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Author Topic: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (Senkumo War Stories PUBLISHED)  (Read 60625 times)

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
« Reply #165 on: August 06, 2016, 02:40:25 AM »
Inari Standoff: We Bear the Same Scars




The possessed Osamu steeled himself for a fight, waiting for Saint to make his first move. His golden staff gleamed in the sunlight creeping through the windows of the airport. Just as Saint flexed to make his first move, the hard-hitting spill of blood stopped him. Maria was coughing up blood from up stairs. Her blood spilled like red paint onto the 1st floor.

Saint: Maria's wounds are much more serious than I thought.

*(Hmm? Is he going to leave)

Saint did not immediately rush to Maria's side. It seems he was contemplating his next move as eagerly as Osamu and Inari.

Osamu: What are you going to do? If you're wise, you'll take her and leave.

Saint: Yes, you're right.

Saint suddenly aimed his staff at Osamu, and the crescent moon tip lit up with red light.

*(I don't know what he's doing but we should get out of its way!)

Osamu ducked behind the metal detectors, avoiding the red projectiles. Their impact seemed to make the detectors melt down into pure, molten liquids.

Osamu: It melted?!

Osamu lunged directly at Saint, but was knocked away by his staff like a baseball out of a stadium. He landed nimbly on his feet, his face bloodied by the hit.

Osamu: What the hell, Inari?! That was incredibly stupid! Damn it, this hurts!

*(Sorry, I just had to try it. I wanted to see how easily we could get to his body.)

Osamu: Did it matter to you that much that you'd put my face on the line?! I'm not like regular protagonist, I'm actually very freakin' handsome!

*(Indeed you are, I'm not contesting that at all. The entire reason I have to use your body in conjunction with my current strength is because my current strength isn't complete. I've lost a lot of power over the years, especially in these past few days. Do you know how I can get that strength back, mortal? Hmm?)

Osamu: Drinking more blood, and eating more flesh?

*(That helps, but it's not enough. The way I can quickly get my power back is by eating human hearts.)

Osamu: Hearts?!

*(You won't let me kill the girl, but killing the monk and eating his heart would be most beneficial! I could be twice as powerful after eating it! So then, what do you say?)

Osamu: Inari...have you ever eaten a human heart before?!

*(Only once, a very long time ago. I can do it again.)

The loud beeps of Saint passing through the metal detectors with his golden staff alerted Osamu to him as he slowly approached. With his eyes covered, no emotion could be deciphered from him.

Osamu: At this rate, you'll be a man-eating fox! You can't just let that happen!

*(Why not? I already hate humans! They're all vile, all violent, all traitorous!)

Osamu: That's what they want, Inari! Evil people will lock a man up and call him an animal until the day he really does start acting like an animal, and they'll say they were right all along! As a goddess, you have the power to hate, but you also have the power to love! You said you married a human before, right?! You loved one enough to marry one! I know that power is in you! You're not the terrifying goddess they make you out to be!

*(Mortal...it's like I said! That was so long ago...)

Osamu stood up. They were out of time, and were forced to continue the fight with Saint once more.

Osamu: I don't want to see you lose yourself, Inari. I've seen you do awful, gruesome things, but I know you're doing it because humans are forcing you to resort to those methods. You've been in darkness so long, you had to cope with it, get used to it. When the day comes when we're backed into a corner, and you need strength that I cannot give you...you can have my heart.

Saint slammed the butt of his staff on the ground, the sound of the impact echoed through the airport.

Saint: I'm afraid I must end this quickly, and see about Maria's wounds.

*(Mortal...you would...so willingly give your heart to me?)

Osamu: Yeah. I would.

Saint: Enough!

The crescent moon on his staff turned black. Knowing Osamu would simply dodge the spell, Saint had successfully tricked Osamu in a feint, swinging has staff, but not releasing the spell. Osamu had dodged for nothing, and was now in the exact spot Saint needed him to be.

*(It was a trick!)

A black bolt of lightning shot out from the staff so fast its thunderclap wasn't heard until after it disappeared. Osamu was blown back towards the escalators, unable to move, and enduring unbearable pain. His chest burned with fury that could only be matched by hell itself.

Saint: I'll be putting up a barrier here, so that you cannot leave, Inari. It will allow me to return to you after I secure Maria. Please be prepared for that. When I return, you, human, will die as punishment for aiding a banished deity. And of course, the deity will die as well.

Inari ejected herself out of Osamu's body and landed face first on the cold, hard, airport floor, sharing his pain from the curse set upon them. Saint leaped to the 4th floor, grabbing the severely wounded Maria and looking back at Osamu and Inari.

Saint: Tonight...

Saint used his staff to teleport away from the airport, leaving Inari and Osamu in their agony. Since Osamu had taken the brunt of the curse, Inari was able to compose herself enough to be able to talk and stagger.

Inari: Hey, mortal! Look at me!

Osamu's screaming was dying down, but it was not a good sign. Inari felt for his pulse, noticing it was growing faint. She unbuttoned his shirt and saw a black curse mark covering most of his chest, as if the blood under his skin had turned black.

Inari: Hey! Stay with me, mortal! I can't fight them off without you!



Inari, even though she was still weak herself, dragged herself and Osamu onto the escalators, letting them carry them up to the next floor. She did this until they got to the 4th floor, where most of the food courts were. She dragged him back inside of the bakery, setting him on one of the tables. Once more, she checked his pulse. That faint, rhythmic pulse in his neck let her know he was still alive. She pushed over the menus, utensils, and other restaurant items to make room for Osamu, taking deep breaths as she considered what she should do.

Inari: Why would you go so far for me? I need to know...

Inari placed her hands on Osamu's bare chest.

Inari: I won't be able to take away all of the pain, but I can divide the curse evenly between us. We'll have enough time to get more blood and heal ourselves again. We can both live this way, mortal.

His blackened chest began to glow white as Inari maneuvered the curse from his body into hers, successfully taking half of it. Osamu stood up like a man awakened from a near-death experience, coughing as Inari bore the pain of her share of the curse.

Osamu: W-what happened?!

Osamu felt his chest, noticing the black spot. He turned to Inari, who pulled down her shirt to expose an identical black spot above her breasts.

Inari: I took half of it to stop you from dying. If you died, I probably wouldn't be able to win. You, human, even though I'm disgusted with your kind, even though I cannot fully trust you...you're all I have. You're the only way I'll get out of here alive.

Osamu: Inari...I'm sorry...

Inari: For what? If you weren't here, White Saint would've definitely killed me, if not Black Maria. It's because of you that we're alive. Besides, it's just like you said yesterday. Now we really do bear the same scars.

Osamu wiped the blood from his face, forgetting how hard he had gotten hit there. Just touching it set off a cluster of nerves.

Inari: I'll go get some ice. I'm sure they have some here.

Osamu sat down at one of the tables, holding his hand over the black spot on his chest as the sun shined through the windows of the shop, onto the tables and checkered floors. Inari returned with a pack of ice and sat down with him.

Osamu: Thanks. I really appreciate you saving me.

Inari: No problem. We're in this together after all, mortal.

Osamu: So...what happened? I don't remember anything after being struck.

Inari: Apparently, Saint put up a barrier around this place, preventing fox spirits from leaving. He took Black Maria away so she could get medical help. He will return here tonight to finish us off. This curse was meant to weaken us and make us easy to kill by the time he returned.

Osamu: So, we're trapped here?

Inari: Technically, I'm the only one still trapped here. You can just be on your way if you wanted to.

Osamu: No, that's not an option for me.

Inari was suspicious. She rubbed Osamu's face one of her tails, resting her head on her fist.

Inari: Mortal, tell me something. I demand to know your rationale. You see a wounded fox goddess, witness her murder several humans before your very eyes, and learn that people are after her. For some reason, despite having a family, despite having people who love you and a life of your own, you decide to stay with the fox goddess and help her fight. You even pledge to offer your very heart to her should she ever need it. What is wrong with you? Have you lost the will to live?

Osamu: No...I suppose...after being nothing but a failure these past few months...I'm trying to convince myself I'm still useful, that I can still be a hero, and that someone like you can get back on the right track.

Inari: Someone like me?

Osamu: I don't claim to know what kind of pain you've been through to end up in this awful position, but as I said, we bare some of the same scars. We've both lost, and it changed us in some way. So what if I have wives? So what if I'm going to be a father? Since two of them are goddesses anyway, won't our children be demigods? And if so, won't they also end up as exorcists? When that time comes, will I be able to protect them? Or will I misstep again? Will I falter? Will my inability to do something cost me a child down the line? I wonder these things everyday, and it makes me feel...guilty.

Osamu: I can't be the hero I used to be, but at the same time, loving the women I chose to love is going to force a lot of burdens on my shoulders. If I lose a child like I lost the people I loved in the past, it will hurt the women I love as well, not just me. Even now, I have no clue if I just lost Aika. She could be anywhere. It's just been one straight failure after another! I don't know how many more losses I can take, Inari!

Inari withdrew her tail from Osamu's face, gazing at his trembling hands with eyes that seemed to recognize the uncertainty, doubt, and guilt coursing through his veins.

Inari: You stayed here to find yourself. But you also wouldn't see a problem with dying here, because you think you're nothing but a burden on the lives of those you love. Yes, I know the feeling all too well. We truly do bear the same scars. Mortal, your life has value. It's valuable to your wives, as they are prepared to live and die by your side, and it's valuable to me. I need you in order to live. I think this experience, this tribulation, would be much more lonely than it is now if you weren't here.

Inari closed her eyes and smiled.

Inari: Last night was the first time I had slept at someone's side since...

Osamu: Since how long ago?

Inari: Ah, it's a boring story. You wouldn't want to hear it. Just forget I said anything.

Osamu: No. I won't forget. You know a little bit about my scars. I want to know a little bit about yours. You don't have to tell me the details if you don't want to, but I think understanding you may help me understand myself. Please, do tell me. When was the last time you slept at a human's side?

Inari smiled and rested her chin on her interlocked fingers, her tails slowly waving around behind her.

Inari: Very well. We could both die here come nightfall, so I may as well tell you...about some of my scars.


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
« Reply #166 on: August 07, 2016, 04:41:34 AM »
Inari Standoff: I Was Kind Once, Just Like You





Inari: My scars are old, but never completely healed, both physical and emotional. My story begins several hundred years in the past, in a different era.

Inari's red eyes were like a shining gateway to the past.

Inari: It was the Edo period. We were just coming out of nearly two centuries of disunity, strife, and warfare marked by the Sengoku period. Japan had become more peaceful, as strict societal order was maintained. This was the perfect time for me, Inari Okami, a minor god until then, to bestow blessings upon the people. It wasn't just foxes and agriculture, the people entrusted me to protect the warriors, the fishermen, the blacksmiths, the common workers, everyone. The entire nation worshiped me. I can admit now that I was foolish to pick this era, but knowing the gods, maybe there was never a right era for me to pick for my expansion.

Osamu: Why was it the wrong era?

Inari: The entire Sengoku period was manipulated by the gods to clamor for power, worship, and recognition. Bishamon is...or should I say, was, famous for his efforts in collecting prayers of soldiers and generals alike. So many gods were vying for power during that era, but when the war was over, nobody needed their violent blessings. Yes, a very, very long time ago, it was Heaven that was violent, and I that was peaceful. That's why it was the wrong era. I too easily grabbed the hearts and minds of the people, much to the dismay of the other gods.

Inari: At some point, they had enough. The gods wanted me out. They wanted to erase my influence on this country, but they couldn't be so blatantly bold in their methods as they were in the Sengoku period. No, instead, they did something much more vile, cowardly, and monstrous.

Inari extended her hand to Osamu, tickling his chin with her long nails.

Inari: They used humans to do it.


It was winter back then, several hundred years ago in the Edo period. Light snow fell from the sky, and much of the land was cloaked in white. Huge trees collected much of the snow as well. In the middle of the day, a group of six men in black kimonos walked up the slope of the hill that led to Inari's shrine, where she sat playing with her white, nine-tailed foxes. The Inari of back then was much more loving, a hope still shined in her eyes. The little white foxes circled and played together at her feet as she fed them pieces of apples.

Inari: You guys sure are hungry! Go ahead and eat up, little cuties!

As one of the foxes ate, it began coughing. Inari rubbed its back and scratched its ears, soothing it instantly.

Inari: Now now, don't go eating too fast! It won't rot as soon as it hits the floor!

The fox licked Inari's finger, and she was struck by its spell of cuteness.

Inari: I love foxes so much! You are by far the most beautiful creatures in this world! I promise, I shall take good care of you all for as long as you live. Oh, but I must ask you not to scare the villagers. They may think you're a threat or a ghost out to possess them.

The men had arrived at Inari's shrine. They all got on their knees and bowed before her, showing the gracious deity her due respect. Only one of them spoke, the man in the center.

Man: Inari Okami, please excuse our presence here.

Inari: Raise your heads, it's alright. Are you from the village? I've never seen your lot before.

Man: We're travelers from the north. We're here on business, and we've come to give you proper tribute before we depart Edo. Please, if it is to your liking, accept it.

The man presented a white bottle of sake, wrapped with a red ribbon. Inari's eyes lit up with joy as she gladly took the sake, rubbing the chilled bottle against her face.

Inari: It's beautiful! You even took the time to put a bow on it!

Man: Is it an acceptable gift, Inari Okami?

Inari: Yes!


Inari: Wait, no!

Man: No?

Inari: No, that's not what I meant! It's beautifully presented, but it always comes down to taste, right?

Man: Y-yes, Inari Okami! The cap has been made hollow and several centimeters deep, so you can use it as a small cup to drink the sake.

Inari: Such thoughtful design! I shall try it.

Inari poured some of the sake into the cap and took a delicious sip.

Inari: Ah, that's fantastic! Whew! Kind of powerful too! It's all good though, I love it when sake has more of a kick to it.

The men watched with eyes that made Inari suspicious that they were not here on good will. Not one of them blinked. All of them gazed in the same direction, in the same manner, as if waiting for something to happen.

Inari: Uhm...is something wrong?

Man: Forgive us, Inari Okami.

*(And then I realized it. The sake was laced with poison.)

Inari's throat began to burn, and her eyes watered beyond control. She fell over as her foxes surrounded her, unsure of what was happening to their master. The men all stood up, the center one unsheathing a small blade hidden under his kimono.

Man: Form a barrier around the shrine, as well as the arson charms.

The other men did as they were ordered, making sure no one would interfere with their mission. Inari, struggling to stand, grabbed her burning throat and tried to crawl away.

Inari: What have you done to me?! How could you poison a god!? Do you have any idea what you've just done?! Horrible luck shall befall you!

Man: No, I'm afraid that will not be the case.

Inari: What did you say?

The man untucked a necklace hidden under his kimono, a charm that could protect against kitsune, Inari's foxes.

*(When I saw the necklace, I realized the men were priests. Back in those days, the priests were the ones who served as exorcists.)

The foxes were determined to protect Inari, growling and charging at the priest who dared to poison their master. Something odd and terrifying took place before Inari's tearful eyes. Without even moving, without even touching them, the man severed the bodies of every fox that approached him into 5 pieces each, separating the front legs, hind legs, and the head. The snow was stained in blood.


Inari: No...


Inari: Stop this...



Man: To the gods above about to witness this gruesome act, I humbly ask for your forgiveness. As you've asked, I shall rid this world of the fox goddess.

The man approached the fearful Inari with his blade and a stern set of determined eyes. In that moment of fear, her heart thumped like thunder in rolling clouds, and her eyes shined blood-red.

*(I had accidentally discovered the ability to possess people in that moment. Still, it was like I had known how to use the whole time. I suppose mortal fear does that to you. Since the man said he was asked to complete the task by the gods, I wasn't willing to bet on being killed and reincarnated by Izanami. For all I knew, she could've been the one to have me killed. Who knew? I certainly didn't.)

It was the first time Inari had ever possessed a man. Her body lit up like a solar flare and she vanished into thin air. The man convulsed and writhed about, much to the confusion of his assistants.

Man: What...what is this...what am I?

Man 2: He's possessed! Look at his eyes and his nails! It's just like Inari's!

The other priests drew their blade and charms, charging the possessed man. Inside, Inari panicked, unsure of what to do as they tackled him to the ground. As if they had forgone their own humanity, they stabbed the man repeatedly. Inari felt the pain just as much as he did.

*(How quickly they were able to throw away that moral wall that stops them from harming another human...how quickly and fiercely they drove their blades into his chest without a second thought. I would live through that experience, but it did feel like I was dying along with the priest.)

*(Fear does ungodly things to humans. It is a motivator, a deterrent, and an idea that can be spread. Fear is a deadly, horrific weapon that the gods masterfully learned to utilize for their own benefit. Humans, being mortal creatures and mere creations of the gods, were but puppets to the strings of fear.)

Inari forced herself out of the man's body, knocking back the five priests with the force of her ejection. Her breathing was panicked, as it had really felt like she was the one being stabbed. She checked her body and confirmed she was indeed unharmed.

Inari: What happened?! I was controlling that man?!

Inari could feel his warm blood coat her hand. When she saw him motionless in a pool of his own blood, she realized she was laying eyes on a murdered human.

Inari: No...how could you do this?! H-he was your fellow man! He didn't deserve that!

Man 2: He was possessed by you, you rotten witch! There was nothing we could do!

Inari: You don't know that!

The arson charms placed by the priests went off, setting multiple points of the shrine on fire. The violent blazes spread quickly, burning the trees and the roof of the main pagoda. Inari, being as selfless as she was back then, pulled the murdered priest away from the pagoda, saving his corpse.

Man 2: Damn it! Let's get out of here! We'll never escape the flames if we don't leave now!

As the other priests fled, the pagoda collapsed onto Inari's hip, pinning her under its weight as the flames continued to engulf the shrine, and the dozens of stone foxes that decorated it. Inari shapeshifted into a white fox to escape the wreckage, then turned back into her true form so she could grab the murdered priest's body and take it with her as she escaped.

The flames had grown so out of control that they ended up burning the barrier charms, allowing Inari to leave. She ran through the woods like it was the last run she'd ever take in her life. To her, it mattered not where she went, only that it was away from the horrors she experienced at her own shrine.


*(I buried the man's body and gave it a proper blessing. That's how much I once loved humanity, mortal. Even those that did me wrong and tried to kill me, I still respectfully found them a grave and prayed for their souls. After that, I wandered, and wandered and wandered. I tried going back to some of my other shrines, but all I found was their smoldering remains as well. Edo was no longer a home for me.)

After the wandering, after seeing her shrines destroyed, and having lost her foxes, Inari slumped against a tree in the woods as the sky grew dark, and cried. The moon was her only friend that night.


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
« Reply #167 on: August 08, 2016, 09:22:17 PM »
This Inari is becoming rather interesting... :clapping: A rather brutal backstory! Love it!
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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
« Reply #168 on: August 09, 2016, 12:37:53 AM »
I was just thinking that myself as I was writing this. Definitely the most action packed and brutal arc so far. Thank you  :clapping:

Inari Standoff: How I Came to Eat Flesh and Hearts



*(I don't know how many days I spent in those woods, fighting against the cold and the confusion of my situation. My first taste of flesh at all was in those woods. In order to replenish my strength even just a tiny bit, I devoured whatever rabbit I could find. Because it was winter, there was no possibility of finding any fruits in those woods. Flesh was my only food. However, I took no alarm to this. Just as it is natural for foxes to eat rabbits, it was no different for a fox deity. I always prayed for the rabbit after killing them, and then prayed again after I had eaten them, thanking them for the sustenance.)

Inari fell asleep in the woods in the middle of the night, curled up and using her tails for warmth. A hooded young man traveled through those woods that night, along with his fox. His hair was long, silky, and jet black. He tied it into a messy bun, and walked through the snow with a cane. He was of frail build, but strong of heart and mind.

(*That night, I met the first love of my life. His name...I haven't uttered it in so long, because just remembering it causes me grief. But, his name was Tenji.)

Tenji and his fox searched around the woods, looking for things no mortal should ever even dream to have. Tenji's fox suddenly growled and went sprinting deeper into the woodlands without his master's permission.

Tenji: Oi! What are you doing?!

He ran after his fox like it was his best friend, and perhaps it was. Every step he took made a crunch in the snow, and caused the leaves to whistle in his ear as he zipped past them. Finally, he spotted his strangely disobedient fox, licking the wounds of a sleeping Inari. The fox was simply chasing after its greater master.

Tenji: By the gods...what is this? A woman? With tails? Could it be...Inari Okami?!

The fox cried as Inari failed to wake up, as if begging his lesser master to save the life of the greater master. Tenji, still astonished by the sight of an alluring woman with nine tails and the ears of a fox, stopped his shivering and made the best decision he could.

*N O I R*

Tenji: She's wounded...

Tenji petted the fox's head and smiled.

Tenji: Let's take her home, give her a meal, and make sure she heals properly. Only good things can come to us if we take care of a god in need.

Inari awoke in a bed she knew wasn't hers, staring up at a wooden ceiling she did not recognize. Her wounds were dressed with gauze, so she knew someone had taken care of her. Carefully, she slowly got out of bed, hugging the wall to help her walk. She opened the front door, and her eyes were overwhelmed by the brightness of the morning sun. Tenji was chopping wood when he realized Inari had gotten up.

Tenji: Inari Okami!

Tenji immediately bowed in a fully submissive position. Even his fox bowed its head.

Tenji: Thank goodness you're alright. I spotted you out in the woods, and you looked like you were in a bad position. I'm sorry that my home is small, but I hope it sufficed for your recovery, great one.

Inari: You saved me?

Tenji: Yes, great one.

*(I thought...maybe I'm not alone. Maybe I can still get help. Maybe someone will listen to me)

The two went inside, drinking tea at the small, round table in what could be considered a living room of sorts.

Inari: Tenji, is it?

Tenji: Y-yes, that's my name.

Inari: Thank you for saving me. Although I am indebted to you, I'm afraid I do not have much to give you right now. Even worse, I must ask even more from you.

Tenji: No, please, ask away!

Inari: Even if I cannot give you a blessing, as your probably hoping?

