to rush through. On the other side things were no better.

It seemed the attacks were happening everywhere at the same time and their city was one that was faring better then some. A few portals were already closed as the different attackers had managed to reach the gate. There were skeleton warrior bones, zombies, orcs, goblins and all manner of creatures littering the receiving hall floor. Einherjar kept pushing citizens back as they tried to rush back through the portal in a desperate effort to find their loved ones that had been lost during the uncontrollable spill of refugees.

Hildr climbed back on her feet and looked at the Northern sky. It was black and silvery lightnings crisscrossed the darkness. The storm was rushing towards them with frightening speed. Hildr looked at the pale sun. It seemed as if it was crying as it shone on its light on the city. Hildr prayed. She prayed like she had never prayed before. She prayed for all and anything to help them get just a few more citizens to safety. And ogrillon that had climbed on the roof of one of the buildings targeted Hildr and jumped its weapon ready.

The surge of power kicked he air out of her lungs, but still she continued uttering words. A pilar light shot up from her body, catching the ogrillon midair. The light pierced and slithered through its gray hide and slowly broke the creature into smaller and smaller bits, before it disappearing completely in to the light.

Hildr stared up at the brightness. A form was looking back at her, or so she thought. It was too bright to make out any details but she was sure. She felt light. Like all the worries of the world had disappeared and she was alone in the brightness. She couldn't help but smile. The form extended its arms as if to embrace her, and  it smiled at her. Hildr extended her arms to return the embrace.

They wrapped their arms around each other. It was a woman and she smelled like fresh dew and flowers to Hildr. The woman had wings on her back made of purest of light and she was clad in a beautifully crafted armor. Her arms were tender and soft and the long golden locks tickled Hildrs nose. Slowly the woman melted in to Hildrs flesh and she could feel her flowing everywhere.

The battle had stopped as everyone watched in awe at the miracle before them. A warrior priestess ascending to a new class filled the citizens with the purest of joy and hope, while the hordes were filled in despair.

The pillar exploded in a shock wave of golden light, mending wounds from the citizens, guards and Einherjar. Arms grew back, flesh stitched itself together and fatigue melted away. The being before them no longer was the warrior priestess they knew. It was an Angelic Warrior. A champion of the Sun.

Everywhere in the city more of these golden pillars erupted as more and more clerics ascended. Hildr watched her hands as the power filled her with joy and hope. She had a strange sensation her back. A pair of golden wings had grown out of her shoulder blades. They felt strong, like she could carry the weight of the world with them. She flapped them once and was lifted up from the ground.

"Stand fast, brave guards! The Morning Sun has blessed us all this day! Fight!" Hildr shouted, there was second voice in her own, like an echo as she rushed towards the frontline, emitting a golden light everywhere she went that forged bravery in everyone it touched. Civilians moved with better cohesion and the flow was steadier. But this could only last for so long.

There the pillars had erupted soon new ones were seen as the Angelic Warriors were overpowered one by one. Gryl zipped on top of a building and watched the scene. There was chaos everywhere. Burning buildings and small pockets of resistance here and there bit it was all for nothing. The gate had to closed soon. The First Born couldn't keep the gate up for much longer, even with the help of Hildrs ascension. The rogue was already turning gray and had aged several years, but still he channeled his life force to the gate.

Gryl watched as the edge of the storm finally reached the visible part of the endless horde of enemies. The pale silver tendrils lashed out of the murky blackness and penetrated the creatures. The echoes of their cries could be heard all over the battlefield, the terrifying screams drowning everything under it. The creatures touched writhed in agony as the energy wormed its way through the sorry being. The creature slowly turned gray and ashen before disappearing completely.

The storm devoured the city walls and encircled the city. It worked its way all around the town before settling. Gryl watched in horror as ll paths of escape were closed save the portal. The storm stood still as if mocking before slowly closing in. The dying cries of the hordes echoed louder and louder all around the last remaining defenders and escaping civilians. Slowly the death cries of humans were introduced in the horrible choir. A few more pillars of light erupted, but the storm twisted and turned around the pillar, snuffing the light out and destroying the angelic spirit within.

