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Author Topic: Blood Pacto  (Read 1230 times)

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Blood Pacto
« on: August 03, 2015, 07:05:27 PM »
Hello once more community! I have been thinking on a story with revolving around magic for the longest time and now I have come out with a story. So far I have made a one-shot I suppose and I want to see if it works out. As always, critique is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy the read. Have a good day.

Genres: Dark Fantasy, Action, Supernatural


A world where people practice magic, there is a man, alongside with his servant, who practices the arts of dark magic. Known as an infamous mage around the land he has committed many atrocities such as murder, animal experimentation, sacrifices, conjuring of the dead, demon summoning, and many other taboo rituals. The man lived an obscure and fuliginous live until it was clear that it was coming to an end. He has an apprentice named Osias who admired his work since he was a little boy. Now, being 20 years old, his teacher bestows him with his research that he has been working on for his whole life: Resurrection of the Dark Lord, Cruor. Osias takes his teacher's work when he dies and takes everything he possessed as well as his servant, Cacula. He ventures off to different parts of the land in search of an answer on how to resurrected Cruor. A rigorous journey for this awaits him.

Blood Pacto


One-shot Last checked: 8/15/15

Chapter 1: A night out Last checked: 8/15/15

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Re: Blood Pacto
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2015, 07:14:27 PM »
I feel like for people with such dangerous magic the soldiers were way too lenient in letting the duo in. In fact, why did they need to sneak around if they could crush any opposition that easily? At the very least the excuse could've been something as simple as 'we're looking for a place to sleep' rather than 'we are looking for water'

Other than that the plot sure is interesting, focusing on villains trying to achieve their main goal. The master having mercy on the soldier was also a good touch.

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Re: Blood Pacto
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2015, 07:27:44 PM »
The people they encounter in the gate are village guards, not soldiers. The soldiers are from the kingdom while the village guards are just a simple militia or volunteers. I guess I should have said that the soldiers of the kingdom were simply passing by and entered the village. The village people are generally more easy going than a powerful empire, so they let the men in.

If you were to be looking for something you would like to do it as quiet as possible to avoid having to bring attention to yourself. It takes them time to look for the books they are looking for so if they were to have engaged in battle they may have not found them with time and having the risk of them attracting more enemies.

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Re: Blood Pacto
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2015, 07:58:46 PM »
I see. Well, I hope the two of them have a good reason for trying to resurrect the evil lord. I wonder if anyone will figure out what they're looking for.

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Re: Blood Pacto
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2015, 09:51:10 PM »
Hello community! I come to put out the first chapter of what I hope is a story I can work on on a long shot. You are welcome to critique and leave a comment if you'd like. I hope you enjoy the read, have a spectacular day, and as always, stay classy my friends.

Chapter 1: A night out

The night is dark and chilly with the wind gushing furiously as snow falls from the sky. One cannot see in front of them if they were to put their hand in front of their face for the blizzard is too thick. A town is seen from afar with its lights on, reaching out to the outskirts of the forest. The spirit of the town can be shown by its tavern which is in high joy and bliss. The music ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pWqV3mWNcQM) can be heard from outside the building and the people as well. The inside of the tavern is full of people who are tipsy and buzzed, having the time of their lives. The tables around are full with adventurers that are all befriended.

They raise their cups and clash together causing some of the booze to be spilled upon the table and floor. They cheer and shout in glee together all alike, all wearing big fur coats of various animals. Their weapons seat near the tables such as swords, axes, hammers, staffs, and daggers. At the bar it can be seen some lone travelers who happen to pass by and have a drink or two. There is one in particular who is passed out on the bar, drooling and sleep talking.

Bartender: Hey lad, are you okay there?

Man: *wakes up and raises his head* *slurring his speech*Oh, uh?! Oh, could you be a lamb and serve me anoda drink?

Bartender: I believe you have had enough booze for today, sir.

Man: Nah nah nah nah, I am fine! I *hick* assure chu I em in the beeeest state that I can be.

Bartender: I say otherwise...

Suddenly another man approaches the bar and leans against it. He holds a woman by his side, both clearly drunk.

