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Author Topic: GAINS!!!: Leg Day  (Read 1845 times)

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GAINS!!!: Leg Day
« on: May 27, 2015, 01:16:40 AM »

Genre: Sports, Comedy, Slice of Life

Plot: A short story of a day in the life of fitness freak Donte Jackson as he deals with a very annoying problem on Leg Day.

Hello All. Let me introduce you to Donte Jackson. Donte loves to workout. He’s always taking care of his body. He jogs 20 miles a day. His diet consist of non-processed foods, lots of protein, low sodiums and high fibers. He Never once cheated on his diet. He love to talk about fitness with any and everyone. Donte is what you call a fitness freak. Besides the dieting and cardio Donte loves Gains. Yes Gains. Gains as in muscular gains. He always put his body through rigorous training for discipline and Gains. However, he does have his challenges when it comes to obtaining Gains. People. Yes People. The one thing that Donte hates is when that one guy always try to talk to you while you are in the middle of your workouts. Unfortunately, Donte had to go through this today. Not just any day at that. Leg Day. Let’s see how Donte handle himself with this one:

SCENE 1: ANIMAN FITNESS Gym: At squat bar putting in 20 sets / 50 Reps Weighs 450lbs

Donte: [starts off with a whisper on his first lift] gains. [Gets slightly louder] Gains.[mediocre loud] Gains. [Screaming ] GAINS! *continue until completed*

**He finishes Squats and go to deadlifts weights 510lbs**
Donte: Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!

**Finishes deadlifts goes into legcurls lifting full bar**
Donte: Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!

**Finishes legcurls goes into leg extensions*
Donte: Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!
**Finishes leg extensions goes into Zercher Squats Weights 310lbs **
Donte: Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!

**Finishes Zercher Squats goes into split squats Weights: 325lbs. Donte is in the middle of a workout with 5 more sets of 50 to go on leg day when the annoying talkative guy comes up. Note: Donte is wearing an Incredible hulk t-shirt**

Guy: Oh I see you like incredible hulk

Donte: Gains. Gains. Gains. Gains.

Guy: I really liked the first incredible hulk movie. Didn’t care for the second. The third meh. Is there a fourth you know of?

Donte: *Thinking: I know he see me trying to get my Gains* Gains Gains Gains GAINS!

Guy: Aw you don’t know? Well probably isn’t one. Have there ever been a she hulk? I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the Olsen twins play the she hulk.

Donte: *Thinking: This N#@!$# is really talking to me? While I’m working out? On leg day? And this n$$$! just say Olsen twins? At least Venus or Serena come on man.   Seriously….just ignore him he’ll go away.* Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!

Guy: Awe man I miss watching those early morning saturday cartoons with the marvels what about you?

Donte: *Thinking: Stay calm Donte Stay calm. Martin Lawrence Bad boys Woooossssaaaaaa.* Gains. Gains Gains. GAINS!!

Guy: I prefer Spiderman. He is more agile and flexible then the incredible hulk *Guy does spiderman move*

Donte: *Thinking: I see why. You talk too much, just like em* Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!!!. [Getting agitated and Getting louder with saying GAINS]

Guy: Hey where did you get that shirt from? Do they have a spiderman one that you know of

**Donte stops working out and says**

Donte: Sir. This is leg day. *He goes back to working out* Gains. Gains. Gains. GAINS!!!
Guy: Oh leg day....Leg day? Never heard of it.
Donte thinking *I see that. Legs so skinny surprise they can support your upper body mass. Look like a stick of cotton candy*  : Gains Gains Gains GAINS!!!

Guy: Sooo you going to tell me where you get that shirt from?

Donte: *stops* Sir....I am working out right now. I really don't want to talk. You making me angry you really don't want to see me when I'm angry.*goes back to working out* Gains. Gains. Gains. Gains.

Guy: Well excuse me for trying to have an intellectual conversation with a brotha....

Donte. *stops. stares. muscle ripple a bit. Calms down. Goes back to working out* Gains. Gains. GAINS!!!

Guy: Oooh I like them socks where you get them from.
Donte *Finally snapping. Muscle expands* Uggghhhh ughhhhhhhhhhh *Body grows larger clothes ripping. Electrical parks popping up. Shifting in and out of blonde hair. snaps weight in two*

Donte: THIS IS LEG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kicks guy out of a window* KAAAAMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Lights flickering on and off. He reaches in his gym bag and grabs a Fiber Health Protein Snickers Bar.*
*Calms down* goes back to working out*
Donte: Gains Gains Gains Gains GAINS!