"No." Gryl gasped. He couldn't understand what was the reason for this cataclysm. It seemed intelligent yet senseless at the same time. It came in and killed everything without prejudice. Gryl watched as the last surviving refuges spilled through the gate. The Einherjars initial assault had been stopped and pushed back to the main escape route. A few of them were already cut down and several had pieces of armor missing, with terrible wounds in the holes. But still they fought on, as if possessed.

Gryl saw the golden form of Hildr floating above the battleground, hammer shaped bolts of energy shooting from her hands and exploding upon contact, sending the orcs and ogrillons in every direction. Gryl gritted his teeth.
"Hidlr!" He shouted. Get the defenders to safety! I'll clear a path for you." The angelic woman moved her eyes sharply towards Gryl.
"Gryl! No!" The double voice reached him but it was too late. He already had bolted towards hight above ground and was building up the remains of his energy. He reached his intended height and saw as the last of the guardsmen escaped. A few Einherjar and Hildr still stood in front of the gate, enveloped in red aura. Gryl smiled. So she planned to save him, he though before curling up in to a ball.

The energy rumbled inside him, begging to be released, but he kept it inside, just a moment longer, just a bit more pressure. When it was reaching the point he could no longer keep the power in check, he released the energy. He shouted and the orange red energy exploded in every direction. Building were leveled, countless number of enemies vaporized and the storm seemed to screech as the explosion pushed it back and over the city walls, that toppled.

Hildrs divine shield absorbed as much as it could before she had to continuously channel the energy to her fire resistance aura. The rogue was next to her on his back, the small stream of blood still flowing from his wrist. he had been unconscious for a while, but the enchantment remained, sapping at what little was left of his life force to keep the portal open. Hildr watched as the enemies turned to charcoal and vaporized before her eyes, yet the Einherjar stood in formation, circling the portal, their faces stoic and unmoving.

Finally the explosion stopped and Hildr flapped her wings furiously to reach the small black form falling from the sky. Everything was completely silent. Nothing moved. The once magnificent city was leveled, the few ironwood structures nothing but black remains, like bones of some unknown creature. Hildr flew desperately towards his friends falling body. The storm screeched as if in anger and started to pour over the city once again.

"Gotcha!" Hildr exclaimed as she grabbed Gryl from midair. The man was covered in sweat and felt as cold as ice. He was shivering and barely conscious.
"Stay with me Gryl." Hildr shouted as she circled around and dived towards the portal. The Einherjar were already beyond the portal, the captain still on the citys side, holding the firstborn in his bloodied arms. Hildr flapped her wings furiously as she tried to get more and more speed. The storm was closing in. She folded her wings and crashed trough the portal sending a few unfortunate humans flying and breaking limbs. The Einherjar capt that had sidestepped from her path hopped in and lifted his axe. He cut the bleeding arm of the Rogue off and the spell was broken.

The portal rippled and buckled as the energy drained. The storm rushed on and silvery tendril shot from the blackness. A child had managed to escape everyones attention and slowly waddled towards the gate.
"Daddy!" the boy cried, the tears snaking down the soot covered cheeks and he extended his hands towards the gate.
"Markel. No!" A woman cried and ripped herself away from the crowd, clawing at her son, but it was too late. A pale silvery tendril slashed the child before it was snuffed out by the closing portal. The mother scooped the twisting child on her arms and the crowd backed away.
"Mommy! Mommy! It hurts!" The child cried horribly. The mother held the child in her arms as his skin turned gray and then to dust. The energy jumped from the disappearing child into the mother and began its terrible work. The mother clawed at the ashen remains of her son on the black stone floor and howled in agony She suddenly snapped straight, before slowly turning to dust. The white energy spun in place where the mother had been before disappearing. The last echoes of the dreadful cries were all the remained.
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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
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Time to finish what I started... and for that, I shall need a great overhaul of what I am currently writing!  :hmm:
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Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
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Why not. I'll go ahead and join in while I still can. I'll be using my character Samadaya for this one  :ninja:

Samadaya's Profile
Full name: Samadaya Zenbu (Zenbu being her clan name)

Age: Lived for centuries, but appearance wise, is in her early 20's

Eyes: Naturally bright purple (it's a hereditary trait, doesn't hinder her vision at all), turn red with black pupils with the symbol of Nibiru on them when she uses her Eyes of Nibiru


Weight: 120lbs

Fashion: Likes to stick with traditional Zenbu clothing, which is pretty much any color of yukatas/kimonos/ or short sleeve shirts with a haori over it. Usually lets her black hair just flow around, but she'll tie it into a low ponytail sometimes.