Drunk man: Jack, may I have another pint of booze here? You know what *looks at woman* make that two!

Bartender: Coming right up, Lord Granger.

The other man that is at the bar raises his head.

Man: Lord Granger?

Granger: Yes lad, that is me. Do not waste the name.

Man: You are Lord Granger from the high lands is that so?

Granger: That exact man.

Man: I see. Say, what do you come and do around here?

Granger: Well, my men and I went to the forest to hunt us some meat, but we didn't get so lucky. I tell you, the forest is just getting more and more lifeless as time goes by.

Man: Perhaps the forest is just mad.

Granger: *laughs* Now forest have got a mind of their own I see. You sure are some crazy bastard.

Man: That is surely me. Well, since the good ol' bartender won't serve me another drink, I might as well take my leave.

The man stands up and nearly trips over. He puts both his hands against the counter and gives out a big burp.

Man: My wife is probably dead worried or wrapped in anger. Either way I am a dead man. *terrorized face*

Granger laughs and grins at the man.

Granger: Already settled down at such a young age I see. Well, good for you, *looks at the woman next to him* I still have got to look for mine.

Man: Well, I have found the one~. She is my all and everything, I wouldn't be able to live without her.

Wranger: Wow, the love you have for her sure is real. Well, go off lad.You wouldn't want to get in trouble now would you?

Man: Indeed. Good-bye~

The man grins and turns around. He walks down the bar as he grabs another glass of booze from the counter, without the man who bought it notice. He continues to walk and reaches the door, leaving the bar.

Granger: That crazy bastard, I hope he makes it home safely.

The man walks out he notices the blizzard has come to an end. He leans besides the door and puts his hand on top of forehead.

Man: Where are you...

Suddenly a big man with a black cloak appears from the darkness beyond the light of the tavern. He approaches the man.

Big man: Master Osias, have you enjoyed your-

Osias: *smiles* Cacula darling! Where have chu been?! I was *hick* dead worried. Come here and give me a hug.

Osias approaches Cacula, but Cacula puts his hand in front of Osias face to stop him.

Cacula: *sighs* Oh master, as lost as always.

Osias: Alright, enough with the *hick* jokes.

Osias pulls out a small glass container out of his cloak and opens it. It contained a murky purple liquid. He drinks it and tastes it after. A few moments pass and he opens his eyes wide open, he touches his head, and he stands upright.

Osias: You know, this restore potions could be good for anything, even to cure someone in a drunken state! Imagine if they were to be used to cure a hangover, it would be a great success!

Cacula: They don't even sell the thing, master.

Osias: No worries, I could put up a potion shop when we get our mission done. Oh, by the way, I found someone interesting on the tavern. It was Lord Granger.

Cacula: Lord Granger of the high lands?

Osias: The same man.

Cacula: That sounds great. You are always good with finding clues, master.

Osias: *scratches the back of his head* Oh stop it Cacula, you flatter me.

Cacula: Then again, that is a rare thing.

Osias: And you had to kill it.

Cacula: Shall we wait for him outside?

Osias: Yes, but he comes with his men.

Cacula: I don't see the problem.

Osias: I see, we shall wait for them outside then.

*couple of hours pass*

The people begin to get out of the tavern. The men and women leaving awfully joyful and in glee. All of them laughing out loud and tripping along. It is dark and the visibility is near to zero, but the lights outside the tavern provide good sight. The last to leave the building are Granger and his men, 6 of them.

Granger: Well,Jack, thanks for the hospitality you have given us once again.

Jack: No problems, sir. Stop by anytime again.

Granger: Will do, will do.

The bartender closes the tavern doors and now the men stand outside in the blizzard's cold.

Granger: Hmmm, seems the blizzard is too strong for us to go back to the castle. I say we take an inn in the tavern instead.

Man #1: Sounds good my lord, I will notify the bartender.

As the man was about to knock on the door his hands is cut off and it falls on the snow. The man bleeding and agonizing in pain falls to the floor.

Man #2: What is wrong?!

Man #3: Speak up!

Man #4: I can't see a thing!

Granger: Men, stay together!

Suddenly the blizzard stops abruptly and then a purple cloud of smoke surround the men and Granger.