Tenji: Well, I guess I'd be lying if I said it's disappointing not to be blessed, but ultimately, I just wanted to help you. As long as you get help, I'll be fine with the mere satisfaction of my deeds.

*(You know, now that I think about it, mortal, you and Tenji were the same kind of souls. You're both selfless, always wanting to help just for the sake of helping.)

Tenji: What do you need, Inari Okami?

Inari bowed her head.

Inari: Please allow me to stay with you. I have nowhere to go. My shrines have all been burned and given to other gods, and the residents of Edo have tried to kill me. I don't know why. I don't know what I did wrong. All I know is that I cannot go back there. Please, consider taking care of me for the foreseeable future, just until I can get back on my feet.

Tenji: Of course! You can stay here if you need to. It would be my honor to have you as a guest.

Inari: Really? Do you mean that?

Tenji's smile was honest and bright.

Tenji: Really!

*(Tenji was the man who saved me. Being with him allowed me to feast once more and the sweet fruits of the earth, and not the flesh of rabbits. I stayed with him for much longer than I anticipated. Reason being...we fell in love. We were married in secret, away from the eyes of other villagers. Just over a year later, I had given birth to 3 children, triplets. Those three kids were the first demigods in existence. Tenji was sweet, perhaps even too sweet. It would've been wiser to send me on my way. Even if he had still married me, he should've forced me to stay inside, never to venture out into the world again.)

After giving birth to her children, Inari would often take a stroll through the woods while her husband worked, and the children were fast asleep. Though the day itself was peaceful, and filled with spring breeze, it would prove a terrible day for Inari to go outside. As she walked, she heard the footsteps of several other people across from her. She hid behind a tree and did her best to tuck her tails under her cloak. She put her hood on to cover her white hair. She could hear the voices of the men scoping out the forest.

Voice: The gods want all shrines and households ahead of this forest to be stripped of any homages to Inari. We'll have to do a door-by-door sweep and make sure the villagers aren't hiding anything.

Voice 2: Don't forget, they also want any foxes to be taken away as well. They want absolutely no references to Inari anywhere.

*(It was like a cruel twist of fate...)

As if the stars were aligned for a bad omen, Tenji was unfortunate enough to cross the path of the travelers. Inari recognized his gentle voice, peering from behind the tree to see for herself. It was indeed her husband, and the group of travelers consisted of 8 men.

Tenji: Good day, travelers.

The men immediately took note of Tenji's fox as the first sign that he may have been a worshiper of Inari. They played it smart, keeping that suspicion to themselves to mask their intentions.

Man: Good day. You own a fox?

Tenji: Oh yes, he's my friend out here in the woods. I hunt game during the spring and sell the meat and fur to the locals.

Man: I see, so you live near here?

Tenji: Yeah, just ahead of the woods. Would you be interested in buying some game some time?

Man: Yeah, we probably would! We've been running low on food, so some freshly hunted meat will serve us well.

The man's necklace began to vibrate as they walked closer to the tree where Inari was hiding. The travelers stopped as the man clutched his necklace and began looking around.

Tenji: Is...something wrong?

Man: Oh, no. My apologies, it's just my imagination. Please do sell us some of your meat. We'd be very thankful.

Tenji: Of course.

As they traded, Inari silently fled back to the house and shut the door behind her. She could finally catch her breath again after a near and possibly dangerous close encounter with strangers.

*(It was close. Much too close. That day, I believed I had just about gotten away with my life, and the safety of our family. However, a short time after that...)

Inari and Tenji awoke to the crackle and foul fumes of flames engulfing their small home.

Inari: Tenji!

Tenji: Get the kids!

Tenji grabbed two of the crying infants, while Inari grabbed one of them. They made a break for the front door, and found something much more threatening than a mere fire. A small army of soldiers and priests waited for them outside that fateful Spring day. The man who Tenjin sold meat to just days before stood at the center of this coalition of soldiers and exorcists.

*(It all began to make sense to me. That man's necklace was a charm designed to warn him of nearby fox spirits. Whether he thought Tenji's fox was the spirit, or if he knew I was hiding nearby, it ultimately led to the same conclusion. Tenji was a target to the exorcists.)

Tenji: What is this?!

Soldier: All worshipers of Inari are to be purged, as the gods command!

Man: I see, I was right. Inari really was hiding with you. Harboring a runaway god, Tenji? That is a serious offense against the heavens.

Tenji: Inari...run...

Inari: No!

Tenji: Inari, just get out of here!

Tenji's eyes suddenly widened with shock as an arrow pierced his neck, and he dropped the two babies in his arms.

Man: Be sure to kill the children too! They probably belong to her!

Inari, cursed with only two arms, could only manage to carry the bleeding Tenji, and the other baby. The two Tenji dropped were surrounded by soldiers and stabbed. She ran as fast as she could into the forest, never stopping to look back as arrows whizzed past her head, some even striking her arms and tails.

*(My children...at the hands of humans...)

*(Were given the deaths of men, instead of the mercy that mere infants deserve.)

An arrow struck Inari's back, forcing the god to finally collapse, dropping her last, crying child, and a near-dead Tenji. Their footsteps were getting closer and closer, along with their barbaric cheers as they were convinced they were doing the gods a favor. Unable to do anything to save her family, Inari cried, hugging her baby as if to shield it from the painful fate awaiting them. As he bled, Tenji reached out to his beloved wife.

Tenji: I...Inari...

Inari: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! This is all my fault!

Tenji: Inari...you have to escape...I won't...I won't let you die here...

Inari's burning tears streamed down her bloodied face.

Inari: There's nothing I can do now!

Tenji: Yes there is. You've told me before...eating flesh and the hearts of rabbits helped you stay alive before, right?

Inari realized what Tenji was trying to say. She shook her head, refusing the mere idea he was trying to put up.

Inari: No...I can't do that to you...

Tenji grabbed Inari's hand, holding it tightly as if to keep his soul anchored to the earth for a little longer.

Tenji: Inari, you really did end up blessing me. I became a husband and a father because of you. I knew what love was because of you. That's why I cannot let you die here. I cannot let your story end here. That's why...I'm giving to give you my blood, my flesh, and even my heart.

Inari: Tenji, stop!

Tenji gave a small blade to Inari, curling her fingers around the handle and smiling.

Tenji: They were already yours since the day we met. Now that I'm about to die, I no longer need them. Take my heart, Inari. Do it now! If you die here, I'll never forgive you!

There was no time to hesitate. Inari, with her shaking hands and crying face, pointed the tip of the blade into Tenji's chest.

Tenji: Stay alive, my love...

Tenji slipped away into Death's arms, to the heartbreak and horror of Inari, who had already lost two children in the blink of an eye.

*(That day...I'll remember it forever...)

When the soldiers caught up to Inari and surrounded, they gazed in awe and shock as she held Tenji's heart in her hands as it made its last beats.

*(That was the day I ate the heart of a human, and it was the day that my love for humanity...died with my husband.)

Inari consumed Tenji's heart like she consumed an apple. Blood stained her lips and hands as her wounds healed instantly, and her eyes glowed a bright red. Her tears of sadness had turned into tears of anger. She stood up, and all of the soldiers fell silent. For a moment, she was still, and the soldiers were unsure whether to run, or to attack as they saw the fox deity heal before their eyes. Then, suddenly, the clouds covered the sun, casting a shadow over the forest. Inari's tails struck out from behind her, and her furious yell filled the forest, accompanied by the screams of the soldiers and exorcists.

In just a short time, the forest fell silent again. Not a single sound uttered from beneath those blood-soaked trees.

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Inari Standoff: Win Together, Die Together


About finished with her tale, Inari stood up and fetched herself a cookie from behind the counter. Osamu's skin was riddled with goosebumps from the brutality of her past. Inari had endured a greater deal of suffering than Osamu could ever have nightmares of.

Osamu: So...what of the child? The last one that remained?

Inari: I couldn't take care of her. I knew the priests would continue to hunt me down, so I dropped her off on the doorstep of the best house I could find. The residents were a married couple, and they took her in, gave her a good life. I went back to the forest after that, and laid besides Tenji's corpse for days. I didn't want to leave him. I stayed with him even as he decomposed, until the earth and the insects took him away from me completely.

Inari: I eventually moved on, and I've been on the run ever since. I'm not too sure exactly how the child's life progressed, but I do know that the gods feared my descendant, no, any divine descendant becoming powerful enough to challenge them. This was especially the case with my child. If she had found out what the gods ordered humans to do to her parents and siblings, there would've been a big problem on their hands. And so, as I've told you before, the most recent hunt for me began when the Buddhists sold me out and reported me to the exorcists. Now you understand why I don't trust humans.

Inari took a bite out of the oatmeal cookie as she sat on the counter.

Inari: Those are my scars. Those are how deep they run.

Osamu: I see. I understand now. Do you...do you trust me?

Inari: You've got the same kind of kind spirit Tenji had. You didn't have to help me, but you did.

Osamu: I heard you screaming for help, so I came to your aid. How could I not? God or not, you're a living being, and you were suffering. It was the right thing to help you. I'm sure of it.

Inari smiled.

Inari: You sound just like him. Eras apart, and yet the same kind of spirit lives on. How about this, mortal. I trust you a decent amount. You have stuck with me until this long, and you actively chose to answer my plea for help in the first place.

Osamu: Though you don't trust humans, I'm all you have to depend on. You may not like me because I'm human, Inari, but I'm glad we met, and I'm glad I got to hear your story.

Osamu closed his eyes as his thoughts drifted to the very real possibility of dying.

Osamu: If we live through this, I'll tell you a bit about my scars as well. But if we're in a tight spot, then my words from before still stand. You can take my heart and use it to become powerful again.

Inari: And if we both die?

Osamu: I won't be a human anymore. I won't be a failure anymore, nor a husband, nor a father. You won't be a god, nor a fox spirit, nor a wanted woman. Even if we both die out there, it's alright. We'll both be free of our burdens.

Inari finished her cookie and took a look out of the window. Time had passed by quickly with their talk. It was already night, and the airport lit up both on the inside, and on the runway.

Inari: It's time. Let's get me a change of clothes first. This shirt's got blood all over it.

Inari abandoned her bloodied, white shirt and wore a black, frilly dress top instead, contrasting with her snow white hair. The two went outside onto the runway, standing in front of the yellow light of the backlit runway signs. Night ruled the sky as the wind lapped and the clouds rolled in through the darkness. They stood there waiting and watching for their enemies.

Inari: A storm is coming. We might be fighting under lightning tonight.

Osamu: That's fine by me.

Inari: Say, mortal, you wouldn't happen to have any reinforcements to call in, would you?

Osamu: I thought about it, but the only people I could trust with that are exorcists and gods themselves. I'm sure Izanami and Tsukiakari would love to help me, but it would mean they'd have to kill exorcists. That would jeopardize their position with heaven. Why? You're not doubting us, are you?

Inari: No, of course not. Just wondering if there was an easier way out of this. As always, the answer is no. Still nothing from the Aika girl?

Osamu: No...not a thing.

Inari: Maybe she just got caught up in the teleportation spell by the first round of exorcists. If that's the case, she should be fine. Don't let it worry you too much. Focus your mind on the fight at hand. Remember, if we lose here, we won't have a chance at getting rid of our curse.

Osamu: You're right. I'll stay focused.

Inari climbed on top of the runway sign, sniffing the air and excitedly wagging her tails. She looked back at Osamu with a serious expression.

Inari: They're here.

Osamu: They? It's not just White Saint?

Inari: No, there's another. They're coming from two different directions though, so I don't think they're together. I don't know who the other exorcist is, but he's not our immediate worry. He's still a ways away. Saint is here now. Get ready.

Storm clouds were rolling in, and the wind grew more intense. All the way on the other end of the runway was Saint, walking towards Osamu with his staff in hand. The lights on the runway lit up his face as he walked by them, and the wind swayed his blonde hair. Even further away, still outside of the airport, the second exorcist calmly continued on his way over. He was tall, bald headed, but had a thick and long beard that covered most of his mouth and chin. He donned a white suit with a white tie and white shoes, and was very muscular. As he walked, he whistled an improvised tune as the first few flashes of lightning ripped through the sky.

Inari jumped down from the sign.

Inari: Are you ready, mortal?

Osamu, ready to either win or die, nodded his head. In an instant, Inari possessed his body, and his red eyes and sharp teeth returned, along with Inari's amplified strength. When the pulsating pain in his head wore off, he stood up and walked down the runway, planning to meet Saint somewhere in the middle.

*(You know what must be done, right? I don't just plan to win here. If we want to rid ourselves of this curse, we have to eat his heart.)

Osamu: I know.

*(Oh? I expected more resistance. You looked terrified when you tasted human blood for the first time.)

Osamu: I never said I was fine with it. In fact, I find the idea of consuming a human heart atrocious. Still, it's the only way either of us will survive the curse, and live another day. Either we win here, or we die here.

Finally, Saint and Osamu stood at talking distance between each other as lightning flashed from the sky, and the lights of the airport grew hazy as the air turned moist. Osamu's hair blocked one of his eyes as the wind fluttered through it, but the other was burning red with Inari's influence. The ends of up his open, unbuttoned shirt flapped about in the wind along with his necklace, exposing the black mark left on his bare chest.

Osamu: About time you got here.

Saint: Indeed.

Saint's staff shifted into a golden sword. He pointed the divine blade at Osamu with a steady grip.

Saint: Now then, be gone, fox demon.
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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Inari Standoff: The Goddess Who Licked My Wounds



Saint: Now!

Saint raised his sword skyward, collecting the raging lightning from the sky and then pointing it at Osamu's direction. Osamu blocked the blast with his arm, but was knocked back several yards. As he stood up again, he saw the skin and flesh on his arm slowly melting off of the bone, and began to scream.

*(Oh no! Hang in there, mortal!)

Saint's speed was inhumanly fast as he went in to plunge his sword into Osamu's chest, but Inari's quick reflexes allowed Osamu to flip over Saint and dodge the flurry of stabs and slashes. Finding an opening, Osamu kicked Saint square in the sternum, embellished by the fox deity's strength. The blow left Saint winded.

Saint: Wretched demon!

Saint plunged his sword onto the tarmac, sending streaks of blue lightning Osamu's way. He backflipped behind a van, hiding behind it as the lightning struck and burnt the paint off of the vehicle. Osamu put his foot on the van, and with one thrust of his leg, sent it flying into Saint's direction. The exorcists effortlessly cut the vehicle in half with his blade.

Osamu: Any ideas, Inari?!

*(Yeah, forgive me for this one!)

Osamu ripped off his own arm, or what was left of it, and threw the burnt, melted limb into Saint's face as a distraction. Osamu then leaped up on top of the parked airplanes and retreated from Saint. Osamu held his arm as Saint followed in pursuit on the ground.

Osamu: Damn it, that hurt!

*(We need to be able to get the jump on him, but we can't properly do that in here! We need to get inside, stop the bleeding, and then work on surprising him! Once we get his heart, I can give you back your arm.)

A bolt of lightning suddenly and just barely missed Osamu as he hopped from one plane to another. The metal of the plane below Osamu's feet weakened and gave way, making him fall directly inside of the dark interior, just shy of the cockpit.

Osamu: Damn, it doesn't look like he's going to let us get away!

Saint's sword switched back into a staff, glowing as green as emeralds. The mighty priest pointed his staff at the plane Osamu fell into, straining his body to cast magic that allowed him to lift the plane up into the sky, with its nose pointing skyward. Osamu fell all the way to the back as the massive commercial jet slowly lifted off of the tarmac and up into the sky, attracting bolts of lightning as it got closer to the furious storm clouds. Inside, Osamu kept his head down to avoid the lightning. He inched his way up from the back of the plane and looked out of the window, where he could see they were being lifted high into the air.

Osamu: What the hell is he doing?! Is he insane?!

*(Damn him!)

Osamu kept climbing up, using the seats as stepping points as the plane disappeared behind the clouds. More lightning hitting the plane shattered the windows, each of them driving Osamu's heart mad with fear.

*(Mortal, I've got a bad feeling about this!)

Osamu: That makes two of us! What about it?!

On the ground, Saint's staff ceased its glowing, letting go of its hold on the jet. A destructive free-fall to the ground was imminent.

Saint: Be gone!

The feeling of the plane being subjected to gravity, and the force of its movement aiming back down at the ground rather than higher into the sky sent Osamu into a split second panic as he realized they would surely crash. Then came the dreaded free-fall. Osamu had just managed to make it into the cockpit as the plane made a rapid descent towards the runway.

*(Mortal, shut the cockpit door!)

 Osamu, terrified beyond belief, so much so that he was sweating profusely, did as Inari suggested and shut the cockpit door.

Osamu: You don't need to tell me, just do it! You're the one in control of my body!

*(This might hurt your arm, mortal!)

With his one remaining arm, Osamu punched a hole through the side of the cockpit, and was forced to make the jump out of the plane under Inari's influence. Saint watched as the massive jet crashed down to earth, tail first. The loud booms and crashes of metal twisting, churning, and breaking as it hit the tarmac filled his ears and clouded the runway in a cloud of dust.

Unbeknownst to Saint, Osamu had jumped out of the plane and had crashed through a glass frame in the ceiling just after the crash, landing him back inside of the airport. The airport was completely dark. Though some emergency lights were on, most of the lights were knocked out from the storm.

Osamu laid his back against the nearest wall, clutching his severed arm, and feeling the pain of such a tremendous fall. Inari leaped out of his body, immediately tending to his wounds.

Osamu: You know, you're like a god damn Eva pilot with my body!

Inari: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Just hold still, I'll stop the bleeding! It might burn a little!

Inari began licking Osamu's wounds, a strange act that really did have healing properties. At the same time, tasting Osamu's blood and flesh gave Inari a bit more strength to continue the fight. Her licks sealed up the wounds and stabilized Osamu. Once again, her lips were marked with red blood.

Inari: How does it feel?

Osamu took deep, slow breaths, struggling to stay coherent.

Osamu: I think...I'm better...

Inari: Hey, stay with me!

Inari grabbed Osamu by the neck, inching her face closer to his.

Inari: Here, we can use your own blood to heal you further. Take it off of my lips.

(At least it's just my blood this time...)

The mortal and fox deity shared another deep and bloody kiss, giving Osamu a good shot of energy and instantly snapping him out of his hypovolemic shock.

Inari: Better?

Osamu: I feel a lot better!

Inari: Thank goodness!

Inari too took a sigh of relief and sat against the wall.

Osamu closed his eyes and smiled.

Osamu: Thank goodness? Were you worried for me?

Inari: Like I said, I'm depending on you here. Besides, you're the first person I had ever told that story to.

Osamu: Story?

Inari: The one about my past, and the last time I loved a human.

Osamu: Oh, that's right. You did tell me that. I'm the first?

Inari: Never trusted another human enough to tell it to anyone else.

(She really...really...)

Osamu shocked Inari as he laughed and cried at the same time.

Inari: H-hey?! What's wrong? Crap, I didn't say anything, did I?

Osamu: No, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm crying...

Inari: Mortal...

Inari helped Osamu up, and the two stood tall together once more.

Inari: It is not my intent for either of us to die here. So, no more crying. We're going to get Saint's heart, and I will heal the both of us. It's our destiny to win here.

Osamu: Okay...I trust you.

Osamu dried his eyes, and despite his injuries, returned a determined gaze to Inari. She smiled and closed her eyes.

Inari: You know, mortal, I'm glad you and I met. Now then...

Inari opened her eyes again, ready to press onward.

Inari: Let's finish this.

Having realized Osamu was not in the wreckage of the plane, Saint ventured inside of the cold and dark airport. Emergency lights lit up the occasional hallway, but darkness shrouded Saint's vision. Standing on the other end of the hallway, with his shadow elongated by the light behind him, stretching out towards Saint, Osamu stood tall.

Saint: I'm amazed. Truly impressed indeed. How did you manage to survive such an awful crash?

Osamu: With a little help from my friend.

Saint: What is your name, mortal?

Osamu: Osamu. Osamu Ashikaga.

Saint: I see, I shall remember that. Tell me, why do you aid the fox demon? Why do you allow her to possess you? You do realize you're aiding a rogue deity, right? It would be a high offense against the heavens should they find out. Your soul will very well be cursed to suffer for all eternity once you die.

Osamu: Yeah, I know. Honestly, it's one of my own enemies that taught me to do things like this, to do awful things for the sake of a noble deed.


Osamu: The things Inari went through in the past should stay in the past. There's no reason to be hunting Inari now. Do you even know why you have to kill her, or are you just blindly following orders? You can see perfectly well, yet you cover your eyes with a white veil. Why not try to see things with your own eyes, Saint?

Saint: Utterly ridiculous. As an exorcist, the words of the gods are absolute. Applying my human sense of judgement to supernatural problems will only lead to more problems, just as you seem to be dealing with.

Osamu: In a way, you're right, almost too right. However...this is the end for you.

A pain that was dull and widespread, yet sharp and precise struck Saint's neck. It was the fierce bite of Inari, ripping through the flesh of his neck. Saint failed to notice that Osamu was no longer possessed by Inari.

Inari: I've got you...White Saint

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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It may or may not be love, but something is definitely in the air

Inari Standoff: Heavy Metal



Saint was brought to his knees by the might of Inari's bite, so potent in its power that numbness was felt more than pain. Blood dripped from his neck and onto the floor, forcing him into a deadly and bloody situation where Inari's teeth were the only thing keeping him from bleeding out. As soon as she released, he'd have no hope of surviving. For this, Osamu did not turn away, but his inner humanity did feel for Saint. He too fell down to his knees, still exhausted from the battle.

Osamu: I never thought I'd be doing this...I never, ever wanted to harm another human being if I didn't have to. I've had the opportunity to kill someone before, but I couldn't do it back then, either...

Osamu recounted the moment when he held a gun to Satori's head, furious, yet unable to end another human life. Saint, having conceded his loss in his mind, spoke to Osamu. His throat and neck ached with every word.

Saint: No. This is not your...your doing. It is this...wretched thing...that has done the deed. Your hands are clean...