Weapons: Keeps a katana without a handguard sheathed across the back of her hip, and a folding iron war fan tied to her wrist.

Abilities: Utilizes the Marluxian Arts, a set of powers associated with each of the planets/heavenly bodies. There are powers based on fire, water, electricity, organic material, intangibility, speed, and a bunch of other things. Her previously mentioned Eyes of Nibiru allow her to instantly teleport to any point in space, as well as open up portals. Other Nibiru powers are based on life and death, and allow her to bring people back from the dead among other things. Though, that requires preparation (a proper sigil, a corpse in good condition for the soul etc)

Personality: Being a descendant of the prestigious Zenbu clan, she is very proud of her bloodline's legacy and is fixated on reviving her clan. At the same time, having the power of Nibiru set her apart from just about everyone else in the world, so she also views herself at a higher level than her own clan.

She was quite literally the most powerful Marluxian Arts user that ever existed, and she knows this. However, she always shows respect towards strong opponents, or people with a good set of values and discipline. She doesn't let her strength lead her into battle without properly analyzing the situation first.

Has an elitist and hateful attitude towards humans. Kind of a long story about this, but her daughter grew up to destroy humanity and create a new generation of humans, ones who did not grow to know the power of the Marluxian Arts. It's the new generation of mankind she hates and the old one she longs to bring back  8)

Hardened by war, so has no problem killing. Though, she still maintains a sense of humor and will crack jokes and laugh if she's having a good time. She also loves her alcohol and is the kind of drunk who likes to do really dangerous things

Specific Moves: Some common combat moves are the Crimson Serpent of Mars, a giant snake made of fire she summons from her sword. Majestic Wind, which is summoned from her war fan. She swings her war fan, causing the wind to pick up her enemy before the current grows violent and rips them apart. Blade of Mars, which is actually really basic. She transfers heat to her blade, and it will sear flesh as it cuts, letting her cut limbs clean off  :ninja: Sparks tend to fly with every swing

Combat Type: Eh, she's pretty good in any situation. The Marluxian Arts allow her to excel in close, mid, and long range engagements. I suppose her go-to style in close combat, long range if she's dealing with an army, and then back to close/mid as she breaks up their initial formations.

Special Moves: Jupiter Archangel, for one. With the Art of Jupiter, one can make a force field. Samadaya cleverly uses that energy to make a colossal figure modeled after a special military unit of the Kingdom of Jupiter, and uses it to, well, kill people en masse. A sword and shield are made from the same energy and those can usually shatter mountains  :ninja: Just think of it like a huge neon samurai, I suppose.

Her other special would be using her Eye of Nibiru to summon the Forbidden Statue, which contains the Great Destroyer in it. Another long story, but the Great Destroyer is a colossal humanoid demon with 2 faces and multiple eyes and arms. As you can guess, it's magnificent at destroying things and nearly caused the end of the world in her respective story. Speaking of which...

Story Name: 6 Cataclysms.

Speech Example:
(introducing herself, which takes place during a war)

Samadaya placed her hands on her hip and stuck her sword into the earth as the Great Destroyer roared in the distance behind her.

Samadaya: My name is Samadaya Zenbu, Daughter of Jupiter and Disciple of Great Lord Nibiru! I declare here and now that all of you, every man, woman, and child, will be eradicated, turned into dust and swept away by earth's winds!

(speaking with the enemy (The MC of the story)

Samadaya: You're a wonderful spirit, Hita. That much I can see in you. But what you can't see is the truth. My daughter lied to you, used you, and led you to your death. It was Agzabah that ultimately killed you. It is only by Phaedra's pleas for your safety that I haven't killed you already. For her hard work, I owe her that much.

Hita: You had her do all of this? The 4th Cataclysm, the Syvian massacres...she did all of that?!