Granger: A smokescreen...Men, do not try to get out of it!

But it is too late as one of the men run out of the smoke cloud.

Man #2: I'm out my lord, you can come out no-

The man is then lit on fire unexpectedly. He screams and shouts on the top of his lungs and falls to the ground, his skin turns pitched black and he dies.

Granger: Fool!

Man #1: Lord, I am bleeding out and I can't see anything.

Granger: Don't worry lad, just cover it up with a piece of fabric.

The man does as said so.

Man #3: Lord, what do we do?!

Granger: If we go out we are killed, but if we stay the enemy might try to-

Suddenly one of the men is stabbed on the back and then on his throat. He gurgles and falls to the ground. Granger only sees a vague shadowy figure through the smoke.

Man #4: For f**k sakes. Show yourself, you coward! Fight with honor!

The man then is kicked up into the air violently by Cacula from the back. Osias then sees the man fly out of the smoke and grapples onto him with a chain and hook. The hook leaches onto the man's leg, causing it to tear his calf. The man then is pulled towards Osias where he waits him with a dagger and stabs him in the back.

Osias: Honor you say? Do not make me laugh.

Osias pulls the dagger out of the man's body and the man falls into the ground.

Granger: That voice...

The smoke then starts to disperse and finally Granger and the men he has left can see. Granger looks at Osias with eyes of fury.

Granger: You damn c**k sucker, who do you think you are?!

While he looks at Osias, two of his men are fighting Cacula. The men swing their swords and axes onto him, but none hit Cacula. Finally, Cacula manages to take hold of one of the swords of the dead men and he swings back. The man swing the sword clashes blades with him, but the man is violently thrown back into a wall and crashes fiercely, cracking it. The man doesn't die instantaneously,but he can no longer move.

Man #5: That.is.not.....human.

The man slowly lowers his head. Cacula is looking at the man on the wall while the other one he was fighting sees he is distracted and tries to go for the killing blow.

Man #6: You son of a b***h, I got you now!

Cacula tries to turn on time, but the axes gets him first.
It slices through his neck and goes downward into his abdomen. Granger looks at this and looks back at Osias

Granger: *grins* Now it only you, boy!

Osias: Is it now?

Granger is confused and looks back at his man. Suddenly, his eyes open wide and his mouth as well. The man who cut Cacula, still smiling, has his axe stuck in Cacula's abdomen. The man looks up to Cacula only to see he is looking straight at him and his hand holds the axe's handle. The man tries to pull his weapon out, but Cacula snaps the wooden handle in half and the man falls backwards. Cacula then grabs the head of the axe, pulls it out, and throws it to the man's head, killing him. Cacula's open cut then starts to release a black smoke. The gigantic cut then starts to slowly close. The cut then finally closes completely and the black smoke stops appearing. Granger cannot believe his eyes.

Granger: This...is evil's doing.

Granger turns around and looks at Osias.

Granger: You...you are a mage, a black mage!

Osias grins and bursts out a laugh. Osias then looks at him and bows

Osias: My pleasure to make your acquaintance. Say, Lord Granger, we need to go to your castle.

Granger: What, why would I let you do that?!

Osias: Because if you don't let in then we will have to, you know, kill.

Granger notices the tone of Osias and knows he, without hesitation, would kill him. Granger falls into the ground on his knees, defeated.

Granger: Fine, I shall abide by your request.

Osias: Good call.

Cacula: Master, we should get going before any villagers come out.

Osias: Aye, let's go.

Osias and Cacula approach Granger and pick him up. Cacula turns him around his back and stretches his arms to the back, tying them together. Suddenly, the tavern doors open and the bartender walks out to see what the whole noise was all about. He sees the men slaughtered on the ground. He gives a horrific look on his face.

Jack: What is the meaning of this?!

Osias: Ol' man, you better go back inside for your own good.

Jack: I will notify the knights immediately!

Osias: Then notify them you shall.