Osamu: Even if I'm the one helping her?

Saint: That makes you...an accomplice...not necessarily a murderer...

Osamu, despite feeling dejected on the inside, closed his eyes and smiled.

Osamu: I see...just a step down from what I would consider pure evil.

Saint: Is Inari not pure evil to you, then? Is this...this unsightly scene before your very eyes...not evil?

Inari: Lot of words for a man about to die!

Osamu: Evil...it all started with greed. The greed of the gods directly targeted Inari, and she's been forced to use terrible means just to survive. I think that when it comes this far, survival becomes a logic instead of an instinct. It was the exorcists and the gods that created the Inari that is about to claim your life. That is the irony of all of this. You're serving and dying for the people who ended up getting you killed.

The shadows of Inari's nine tails were elongated down the hallway as the emergency light shined ahead.

Saint: I see...I see now...it's all so bright....

Osamu realized Saint was dying, slipping away from this world and into the next. Inari let go of his neck, seeing no point to keep him suffering. He silently bled out, and Inari closed his eyes for him. She took a deep breath and shook her head.

Inari: Damn fool. He never had to die, not like this. Now the girl is going to have live with this, and she'll only blame me, because she's to young to know what she ought to do. This is the cycle of hatred the gods have burdened me with.

A sharp pain made Osamu clutch his chest.

Osam: Ah! That's not good!

Inari: I'm sorry! I'll stop messing around and get his heart.

Osamu: I'm not...I'm not going to have to eat it myself, right?

Inari: No, I can eat it and then transfer the blood from my mouth to yours.

Osamu: When you say it like that, it sounds a lot more gross than it really is.

Inari: If you ask me, I think it's quite delicious!

Inari turned Saint's body over, stabbing into his chest with her claws to form a hole in his chest. From there, she was able to widen the hole by pulling the two ends of skin and flesh apart, revealing the rib cage.

Inari: Mortal, you might want to look away. This is where it gets gross.

Osamu: Thanks for saying that now!!!

After splitting the rib cage in half, Inari carefully pulled out Saint's heart, holding the bloodied organ in her hand as she opened her mouth to devour it.


Taking the last, bloody gulp of Saint's heart, Inari's tails waved in excitement. The black spot on her chest disappeared, ridding her of Saint's curse. On her feet and filled with joy, she stood up and stretched her legs, then walked over to Osamu for the next crimson kiss.

Inari: That feels nice! And look, the curse is gone too!

Inari, perhaps purposefully, pulled on her dress to expose her breasts to Osamu. The married man averted his eyes and held in his natural urges.

Osamu: Would you please stop playing around and heal me! I'm friggin' cursed here!

Inari: Very well. Come on, let's kiss.

(Every one of our kisses, though serving a practical purpose, felt more and more romantic than the last. The first was quick, the second was deeper, and this one, the third...long after the taste of blood had dissipated, our lips were still locked. I was touching her, and she was touching me. Neither of us stopped after the curse was healed. And then...the mark of a kiss that's more than just practical...Inari held my face with her hands, and gave me her tongue.)


Osamu couldn't even bare to look at Inari after such an intense kiss. He averted his eyes and hid his blushing face.

Osamu: What as that?!

Inari: Hah, thank of it as an extra thank you for sticking with me like this. I hadn't kissed someone like that in a long time. Thank you for putting up with it.

(That's right...how many centuries has it been since she last loved anyone?)

Inari's eyes looked a bit sorrowful and reminiscent. Still, she cast away her inner emotions, sticking only with the logic of survival.

Inari: Okay, now for your arm. I should be able to just grow it right back-

An explosion suddenly punched through the wall ahead of them, knocking them both down the hallway on their backs.

Smoke clouded the source of the explosion, but Inari knew it could've only been the 2nd exorcist.

Osamu: Damn it! What the hell was that?!

Inari looked towards the window, noticing it had already started to rain.

Inari: I couldn't smell him because the rain washed way his scent. It seems our final opponent for tonight is here.

The man with the white suit stepped through the hole blown through the wall, completely soaked from the rain.

Man: Showing up in a soaked, expensive suit is rather unstylish of me, eh? But hey, when you come for a party, you've got to be prepared for anything! Ain't that right, Inari?

Our exhausted protagonists, please give your well-learned politesse to the next exorcist, Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal smiled when he saw Inari, but the smile quickly faded when he saw Saint's corpse.

HM: Is that the White Saint? Wow, he was no joke. Definitely one of the most talented exorcists out there. I can't believe you really killed him. Black Maria is going to be furious when she hears about this.

Heavy Metal then noticed Osamu, clutching at injured arm.

HM: Boy, you do NOT look stylish. Where's your flair, man? Where's your mojo?

Osamu: Wh...what the hell are you talking about?!

HM: Well, you're wearing the Male symbol around your neck. I figured someone like you would probably be a bit more like...saaayyy...Austin Powers.

Inari: Ah, I see now. You must be the one they call Heavy Metal, right?

Heavy Metal's face lit up with fabulous, stylistic joy.

HM: Oh! You've heard of me? Am I really that famous that even an old god like yourself knows about me?!

Inari: I've heard the hearsay. Everyone says you're a snob too obsessed with being stylish all the time.

An invisible, yet powerful force struck Heavy Metal in his heart.

Inari: I heard you're so obsessed with it, you go to bed in your clothes, with your shoes on, and then stare at yourself in the mirror when you wake up. I even heard you get sexual excitement from it.

Osamu: Dude...really?

Struck in the heart once more, Heavy Metal was nearly brought to tears.

HM: For the love of god, stop! Those rumors are not true! They're slander, absolute lied and libel!

Inari crossed her arms and wore a smug smile on her face.

Inari: And I heard that some of the female exorcists think you're metrosexual. For shame, Heavy Metal, for shame.

Osamu: You don't deserve to call yourself stylish, you fraud!

HM: Alright, stop! Now you two are just pissing me off! How dare you insult my stylistic integrity! How dare you shame a man for his love of fashion! It's time to end this!

Inari: What are you gonna do, baldy? Cry about how all your hair is gone?

Osamu: Inari!

Inari: What? He's fun to insult!

Heavy Metal flexed, and his muscles suddenly grew nearly twice in size, ripping his suit apart. Never before had Inari or Osamu seen such massive muscles. His transformation ceased Inari's laughter.

Osamu: What the hell are you?! The Incredible Hulk?!

Inari: You know, if you keep taking steroids like this, your balls are going to disappear.


Heavy Metal pounded his fist into his hand and smiled. Call him tacky, but he looked like he could crash a watermelon with his chin if he wanted to.

HM: Time to kill a fox goddess!

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Oh the joys of not only knowing a reason to live, but also a reason to die.

Inari Standoff: Get Some Style, Loser




(This...this really sucks...)

Inari: Mortal!

Inari possessed Osamu, reuniting their strength just before Heavy Metal's attack.

HM: Here we go!

Heavy Metal sprinted towards the possessed Osamu, the might of his very steps shook the floor. Osamu raised his one, remaining arm to block Heavy Metal's ungodly powerful punch. Even though it was blocked, it still sent him flying into the wall at the other end of the hallway.

*(I heard he was strong, but that's insane! I don't think I'll be able to defend against many more of those hits!)

Osamu: If you had to put a number on it, how many more can you take?

*(I don't know, maybe 5 more, 6 if I'm really exerting our strength!)

Osamu: Got it, that leaves us plenty of chances. Listen, Inari, he's got power but his speed suffers because of it. We have to find a way to use that to our advantage.

Osamu payed close attention to how fast Heavy Metal recovered his stance from that punch. He watched his breathing, the alignment of his back, and how quickly he could go from moving to attacking.

Osamu: See that, Inari? He's like a tank. He's got a weakness!

*(What's a tank?!)

Osamu: Seriously?! How do you know what metrosexual is but not a tank?!

HM: I can't believe you actually survived that hit! I gotta admit, kid! That's pretty stylish!

Osamu: Thanks for the compliment, big guy.

*(Here he comes!)

Heavy Metal sprinted towards them again for another punch, his extremely muscular figure was illuminated by the lightning that flashed through the windows as he ran. Though he was still stunned from the last punch, Osamu was able to dodge the next one, letting it blow a hole through the wall as he jumped onto Heavy Metal's back and delivered a punch of his own right to the back of his spine. The attack didn't do much, and Heavy Metal quickly grabbed Osamu his leg and threw him over the edge and down to the next floor below. He landed perfectly on his feet, blessed by Inari's nimble movements.

*(Looks like brute force won't work on the guy...)

Osamu: Yeah, guess not...

*(Ah! I forgot! Now that I've eaten Saint's heart, I bet some of my powers came back! I don't know what using them is going to do to your body though.)

Osamu: That's fine. Same strategy we used for Saint! I'll be the bait for you.

Inari leaped out of Osamu's body. Just from her stern eyes, Osamu could tell she had a plan.

Inari: Got it! Be careful, don't do anything rash!

Osamu: No promises.

Inari hid herself in the darkness of the vast airport as Heavy Metal jumped down from the 6th floor, following Osamu into the luggage reception area.

HM: You know kid, I like you. It's a shame you're siding with Inari.

Osamu: Yeah? And whose side are you on?

HM: I don't take sides, it's not my place. One of the oldest divine decrees is the death of Inari, so, we exorcists simply follow it.

Osamu: It's that same kind of blind loyalty that got Saint killed! Why won't any of you stop to decide your own fate?!

HM: We exorcists simply don't have the leisure to decide our own fate.

Heavy Metal flexed his muscles as tightly as he could, and the air around him heated up. Osamu could feel this heat on the skin of his forehead, slowly encompassing his arms and entire front of his body. He slowly backed away as his heart thumped in anticipation.

Osamu: What...what are you doing!?

HM: It looks like you rely on melee attacks for the most part. Even though that first hit didn't have much of an effect since it lacked style, I can't afford for you two to get lucky, right?

Heavy Metal's body suddenly combusted, and was completely engulfed in flames. His fiery body illuminated the luggage reception area.

(He can do that?!)

HM: How does it look? I heard Kagutsuchi would accidentally use this technique when she was just an infant, and that it was so powerful that she killed her own mother! Not many exorcists can do this! Even I can only manage this much! Kagutsuchi's power must've been ten times what you're seeing!

Osamu: No...no way...Inari's right...

Osamu covered his eyes and shook his head in utter disappointment.

Osamu: You can't hear her because she's in my head right now, but she's making jokes about you being a Flaming Queer!



Osamu began laughing himself to tears.

Osamu: She says it's perfectly representative of your personality! She thinks you're probably a homosexual hiding behind a metrosexual smoke screen! She's calling you, The Flaming Homo Metal!

HM: Y-y-you silence her immediately! This technique took years to master! What does that have to do with my sexuality?! Why is every man who loves fashion automatically called gay?!

Osamu: Sheesh, I don't know man. I mean, I'm a fashionable guy too, but I don't try nearly as hard as you.

The flames covering Heavy Metal's body were extinguished as he began to cry, mourning for his insulted sense of fashion and manhood.

HM: Unacceptable! Completely unacceptable! I cannot have Inari of all gods thinking so lowly of me, even if she is a banished god! Where's the style in that?! If you ain't got style, you ain't got soul!

(Okay, now I'm confused...)

Heavy Metal pointed his finger as Osamu and made a bold declaration.

HM: You've defeated me today, but I will come back tomorrow and end you both! With style, next time!

Osamu: W-wait, what?!

Heavy Metal shoulder bashed through the wall leading to the outside, screaming as he ran in the rain naked.


Osamu: That's so...weird...

Inari finally leaped out of the shadows, ready to maim, bite, and kill.

Inari: Alright, show yourself, you bastard! I'll kill you, I swear it I will!


Inari: Uhm...Osamu...where's Heavy Metal?

Osamu: He...I think I hurt his feelings. He just ran off.

Inari: Are you telling me that with all of that muscle, he's a sensitive crybaby too?! Damn it! I was looking forward to a good fight!

Osamu: Don't feel disappointed yet. He said he'd be back tomorrow.

Inari: Hmm? Mortal, you sound tired.

Osamu's eyes grew heavy, and he found himself unable to stand up properly. Inari caught him as he fell to the floor, unresponsive.

Inari: Mortal?! Mortal! What's wrong?! Oh no, I knew it! I pushed your body way too far! Hang in there, I'll get you fixed up, alright?!

(Funny...she actually sounds...worried...)

Inari Standoff: Alone in Darkness with You

(And so...when I awoke...)

Osamu awoke on one of the tables in the bakery, in dire pain as Inari grew back his arm, including all of the bone, tissue, and nerves. Inari used her tails to restrain Osamu and hold him still, despite all of his painful moans.

Inari: I know, I know! Just hang on! I'm almost done getting your arm back!

Thunder boomed in the night sky as Osamu's fingers regenerated, completing the whole arm. When it was over, the pain subsided, and Inari slouched down against the display desk.

Osamu: Son of a bitch! That hurt!

Inari: I'm sorry. It was the only way I could get your arm back. I'm sure it feels numb, and you probably won't be able to move it right away, but it'll be fine.

Osamu: I....thank you, Inari.

Inari: Yeah, no problem, mortal.

Osamu joined her on the floor, sitting against the display desk with all of the muffins, cakes, and cookies behind them. Now that their battle was over, they had time again to be by themselves.

Inari: Mortal.

Osamu: What is it?

Inari: You promised me you'd tell me. About your scars.

Osamu: Yeah, I did, didn't I? I can't say they're as deep as yours, so you may think I'm pathetic for feeling down about all of these things.

Inari: Maybe they're not as deep, but they're still the same. I don't remember the last time I've intimately heard a human's story. All of their victories, tragedies, and various experiences that make them...them. So, go ahead and tell me.

Osamu smiled and closed his eyes.


Osamu: Where do I start, I wonder...

Inari: Anywhere is fine. Even if it's out of order.

Osamu: Right. I suppose, I can start with my very first failure since I got here in Kyoto.

Inari: Your first one?

Osamu: Yeah, though I guess this one has an upside to it, I still lament over how it ended. It goes like this...

(We sat there for hours as she heard my story, listening to every word with attentive curiosity. I told her about how I managed to save Aika's life at the expense of her memories of me, about how hard I tried to save Isabella from her condition, only to fail in that regard too. She listened to the story of my interaction with Satori Sentani, the loss of my parents, and how much of a mark he left on me, even after all this time. And finally, the most troublesome failure that still loomed over my head...the story of how I killed Rousoku Himawari.)

Osamu: And so, I had to vanquish her. I still have dreams about it. I still wish I could've steered her in the right direction, but I still managed to fail.

Inari: Did you love her, mortal? Do you still love her?

Osamu: That used to seem like such a simple question. It gets harder to answer the more I think of her. That makes me quite the scumbag, doesn't it? I'm only realizing how much I really still loved her after she's gone.

Inari rested her tails and closed her eyes.

Inari: You really have been through a lot. Is protecting me your way of atoning for all of it? For Rousoku?

Osamu: Saving you or dying at the end of it...either way, it would be justified. I kept thinking, up until I met you, that if I were to die, I'd probably go to hell. Or, if I reincarnated, I'd come back as something disgraceful. I don't think you can call that "suicidal" in just a straight shot but...you can say that I've lost the will to live. So, in you, I wanted to find a reason to die.

Inari: Osamu. You don't have to tell a lie like that.

Inari gazed at Osamu with her glowing, red eyes, making the scene quite awkward for Osamu, who recoiled and averted his eyes from her.

Osamu: Sorry, I went on a little venting spree there...

Inari: No...it's actually refreshing to hear all of it. It makes me feel like I haven't been alone in feeling this kind of pain. Someone, somewhere, has been losing what he loved too. Hurts, doesn't it? And when it seems like it's your fault, that guilt hangs over your head like a storm cloud. I feel everything you felt for Isabella, your parents, and Rousoku for my children, and for Tenji. I wonder what I could've done differently. I wish I could've been much more cruel back then, so I could've protected them. I failed too, Osamu. It still hurts me everyday, and I'm sure I'll die with those failures in my heart.

Inari: Do your wives ever listen to you about this kind of stuff?

Osamu: Sort of, I suppose. But, they're the kind of wives to seal your lips with a kiss instead of letting you stay down about it.

Inari: I see. Sometimes, I think it's necessary we stay down.

Inari's words grabbed Osamu's attention.

Inari: Although they may be doing their best to support you, as I'm sure they are, doing that so frequently and blindly may be irresponsible. They might think that you're a man who has done great things before, and can still do that now, that you'll take the brunt of any problem you face as a family...however, I know that men, like women, are sensitive creatures at heart. They still have vulnerable hearts, just like us. A man can only take so many beatings before he just breaks down and cries. That's why I think it's important that we sometimes stay down and cry. We can just take a moment to let it all out, brush ourselves off, and get back in the fight.

Osamu: You're a lot wiser than you let on.

Inari: Of course. I am a goddess, after all. I know you're not invincible, neither physically, nor emotionally. While I think it's true your heart is strong, I also believe your heart has had enough. Both of ours have. I was also prepared to die here for that reason. I also thought that maybe if I died, I can be reborn as someone who can actually protect the ones she loves. Maybe I could be a mother worth her salt, and a wife capable of shielding her family.

Osamu: Yeah...death seems more like another chance when you're tired of failing in life.

Inari wrapped her arm around Osamu.

Inari: What did you say your name was again, mortal?

Osamu: You forgot again?

Inari: Sorry, my mind has been preoccupied by the battles this whole time. Please, tell me again.

Osamu: Osamu. Osamu Ashikaga.

Inari: I see. Osamu Ashikaga. That's a beautiful name. A brave name indeed. I will no longer call you "mortal". I'll call you Osamu, or "friend".

Osamu: Do you...really mean that?

Inari: I wouldn't lie to you about that. I mean it. How do you write Osamu Ashikaga?

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: Osamu is written as "Discipline", like in "Shugendo". Ashikaga is written just how you would write the Ashikaga shogunate.

Inari: A beautiful name indeed. Your story was heartbreaking, Osamu. However, I can tell you that you aren't a failure. You're just human, that's all. When we meet amazing people, we make the mistake of putting the world on their shoulders and wearing them out, just as I've been doing to you. Even when you start to fall apart, you still insist on being our support.

Osamu: I can't help it. It's just in my blood.

Inari: I've tasted your blood, so I hope some of it transfers to me, so I can be as brave as you.

Osamu: What are you talking about, dummy? I thought you were the brave one here. You know I've been looking up to you all this time right? Well, even though you were terrifying at first.

Inari: Is that how it is? Someone actually gets inspired by looking at me?

Osamu: Yeah, I sure do. That's why, if we do happen to die here, in this empty airport together, I'll be glad I got to die with you.

Inari smiled and rested her head on Osamu's lap, covering her eyes with her wrist. Osamu smiled and stroked her hair.

Osamu: Getting tired, huh?

Inari: Yeah, but I can never manage to actually sleep.

Osamu: Why not?

Inari: I'm too sad.

Those words rung through Osamu's being, as they were all too familiar to him.

Osamu: I see. I've had plenty of sleepless nights too, for the same reason.

Inari: Osamu...when Yoko gives birth to your children, treat them well.

Osamu: Of course I will.

Inari: When they're acting defiantly, be sure to be strict with them, but remind them you love them.

Osamu: I will, Inari.

Tears streamed down the side of Inari's face as she hid her eyes. Her lips trembled with great sadness.

Inari: Tell them you love them every day. Don't ever let them forget how precious they are to you.

Osamu: I will...

As if they were sharing sadness, Osamu's face was also streamed with tears. Inari's soft crying turned into heartbroken sobs as she thought of her own children.

Inari: Protect them with everything you've got, Osamu! You're not worthless! They need you, and only you can be their father! You have to stay alive! You have to! You just have to!

(In Inari, I found a reason to die...but she also reminded me what my reason to live was...)

Osamu lowered his forehead onto Inari's. The two heartbroken and overburdened beings cried together, holding onto each other for dear life.

(The same scars, the same tears, the same hurt and guilt...I truly do believe I've found the most vulnerable and hurt part of myself within Inari, and perhaps she did the same with me. The two of us could finally stay down, mourn together, and let out some of the grief that gripped out hearts. The two of us, alone, hurt, wounded, and shrouded in darkness. I could stay with her forever here, until we climb out into the light again)

Inari Standoff: Belle Ame
(Finally, it seemed we had connected through our wounds. Our fight with White Saint, and our meeting with Heavy Metal wore us out beyond belief. After our wounds were healed and our tears were dried, Inari and I awoke together. I was...glad to be alive...)

The beauty of the morning sun shined through all the windows with its vibrant, deep orange light, bouncing off of the walls and indirectly illuminating the strewn about clothes, bags, potted plants, and reflective hallways. Perhaps most beautiful of all was how the light hit Inari's crimson eyes and cheeks as she awoke from her slumber. Her voice was weak and relaxed as she sat up, stretching out her arms and fluffing all nine of her tails.

*N O I R*


Inari: Morning, Osamu. Did you sleep well?

Osamu yawned as he answered. His blue, long sleeve, button up shirt was undone and completely tattered, stained with blood and burn marks. His Male symbol necklace dangled against his bare, scarred chest as he sat up too.

Osamu: I've had better nights...but...sleeping beside you definitely made it better.

Inari blushed and smiled and she stroked one of her tails. The air between the two was less divided between what it meant to be a god or a human.

Inari: I'd take you seriously Osamu, but...you really look like you just climbed out of the woods.

Osamu: ....Huh?

(Wait a minute...*censored*! I'm a complete mess!)

Osamu jumped up and looked around the diner for any clothes that might suit him.

Osamu: Shirts, shirts, shirts...gotta find a good shirt!

Inari: Sorry, Osamu. But I guess that's what happens when you get shot at, have your arm melted off, and narrowly survive a plane crash.


Osamu took a good look at Inari, who still looked perfectly fine and alluring in her frilly, black dress.

Osamu: It's easy for you to say when you look like you belong on Cover Girl...

Inari: Oh?