Samadaya: She's so much like me that even I'm scared by it. But yes, it was all her. It is by her obedience and determination that I live once more, for the first time in millions of years. And now, I am going to bring in the 6th Cataclysm, the end of humanity as you know it. I suggest you stay out of the way, lest Phaedra's darling descendant is killed in the crossfire of a war he doesn't understand.

(talking to husband)

Samadaya: Darling, please don't lecture me about traditionalism. You know how much I hated some of the Zenbu's customs.

Dharja: I know, I know, but we've got to be on our best behavior for the ball. There's going to be a lot of Zenbu nobility there. Even some folks from the side branches are going to be there.

Samadaya: No one cares for the side branches, love. That's why the Io clan got pushed away from the capital and eventually wiped out.

Dharja: Please don't bring up the Io clan again. I was tricked into doing that.

Samadaya: Aww! You're not as cold and brooding as you let on! You're a softie little cutie pie on the inside, aren't you, Dharja Warja!

Dharja: Don't be ridiculous...

Her speech pretty much molds around the situation she's in.

Though she is "immortal", she is not indestructible. Nibiru only stops one from aging any further and dying of natural causes. It does not mean she can fall from a cliff and survive, or take a mouthful of flechette rounds and walk it off. Though she has a large array of attacks and moves available to her, if you can manage to get a fatal hit on her, you can kill her right then and there.

In order to perform the Marluxian Arts, she needs her hands. You need to clasp your hands in order to use the planetary powers (except for powers stored in the eye, like Nibiru). Sever her arms, and you've just taken away a lot of her abilities. If she can't heal herself after that, she'll exsanguinate and die. Same goes for the eyes. Take those out, and you've stripped her of quite a useful moveset.

Reality: Can't say I understand this concept too much yet. I'll have to read up on it more. My problem is, if Samadaya hates humans so much, wouldn't she try to kill everyone in the same reality as her? Unless I can give her a reason not to. Like, maybe she already conquered the world she was involved with in 6 Cataclysms and has no need to take over any other worlds in the realities.

You know what, let's just go with that. In that case, I guess I'd put my money on R6

There we go. As for a CM, I'm guessing this is supposed to give us a taste of Samaday's powers/personality in action?  :hmm: Well, thankfully, I've written a chapter about a pretty important battle of her life. She, with her husband Dharja Zenbu, fought against and international allied army after they gained the power of Nibiru.

Yeah, it's a long story as to why the world united against just those two in particular  :push: But the chapter lets you see how one can use the Marluxian Arts in a bunch of different ways.

Nibiru's Punishment: Samadaya vs The World
Zenbu progressed through a year, to a defining moment in the lives of Dharja and Samadaya. Von and Zenbu stood beside them, along with a loyalist Zenbu scout, who had just returned on horseback to deliver daunting news to his lords. They stood on a grassy hill in the rocky plains, awaiting the massive allied army.

Scout: My lords, they're coming! Quickly, we must get you back to the stronghold!

Dharja: You go back. We will stay and fight. I'd hate to lose such a good scout, after all.

Scout: What?! You can't fight an army that big-

Dharja: Am I not the Son of Jupiter? Put your faith in me. I will protect us, and I shall not die on this battlefield. Neither will she.

Samadaya was dressed in a black kimono, with no robes underneath. Her legs were left bare, and her chest was exposed by the "V" shaped opening. She tied her hair back into a pony tail, leaving bangs in the front. Her eyes were closed and her demeanor was as cold as the morning air as the sun was covered by clouds. With a rope tied around her waist, she had her sword sheathed at her side, jeweled and without a handguard. To her other side was a folding iron war fan.

Von: That fan...

Zenbu: Yes, it's the same one I have.

Zenbu lifted up his wrist to show the war fan he acquired from the Towers of Silence long ago. It belonged to Samadaya. The scout did not dare to further question his masters.

Scout: Alright. But return alive!

He rode back to their stronghold on horseback, leaving Dharja and Samadaya alone to deal with the massive army coming their way. Dharja wore his traditional black and gold robes and kimono, armed with his gunbai-uchiwa, sword, and whip chain tied around his waist like a belt.

Samadaya: Our own people will be among them.

Dharja: I know.