Osias sticks his hand into his pocket and takes out a white crystal. He then throws the crystal into the sky and the crystal brakes, causing a dazzling bright light to appear. The bartender is blinded by the light and covers his eyes. The light stops and he rubs his eyes only to see that the mage has escaped with Lord Granger. The bartender then hears a groan from behind the door and moves it out of the way. The man whose hand was cut off is on the floor bleeding out, nearly unconscious. The bartender picks up the man and brings him inside the tavern. He gets a mantel from one of the tables and wraps it around the man's wound.

Jack: What happened out there, what did you see?

The man nearly passing out looks up to the bartender in a weak state with pale skin and groggy eyes.

Man #1: I...saw a demon.

~-End of chapter-~

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Re: Blood Pacto
« Reply #5 on: October 14, 2015, 08:56:26 PM »
Chapter 2

Osias, Cacula, and Granger appear in a forest walking in the night. Cacula is carrying Granger on his shoulders while he is tied with rope around his wrists and ankles, making him unable to move. The forest is freezing from the snow it has, but the blizzard has come to a stop. Osias walks in front of Cacula looking where they should go.

Osias: And you say your castle is not far from here?

Granger: We should reach it in a few moments. Say, would you loosen the knots on my hands? They are kind of tight.

Osias: No can do.
Granger: *Grunts*

Cacula: You do have what we are looking for, right?

Granger: I don't even know what you are in search for.

Osias: Oh please, I am a blood mage, what else could I possibly be in search of?

Granger: You don't say...

Osias: Aye, I am looking for the grimoire of your house.

Granger stays silent for a moment.

Granger: I do not possess such thing.

Osias: Give it up, you most certainly have one. I did not stumble upon you for mere coincidence. I have done my research on you and on several other houses. I know the dark past your family was.

Granger: You dare insult my bloodline!

Osias: I am not insulting it. On the contrary, I am idolizing it. The great name of House Granger was once recognized by the dark mages, but now it drags itself on the dirt like a filthy snake after their 'enlightenment'.

Granger: I do not know what you speak-

Osias: The Grangers were a dark mage house that ruled this lands centuries ago along side other dark mage houses. You all brought terror and violence to those who opposed you. It was then when the white mages came and made you 'see the light' on their ways. The truth is that the other houses had been defeated and only your house stood. Generations have passed since then and you have now proclaimed yourselves as the good guys, but the past will always come back to haunt you. Your house may have converted into white magic, but I am sure that you still hold your past in hidden places.

Granger does not speak.

Osias: No need to speak, your silence says enough.

Cacula: Master, up ahead.

The forest finishes and the men now walk a out of it. They see an enormous hill and on top sits a castle, House Granger. The castle was colossal with four towers sticking from each corner all spiking the clouds. The night made it stand it with its lights, making it spectacular view. Who would have known that a former dark mage house would like so...decent?

Osias: I am guessing this is the place.

Granger: Aye.

Osias: Pretty nice.

Cacula: Say, master, how will we enter the area. The entrance is heavily guarded and it would be a hassle to take them up front.

Osias: No worries, I got an idea.

Osias stretches both his hands with the palms open. He then slides them down to his waist and cuts himself with them. The blood dripped from his hands, he then stretches them out again and utters some words. He then raises his right hand up into the sky and black smoke appears from his hand and the ground begins to rupture. Corpse begin to rise from underneath them. The bodies are putrefied and look like they could break down with a single strike.

Granger: This is taboo...this is madness

Osias: Eh? I am pretty sure your bloodstained family did it back in their times. Now, we have to put the uniforms.

Osias raises his hand and black smoke appears once again. The dead bodies begin to be enveloped in clothes and armor just like the one that Granger's men wore. Osias also binds himself with the clothes.

Cacula: Master, what about me?

Osias: Yeah, I could give you clothes, but no men of Granger stood 2 meters tall.

Cacula: So what is there to do?

Osias: Hmm....I got it!

A few moments later

Cacula is covered in a robe and with chains tied around his wrists and ankles.

Cacula: This is so diminishing...

Osias: No worries, it will only be while we try to get inside. Very well then, I think we are done.

Osias approaches Granger and cuts off his restrains.

Osias: We will walk that hill in a calm manner and say that my fellow servant is a prisoner. We will then enter and everything will be alright.