Inari slowly and sensually traced her hand down her neck and to the breast of her dress, pulling on it to expose most of her big, bouncy, delectable fun bags. A wink and a smile captured Osamu's heart, nevermind the pose.

Inari: Would you screw me like a Cover Girl too?

The vixen's tricks were admittedly effective on Osamu. So, he did what he does best and flipped the tables.

Osamu: You're damn right I would!

Inari: You actually said it?!

Osamu: Hah! You weren't expecting that, were you? I'd take you from behind, over a kitchen counter, in a car, in an airplane, on a train, or even in space!

Inari: Osamu, stop! You're crossing over into the land of unfiltered perversion!

Osamu: I'd pull your hair and your tails! I'd do you standing up and in public! I don't care who sees us, nor do I care about getting arrested for public indecency!

Inari: Stop, I can't take much more!

The madman kept going.

Osamu: I would even 69 with you, Inari!

That was it. Inari was utterly defeated. She fell flat onto her face and waved one of her white tails in the air in lieu of a white flag.

Inari: You truly are a fierce protagonist. I commend you, Osamu Ashikaga. You win this round.

Osamu: That's what the hell I thought.

(Remember kids, when a girl tries to be a pervert, be a bigger pervert than her.)

Osamu: Hey Inari, did you know that one out of ten people live next to a pedophile?

Inari: R-really? Is that actually true?

Osamu: I don't know for sure, but Akatsuki and Omagatoki have cute little butts, don't they?

Inari: You know those two?! You leave them alone, pedo!

Osamu: It was a joke...maybe...

(I won't deny those butts are cute.)

Not having any luck finding a good shirt inside of the diner, Osamu and Inari ventured out into the lobby to scavenge from what was left by the raptured civilians. A good shirt was the name of the game as Osamu went digging through the piles while Inari kept her eyes outside, surveying for any more exorcists.

Osamu: Hmm...well, I suppose this is decent enough.

Inari: Hurry up. Even if we won last night, we still have to be on guard. A skilled exorcist can take us by surprise if they really want to. Killing White Saint may have actually made everything harder for us.

Osamu: Huh?! How so?

Inari: Exorcists respond like any other kind of law enforcement, with escalated force. Much like a counter-terrorism unit will respond quickly to a threat the metropolitan police can't handle by themselves, more dangerous and skilled exorcists will most likely converge on our position now that White Saint is dead. We should be prepared for an even tougher fight.

Osamu: Seriously?

Just from that bit of information, Osamu's heart raced within his chest. The previous fights nearly killed them both, and yet, it was only bound to get harder? That realization let Osamu know that even after a victory, there was no time to rest or let your guard down.

Inari: Hey, don't look so down. We made it this far, didn't we? If we keep on working together as efficiently as possible, I'm sure we'll make it out of this somehow.

Osamu: Hmph...and you were originally very pessimistic about how all of this was go. Did I grow on you, Inari?

Inari: Oh don't be so smug about it! Your optimism in this forlorn situation of ours is just...infectious.

(Good...I'm glad she's starting to look up while maintaining her realism. I guess that's a nice balance.)

Osamu: Alright, I'll change out of this shirt now.


Osamu discarded his tattered, blue shirt and put on the cream-colored cardigan he found. He fluffed his wild, wavy hair, and buttoned the cardigan up to his lower sternum, with his Male symbol necklace glittering with light in the center of his chest. He brushed off his pants and fixed his bullet belt, making sure he at least looked decent if he was going to die.

Inari: You'd make a fine Yaoi protagonist.

Osamu: You'd make a fine fur coat.

With nothing better to do for the moment, the two of them sat together on top of the plane wreckage left over from last night's fight. The wind was heavy, ferociously fluttering through their clothes and hair as they gazed at the flocks of birds flying through the partially clouded sky. Osamu sat atop the severed head of the plane while Inari laid down on the broken wing blocking the runway.

Osamu: Hey, Inari...

Inari: What is it?

Osamu: You know the Shoku Twins too, right?

Inari: Yeah, I know those two cuties. Izanami introduced me to them a long time ago, at the start of the Edo Period, I believe. It's tragic to think they used to be two sisters, alive and mortal like any other normal pair of humans in this world. Still, I'd never seen two dead, immortalized children look so happy together. 

Osamu: You sound like you really love them...

Inari: Ah, sorry. I guess just hearing their names brought up a lot of memories. Why did you ask, anyway?

Osamu: I was wondering how many divine beings, if any, might actually take your side in all of this. After we've gotten out of here, you'll need strong allies to protect you, right?

Inari: The only people I can ever imagine doing that for me would be Izanami, The Shoku Twins, and...ah, no...the other one is dead.

Osamu: Which other one?

Inari: This girl I knew...Tsukiakari Senkumo...I was going to say her, but I don't even know-

Osamu: Tsukiakari?! Hang on, did you think she was dead?! I'm married to her!

Inari: Huh?! She's still alive after all this time?! Last time I saw her, she had cut down a quarter of the entire Shinto pantheon! She died after killing Ryujin and Fujin though.

Osamu: Yeah, she's still alive! Izanami secretly kept her alive after all of that. So you knew the Senkumo War Goddess too, huh?

Inari sat up, smiling as her closed eyes took her to her distant memories of Tsukiakari.


Inari: I met her shortly before the Senkumo clan fell apart. I actually helped Izanami reincarnate her for a while, but when I got chased out in the Edo period, I wasn't able to do much anymore. After Bishamon systematically killed off her friends and comrades, she really went on the warpath. I lost count of how many gods she killed. Still, I supported her in secrecy like Izanami. After all, what Bishamon did was absolutely detestable.

Osamu: Maybe...you two can see each other again soon.

Inari: Hmm...if I think too much about what I'll do if I survive all of this, I get scared that I might disappoint myself. Still, if I really do make it, I'd love to see how she's grown since our last encounter.

Silence washed over them for a while as they watched the morning sky turn from a beautiful green to a light and comforting blue. Suddenly, Inari shot up from her laid down position, sniffing the air in alarmed sense as her tails wildly fluttered about.

Osamu: Inari? What is it?!

Inari: My foxes! I can smell more of the little ones!
The two immediately kicked it into high gear, running back inside of the airport at full speed. Inari ran on all fours, following the familiar scent of her loyal foxes.

Inari: Damn, they're scattered!

Osamu: Which way, Inari?!

Inari: You go towards the lobby! I'll go towards the luggage area! If you don't find one of them, just come back here!

Osamu: Got it!

Inari hurriedly jumped up the entire span of the escalators, running off to find the foxes. Osamu ran down the reflective hallway, looking around at every nook and cranny for even the faintest sign of one of the small, nine-tailed foxes.


Osamu stopped, sliding across the incredibly slippery and polished floor before coming to a full stop. He looked around cautiously, having sworn he had just head the sound of reverberating bells.

Osamu: What was that? Where did...

Down the other way, Inari also came to a screeching stop.

Inari: The foxes...they were converging just a minute ago...where did their energy signatures go?! Oh no...Osamu!

Osamu guardedly walked into the empty reception area, which was soaked with bright sunlight that reflected right off of the floors as if the sun was right below him. When his eyes got used to the intense light, they widened in absolute horror as finally found Inari's foxes.


Six foxes in total were hung from the planted bamboo trees in the middle of the lobby, black ropes tied tightly around their little necks. Sitting ever so elegantly in front of this horrific scene as if she was intently watching a Shakespeare performance was a 17 year old girl dressed in a pure white maid dress.

The frilly white skirt she wore was short, easily exposing her thick bottom and white underwear beneath. In contrast with her dress, the girl's hair was a deep black and was cut to her collar bones. As she turned her head to see Osamu upon hearing his footsteps, he could see a fanciful, white choker around her neck, where the bell he heard was attached. Her eyes were blindfolded with a white cloth, much like how White Saint's were.

Frilly, white armbands decorated her upper arms and were tied with black ribbons and more bells. They all chimed gently as she stood, facing Osamu with a sheathed katana in her hand. Osamu's heart was about to jump out of his sore chest as the silence between them made him increasingly unsure of what the girl was about to do.

*N O I R*

The girl's voice was surprisingly gentle, like a butterfly in the middle of spring.

Belle: My name is Belle Âme.

Belle curtsied before Osamu and bowed her head. He simply stood in awe of the girl's beauty, captivated by her every move and soft-spoken words.

Belle: I would like to speak to you, mortal.

Inari Standoff: La Vie En Rose
*belle âme*

*le femelle de mystique*

*mortel beauté*

The beautiful Belle rose from her curtsy. With her eyes veiled behind her white blindfold and her lips as still as shallow water, Osamu couldn't decipher what was going through her mind. However, he couldn't lie to himself. Her face, her delicate body, her vibrant skin, and her pure white maid dress was all too alluring to ignore. The sheathed blade in her hand kept him on guard.

Osamu: Those foxes...did you-

Belle: Yes. Actually, I'm the one who brought them here.

Osamu: What?! Damn it, you mean you were trying to bait Inari?!

(No good, I have to-)

Belle: I must inform you, attempting to run away from me would be extremely ill-considered.

Beads of sweat began to form on Osamu's head as he tried to contain his fearful shivering.

*N O I R*

Belle: As I said, I want to talk to you. You can still get out of this alive.

Osamu:...Well then...talk. I can't promise you I will agree to whatever it is you have to say, but I'll hear you.

Belle: Very well.

Belle withdrew her blade from its sheath, only for Osamu to discover that it wasn't really quite a sword. As it shined and gleamed in all of its golden glory, Osamu realized the sheathed weapon was actually a golden, jeweled cross. With just a point of that cross, Belle burned the black rope that one of the foxes was hung on, releasing it from the tree and levitating it in mid air, right in front of Osamu.

Belle: Inari Okami has no future. This effort at a prolonged standoff is pathetic. Effective, but pathetic. In the end, you know what's going to happen to her. However, I think it would be wasteful if a human were to be slain alongside her. I firmly believe that missions like these should be handled without human blood being spilled.

Osamu: Well, it's too late for that.

Belle: The other exorcists were messy, but I am much more disciplined in the art of protecting divine order.

The fox floating before Osamu began to bleed right down the middle of its entire body as Belle severed one vertical half from the other by sheer force of mind, giving Osamu an unsightly display of blood pouring from its severed halves, as well as all the internal organs, bones, and brains of the fox. The sight and smell of him almost made him sick.

Belle: Personally, I want you to survive. I don't want you to become...this, alongside Inari.

Osamu: And why...why is that?!

Belle: Usually, a mortal dying for the sake of a god would make him a martyr, but in your case, you will be forever remembered as a traitor to Heaven. Wouldn't that tarnish the reputation of the man who brought Bishamon's crimes to light?

(She...knows who I am?)

Belle: Osamu Ashikaga. Heavy Metal told me you were here. Amaterasu will be so displeased.

Osamu: Amaterasu was wrong to hunt Inari down then, and it's still wrong now. I stand by that belief. What she was doing back then...don't you think it just looked like another power grab?! The same kind of fight for power that resulted in the Warring States?!

Belle: Where exactly do you think it's your place to judge what is right and wrong to the gods?


Osamu: If you're trying to ask me to leave her, you're not going to get what you want. I'm sorry that this puts us at odds. You seem like a really lovely woman and a very powerful exorcist. But...I must deny you today.

Belle: I see. That truly is a shame. I will respect your decision to stand by Inari's side in all of this...and kill you alongside her. Osamu Ashikaga, you are equally as guilty as Inari Okami. Are you prepared for that?

Osamu: I've already made my decision.

Belle: Then...that's just how it is. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

(Yeah...that's how it is!)

Osamu: Inari!

Having finally made it back towards Osamu's direction, Inari blindsided Belle, cutting her across the neck with her sharp claws in a fast, clean swipe. Blood sprayed out of Belle's neck violently, painting the reflective floors in pools of red as she plopped down on the floor. Her beautiful white maid dress was painted red as she laid there lifeless.

Inari: Good timing, huh? I think our team dynamics are getting better!

Osamu took a massive sigh of relief and leaned against the wall.

Osamu: Inari, that was a little too close...any later and she may have slain me.

Inari: Heroes always arrive at the nick of time, after all. More importantly...I see she was using my foxes as bait.

Osamu: Yeah, she mentioned that.

Inari, holding in her anguish, began releasing the foxes from their nooses, gently laying them down on the ground next to each other.

Osamu: Inari...are you okay?

Inari: It's my job to protect these little guys, and look....I can't even do that much. That's how utterly helpless I am right now. It's unfair that they have to pay the price for my ineptitude. If she was using them as bait, I imagine most of them have already been hunted down and killed.

Osamu turned his eyes to Belle. His heart froze for a moment as he witnessed Belle, who should've been dead, stand herself up off of the ground, as if she was brought back to life.

(What?! How is she still alive?! Inari slit her throat!)

The sound of her bells chiming alerted Inari to her movement, allowing her to quickly react and slash Belle across her stomach before she could swing her golden cross. A final, jaw-breaking punch to the face sent Belle flying out of the lounge window and down to the parking area for the airplanes. Inari and Osamu were absolutely bewildered.

Inari: What the hell was that?! How could she stand after losing that much blood?!

Even as she laid on the tarmac after receiving Inari's crushing hit, Belle still managed to stand up perfectly fine. Her jaw was completely blown off from Inari's merciless punch, exposing her mashed tongue, teeth, and the rest of her inner mouth all spilling from underneath where her jaw should've been. The earlier claw to her stomach caused Belle's intestines to spill out and dangle over her dress.

Inari watched from the broken lounge window above as Belle's slashed neck healed itself almost instantly, bringing her sliced vocal chords and skin back together. She stuffed her intestines back into her stomach with one hand, and the bloody gash healed itself as well. Her jaw, teeth, and tongue all rebuilt themselves back to normal, and she was perfectly fine again.

Inari: Even for an exorcist, this kind of healing is...

Belle shouted out to Inari and Osamu.

Belle: I'm giving you one last chance to surrender and resolve this easily! This is your final warning!


Without turning back to Osamu, Inari softly uttered one word.

Inari: Ready?

Osamu: Yeah. Do it.

The two met eyes, allowing Inari to disappear and take control of Osamu's body. He knelt down to one knee as his head throbbed with agony. Once the divine vixen was settled in, the pain went away, and Inari was in complete control. Belle, taking the silence above as noncompliance, waited for at least one of them to appear before the window again as the strong winds blew her hair and dress around wildly.

Both Osamu was silent as he stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans, walking calmly past the pool of blood and dead foxes. The wind from outside invaded the lounge of the airport through the broken window, chilling his exposed chest beneath his partially buttoned cardigan. Knowing now that there was no compromise to be had, Belle took hold of her golden cross.

At last, with his eyes turned blood-red, Osamu stood calmly at the broken window where Belle could see him. Though they were working together this way, Belle knew that the fierce, vengeful gaze directed at her was purely coming from Inari.

Belle: Well then. Shall we begin?



Osamu leaped from the lounge towards Belle with incredible speed and strength. Belle readied her cross, swinging it just as Osamu closed in above her and knocking him right into one of the airport shuttles. His impact was so forceful he went right through the passenger door of the shuttle and landed inside.

Judging from the agonizing pain, Osamu knew his right arm and hand had taken most of the force of the hit. Flinching from the pain, he raised his arm to assess the damage. One of this bones in his arm protruded through his skin, and the hand looked like it got caught in a piece of machinery. The fingers were all broken, and several large cuts revealed the flesh and fat in his hand.

Osamu: Damn it! She knocked us out like a baseball!

Suddenly, the sound of Inari screaming uncontrollably reverberated in Osamu's head. It was as if she was burning alive.

Osamu: Inari?! What's wrong?!

*(I don't know! It burns so much!)

Inspecting Osamu's hand again, Inari raised it up and felt an immense heat surrounding it.

Osamu: I...I'm starting to feel it too! It must be that cross! Whatever you do, Inari, just make sure that we don't touch that cross again!

*(Alright...sorry, Osamu. I'll be more careful.)

Belle waited as Osamu finally stepped out of the shuttle as blood dripped from his mangled arm.

Osamu: That was a good hit. I'm impressed.

Belle: Is that you talking, or is it Inari? No...I suppose it doesn't matter. Quel dommage...

*(I don't speak French, you flowery cunt!)

Osamu flung himself towards Belle as she readied her cross. Instead of hitting her directly, Osamu slammed his fist into the tarmac, ejecting a suffocating cloud of pavement-scented dust and huge chunks of broken tarmac into the air along with Belle. With another powerful jump, Osamu leaped up towards the airborne Belle like a bullet fired at the sky, breaking through the cloud of smoke with his fist raised.

Belle swiftly blocked Osamu's intensely potent punch, which Belle could feel through the cross and arms. Even with its power, Belle held her cross firmly and took the opportunity to slam the cross into Osamu's side, shooting him hundreds of feet down the runway. He rolled backwards as he landed until he balanced himself and rested on one knee, holding his hand over the burning and boiling skin where the cross his his ribs.

Osamu: Ow! Damn it!

*(How is this happening?! I can feel it burning too! I think that cross hurts the body and whatever spirit dwells within it!)

Osamu: Is THAT it?!

*(Might be...in that case, it's one hell of an exorcism tool...)

As she gently landed on her feet, Belle's short, white skirt lifted and revealed her white, French-Rise panties before gently laying back over her underwear. She elegantly twirled her cross, passing it back and forth between her hands and twirling her body as she suddenly closed the distance between her and Osamu by a few hundred feet, and in another flash of speed, appeared right in front of him. Both Osamu and Inari were completely caught off guard.

(How is she this fast?!)

*(Damn her!)

Osamu was just able to duck and dodge the horizontal swing of Belle's cross, at the expense of a few burnt hairs. Inari started to understand Belle's rhythm, finding it easier to dodge the cross as Belle continued her attempts to hit Osamu. The swings were always close calls, burning away more and more strands of Osamu's hair every time he evaded her strikes.

(Damn this hurts! She's making me do all of this when my ribs are cracked!)

*(Put up with it a little longer! I'll figure something out, Osamu!)

Tired of the acrobatic games Osamu was playing, Belle struck her cross into the ground, causing the tarmac to heat up and explode in a flash of blue light and purifying fire. The explosion blew both of them away in the opposite direction, leaving a burning, smoking pit of molten tarmac between them as the clouds rolled in and shrouded the airport in darkness.

Belle's left leg was completely blown apart, leaving nothing left but destroyed bone and degloved skin and flesh. It came as a surprise to Osamu that he was alive, and that he could still feel the pain overwhelming his body, and the gentle drizzle brought about by the looming clouds. His vision was fuzzy like a fogged sniper scope, and his hearing was partially taken over by a loud, constant ringing in his ears. And yet still, his body wasn't affected any further by the explosion.

*N O I R*

As he sat up, he realized Inari had ejected herself from his body at the last minute, shielding Osamu from the blast and taking most of the damage herself. Her black, frilly dress was ripped apart and stained with a pool of her crimson and sacred blood as she knelt on one knee in front of Osamu, her breathing labored and wheezing.

Inari: Osamu! Are you alright?!

Osamu: Inari, you-

(Her leg! What happened to her leg?!)

Inari's leg was completely blown off in the explosion as well, along with a few of her fingers. It explained why she was brought to her knee as Osamu surveyed the runway for her leg. His eyes finally fixated on her missing leg, which was covered in blood and burns on the thin strip of grass diving the lanes of the runway. While Osamu's heart violently tried to beat its way out of his aching chest at the mere sight of Inari's wounds, Inari herself began to laugh.


Inari: I don't have to look at you to know what you're thinking. You're probably getting emotional behind me, aren't you? Maybe you're searching your mind for how we can still win this when we're both busted up beyond belief.

Osamu: Stop playing it off like it's nothing, Inari! Look at you! You can't move like this and Belle has the edge on us in speed!

Inari: Isn't it alright, Osamu? Why don't you calm down?

Osamu: Calm down?!

Inari: Remember what we promised each other? We either win here...

Osamu: Or we die here...

(What is this...I suddenly feel calm. Is this what you're feeling too, Inari? Is it the comfort that even if we don't survive this, we can at least die together? Of course...how I could I forget? We'll be free either way, won't we? Whether we win or die...we'll be free of our burdens.)

Osamu: Hahaha...maybe this is the one where we finally lose, huh...

Inari: Don't give up just yet. I can withstand this injury if I return to your body, so don't worry about this. It's true she has the edge in speed, so we need to change our strategy. Fighting out here in the runway gives her too much room to use her abilities however she pleases. We need to lure her inside, into a tighter area within the airport. She won't be able to be so reckless with her speed that way. In fact...though I despise the thought of even daring to do it...I can eat one of my foxes to restore my health.

Osamu: What?! Inar-

Inari: We're in a desperate situation, Osamu. I'm not going to let either of us die before we thoroughly exhaust all of our options. Even if I have to eat one of my own foxes, I'll do it. I can use their blood to heal you too. For now, we'll retreat inside of the airport and come up with a strategy. Got it?

Osamu got his head back in the game, and his heart was prepared to re-enter the fight.

Osamu: Yeah. Got it!

Meanwhile, Belle's flesh and blown apart bones regenerated, and her leg was whole once more. However, her white stockings for her leg was gone with the explosion, as well as one of her shoes. She kicked off her other high heel, resorting to walking on her bare feet to make her movements easier to handle. Part of her skirt was ripped from the blast, exposing her upper thigh and the strap of her French-Rise panties.

The bells on her choker and armband chimed as she stood again with her cross struck into the ground.

Inari: She was willing to pull off such a near-suicidal attack because she knew she would regenerate. Honestly...her healing abilities will be troublesome...

The fight was only just beginning. Though her eyes were hidden beneath her blind fold, Inari could tell that her gaze beyond the fold was intense and determined to end this in blood.

Belle: My mission is nearly complete. You shall perish, Inari Okami!
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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Inari Standoff: An Exorcist Sighs

Inari: Now!

Belle stood with her cross in front of her, preparing to guard against what she expected would be an oncoming attack. Instead, Inari possessed Osamu's body again. He raised his foot and stomped down on the tarmac as hard he could, producing a crash as loud as thunder. His mighty stomp clouded the area once more in a thick cloud of strong, odorous dust that he used as a smokescreen to leap back into the airport through the broken lounge window.