Samdaya: They're not giving us much of a choice.

Dharja: I know.

At long last, the horizon-wide army of allied nations arrived. Spearmen, horsemen, swordsman, halberds, and archers filled their ranks. The army laid eyes on Dharja and Samadaya standing calmly on the hill. Without warning, the Mars Commander issued his orders.

MC: All projectile forces, ready with your Marluxian Art!

The armies of Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus all clasped their hands in unison, their hands sounding like a thunderclap.

MC: Aim!

Samadaya: You can go first, my love.

Dharja: Of course.

MC: Fire!

The clouds in the sky were blocked out by the wave of fire, water, high pressure wind, and electricity that was shot up into the air by the breathtakingly massive army of allied warriors. As the wind blew their clothes and hair, Dharja stepped forward, clasped his hands, and elevated a large, thick wall of earth to act as a shield. The attack concluded in an explosion of epic proportions, which sent shock waves that blew harder than the wind and lit up the plains in blue and orange light. Flaming chunks of rock fell from the clouds and down onto the earth, clouding the battlefield in smoke. The army began its charge as Samadaya opened her eyes, revealing her bright red Eyes of Nibiru. She unsheathed her sword and took out her war fan. Dharja removed his chain whip from his waist, and used the Art of Mercury to blow through the ranks of the army at breakneck speed, right down the middle, blowing many of them off of their feet and leaving them vulnerable. Samadaya lifted her sword skyward, and a colossal serpent of fire emerged from the sword, reaching up into the clouds before slithering through the army and exploding. With her war fan, the flames were spread far and wide. Dharja jumped back next to Samadaya after disturbing the formation of their ranks, noticing they were gearing up for another attack. The Army of Earth ripped massive boulders from the earth, and the Army of Mars ignited them. They were hurled right at Dharja and Samadaya. Dharja clasped his hands and aimed his palm forward, erecting a massive Jupiter force field that blocked the flaming rocks. The ground beneath them began to shake as another Earth-based attack began. Rocks were formed into spikes and thrust up from the ground to impale Dharja and Samadaya, who both back-flipped out of harm's way. With the army drawing closer, Samadaya prepared herself for close combat. She ran into the army, cutting up and burning soldiers with her sword. She managed to avoid getting hit, cutting off the arms and legs of those that left her openings. She swung her war fan horizontally, lifting hundreds of soldiers up in the air, as if there was no gravity, before they exploded in a violent air current.

Blood stained her cheek, arms, and legs as she continued her massacre through the army. Dharja clasped his hands and summoned ferocious tornadoes of water to emerge from the earth, which rained down upon the soldiers. With his chain whip, he sent a lightning bolt into the water to deal damage to as many people as possible. Samadaya wormholed back next to Dharja to avoid being hit. The Army of Earth quickly sealed the openings and reduced their casualties. As other men rushed to help each other up, Samadaya leaped up into the air, targeting one soldier who was being helped up. A squad from the Army of Venus formed a large circle around him, hoping to block Samadaya's attack. She simply strained her eye and teleported directly above them, coming down hard with her sword already drawn and ready to be plunged into her target. To the soldier's bewilderment, when she landed, a portal opened up in front of him. Portals opened up behind every soldier who formed the circle. When Samadaya's sword went through the first portal, it also went through all of the other portals, killing off all the men that formed a circle with stabs from behind. She pulled her sword out of the portal, and all of the men fell dead. Before she could kill her target, she was blown away by a gust of hot wind that seared her skin and landed right next to Dharja. As she clasped her hands to heal her bubbling, steaming skin, the Army of Jupiter worked together to form a massive Jupiter Skeleton, whose head was covered by the clouds, coursing electricity through them as it passed. Dharja raised his sword as the skeleton pointed its hand, which scattered into fierce bolts of lightning, complemented by lightning strikes from the sky. The sword attracted all of the electricity, and Dharja aimed it right back at the Army of Jupiter. Lightning clashed from his blade, striking thousands of men at the same time.