Granger: And what makes you think I won't inform my men about what I am in?

Osias: Oh, that is a simple answer.

Osias leans towards Granger ear and whispers:

Osias: I will kill you.

Granger becomes silent.

Osias: Alright, on forth! Lord, lead the way. Men, restrain the beast!

Cacula: You are getting too much fun out of this...

They begin to march up the hill. The corpses are walking slowly, but steady. They all wear helmets that cover their faces so the guards won't find out about them. Half stand on one side and the other side on the other. Granger is in front of everybody and Cacula is in the middle wrapped in chains. They reach the top of the hill and stop at the gate. Two guards stand in front of the gate and several others are on the watch towers. Granger's men approach him.

Soldier #1: Lord Granger, I am glad you have returned. How was the night out?

Granger: It was...quite the surprising event.

Soldier #1: I am glad to hear. Say, may I ask who he is?

The soldier stares at Cacula and admires his size.

Granger: He wanted to have it with us in the tavern, but as you can see we managed to restrain him. *laughs*

Soldier #2: That is Lord Granger for you. Open the gates!

The gates open and begin to walk inside. The corpses are still moving slowly, but in synch. The guards stare at Cacula as he walks, intimidating in every footstep. The corpses continue to walk along and they finally reach the front door of the house. The group goes in and closes the door behind them.

Osias: *Sigh* That went better than expected.

Osias extends his arms and makes a fist on both of them. The corpses begin to collapse to the ground and the bodies begin to disintegrate as well as the clothes they were, leaving no trace behind.

Granger: This atrocious magic...

Osias: Yea yea, keep walking and give me the damn grimoires.

Granger: Follow me.

Osias and Cacula walk behind Granger. As they walk they see the house closely. It was humongous and the roof seemed endless. The place was decorated with statues of angels, dragons, fairies, and other creatures.

Osias: I see you like to fancy yourself with the finest items in the land, uh?

Granger: I have earned all of this fair and square, unlike you, that you probably gain your earnings from killing, kidnapping, extortions, experiments-

Osias: It is a bad income, but it is still money.

Granger: If you know it is so bad then why do you do it?

Osias: How about you shut the f**k up and show me the way.

The men continue to walk when they come in front of a bookshelf and stop.

Osias: Let me guess, one of these books opens slides the shelf aside and we enter it. Cliche much?

Granger: It is illusionary magic. I have to dispel it.

Granger gets his hand on the bookshelf and murmurs a few words and the bookshelf begins to disappear.

Osias: Still, it is behind a bookshelf.

Granger, Osias, and Cacula enter the dark passageway and torches begin to light up the way.

Osias: Do not try anything funny now.

They continue to walk down the passageway and eventually end up in a small room. The room was dirty and dusty as if no one has ever been in it for a while now. A stone table was seated in the middle of the room and on it were some scrolls, books, notes, and other written items on it. On the walls there were desks and shelves hanging with jars of mysterious substances and with several papers and other books. Cacula begins to read the documents.

Osias: Now this is a place I can call home.

Granger: It was my great grandfather's room in where he would do his "experiments".

Osias: How do you know this?

Granger: My father once brought me here when I was a young boy. He would tell me the past our family had and it made me feel impure, stained. I never imagined our house came from malignant magic, but now we have been cleansed by the kingdom and we are now a respectable house.

Osias: Cleansed you say. The malignant magic is one that no ordinary person performs. They must be of the highest rank and I know your house was once up there. You were feared by all the others in the land, but now have fallen to such a low degree that it brings no honor to your name. Maybe if you were still bad we could have been good friends.

Granger: Aye, but we are not and now you have me in a tight spot.

Osias: I beg your pardon. We will be out of here as soon as we find what we came for.

Granger: There is hundreds of research documents in here. It will take you several days to go through them all.

Osias: We have the time.

Granger: Ah, but I don't...

Granger rushes to one of the shelves and knocks it down. He catches a jar and in the jar was a black murky liquid. He then then throws the jar against the table on the middle and it shatters, spilling the liquid all over the table.

Osias: Eh, what was that for?

Suddenly the stone table begins to glow red. It catches Osias and Cacula's attention. Granger bursts out a roaring laugh and holds himself from exploding.

