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Author Topic: Hots_towel (Portfolio)  (Read 593 times)

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Hots_towel (Portfolio)
« on: May 07, 2014, 04:03:59 AM »
Age: 23
Preferred style: action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, drama, comedy

Hey everyone. I've been writing as a hobby for about 2 years now, but I've been writing manga scripts for just under a year now. I also do traditional writing (but that's not what I'm here to showcase).

As a writer right now, I'm still in the process of learning how to pace my writing better and how to develop more gripping plot elements. If you are someone who is seasoned in either of these aspects then feel free to PM me, if you're interested in collaborating that is.

I currently have:
-2 completed one shots. One is roughly 75 manga pages, and the other is 51 manga pages.
-1 WIP.
-1 completed one shot awaiting revisions.

My finished work is all on Celtx (I can't post a link, so you'll have to google it). If you do not have the program software on your computer, you can PM me and I'll share the file with you via the internet. I'll describe the works to you all in a blurb so you can decide if you want to check them out or not.

Completed works

Bear False Witness
A lightly supernatural drama, in which the main character Harry, is on the brink of being fired from yet another job. Harry knows that the people he works with aren't exactly perfect angels themselves either.

Luckily for him, he is about to discover that he has an extra sense that may not only save his job, but earn him a little pay back from everyone who mistreats him at his work. This sense, is the ability to tell when people are lying.

Stories for Grandchildren
This is a light sci-fi thriller set in the near future. The political climate of the world has taken a turn for the worse. With nuclear powered nations forming coalitions against each other, the fabled WWIII looks like an imminent reality.

To combat this from even starting, an international group of former special forces will come together to sabotage various terrorist attacks while they are still in their beginning phases.

Completed (Awaiting revision)
Soltrik's Gem
In this middle ages fantasy setting, a warrior, who is known as the "faceless warrior" is the vassal of a lord who has ordered him to slay a wizard by the name of Lureth. The faceless warrior sets out with a warband to Lureth's castle and clashes with the wizards body guards.

When the warrior comes face to "face" with the wizard, Lureth realizes that there is no overcoming this warrior by force. He then attempts to bargain with the warrior, offering him the one thing that the warrior's lord could not give him...(hint: it has to do with his moniker)

while it is a completed work, it is more or less a travesty.

Guardians of the Tempest
A combination of drama, slice of life, and comedy with action and adventure. This one is about the hot new table top RPG/TCG "Guardians of the Tempest" (or GotT). 5 players will take up this hobby every weekend and take their characters on adventures and epic quests, not just for fun, but in hopes of sharpening their own skills of the game for the upcoming regional tournament.

The story will not only focus on the players as these beginners struggle with grabbing hold of the RPG concept, but also through the eyes of their characters, who are being controlled by inexperienced players.

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Re: Hots_towel (Portfolio)
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2014, 03:58:57 PM »
Hi I'm bassel.
I am a writer and am willing to help you.
Am 14 years old but have written many novels that are liked.
I haven't made a single manga since I do not have drawing skills.
By the way am not experinced at all in manga but am really good in writing so hope you accept me.