The Army of Earth displaced enough dirt and rock to form a trench for the Army of Mars, who prepped explosive bolas to throw at Dharja. The fuses were lit, and the bolas were thrown. The men rushed back towards their trench as Dharja strained his Eye of Nibiru to open a portal in front of himself and behind the fleeing men. The bolas went through the portals and wrapped themselves around the soldiers, who fell into the trenches with their comrades, their arms bound by the chains. As they screamed and panicked, their comrades tried to flee the trenches, but they were all blown apart, and white smoke emerged from the explosion. To kill anyone else still in the trenches, Dharja clasped his hands and closed the gap, crushing anyone still inside. Samadaya got back up and dashed directly into the army with the Art of Mercury, killing more troops with her fiery sword and war fan. For every man she struck, sparks and black smoke emerged from the sword and their molten wounds. She blew aside troops from Uranus with her war fan and readied her sword to absorb the electricity being directed at her from troops of Jupiter. Her blade was pointed downwards as lightning bounced into and off of the blade, creating smoke and striking the ground. Meanwhile, Dharja fought hand-to-hand with troops from the Army of Earth. He grabbed the leg of one of them and used the same trick he learned from fighting his father. Dharja sent vicious vibrations through the upper leg of the soldier and ripped the leg off and the bone out. With the jagged, severed end of his leg bone, Dharja stabbed the soldier in the face through the eye socket of his helmet and immediately leaped into the air. Troops from Neptune tried to trap Dharja in ice, but their attempts were blocked by his gunbai. When he landed on the ground, the earth shattered and splintered, throwing everyone off balance. Out from the shattered ground, a squad from the Army of Mars summoned a stream of lava, which erupted like a volcano and formed a molten monsoon out of the area. Dharja was able to escape the lava with his legs covered in black ash. Samadaya called forth some of the lava with her sword and formed a helix around herself, which she used to burn through the chests and throats of soldiers who tried to strike her.

Samadaya soon found herself trapped in a Jupiter force field that rapidly collapsed in on itself. She was able to wormhole out of the force field before it completely collapsed and exploded, blood still staining her face, legs, and her chest. She sheathed her sword and tied her war fan around her wrist. She clasped her hands, and wrapped herself in several hundred layers of Jupiter force fields that began to take shape. Soaring into the sky, the energy of the shields were shaped into the likeness of a Jupiter Archangel, armed with a sword and bundles of lightning. The colossal figure struck fear into the hearts of the army, but they weren't about to stop the fight now. Horsemen charged in towards Samadaya, hoping the figure would be too slow to attack before the horses could get to her. Dharja clasped his hands and created a gorge in the earth so large the horses stopped in fear, refusing their master's commands to jump over it. There was now a large divide between the two sides. The Jupiter Archangel reeled its arm back and hurled lightning down upon the army , killing countless amounts of men and horses. Helixes of fire were shot at the Archangel, but they were extinguished with a swing of Samadaya's war fan.

MC: My god...what is this power?!

Von: I can't believe it, I can actually feel myself trembling...

Zenbu: This is their power together. They can massacre an entire force by themselves like gods of war blessing the earth with drinks of blood.

Samadaya's archangel formed a sword out of its own shield energy and swung it horizontally, sending an almighty wave of energy that blew everyone into the air, cut apart mountains, and shattered the ground ahead into nothing but a crescent crater. Through the smoke, their eyes glowed red with the cataclysmic power of Nibiru. Samadaya untied her hair and reverted her archangel. Together, she and Dharja went through the battlefield and slew the survivors. Samadaya found a young soldier of Neptune who had his legs blown off. He tried to crawl away but was caught by her. She clasped her hands and covered his face with her palm, using the Art of Pluto to necrotize his face all the way down to the skull. He screamed and scratched Samadaya's face as he struggled, but not an ounce of care was reflected in her expression. When he died, she stood up and wiped the blood off of her cheek with her wrist. Everyone was dead, the battlefield was silent, blood formed puddles in the ground, and the landscape looked nothing like it did before. Lush greens were replaced by bloody browns, thick smoke, lava, and fire. The clouds turned back and lightning pierced the sky as Samadaya and Dharja stood together, victorious.

Zenbu: Aren't they wonderful? The archetype of the perfect humans. The strength and pride that Agzabah and Zorc would destroy in the future.

Von: Yes, they are truly amazing. More powerful than our dear Phaedra.
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