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Author Topic: General Forum Rules  (Read 15136 times)

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General Forum Rules
« on: January 23, 2014, 05:29:02 PM »
When you use the Report button make sure to leave a comment about why you reported it. That will save time and will get priority too.

[1.0]  You can get banned for the following reasons. It can be a 24 hour ban, a 14 day ban or a permanent ban. Short term bans can be extended to a long term or permanent too.

1.1 Trolling, flaming, typical forum hating. If you see anyone doing these things or you are getting it from other member(s), use the Report button without getting involved. If not, one or several parties who are involved can get banned.

1.2 Trying to mock mods or admins. If you want to talk about something with a mod or admin then use our PM system. Their decision is final unless it gets reverse by an Admin. Any public ranting gets an instant ban.

1.3 Doing anything with the intent of disturbing forum peace. Doing anything which causes general uneasiness, hating, fights will not be tolerated.

1.4 Promoting or advertising without permission. Don't come to our forum just to show of your own.

[2.0] Links and Signatures

You may not post links until you have at least 25 posts, and even then it doesn't mean you can spam or promote your sites everywhere. You can keep your site in signature. No links in Welcome Center. For more info check the following links:

[3.0] Behaviour

Mangaraiders is a place where everyone can talk, post, learn, get/give advice and just have a good time. So we welcome everyone from Artists to Writers to Manga fans, or even those who have no interest in any of these. But we are mainly a Manga Artists and Writers Forum. Different people have different opinions. We are fine with that, but don't try to enforce those on others.

So once you join here, it means you become a Manga Raider, and that you are willing to follow our rules, guidelines, and policies when you are in the forum.  If you think you can't then nobody is forcing you to stay here. It's always better walk away than to get kicked out.

Just be friendly, nice, respect other members, and we shouldn't have any problems.

[4.0]  Critiques/Reviews/Advice in Artists' and Writers' threads

Artists and writers:

4.1 If you don't want Critiques/Reviews/Advice then make sure to mention that in your first post. It will save lots of trouble for everyone.

4.2 Some will like your drawings and some won't. We can't make everyone happy. So don't feel down or sad if someone says something negative. Just use it as determination to make your skills better.  If you don't like it then just ignore it and move on to next post/reply you received. You're not obligated to take someone's advice. If it's something against our rules then Report it. Mods will take care of whatever it is.

4.3 If someone makes a constructive negative review about your artwork, but you don't agree with it, then just thank the person and move on. You can try to point out your opinion and why you don't agree, but if the other person keeps saying the same thing, and if it's not helping you, then just stop there. Stop arguing and move to next person's review.

4.4 Negative reviews can be a great help in many ways to improve your skills. Remember getting a good negative review is better than dozen simple positive posts. Also if someone spends their valuable time making a long post, showing why that person thinks you need to improve and how, then respect it even if you don't agree with it. A simple 'thank you' is all it takes.

4.5 If it's a drawing or writing topic then main focus is your story or drawings. If other people are arguing in your topic or it's going off topic, then politely ask everyone not to do that. Also you can use Report Button and ask a mod to clean your topic. And please, if they don't heed your words, do not get into a fight, that would only exacerbate the situation.

4.6 Remember: you are asking for reviews, so be ready to hear both good and bad. Be polite. Just don't get into useless arguments if it doesn't help you. It's the artist or writer who should stop the argument. It's your topic so it's your job to keep it clean. Be firm but polite, and if they don't listen the first time, notify a mod.

4.7  Don't make things personal or escalate them into flame wars. If you stay professional and friendly, you can stop most of trouble before it starts.

If you review/advice/critique other members drawings/story

4.8  Here review/advice/critique all 3 means one thing. Help the member to improve their skills. Keep that in mind when you do any of that. Taking or leaving advice is upto the person.

4.9  If the artist/writer doesn't agree with you or doesn't want your advice anymore respect it and leave the topic alone.

4.10 Talk only about OP's artwork in art/story topics. Do not do chitchat, group discussions which not about OP's art work. If something interesting pops then make a new topic to talk about it.

4.11 In Drawing/ Story boards OP can request for a thread cleanup. Mods will decided which to remove and which to leave in the topic.

4.12 If you see something not right like OP use someone else artwork use Report Button. and Also PM the OP and sort it out using PM system. Get a mod involve. Do NOT post anything in the topic.  Mods will clear this kind of problems.

4.13 Negative reviews are fine as long as you make a good constructive review reasons and solutions. One line comments like "I don't like your art" or "Your story or art suck". If you think so then what you can do is contribute something helpful. If you have nothing helpful to say then stay out of the topic.

4.14 One line positive comments or encouragements allowed. Might not be very helpful but it will help the OP's moral specially if he/she has just started posting their artwork.

[5.0] Adult Material

The forum's general rule is that we are to maintain a PG-13 atmosphere. This is mainly to keep the forum devoid of porn and gore. I think that we all, in general, know these two when we see them, but keep in mind these specifics:

- No depictions of genitals.
- No graphic depictions of bodily harm. Blood is fine, but we know that you can get your point across without a detailed disembowelment scene.
- No graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse.

If you have any doubts, think about your average shounen jump manga. If it doesn't show up in there, it shouldn't show up here. If doubt still lingers, ask a mod or admin to check what you wish to post before posting it. And if you come across something you think is too intense, use the report button.

For more mature materiel use >> EcchiWorld Forum

[6.0] Other

6.01 These rules apply to all areas of the forum. But there are board specific rules which can be found in sticky topics in board. Those rules can override these general rules.

6.02 If you feel an action might break a rule then don't do it. If you need confirmation then PM a mod.

6.03 If you see anyone breaking rules or going to break any of these rules then advise the person and point them to this rules thread. If the member continues doing the same then use the report button. No backseat moderators here.

-------------- Notes

When you Report something You must add the reason.


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