As her wary anticipation turned into realization that Inari was falling back, Belle relaxed her stance and turned her blindfolded gaze towards the airport.

Once inside, Osamu grabbed two of the deceased foxes as he continued to run deeper and deeper inside of the airport by Inari's command. He came to a panting and exhausted stop at the security checkpoint, practically a maze of leather line partitions, metal detectors, and body scanning booths. Inari leaped out of his body, falling flat on her face as she continued to bleed from her wounded leg and stomach. Osamu laid on his back, agonizing and groaning over his wounds as well.

Inari: Okay...okay...I'll make it quick! Hang in there!

She crawled over to the foxes with her arms, leaving a streak of blood on the floor from her wound. The thought of eating her own foxes was as taboo as cannibalism to her, and the very fact she had to do it made her to sick to even want to eat. Ultimately, there was no other way. Inari dug the sharp nail of her index finger into the skin of the fox, splitting the skin down the middle of its belly. She could feel the warmth of the fox's blood and organs against her finger as she made the incision.

*R O U G E*

Inari: I'm so sorry, little one. I'm so, very, very sorry...

With the incision, Inari was able to flay the fox, discarding it's skin and fur as if she was helping a pet get out of a puppy sweater. The entire process disgusted her, especially as she could now see the muscles and intramuscular veins of the fox in their bloody putrescence.

Inari: Osamu, talk to me! How are you doing?!

Osamu: Everything hurts, Inari!

Inari: Good!

Osamu: How the hell is that good?!

Inari: If you still feel pain, it means you're not in shock yet. I'm going to eat the fox now. I know you're wounded, and I promise I'll fix you soon, but keep your eyes and ears open for Belle! I'm sure she's realized we've retreated in the airport by now.

Osamu: I'll try...

Inari turned her back to Osamu, partially because she did not want him to see her devour the very things she was supposed to be protecting. All Osamu could hear the ripping of flesh and the snapping of bones as she dug right into the foxes corpse. Then came the beautiful sound that was akin to cold water hitting a hot pan, the sound of Inari's wounds healing. Her leg regenerated every bit of flesh, bone, and skin that was blown away in the explosion, ceasing the bleeding and giving Inari her own mobility back.

Inari: It tastes no more foul than human flesh, and yet, it hurts so much more. I guess it just goes to show how far gone my sympathy for humans really is. Osamu, are you ready?

Osamu: Do it...

Inari's crimson kiss took care of most of Osamu's wounds. For the cuts and bruises that remained, Inari gently licked them repeatedly until they were gone. The very feeling of Inari's warm and moist tongue worked like an anesthetic, numbing Osamu's aching pain and reducing the purple and blue swelling of his bruises.

Inari: How are your hands? Did they heal too?

Osamu: Yeah, all my digits are in working order again. Thanks, Inari...I know eating one of your foxes wasn't easy.

Taking just a moment the rest, the two sat back to back on the floor, catching their breath with their eyes closed and their ears cautiously waiting for Belle's bells to ring. Strangely, Inari erupted into wheezing, hearty laughter.

Osamu: Huh? What's so funny?

Inari: Nothing, nothing. It's just that I never thought I'd go so far for another human. I never thought I would ever love someone this much. I wouldn't even devour a fox for my own sake, but when you sustained such horrible injuries, I was willing to do anything. Honestly, Osamu, you're terrible!

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: How am I terrible?

Inari: You've got a goddess so mercilessly wrapped around your finger, committing desperate acts of selfless protection. It's unfair! I can't give up when you're with me. I can't back down without trying everything at my disposal when you're fighting beside me.

With their backs still pressed together, Inari interlocked her fingers around Osamu's and sighed, and her words came out with a relaxed whisper.

Inari: I love you, Osamu.

(There goes my heart again, racing like it has somewhere it needs to go.)

Osamu: I love you too, Inari.

Inari: I just wanted you to know that, in case we do die here. And if we die...

Osamu: I know. I'll see you in the land of eternity.

Inari: And we'll be free of our earthly bodies...

Osamu: Our earthly burdens...

Inari: Our earthly tears and sorrows...

Osamu: Free at last.

Inari: Forever, with you.

*A M O U R*

Finally, the sound of reverberating bells faintly rang out from the ahead. Belle was coming.

Inari: She's here.

Osamu: Round two. Let's do it.

Inari and Osamu, mortal and deity, stood tall together as Belle entered the security hall. They held each other's hands with their fingers interlocked, and their eyes dead set on Belle. The slam of her cross on the ground echoed through the security hall as she used it to rest her arm.

Belle: Why do you persist, Inari? You are only delaying the inevitable. On top of that...I would think a god has the sense and responsibility to not involve a human in their affairs.

Osamu: Stop talking about me like I'm some damn hostage! I'm as much of an enemy as Inari is! If you're going to cut her down, you'll have to cut me down too!

Inari's grip on his hand tightened, as if to say "I love you." more and more intensely.

Belle: I just don't understand...why would you go so far for her, even when you know she's a criminal?

Osamu: I keep telling you, Inari did nothing wrong! If you exorcists would just think for yourselves, you might be able to realize this! The way things are going, both the exorcists and the gods are going to make a huge mistake that they've already made twice before! Stop letting their greed for power and prayers give birth to destructive conflicts! Think for yourself, Belle! Please!

Inari: None of you exorcists even see the flagrant hypocrisy behind your own occupation. Exorcists exist as they are now because of the belief that humans shouldn't meddle in divine affairs and vice versa. Well then, what are you doing cleaning up a centuries' old mess for the gods? Why do you think that this occupation, this thinly veiled form of slavery is just fine?!

*N O I R*

Belle pondered on their words. It was clear that their desperate cry of reason may have actually had an effect on her. After seconds of silence that felt like years, Belle began to undo her blindfold.

Belle: Osamu. You're kind. I truly believe that. Even if I must slay you here, I do not believe you are a bad person, and I could never think of you as a criminal. Inari Okami, as far as I know, Heaven has deemed you as one of the most wanted divine criminals in history for many years. Please do not misunderstand, none of this sits well with my heart as a person, and as an individual.

Osamu: Then-

Belle: But as an exorcist, it's simply not my choice to make.

Inari's eyes softened in sadness and heartbreaking sympathy as Belle's white blindfold fell, unveiling her eyes, which were sewn shut with stitches.

Inari: What...what happened to you?

Belle curtsied again, smiling softly and sadly as she did so.

Belle: My real name is Cécile Gonçalves. That's who I am, as a person, and as an individual. Like most exorcists, my parents died when I was young, but because my family descends from Oyamatsumi, I was made into an exorcist.

Osamu: Oyamatsumi...Amaterasu's elder brother, right?

Inari: Yeah, that was him. He's long gone now. Tsukiakari killed him when she waged war against Bishamon. I can't believe they forced you into this just because of your lineage! They're doing exactly what Bishamon did to Tsukiakari on a larger scale than he could've ever dreamed!

(The Senkumo clan itself may have died, but the concept lives on. I had no idea Tsukiakari killed her uncle either...)

Belle: These eyes were my punishment for failing a mission before, because I forgot that an exorcist is not an individual. We don't get to make our own choices and judgments. Otherwise, this is what happens to us. As such, though I do not view Osamu as someone who should be killed, and though I wish to hear Inari's side of it all, it is simply not my place to ask. Heaven's word is law. That is all.

(That's not fair...)

Belle: No one will cry for me, and as you can see, I can no longer even cry for myself. As such, all I can do is follow my orders and use battle as a way to cry. My fight with you so far IS me weeping, for you two, and for me. I did not come here as Cécile Gonçalves, despite how much I wish I could've. I came here as Belle Âme, an exorcist and descendant of Oyamatsumi. Please, respect that.


Osamu: Inari?

Inari: As cruel as it is, fate determined that we fight here today. That's just the way it is...and I hate it. Still, we have to keep fighting until the very end.

Belle: It's alright, Osamu. I won't show any mercy, so don't she me any either.

*R O S E*

(If only fate were kinder...)

Osamu: I understand.

Osamu and Inari locked eyes, initiating the possession once more. Belle wielded her golden cross with a tight grip, prepared for whatever attack Osamu might throw at her. But after he stared her down with his fierce, possessed, crimson eyes...he ran, as fast as he could, down the shopping hall.

Belle was not amused.

Osamu: What's the plan, Inari?! What are you hoping to achieve by running?!

*(The lobby! I need a tighter space, somewhere she could easily lose sight of us even for a moment! Just trust me, Osa! I have something in mind!)

Osamu: Damn it, Inari! Have you forgotten-

Before he could even finish his sentence, Osamu was suddenly slammed in the jaw by Belle's cross, right through the display window of the clothing store. Entire shelves were knocked down as he landed hard against the back wall of the store.

Osamu: ...that she's fast and can catch up to us in a mere second...

*(It's fine! Trust me!)

Osamu: Here she comes!

Belle jumped through the broken display window, sliding across the polished floor of the store on her feet as her cross left blue burn marks and trails on the ground. Osamu rolled and just barely managed to dodge the diagonal swing of her purifying cross as she slid in for the attack.

Seeing a bottle of perfume for sale, her through the odorous concoction at Belle's head, shattering the glass and spraying entire face with it. She fell over on one knee as shards of glass embedded themselves in her skull, painting her face with several red stripes of blood.

*(I've got you!)

Osamu flung himself towards Belle like a bullet, slamming her through the wall and through three different stores next door until they're wall-shattering crashes brought them to the cell phone store. Pinning her on the ground, Osamu wrapped his iron grip around Belle's left arm, pulling on it with all of his might.

It was frighteningly easy for him to pull the bone of her arm right out of ts socket, followed by the arm itself, messily and mercilessly torn from her body. Belle screamed in agony and let her reflexes take over, using her right hand to slam the cross into Osamu's chest, blowing him right out of the cell phone store and onto the escalators. A small, blue flame burned and quickly died out on his chest, leaving the small area of skin it affected with blisters from its light burn. Osamu still held Belle's dismembered arm in his hands, like a spoil of war.


*(She'll recover from that soon. Now we can use the time available to us to set up a trap!)

Osamu: Alright, but please let go of the arm! This is freaking me out!

Blood dripped from the dismembered limb as the escalators took Osamu on a cruise downstairs. It still had her arm band, bell, and glove adorning it, albeit covered in her blood.

*(Sorry, but I think we can use this. She can regenerate catastrophic wounds that would kill any other exorcist. Watching her regeneration gave me an idea. You won't like it, but it's going to allow us to win.)

Osamu: Inari...what do you have in mind?

*(Just follow my instructions, Osamu.)

Inari Standoff: Coup De Grace

Osamu: What?! Inari, what did you just say?!

*N O I R*

Having left the escalators, Osamu and Inari fell back to the airport's Grand Hall, considered to be the heart of the airport itself. It was a massive, wide open space with dozens of lights shining down from the ceiling and reflecting off of the polished floors like stars in the sky.

Ironically, a statue of a bronze fox wearing a red bib stood in the center of the grand hall. Incredibly wide LCD screens flashed advertisements for various airlines and destinations as the stood at the base of the statue. It was a hub, so to speak, where you could get to any place in the airport with the hall as your starting point.

Inari held Belle's severed arm, as if she was offering it up to Osamu.

Inari: Pay attention, I only have time to explain this once! There are a few things you should've noticed during the fight, Osamu. First, of course, Belle's regeneration abilities are extraordinary. Second, Belle's cross doesn't affect her the same way it affects you and I. Now, I have a hunch that this is because Belle's cross has a sort of...I suppose...genetic lock on it, or like a...help me out here, what do you humans call it? The modern security measure where you place your thumb-

Osamu: Fingerprint scanning?

Inari snapped as she remembered.

Inari: Exactly! I believe Belle's cross has something like that, allowing her to wield it without her being burned by it.

Osamu: Isn't that just because it doesn't hurt humans?!

Inari: It worked on your body!

Osamu: But that's probably because you were possessing me!

Inari: No no no, if that was the case, it would only affect me! Belle's cross is a weapon in the same league as Izanami's scythe, Osamu!

*B L E U*

(Wait a minute...she's right! Izanami's scythe only affects divine and spiritual beings! It can't be used against normal, living mortals!)

Inari: Except Belle's cross can act on intention, meaning that if she wants to harm a human with it, she can. It wouldn't be a very useful weapon for an exorcist if she couldn't, since they have to deal with humans who break the rules too.

(Just like Satori!)

Inari: I figured it out after we fought her on the runway. I saw how the cross was burning us both, and the effect it had on your body. When I assessed that much, it finally occurred to me how we can use Belle's regeneration abilities to our advantage. So, I'll repeat myself, Osamu. I'm going to sever your left arm and temporarily attach Belle's arm to you!

Osamu: Wait, hang on, Inari! I don't know how comfortable I am with this! Besides, will that even work?! I mean, medically, is that even-

Inari: Yes it's feasible! Belle may be a human, but she gave us a useful bit of information just now. She's the descendant of Oyamatsumi, Amaterasu's elder brother! She has strong, divine lineage, which means that the medical problems that would ensue from attaching somebody's arm to your body won't apply with her arm! At least, not right away...

Osamu: What does that even mean?!

Inari: It means that once I attach this, at worst, we'll have to act quickly, or your immune system might reject the arm and kill off its cells. If I attach this to you and you manage to take Belle's cross from her, it will be easy for me to kill her! Once I do, we can sever Belle's arm and I'll use her heart and blood to heal you and get your own arm back!

(I have to...wear this girl's severed arm as if it were my own?! No, it WILL be my own!)


Osamu: Damn it!

Inari: We don't have a lot of time, Osamu! Unless you have a better idea, Belle is going to kill us at this rate! I promised you I'd try every method before it comes to that, right?! I know this is hard for you, but I need you to bear with it! Please accept her arm!

In the end, what choice did Osamu really have?

Osamu: How much will it hurt?

Inari: It will be agonizing, but I'll anesthetize your arm so you feel as little of it as possible. It'll also give me a refresh on blood.

Osamu: Haha...so you have to sever the arm first and then lick it...damn it...

Osamu unbuttoned his cardigan, ringing it until he could fit it into his mouth. Inari knew he was bracing himself for the pain, and bowed her head in the utmost gratitude for his cooperation.

Inari: Thank you, Osamu. I'll make this as quick as possible.

Now topless, Osamu waited in suspense to lose his own arm. His breathing got deeper as he imagined Inari just lopping it off, and hearing the fleshy thud as it hit the ground.

Inari: I don't have a swig of alcohol to give you, so just take this. I love you, Osamu.

Osamu nodded, as if to say that he knew.

Inari: Alright. One...two...THREE!

Inari's teeth bit down hard on Osamu's arm as she stiffened her hand in a chop gesture. As the hand came down, it completely shattered the bones and joints holding Osamu's arm together. At the same time, she pulled away from Osamu's body with her teeth, ripping the flesh that remained in what was a painfully messy procedure. Osamu's bit down hard on his rung cardigan, screaming through it as he fell to the ground, holding his bleeding and empty arm socket.

Inari quickly threw Osamu's arm to the side and licked his flesh to dull the pain and slow down the bleeding. Her licks were the perfect anesthesia, allowing Osamu to control his breathing and relax. At the same time, Osamu's blood was nourishment for Inari, healing whatever small bruises and cuts remained on her body and giving her extra strength for the fight.

Inari: You're doing good, Osamu!

(Don't say that with my blood all over your mouth!)

Inari: Okay, now I'm going to attach Belle's arm! I was never too skilled with medical kuji-in, but I got a fair bit of practice re-attaching limbs when I tended to Tsukiakari before.

Inari brought her hands together and formed the Sha, Rin, To, Kai, and Zai seals with them in rapid succession as if she had done it at least a hundred times. She held the arm in place with one of her tails, and the flesh of Belle and Osamu began to stitch itself together to become one. Her bones became his bones, and her fingers became his fingers. In under a minute, Osamu possessed Belle's arm for himself, and boy, did it look very weird on him.

It was a different skin tone, the nails were much longer, and it was much thinner and less muscular than the rest of Osamu's body. Still, it was more powerful than it looked. He finally opened his eyes to take a look and flex the fingers on the arm as a test drive. He was completely in control of it.

Inari: It's done. Not too bad, right?

Osamu: That hurt like nothing else I've felt before! Still...thanks, Inari.

Inari: No problem. Ah, here! You can conceal your arm if you wear this! We don't want her catching on!

Inari picked up one of the hoodies laying around on the floor, among all the other scattered clothes and luggage. It was just his size, white with a big, black peace sign on the front, and a large, red circle on the back, representing the Japanese flag.

Osamu: You really know my tastes well, don't you?

Inari: I do my best for you, sweetheart. Do you need help?

Osamu: No, I can do it myself.

Osamu didn't even bother zipping the hoodie up as he put it on. Time was of the essence. The sleeve concealed most of his, or Belle's, arm, just as they needed it to.

Inari: Alright. We'll split up for now. Go to the psychedelic hall on the east wing. The lights there will make it hard for her to notice we've separated. The proof is in your eyes, after all.

Osamu: Okay, I'll keep her attention. Do whatever you need to do.

The Psychedelic Hall was just that, a long hall fitted with intense, psychedelic lights built into the walls, lighting the entire hall in blue before fading to different colors. Osamu made his way there, stopping to lean against the wall to catch his breath after sprinting all the way to the east wing. Sweat dripped off of his chin as he brushed wet strands of hair away from his eyes.

(The Psychedelic Hall...it wasn't just because of the lights that Inari chose this place. This sound...this hall plays some sort of ambient, sitar droning. It's so loud...)

When the airport was populated, the hall was merely a pleasant surprise and attraction, but in Osamu's dire situation, it had become a useful tool in battle. He took a deep breath and stood tall as Belle appeared all the way at the other end of the hallway, her arm completely regenerated and missing its bells and maid dress decorations.

Osamu: Hahaha...looks like you found me...

Belle: Je vous ai trouvé, effectivement. Préparez-vous à la mort, mon amour.

Osamu: I don't speak French! Cut it out already!

Belle smiled as she slammed her cross into the ground. She looked terribly exhausted, tired of more than just the battle.

Belle: My apologies. I told you that indeed, I found you, and to prepare yourself for death, my love.


Osamu: My love?! Are the French always this affectionate towards strangers?

Belle: No. I just wish I could've met you in any other circumstance but this. I suppose I'm just...sad. Still, I have a duty, and you have already made your position clear.

Belle raised her cross and pointed it Osamu as she prepared to charge him with it and end the fight in blood.

Belle: Maybe we can get to know each other in the next life...

(Here she comes!)

Inari: Sorry, darling, but he's staying here with me!

Inari came in hot on all fours, leaping at Belle from behind as she stood in shock when she realized Osamu and her were separated all along. Her first, ferocious, bone-cracking bite came down upon her right arm, pulverizing the bone to dust and messily severing it from the body. Osamu ran up to her as Inari kicked the cross, letting it slide over to Osamu. Just as Inari suspected, when Osamu touched picked up the cross with Belle's arm, he wasn't burned by it at all.

Belle tried desperately to knock Inari off of her back, slamming against the wall before Inari's weight and power brought her down to the ground. She screamed for the agonizing bites to stop, to no avail. Inari kept viciously mauling at her flesh, tearing apart her skin and breaking more of her bones. With every bite, blood splattered on the floor and pooled around her body as it tried to regenerate faster than Inari was tearing it apart.

Osamu watched all of this in heartbreak and horror as he held on to her cross.

Osamu: Inari, that's enough! She's no longer armed, there's no need to continue! She can't fight anymore!

Inari: That doesn't matter! Whether she lives or dies, more of them will converge on the airport! We may as well kill her so she doesn't pose a threat!

Inari mercilessly ripped off Belle's other arm with her bare hands, throwing down the hall in Osamu's direction. She reached both of her hands in Belle's empty, fleshy, and blood-soaked arm sockets, tearing apart the flesh and remaining bones inside.


Osamu: Inari!

Inari: Shut up, Osamu!

Belle's regeneration couldn't keep up with the unholy amounts of damage being done to her, and its attempts to heal her only made the ordeal that much more painful. Inari went for her legs as she continued to cry and scream herself into tearful, bloody exhaustion.

The agony she felt was like something people only dream about when they think of going to hell and being ripped apart by demons. Inari's teeth broke bones of her right leg, allowing her to rip it off as easily as the arms in spite of Belle's forlorn struggling.


Belle: Please stop! Have mercy on me!

Inari: Didn't you say earlier you would show us no mercy, huh?! We won't show you any either! That's what we said to each other! Don't back out of it now!

(This...this can't be right...she's not even armed anymore! Why are we torturing her like this?! Why won't you end it quickly for her, Inari?! What are you doing?!)

Inari: How dare you! You have the gall to try and be a coward now after nearly killing the only person I have left in this world! I won't let you die easily!

Belle was completely limbless and losing obscene and sickening amounts of blood. Inari was so filled with rage that she almost wanted to let Belle regenerate so she could rip her limbs and body apart again and again, plunging her into perpetual agony. However, just as she was about to cave Belle's face in, the golden cross came down upon Belle, cracking her ribs and focusing its cleansing powers on her heart. Osamu had done the deed.

Inari: Osamu?!

Osamu: What are you doing, Inari?! Don't be needlessly cruel for my sake! Belle has lost the fight! There's no need to make her suffer any more than she's had to!

Inari: You gullible fool...

Osamu pulled the cross away, throwing it across the hall along with Belle's limbs. The sound of its heavy, metallic surface banging and scraping against the floor echoed through the psychedelic hall as the lights turned red. As for Belle, death was slowly coming to her.

Osamu knelt and held her head so she could speak and breathe more easily. Now that the fight was over, there was no need to be enemies. Inari calmed down and sat with them as Belle took her last breaths. Her limbless body was no longer regenerating.

*R O U G E*

Belle: I...I lost...how did you...

Inari: We used the first arm that we severed to wield your cross. It seemed the strategy worked.

Belle: Inari...you're so clever...I wish...we could've met under different...circumstances...

Inari smiled and closed her eyes.

Inari: Come on, kid. You're breaking my heart. Don't say things like that after we just fought to the death.

Osamu: Belle...no, Cecile, do you have any last wishes? Any family or friends we could contact? I can't promise you anything, but...maybe...

Belle: There's no one, Osamu. They're all gone.

Osamu: I see...I'm so sorry...

Oddly, Cecile was sniffling as if she were softly crying, but her sewn-shut eyes wouldn't let even a single tear flow. As she spoke, it became clear her heart was breaking as she thought of death. Her voice was broken, weak, and exhausted.

Cecile: My parents...when I see them...will they hate me?

Inari's eyes forced themselves open in shock and gazed upon Cecile as Cecile, not as Belle. Before her was a girl on the verge of death, worried if her parents would even accept her in whatever kind of afterlife awaited, not an enemy. The question, so innocent and desperate in nature, spoke to Inari as a mother and caregiver.

Inari: No...Belle! I mean, Cecile, listen! Your parents could never hate you, alright?! Don't say such stupid things! No matter what you became in your life...your parents will always love you! You have to die believing that, because it's true!

Osamu: Yeah, listen to here, Cecile! Your parents will be glad to see you!

Her frowning and trembling lips turned into a bittersweet smile.

Cecile: Do you guys...really think so?

Inari: I know so. A parent's love never, ever dies. They'll welcome you back with open arms. I just know it.

Cecile: I...I want to see you two...with my own eyes.

Inari: I understand.

With the tip of her sharp nail, Inari undid the stitches that forced her eyes shut, carefully unraveling them  as not to hurt the eyes themselves. Finally free of the binds that held even her tears hostage, Cecile was able to open her eyes for the first time in years. It was incredibly bright and blurry for her, and she could just faintly make out the faces of Inari and Osamu.

Cecile: Wow...I can just barely see it, but...Inari...you're so beautiful...and Osamu...you're incredibly handsome...I'm glad I got to see you...both...

Osamu: Cecile...

Cecile: As Belle, I was supposed to kill you, but...as Cecile...I really looked up...to you...both...

She fell silent and shut her eyes again. A slight smile blessed her beautiful face as her soul left this world for a better place, where she could be with her parents again.

Osamu: Cecile?

Inari: She's gone. Cécile Gonçalves is gone.

Osamu: You...you remembered her name?

Inari: Yeah...it's a beautiful name, isn't it?

(I never thought winning could feel so much like losing.)

Osamu: Yeah. Yeah, it is...

Both of them bowed their heads in a long, somber moment of silence for the girl was who cruelly abused by the gods and led to her bloody fate. Under different circumstances indeed, perhaps they all could've been friends. And, perhaps in a better world, someday, they all will be.

Inari Standoff: To Eat or to Bury



With their hard-fought and won battle over, Osamu carried Cecile's body out of the psychedelic hall, and back out into the Grand Hall. Inari walked along side him in silence, her tails slowly swaying to the left and right like crops being blown by gentle winds. Dark orange light of the late-afternoon sun crept in through the windows, casting elongated shadows on Osamu, Inari, and all of the scattered chairs and baggage in the hall.

Inari had used the blood staining her mouth from her savage assault on Cecile to give Osamu his own arm back, meaning the cross was now unusable. Still, it felt good to have two arms that feel the same again.

(She's so light...though, that's probably because Inari tore her limbs off. I feel so bad about it...but maybe it was necessary to prevent the fight from prolonging any further. At least now, we can give her a proper and respectful burial. The poor girl didn't even want to be here.)

Inari: Osamu, let's head back to the diner. I'm exhausted after today.

Osamu: What about Cecile?

Inari: What about here? Did you have some other plans for her?

Osamu: Other plans...wait, what plans did you have in the first place?

Inari: Isn't it obvious?

Inari jumped on the head of the fox statue, towering above Osamu with a fierce and unpleasantly stern look in her eyes. 

Inari: I'm going to eat her corpse.

Those words alone made Osamu recoil a few steps away from Inari in a mix of fear, anger, and disgust. His grip around sweet Cecile's body tightened, as if to protect her and keep her safe.

Osamu: Inari...what did you just say?

However, Inari seemed just as shocked as she figured out what Osamu was thinking too.

Inari: Did you...did you plan on burying her?

Osamu: Of course I-

Inari: Why?

His eyes turned to Cecile's smiling, deceased face as he thought of the right words to say.

Osamu: Cecile deserves a proper burial, Inari. None of this was of her choosing! Of all the exorcists we've encountered so far, she was the most genuine human being of them all!

Inari: I don't see what any of that has to do with how we handle her body.

Osamu: I'm saying we should respect her remains, Inari!

A slight twist of anger possessed Inari's lips and face. She was just as disgusted with Osamu as he was with her. In her calm but assertive annoyance, she leaped off of the statue, gently landing on her feet. Her steps were heavy as she walked up to Osamu, hoping he'd understand everything better if her words were spoken right to his face.

Inari: What are you doing? Huh?! What the hell do you think you're doing? That girl's family is dead. Her friends are dead. Even if we buried her, not a single person will even go and visit her grave. The souls of exorcists are hardly ever missed by anyone when they leave this world.

Osamu: And that makes it okay to scavenge their corpses like spoils of war?!

Inari: Of course. We did it to White Saint, didn't we?

*N O I R*

Osamu temper boiled as Inari seemed to miss the entire point of what he was trying to communicate to her. He raised his voice, hoping she'd back down and listen to him.

Osamu: That wasn't the same! We had to do that because we were both wounded! Look, Inari! I'm fine! You're fine! We came out of this fine because you played it smart! There's no need to devour her corpse!

Inari: Eating her corpse and saving the rest for later is still necessary! The exorcists will only heighten their efforts to kill us both, Osamu! Stop being such a moral busybody about this and hand over her body! Or would you rather waste perfectly good flesh?!

Osamu: What is wrong with you?! At this rate, you'll be devouring humans just because you want to keep a cruelly calculated stock of hearts and flesh! When we met, you told me that you only did it because the more graceful methods of healing weren't available to you!

Inari: It's not just healing, Osamu! Blood, flesh, and hearts makes me stronger. For some reason, the more I eat, the more I drink, the stronger I can feel myself becoming! Sweetheart, I'm only doing this because I want to be as strong as possible to protect us both! I almost lost you today, and because of that, I almost lost myself in rage. I don't want that to ever happen again.

(Inari...what is becoming of you?)

Inari held out her hand like a dog begging for a treat. Her crimson eyes and still lips begged for blood and flesh, for the corpse of Cecile to be surrendered and offered up like a war trophy. It only made Osamu take more steps away from her.

Inari:...What? You're...backing away?

Osamu: Inari...you already have lost yourself. Listen to me, we can survive here without resorting to outright cruelty. With every victory, our situation becomes less and less forlorn. We don't have to resort to eating a young girl's body and chopping up the rest to put in a fridge for later! Doesn't that just sound insane to you?!

Inari: Osamu...give me her corpse.


Inari: Give me the body, Osa!

Osamu: No! Either we bury her or cremate her! We're not going to butcher her!

*R O U G E*

Inari: You think survival is all rainbows and sunshine, as if there's some sort of ethical way to go about it, don't you?! Survival is more than just an instinct, it's a logic! Logic dictates we take every measure possible to ensure that the next day isn't such a hard struggle just to live! That's why humans dug deep into the ground and made wells, so they didn't have to walk several hours to the river just to get water! It's why they weaved baskets to carry around heavy loads in fewer trips! It's why they learned to store food and create stockpiles, so they wouldn't starve during the winter!

Osamu: Really?! Is it "Logic" that's telling you to butcher a young girl worse than you already have?!

Inari: Logic and love! Because I love you! Because I don't want to you to get hurt or even come close to death! Because every time I possess you, I understand that you are actively sacrificing yourself for me!

Osamu: If you're really doing this for me, then listen to what I want, Inari! I want to bury her! She deserves that much! Even if it's more dangerous that way, I don't care!

Inari: You...I've had enough out of you!

Inari's fury boiled over as she violently leaped towards Osamu and tackled him down on the ground. The two slid across the polished floors for several feet before they came to a standstill with Inari on top of Osamu and her hands wrapped around his neck. Knowing how powerful her grip was, Osamu was lost in a sea of fear as he gazed into her furious eyes and withstood her sharp, loud words.

Inari: You don't care?! I CARE! You matter more to me than I matter to myself! If I lose you just because I was the one who wasn't careful, I could never forgive myself! So screw what you want, I'm doing whatever I can do ensure that we both survive this! For all we know, they could send a god down here to finish up the job if they keep losing exorcists! You have no idea how wrathful Heaven can be!

Osamu: I'm saying this because I care too, and I love you too! I don't want to see you become any more violent than you have to be, especially not for my sake! I want you to go back to being the kind, gentle goddess who played with her foxes in the snow! I don't want you to be stuck as a flesh-eating monster for the rest of your existence! I want what's best for you!

Inari: I can't go back to those days, you idiot! They're gone along with Tenjin and my children! If I become the merciful goddess I was before, I'm going to lose everything I hold dear, and that "everything" right now is you!

Those furious red eyes softened as she began to cry, the very thought of going through that kind of loss again shaking her heart.

Inari: Let me be cruel...so I can protect you...so I can hold you close to me...so I can wake up next to you everyday...so that even if we die here together, I can smile at you in the afterlife and say that we both tried our best. Because for Tenjin and my children, I'll have to apologize to them. I failed them, but I won't fail you.

Osamu: No...if you let yourself become that way...it would be I that failed you.

Inari's grip around his neck loosened until he was completely free. She planted her hands flat against the floor as she continued to cry. Osamu, knowing all too well where she was coming from, stroked her cheeks and wiped away her warm tears.

Osamu: We're in this together, right? So don't take on the burden of survival as if you're alone. Don't dirty your soul and the fabric of who you are just to protect me. We either live together...

Inari: Or we die together...

Osamu: Either way, you've already saved me, Inari. I was so sad and lost before I met you. It was like I was trapped in a dark haze, and you pulled me out of it. Being here with you saved me in ways you could never begin to understand. You don't realize that you've already done exactly what you're trying to do. You've already saved and protected Osamu Ashikaga. We're both here because we love each other right? Love is the strength to fight, a reason to live, and a reason to die. Most of all, Inari, love is total surrender. We surrender to one another. That's why we can be at peace with either outcome.

Inari's eyes completely softened back into their gentle state. She took a deep breath, as if a massive weight had fallen off of her shoulders. Her heart fluttered and felt comfortably warm as she took hold of the hand Osamu caressed her cheek with.

Inari: "Love is total surrender. We surrender to one another. That's why we can be at peace with either outcome.". Osamu, I'll always remember those words. I'm sorry for my harsh words.

Osamu: Nah, it's fine. It's just a lover's tiff, right? Though, I think your hand marks will be around my neck for a while...

Inari: I'm sorry! I'm...I'm just a passionate woman. A-anyway, as you wish...we'll cremate Cecile. There's nowhere we can really bury her. I can set a divine funeral fire on her body. It's beautiful and burns slow, and it won't stop burning until even the ashes are gone. She'll become smoke and fumes, and get lifted away into the wind.

Osamu: Alright. I like that. Let's do it.

*N O I R*

As the sun was setting that day, washing the city in beautiful, reddish-pink light, Inari and Okami watched from the broken lounge window as the wrapped and veiled corpse of Cecile burned in blue flames on a grass patch on the runway. The wind was still strong, but the clouds had long parted and revealed the blue sky that would soon turn dark.

Inari sat with her legs dangling off the edge of the window frame as Osamu stood next to her, leaned against it. His wavy, thick lion's mane swayed over his eyes along with the ends of his unzipped peace sign hoodie. The sun made his male symbol gleam and glitter against his scarred chest as he stuck his thumbs underneath the waist of his white jeans and bullet belt.

Inari: It'll only get harder from here.

Osamu: Yeah. But that's alright. We have each other.

Inari smiled and wagged her tails around in bliss.

Inari: Yes. Yes we do. I love you, Osamu.

Osamu: I love you too, Inari. Though...something's been bothering me since we fought Cecile.

Inari: What is it?

Osamu: White Saint also had a blindfold over his eyes, didn't he? Was he punished the same way Cecile was?

Inari sighed and crossed her arms. Her crimson eyes longingly gazed into the sapphire flames of Cecile's pyre. Osamu felt as if a burning anger ignited inside of Inari as she sat there in brooding silence, forestalling her reply.

Inari: Many exorcists don blindfolds over their eyes after they've been sewn shut. It's a practice that goes back to the first generation of exorcists, the same ones that tried to kill me centuries ago. It's always been a form of legal punishment for those who refused to carry out their duties. Cecile was one of those people. White Saint is a different story, however. He requested that the mutilation ritual be done to him.

Osamu: What? Why?!

Inari: Given how seriously he took his job, perhaps he sought to rid himself of Want.

Osamu: Want?

Inari: The want of perception. The want of a mortal. The more pious exorcists have always decried the trappings of human yearning. They say that yearning is what drives the machinations of wickedness in this world. To them, it inspires conflicts, greed, and arrogance. It gave rise to false prophets and lords crowning themselves gods. When day-to-day survival was no longer a concern for mankind, it pondered and pontificated about all things physical and metaphysical. It sought to achieve what it had previously only prescribed to the gods that ruled over them. Eternal youth, immortality, world domination. You name it, humans have yearned for it. To an exorcist, their fellow mortals are but covetous creatures, while the exorcists themselves are the corrective solution to man's ills.

Osamu: But...Cecile wasn't like that at all. She was completely different. Even after enduring their punishment, she never lost sight of what her heart truly yearned for.

Inari: You're right, Osamu.

Osamu lowered his head as tears gently rolled down his cheek. The fires eating away at Cecile's corpse lifted her perfumed essence into the air, gifting it to the wind. The breeze delivered this perfumed scent to Inari and Osamu, letting her aroma linger among them. Like a phantom limb, they could still feel her there, standing among them. The person was gone, but the sensation remained.

Osamu: Right until the very end, she was her own person. She wasn't a shell of a human like the rest of them. Cecile maintained her own individuality, her own wants in life. For that, I'll never forget her. This airport was no place for her to die.

Inari: She died happily because of us. I suppose you were right when you said she was the most human of the exorcists, honest to a fault.

Osamu: No. There was no fault in her at all. She was perfectly...human.

As the falling sun tinged the horizon in deep orange, Inari couldn't help but smile at Osamu's pride of being who he was. He was so fiercely proud to be a human, a mortal just like Cecile. He was proud to be flawed and imperfect. Ultimately, she felt the beliefs of the exorcists and the conviction of Osamu battle within her. For as proud as Osamu was of his imperfections in that one, inspired moment, not even he could deny this single, solitary fact. His anguish was born from his yearning to be better than what he naturally was. And so, for a moment, Inari thought that perhaps one's desire to save everyone and avoid the heartache of loss was its own kind of arrogance.

Inari: Well then, it's getting dark. We should get ready for bed.

Osamu: Yeah...

The day ended in sun-soaked gratitude for another day of life, another day of being together. And even the enemy of that day was a blessing in disguise, an angel that had its wings clipped, and ultimately restored. A reason to live, a reason to die, and a reason to surrender was the magic that bound Osamu and Inari together, even as they slept peacefully beneath the moon, hand in hand, and face to face.


I know reading the story here can be kind of messy, so I did organize and refine the first 3 arcs into ebooks! Makes everything a lot easier to read, doesn't it? I went back and edited some things too, so it's not just a straight copy/paste job.

1st Arc, Aika Crisis

2nd Arc, War Cloud Part 1

War Cloud Part 2

3rd Arc, Dawn and Dusk (Full 20 Chapters)

Hopefully that makes everything a hell of a lot easier to read. Now I just gotta do the same for Satori no Akuma, Himushi Redemption, Letting Go, and Inari Standoff once it's finished  :read:

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 :clapping: Thank you

Moving on

Inari Standoff: I Saw the Light Again, I Learned to Love Again

Osamu awoke next to Inari early in the morning. She slept beside him like a baby, with an unguarded, infantile look to her.

Osamu: Looks like you finally got some rest, huh?


Osamu: Crap, I should've turned it on silent!


Osamu: Hello?

Aika: Osamu!

(That voice! Aika's safe?!)

Osamu: Aika, is that you?! What happened?! Where are you?!

Aika: It's okay! I'm with Akatsuki and Omagatoki right now. My flight was a little late, but after we landed, I suddenly blacked out and...well...I awoke near Izanami's shrine without any clothes on.

The thought of a naked Aika was enough to renew Osamu's spirit.

Osamu: O-oh my, how troublesome...are...are you still naked right now?

Aika: No, you horn dog! Omagatoki gave me a spare yukata!

Osamu: Yeah...of course she did...

Osamu: But, you're okay, right? Not hurt?

Aika: A little headache, but I'm feeling alright. Do you know what happened?


Aika: Huh? Osamu? Are you still there?

(Thank god...I thought I lost you. I thought I failed you for a third time.)

Osamu covered his mouth as he cried. Inari woke up to the sound of his crying and placed a gentle hand on his back. She knew it must've been the girl he spoke so much about.

Osamu: I'm sorry, Aika. I can't explain everything right now. There's someone I need to protect, someone that's become very dear to me very quickly. Honestly, this might be one of the last phone calls you and I have together.

Aika: Osamu, what are you saying? Are you in danger? You're starting to scare me...

Osamu: I'm still at the airport. I have to stay here for a while, alright? I just need you to trust me right now. Oh, and please let Yoko know that you're alright. She was really worried about you.

Aika: S-sure, I'll do that. But, are you sure you're-

Osamu: Goodbye, Aika.


Inari: Was that her, Osamu?

Osamu: Yeah...she's safe. I think I can die a little easier knowing that.

Inari: That's good. I'm happy for you.

Inari hugged Osamu from behind, gleefully resting her cheek against his back. The sound of a ticking clock in the shop seemed to be more in tune with Osamu's flaring sexuality rather than time itself.


Inari: Let's go get some breakfast, Osamu.

Osamu: Hmm? Breakfast?


Osamu and Inari ventured around the empty airport, searching in the various, empty food courts. They first stopped at the sushi court, but found an unpleasant surprise in the fridge. Inari opened it up, and the smell of rotten fish hit their noses.

Inari: Ah, god damn it!

Osamu: Damn that smells! It must've gone bad during the black out!

Inari shut the fridge and laughed.

Inari: I guess fish is out of the question, huh? Maybe the bakery's ingredients are still good. If so, we can just make a Western-style breakfast!

Inari took Osamu by the hand and skipped back over to the bakery, checking the fridge and hoping for the best. She began checking the ingredients, starting with the eggs.

Inari: These are still good. This fridge was able to stay cooler during the black out, so it doesn't look like anything went bad. Whew, except for this milk!

Inari wagged her tails as she stuck her head inside of the fridge. Osamu couldn't help but chuckle to himself.

Inari: Ah! The owners were smart!

Inari pulled out a carton of almond milk with a relieved smile.

Inari: They kept non-dairy milk in here for people who were lactose-intolerant! This should still be good, and it's sweeter than regular milk! We can make pancakes with-

Osamu's chuckles broke out into laughter as he pitifully tried to hide his face.

Inari: Got something to tell me, Osamu?!

Osamu: No, no! You just looked adorable just now! You were wagging your tails like a happy dog! It was cute!

Inari: Sheesh, where do you get off trying to flatter a goddess. If I didn't know you, I would just ahead and smite you.

Osamu: Haha! My bad. So then, pancakes? Can you cook?

Inari: Damn right I can!

It turns out...she really could cook. She threw on her apron, put the pans on the burners, quickly made a bowl of pancake mix, and cooked with multiple pans at the same time. She made it look entirely too easy to the awestruck Osamu.

Osamu: That's amazing! How did you learn to do this so well?

Inari: Watching humans do it, really. Then, I just so happened to find a cook book during my runaway days. It was the only thing I had o read, so I soaked in a lot of the knowledge.

Osamu: Honestly, cooking like that, I'm surprised you haven't had more people propose to you. Guys would kill for a good cook these days.

Inari: Is that so?

Inari picked up both pans and flipped the pancaked in them without a spatula. She received a round of applause for her stunning dexterity.

Inari: Thank you, thank you!


Finally, those two ate a proper breakfast. They left their plates on the counter and sat in the lobby, where the continuous row of windows allowed them a view of the airport. They waited and waited for any sign of Heavy Metal.

Osamu: I don't understand. He said he'd come back...

Inari: I've heard Heavy Metal is quite the tactician, despite his easily irritable feelings. He probably told you he'd be back specifically for the purpose of not showing up. When you expect your enemy at a specific time, and they don't show, what happens to you?

Osamu: Yet get nervous, and uneasy.

Inari: Exactly. I reckon that's part of his plan. Maybe he realized that if Saint failed to kill us, he can't do it alone either. He may return with reinforcements.

Osamu: And if we find ourselves surrounded?

Inari: We'll either win or die together.

Osamu smiled.

Osamu: That's right. You know, now that you've eaten a proper heart, you could probably get back to running. Isn't it possible for you to escape the airport now?

Inari: I could, but what would be the point? I'd rather finish them all off here than keep living my life on the run. Besides...I've found a reason to keep fighting here.

Osamu: Is it me?!

Inari: Of course it is, silly.

Osamu: Awesome!

Inari sat down on the seat next to Osamu, yawning as she waved her tails around.

Inari: Honestly, you're like a kid sometimes. It's quite endearing to watch.

Osamu: Ah, guess that means I'm a cutie, too.

Inari: Yeah, that didn't sound conceited at all...Osamu...

Osamu: Yeah? Your tone got all serious all of a sudden.

Inari: Thank you.

Osamu: Huh? For what?

Inari: For saving me. You saved me twice in this airport. Once when you found me, and again last night. I was able to cry and sleep well because I had you. I don't know if I can ever trust humans in general again, but I know that I really can call you a friend, Osamu. Even if you're the last human I'll ever meet, I'll be glad for the time we've spent together.

Inari scooched closer to Osamu, bringing their faces intimately closer together. Inari's gaze was loving and unrelenting.

Inari: I have to ask something extremely selfish of you, Osamu.

Osamu: What is it?

Inari rubbed the tip of her tail against Osamu's Male symbol necklace.

Inari: I know your heart belongs to other women, so I won't ask for you to fall in love with me. But, do you think...you can also show me what love is again? I want to experience it for what may the the last time.

Osamu: Inari, come on...we'll make it out of this.

Inari: Just in case we don't. Do you think you can kiss lips that have tasted flesh and blood? Can you meet with a tongue that has devoured hearts? Can you embrace skin that has become guarded, yet fragile? Will you melt these cold eyes and make them warm again? Even just once?

Osamu did not hesitate to kiss her lips, to meet her flesh-eating tongue, and to embrace the skin on her cheek. Lastly, he was not scared of her eyes, and saw how warm and light they could be.

Osamu: Describing yourself like that...It's like you don't think you're worthy of love anymore. But, you are.

Inari: I could say the same to you, Osamu.

Osamu stood up and grabbed Inari by the hand, leading her back to the bakery.

Inari: W-what are you doing?! It's rude to just grab a deity like you own her!

Osamu: Sorry, but kissing you just now made me realize something.

Inari: What?

Osamu: We've to live like we're about to die, and die like we're about to truly live for the first time. If they're not going to attack us today, then let's spend our day around the airport, or we could just sleep together for the rest of the day.

Inari: You mean like sex?


Osamu: N-no, I meant like literally sleeping!

Inari: Oh! That!

Osamu: Geez, you really are a curious little goddess. So, what do you say? Wanna waste the day away?

Inari: Osamu...

Osamu: Yeah?

Inari smiled and took a humble bow. The sun beautifully radiated through the windows behind her, outlining her snow-white hair with a heavenly glow of light.

Inari: I'd love to waste my time with you. If it's with you, time isn't wasted at all!

(I remember this feeling. This is what it feels like to fall in love for the first time...all over again...)


Inari Standoff: Crimson Kiss

With the moon high in the sky, Inari and Osamu prepared themselves for bed, sleeping on the floor of the bakery once more. Inari cuddled with Osamu and buried her face in his back.

Inari: Snuggle snuggle snuggle!

Osamu: Honestly...and you called ME a kid earlier.

Osamu's cellphone flashlight shined on top of the table, giving Inari the wild idea of lifting her tails up to the light and making shadow puppets with them.

Inari: Look! If I align them like this, they look like a mountain range!

Osamu: Huh...they really do...

Inari: And if I mess around with them like this...boom! Peace sign!

Osamu: I hope that boom didn't come with a mushroom cloud.

Inari smiled at Osamu, flashing her sharp, fox teeth.

Inari: Maybe it did! But our mushroom cloud would be shaped like this.

Inari formed a heart with her tails, a cheap, yet moving gesture.

Osamu: You're so hopelessly cheesy, Inari. You know that?

Inari: But you like the heart, right?

Osamu: Of course I do. How did you get so good at doing that with your tails anyway?

Osamu groaned as he flipped his pillow over. Inari sat up, placing her hand on his back with a worried expression.

Inari: Sorry, does it still hurt somewhere?

Osamu gave her a cheeky smile that told her not to worry.

Osamu: Just a few aches here and there! Probably just the muscle repairing itself! No big deal, I'll be fine.

Inari: A-are you sure? I can lick your wounds a little more if you want, that should help with the aches.

Osamu: It's fine, rea-

Inari: I want to!

(She's insisting on doing it?)

He couldn't say no to that face full of love and worry identical to that of Yoko or Izanami. Osamu unbuttoned his shirt and took off his necklace. Inari took the necklace for herself and wore around her neck as she sat on Osamu's waist.

Inari: Where does it hurt most?

Osamu: My abdomen hurts like hell, and my right shoulder too.

Inari: Okay. I may need to bite you just a little bit. My bites can numb pain too, so it can act as anesthesia.

Osamu: Such a convenient ability!

Inari dutifully began the process of puncturing Osamu's skin with her teeth, and then licking the area he felt aches.

Osamu: Hey, Inari.

Inari: Yeah?

Osamu: After we defeat the exorcist, do you want to come live with me?

Inari: Huh?

Osamu: Ah...well...

Inari gazed at Osamu with her wide, red eyes as he nervously explained away.

Osamu: I mean, I can't promise you'll like it, since you'll have to live with a few other women. It will definitely take some time for everyone to get used to you, but you'll have your own room, a place to sleep, eat, and laugh. Or, you can just hang out at one of your shrines. I don't mind either way, as long as we can still see each other after this.

(And that's when it happened.)

Inari's tailes fluttered about, and before he knew it, he was locked in another kiss with Inari. She bit down, drawing drops of blood onto both of their lips. Something about it was deeper than anything Osamu had ever felt before. It was beyond what a girlfriend would do, or even what a wife would do. It was a sort of kiss only Inari and Osamu could share in that dark place, both in the airport and in their darkened hearts. It was a kiss that could only be shared in the darkness and sorrow that bound them together.

(It hurt. It was painful, but it was warm...)

With his blood dripping to her chin, Inari's face and figure glowed in the moonlight streaming in through the curtains, as if the angels of the night sky had noticed her.

(It was beautiful.)

Inari: We'll see what happens, Osamu.


Osamu woke up to the feeling of something very, very warm on his lips. Care to take a guess?






No, silly. Inari surprised him with a piece of a freshly made blueberry pancake. Osamu opened his eyes and saw Inari laying on top of him, waving her tails around.

Inari: Come on! Eat it!

Osamu: Ahhhh~


Osamu shot out of bed in delight. That one bite took him on a trip across the universe.

Osamu: My god...it has the perfect amount of sugar! It's light and fluffy, with just a little bit of crisp to it! And the blueberries, they taste so fresh! This is pancake heaven! This is the breakfast of the gods! Inari, you're amazing!

Inari: It's that good?!?!

Osamu held Inari's hands as the light of the heavens sparkled in his crying, yet still manly eyes.

Osamu: These pancakes can cure any ill of the soul and body!

Inari: Well, there's plenty more where that came from! I left the rest of them out he-

Inari poked her head outside and came across a peculiar scene. Some strange, dirty blonde wearing a purple, short-sleeve hoodie and purple jeans was eating her pancakes. Not only that, but her eyes were purple too. What kind of madness was this? It was Kagutsuchi. Both of them shrieked at the other, and came quite close to entering combat before Osamu ran out and stood between them.

Kagutsuchi: Osamu?!

Osamu: Kagutsuchi?!

Inari: Kagutsuchi?! THE Kagutsuchi?!

Osamu: Kagu, what are you doing here!?

Kagutsuchi recoiled from Osamu's yelling and replied softly.

Kagutsuchi: I..uh...Y-Yoko called me to check on you. She was really worried...

Osamu: That was a few days ago! What took you so long?!

Kagutsuchi: I was in El Salvador with Shinju!

Inari: El Salvador?

Kagutsuchi smiled, waved her butt around, and played air maracas.

Kagutsuchi: It was so fun! Everyone was like "Cha cha cha!" And "Cha cha CHA!" And the food was delicious too!

Inari: Is she really Izanami's daughter?

Osamu: Yeah, no, believe me, Izanami is just as silly as her.


Kagutsuchi: Who's she, Osa?

Osamu: Well, she-

Inari: I am Inari Okami, goddess of foxes, fertility, and other things. It's a pleasure to meet the spawn of Izanami.

Inari bowed, paying her due respects to royalty, even among the gods.

Kagutsuchi: Oh n-n-no! Please, don't treat me so well! We can just shake hands and be on equal terms! There's no need to bow!

Inari: Really? How did the daughter of Izanami become so humble?

Osamu: Kagu has a pure heart. She's not vain or selfish in any way. If there's any of the gods you can trust, it's her. Hey...wait...Kagu, is Shinju back in town too?

Kagutsuchi: Yeah, she is. We came back together.

Osamu: Do you know where she is now?!

Kagutsuchi: Huh?! Why the panic all of a sudden?

Inari: Osamu, what is it?

Osamu: Damn it! I didn't think about this! Shinju is...

As fate would so cruelly dictate, Shinju and Cyanide were just outside of the airport, walking down the runway and towards the building. They too had heard the alert for Inari in the area.

Osamu: An exorcist...


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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The crescendo arises

Inari Standoff: Us Against the World



Osamu immediately took off running before Inari or Kagutsuchi could stop him. He ran down six flights of escalators, bolted out of the door, and onto the runway. The tragedy of the exorcist would nearly lead to Osamu having to defend a friend against other friends.

(I can't let them fight! I have to stop this now!)

Osamu waved and shouted at them from afar.

Osamu: Hey! Shinju!

Cyanide: Hmm? Is that Osamu? What is he doing here?

Shinju: It is him...

Osamu: Shinju! Don't fight her!

Cyanide: Can you hear what he's saying?

Shinju: Not a thing.

As Osamu ran with all of his strength, Inari had caught up to him on all fours. She leaped in front of him, as if shielding him from the exorcists ahead.

Inari: Idiot! Why would you run off like that?!

Osamu: You don't understand, they're not just exorcists! They're both my friends! I can't let you guys fight!

Inari: They're...your friends?

Finally within talking distance, Inari laid her crimson eyes upon the blue eyed and fire-haired Shinju, dressed in her usual poncho, panties, sandals, panda ear-warmers, and peace sign necklace. Then those eyes turned to Cyanide, the blonde, long haired smoker in a suit and tie, properly dressed for work. Inari's tale stood upright, in a guarded position as she held Osamu to the ground.

Cyanide: Wow, so it really is you, kid!

Osamu: I've told you a thousand times to stop calling me kid!

Shinju: Osamu?! What the hell are you doing?! Why are you with Inari?!

Osamu: It's...sort of a long story! But Shinju, listen to me-

Shinju made a gun with her hand, and pointed it directly at Osamu and Inari. Osamu's eyes widened in fright, while Inari was ready to move at a moment's notice.

Osamu: Shinju...


Shinju: Osamu, I'll ask you again. Why are you with Inari?

Inari could feel the rapid beat of Osamu's heart, growing angrier by the second.

Inari: How dare you threaten your own friend!

Shinju: If he's siding with the enemy, then he is no longer any friend of mine. I will not ask you again, Osamu! Answer the question!

Osamu: Because I couldn't let her die!

Osamu's frantic and desperate yell echoed through the air.

Osamu: I saw her suffering! I heard it in my head! I knew I should've just gone home and ignored it, but I didn't! I couldn't! I followed a trail of blood and it led me right to her! I just couldn't leave her once we met...she may not know it...but, inside, I was crying for help too. We saved each other, relied on each other, and healed our wounds together. She saved me just as much as I saved her.

Osamu stood up with Inari's hand in his own, with not an ounce of shame or wrong-doing weighing on his heart. Even Inari was shocked he'd go to such an extend to defend her.

Osamu: Inari isn't just a target for you to shoot. There's so much more to this, you two! I know the gods have wanted her dead all this time, but can't you at least listen to her side of the story first? Can't you assume her innocence instead of her guilt?! I'm asking you, Shinju, to do what you really feel is right, not just what you're ordered to do. You're more than just an exorcist. You're Shinju Miyakawa, the most righteous girl I've ever met in my life.

Having successfully been subdued by Osamu's words, Shinju lowered her arm, sighing and scratching her head.

Shinju: Honestly, how do you keep getting into situations like this? We just dealt with an ex-girlfriend-turned-Jikininki and now you're with the most wanted woman in all of Heaven?

Cyanide: Ah, maybe the kid is growing up, huh?

Inari: Osamu...thank you.

Osamu blushed when he saw Inari's clearly impressed and sweetened face. And perhaps a little embarrassed he laid his heart out for Shinju and Cyanide to see.

Osamu: Hah, well, you know...I talk a lot sometimes. It gets me in and out of trouble.

Cyanide: So then, Inari. We can hold off your subjugation for now. Consider yourself unofficially on trial. Tell us your side of the story, and we'll act from there.

Inari gripped Osamu's hand even tighter.

Inari: Very well. Come inside.

(And so, after hearing Inari's story, Shinju, Cyanide, and Kagutsuchi were able to see what drove Inari to this point. It was the story of how she went from one of the kindest deities anyone could ever meet, to becoming what amounts to a flesh-eating fox spirit. It seemed the tensions were eased, but siding with Inari meant they'd have to fight against the other exorcists.)

They all sat in the empty lobby after hearing Inari's story. Shinju stood up from her seat, standing in front of the sunlit windows in a ballerina stretch.


Shinju: Now this leaves us in a bit of paradox, doesn't us? The target is Inari, but Inari isn't actually all that guilty. Killing an innocent would be fulfilling Heaven's wish, but trying to do the right thing would pit us against the exorcists. What a predicament.

Cyanide put a cigarette between his lips, but couldn't light it as Kagutsuchi took it away from him. Pure of heart indeed.

Kagutsuchi: No smoking in the lobby! Where are your manners?!

Cyanide put his hands up as if surrendering to the police. The Smoking Police.

Cyanide: Yeah, yeah, you're right. My bad, Lady Kagutsuchi. So, you two have been fighting the exorcists, huh? No wonder this place is a mess. However, Osamu, you do understand the position this puts you in, right? You've been killing descendants of deities. Even with Amaterasu as your Mother-in-Law, you're gonna have to answer for that.

Osamu: Yeah, I know. Still, just as long as Inari has her name cleared, I'll do anything to make sure this feud ends. It belongs in another era, not the present.

Inari: So? What is your decision? What will you do now that you've heard my side of the story?

Shinju put her hands on her hips and closed her eyes, locking herself away in thought.

Shinju: We should get you out of here. If we can do that, we can avoid fighting the exorcists and have our connection to you concealed. Kagutsuchi, can you open a portal to one of Inari's shrines?

Kagutsuchi: Eh?! Well, I've never actually been to one of her shrines before, so I don't know how to get there...

Shinju: Damn...Cyanide, got any teleportation coins?

Cyanide looked out the window and laughed.

Cyanide: Looks like it's a little too late for that.

Cyanide pointed his finger, directing everyone's attention to the view beyond the windows. Dozens of exorcists surrounded and sealed off the airport. The sound of Black Hawk helicopter blades oscillating in the air filled their ears. An injured but obstinate Black Maria sat by the helicopter door with a megaphone. She still proudly wore her Soviet coat around her shoulders like a cape, and blasted the Hymn of the USSR through the megaphone for all to hear. She wore a shirt depicting art of Lenin, Marx, and Trotsky looking on to the future, and to the glory of the Soviet Union.


Among the crowd of exorcists waiting to besiege the airport was Heavy Metal, in a fresh, green suit and sunglasses.

Maria: Traitors to the exorcists, the descendants, and the league of Heaven, hear me now! We have amassed over 80 exorcists to drive out she who calls herself Inari Okami! Though we do not wish to harm anyone else, if you interfere with her subjugation, we will exterminate you as well! This entire airport had been sealed off! No one goes in or out! Give Inari up now, and we can end this without blood!

Kagutsuchi: Oh my god...what do we do?!

Cyanide held up one of his teleportation coins, smiling in amusement.

Cyanide: And we were just a few minutes away from getting out of here, too. With the seal up, we won't be able to get out of here.

Inari: So, we have to fight.

Shinju: I'm afraid so. We're outnumbered and overpowered, so it's a given that this will not end well.

Osamu's stomach twisted and churned in knots as he looked on at the small army of exorcists, racing back and forth through his head about how he could possibly get out of this, how he could possibly protect Inari in this situation. He was shaking, unsure of what to do. Inari noticed without even needing to look, as if their hearts were connected. She grabbed his hand once more and looked into his worried eyes with confidence and love.

Inari: Do not fear, Osamu. One way or another, we'll get out of this.

Osamu: But-

Inari: Do you trust me?

Osamu: I do...

Inari: Do you love me?

Osamu: Very much...

Inari: Good. My heart will still be beating at the end of this, so don't you worry, alright?

(Her smile was so beautiful, it was heartbreaking...)

Maria: We will give you five minutes to make your choice! If you do not comply within that time frame, we will besiege the airport!

It was five against an army. Knowing that, Osamu still nodded to Inari, ready to live or die by her side.

Osamu: We don't have any other choice. We have five minutes. Let's use that time to block off the exits and fortify this floor as best as we can. If anyone has any reservations about this...you're free to leave and saw we kidnapped you.

Kagutsuchi: No way! I'd never leave you, Osamu! I'm with you on this, and you too, Inari!

Shinju: We've heard your story, and we've chose to side with you.

Cyanide: Yeah, though it's a pain in the ass to try and fight a losing battle, if Shinju is siding with you, then I will too.

Inari: You guys...

Inari laughed as tears streamed down her face. She wiped them away and gave a genuine, heartfelt smile.

Inari: In the end, the people who understood me and defended me were humans, exorcists, and even a goddess. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I will also give you my best. Osamu, let's do this! I've got my reason to live and to die right here!

Osamu: Right! Everyone, let's get moving!

(And so, that airport became a fortress where we made our final stand. Us against the exorcists...a battle that would decide our fate, as well as Inari's.)

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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Inari Standoff: Blood Magic





With their defenses hastily prepared, Osamu, Inari, Shinju, Kagutsuchi, and Cyanide stationed themselves at different parts of the 6th floor of the airport. Of course, Osamu and Inari sat together, not too far from the escalators. Now, more than ever, the emptiness and tranquility of the airport, that place where they met, seemed so much more precious than eerie. They realized that as they sat in the bakery, waiting for their time to run out.

Inari: It's going to be rough. Very, very rough.

Osamu: It always has been rough for us.

Inari: True indeed.

Inari gripped Osamu's hand and smiled.

Inari: I'll always remember this place, and what you did for me here. Even now, with the odds stacked against us, you're still by my side. You just don't come across many people like you, Osamu.

Osamu: Yeah, I know. The same could be said about you. Let's get out of this together, and let's get you home, Inari.

Inari: Hey, Osamu.

Osamu: What?

Inari: Give me a Battle Kiss. It's a kiss we give each other before we enter a very dangerous battle together. It will give the both of us strength. It's the one kiss I don't need blood for. I only need you.

Osamu: Alright.

A long, long kiss good luck, god day, good afternoon, good night, goodbye, and else good in this world. Osamu saw the traces of love in Inari's eyes, rays of hope in her long, white hair, and happiness in her eyes. It was enough to give him the strength to fight.

Osamu: Alright. It's been 5 minutes. They'll come any moment now.

Inari: Right. Can the others handle themselves?

Osamu: Yeah, Kagu is actually very powerful, and Shinju has a ton of tricks up her sleeve, especially when she's with Cyanide. They'll be fine.

They awaited the first wave of attack in complete, deathly silence. Not a word from Black Maria over the megaphone, and no sound of battle cries as the exorcists stormed the airport. There was one sound though. The sound of something large and heavy moving through the sky, right towards the airport. Inari peeked her head out to see what it was through the windows. Heavy Metal had bulked up and thrown a commercial jet right towards them.

Inari: Get down!

Inari jumped on top of Osamu as the plane crashed and ripped through the building, destroying the bakery and most of the 6th floor. The floor beneath Osamu collapsed, sending him and Inari crashing down to the 5th floor below as the 6th continued to collapse. Inari helped Osamu up and leaped down with him to the 4th floor as the 6th floor completely collapsed. Dust and debris filled the airport in the form of a cloud billowing down each story. Osamu coughed the dust out of his lungs and throat as Inari helped him onto his feet again.

Osamu: Freaking psychopath! Who throws a plane into an airport!?

Inari: Osamu, your friend!

Directly ahead, Cyanide was pinned under heavy chunks of debris covering his legs and chest. The wrecked skeleton of the airplane hung above him, caught in the structural support of the floor above and leaking jet fuel. Kagutsuchi and Inari, both of them covered in blood and dust, rushed by his side to help him out of the pile of debris.

Cyanide: I can't move! I can't move anything!

Shinju: Kagutsuchi, help me get this debris off of him!

Kagutsuchi: Okay!

Osamu: Cyanide! Are you alright?!

Cyanide: I don't know kid, I can hardly feel a god damn thing!

Osamu: That's not good...

Inari: That smell-

The jet fuel pouring down near Cyanide caught fire, and began pooling its way towards him.

Inari: Shinju, the fuel!

Shinju: Yeah, I know!

Inari lended Cyanide her strength, using her arms and tails to get him out quickly. With all of the debris off, Inari slung the injured Cyanide onto her back and carried him away from the flaming jet fuel.

Inari: Hey, you alright?

Cyanide: I've been better!

Inari laid Cyanide against a wall across from the crash site as Shinju, Kagutsuchi, and Osamu looked out for any infiltrators.

Inari: I don't want you to panic, but you're hurt pretty bad.

Kagutsuchi: I can heal him! You're probably better at fighting anyway.

Shinju: Here they come!

There they were, those missing battle cries from before, finally acting as the warning that the battle was to ensue soon.

Shinju: Advance and spread out! We need to keep them away from Kagu and Cyanide!

Inari: Got it! Osamu!

Osamu: Do it!


Inari possessed Osamu's body just as the dozens of exorcists came pouring in through the first floor. With her strength, he picked up the wing of the crashed plane, spun around to gain momentum, and threw it into the crowd. Several of the exorcists were successfully hit, and they were pinned under the piece of metal with a loud crash. 

Shinju: Nice shot, Osa!

Osamu: Don't thank me, it's Inari that's doing everything right no!

Shinju: Seriously?! She can possess people?!

Osamu: I'm surprised you didn't know that!

Crash after crash of heavy, hot metal thinned out the crowd a bit as they came up the escalators. Shinju continued to pick them off with bursts of skin-ripping wind from her fingers, dirtying the floors even more with large splatters of blood and the raining of bone fragments as if they were confetti at a party.

*(It's time! We'll have to go in now!)

Osamu: Shinju, keep me covered!

Shinju: Got it!

Osamu leaped down into the crowd, landing with a crash and a cloud of dust as if he himself was a piece of metal. It was Inari's strength, amplified since she had eaten her last heart.

*(I'm gonna try something, Osamu! Let me know if it feels weird)

Osamu: What are you going to do?!

Inari made Osamu perform a full Kuji-in sequence.

Twenty or so men all suddenly stopped moving, as if they had turned into statues.

Shinju: Is that Blood Magic?!

Osamu: Inari, how did you do that?!

Inari: I'm the only one that can do this. I reckon it's because I've been eating flesh and drinking blood for so long that I've developed an entirely new set of powers.

(A new set of powers...Inari had started eating flesh several centuries ago. Something clicked in my mind in the middle of that battle. I don't think the gods' attempt to destroy Inari was simply a power struggle like what happened during the Warring States period. Were they trying to stop her from getting such powers? Did they foresee some kind of threat? Or...did they want her to get these powers?)

(I had a feeling the exorcists weren't the only ones being used...but...by some stroke of malicious, cruel genius...Inari, Shinju, Cyanide, Kagutsuchi, and myself all ended up being used as well.)

All of the cloaked and veiled men that were grabbed by Inari's blood magic all put their fingers to their eyes and ripped them out of their sockets in unison. Shinju and the other exorcists watched in awe and horror as their eyeballs fell to the ground from their bloodied hands, and blood poured from their eye sockets. Every one of them fell to the ground, crying blood from their empty eyes.

(Blood magic...the power to directly control human action, developed from Inari's ability to possess humans through eye contact. The eating of flesh, hearts, and blood for so long must've enhanced that ability into something more powerful.)

*(Hey, Osamu! You okay? That didn't feel weird, did it?)

Osamu: N-no...it's alright!

*(Good, because we've got a lot more to kill!)

Shinju: Osamu, Inari! Above you!

Osamu looked up for just a split second before dodging whoever came crashing down from the roof. It was Heavy Metal, stripped of his suit and now wearing a speedo to show off his glorious muscles and toned thighs.

Osamu: You've got to be kidding me, that's worse than before! Your style is trash!

HM: Hah! Fool! There is no greater glory in this world than the speedo! It is undeniable, an inarguable fact and axiom of the philosophy and lifestyle of fashion and style!

Osamu: Now you're just being a dick!

And at last, the helicopter Black Maria was riding in flew gun-side next to the row of windows exposing Osamu and the crowd. She slammed open the gun door and aimed the vulcan minigun right at Osamu.

Pilot: Ma'am! That's explosive ammunition! You're sure to hit friendlies!

Maria: Danger close doesn't matter to me! I just want them dead!

(Heavy Metal and Black Maria...I've got to kill them...)


Oh, and thanks to the artist who did these sketches for me. He sort of just popped out of nowhere and did this

 :clapping: Now I'm just missing Osamu after his death, Satori, Cyanide, and my baby Inari
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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Inari Standoff: You Can Have My Heart

*(We've got to move!)

Osamu moved to grab more debris from the plane as Shinju covered him from above, focusing her fire on Heavy Metal. Shinju shot Heavy Metal in his sternum, sending him sliding back several feet and rupturing blood vessels in his chest. A crimson spot formed and spread underneath his skin as he laughed in masochistic amusement.

HM: Is that Shinju Miyakawa? Hell, with that kind of power, it has to be! Now YOU are one stylish woman!

Shinju: Ah, the famed Heavy Metal? The rumors are true, you really are Queer-o-sorous Rex, aren't you?

HM: Impossible! This is a speedo! I'm supposed to be immune to such slander!

*N O I R*

Shinju: Sue me, dickhead!

Heavy Metal engulfed his whole body in flames, and along with the remaining exorcists, began the assault on the 6th floor. Outside, Black Maria fired the vulcan mini gun from the chopper, drowning everyone's ears in the long, thunderous buzz of its storm of bullets.

Kagutsuchi: Osamu!

As he ran through the halls, Kagu appeared up ahead, just in the nick of time. She covered the windows with an invisible barrier, shielding Osamu from the explosive rounds.

Kagutsuchi: I did it!

Osamu: Great job, Kagu!

*(Damn, she makes it look easy!)

Finally, Osamu got his hands on some of the wreckage, careful not to step on a weak peace of flooring, and to avoid the seering flames surrounding the crash site.

Osamu: Kagu, let go of the barrier!

Kagutsuchi: Alright!

The barrier broke apart, much to the delight of Black Maria.

Maria: Good! Now we can keep firing! Line us up!

Pilot: Oh crap!

Maria: What?!

*(Here we go, Osamu!)

Osamu threw the nose of the plane threw the windows, shattering the frames and continuing on towards the tail of the helicopter. The rear rotor was severed from the chopper like the tail of a fox being severed with a knife, sending it spiraling out of control and right into the the tarmac outside.

Kagutsuchi: Look! Someone's still trapped in there!

Black Maria was stuck inside of the chopper as it caught fire, unable to get out in her already injured state. Osamu saw this from the windows, and even though she was a combatant for two battles now, he could not find a place in his heart that wanted her to die. He could not bear to watch a young girl burn to death.

Osamu: Inari...

*(I know. Normally, I'd reject this outright. Let's go save her, Osamu.)

Osamu: You mean it?

*(I'd never lie to you.)

Osamu: Alright. Come, Kagu! Help me out!

Kagutsuchi: Right!

The sounds of battle raged on as Shinju made impressively short work of the exorcists, outclassing them in just about every field, even with her long-term injuries. Like a master gunslinger, she'd point her fingers and kill multiple exorcists in just one shot, coating the floors with blood and bone. The flaming Heavy Metal charged her in a shoulder-ram position, only for her to flip over him and let him slam into the wall. Shinju mockingly used the ends of her poncho as a cape, as if she were luring a Spanish bull her way.

Shinju: Come on now big boy, you'll have to try harder than that! Come on! Toro! Toro!

HM: Damn you, traitor!

The answer to this problem was so stupidly simple, it took Shinju a few minutes of taunting Heavy Metal with her poncho to figure it out. She aimed her finger and shot him in the place where no man should ever be shot. The flames were extinguished, and Heavy Metal came crashing to the ground, writhing in agonizing pain.

Shinju: Well...that was easy.

HM: You're terrible! Who does that?! Who honestly does that?!

Shinju: All is fair in love and war, darling. You're an exorcist and a grown man. You should've known this.

His moans turned into laughs as he raised his fist and slammed it into the ground with all of his might. The entire floor cracked, shattered, and fell through to the 3rd floor, bringing the bodies and blood down with it. Another cloud of dust cloaked the interior of the airport, and silence hushed away all of the sounds of battle, at least inside. Outside, as they rushed towards the flaming helicopter, Osamu and Kagutsuchi were confronted by dozens more exorcists. Many of them were women, shrine maidens by the looks of it. They stood between them and the flaming helicopter Black Maria was in.

Maria: Ah! Someone! Please help me!

Maiden: You who aid Inari, you will be subjugated!

Maria: Are none of you listening?! Please, I can't stay here! I can't get out! Help me!

Black Maria's humanity became so much more apparent to Osamu as she screamed and cried for help, and not a single person even looked back at her.

(It's just like Inari...none of them are even bothering to help her. They're going to let her die...)

Kagutsuchi: What are you all doing?! That girl is going to die!

Maiden: Silence!

Ice. It was sharpened ice that formed in the shrine maiden's palm, and was shot at such a high speed that it pierced Kagutsuchi's chest. Osamu watched as she fell to the ground, her expression posed as if she had not yet realized she had been struck. She hit the ground and hardly moved.

(Oh my god...)

Ultimately, there was no time for Osamu to panic, or to get angry. The maidens were about to shoot him down as well. To protect them both, Inari leaped out of Osamu's body and directly attacked the shrine maidens, clawing two of them across their eyes and biting into the neck of one more.

Osamu: Inari!

Though she was shot in her arms and back, she still move ferociously, drinking the blood of her third kill to heal as she was getting shot down. performing Kuji-in again, the shrine maidens were under Inari's control. They ceased their fire and moved according to her will, like puppets tied to her fingers.

Inari: How dare you! To let a young girl stay in flaming wreckage, and to strike down another god! You don't have the honor to be called shrine maidens!

Inari forced them to eat each other like cannibals who had lost all sense of humanity. Osamu had never seen such horrific thing, humans eating each other. He looked away, ignoring the sound of squirting blood and gargled screams and paying most of his attention to Kagutsuchi.

Osamu: You're still conscious! Kagu, look at me!

Kagutsuchi: Osamu! Pull it out!

Osamu: Are you sure?!

Kagutsuchi: I can heal myself, just pull it out!

Osamu: O-okay!

At the same time, Inari hesitated to save Black Maria as the flames consuming the helicopter nearly reached her. Most of her wanted to leave the exorcist that tried to kill her there. But the fox goddess thought of what Osamu, or even what Tenji would do, and rushed in to free Maria of the wreckage.

Maria: Please help me!

Inari: Don't worry, I'm going to get you out of here!

Maria cared not that it was Inari, of all people, that was helping her. She simply wanted to live, a feeling that Inari could so easily sympathize with. Inari managed to free Maria of the wreck and drag her out. At the same time, Osamu had pulled the ice out of Osamu's chest, allowing her to heal the bloody hole it left.


Inari kissed Maria, giving her some of the blood that remained on her lips to heal her injuries and stabilize her. The poor girl was covered in burn marks, and blood stained her right arm. For now, the burn marks went away, along with most of the internal damage done to her from the crash.

Maria: Why did you save me? I'm supposed to kill you.

Inari: I don't ever want to see another child die, especially not over something so senseless.

Maria: White Saint! You took him from me! You took him from me and he was all I had! Don't give me a reason to thank you when I should only hate you! You deserve to die!

Such a conflict tore open Maria's heart, and like a child ought to when she's saddened, she broke down and cried.

Inari: I know, Maria. You can hate me all you want. I'd say it's justified. Hate me with all of your might, so you can be free of your grief. Even if we're enemies, Maria, I'm just glad I at least managed to save one child's life. Even if you kill me...

(It was like I was watching me...the best me that I never was, and could never hope to be...)

Inari smiled and hugged Maria, as if she were her own daughter.

Inari: I can die happily knowing you're okay!

Maria no longer had the eyes of a child who only knew violence and servitude, but for once, she knew love. From all places, it came from an enemy rather than her masters.

Kagutsuchi: Inari...you really are kind. I never doubted you for a second, but now I know for sure.

Inari: Thanks, Kagutsuchi, but I learned from Osamu.

(So this is what's it's like to feels like...to find yourself in someone else...)

Osamu: Good job, Inari. I'm proud of you.

Inari: Right back at you!



Heavy Metal jumped out from the ruined airport building and onto the tarmac, covered in dust and blood.

HM: You know...I lost my sunglasses in that wreckage...

Osamu, Inari, and Kagu now noticed the extent of the damage done to the airport, and the silence from within.

Kagutsuchi: Oh no! What happened to Shinju and Cyanide?!

HM: Oh them? Not sure. I imagine that airport became their grave though.

Osamu: You didn't! Tell me you didn't, you monster!

Maria: Heavy Metal...please...look around you. We should just retreat. We've lost a lot of men in just this-

HM: Quiet, child! You have no authority to talk!

Inari: Enough, Heavy Metal!

Osamu watched it all happen in just a split second. Inari's Kuji-in for blood magic took too long for her to complete. Heavy Metal only needed to slam the ground with his hand to send a shockwave throughout the airport, knocking everyone off of their feet, with their backs on the ground. Everyone had vastly underestimated Heavy Metal's abilities, a fact that Osamu realized far too late.

(No...damn it! He was holding back all this time?!)

It all seemed to go be so slowly, as Heavy Metal picked up a hot piece of shrapnel from the helicopter crash and planted his feet on Osamu's stomach, crushing several of his ribs.

(He's...going to kill me?)

Heavy Metal smiled as he slammed the blade-like piece of shrapnel into Osamu's neck, then into his stomach, again and again, as if brutally murdering someone who had wronged him.

HM: Does that feel good?! Yes, feels nice, doesn't it!? Is this stylish enough for you, young one?! How does it feel?!

Kagutsuchi: Osamu!

Kagutsuchi tried and failed to kick Heavy Metal in his neck. He covered his body with flames as her foot landed, and grabbed her by the leg, throwing her far off into one of the parked planes. A massive dent formed in the plane's side from her impact. With Kagu's diversion, Inari gathered her rage into one, solid punch to Heavy Metal's jaw, sending him rolling and flipping across the tarmac. Kagutsuchi staggered onto her feet, blood running down her split head and cut arm. She kept Heavy Metal busy as Inari tended to Osamu.

Inari: Osamu!

There were so many stab wounds, Inari couldn't even count them. Osamu's eyes grew moist and teary as blood dripped from his neck, and the feeling of death returned to him, chilling his bones and calming his nerves after the initial pain of it all.

Inari: Keep pressure on the wound! I'll...

Inari looked around at the corpses of the maidens, seeking one of the hearts. However, she made the maidens eat each other, almost right down to the bone. What was left of any of their hearts had already been bitten, and the blood lost.

Inari: Someone...there has to be someone...

Maria held Osamu's hand, genuinely concerned for the man who inspired Inari to save him. His grip was tight, as if he was holding on to dear life.

(Oh my god...Oh my god...I'm...I'm really...)

Inari: Osamu, just stay here, I'll go-

Osamu grabbed Inari's arm, crying as he rapidly slipped away.

Osamu: I'm...I'm not going to make it...I'll bleed out soon...

Inari: Shut up! I can fix this! I...somehow...I...

Inari shut her eyes as the memories of that fateful day in the forest came back to her. The pain of losing a loved one returned with its merciless grip around her heart.

Osamu: Inari...

(Yoko...you're probably going to be really mad at me, aren't you? But still...I have to do this..)

Osamu: Do you remember what I told you? When we fought White Saint?

(Izanami, you can be a big cry baby, so I know you'll be sad.)

Inari recalled the moment very clearly. It was an exact repeat of what happened several centuries before.

Inari: Osamu...no...don't do this to me...

Osamu: There's no time! Help Kagu, rescue Shinju and Cyanide. In order to do to that...you need it...you need to take my heart.

Inari: Osamu stop!

Osamu: Take it now!

Osamu caressed Inari's cheek with his bloodied hand, leaving smears on her face. His grip on Maria's hand weakened by the second.

Osamu: I'm so glad I met you, Inari. Thank you for saving me. Don't regret this, alright? Just take my heart...and live on.

(Tsukiakari...and so many more...god, there's so many more people...I'm sorry...)

Maria: Inari! There's more!

The final wave of exorcists and shrine maidens were storming the airport, charging right down the tarmac

(Inari Okami...from the moment we met eyes that day, with broken, colored glass raining down on us...I knew I met someone special. I knew I met someone who could help me get out of the rut I was in, and find myself when I had grown so complacent...so disappointed. I'll remember our fights, your pancakes, and the night we both bawled our eyes out and bathed the dirt off of our souls. We were both wounded that day...our scars were the same. And now, one of us is about to be free. So, take my heart, Inari...it was your from the very beginning.)

And so, history repeated itself. Osamu's grip on Maria's hand loosened, and he slipped away from this world.

Maria: Hey! Stay with us!

Inari knew now that it wasn't just Osamu she had to protect, but Maria, and everyone who trusted her. Shinju, Cyanide, and Kagutsuchi. With no choice left, Inari mournfully made an incision in Osamu's chest and slipped out his still, motionless heart. She shut her tear-filled eyes, running her finger against the warm trail of Osamu's blood on her face...before sinking her fangs into the heart and devouring it.


Inari: Maria...stay down...


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Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriends: Inari Standoff
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Inari Standoff: In a Familiar Place Again

(Oh...I'm back here again...)

Osamu awoke in that same, dark plane of existence when he nearly died in the Underworld. It was quiet, pitch black, and lonely.

Osamu: Looks like I really died. I hope Inari took my heart in time.

With the blood of the only human to show her compassion on her lips, Inari's power multiplied beyond its normal limits. She stood in front of Maria, who still held onto Osamu's lifeless hand. His blood soaked his clothes and pooled around him on the tarmac.

Maria: Inari...

Inari: He was the only man to love me in centuries.

Those accursed shrine maidens charged at Inari in a line formation, hoping to outnumber and overpower her. All of them were young women that didn't seem to care for things like the murdering of another human. All that mattered to them was the will of the high gods.

Inari: He was kind, strong, brave...everything I almost gave up on being...

Maiden: Be gone, Inari!

Inari flashed her fangs as she performed Kuji-in with her bloodied hands. There were no more words to be said in her heart. In a form of anger and grieving, she screamed as she took possession of all of their bodies and forced their ribcages open. Each rib protruded through their chests as if they had been impaled from the inside out. It was short and gruesome work.

Inari: Maria, I understand I'm in no position to ask you of anything...

Inari turned her tear and blood-soaked face to Maria, who was more fearful of Inari than ever before.

Inari: But please...keep his body safe. Don't let go of him.

Maria: Okay...I'll stay here.

Inari: Thank you.

Inari briefly reverted into her fox form and ran into the ruined airport to find Shinju and Cyanide. Most of the floors had collapsed, and the interior was nigh unrecognizable. It almost broke her heart that the place where she met Osamu and fought alongside him was destroyed. The sound of crumbling debris led her right to the struggling Shinju, who managed to dig herself out, but had trouble getting Cyanide free. Inari reverted back into her female form.

Shinju: Inari!

Both of them were covered in dust and dirt, caking their skin and hair.

Inari: Here, I'll handle it.

Inari easily lifted the debris off of Cyanide, who cursed in relief.

Cyanide: Sh*t! F*ck that hurt!

Shinju: But you're alive, Cyanide! That's all that matters! Thanks, Inari! Where's Osamu?

Cyanide: Yeah- damn it, Shinju! Careful!

Shinju: Sorry!

Cyanide: Everything got quiet after the collapse. Is the battle nearly over?

Inari couldn't even bare to answer that question. It was a kind of weight she just couldn't carry.

Shinju: Inari...where's Osamu?

Inari: I'm sorry, Shinju...Osamu is...

Shinju merely hoped Inari was exaggerating whatever went on. She immediately got up with Cyanide's arm around her, helping him walk out of the airport in a worried rush.

Cyanide: Slow down, Shinju!

Shinju: Inari, where is Osamu? What happened to him?!

Inari: Don't look, Shinju!


It was too late. Shinju laid sorrowful eyes on Maria holding the body of Osamu in her arms, lifeless and bloodied. The wind blew around his hair and necklace, giving just a mere illusion that something was still lively about him.

Cyanide: No way...Kid...

Inari fell to her knees, holding her head with both hands as she wept behind Shinju.

Inari: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Shinju: Osamu! Osamu answer me! Look at me, you idiot!

Cyanide: Shinju...

Maria: You're Shinju Miyakawa, aren't you? Were you his friend?

Shinju: He's my friend and my partner in justice! He's okay, right?!

Maria simply looked around at all of the blood Osamu had lost, and Shinju could instantly understand what she was trying to say. It was a terrible, overwhelming kick to her heart.

Maria: I'm sorry. Heavy Metal stabbed him to death, and he bled out before Inari could help him. Inari told me to stay with his body...

Cyanide: So much blood...

Shinju: Where were you, Inari?! Why are you alive but he isn't?! I thought you two were working together!

Maria: Osamu, is it? He gave his heart to Inari to give her strength. With that, she was able to end the battle easily. All that remains is Heavy Metal.

Cyanide: What about you, young girl? Are you still a combatant?

Maria: No...

Maria rubbed the cold fingers of Osamu's hand with her thumb, still unable to believe she had felt the warmth of life slip from her fingers.

Maria: I don't have any quarrel with any of you any more.

Shinju held Osamu's other hand as tightly as she could, with every inch of her body shaking in grief.

Shinju: Osamu...

A loud boom and explosion in the distance took hold of their eyes and ears. A large, black plume of smoke loomed over the airport from up ahead as the fight between Kagutsuchi and Heavy Metal raged on.

Inari: Heavy Metal is fighting against Kagutsuchi. I'm going to go there and finish this. If me and her work together, I'm sure we can take him.

There were no objections. Inari considered it a sign that Shinju probably wanted her to die.

Inari: We had a pact, Osamu and I. We always said to each other that we would die together here, and we'd be free of our troubles in the next world. He also said, after learning that flesh and blood makes me stronger...that he would give me his heart if I ever needed it. Today, I learned that he really meant it. And today...I honestly hope Heavy Metal is just strong enough to make me join him.

Cyanide: Osamu said all of that?

Inari: I loved him...and I hope he loved me back.

Inari hopped onto one of the parked planes, her tails swaying about around her head.

Inari: I'll go finish this. Please stay with him.

Though Kagutsuchi tried her best, Heavy Metal was much more used to combat. The explosion was a result of one of the planes ahead exploding after Heavy Metal threw it at her, barely missing the goddess. Kagu stood badly wounded and clearly outmatched.

HM: I pray Izanami-no-Mikoto will forgive me for doing such unstylish things to her daughter. But hey, as long as you're aiding Inari Okami, all is justified under divine law.

Kagutsuchi: Inari...is a wonderful woman and goddess! I've seen that in her! She's more than just some sort of threat!

HM: Cute. Kagutsuchi is even more naive than her mother.

Heavy Metal's eyes slowly lifted up towards the roof of the airport. The shadow of Inari loomed over him as she stood in watch at the top of that ruined, sacred, empty airport.

Kagutsuchi: Inari!

HM: There you are! I thought you'd given up and we would never see each other again! But I see you've got some style, and you don't like to give up.

Inari: A mortal...you stabbed a mere mortal as if you hated him...Heavy Metal, you're going to die here.

HM: Is that so? By all means, come down here and try!

There wasn't a single second that slipped by where Inari's heart didn't shake and mourn for Osamu. Once again, love took from her without mercy. Embracing the battle that just might kill her, tilted her head to the sky and smiled as the wind danced through her snow-white hair.

Inari: Osamu...don't you know? You're the one who saved me. Keep watching for just a little longer. I'm going to make you very, very proud.

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