Granger: You really think I would let you get the grimoires just like that? Well, you are wrong!

The room begins to shake and as well as the whole buildings. Bits of rock start to fall from the ceiling and the books and jars fall from their place.

Granger: When my father brought me here he explained to me that we have a powerful weapon against anyone. He told me to use it in case of an emergency and this is the right opportunity to use it. The liquid I threw was my great grandfather's blood. I know that you know the blood of a blood mage is still of use even after their death. Even though the person who uses the blood isn't a blood mage they can still cast spells with the blood of the mage.

Osias looks closer into the table and notices there is a magic circle printed on it.

Granger: I call forth the Black Dragon of the Night. Ferocious claws and abominable fire. Scorch thy enemies with vicious wrath!

Granger then places his hand on the table and a black smoke appears. Osias and Cacula are unable to see Granger and decide to run outside out the room. The house still shakes violently and run towards the doors they came in. The open the doors and see the men running around senselessly. The men do not acknowledge Osias and Cacula for they are worried for their own lives.

Soldier #1: Captain, what is happening?!

Soldier #2: I do not know, we need to get in battle position. Rally up the men!

Soldier #1: Yes sir!

The soldiers begin to organize themselves to attack, but attack what exactly? Osias and Cacula walk outside and see up into the sky. Black clouds begin to surround the top of the house. It seems that a storm is about to begin, but Osias and Cacula know what there is to come. Osias gives a giant smile to the sky.

Osias: Cacula, it's coming.

Cacula: Aye, a formidable enemy is coming.

Osias: I haven't had this much thrill since a long time ago.

Cacula: A dragon is the opponent after all.

Osias: Cacula, cover me while I prepare myself.

Osias extends his arms from side to side with open palms. Black smoke begins to surround his body. The smoke covers him whole and it now begins to be absorbed by him. The smoke goes inside his chest and Osias looks up into the sky with a grin. His hair begins to turn black and along with it his skin. It turns into an obsidian color and he kneels with one leg. The white of his eyes turn red and the middle of it goes purple. His skin then begins to pop out small scales. As if those of a dragon. His chest is the first one to go followed by his arms and legs and finally all of his body is covered.

Osias: Yes, I feel so alive!

Osias' hands begin to grow an object from his palms. The objects begins to get longer and bigger, they were swords. The tips come out all the way onto the handle. The swords were made of a black metal and the whole sword was black as well. He then holds the swords with his hands and takes a stance.

Cacula: Master, the sky.

The sky begins to get darker and darker with the clouds and roars of thunder begin to be heard. The men of the house have still not noticed Osias and Cacula, for they are too busy looking after themselves.

Soldier #3: The sky, something is coming.

Soldiers #4: Brace yourselves!

Osias: Yes!

Osias' begins to make his body small and dark wings appear. Veiny and thin they looked, like those of a bat. The sky then expulses lightning and the thunder gets louder. Suddenly, a bolt of light strikes the house and creates a bright flash. The flash is over and an enormous monster stood on top. The claws of the dragon gripped tightly around the roof causing it to crack. The heavy breathing gave a lingering shake on the ground. It looked down on them and back to the sky. It opened its big snot and blazing fire emerges from its mouth. It is furious and out for blood.

Osias: Entertain me!

Osias flies towards the dragon with his two swords by his side. The dragon sees him and spits fire at him. Osias puts his arms in front of him and with the swords he slices through the fire. He then approaches the dragon's mouth and cuts him in the nose. He passes by him in a fast speed that the dragon has no time to counter. The dragon is infuriated and gives out a mighty roar and spits fire on the ground. The men on the floor run away from the path of the fire, but Cacula stands there and lets the flames hit him.

Soldier #5: Someone has been struck!

Soldier #6: But it is not one of ours...

The flames disperse and Cacula stands upright looking up to the sky. His clothes has burned off, revealing his body. The skin is pitch black with blazes of fire on his body, but he is not bothered.

Soldier: #7: Is he...is he still alive?!

Soldier #8: Impossible!

Cacula's body begins to shed and the pieces of skin fall off.

Cacula: Waiting for your commands, my master.

The battle now moves to the sky in where Osias and the dragon are flying around. The dragon spitting fire all over the place trying to get Osias. He maneuvers and dodges the flames with simplicity. The dragon becomes annoyed by this and decides to charge him. The beast moves at a rapid speed towards Osias and with its front leg it knocks him off the air, sending him to the ground. The floor cracks and a cloud of dust surrounds him.

Osias: That sure was a b***h smack.

Cacula approaches him.

Cacula: Master, do you need assistance?

Osias: I am perfectly fine, Cacula. The beast just took me by surprise. Besides, i already did some damage.

The dragon is missing one of its claws. It was cut out the moment it hit him down.

Osias: The bad news is that the blades broke.

Shows the broken blades.

Osias: But I got to match his strength.

He looks at his hands and both start to grow longer and narrower. The tip of the fingers turn to brown claws and he clenches his fist several times.

Osias: This will do. No worries, Cacula, you worry yourself about the men down here. I am off!

He stands up and makes a ground shaking jump. In a matter of seconds he is with the beast again. He flies towards the dragon's abdomen to strike with his claws, but the dragon spits fire. The fire hits him, but he is not stopped. He gets to the dragon's chest and makes a deep cut and the dragons roars in pain. With one of its legs it removes him from its chest and looks at Osias with deadly eyes.

Osias: You sure are one ugly motherf-

The dragon spits fire directly into Osias as the beast grips to him tightly in a fist. Cacula sees this and becomes worried.

Cacula: Master!

Cacula grows wings similar to those of Osias. As he is about to fly towards the dragon he stops and sees something. The dragon continues to spit fire non stop until they are deflected upwards. Osias holds the flames with one hand and with the other he makes a fist.

Osias: Alright, playtime is over.

He extends his fist towards the dragon and he opens it. A beam of black light appears from his palm and directs itself towards the dragon's chest. The light hits the dragon, causing the beast to flinch. The light continues to strike it until it comes to a stop. There is a massive hole left on the dragon and it also passes through him. The dragon's eyes slowly close and its wings slowly stop flapping. The gigantic beast begins to fall with edon still on its grip. Osias' body vanishes and black smoke replaces him. The dragon hits the ground with a mighty force and causes it to shake violently. A big cloud of dust rises and the visibility is low. Osias quickly goes to the ground and grabs Cacula by his arms and lifts him. They both fly off.

Moments later

Osias and Cacula are located near a river with a bit of vegetation around them.

Osias: *Cough* *Cough*

Osias violently coughs out blood.

Cacula: Master, if you know how that transformation gets you in this state then why do you continue to use it?

Osias stands up and looks speaks without looking at Cacula.

Osias: I couldn't help it. I the adrenaline surged my body and I used it. Besides, it is one of the strongest spells I know.

Cacula: But your health...

Osias: I am as bad as it gets and you know that.

Cacula: I sure do.

Osias looks around the area.

Osias: Why is it that we came here in the first place?

Cacula: Well, as we were flying you began to lose altitude and suddenly collapsed. I managed to get us both down safely by landing in the river.

Osias: I see. Well, thank you. *sigh* We didn't get to read those documents.

Cacula: I did manage to get some on my hands-

Osias: Oh really?! May I see them?

Cacula: But when the dragon burned me they disintegrated.

Osias: Oh...

Cacula: I am sorry, Master.

Osias puts his hand on Cacula's shoulder.

Osias: It is okay, Cacula. You always think ahead of me.

Cacula: Thank you, Master.

Osias looks up to the sky and sees the sun setting in.

Osias: I guess we are going to have to sleep here tonight.

Cacula: I guess so.

Osias extends his arm and points it at the floor. A slab of rises from the ground and two others holding it in place.

Osias: Well, shall we rest now?

Cacula: Aye, get some rest.

~-End of chapter-~

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a good day, and stay classy my friend.

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Re: Blood Pacto
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Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:


Back after a long time  ::). Hopefully I get to cover this story and my others on a more frequent basis and such.

With that said I hope you enjoy the read, thank you for reading, and stay fancy my friends~ :thumbsup: